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Welcome to the Innovate Publishing Series

350-page  in-depth studies of a cities innovation ecosystem that showcase the leading innovators, startups and innovation enablers. The book’s pages are embedded with augmented reality videos, please download the  “GlobalVillage AR” app, follow the PLAY buttons and watch the pages come to life. 

The Global Village multi media platform and our global network of Entrepreneurs  have a common goal of ensuring the best innovations around the world connect, collaborate and succeed.  

Innovator Nominations are Open!

We are inviting the top 100 innovation success stories in every city to be featured because Innovation ecosystems around the world need to be recognized and connected as they contribute to building a better tomorrow for us all!

Please use the buttons below to nominate the leading innovators and personas in your area  that deserve to be featured.

Innovate Philadelphia

The sixth most populous city in America is known for its arts, culture and colonial History. But that is not what we are after – we are looking for those people and companies that are leading the way in their industries, those that are forging ahead in making the future brighter for all.

Supported by Thomas Jefferson University and the Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce Innovate Philadelphia promises to be one of the biggest in the country.

Innovate Nashville

Well known for its music scene, Nashville might surprise some with its thriving Innovation ecosystem. This city means business!

Nashville is one of the fastest growing cities in the USA and unemployment is at an all time low.

Backed by the Nashville Technology Council and Launch Tennessee, Innovate Nashville promises to astound many people with the sheer number of innovative companies from all industries that call this town home!

Innovate Orlando

Most people can not say “Orlando” without thinking “Disney” and “Universal Studios”. While these Amazing companies are undoubtedly at the forefront of Innovation, this city in the heart of Florida has so much more to offer.

Boasting everything from Microelectronics manufacturing facilities in NeoCity, a 500 acre technology district to the National Center for Simulation, Innovate Orlando is sure to give its readers a new perspective on the innovation ecosystem in Orlando.

Innovate Tampa Bay

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Tampa Bay is Florida’s largest Tech hub. Home to one of every 89 US Tech workers, Tampa Bay employs more tech talent than half the states in the Nation. – Daniel James Scott, Executive Director, Tampa Bay Technology Council

Get ready to meet the next generation of innovators in the upcoming Innovate Tampa Bay volume 2.

Innovate Miami

Miami-Dade County is a natural strategic location for Latin American regional headquarters. Its central position in the Western Hemisphere, Miami-Dade benefits from unmatched access to key destinations throughout the region, today, more than 1,100 multinationals have operations in South Florida, making it an ideal choice for regional headquarters. 

Innovate Palm Beach

Palm Beach County consists of 39 cities and towns, it is the third most populous county in the state of Florida with a population of 1,345,652. 

Located in Southeast Florida, the 2,000-square-mile region is the largest county southeast of the Mississippi River and is larger than two U.S. states- Rhode Island and Delaware. 

Map Out the Innovation Ecosystem of Your City

We are adding new cities to our Global Network on a weekly basis. If your city has a thriving or emerging innovation and startup ecosystem, we invite you to share the story. This a call to action for community leaders, consultants and marketing professionals to join us in putting their innovation ecosystems on the world map.

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