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Royer Cooper Cohen Braunfeld LLC (RCCB)
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Royer Cooper Cohen Braunfeld LLC (RCCB)



Royer Cooper Cohen Braunfeld LLC (RCCB) are attorneys who think and act like entrepreneurs and business people, by combining sophisticated, cost-effective legal counseling with the type of sound practical judgment that comes from hands-on business experience. RCCB lawyers encourage entrepreneurial approaches and creative thinking while maintaining the utmost in integrity and responsiveness because they understand and deliver the advice that companies, business executives and investors, as well as individuals and their families, need to realize their hopes and goals. The reason our attorneys work so hard is the same reason you do: ambition.

They are driven by the pulse of the entrepreneurial spirit and they thrive on a quickened pace. But their hearts also beat for family, for the community, for camaraderie, and for the values that bring deeper meaning into focus. The firm’s broad perspective enables the ability to work smarter and more efficiently.

RCCB front desk

The legal team at RCCB is a diverse and noted group of accomplished attorneys grounded in the ideals of integrity, practical business judgment, and entrepreneurial spirit. With varied backgrounds as practitioners in large firms, founders of boutique firms, general counsels of technology companies, and entrepreneurs, our attorneys leverage specific business acumen for the benefit of our clients.


Having started RCCB from scratch and built it with hard work and dedication, we view ourselves as proud entrepreneurs. Add to that varied backgrounds as business owners, general counsels and other operational roles, as well as experience at large and small firms, you can see what makes us tick. We support businesses, as well as their owners, investors, and executives. Whether you are focused on your venture or personal wealth planning for you and your family, our practical approach and business acumen provide us with the ability to innovate, to be flexible when necessary, and to excel with a responsive, hightouch approach to our work. We are especially proud that many of our attorneys have been recognized as leaders in their practice areas.

With locations in Philadelphia, Conshohocken, New York and New Jersey, our attorneys practice in the following industries:

Our Corporate & Business Group counsels our clients in all areas of business and corporate law, including mergers and acquisitions, private equity and venture capital financings, commercial transactions, debt financings and credit facilities, fund formation and alternative investments, restructurings and workouts, recapitalizations, technology contracting and licensing, securities transactions and securities law compliance, and general business structuring and corporate counseling.

RCCB meeting

The RCCB Litigation Group consists of experienced litigators who work with both plaintiffs and defendants, from the initial pleading stage through trial, and if needed, appeals. We have successfully represented clients in both state and federal courts nationwide. We maintain a focus on business goals, and also counsel on alternative solutions to disputes, including mediation and arbitration.

Our Private Client Services Group (PCSG) focuses on sophisticated wealth transfer tax planning and trust and estate administration, including advising family offices, corporate fiduciaries and investment advisors. We also participate in and often lead family meetings, make meaningful introductions to develop current and future business opportunities among our clients, coordinate efforts with clients’ nonlegal advisers, and participate in the decisions that define a family’s legacy.

The RCCB Tax Group offers nuanced US and international tax planning to middle market companies, investors, executives and individuals, as well as businesses engaged in transactions. Many clients seek our advice when their business or personal affairs cross the border. These clients rely on us to help balance tax efficiency and tax risk management with their business, investment, or personal goals. We also represent clients in federal tax controversies.

Our Real Estate Group represents institutions, owners and developers, investors, commercial landlords and tenants and municipalities in transactions. We have handled commercial, residential, retail, mixeduse, transit-oriented, and hotel development projects. Our approach is always with an eye toward protecting our clients from unnecessary tax burdens and limiting personal liabilities.

The RCCB Business Restructuring & Bankruptcy Group counsels our clients in all aspects of insolvency and reorganization law. We regularly represent debtors; official and ad hoc creditors’ committees; debtor-in-possession and exit lenders; secured and unsecured creditors; purchasers and sellers of distressed debt and/ or assets; and private equity sponsors and portfolio companies, in domestic and international out-of-court workouts and bankruptcy cases.

Our Employment Group assists our clients with the drafting and negotiation of employment agreements, as well as the establishment of stock options, phantom and other equity compensation plans. We also develop and implement programs to secure our clients’ confidential information and represent them in employment-related litigation matters such as the misappropriation of trade secrets, unfair competition regarding proprietary information, defense of claims of discrimination, harassment, retaliation, and wrongful discharge, including claims before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and state employment agencies. The group also advises on ERISA and executive compensation matters.


The RCCB International Group has advised clients with business and personal matters on six continents and in over 44 countries. We have assisted foreign companies seeking to conduct business or engage in transactions in the U.S., as well as domestic companies operating and investing abroad. We have particular experience in cross-border M&A transactions and international joint ventures, licensing and distribution agreements. We also advise clients on cross-border, intercompany tax planning and international estate planning when family members or assets reside in foreign countries. In addition, RCCB assists with cross-border insolvency cases and cases involving international fraud.

Our Solar & Alternative Energy attorneys have extensive experience with acquisitions and sales of alternative energy projects, power purchase agreements, EPC agreements, O&M agreements, SREC agreements, real estate leases, and debt and equity financing for solar companies.

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Liz Weir – SVP Director of Content, Social and PR – Levlane





The brain is a peculiar thing.

You have five, maybe ten seconds to capture your audience’s attention before it shuts down.

That means if I haven’t already done that by now, I’ve lost you. If there is any ambiguity, or the brain has to think too hard, it withdraws.

Technology is changing the landscape and how people interact with brands in ways we never imagined, making it even harder than ever to connect with consumers. Today, they are bombarded with more and more information about all types of companies from every outlet and in every imaginable format.

Clients come to us every day dealing with this situation. They often want to change their branding, improve how they’re viewed in the market, and build trust and loyalty with their customer base. But most are using the old model of pushing their message into the crowded ecosystem. What they fail to realize is that the old way of marketing–pushing your message, pushing your sale, pushing, pushing, pushing–doesn’t work when the market is crowded with comparable messages. But what does work, what does cut through all that noise, is the tried and true method of storytelling.

Let’s think about your company. When someone asks what you do, what do you say? Do you start listing out the problems you solve? The customers you serve? If you do, that’s a problem.

Ask that person what you do a few days later and I’m going to bet they don’t remember, or they misremember what you told them. That’s because when the brain senses that it’s being pitched or sold to, it has a natural cognitive reaction to resist. It pushes back. It overloads. It shuts down.

Now if you were to relay what you do in a simple but engaging story format, something very different happens. Their brain takes that information and claims it as its own–as if they found it. That’s because the brain spends 30% of its waking time daydreaming–when you work, drive, etc. But when you are watching a movie, reading a great book, or listening to a great story, your brain doesn’t daydream: that story is doing the daydreaming for you. The story has literally taken over the brain.

Stories go beyond a product. They resonate because they’re human. They hit you in the feels.

It’s not a list of features. It’s not telling them how great your company is, all the great things you’ve done, or all the people who love you. It’s not about the fanciest technology. It’s about connecting at a subconscious level, it’s about understanding how the brain works and working with it, not against it. It is about the customer, your hero. Your company is simply the guide or the helper to get the hero to the finish line.

And you don’t have to take my word for it. A recent study shows that when you read stories that evoke emotion, it stimulates the brain and even changes how you act. (Paul, Annie M. “Your Brain on Fiction.” The New York Times. Mar. 2012.)

At LevLane, we know and work with all of the latest and greatest technologies– AR, VR, AI, IOT and any other acronyms you can think of. But innovation without story is just a channel, just a medium, just a gadget. Without a story to connect, without a brand to love, without that emotional hook, you are yelling into the void.

Levlane logo - Liz Weir


Visit Philadelphia – The Place That Loves You Back

Visit Philadelphia Logo


Back then, people didn’t know much about Philadelphia. But we had confidence in the destination, and that in itself felt innovative at the time. Long before content was a hot marketing buzzword or the subject of countless blog posts and TED Talks, we began creating content to build the region’s image.

We made commercials. In 1997, we advertised Philly on national TV for the first time in the city’s history. We positioned Philadelphia as The Place That Loves You Back – a tagline people still use today. We were the first destination in the world to launch an LGBTQ TV commercial, part of our Philadelphia – Get Your History Straight and Your Nightlife Gay® campaign.

We took photos. We wrote about Philadelphia. And we put those words and pictures online.

Visit Philadelphia's Seattle Ad Campaign
Visit Philadelphia - Philadelphia Skyline from Spring Garden Bridge
Visit Philadelphia - Blue Cross RiverRink Summerfest

We were one of the first destinations on the web when we launched the region’s first and only official visitor website in 1998. Once again, in 2007, we saw the beginning of a trend and became an early adopter by launching uwishunu®, an in-the-know Philly blog – one of the first by a destination.

We showed journalists Philly’s awesomeness, and they became believers. In 2005, National Geographic Traveler declared Philadelphia the “Next Great City”. A decade and countless media stories later, Philadelphia took number three on the coveted New York Times’ “52 Places to Visit in 2015” list. And, just one year after that, in 2016, we worked with the writers of two destination-defining media stories. That year, Philly took the top spot on Lonely Planet’s “Best in the U.S.” list, and The New York Times’ “36 Hours in Philadelphia” highlighted the city’s vegan restaurants, bring-your-own-bottle culture and bike-share program, Indego.

We also focused on social-media marketing when it was still emerging. We launched accounts and a call-to-action hashtag, #visitphilly, to connect with visitors and locals alike. We practically invented the Instagram takeover among destinations, and we gathered (and continue to gather) our online community in real life with meetups at Philly attractions, parks, neighborhoods and restaurants.

Boathouse Row - Visit Philadelphia

For years, we’ve teamed up with partners to reach different people in different places. In the world of destination marketing, more collaboration means more visitation. So, we continue to design effective partnerships that benefit us, our partners and our visitors.

We keep at it, staying ahead-of-the-curve online and on social media, with unique partnerships and, of course, innovative research. The idea to invest in this destination turned out to be a winning one for Philly, as VISIT PHILADELPHIA continues to develop innovative ways to build the region’s image, drive visitation, boost the economy—and relish in all that comes with it.

Elsevier – a Global Information Analytics Business

Elsevier is a global information analytics business
Elsevier is a global information analytics business



Elsevier is a global information analytics business that helps institutions and professionals progress science, advance healthcare and improve performance for the benefit of humanity. Elsevier provides digital solutions and tools for strategic research management, R&D performance, clinical decision support, and professional education.

Elsevier is part of RELX Group, a global provider of information and analytics for professionals and business customers across industries.

Elsevier employee
Elsevier office


Since Elsevier was founded as a Dutch publisher in 1880, the world and the way we share medical information has changed. As a modern-day global information analytics business, Elsevier has anticipated and adapted to the challenges ahead, while remaining true to our core values.

Today, Elsevier employs more than 1,000 technologists in areas such as natural language processing (NLP), machine learning, search, data visualization, big data and mobile. We work with cutting-edge technologies to create decision support solutions that help advance science, technology and healthcare.

From its Philadelphia headquarters, Elsevier’s Clinical Solutions business develops next-generation solutions for healthcare professionals globally. Medical and technology experts are leveraging the latest evidence-based content, big data, and analytics to support health systems in improving patient outcomes and reducing unwarranted care variation across the care continuum.

Elsevier’s Clinical Solutions portfolio includes industry leading solutions such as ClinicalKey, STATdx, Clinical Skills, Patient Engagement and Via Oncology. Clinical Solutions is also investing in Precision Medicine, next-generation diagnostic decision support and comprehensive clinical programs. Elsevier’s solutions are used by 20 million clinicians globally and by 96 of the top 100 US health systems.

Elsevier Group @ Stand 2012

“We combine peer-reviewed and evidence-based clinical content with technology, data and analytics to produce solutions that enable clinicians to make better decisions,” said John Danaher, M.D., President, Clinical Solutions, Elsevier. “This unique combination of capabilities allows us to deliver unmatched value to health systems, clinicians and patients.”

As the company moves forward, our founding motto remains apt: Non Solus – Not Alone.

Elsevier logo

Elsevier, Inc.
1600 John F. Kennedy Blvd.
Philadelphia, PA 19103-2899
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PeopleShare – Thinking Outside the Staffing Box



PEOPLESHARE We have been featured for the last 11 consecutive years! This was this year’s award ceremony. Our founders, Dave and Ryan FOUNDED IN 2005 BY COLLEAGUES DAVE DONALD AND RYAN CLARK
Our founders, Dave and Ryan

The company has a three-pronged business focus: temporary staffing, on-site staffing, and managed service provider programs, a revolutionary idea that has brought the company to over 20 states in the nation.

PeopleShare’s success is based on the simple principle of investing in people: candidates, clients, and employees. While this may seem like an easy task, the manner in which PeopleShare executes this philosophy is rare and inventive- and unlike any other competitor.

Peopleshare - Best Places to Work -2018
We have been featured for the last 11 consecutive years! This was this year’s award ceremony

Investing in Candidates & Clients

To rise above the rest, PeopleShare uses an exclusive blend of valued processes and technology. The company’s use of PeopleView technology offers clients real-life insight into a candidate before selecting them for an interview. Candidates record a sample video to showcase their personality and poise before a face-to-face interview, saving time and money for clients, allowing them to bring in only those that align with their specific needs.

PeopleShare has opened eighteen branches since 2005, with an emphasis in the Philadelphia region. Valuing the accessibility of the close proximity of their clients and candidates, the company has enacted a unique hour per mile rule. For example, for a candidate to work for $12 per hour, they should only travel twelve miles or less to their workplace. Both of these strategic moves have led to the largest database of active candidates and clients in the area.

During the job placement process, a recruiter meets with each candidate three times before beginning a work assignment: performing initial interviews, interview preparation, and orientation, ensuring the candidate is fully prepared and ready to start to work the moment they step through the company’s doors.

Peopleshare - Group Photo
Many of our employees together in one photo!

Thinking Outside the Staffing Box

Expanding their reach even further than the local market, in 2010, PeopleShare embarked on an unprecedented staffing idea that is gaining traction across the nation. The company approached the largest healthcare insurance provider in America with an idea: a partnership to locate and train hundreds of candidates to become licensed health care agents. PeopleShare’s vision became a reality: sourcing candidates, hiring instructors, training and preparing them to pass state licensure tests and accept their new position. By investing in these candidates and providing them with the skills to begin their careers, PeopleShare presents trained candidates in a fraction of the time that it would take the company to produce the same results.

Investing in Employees

PeopleShare acknowledges that employing exceptional employees and a top management team are the backbone of a successful company. From the very first day, the organization invests in the employees- beginning with an intensive and comprehensive training plan. New and seasoned employees attend in-depth on-boarding, monthly workgroups and training exercises, building confidence with a strong emphasis on self-accountability.

The future of PeopleShare is clear to co-founder Dave Donald: keep investing in employees and clients, and the business will continue to thrive. “Our success directly correlates to the dedication that our employees bring to work each day,” says Dave. “We want our clients, candidates, and employees to know that they are the reason we keep growing.”

Peopleshare Logo

Phone: 610-489-1400
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BrainSpark – Radical, Out-of-the-Box Detox Treatment

brainspark - health-office-plymouth-meeting-addition-treatment-clinical-director-Ciara-Levine
BrainSpark Health logo
brainspark - health-office-plymouth-meeting-addition-treatment-clinical-director-Ciara-Levine


Every day, more than 115 people in the United States die because of an opioid overdose. The misuse of, and addiction to, both alcohol and opioids — including prescription pain relievers, heroin and synthetic opioids such as fentanyl — continues to be one of the most severe national crises that affect American public health, as well as social and economic welfare.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that the total “economic burden” of prescription opioid misuse in the United States alone, is $78.5 billion a year, including the costs of healthcare, lost productivity, addiction treatment, and criminal justice.

Founded in 2016, BrainSpark is an affordable holistic outpatient addiction healing and wellness center, housed in Plymouth Meeting Pennsylvania, a suburb of Philadelphia, utilizing a radical, out-of-the-box treatment – NAD IV therapy – which is a natural way to detox.

NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) therapy uses an essential molecule found naturally in your body’s cells to promote a healthy detox. Naturally, NAD contributes to the function of your brain, organs, and neurological system, but through prolonged addiction, to opioids and other drugs, your natural production of NAD can be diminished.

NAD IV Therapy radically repairs cell damage in the brain and the body. This dearth of NAD in addiction patients can be supplemented by NAD therapy, which uses intravenous therapy infusions. Through this, NAD IV repairs cells in your body and brain to functional levels, thereby helping reduce withdrawal symptoms common with detoxes, such as cravings, low energy, anxiety, depression, and stress.

For those seeking a natural way to achieve full, sustained sobriety, NAD treatments offer the best chance of recovery. It is a therapy method that has been around for over 40 years, primarily on the West Coast.

Brainspark office


The common desire to work together while helping others and to create new opportunities was the spark that initiated BrainSpark; a venture which will provide a different level of reward to all the people involved: doctors, patients, families and the community.

Knowing the current epidemic crisis with addiction, the founders of BrainSpark knew it was time to make a difference. Mr. Rich Masterson – a seasoned entrepreneur, and successful owner of many businesses, combined his business expertise with the clinical mindset of Dr. Franco Picofazzi – an experienced, successful, well respected dental surgeon and anesthesiologist, with over twenty years of private practice and hospital training, who has witnessed the increased opioid dependency and devastating nature of this crisis. They opened the doors to the BrainSpark treatment center.

Brainspark Health NAD Treatment
Brainspark detox therapy

The mission is to treat the source of the dependency and craving – the brain – first, by jump-starting it with a chemical spark, combining holistic, alternative medicine and social reprogramming, instead of the conventional treatment currently available and proven to have an over 85% failure rate. BrainSpark Health is the first center on the East Coast to offer NAD IV therapy, which other clinics have reported to have an impressive success rate and is considered the crown jewel of detox, because of its rapid cleanse and restoration therapies.

“This has the potential to save lives,” says Masterson. “This is why we are here. Stories of addiction touch all of us, so this is a rare opportunity where we can do good and do good well. I am excited by this, and I’m excited to bring NAD IV therapy to the East Coast for the very first time. Traditional detox and rehab programs are missing a critical step,” Masterson continues. “It’s not compassionate to make people go into a 30-day rehab program and all that it entails – the stigma, the expense, the time – only to have it fail, because they didn’t address healing the brain. What we are doing at BrainSpark Health is not just ‘detox and get out’ – it’s healing the brain to get you further down the road to recovery.”

Phone: 866-614-5291
Address: 649 W Germantown Pike
Suite 200 Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462
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Dale Carnegie – We Invigorate your Employees

Dale Carnegie - Logo


Dale Carnegie


For more than 100 years, Dale Carnegie has helped companies of all sizes create a vibrant, sustainable workforce by fostering environments where people thrive on positive, productive relationships. In the months and years to come, we’ll continue to be your partner in creating inspiring, effective development opportunities for everyone from new hires to high performers, all the way to the top.


E_Valudes - Dale Carnegie

Founded in 1912, Dale Carnegie has evolved into an international organization that crosses borders and generations, showing people how to tap into the best parts of themselves to create positive change. Our original body of knowledge has been regularly updated, expanded and refined through a century’s worth of real-life business experiences. Our courses and programs are available in 80 countries, all 50 states and in more than 30 languages.

At Dale Carnegie, we invigorate your employees by drawing out their natural strengths, building the courage and confidence they need to take command of their work and achieve the unexpected. As we help them excel, your employees will gain the trust and respect of the people around them, creating a culture that works harder for you at all levels of your organization. With more support, your team can take the lead in putting their ideas into action more efficiently, increasing their performance, along with your company’s, by working smarter at every step. We help companies of all sizes generate revenue, increase productivity and reduce costs by revealing their bright and resourceful workforce. Together, we’ll set your team in motion and help your entire organization reach new heights, powered by the unique talents of your employees.

Our training is built on extensive business experience and ongoing market research to keep our training solutions relevant and effective regardless of client size, need, or industry. Dale Carnegie offerings are delivered by certified instructors and available in flexible formats including: in-person, trainer-facilitated online, and large seminar. Through hands-on exercises, role-playing, situational coaching, real-time feedback, and practical real-world assignments; your people will apply what they have learned immediately on the job and in all areas of life.

Dale Carnegie Training
Dale Carnegie employees


We are at a unique time in business where there are as many as four generations of employees working within any one organization – this presents business challenges. A banking client recognized that there was often a disconnect between generations within their workforce.

Our collaboration resulted in a highly personalized program demonstrating how diversity supports individual and team success. By using customized case studies as a mechanism to begin the conversation, employees learned how to overcome perceived barriers, move past misconceptions and strengthen their ability to be more open and collaborative. The environment now is more inclusive, engaging and one that encourages unique perspectives and experiences. Diversity is embraced, employees feel valued and have a voice that is welcomed.

20120 Valley Forge Circle, King of Prussia PA 19406
Phone: 888-783-6537
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Tierney – Fully Integrated Marketing & Communication Company

Tierney - DNC-Shoes
tierney logo


Tierney - DNC-Shoes

We are only as good as the people we hire and the skills they bring to our partners. People drive our creativity. They drive our innovation. They drive our partners’ business.

Which is why we invest so heavily in their training and development. We do this by sending our teams to industry conferences and training seminars all over the country. But we also believe stimulus from outside our industry can push people to think differently. So we encourage our teams to volunteer, become advocates for causes they believe in and be the change they want to see in our communities. By encouraging and indulging their passions we believe they can bring perspectives from outside our industry to drive innovation in our work here at Tierney.

We encourage activism and engagement with the community, and believe it benefits the overall productivity of our business. Our team members are actively engaged in supporting various causes through board membership, volunteerism, in-kind advertising and marketing communications services. These causes range from homelessness, LGBTQ rights, women’s issues, prison reform, mentoring at-risk youth, voting rights, the arts, cultural organizations and education.

Tierney - More Color More Pride
Tierney - LOVE
Tierney - interior

Over the years Tierney and our employees have been leaders in the community by sitting on boards, being neighborhood activists, and donating personal and company time to organizations that matter to us. We have helped women build their personal brands through the first-ever social media hub at the Pennsylvania Conference for Women. We’ve partnered with local newspapers to get out and vote. We’ve turned New York City into a virtual art gallery to drive awareness of the value of urban reforestation, and we’ve even designed a custom line of sneakers to celebrate the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia with proceeds benefitting a running organization that helps homeless people find structure in their lives. We helped celebrate the centennial of the Benjamin Franklin Parkway by collaborating with a public art installation, and we’ve helped to raise awareness of racial inequality within the LGBTQ community by working with the city of Philadelphia to evolve the iconic rainbow pride flag. We even honored Pope Francis on his historic visit to Philadelphia, by designing “Popesicles,” with all of the proceeds donated to the Trevor project. We are also very proud to say that our employee participation rate for The United Way Campaign has been 100% for the last 10 years.

Passion is at the heart of what we do. Both for our clients and for ourselves. We believe when people feel empowered and fulfilled in their personal and civic lives they are more productive in their work lives. That personal satisfaction can drive thinking that is new and inspired which pushes them to be theirbest self and produce their best work, and our clients reap the benefits of that diversity of thought. We believe that innovation comes from passionate employees who not only want to make a difference in the work they do, but also the world they live in.

We work creatively each and every day knowing that with creativity comes change, and we believe within each of us—there is the power to inspire curiosity.

Phone: 215-790-4100 | Email:
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HealthAxis Group – Revolutionizing the Future of Healthcare




As value-based care and value-based reimbursement gain momentum within the healthcare industry, healthcare delivery organizations must adapt quickly to the changing landscape. They are expected to provide better information and greater access to quality and superior care and outcomes for its members, all at a lower cost. The obstacles many companies face when trying to meet this demand stem from coordination challenges, outdated legacy technology, and inefficient information management.

HealthAxis Group is an innovative partner for those who want to revolutionize healthcare services and become leaders in the industry. Headquartered in Tampa, HealthAxis Group has charted an appropriately unique and intriguing course to blur the lines between a 50+-year-old company and a cutting-edge startup. The oldest company that now makes up HealthAxis Group was founded in 1965 and in the late 1970s became the industry’s first SAAS-based\hosted enterprise application administration system. Far more recently, the company launched the most advanced application suite for healthcare administration, care management, and data and analytics. HealthAxis Group breaks the mold by being simultaneously the most experienced and the most modern technology company in its space.

Team Photo - HealthAxis Group

The comprehensive platform includes enterprise software, a multitude of portals for all types of healthcare stakeholders, a robust private cloud, and services around analytics, data management, and associated BPO services. These enable healthcare organizations to increase administrative efficiency, lower cost, and improve the quality and delivery of patient care. Plus, it is highly customizable–tailoring logic, workflow, and interfaces to meet each client’s unique strategy. As more models for healthcare delivery are tested at the federal, state, and employer levels, HealthAxis Group’s platform can be a single solution through it all. The core system can efficiently and effectively manage appeals and grievances, credentialing, medical management, care coordination, provider directories and more.

Nicolas HealthAxis Group
Joanne at desk - HealthAxis Group

HealthAxis Group solutions are built upon the proven success of its collective leadership and the experience of over 230 employees who aim to advance modern healthcare software and bring innovative solutions to the industry. The team is well equipped to deliver the next generation of healthcare software and resolve key business challenges for the clients they serve: Managed care organizations, commercial and private health plans, third-party administrators, risk-bearing provider organizations and medical providers.

“To remind ourselves to be open, dynamic and innovative in serving our customers, our mindset is that our clients are not really clients,” says Shilen Patel, CEO. “rather, they are our partners. 

Our success is dependent on their success and sustainability within the rapidly changing healthcare system. This means not just delivering software and writing code; but using our creativity, curiosity, and capabilities to collaboratively provide alternatives to crippling legacy technologies and outdated ideologies.”

Our Vision and Mission:
• Our vision is healthcare rebooted as a completely efficient, information-driven and cooperative institution.
• Our mission is to ceaselessly improve the speed and quality of information and decisions in healthcare.

Shilen Patel, HealthAxis Group

Shilen Patel is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of HealthAxis Group, as well as a serial entrepreneur and investor who has spent his entire career leading companies in the Healthcare IT space.

Prior to founding HealthAxis Group, Mr. Patel was a top executive and part owner of Visionary Healthware for nine years. Under his leadership, Visionary Healthware achieved 30x growth and received recognition as one of America’s 100 largest healthcare IT companies before being acquired by an international public company.

He is also an active early stage and private equity investor in various ventures, as well as founding multiple other enterprises of his own. His investments range from tiny startups to more visible and remote assets such as ownership in Bologna FC, a soccer team competing with the likes of Juventus and AC Milan in Italy’s Serie A.

In 2017, Shilen became a co-founder and Chairman of the TiE Tampa Bay Angel Fund, a $3 million fund established to financially support Florida startups, improve understanding and awareness of angel investing among Tampa Bay investors, and help startups fulfill their potential as value drivers and community assets. Mr. Patel is also highly active in the management and formation of the Drs. Kiran and Pallavi Patel Family’s Office, which holds a nine-figure portfolio of real estate, direct and indirect investments, and marketable securities. He also recently agreed to chair the Creative Entrepreneurship Lab, a non-profit initiative related to the Tampa Innovation Alliance which will support entrepreneurial activity in the USF area and at the Uptown (former University Mall) site. Additionally, Shilen is a founding Director of Central Bank, a community bank which services Tampa, St Augustine, and Winter Park.

In 2013, Mr. Patel graduated from the EMBA-Global programme at the Columbia University Graduate School of Business and the London Business School with an MBA from both institutions. He received his undergraduate degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Entrepreneurship at Babson College in 2002.

Shilen credits much of his success and opportunity to extraordinary role models. His parents, Drs. Kiran and Pallavi Patel, are two of the Tampa Bay Area’s most successful and well-known businesspeople and philanthropists.

Mr. Patel has always appreciated the power of business to transform lives and communities by creating prosperity and carries with him a strong sense of responsibility to make good things happen for others in any pursuit of personal achievement.

HealthAxis Group logo

5509 W Gray St.
Suite 200
Tampa, FL 33609
Tel: 888-974-2947(AXIS)

Florida Poly University – Dedicated Exclusively to STEM

Florida Poly - IST Exterior
Florida Poly - IST Exterior



Florida Poly - President Randy K
President Randy K. Avent


Florida Polytechnic University was established in 2012 and opened its doors in 2014 as the only member of the State University System of Florida dedicated exclusively to STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). With an enrollment of around 1,400, Florida Poly offers a unique environment for students where they work closely with faculty and can take advantage of a hands-on approach to learning. Milestones during these first few years of the University’s existence included the construction of the Innovation, Science, and Technology (IST) Building, the centerpiece of Florida Poly’s campus in Lakeland. The 162,000-square-foot, white-domed building is a moveable and functional work of art, with a louvered roof system that moves throughout the day providing passive lighting inside the second-floor atrium. The oval-shaped structure is ringed by curved metal pergolas that shade its outer terrace and walkways. The building has won global awards and was recently named one of the most breathtaking buildings in the world.

Another major milestone was obtaining regional accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) ahead of schedule in July 2017. Less than a year later, Florida Poly graduated its first four-year class with over 200 students receiving degrees. The University began by offering six undergraduate degrees along with two graduate degrees, all focused on high-tech disciplines. With small class sizes and a true project-based curriculum, Florida Poly is positioned to provide industry-aligned programs in fast-growing areas like autonomous vehicles, machine intelligence, nanotechnology, logistics, and supply chain management and renewable energy.

florida poly - electronics
florida poly student
Florida Poly Campus Life Rocket Science Photography-97


With the creation, start-up and graduation of its first class complete, Florida Poly is now embarking on the next pivotal chapter of its existence. Priorities include the creation of three new degrees, as well as increasing our programs and concentrations. This will allow Florida Poly to continue to build a prominent presence with high-paying industries in the region.

Florida Poly 2.0 also includes the construction of another iconic building on its campus – the Applied Research Center – which will house faculty research, laboratories, student design spaces, and faculty offices. In all, this new building will create 150 offices, 21 research laboratories, and seven teaching laboratories.

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Creating strong partnerships with companies throughout Florida is another key to providing industry-aligned majors and fueling the state’s economy. That’s why the University is constantly adding to the many internships already available to students so they can truly take part in a world-class STEM education.

The growth around the Florida Poly campus is key in further developing the University and bringing the Florida Poly 2.0 vision to life. Florida Poly’s long-term success grows exponentially when supported by an adjacent research park which will serve as a magnet for the industry. Today’s problems are complex and multi-dimensional, and economies grow most significantly when they bring government, industry, and academia together to commercialize innovation. This research park will be the catalyst for bringing financial and facility capital to the area. There will be academic buildings in the park and industry partners on campus. The park will be a live-work-play environment with apartments and homes, office buildings that house high-tech companies, a town center with restaurants and shops, schools and golf courses and hiking trails. It will be a place of creative collisions, where companies come to the park to gain access to our high-quality students and talented faculty.

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Florida Poly also looks forward to the completion of SunTrax, a large-scale, cutting-edge facility dedicated to the research, development, and testing of emerging transportation technologies in safe and controlled environments. SunTrax is a long-term partnership between Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise and Florida Poly and includes a 2.25-mile oval track on a 400-acre site near Florida Poly’s campus. This adds to Florida Poly’s focus on the rapidly evolving field of autonomous and connected vehicles. Its place as a leader in this area was demonstrated at the national level when Randy K. Avent, Florida Poly’s president, testified before a Senate committee on autonomous vehicles in 2018. Between the foundation provided by Florida Poly 1.0 and

the growth outlined in Florida Poly 2.0, Florida Polytechnic University has positioned itself to provide a world-class STEM education in a way that not only prepares students to productively enter the workforce, but to provide them with lifetime employable skills aimed at having an immeasurable impact on local and state economies.

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