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Dignitas Technologies – a Top Simulation & Training Company

dignitas ARES - Tablet 300



Dignitas Elizabeth Burch Innovate Orlando

In 2010, Elizabeth Burch purchased majority ownership to expand the business and provide a broader set of engineering qualifications as a woman owned small business.

As an MS&T company, we provide specialized agile system and software solutions for our government and industry customers. Dignitas Technologies wants to continue to grow and expand the business by supporting multiple military services and the commercial industries with innovative capabilities and products that provide efficient training.

dignitas ARES - Tablet 300

Dignitas Technologies provides system and software analysis, design, and development of military training applications. We provides solutions in synthetic environments, immersive mixed reality training, intelligent tutoring systems, cyber training, and Live, Virtual, Constructive, Gaming (LVCG) environments. Dignitas Technologies has senior staff with 30 years of experience in the MS&T industry.

Dignitas Technologies is using our Software-Centric Immersive Virtual Environment (SIVE) architecture to explore lightweight, portable point-of-need simulation capabilities leveraging low-cost hardware such as the Vive Pro virtual reality headset. SIVE is focused first on collective virtual training for major Army ground platforms like the M1 Abrams and M2 Bradley, with technology transitioning directly into the Army’s next generation Synthetic Training Environment. SIVE is currently being extended to support virtual maintenance training combined with our Generalized Intelligent Framework for Tutoring (GIFT) adaptive intelligent tutoring which allows real-time feedback and tutoring to correct trainee’s actions. Using our adaptive tutoring solution, training exercises can be modified based on trainee’s skill level and performance as well as providing After Action Review (AAR) to analyze training results.

Dignitas Technologies has been named by MS&T Magazine as a Top Simulation & Training Company every year since 2010 due to our innovative approach to Modeling & Simulation. In 2018, Dignitas was a Nominee for Outstanding Innovative Product for our work on the Augmented REality Sand table (ARES) which integrates a sand table with low cost technologies in image projection allowing an interactive sand table which includes an image overlay that updates based on sand terrain features, and can display scenarios representing tactical exercises. Dignitas Technologies has also been appraised at Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) Level 3 demonstrating our commitment to quality, consistency, and cost-effectiveness.

SIVE interior - Dignitas
Dignitas Technologies log

3504 Lake Lynda Drive Building 200, Suite 170. Orlando, FL 32817
Phone: 407-601-7847
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AUGMENTOR™ by Design Interactive

AUGMENTOR™ Design Interactive guyUsingForMatt
AUGMENTOR™ Design Interactive guyUsingForMatt

Design Interactive CEO, Dr Kay Stanney observed how multiple industries are being impacted by the significant number of baby boomer retirements, termed the “grey tsunami” by some. The retirements of this large generation represent a massive loss of expertise in the workforce. When mass numbers of highly experienced employees leave an industry, a knowledge and skill gap is left in its wake. No industry has been spared this phenomenon and many are also experience significant recruitment hallenges. There are simply not enough qualified candidates to fill the positions left by the retiring workforce.

Kay Stanney AUGMENTOR™

In response to the widening knowledge and skill gap Dr Stanney observed in the trucking, aviation, manufacturing and even defense industry, she led her team to create AUGMENTOR™ an augmented reality application that empowers experts to transfer their knowledge to the next generation and share that knowledge across the enterprise at the click of a button.

AUGMENTOR™ benefits from Design Interactive’s decades of human performance, training, virtual and augmented reality research with the Department of Defense, NASA, the Department of Homeland Security and other agencies.

Dr Stanney’s vision was to empower the expert workforce to share what they do best. Namely, solve complex problems. Using AUGMENTOR™, they now have a tool that lets them share how they troubleshoot. Imagine a master technician in the trucking industry, in an attempt to return a truck to service, creating first person video instruction, snapping pictures and creating virtual sticky notes that describe the problem, the symptoms they observed and what they meant right in the maintenance facility. And when they are done, the expert publishes their solution so if any new hire or less experienced personnel encounters the same problem, they can reach back into this digital archive, a replica of that expert’s knowledge.

AUGMENTOR™ virtual reality

Today, this function of sharing knowledge is centralized. The responsibility to accelerate the competency of new hires and rapidly disseminate new procedures is often held by those remote from where the problems occur. The process is often slow and it is difficult to ensure compliance to a desired standard. By comparison, AUGMENTOR™ is a force multiplier. AUGMENTOR™ empowers those in the field to contribute what they know, right where and when problems occur. Its digitized form is made available to the entire enterprise rapidly and ensures standard execution.

AUGMENTOR™ replicates the knowledge of experts and empowers sharing among trucking industry technicians, aviation mechanics, and production line operators. As the expert workforce retires, Dr. Stanney’s vision leaves behind a legacy of knowledge for the next generation of employees.

tech_hololens AUGMENTOR™

Design Interactive Inc. Optimizing the Human Dimension.

About Design Interactive: DI, is a woman owned, family operated, small business, founded in 1998 by Dr Kay Stanney, a human factors expert. DI specializes in creating innovative software and adaptive training solutions that optimize human performance, specializing in augmented and virtual reality. DI is always asking what’s next as they strive to help enterprises

AUGMENTOR™ - Design Interactive logo

3504 Lake Lynda Dr. Suite 400 Orlando, Fl. 32817
Phone: 407-706-0977
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Millebot – Mobile 3D-Manufacturing Platforms

Millebot owner, Andy
Millebot owner, Andy
Millebot logo


This company is strategically located near other Florida located central companies like Disney, Universal, SpaceX and Blue Origin. With its international, patent-pending technology, the company can focus on the creation of the best modular additive and/or subtractive manufacturing within ISO shipping container enclosures. The main aim of the company is to decentralize manufacturing with a connected modular manufacturing infrastructure, with its bases in Central Florida.

Millebot integrates many areas of industry, including: digital media, material science, mechanical engineering, aerospace, maritime and construction, to mention but a few. The first people to have the chance to learn and play a role in the execution of Millebot’s new 3-D manufacturing ecosystem are students from Central Florida schools.

The company owner, Andy, graduated with a marketing degree from the University of Central Florida. His investment in this company started as he developed a fascination for engineering and design. However, it was his beginnings as an adopter of technology, and his observations of how technology could solve problems in conventional and unconventional ways, that fostered in him the skill to do lots more with much less. The advancement towards the development of his company began in 2011 within 2 weeks of owning his first 3D printer. The printer led to much of his frustration and he sought new ways to solve the problem associated with the mini machine. His epiphany to combine the size and elegance of a “shipping container” and “3D-printer”, came whilst driving one day. It was only in 2015 that he patented this eureka moment and thereafter, in 2016, he formed Millebot, Inc.

Millebot - shipping container

About the machine, the “MILLE”
MILLE is unlike any machine of its kind, it’s the only large-format 3D-machine platform that may be operated indoors or outdoors, and is deliverable by land, rail, sea, and air, giving customers capabilities that they have never seen.

Through the incorporation of shipping container housing, Millebot solves most production and logistics challenges, by using existing freight infrastructure around the world. MILLE is great for various applications and environments. The machine features a heavy-duty Corten steel shell and can be operated remotely, both indoors or outdoors.

Each machine is designed and built according to customer needs. Millebot’s extremely versatile, rugged design is compatible with:

Additive manufacturing tool-heads, including: plastic extrusion, cement/mortar extrusion, adhesives/resins extrusion, and others.

Subtractive manufacturing tool-heads, like: CNC router, laser, plasma, waterjet, and others.

Power can be delivered to the machine via a wall outlet, generator, or renewable energy source, making it perfect for remote areas. All Millebot machines feature a modular enclosure, meaning multiple machines can be stacked to create a scalable manufacturing infrastructure with large working volume. The main perk is that all multiple units can be operated by a single operator.

MILLEbot HDX-EVO - wire 2
MILLEbot HDX-EVO front 2

Business strategy
The main business strategy of this company is that it forms alliances with companies and groups who share the vision for a decentralized manufacturing future, including: education, investors, hardware manufacturers, material manufacturers, equipment distributors, deep-tech, defense contractors, and financial institutions.

The company – now and in the future Millebot’s main goal is to empower people and companies to create new products without having to manufacture abroad. Basically, Millebot is your “personal factory”, since this product gives people the flexibility to create new niches and take control of their production using locally sourced materials.

Furthermore, Millebot is an eco-conscious company, actively developing and seeking novel ways to reduce CO2 emissions. Millebot aims to seek or use 3D-technologies in various fields, including: construction, automotive, aerospace, maritime, medicine, entertainment, energy, and food, by delivering a low-cost turnkey 3D-manufacturing platform that automates the process and reduces labor.

Millebot currently offers flexible financing and lease options.

Next time you see a shipping container, think Millebot!

Lifelink ® Foundation, Inc – Serving Patients in need of Transplant Therapy

Lifelink - AJ Kidney Recipient
Lifelink - AJ Kidney Recipient
A.J., Kidney Recipient



During its more than 30-year history, over 50,000 patients throughout Florida and the U.S. have received life-saving organ transplants, and more than a million patients have improved their quality of life through tissue transplantation. All patients benefit due to the selfless donors who provide the gifts of life, and their families, who support that decision. The Foundation, headquartered in Tampa, FL, has five divisions, including three organ procurement organizations – LifeLink® of Florida, LifeLink® of Georgia and LifeLink® of Puerto Rico – LifeLink® Transplantation Immunology Laboratory and LifeLink® Tissue Bank. In addition, the LifeLink Legacy Fund® develops philanthropic resources to support the organ recovery and transplantation activities of LifeLink®.

LifeLink Building

LifeLink organ recovery organizations are dedicated to serving patients in need of transplant therapy, and their families. They collaborate with hospitals, medical professionals, medical examiners, law enforcement and the public to save lives.

LifeLink Tissue Bank is the largest non-profit tissue bank in the Southeastern United States and provides more than 40,000 allografts annually to orthopedic surgeons and neurological specialists. The staff specializes in the processing and distribution of spine, sports and general orthopedic grafts.

LifeLink Immunology Lab - preparing crossmatch
LifeLink Tissue Bank - processing tissue

The LifeLink Transplantation Immunology Laboratory matches potential organ donors with patients waiting on a transplant, protects patient safety and improves organ transplant outcomes. The LifeLink Transplantation Immunology Laboratory works rigorously to ensure that transplant recipients receive the best possible outcome after they receive a transplanted organ.

LifeLink supports research efforts to enhance the available supply of organs and tissues for transplant patients and to improve patient clinical outcomes after transplantation, and participates in partnership with organizations whose projects and objectives complement our life-saving mission.

LifeLink Organ box

A few of those whose lives are impacted by an organ and/or tissue donor include:

• Steve – partially paralyzed, ruptured his bicep, which was devastating due to his already limited mobility. A tissue transplant allowed Steve’s arm movement to return and for him to regain control over his life. “As a paralyzed individual, my arms are so important,” says Steve. “I will be forever grateful to my donor family for my gift of mobility.”

• Marquita – was a dancer, until she was diagnosed with a chronic liver disease. She received a life-saving liver transplant and, following recovery, started a non-profit Arts company that presents dance performances. She says: “I am grateful for this precious gift. I think of my donor family and their loved one daily. I strive to honor them through my efforts to be the best person that I can be.”

• And the family of A.J. – a toddler who underwent dialysis for two-and-a-half years before his life-saving kidney transplant. Now A.J. is able to do normal toddler activities. “We cannot thank his donor family enough for the opportunity for A.J. to have a normal childhood,” shares his mom.

Lifelink - Donor Family Quilt Panel
Lifelink - Marquita Liver Recipient
Marquita, Liver Recipient
Lifelink Steve Fidrych
Steve, Tissue Recipient
LifeLink Color Logo

9661 Delaney Creek Blvd.
Tampa, Florida 33619
Phone: 813-253-2640

Navigate Corp – a Different kind of Management Consulting Firm

Navigate Corp Partners
Navigate logo
Navigate Corp Partners

When Rob Kathol founded Navigate in 2005, he set out to establish a different kind of management consulting firm – where clients and consultants would truly partner to create customized solutions to match unique client needs and where the company culture would be based on a spirit of collaboration, respect, and fun. Rob sought to focus on strengthening the relationship between executive management, business operations, and technology in order to drive better outcomes for organizations of various sizes and industries.

Today Navigate helps a wide range of companies navigate transformative change to create meaningful customer and employee experiences that drive stronger operational and financial performance. As companies seek new and innovative ways to anticipate and exceed client expectations, Navigate has become a thought leader in the area of Design Thinking – an approach to problem solving that encourages company leaders to position themselves from their client’s perspective to truly understand their needs. This empathy-led, customer-first approach is making a significant impact on how Navigate approaches solutions and ultimately the client’s bottom line.

Navigate - Service Day 2018
Navigate New office

Since founding the firm, Rob has remained committed to growing his roots in the Greater Philadelphia region, where he believes the vibrant business community will only continue to expand. With clients like Comcast and AmerisourceBergen in the firm’s backyard and evolving regional healthcare, life sciences, and utilities sectors, Navigate sees no shortage in firm and individual consultant development opportunities.

Community service has also been a core commitment that has expanded along with Navigate’s growth. Each year the entire firm spends a half day on-site helping out at a local non-profit. This past September, the team worked together to inspect, organize, and package donations of children’s clothing and toys at Cradles to Crayons. In previous years, Navigate has contributed its hands-on time at Philabundance, Ronald McDonald House,
and the Philadelphia Outward Bound School.

Navigate City Office Entry
Navigate - Spartan Sprint 2018

Navigate is proud of the recognition it has earned for both company success and community outreach including:

• Philadelphia Business Journal’s Best Places to Work – #1 Small Business 2015 (2017, 2018)
• Consulting Magazine’s #1 Best Small Firm to Work For (2015, 2016, 2017)
• Consulting Magazine’s 2015 Seven Small Jewels
• Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce’s Workplace Vitality Company of the Year (2016)

Learn more about Navigate at or contact us at

We look forward to continuing to support and evolve with the Greater Philadelphia community!

Phone: 484-383-0606

GPHCC – The Greater Philadelphia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

GPHCC Hispanic Chamber of Commerce - State of Hispanic Business 2017
GPHCC Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Logo
GPHCC Hispanic Chamber of Commerce - State of Hispanic Business 2017
State of Hispanic Business: annual symposium which presents the climate, condition, and trends that affect the region’s Latino-owned businesses


The Greater Philadelphia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (GPHCC) is a non-profit, membership organization devoted to promoting the advancement and economic growth of Hispanic businesses and professionals in the greater Philadelphia region.


The GPHCC, established in 1990 by a committed group of Hispanic business professionals in response to the pressing need for an entity that would respond to the various needs of the growing Hispanic business community. Since then, GPHCC has grown to be an important voice among municipal, state and federal government entities, as it fulfills its advocacy mission on behalf of its diverse membership.

GPHCC focuses on two strategic areas: small business development and investing in the talent and development of young Latino professionals.

GPHCC Hispanic Chamber of Commerce - YPN Youth Summit 2017
Young Professional Network Youth Summit: career and college fair for Latino high school students in Philadelphia
PHCC Hispanic Chamber of Commerce - Closing the GAP 2017
Closing the Gap Conference: provides corporations with insight into the Latino marketplace.
GPHCC Hispanic Chamber of Commerce YPN Youth Summit 2017
Young Professional Network Youth Summit: career and college fair for Latino high school students in Philadelphia

The Small Business Development and Education Program is the heart of the GPHCC. This program seeks to close the gaps in outcomes for Hispanic businesses by providing access to the networks, tools, and resources needed to scale. To this end, the Chamber provides individualized business coaching as well as conferences, symposiums and training opportunities that attract over 2,500 attendees per year.

GPHCC believes in the power of the new generations to lead and promote positive changes in the Latino business community. This is the spirit of the Young Professional Network (YPN), an initiative that creates a pipeline of executive, professional talent with a strong focus on increasing diversity and inclusion in the corporate sector. The YPN offers professionals a three-pronged approach to their careers providing them with: a valuable network of diverse professionals; professional development opportunities; and the ability to support Latino youth through mentoring.


Latinos are starting businesses at three times the national average, far surpassing other groups. There are over 18,000 Latino-owned businesses in the greater Philadelphia region, including 11,000 in the City of Philadelphia. With a thriving and growing business community, GPHCC has increased its programming and outreach.

Each year, the GPHCC convenes, connects and celebrates the Latino business community in various events. Among them is Alegría Ball, the Chamber’s signature fundraising event which benefits the organization’s core programs.

In the same manner, The State of Hispanic Business, an annual symposium, informs Chamber members, partners, policymakers and the business community about the climate, condition, and trends that affect the region’s Latino-owned businesses. GPHCC’s Closing the Gap Conference, held for the first time in 2017, aims to bring resources and know-how to Latino entrepreneurs that are looking to address the disparity in outcomes that persist in contracting and firm size.

GPHCC Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Small Business Development and Education
Small Business Development and Education Program
GPHCC Hispanic Chamber of Commerce - USHCC Preview Reception 2018
Preview Reception USHCC National Convention 2018

The Young Professional Network hosts the only career and college fair for Latino high school students in Philadelphia. The Youth Summit, which started as a one-day conference at a single high school, has expanded to become a two-day, STEM-focused event attended by Hispanic high school students from across the city. The summit attracts diverse professionals who inspire and coach students in panel discussions and workshops throughout the day.

Recognized as the premier voice and resource organization servicing Hispanic business in the greater Philadelphia region, the GPHCC’s will
continue advocate for business and community partners, fostering innovative ideas and programs to help our region thrive.

Phone: 215-845-5456 | Email: | Learn more:
facebook: Greater Philadelphia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce | twitter/instagram:  @gphcc |

Capstone Group – We Aim to be a Rock for our Clients

Capstone Group BPTW Official Photo
Capstone Group logo
Capstone Group BPTW Official Photo


Capstone Group is a leading provider of in insurance, risk management, and employee benefits services. Our mission is to provide results-driven solutions that transcend what our clients have come to expect from traditional insurance and benefits broker. In a world defined by uncertainty, we aim to be a rock for our clients by adhering to our foundation of values: we are people-focused and motivated by a genuine compassion for our employees, our customers, their employees, and our community.

Capstone Group - cap cares


When Capstone was founded in 2013, it was not because there was a need for another insurance agency. Our founding partners were well aware of the abundance of competition for insurance agencies and brokerage firms in the Greater Philadelphia Area, however they felt there was a desperate need for client-focused, technically sound, risk management and employee benefits consultants, and we remain passionate about that distinction to this day. Capstone has been able to differentiate ourselves by applying the global resources of our largest competitors, while still having a fierce dedication to our clients and a service model typically reserved for local, boutique firms. Our experience in analyzing and interpreting marketplace information and applying both proven and innovative products and solutions allows us to make our team’s experience meaningful, useful, and valuable in supporting our client’s goals.

Capstone Group dinner

Property & Casualty and Employee Benefits insurance policies should be just one component of a company’s overall risk management program. Now more than ever, insurance brokers & consultants must act in a strategic advisory capacity and partner closely with the clients they serve and act not as simply a vendor. A partner advises on all facets of the business, and aims to improve both top line and bottom line. By focusing on lowering our client’s overall cost of risk as opposed to simply lowering their insurance costs, we aim to help them achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. From an Employee Benefits perspective, it is imperative that we immerse ourselves in each of our client’s unique cultures in order to customize a total benefit offering that focuses on the individual employee and their family’s well-being.

The traditional insurance brokerage model has remained relatively unchanged for decades. Much to the detriment of business owners and executives, the risks they face on a daily basis have shifted considerably over that same time period. The evolution of technology, along with ongoing changes to government regulations, foreign policy, and our domestic tax code have opened up businesses to a host of new risks. Unfortunately, the traditional process dictates that insurance companies will respond to emerging risks by simply excluding them from their policies, leaving large uncovered exposures that could be catastrophic for a business unless properly addressed. Our goal when on-boarding a new client, and at every subsequent client review, is to identify all potential risk exposures and to clearly state our team’s recommendations on how to cost effectively manage those risks.


What we began in 2013 has been molded and reshaped by an array of innovations, regulatory changes, and emerging risks within our industry. Our vision is to set the standard of excellence among risk management and employee benefits consultants by being innovative, financially strong, and continuously exceeding customer expectations. To accomplish this goal, our efforts begin and end with attracting and retaining the very best industry experts and client service representatives as a part of our team. For the first time in 2018, Capstone Group was voted one of Philadelphia’s Best Places to Work by the Philadelphia Business Journal.

Capstone Group - Lt Grey BPTW

1120 Welsh Road, Suite 220, North Wales, PA 19454
Phone: 215-542-8030
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Drucker & Scaccetti – Tax as a Business Strategy

Drucker & Scaccetti OVERVIEW - Mural
Drucker & Scaccetti OVERVIEW - Mural
Drucker & Scaccetti logo


This phrase, written by Philadelphia’s most famous son, Benjamin Franklin, in 1789, still resonates 230 years later. The Tax Warriors® at Drucker & Scaccetti understand taxation and see it as a core element to nearly every business and personal financial decision. By embracing the rules, understanding the goals, and working with experienced thought leaders who are skilled experts in tax law and accounting, we offer our clients the ability to minimize the impact of tax. We, the advisors at Drucker & Scaccetti, help Philadelphia’s businesses and affluent families preserve and grow their wealth for themselves and their posterity.

Mention accounting and the stodgy version of the boring nerd is evoked. In fact, it is not likely “innovation” is a word used to describe the accounting profession. But 29 years ago in Philadelphia, an innovative change in accounting occurred when Drucker & Scaccetti was born.

Prior to our firm’s founding, there was no professional firm that focused exclusively on offering tax consulting and compliance services for complex family-owned and entrepreneurially driven businesses and wealthy families. When we announced the forming of our firm, we were told by some of Philadelphia’s top lawyers and CPAs it could not be done, no one had done it before, no one would engage us for tax services alone. At our very core, we knew this innovation in the accounting industry was needed and would prove valuable—even if the market didn’t yet know it. Twenty-nine years later, we are in the strongest growth phase in our firm’s history.

We created Drucker & Scaccetti to fulfill what we saw then, and continue to see today, as a need for advocacy vs. independence. We see business challenges from a different lens— unfiltered by audit implications and results. We are specialists in financial planning, taxation and tax preparation for individuals and businesses.

Drucker & Scaccetti - Recruiting Team

We never settle for plain vanilla tax return preparation; we plan to take advantage of techniques or combinations of integrated planning ideas that impact clients’ businesses and personal taxes. We learn what is important to our client and become an active member of their advisory team.

The Tax Warriors at Drucker & Scaccetti take a different and more holistic approach to our clients’ tax planning, preparation, and compliance needs. We view Tax As A Business Strategy® and, as a result, clients come to us for a relationship they cannot get from a digital solution. Our success comes from working eye to eye with clients. Not so much an innovation as a revelation.

This may give you a sense of who we are and what we do. But we are driven by our WHY. Over the years we could have become specialists in auditing services for large businesses. But that didn’t feed our passion. We love being a family’s trusted advisor; someone who will work with the investment, legal, insurance, or philanthropy team that uses financial and tax strategies to increase and sustain family wealth.

We build relationships by understanding and caring about our clients’ stories and going the extra mile to ensure their peace of mind.

When you need smart, business-savvy advisors, call on The Tax Warriors at Drucker & Scaccetti. Our goal is to help you sustain and grow your wealth. We are different for the sake of being better.

1600 Market Street, Suite 3300
Philadelphia, PA 19103
Phone: 215-665-3960
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Quiet Professionals – Focuses in the Government Defense Space

Quiet Professionals Exec Team
Quiet Professionals Exec Team
Quiet Professionals Logo



There are 10 unified combatant commands – six have regional responsibilities and four have functional responsibilities. Out of the 50 states in the US, Florida is home to three of these unified combatant commands and Tampa alone is home to two of the three. Tampa is the only city in the US that is home to two of only 10 unified combatant commands.

Tampa continues to experience a rich growth in defense contracting that is tied to the needs of the decision-makers in charge of these two commands. Ever-evolving technology and the military requirement to stay on the cutting edge is driving young talent to the Greater Tampa Bay region.

Quiet Professionals group
Quiet professionals Tampa Bay
Quiet Professionals event

  “My vision is to capitalize on our operational experience and bridge the gap between defense contracting, innovation, and the commercial marketplace.We will help to ensure that our government receives the very best, brightest and most experienced workforce available. We will drive ideas through the research and development process with complete and innovative solutions. We will assist in bridging the gap between local government leaders, business leaders and academia with the military industry and growing demands for innovative solutions to never-ending requirements,” says Andrew Wilson, President and Chief Executive Officer of Quiet Professionals.

Wilson says the next innovation that’s going to change the industry is Artificial Intelligent (AI). He says autonomous unmanned systems are tied at the hip with AI. “There are already tremendous milestones being reached within this vast relatively new field of work. The world is beginning to see the seemingly limitless possibilities for innovative uses of all things unmanned both good and bad. Driver-less vehicles will soon consume our roadways. Drones will replace manned delivery vehicles and begin a new surge in air transportation. AI will tie in with unmanned systems to create an automated and synchronized global network of transportation. Nefarious groups around the globe will exploit these advances in technology for personal monetary or ideological goals.” All of these things must be continuously studied to ensure all of the good that can come to society is maintained and all the bad influencers are mitigated through well planned countermeasures.

Quiet Professionals military

2701 North Rocky Point Drive, Suite 175, Tampa, FL 33607
Phone: (813) 902-3557
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Mobile Outfitters – Be Part of our Outfit

Mobile Outfitters - Location
Mobile Outfitters Logo
Mobile Outfitters - Location


Entrepreneurs, Eric Griffin, and Dennis O’Donnell founded Clear-Coat in 2007 to create, manufacture and distribute the best screen protector anyone had ever seen with production facilities in the U.S. Fast-forward ten years and due to the company’s innovations in technology, the company changed its name in 2016 to Mobile Outfitters.


Their award-winning RapidCut™ system virtually eliminates inventory and enables stores to produce 55,000+ products on-demand at the time of sale. Most recently, Mobile Outfitters launched the most advanced screen protector in the world using patented TriACTIVE™ Impact Technology. It is scratch resistant, anti-fingerprint and self-healing – and is backed by a global Lifetime Guarantee. Lastly, the Fusion Bumper™ is the world’s thinnest impact protection using the same TriACTIVE technology and has Corner Cushions™.

This entrepreneurial success story is ten years in the making. After throwing out nine years of brand identity, the co-founders choose to “start
over,” and the success in 2017 was a direct result of that decision. Last year, the company retooled everything around their new vision, “To challenge the status quo of the mall kiosk industry by selling high-quality products and backing them with customer-focused support with over 1,000 kiosks spanning 50 countries by 2022.”

Mobile Outfitters - Style Skins
Mobile Outfitters - Fusion Bumper and Screen Protection+Style Skins
Mobile Outfitters - Rapidut 2.0 Hero Image at Kiosk

As a result of the company’s rebranding, the number of locations more than doubled from 175 to 400 in 2017. The largest growth was realized in Belgium, due to a partnership with Proximus, resulting in 100+ locations opening in 2017. Additionally, the company ended the year with locations in 38 countries, an increase of 20 from the prior year. As a result of these new locations, revenue grew 43% from $6.28 million to $8.98 million.

So, what does this growth mean? Every 20 seconds, a Mobile Outfitters product is professionally installed worldwide. Due to the resources created by Eric and Dennis, new locations experience a 95% success rate during the first year. Mobile Outfitters is number three in the world, only behind Apple and Tiffany & Co., for their average sales per square foot. All Mobile Outfitters innovative products come with a Lifetime Guarantee. This means happy customers can obtain a replacement at any time, for any reason, at any of their global locations.

Mobile Outfitters - Dennis O'Donnell
Dennis O’Donnell
Mobile Outfitters - Eric_Griffin
Eric Griffin

3901B Main Street, Suite 106, Philadelphia, PA 19127
Phone number: 215-268-3781
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