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Bernardon is a full-service design firm that specializes in architecture, interior design, and landscape architecture for a distinct clientele in the Philadelphia area.


Working with a diverse and wide array of clients and project types throughout the Philadelphia community allows this innovative company to stand apart from the rest.

With over eighty employees in three locations covering Wilmington, Delaware, Center City Philadelphia and West Chester, Pennsylvania, Bernardon is positioning itself as an innovative addition to our region. Bernardon was founded in 1973 and recently expanded into Center City Philly to be closer to and stay involved with the strong demand for real estate development in the area.

Enjoying the robust demand for urban living and bolstered by its exploding practice in mixed use residential developments, Bernardon is passionate about addressing the burgeoning growth in the senior population with an exciting design concept called Co-Living. The idea behind the concept is to create opportunities that allow college students and seniors to live and matriculate in the same living space; helping each other to live more fulfilled lives.

The people of Bernardon are impassioned listeners, lifelong innovators, and imaginative design leaders.They continue to provide informed design  solutions that creatively respond to the goals of their clients, while elevating the lives, productivity, and comfort of the users of those design solutions. With over 40 years of thoughtful designs and design expertise in many markets including Senior Living, Multifamily, Single-Family, Healthcare, Higher Education, Corporate, Industrial/Warehousing, Retail, Hospitality as well as Civic & Cutural buildings, their process of listening, understanding, researching, synthesizing, and implementing continues to make them a recognized name in the region.

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Innovative in their approach to listening to clients, Bernardon believes that innovation can be incorrectly perceived as simply creating something that appears “new” and that true innovation comes from thoroughly understanding a client’s goals and their challenges and solving them with intelligent design solutions. The firm was founded on the philosophy of collaboration, not only internally with one another, but with clients whose goals can range from the budget-minded to one where money is no object and who simply just want the very best.

“Importantly, Bernardon is very diverse,” says Bill Holloway, Vice President, “We have seven owners and each has a different set of skills from a different network of experience. Our strategy is to embrace and nurture that diversity of talent and experience to create collaborations that deliver projects which uniquely respond to our client’s design challenges in a beautiful and inspirational manner.

This diversity and depth of experience affords Bernardon the distinct ability to design a wide range of projects from a $5 million-dollar beach house in southern Delaware, to a lifestyle shopping center for a major real estate client in Lancaster, a million-square-foot distribution center in northern New Jersey, or renovations to three specialty care centers for a local hospital system.

Our clients often have very difficult design challenges – whether it’s a challenging site or a complicated program where they’re trying to incorporate a high-end office environment adjacent to an industrial production facility in the same building. We’ve seen them all and all required very unique solutions. The commonality is listening to the client and leveraging our diversity of talent to bring together individuals who don’t normally come together in order to find new perspectives from which to solve the most difficult design obstacles.”