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USF Electrical Engineering Students
USF Electrical Engineering Students

The Mini Circuits Design for X Laboratory provides a collaborative environment that enable students to take their creativity from design to prototype.


USF - Dean Bishop Writing

Robert H. Bishop, PhD, PE, Dean of the College of Engineering


The College of Engineering at the University of South Florida is at the forefront of engineering research and education, cultivating knowledgeable, passionate engineers who are dedicated to needs-based, solutions-oriented engineering.

We are innovators. We are explorers. For us, it’s all about helping people. As the only engineering research and teaching institution in Tampa Bay, our urban setting provides the college with a unique opportunity to attract creative and innovative talent.

After more than 50 years of pursuing excellence in engineering, we remain young in spirit and full of hope for the future. Alumni, students, and faculty are playing pivotal roles in the evolution of high-tech innovation in Tampa Bay. With hundreds of patents issued to both faculty and students, it’s fair to say that innovation is our passion. As a result of our entrepreneurial mindset, over 200 patents have been issued to our engineering faculty in the past five years. Building upon four pillars of success – Experiential Learning, Impactful Discovery, Community Partnerships and Educational Leadership –  we are educating a diverse group of engineers and problem-solvers to  tackle global challenges. By providing our students with cutting-edge education, hands-on experience in real-world situations, and significant research opportunities all driven by community partnerships, we are cultivating the next generation of engineers and fostering innovative solutions that will positively impact lives.

Each day we work harder to shape our understanding of mathematics and science for the greater good. And proving again and again that engineers have the willpower and capacity to directly and positively impact the world around us. Our commitment to partnering with industry is unyielding. We continually seek to promote the influential nature of our achievements through effective partnerships.

USF College of Engineering Frisina Micropump

USF’s Global Center for Hearing and Speech Research is the No.1 research center in the world for the study of age-related hearing loss.

Our success is a reflection of both the quality of the education we offer and the rate by which we balance change with adherence to our foundation ideals and values. Our evolving vision to foster a global approach to engineering by capitalizing on the international perspectives and diversity of students and faculty is driving value in the community.

With our engineering enrollment skyrocketing to 7,000 students, it is evident that the best and brightest minds are choosing USF to receive their engineering education. Providing student wiht the opportunity to engage in real-world research, study abroad, innovate and collaborate across disciplines, and present their research at scientific conferences, it’s no surprise that our student retention rate from first to second year is over 90%. We are producing a world-class talent pool for the emerging Tampa Bay high-tech community, especially critical to attracting topnoch start-ups and established companies looking for a highly creative environment.

The College of Engineering is partners with U.S. Special Operations Command and the Doolittle Institute at SOFWERX to craft a highly innovative environment that includes student interns, faculty fellows, and emerging research in small satellite, unmanned aerial systems, cybersecurity, resilient communications, and other key areas that support the SOCOM mission. Our partnership is characterized by speed and agility – a robust solutions-focused initiative with energetic creativity and innovation.

We are pushing the boundaries in innovation at the leading edge of biomedical engineering, environmental engineering, audiology, transportation, rehabilition robotics, design and prototyping, wireless and microwave technologies, materials, clean energy, nanotechnology, and entrepreneurship.

Our new Department of Medical Engineering offers a unique experience for students with faulty comprised of both engineers and physicians. The Global Center for Hearing and Speech Research is the No.1 research center in the world for age-related hearing loss. Our Center for Urban Transportation Research is an internationally recognized source for policymakers, transportation professionals, and the public.

USF Medical Engineering

Both engineers and physicians comprise department faculty in the Department of Medical Engineering.

Our environmental engineering program is an internationally recognized provider of water and wastewater solutions. Our Center for Assistive Rehabilitation and Robotics Technologies engages in life changing prosthetic research and is working with patients throughout Florida and locally at the Haley Veterans Hospital to help those with reduced functional capabilities gain greater independence and community reintegration. And our Mini Circuits Design for X Laboratory offers students a unique collaborative maker space to pursue meaningful multidisciplinary engineering projects that move ideas from design to prototype.

As part of a Tier One research university, the USF College of Engineering is uniquely positioned to provide both engineering solutions and well-educated engineers to the Tampa Bay area.

USF College of engineering logo

4202 E. Folwler Ave., ENB 118

Tampa, FL

Phone: 33620-5350

TECHNOVA – An All-Volunteer Organization Devoted to Fostering Collaboration and Peer-to-Peer Education

burning match - Technova
Technova Florida Logo
burning match - Technova

TechNova is an all-volunteer organization devoted to fostering collaboration and peer-to-peer education among startup founders, freelancers, and other grass-roots technology professionals in the Central Florida tech ecosystem.

Primarily known for two long-running events in the Tampa Bay area BarCamp and Ignite!, TechNova is a Florida-based 501(c)3 organized by individuals with decades of tech industry experience and a deeply held belief that our region’s economic health is tied to improving the talent pool of individuals driven by innovation.

Outside of the hosting of our signature events, TechNova’s leaders have initiatedmany other activities to support the growth of the tech ecosystem. From tech and business skills focused workshops, founder mentoring, co-working, hosting local entrepreneurial support events like the Kauffman Foundation’s Global Entrepreneur Week andStartup Grind founder interviews to speaking at events all over the state in support of the Tampa Bay tech community.

Technova Ignite Tampa Bay

Ignite speakers challenge the status quo

Technova presentation

The Best Tech Minds and Startup Founders in Tampa Bay

Technova - youth

No Geek too young or old

Technova Tampa Bay

Participation is Its Own Reward

Technova - Ignite

Ignite Entertains and Informs

TechNova’s leadership is a driving force in the local Tampa Bay tech ecosystem frequently lobbying government officials, local journalist, and business community leaders on topics such as STEM education, workforce diversity, improvements to transit, and a move evolved view of economic development to make our region a top producer of innovation and tech talent.

Our signature event BarCamp is part of an international network of user-generated conferences primarily focused around emerging technology and the Internet. They are open, participatory workshop-type events, the content of which is provided by participants in what is called the “unconference” where topics are crowd sourced at the event to create a just-in-time agenda. Attendees then move from session to session picking the topics that most interest them. Past topics have included everything from software development, robotics, autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence, social media, game development, and much more. Ever year bring new topics and new attendees who are many times inspired to give their own talk at future BarCamp events.

Technova - Hackerspace

Team at Tampa Hackerspace

Technova - BarCamp Crowds

BarCamp Crowds

Technova - Wrap-up Session at BarCamp 2015

Wrap-up Session at BarCamp 2015

The first BarCamp in Tamp Bay was held in 2008 and attracted just over 100 participants. Now celebrating its 10th anniversary, BarCamp Tampa Bay typically draws 800 people covering a wide range of interests, professions, and ages. Unlike tech networking events, BarCamp attracts mostly practitioners and enthusiasts interested in hands-on skills and who motivated to develop new products and services based on emerging technologies and opportunities for solving problems thorough innovation.

Ignite! Tampa Bay, also organized and hosted by TechNova is a platform for expanding beyond just tech related topics of interest to include more community engagement, social entrepreneurship, and issues that impact everyone in the Tampa Bay region. The motto of this event is “Enlighten us, but make it quick.” Ignite is a series of speedy talks where presenters get just 20 slides, automatically advancing every 15 seconds to share their passion for some topic they feel deserves broader community support.The goal of the Ignite model of accelerated story telling is to help anyone anywhere learn to present their ideas & stories and to drive others in your community to get involved.

The result is a night of ~20 fast and fun presentations that lasts just 5 minutes but often leave the audience engaged to learn more and maybe even become an active advocate for a newfound cause.

Ignite talks occur in 350+ cities around the globe driven entirely by volunteers and passionate individuals that encourage active participation and change to make their communities more engaged and aware of the innovative programs, purposes, and people around them.

Technova Ignite Tampa Bay logo



BarCamp Tampa Bay:

Ignite! Tampa Bay:

PRESTIGE LEADERSHIP ADVISORS – “The most effective and inspiring leaders happen to be confident, dynamic speakers; and to get there, it takes competent, professional training!”

Prestige Leadership Advisors - Featured Image
Prestige Leadership Advisors - Featured Image


Prestige Leadership Advisors - Joe Yazbeck; Founder & President

Joe Yazbeck; Founder & President

“Innovation is very adventurous.The future is unchartered territory. With tools to navigate and a competent team to get there through inspiring leadership, any ethical, purpose-driven organization can make its future vision come to fruition”Joe Yazbeck

Joe Yazbeck is the Founder and President of Prestige Leadership Advisors whose mission is to train, facilitate and advise executives and leaders in business, community and public service in becoming dynamic, confident and powerful communicators, so they can positively influence the world around them. Joe Yazbeck and his leadership advisory team have worked with heads of state to leaders of major corporations as well as high-ranking military officers, political candidates to best-selling authors.

Joe Yazbeck is a highly sought-after leadership and communications coach. Government and business leaders around the globe seek his counsel and his company’s services at critical times such as PR and strategic direction, media communications training for launching a new brand, product or service, influencing board members and company team members, speaking to government committees, winning a political campaign, launching an author, creating a successful exit strategy – all programs pointing in the direction of supporting professionals to become highly respected, reputable and widely recognized authorities in their industries. 

To compliment the services of Prestige Leadership Advisors, Joe is an internationally published best-selling author of “No Fear Speaking : High Impact Presentation Skills and Public Speaking Secrets to Inspire and Influence Any Audience” and has created the No Fear Speaking Training System which offers a host of leadership communications services including executive level speaker training, on-camera training, negotiation skills, media presentations for webinars, podcasts and traditional radio and TV, sales presentations and addressing small to large audiences as a paid keynote speaker. 

Meeting with US Senator Marco Rubio

Meeting with US Senator Marco Rubio

“The most effective and inspiring leaders happen to be confident, dynamic speakers; and to get there, it takes competent, professional training!” Joe Yazbeck

“My decision to mentor someone always includes evaluating that person’s willingness to positively influence others and create improved conditions around them. It is a joy helping people whose purpose is helping others. Work should be joyful!”Joe Yazbeck

Seminar in St Petersburg, Russia - Prestige Leadership Advisors

Seminar in St Petersburg, Russia

Joe Yazbeck - No Fear Speaking Cover

Best selling book “No Fear Speaking”

Joe Yazbeck - Hablar sin Miedo

Spanish version

“I find that you build and grow an organization with more effortlessness teaming up with purposed individuals. To me, purpose is everything. It is an impassioned, driven, intentional and inspired individual who is fully present and invested in the game of winning to the finish line. You can tell just by looking who has their “purpose on”. Imagine an entire team dedicated to its purpose!! What a fun and exhilarating illustration of hard work paying off where everybody wins!!” Joe Yazbeck

His best-selling book is available in 7 additional languages including Spanish, Russian, German, Hungarian, Chinese, Slovakian and Czech. 

In addition to the Leadership Communications programs the company offers, Prestige Leadership Advisors offers publishing services for aspiring and current authors as well as PR and branding support for clients interested in raising their brand value and increasing their positive image and reputation.

These training programs are delivered through introductory and major workshops, personalized one on one coaching, online training and special customized corporate training programs for executives and staff. Training the trainer programs are also available from a specialized skilled team of trainers using Joe Yazbeck’s successful system. 

Some national and local clients and companies include Hewlett-Packard, PNC Bank, TE Connectivity, The Fechtel Company, Bobit Media Group, numerous Tampa Bay Area and national political campaigns, Solar Sanitation, Sun Country Cleaners, Tampa Bay Innovation Center, USA Staffing Services, Plasma-Therm, and a host of international companies on several continents. To review a full media collection of videos, photos and reviews go to

Prestige Leadership Advisors - Company Logo

Prestige Leadership Advisors

2600 East Bay Drive Suite 230, Largo, Florida 33771

Phone: 727 489 2349 or 727 741 1029




Twitter: @joeyaz7

You Tube:


USF College Of Public Health -lowrypark zoo
USF College Of Public Health -lowrypark zoo


Transforming Health in Every Community

The USF Health College of Public Health was the first school of public health in Florida and remains the first for transformative education and research that is protecting us all.

With its focus on health promotion and disease prevention, the field of public health provides a foundation for our health care system that ultimately means lower health care costs.

Our College of Public Health is closely tied to that effort and partners with other USF Health colleges with an inter-professional approach that provides stronger team learning and collaborative research, ultimately improving the quality of health services, health care and our greater public health.

The College is also closely engaged with all forms of public agencies and private corporations that are determined to promote health and offer disease prevention. Our faculty are frequently called on, in both crisis situations and preemptive planning, for a range of important public health issues. Our experts are asked to examine water contaminants, study risk factors for heart disease, evaluate risk of injury to assembly line workers, promote good eating habits and prenatal care, evaluate health programs, and determine the health care needs of communities.

USF Health, Downtown and Health, Tampa

More recently, our faculty have been on the frontlines for evaluating mosquito populations carrying Zika virus, a known threat to citizens across Florida. This work builds on the College’s world-renowned expertise in global infectious diseases with faculty battling some of the world’s major health threats such as malaria and River Blindness.

Advancing with Innovation in Education

  • The USF undergraduate public health program is# 1 in College Factual’s“Top10 Veteran-Friendly Public Health Schools” list.
  • The USF College of Public Health’s Master of Public Health degree program is #2 in the country by Nonprofit Colleges Online, a website that helps students find offerings in affordable online degree programs.

The College of Public Health recently launched the state’s first transformed core curriculum for the Master’s in Public Health program, an entirely new approach to building foundational knowledge and skills based on Framing the Future: The Second Hundred Years of Education for Public Health, a national initiative that is transforming public health programs across the country to better train the public health workforce and improve population health.

College Of Public Health- research lab
college of public health - cidp simulation

Our Doctor of Public Health program, delivered primarily online in response to student demand, continues to grow in numbers and in the diversity of student experience and aspirations.

Our undergraduate program continues to produce outstanding graduates that are fully prepared to join the workforce or to pursue graduate or professional degree programs in an array of fields that impact population health.

The USF College of Public Health was a pioneer for online learning, launching a successful distance-learning initiative long before online classes even existed, and likely the first university to offer them.

Today, with the deluge of online learning offerings, the College of Public Health is still making inroads for how students learn and earn advanced degrees. Master’s degrees in six concentrations and 11 online graduate certificates from USF are now available across the world, creating more public health professionals with comprehensive online programs.

Strong Research for the Public Good

USF College of Public Health isconducting transformational research and engaging in an interdisciplinary work that aims to solve some of our greatest public health challenges. We are building research strength in areas that matter to health: infectious disease control, reproductive health, health equity, chronic illness, environmental and social risk factors and global health systems.

The College is home to 10 research Centers and Institutes focused on key areas of public health importance such as maternal and child health, occupational health, violence prevention, behavioral health, and biological threats.

Preparing for Tomorrow

The USF Health College of Public Health is at the forefront for educating public health professionals. From community and family health practitioners to health policy leaders to biodefense analysts and trainers, the College is helping build tomorrow’s leaders in public health.

Visit for more information.


USF Health College Pharmacy
USF Health College Pharmacy


Innovative Education

The USF Health College of Pharmacy launched in 2011 with an approach to pharmacy education that completely flipped the traditional model. Going well beyond the typical retail pharmacist curriculum, the USF pharmacy program is creating a ready workforce based on current employer demands that include more research, direct patient care and drug development.

Pharmacists are an integral part of today’s health care teams and will play increasingly stronger roles in tomorrow’s health care landscape. In order to prepare for that future, the USF Health College of Pharmacy took a pioneering approach to pharmacy education and has become the pacesetter for teaching the pharmacists of tomorrow in an ever-changing healthcare field.

This innovative curriculum has revolutionized pharmacy education, offering a wider range of more patient-centered interprofessional training, including geriatric pharmacotherapy, translational pharmacogenomics and personalized medicine, health informatics, and leadership and management.

We view our pharmacy program as being a clinical apprenticeship as much as it is a degree-producing program. We are training pharmacy health practitioners to graduate with a mindset to transform the healthcare arena, and not simply exist in it.

Turning the pharmacy model around

Aimed at changing the way patients tap into the expertise of their pharmacists to better manage their health, the USF Health College of Pharmacy launched the USF Health Pharmacy Plus, an on-site pharmacy of the future that goes well beyond simply filling prescriptions by offering advanced support to patients, and a futuristic, hands-on setting for pharmacy student rotations.

USF Health College Pharmacy - Education

Pharmacy Plus, a national prototype for providing innovative patient engagement, education and monitoring, offers technology at its core while providing a personalized,patient-centric experience with on-site pharmacists who are part of the entire healthcare team.

On display in Pharmacy Plus, you will find the newest of mobile technologies that coincide with the College’s vision of the future: Prescribe medication, prescribe knowledge, and prescribe an app. This vision utilizes the latest innovations in digital platforms and mobile technologies to allow the patient and pharmacist to better track patient health so that interventions can occur before the next visit to the doctor.

Also housed in Pharmacy Plus is the Pharmacogenomics Clinic, which is led by our specially trained pharmacist who will use an individual’s genetic information to guide selection of medication or dosage to optimize treatments and minimize adverse drug events. Pharmacy Plus is one of the few clinics offering pharmacogenomics, which hints at the future of pharmacy where all patients are treated with personalized medicine to ensure better health.

Transforming drug delivery

Nanopharmacy and nanomedicine are unique interdisciplinary sciences that integrate the knowledge of natural sciences and engineering with pharmacy and medicine to develop nanopharmaceuticals, the next phase for targeted drug delivery, diagnosis, treatment monitoring, tissue regeneration, personalized medicine and more.

The USF Health College of Pharmacy is taking the lead on research that helps have a better understanding of the burgeoning technological advances in science at the nanoscale.

In addition to translational nanomedicine, the College is also pursuing cutting-edge research in basic and clinical pharmacogenomics and industrial pharmacy. These thrusts are in keeping with the recent advances in cell-, genomic-, and nano-technologies, which are expected to revolutionize health care in the 21st Century – enabling us to gain new insights into diagnostics, as well as therapy, and contributing to the development of new generations of pharmaceutical products and services.

The USF Health College of Pharmacy hosted an open house at Pharmacy+ 04-22-2015

Leading the way

The USF Health College of Pharmacy is boldly redefining pharmacy education to create the next generation of trusted health care advisors. Our groundbreaking research and new treatment models and inventions are helping us lead the vision for the future of science in Tampa Bay and nationally.

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USF HEALTH – College of Nursing. Transforming Health Care, Transforming Lives.

USF Health College Of Nursing - simulation Lab Training
USF Health College Of Nursing - simulation Lab Training
Creating the Nursing Leaders of Tomorrow and the Research that Improves Health
USF Health College of nursing - simulation 2


Transforming Health Care, Transforming Lives:
Creating the Nursing Leaders of Tomorrow and the Research that Improves Health

The USF Health College of Nursing is leading the state in educating a ready workforce to help meet the growing demands in health care. Coupled with a robust research program, the school is on target for a continuing rise in national rankings, as well as advancing international recognition for shaping the nursing profession.

Research that Improves Health

  • USF College of Nursing is # 1 among the State University System of Florida in National Institutes of Health (NIH) research funding.

USF nurse scientists are engaged in leading-edge research initiatives that are advancing science in acute and critical care, bio behavioral mechanisms, big data, cancer prevention and management, caregiver support, chronic illness management, complementary and alternative therapies, digital interventions and virtual support, microbiology, immunology and microbiome, psychoneuroimmunology, sexual and reproductive health, and symptom management.

Among many projects, our researchers are studying the links between the gut microbiome and the brain, the anti-infective and immune factors in human milk, the physiological effects of genes when there are changes in DNA activity, and the use of technology for digital interventions, symptom management and virtual support of patients.

Creating the Nursing Leaders of Tomorrow

  • USF College of Nursing is the # 1 RN-BS nursing program in the State University System of Florida
  • USF College of Nursing is the # 1 graduate nursing program (tied) in the State University System of Florida as ranked by S. News & World Report

Confronted with the projected nurse workforce shortage capable of crippling Florida’s health care system, the USF Health College of Nursing has developed multiple, innovative pathways to prepare thousands of nurses with the knowledge, compassion and leadership required to provide high-quality care to Floridians.


College Of Nursing Pain Management Simulation
USF Health College of Nursing

In addition to a strong four-year undergraduate program leading to a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree, five additional pathways allow students from non-traditional routes to earn that same degree – online and second degree options for current RNs, a partnership with Hillsborough Community College for a seamless transition to USF, a program for veterans who earn credit for their military training and experience, and an option for students from other USF campuses who are majoring in biology to take the accelerated nursing program on USF’s Tampa campus.

Our graduate certificate program in Advanced Pain Management is one a few programs in the United States that provides a curriculum devoted to understanding the pathophysiology, transmission, and modulation of pain.

Our PhD in Nursing program prepares our next generation of nurse scientists. Providing a vital link between practice and research, our PhD program trains students to create science that impacts patients, families and communities, potentially impacting millions of lives and improving foundational knowledge for providing the best in patient care.

Advancing with Innovation

The USF Health College of Nursing is forging ahead with innovative education, research and patient care, attracting and educating the best and brightest students, and recruiting top-tier faculty – all aimed at improving health and creating health care leaders.

Visit for more information.


Ringling College of Art & Design Film Set




Ringling College of Art & Design Film Set


Building upon the College’s reputation as a top-tier art and design college, Ringling’s embrace of creativity and innovation is evidenced by three recently developed innovative programs – the Collaboratory*,the Ringling College Studio Lab and the Business of Art and Design academic program. These three ideas are cross-disciplinary and engage students, faculty and the community in unique ways so as to create intensive, innovative educational learning by engaging students with real-world projects for real-world clients.

Ringling College of Art & Design Film Set 2

The Collaboratory was developed by Ringling College in partnership with The Patterson Foundation to provide creative, experiential learning opportunities to all its students.

Research demonstrates that experiential learning opportunities,like those in the Collaboratory, more than double a graduate’s odds of being engaged and successful at working employment after graduation. The Collaboratory also helps solve the recent graduate’s dilemma: “I can’t get a job because I don’t have experience; I can’t get experience because I don’t have a job.”With this program, they get experience.

Ringling College of Art & Design Film Set 3

Through the Collaboratory, students have worked with clients including General Motors, Go-Jo (makers of Purell), Cirque du Soleil, Disney Imagineering, Hasbro Toys, American Zoetrope, Nashville Next, and even the Sarasota Police Department. These companies specifically choose to work with Ringling students because they aim to utilize their creative thinking and innovative problem-solving skills to better the present and future of their organization.

Take General Motors, for example -students work with GM’s Detroit Design Center to help design future automobiles.The program centers on sculpture, design principles, graphics, rendering and animation to highlight the auto of the future. Student-participants also can look for opportunities in organizations they may never have considered before.

2017 Ringling College GM Speed Forms Collaboratory Class
Ringling College GM Speed Forms Collaboratory

In 2015, General Motors hired two Ringling seniors full-time; the 2016 class did better, with GM making full-time job offers to five graduating seniors.

Just as in the real-world, Collaboratory work is not easy.  However, working through a project from start-to-finish, with its challenges and triumphs, develops student competency and courage under the tutelage of our esteemed Ringing faculty – and it directly connects our students with premier companies on local, national, and global levels.

Collaboratory engagements are also opportunities for students to learn “soft skills”–communication, teamwork and presentation delivery—and interact with the leaders of various organizations.

Another innovative program yielding exceptional benefit to our students is the Ringling College Studio Lab. Created in 2009 with Semkhor Productions, this program complements the relatively new Film department at Ringling College by bringing film industry luminaries and professionals to Sarasota to work directly with our students on all aspects of media production.Since its creation, Studio Lab has brought productions to Tampa Bay that have been co-produced with students from all majors working with professional crews who together create compelling content.These productions grant exposure and experience to young filmmakers and production designers and allow seasoned professionals to get access the best creative minds by working in partnership with Ringling College

2017 Ringling College GM Speed Forms Collaboratory Class 2

This program also adds to the area’s economic development because professional media productions are now shot in the Tampa Bay area. These productions, with stars such as Kevin Smith, Anna Paquin, Dylan McDermott and Justin Long, are helping establish our area as the new “Hollywood South.”

The latest production had Kevin Smith returning to Ringling College to shoot the first installment of his latest horror anthology, Killroy Was Here.

Ringling College has moved the film needle further with the opening of the new Ringling Studios Sound stage and Post Production Complex, the largest such production facility on the Gulf Coast of Florida.

Created through a unique academic-commercial, private-public partnership between Ringling College, Semkhor Productions and the County of Sarasota.Ringling Studios is comprised of three separate yet cohesive structures: Studio A, Studio B and a post-production facility.

Studio A is a mixed academic-commercial sound stage and production support facility for use by directors and producers for commercial media productions while employing Ringling students and graduates

Studio B is used solely for academic purposes, housing the College’s Film Program led by Bradley Battersby. Ringling’s program was ranked #16 in the Top 25 Film Schools by The Hollywood Reporter, and Battersby was honored as ‘Mentor of the Year’ by Variety Magazine in 2017.

Justin Long The Real Stephen Blatt Wrap Photo by: Rich Schineller

Ringling College Collaboratory and Studio Lab Production photos by Rich Schineller

Both studios are acoustically-isolated 8,400 sq. ft. sound stages with attached production, meeting, editing and makeup rooms, and in Studio B, classrooms and faculty offices.

The post production building has three additional 2,500 sq. ft. sound stages, eight editing bays, three mixing rooms as well as a Foley Sound Effects stage, color correction rooms and office spaces.

With the Studio Lab, Ringling College has developed a model with tangible educational and production value reciprocity where students and graduates gain valuable experience, contacts and credits, while producers get access to some of the most talented and creative young people in the world.

The third cutting-edge program is the Business of Art and Design (BOAD), arelatively new major at Ringling College.  We are the first art college to create and infuse a business degree major and minor into its curriculum.

BOAD’s outcomes areto: (1) provide a curriculum for students wanting to work in creative industries but not asartists or designers; (2) provide a curriculum for thatprovides opportunities to infuse creativity and design-thinking into any industry; (3) provide an entrepreneurial curriculum for students interested in starting their own businesses; and (4) prepare students to manage, collaborate with, and direct creative thinkers. Many BOAD graduates go to work for creative industries, like Disney, Google, and LinkedIn and navigate the business and creative sides of the house.

Ringling College is at the forefront of the creative world. Art, design and creativity will be the most valuable resource for those organizations that want to not just succeed but thrive in the future. And just think, that resource is right here in Tampa Bay.

2700 N Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, Florida 34234

Phone: +1941-351-5100 |

THE INNOVATION LAB – Is a Collaborative Learning Environment, Oftentimes Referred to as a “Technology Playground” or Makerspace

Innovation Lab - SamHoloLens
The Innovation Lab - Community library
Innovation Lab - SamHoloLens


The Dennis L. Jones Community Library is a joint-use facility in collaboration with the St. Petersburg College Seminole Campus and the City of Seminole. 

A unique feature of this library is their Innovation Lab, which is a collaborative learning environment, oftentimes referred to as a “technology playground” or makerspace. The Innovation Lab is open to the general public where people of all ages and with common interests (e.g., science, technology, engineering, digital arts, and math – STEAM) can meet, socialize and/or collaborate while sharing innovative ideas and learning new skills.

The Innovation Lab building

The Innovation Lab offers a variety of resources, including a growing list of emerging technologies, books, magazines, and interesting people with a variety of skills and experiences to share. For a list of the lab’s current equipment and resources visit

Inside the Innovation Lab, there are no judgements, no grades, and it is encouraged to color outside the lines and to make beautiful mistakes.

In October 2015, the Innovation Lab received a $7,500 Curiosity Creates grant from the Walt Disney Company in collaboration with the Association for Library Service to Children to expand their successful Maker Boot Camp program that helps “promote exploration and discovery for children ages 6 to 14.” The Maker Boot Camp works with adults and teenagers too! 

Chad Mairn - The Innovation Lab

Chad Mairn, Innovation Lab Manager, St. Petersburg College

Imagination and originality, flexibility, decision-making, communication and self-expression, collaboration, and motivation are the critical components of creativity that the Maker Boot Camp with support from the Curiosity Creates Grant has integrated into their curriculum.

The Innovation Lab offers Video Game Design, Robotics, 3D Design/Printing, Circuitry/Electronics, Virtual Reality, Drone Building, Video/Audio Editing, and Sewing workshops and have many other educational opportunities currently in the works, including a CoderDojo where free coding workshops are offered a few times each month.

The Innovation Lab also collaborates with local inventors to get their ideas to reality with 3D designs and prototypes. In early 2017, the Innovation Lab was awarded three St. Petersburg College Foundation Innovation Grants: ‘Microsoft HoloLens: Holographic Enhanced Learning’, ‘Graphs and Geometry: Engaging and Illustrating Mathematics with 3D Printing’, and ‘Virtual Reality: A Renaissance.’

Stay connected to the Innovation Lab at or at

Chad Mairn
St. Petersburg College
Seminole Campus Library

9200 113th Street North
Seminole, FL 33722
(office: (727) 394-6917

The Tampa-Hillsborough County Public Library – Discover.Engage.Transform

Robotics - Hillsborough County Public Library
Robotics - Hillsborough County Public Library
Hillsborough County Public Library Cooperative Logo 2016 official

The Tampa-Hillsborough County Public Library, with 26 locations and two mobile libraries, serves Hillsborough County and the City of Tampa.

In collaboration with the public libraries of Temple Terrace and Plant City, THPL provides access to materials, technology, and services that contribute to strong individual education and career achievement, culminating in a vital 21st century local economy as well as a healthy, inclusive community.

The Library supports STEM education initiatives and the growing maker movement with innovative hands-on learning experiences and collaborative spaces. Through the Library’s maker initiative, The Hive, communities can learn, make, and create with access to unique tools and resources, as well as classes and events. Learning about 3D printing, coding, and robotics at the library is a service that fits alongside story time and book discussions. By providing access to emerging technology and supporting makers of all ages, the Library enhances the digital literacy of the community and opens new doors to discovery and learning.

Recording Studios are available at the John F. Germany Public Library and the SouthShore Regional Library. From songs to podcasts, music videos to commercials, the library provides the hardware and software for anyone to create a pitch-perfect audio or video project. Use of studio space is free for library card holders, and the library offers studio orientations and workshops on audio and video editing.

Robotics are a great way to introduce all ages to STEM concepts like engineering and coding. The Library leads several youth programs each month, to develop an early interest, and strongly supports local robotics programs like FIRST, providing space for teams to practice and outreach opportunities to help team members develop their leadership qualities.

Hillsborough County Public Library Building at the Hive
Child sewing - Hillsborough County Public Library
Fun with Circuits - Hillsborough County Public Library

Sewing classes are among the most popular Hive classes led throughout the library system. Visitors to The Hive at the John F. Germany Public Library can use a sewing machine to work on their own projects. Sewing classes and open labs are held across many branches, bringing in diverse audiences, across generations, who learn the basics or create projects – everything from simple bags to elaborate cosplay outfits.

Entrepreneurs are a vital part of the innovation ecosystem, and the Library provides a variety of tools to help small business owners and start-ups exercise their creativity and develop innovative ideas. Valuable resources to assist in business-related research, workshops on a variety of topics, and technology instruction courses are available at many locations, to take ideas to the next level. Mobile workers can take advantage of free high-speed WiFiat all locations, as well as collaborative workstations with whiteboards, SMART Boards, and projector systems.

Hive Recording Studio - Hillsborough County Public Library

Libraries are the perfect public platform for the innovation ecosystem. Along with offering traditional services, like access to books and information, the library features robust digital and online resources including eBooks, streaming audio and video, and free access to high-priced databases, accessible anywhere 24/7. Library buildings are also changing to reflect changes in use. Through The Hive and a variety of quality programs, foot traffic continues to grow, as the public increasingly attends unique events and classes and uses public meeting spaces.

Discover The Hive @ THPL and visit your local library – you may be surprised at what you find!





the Lowth Entrepreneurship Center - building

A Tampa Bay Ecosystem study funded by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation and conducted through the John P. Lowth Entrepreneurship Center at The University of Tampa, Sykes College of Business found that entrepreneurial ecosystems within small metropolitan areas – such as Tampa Bay – lack the collaboration and vision necessary to instill an entrepreneurial mindset.

The solution to growing a strong entrepreneurial ecosystem is increased collaboration between stakeholders in the ecosystem and education.

At the Sykes College of Business, the Lowth Entrepreneurship Center’s programs teach skills that are critical for today’s entrepreneur to succeed in a changing business economy, and help build healthy entrepreneurial ecosystems. As an academic program, student learning is at the core of all entrepreneurship activities and programs at The University of Tampa. The focus of the program is to be nationally recognized and engage students and the regional business community in mutually beneficial learning experiences. Additionally, the program provides research opportunities focused on student engagement and entrepreneurship pedagogy.

the Lowth Entrepreneurship Center - The University of Tampa

The academic programs within the Sykes College of Business at The University of Tampa include both undergraduate and graduate entrepreneurship degree programs. Undergraduate degree programs include majors in entrepreneurship and international business and entrepreneurship and a minor in entrepreneurship. Graduate degree programs include an MBA with a concentration in entrepreneurship and an MS in entrepreneurship. Launched in 2016, the MS program utilizes design thinking, systems thinking, collaboration and prototyping to help students move from concept to business in 12 months.


The Lowth Center offers a customized learning approach to entrepreneurship education and is leading the discipline in innovative approaches to integrating curricular and co-curricular learning and assessment.Through our programs, we bring together prospective student entrepreneurs, educators and experienced entrepreneurs to generate, refine and develop business concepts and to launch new ventures. Through a combination of classroom study and applied learning with the local business community,students learn how to develop an entrepreneurial mindset, recognize business opportunities, conduct marketing research, prepare executable business plans, identify financial needs,acquire funding,maintain liquidity,manage cash flow and much more.


The Lowth Center is housed in an exceptional facility that was created with experiential learning in mind.  The entire blueprint is based on the assumption that meaningful learning only takes place if it is embedded in the social, as well as the physical context within which it is used. The space provides an environment that is conducive to five learning modalities: apprenticeship, collaboration, reflection, coaching and multiple practice. These learning strategies are reflected not only in the center, but in its curriculum and programs. Students and members of the entrepreneurial ecosystem have multiple opportunities to get engaged in a wide variety of diverse learning experiences,including accelerator and incubator programs,networking events with local business leaders and entrepreneurs,pitch competitions,speaker series led by entrepreneurial leaders from all over the nation,coaching from entrepreneurs-in-residence and education seminars.

Success at the Lowth Center stems from the ability to build and grow students’ entrepreneurial mindsets so they have the right skills and experiences to further pursue their entrepreneurial career in an evolving economy.

John P. Lowth Entrepreneurship Center
Sykes College of Business, University of Tampa
401 W. Kennedy Blvd. | Box 2F
Tampa, FL 33606-1490
Phone: (813) 257-1760