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Think Big for Kids – Helping Underprivileged Teens Discover Their Potential

Think big for kids team
Think Big for Kids Logo


Think big for kids team
Think Big for Kids was formally announced as the premier teen program of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Tampa Bay during a press conference on June 6, 2018. Pictured left to right: representatives from the Dover Boys & Girls Club; Jeff Priede, owner of JDP Electric, Tony DiBenedetto, founder; Ann Shaler, senior vice president, Enterprise Business & Community Engagement, Bank of America; and Chris Letsos, president and CEO, Boys & Girls Club of Tampa Bay.

In a nutshell, Think Big for Kids is a program that aims to help 2,000 Tampa Bay youths become workforce-ready by 2022. Tech entrepreneur, Tony DiBenedetto, brings his proven mantra of “thinking big” to a venture with a mission to help underprivileged youths unlock their full potential and become the next generation of local talent in high demand.


Think Big for Kids introduces teens from low-income households to a wide variety of career opportunities and assists them in achieving post-graduation goals for employment. The program engages Boys & Girls Clubs of Tampa Bay students from sixth to 12th grade through the completion of on-the-job training, trade school certification, or a two-year or four-year degree, depending on their chosen career track.

The idea behind Think Big for Kids came to DiBenedetto after visiting teens at several Boys & Girls Clubs and observing a general lack of career awareness and preparation for life after high school. At one club, he met with 80 high school students and only three raised a hand when he asked if they had plans for post-graduation education. DiBenedetto, whose own childhood was marked by poverty and upheaval, felt compelled to put his time and resources behind formalizing a program to help at-risk kids.

“Boys & Girls Clubs of Tampa Bay have a 98% high school graduation rate, but they can’t do it all. I realized our community wasn’t doing enough to help disadvantaged teens prepare for the future,” said DiBenedetto. “At the same time, I consistently heard from CEOs that finding great talent continues to be one of their biggest challenges. Think Big for Kids is a convergence of two major needs in our community, with the potential to make a tremendous humanitarian and economic impact.”

Think big for kids students
Jeff Preide, owner of JDP Electric, introduces Boys & Girls Clubs students to the concept of electrical contracting by helping them build their own lamps.

THE BIG GOAL: 2,000 BY 2022

Think Big for Kids partners with area businesses representing high-growth industries to offer field trips, career showcases, mentorship, internships, scholarships and ultimately job offers. From electrical contracting and nursing, to cyber security and technical design, partner companies provide a long-term commitment that will see the teens through the program, with an eye toward building their respective job pipelines with known talent they have already invested in.

Volunteers and partner companies begin working with Think Big kids in middle school, when statistics show they are at greatest risk for peer pressure and lagging behind academically. By keeping them engaged in their early teens at the Boys & Girls Clubs, Think Big for Kids has a platform to introduce different careers, industries and companies across the area, identify general interests and begin to shape individualized career tracks. The focus is on educational preparedness, whether that means going to trade school or navigating college admissions.

“We work with kids who are often overlooked, under-challenged and would otherwise wind up in low-wage jobs with very little chance of career advancement,” said DiBenedetto. “This program doesn’t just focus on the ‘A’ students. We help all kids find a path to success that fits their passion, regardless of their grades or background. Our goal is to prepare 2,000 teens served through Boys & Girls Clubs of Tampa Bay for the workforce by 2022.”

Tony DiBenedetto

Nail the Sale – Sales Training for Entrepreneurs

nail the sale - Rick And Nancy
Nail the sale Logo


Serial Entrepreneurs Rick and Nancy Monsipapa have a passion for sales. With over 40 years of combined experience in retail, wholesale and insurance, the Monsipapa’s have built a name for themselves as entrepreneurial sales trainers and motivators.

Their company Nail the Sale is the product of their combined passions, offering tools and services to other entrepreneurs who are eager to move their enterprises forward.

Nail the Sale was founded to motivate and inspire both new and established business owners to give them the specific sales training needed to take their ventures to the next level.

Offerings include; one-on-one personal consulting, weekly bit-sized fifteen-minute sales training podcasts with expert guests and learning manuals that provide easy access to tried and true tips and techniques for sales teams or fledgling salesmen and women struggling with closing. They also provide a sales assessment tool that can help provide deliver insight when looking to hire the right candidate for the right sales role. Recently have also added a more in-depth sales training for larger corporate clients.

nail the sale - Rick And Nancy


Rick Monsipapa has been in sales since he graduated from California State University – Chico. Having been a lifelong entrepreneur since the age of eleven, he has started and operated several successful businesses, with his chain of coffee houses being his claim to fame.

Rick met his wife, Nancy when they were both employed by a construction software company where he was the corporate sales trainer responsible for onboarding new sales staff helping them to succeed quickly, selling an online tool.

Rick wrote a sales guide for home sellers looking to sell their properties quickly, entitled 9.5 Ways to Sell yourHome in 30 Days: The Home Seller’s Guide to SOLD!

On the other side of America, Nancy was matriculating at Miami University of Ohio when she realized that sales was in her DNA. Upon graduation, she answered an advertisement in the local paper for Cutco Knives and started selling specialty cutlery to homeowners right in the comfort of their homes.

podcast - nail the sale - Rick And Nancy

Moving from employment roles in retail, not-for-profit, restaurants, and entrepreneurship, Nancy found her way back into sales and has made a name for herself mentoring and motivating other women. Helping them focus on developing their skill sets and growing their businesses.

The dynamic duo has co-authored the book, Nail The Sale: Sales Training For Entrepreneurs, in which they give easy to use tips and techniques for entrepreneurs to move their businesses forward. The book is an informal conversation between them and the reader, to make it easy to apply immediately. The sales manual also includes their mistakes as well as successes to allow the reader to laugh and have fun as they absorb the tips and tricks.

The two can be found in Tampa Bay and St. Petersburg sharing their sales insights at special events including; local workshops, Innovation Summits and on their weekly “Nail the Sale” Podcast.

Nail The Sale - book

Suncoast Developers Guild – a Not-for-Profit Coding School

Academy at Suncoast Developers Guild Team
Academy at Suncoast Developers Guild Team
Suncoast Developers Guild logo



Suncoast Developers Guild is the only not-for-profit coding school in the state of Florida, aiming to provide students with the digital tools they need for success.

The Suncoast Developers Guild runs multiple cohorts each year, and the three-month program at the Academy offers a comprehensive curriculum designed to prepare students for the workplace. Encompassing both front- and back-end development, students, graduate with the knowledge needed to build and maintain websites and applications.

We collectively further our goals of creating a workforce prepared with the digital tools they need to thrive. New students enter our doors with each cohort, eager to learn and improve their lives through coding.

Suncoast Developer Code School Tampa Bay Team
Photo by Kelly Nash Photography,


The Suncoast Developers Guild story originated from the Tampa Bay campus of the largest national code school providing hundreds of students with the tools needed to meet their personal and career goals.

When the opportunity arose to form its own entity in Tampa Bay, The Suncoast Developers Guild stepped up to the challenge and chose to move forward while refining its vision and shifting its focus. By expanding the curriculum and sharing our collective coding knowledge we created a model that focuses on what’s essential: educating the community.

While the process will continuously evolve with the community’s help by having an open source curriculum, there is still more work to be done in discovering how we can best expand to help more potential students in the local area.

We will:
• Expand our reach in the community
• Build Suncoast Developers Guild to meet the Tampa Bay area’s growing tech needs
• Continue to improve our program to prepare our students for an evolving tech scene

By giving our students the tools they need to achieve their goals, their current and future projects will foster an environment teaming with opportunities for the community.

Suncoast Developers Guild serves as a hub for the local tech scene, providing a network of alumni, employers, and organizations. We present students with the opportunity to meet others in the field and build connections.

With the community’s support, we can further propel our growing student base in the Tampa Bay tech scene.

Suncoast Developers Guild - portrait
Photo by Taylor Cox,

Just Learn – Connecting the new Generation to the Outside World

Just Learn - planet Box
Just Learn Logo
Just Learn - planet Box

Just Learn has developed PlanetBox, a living model of our planet that fits inside any classroom. PlanetBox uses the sciences of aquaponics ecosystem to expose students to the water, carbon and nitrogen cycle. This is important because now is the time to understand the role that society and technology play on the natural environment and yet, the upcoming generation is the least connected to the outside world!

PlanetBox is a powerful tool of engagement, and that’s why Just Learn has also developed supporting curricula for it called “Think Outside The Box”. Just Learn’s lesson plans are in alignment with the Next-Generation Science Standards and empower educators with the subject matter expertise and confidence to teach inquiry-based instruction on multiple topics like water chemistry, plant anatomy, photosynthesis, and electricity to name a few. When combined, PlanetBox and Think Outside the Box take affordable and practical, hands-on, project-based learning experiences to a whole new dimension!

Just Learn - Maintenance benefits
Just Learn Aquaponic cycle
Just Learn - Ecosystem features

Just Learn is an EdTech spin-off of Just Grow ( that was born in the Lowth Entrepreneurship Center of The University of Tampa at the end of 2016. In 2017, Just Learn initiated an academic pilot with the aim of testing and refining the pedagogical potential of its ecosystem and curricula while also impacting under-served schools of the Tampa Bay area. Thanks to sponsors like Ciccio Restaurant Group, Canterbury School of Florida and Segrest Farms, Just Learn was able to include title 1 schools in its pilot! Just Learn recruited local instructional designer Yvonne Franco, Ph.D. to structure components of the pilot as well as host a curriculum development workshop with local champion educators. Upon completion of the pilot, Just Learn went on to iterate its product and curriculum to make it market-ready and currently remains as a non-resident incubator startup at the Lowth Entrepreneurship Center, while also being admitted to LearnLaunch, a premier incubator focused on education technology based in Boston.

Phone: 813-770-9616

TiE Tampa Bay – the World’s Largest Entrepreneur Global Network

Startup Pitch Competition TIE Tampa Bay CON 2018



Startup Pitch Competition TIE Tampa Bay CON 2018

“Born” in Silicon Valley, TiE (The Indus Entrepreneurs) is an organization for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs that focuses on mentoring, education, incubation, networking and funding for startups. Founded in 1992 in Silicon Valley, TiE has grown to be the world’s largest entrepreneur global network with over 60 chapters and 15,000 members around the world.

The Tampa chapter was founded in Tampa Bay in 2012. The chapter’s focus is on mentoring, networking, education, and investment. Through the mentoring program, industry leaders offer one-on-one guidance in several areas, including idea exploration, customer acquisition, marketing, finance and technology. A series of popular networking nights at Tampa’s nightlife hotspots are a popular draw for newbies and veterans alike. At TiE Tampa’s monthly speaker series, the area’s top entrepreneurs inspire and educate with topics relevant to Tampa’s emerging market needs. Even the most seasoned investors find that there’s plenty to learn by attending a speaker’s event or an annual marquee convention.

TiE Tampa Bay team
Arnie Bellinie TIE Tampa Bay CON 2018

With its investment arm, TiE Tampa Angel Fund, investors have the opportunity to invest in early stage startups and can collaborate with other local venture capital and angel investors. Within just one year, the fund has invested over $1.2 million in various startups in and around the Tampa Bay area. The investments were made in the following next-generation technology and market disruptors: Knack, Molekule, Fenexio, Droplit and Morphogenic.

Community outreach is another goal of the organization, and TiE Tampa annually recognizes local entrepreneurs and startups with the TiEtan Awards at their annual day-long marquee event – TiECON. At the 2018 conference, awards were given to Super Entrepreneur, Social Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, Community Champion and Startup of The Year. Another top-rated event at the TiECON is the Startup Pitch Competition. Additional to winning a cash award, the winners get an opportunity to present and pitch their ideas/startups at the Global TiE Silicon Valley’s annual pitch event.

Sarvajana TIE Tampa Bay CON 2018
TiE Tampa Bay Con Audience

TiE Charter members have the privilege of attending the TiE Global Retreat, an exclusive networking event, as well as meetings and annual conferences at any of the 60 global chapters. The charter members also have the opportunity to participate in the TiE Tampa Angel Fund to invest in local startups. Becoming a member of TiE Tampa Bay may be the best investment you could make for your business.

Most importantly, the mission of TiE chapters is to work collaboratively with other organizations in the region as well as providing mentoring and access to thought leaders and collaborators across the entire global TiE community to encourage and foster entrepreneurship. TiE Tampa Bay has a premier reputation for the enthusiastic vibe generated for entrepreneurship and professionalism and the quality of speakers at their events. Inspiring and riveting speakers have included Sarvajna Dwivedi – Co-founder, Pearl Therapeutics (acquired by Astra Zeneca for over $1.2B), Arnie Bellini – Founder and CEO at ConnectWise, Desh Deshpande of Cascade and Sycamore Networks, and Farooq Kathwri – CEO of Ethan Allen.

TiE Tampa Bay logo

Suhas Apte – President
Raj Rajendran – Executive Director

Drexel University – A Long History of Innovation

Drexel university - street scene
Drexel university - street scene



He was equally adamant that the Drexel Institute of Art, Science and Industry, as it was initially named, would be open to women and men of all races and creeds – a radical idea at the time considering women would not be allowed to vote for another 29 years and civil rights legislation was 75 years away.

From there, the university has remained on the cutting edge. Two Drexel engineering students patented the barcode in 1952. This invention revolutionized inventory management and shipping for nearly every industry, paving the way for the rise of Amazon, FedEx, Walmart and many other innovative companies

Drexel university - photos by Halkin Mason Photography

In the 1960s, alumnus Paul Baran developed technology for computer networking that became essential to the creation of the internet. Walter Golaski, an engineering graduate, was a developer of the first artificial blood vessel replacement. Also, David H. Geiger, an architect and engineering graduate, invented the air-support fabric roof system used in many dome stadiums today.

Drexel embraced the computer age in 1983, becoming the first university to require all entering students to have a microcomputer. By 2000, Drexel was the first major university to operate a fully wireless campus indoors and out. Two years later, the university became the first to offer a mobile web portal for students.

In September 2017, all incoming freshmen were the first in the country to receive a backpack with a fabric-based coding system that links to an app that can relay customized information to anyone who scans it. Drexel is the new home for the Pennsylvania Fabric Discovery Center, a collaboration with the Defense Department dedicated to commercializing functional fabrics that can see, hear, communicate and generate and store energy.

Drexel university - Bossone Engineering Lab
Drexel university campus

Such innovation is why U.S. News and World Report ranked Drexel 25th on the list of “Most Innovative Schools.” Drexel is also ranked 49th in the country for the most utility patents. Drexel’s Charles D. Close School of Entrepreneurship is the nation’s first freestanding school dedicated to teaching entrepreneurship.

As a world-class comprehensive research university, Drexel’s research activities result in more than $110 million in annual expenditures for sponsored projects. In 2013, the university created Drexel Ventures, which provides seed funding, incubation support and technology transfer with the goal of spurring technological advancements with real-world applications.

In 2016, Drexel announced a partnership with Brandywine Realty Trust to create Schuylkill Yards, a $3.5 billion development of an “innovation neighborhood” on 14 acres in University City that will include classrooms, research laboratories, entrepreneurial space, corporate offices, hospitality venues, residential and retail space and open public space. The ground was broken in November on a 1.3-acre public park at the corner of 30th and Market streets. The planned development over 20 years is expected to create a hub for innovation in the city and was recently featured in The New York Times.

Drexel university - Future_Schuylkill Yards

As the university continues to evolve, it remains true to its core. The cornerstone of the university is its cooperative education program that offers students work experience – often paid – at leading companies like Amazon, Boeing, Comcast and Vanguard. The co-op program will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2019 and is more valued than ever before as it prepares students for successful careers in today’s fast-paced economy.

Co-op is one reason why banners fly on the Drexel campus emblazoned with the bold message, “Ambition Can’t Wait.”

* All photos by Halkin Mason Photography.

Drexel university logo

Contact: Keith Orris
Phone number: 215-571-4463
Address: 3141 Chestnut St. Philadelphia, Pa. 19104
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Cyber Florida – at the University of South Florida

Cyber Florida - Cybersecurity Conference 2017
Cyber Florida - Cybersecurity Conference 2017
Cyber Florida - Logo-Horizontal_2018


The Florida Center for Cybersecurity, also known as Cyber Florida, is a statefunded organization dedicated to positioning Florida as a national leader in cybersecurity through education and workforce development; innovative, interdisciplinary research; and community outreach. Hosted at the University of South Florida, Cyber Florida works with all 12 State University System of Florida (SUS) institutions as well as industry, government and defense to build partnerships and develop programs that grow and strengthen Florida’s cybersecurity industry.


Cyber Florida was formally established as the Florida Center for Cybersecurity through Florida Statute 1004.444 in July 2014, hosted by the University of South Florida for the benefit of the entire SUS and the state. Led by Director Sri Sridharan, a seasoned expert and entrepreneur, the goals of the center are to assist in the creation of jobs, enhance the existing workforce, act as a cooperative facilitator between industry and higher education, seek out partnerships with major military installations, and attract cybersecurity companies to the state.

Guided by a nationally recognized Board of Advisors with former Director of National Intelligence Vice Adm. (Ret.) Mike McConnell as chair, Cyber Florida first focused on enhancing Florida’s cybersecurity talent pipeline to meet the overwhelming demand for cyber professionals. The center created a platform for collaboration among the 12 SUS institutions by establishing the SUS Cybersecurity Advisory Council and acts as a liaison with private industry to ensure academic programs align with industry needs. Additionally, Cyber Florida has invested more than $1.4 million to help fund 24 of these new programs through its Capacity Building Award Program. With Cyber Florida’s support, the SUS has expanded academic programs specific to cybersecurity from a handful in 2014 to more than 40 as of 2018, with several hundred graduates and thousands more enrolled.

Cyber Florida - the Florida Center for Cybersecurity

And because the hands-on-keyboard experience is such a vital component of a successful cybersecurity educational program, Cyber Florida launched the Florida CyberHub in January 2018. This virtuallearning lab provides a cyber range, secure sandbox, capture-the-flag, course catalog, and desktop-as-aservice to facilitate and enhance cyber education and research initiatives throughout the state.

The center also has laid the foundation for a robust research ecosystem in Florida through the Collaborative Seed Award Program, which funds research projects led by investigators from at least two SUS institutions. Cyber Florida has invested more than $2.3 million in 44 cybersecurity research projects led by 65 researchers so far, and these projects are highlighted at an annual Research Symposium where both scholars and practitioners can explore the cutting-edge research being done at Florida’s universities.

In tandem with these initiatives and others, Cyber Florida has continued to grow its signature event year after year, the annual conference. Each year, the Florida Cyber Conference connects hundreds of cybersecurity stakeholders from students, educators and policymakers to CISOs, hands-on practitioners, and members of the defense and law enforcement communities. Held in Tampa each October and coming up on its fifth year, Florida Cyber Conference has rapidly grown to become one of the most popular and valuable industry events for Florida’s cybersecurity community.

4202 E. Fowler Ave., ISA7020
Tampa, FL, 33620
facebook: floridacyber
linkedin/twitter: @CyberSecurityFL

FIVE Labs – Medical Device Technology Development & Education

FIVE Labs office building

FIVE Labs is an organization that is at the intersection of medical device technology development and the education of surgeons and healthcare professionals.

FIVE Labs office building
In 2014, FIVE Labs retrofitted existing office building in the Westshore area to create a state-of-the-art surgical training lab and conference center.
FIVE Labs - Auditorium

Our Story

FIVE Labs was founded as an extension of the educational mission of the Foundation for Orthopaedic Research and Education (FORE). FIVE Labs was designed to provide environments specific to learning and practicing with new surgical technologies. There’s a learning curve associated with any new technology but in the medical device field, the stakes are high. New medical technologies are often quite sophisticated, and some require training even for experienced surgeons. Ultimately, our goal is to reduce complications and improve patient outcomes by conducting these trainings.

In addition to the training environments, FIVE Labs works with medical device companies, design surgeons, and engineers to develop new technologies. Using the latest software and onsite 3D printing and machining capabilities, we can quickly create and test working prototypes. This allows for rapid development and vetting of medical devices.

FIVE Labs - Pupello Headshot
Derek Pupello Founder and CEO of FIVE Labs
FIVE Labs - Classroom
FIVE Labs - Tampa Room
FIVE Labs - Surgical training Lab
The surgical training lab can accommodate up to 30 surgical stations and over 100 people.


Nearly 5,000 healthcare professionals have been to an event at our facility since the opening of FIVE Labs in 2015. World-renowned physicians from across the U.S. and the world have served as faculty and taught the next generation of surgeons at our facility. Additionally, since 2015, we have had 14 patents issued for technologies developed in partnership with surgeon collaborators right here in Tampa Bay.

Joe Leonard
Lab Director
Christopher Griffin
Lab Supervisor

Lexi Betances
Phone: 813-545-9734
4115 W Spruce St., Tampa, FL 33607
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Orange Technical College – Changing Lives Through Education Since 1933

Orange Technical College - Exterior Mid Florida



Orange Technical College - Exterior Mid Florida
Orange Technical College - Interior Mid Florida
Orange Technical College – Mid Florida Campus is home to the Launch Site and “Big Mo”, one of the largest motion capture studios on the east coast.

Since 1933, Orange County Public Schools has been making history and changing lives through education by providing career and technical training for tens of thousands in Central Florida.

 Offering innovative programs at multiple technical college campuses, as well as numerous community learning centers and district schools, Orange Technical College continues to grow and evolve, always focused on improving the lives of students and positively impacting workforce needs and economic development in the region.

Orange Technical College (OTC) is home to an array of affordable career certificate training programs, equipping students with the skills and credentials needed for employment in growing industries impacted by technology: 3D Animation, Advanced Manufacturing, Robotics, Augmented Reality, Machining, Welding and Modeling, Simulation and Training and more.

With the help of industry partners like the National Center for Simulation, OTC has created state-of-the-art learning environments like the ‘Launch Site’ – a dedicated MS&T facility that houses a collection of simulation, animation and cinema programs designed to prepare students for careers as designers, programmers and motion-capture technicians.

Welding at the Orange Technical College - Westside Campus.
Welding at the Orange Technical College - Westside Campus.
Digital Video Production at the Orange Technical College - Orlando Campus.

Offering students world-class facilities and over 60 career certificate programs, Orange Technical College delivers an exciting opportunity for students. Inexpensive tuition rates, industry-trained instructors and innovative classroom environments ensure graduates of OTC programs are prepared for the world of work.

Articulation agreements and partnerships with local and state colleges are also allowing more students than ever to engage in numerous career paths across high-skill, high-wage technical industries. Technical education is a powerful catalyst for students heading into the workplace, but can also bring enormous value to those students looking to pursue a traditional college path.

These local agreements allow students to easily transition from a career and technical program at any Orange Technical College campus to a college credit-based course at partnering institutions, or vice-versa if a student so chooses. Innovation in a region can take many forms, including the development of programs like these to establish and fortify the educational ecosystem in Central Florida to benefit students at all learning levels.

As a not-for-profit entity and a part of one of the largest school districts in the country, Orange Technical College is held accountable to the highest standards of quality and rigor. While the programs offered at OTC campuses have shifted dramatically over time, in an effort to match relevant training with existing industry needs, the college’s goal remains: changing lives through education.

Orange Technical College - Little Mo
The Launch Site is also home to “Little Mo”, another fully functioning motion capture studio.
Orange Technical College logo

Phone: 407-317-3212
445 W Amelia St, Orlando, FL 32801

Project Transition USA – Keep Transitioning Service Members in Tampa Bay

LOGO Project Transition USA




It’s sad but true – LinkedIn is the #1 employment and professional networking tool in the civilian world, but it’s virtually unknown to our transitioning U.S. military troops!

Although many of our U.S. troops have high-level technical and leadership skills, they know very few civilians. Business networking is a new concept, so they have great difficulty discovering where their skills will best fit in.

Project Transition USA, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, is the only organization that focuses on teaching our U.S. military heroes how to use LinkedIn to form new alliances and find their next mission – a meaningful and rewarding civilian career!

We were the first to conduct a LinkedIn Job Search Workshop for active duty troops and families on any U.S. military base worldwide on November 16, 2012, at MacDill AFB.

Since then over 2,500 transitioning troops have successfully completed our free monthly training on MacDill, and our Tampa Bay Business Community has benefited dramatically as a result.

Veteran success stories abound with local employers such as Amazon, PwC, ConnectWise, and Moffit Cancer Center – while many other attendees have found employment with more distant companies such as Disney and Tesla.

The goal of this new program is to provide advanced, one-on-one training to transitioning U.S. military and their spouses from MacDill AFB, who want to stay in Tampa Bay. Many of our workshop attendees who are nearing retirement need more training than our monthly, 7-hour LinkedIn training can provide!

PROJECT TRANSITION USA - Veterans Teaching Veterans


Project Transition USA was co-founded by Nancy Laine, daughter of an Army Chaplain. An expert LinkedIN trainer for over 10 years, she began teaching LinkedIN to the military after being asked to do so by military leaders who had struggled during their own transition.

We intend to expand our paid team of “Veterans Training Veterans”!

PROJECT TRANSITION USA - synapse innovation summit helping veterans


“I honestly don’t think I’d be where I am now if I wasn’t so active on LinkedIn – it’s a powerful tool that works! I networked with folks currently in the position I was interested in, and that’s what led me to getting noticed by Amazon.”– Leon Snow, Amazon

“Little did I know PTUSA’s LinkedIn class on MacDill AFB would prepare me for a successful interview with Tesla! They helped me set up a professional profile that caught Tesla’s eye – and many other companies as well!” – Jarod Castenada, Tesla

Over 2,500 have attended our MacDill AFB LinkedIN Workshop since 2012
LOGO Project Transition USA


Donate to our 501c3 nonprofit: