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Pocket Network – an Open Source Blockchain that Anyone can use

Pocket Network team
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Pocket Network team


We are building tools and infrastructure that make it easier for developers to build blockchain applications. Similar to how Amazon Web Services made it easy for application developers to access core components such as storage and compute, Pocket Network is the core infrastructure layer that gives the ability for developers to access any blockchain they choose to work with. We do this by building an open source blockchain that anyone can use, along with a set of open source tools that any developer can put in their application to communicate to the blockchain

A “blockchain” in the most basic terms is a way to preserve and send value in a in a purely digital format without the need of a trusted third party like a bank or company. This value is created when the system is used, and instead of paying fees like a traditional business, a cryptocurrency is created and sent to whoever did work in the blockchain.

We believe there will hundreds or thousands of blockchains governing our lives in the future. It makes no sense for each one of them to reinvent the wheel when it comes to hosting critical infrastructure for their developers. With Pocket Network, a blockchain would just need to write a simple plugin, and they will have access to a market of thousands of nodes to run their infrastructure.

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Building in blockchain space exposes you to computer science, cryptography, economics, psychology, governance and game theory. When you’re creating your own blockchain, all of these factors need to be taken into consideration and thought about deeply. Blockchains are contained, economic experiments, and as a protocol builders we have to understand the social and economic decisions being made.

Pocket originally began as an idea called “TelCoin”, where we wanted to tokenize all cell phone data. This meant that I could be a T-Mobile customer in the US, and if I flew to Paris I wouldn’t have to get a new sim card or buy a new phone to communicate. We dove deeply into the problem and quickly realized that the infrastructure to create TelCoin didn’t exist – it was too early. We saw the need for this critical layer of giving developers access to the blockchains, and that’s how we came up with the idea for Pocket Network and started to build a company around it.

The Pocket Network was started with four partners: Michael O’Rourke, Luis C. De Leon, Pabel Nunez and Valeria Benitez Florez. As of writing, the founding team has grown to 16 people, including people dedicated to economic research, software engineering and communications.

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SIG – Susquehanna International Group – Privately Owned Trading Firm

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SIG - Flatlay table

What we do

Susquehanna International Group, LLP (SIG) is a privately owned trading firm with operations that extend across markets in North America, Europe, and Asia, where we trade essentially all listed financial products and asset classes. SIG’s expertise in trading, combined with quantitative research, innovative technology, and fundamental research, positions us as leaders in the global marketplace. We build virtually all of our own trading technology from scratch and are innovators in high-performance, low-latency trading. Our traders, quants, developers, and systems engineers work side-by-side to develop and implement our trading strategies. Each individual brings their unique expertise every day to help us make optimal decisions in the global financial markets. While options trading is where our roots lie, we strive to apply our expertise to new and diverse areas, including cryptocurrencies, sports analytics, machine learning, and Artificial Intelligence.

SIG - At work

Who we are

Our people make us who we are. Our success is driven by their creative and bold ideas. We approach trading and business opportunities with a data-driven mindset, and we seek diverse perspectives to challenge our own ideas and make them better.

How we work together

We are curious by nature. Our interests are deep and far reaching. We have a culture of learning and growth that supports our innovation. We bring in external experts for speaker events and deliver on-site teach-ins where we review interesting trades, new technologies, and impactful global events. Through everyday collaboration and communication, we share ideas and get valuable input from our colleagues. We also use strategic games like poker to deepen our understanding of game theory and to hone our risk management, decision making, and analytical skills.

SIG - employees
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Life at SIG

We strive to make it easy for our employees to balance work and life, so we offer benefits beyond the ordinary, like free daily catered breakfast and lunch and a 10,000 square foot onsite gym. One of our most popular perks is a complimentary onsite wellness center staffed by a certified nurse practitioner.

What our employees have to say

“I love my job because I work with some of the smartest, hardest working people I’ve ever worked with on projects that make a difference to the organization, using some of the most cutting edge technology.”

“How does SIG empower me to use my full potential? We are given the flexibility to work how we like and are presented with seemingly limitless resources to address any and all issues. Nothing feels impossible here, which is why I value SIG.”

“I love my job because I work in a positive environment that is both challenging and open to innovation. SIG is 100% supportive of your career goals, which is great and inspires you to expand your goals to be able to contribute more to the team.”

Learn more about SIG | linkedin: Susquehanna International Group, LLP | facebook: @LifeAtSIG

Recipico – Payment Network of the Future

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The Recipico concept began over two decades ago.

We were idealistic young entrepreneurs trying to help businesses alleviate financial challenges and succeed. Our trade exchange startup soon grew to more than 700 business members, as we helped companies increase sales and reduce their cash requirements for purchasing.

Our small band of merry men and women actually helped improve a business member’s bottom line and offered owners a better lifestyle. It was a beautiful thing!

We were short on cash for our new startup, so we used the same solution we were providing our clients for our own business. By virtue of earning trade credit for sales, marketing, and business consulting services, we were able to pay for things with trade instead of cash.

Recipico screenshot

It didn’t take long for our startup to become cash flow positive, and we were living the life of entrepreneurs that earned much more than we did.

We earned trade to pay for vacations, dining & entertainment, and even construction & renovation services for our office. Fixed expenses such as office rent, furniture, office machines, supplies, and printing were also paid
for with trade. We even leveraged the trade we earned for legal and accounting services, and advertising to grow our business.

We were able to totally minimize the cash requirements needed to run a business, and we enhanced our standard of living without the need for cash!

There was also another, huge benefit: the relationships we developed with local businesses and service providers were uplifting and sincere, as the services we offered helped each other prosper.

You don’t need money to create value.

All you need is the ability to provide a service, or leverage excess unsold capacity into a new asset, and a desire to do something different that makes a lot of sense. Businesses that accept trade typically enjoy about a 15% increase in sales.

We were a small band of revolutionaries trying to fix a much larger problem.

We facilitated over $16 million in annual transactions for our business members. We received awards, and we shared the stage with business leaders at numerous conferences. And yet, it never felt like enough. No matter how much we did, it wasn’t fundamentally changing a system that left many businesses struggling to survive.

We thought that there must be a better way.

We moved on to the development of technology that was needed to transform the world into a collaborative network of cashless trade commerce. We believed it might provide a more sustainable solution for the issues that plague businesses, so we architected the tools to help break down the barriers to global trade.

Marketplace - Recipico
Recipico - Mobile app

Trade is extraordinary, but most people’s concept of trade and barter is a direct trade between two people or companies.

Arranging direct one to one trades can be pretty difficult. You may need the service of a company, but they may not need what you have. You might provide a service thinking that one day you’ll use the service of the other person, but often times, you end up being owed a service that you never use.

Multi-party trading is the ticket!

So here we are, launching Flippitt a new trade commerce platform for global communities. We are blown away by the quality of people, companies, and exchanges the virtual trade commerce platform is attracting, and the range of possibilities they’re creating for commerce with each other.

Trade commerce offers a collaborative network of barter exchanges and hundreds of thousands of trading partners to easily facilitate multiparty trades and cross-border transactions using Trade Credit.

Trade credit isn’t cyber currency like Bitcoin that has severe volatility and nothing backing it, but rather it is a business network community currency that is backed by the products and services of all participating businesses in the network.

This community is still young, but it’s powerful and it’s growing every day!

Together, we’re about to realize a paradigm shift. Recipico’s gateway technology leverages crypto tokens to make them spendable online and at the point of sale.

We hope to help you make the shift to revolutionize your company, product or service with technology that will change the way people work, collaborate and transact business around the world.

The possibilities are endless, so welcome to our story and thank you for joining the evolution of business!

435 12th Street W | Bradenton, FL 34205
Phone: 941-845-6020
twitter: recipico

TradeBanc – Brings Corporate Trade to a Higher Standard

TradeBanc - Profitability
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Companies enjoy the benefits of Corporate Trade to receive full value for underperforming or troubled assets, which greatly enhances liquidity and bottom line profitability.

Corporate Trade enables new possibilities in industries as diverse as venture capital, health care, supply chain, hospitality, advertising, media, and retail, as well as many others. It facilitates new forms of tradable assets that make it possible to monetize illiquid assets.

Underperforming assets such as equity, real estate, excess hotel room inventory, empty seats in restaurants and unsold perishable media is sold for AltCurrency. The AltCurrency is used just like cash towards payment for purchasing and capital expenses at the same pricing as if it was an all
cash transaction, traded for other cryptocurrency, or even converted to cash.

TradeBanc brings corporate trade to a higher standard by combining reciprocal trade expertise with financial transaction modeling and blockchain technology to expand liquidity options for companies that desire to monetize challenged assets and excess capacity.

TradeBanc leverages the vast domain expertise of its founders to utilize AltCurrency Tokens for the acquisition of assets pursuant to Corporate Trade smart contracts. The end result provides liquidity for challenged assets and excess capacity to transform it into new sources of revenue that is utilized towards purchasing.


The History of Corporate Trade

Large companies, municipalities and governments trade products and services through accounts receivable trading, relying on a corporate trade company to purchase inventory offered for sale with trade credits and subsequently to fulfill the credits by providing products and services requested by the seller. The corporate trade company acts as a principal in the barter transaction as buyer and seller and becomes the purchasing agent for clients to spend their trade credit.

Corporate trade as it is practiced today originated in the late 1960’s. At that time, corporate trade was primarily a financial tool – a way for companies with excess or obsolete inventories to recover costs and receive full wholesale value for inventory. Today, corporate trade remains a profitable

alternative to markdowns or liquidation and provides a valuable way to expand a company’s advertising and marketing budget using the leverage of a barter transaction. Corporate trade also facilitates foreign trade with countries that have goods and services to exchange but lack hard currency.

Corporate trade is practiced in transactions such as: excess unsold capacity, unfilled trucking on return trips, idle plant equipment, excess inventory, years on a lease when a company moves, and even equity in a firm or early stage company. Privately held companies can sell restricted stock for trade credit to offset marketing costs that will help build name recognition and market share, or to purchase technology development, consulting or hard assets.

TradeBanc - Profitability

The Evolution of Corporate Trade

TradeBanc’s founders have a history of being early adopters of technology and are expanding the future of corporate trade utilizing blockchain. While retail trade exchanges have made significant strides in minimizing the problems associated with direct trading, TradeBanc is improving transactions and liquidity utilizing automation, transparency, and smart contracts.

The key to a successful asset or capacity remarketing transaction is scale: a well-defined distribution channel and a large number of strategic vendors and trading partners. TradeBanc addresses all industry market sectors, and assists clients with marketing strategy, business process implementation and fulfillment.

Building a better tomorrow by leveraging 60+ years of combined Reciprocal Trade experience, TradeBanc is well positioned to advance corporate trade to a higher level of success for its trading partners. By assisting corporate partners, companies and governments with leadership in trading, commerce and payment platforms to improve commerce, TradeBanc with its native AltCurrency (ALTC) utility token enhances transparency, reduces fees, and brings new advantages to participating in corporate trade.

TradeBanc’s online proprietary web enabled transactional software, intellectual assets, global infrastructure, core relationships, business model and industry domain expertise are available to be integrated into corporate and financial sectors throughout the world.

435 12th Street W, Bradenton, FL 34205, USA
Phone: 888-224-9101

Fattmerchant – Taking the Hassle out of Payments

Fattmerchant team
Fattmerchant team
fattmerchant logo
Fattmerchant cover


Fattmerchant is a subscription-based integrated payment technology platform which exists to empower small business owners to simplify their overall payments experience, taking the hassle out of payments by offering simple subscription-style pricing, and award-winning customer support.


Fattmerchant was founded to bring simplicity to a complicated industry – payment processing. The sector traditionally offered complex billing structures and technology but Fattmerchant founders Suneera Madhani and Sal Rehmetullah knew there had to be a better way. With their revolutionary subscription-style structure, business owners no longer have to worry about percentage markups and hidden fees – just a simple subscription and the direct cost of interchange.

Outside of this exciting new pricing model for business owners, what makes Fattmerchant unique is their focus on simple yet powerful technology that improves the entire payments experience. Payments are a vital part of any business, so Fattmerchant makes it easy for business owners by providing whatever technology they need to process them – all connected in a convenient omnichannel online platform. This way, business owners can simply log in and see the health of their business across all of the ways they process, manage their payment solutions, and integrate with other business tools. This payment platform is built with the business owner in mind and changes the way they think about accepting payments.

Fattmerchant Suneera Madhani
Fattmerchant All Hands Group Photo


Launched in 2014 by Suneera Madhani and Sal Rehmetullah, Fattmerchant has been awarded with the 2016 Startup of the Year at the Bright House Regional Business Awards, 2016 Entrepreneur 360 Award, Orlando Business Journal’s 2016 and 2017 Best Places to Work, Orlando Sentinel’s 2017 Top 100 Companies, Grow Florida’s Companies to Watch Award, and many more. They’ve also won the 2017 and 2018 Downtown Orlando Partnership’s Golden Brick Awards for exceptional office space.

Fattmerchant office

In addition to these honors, Fattmerchant has grown from a team of 4 to almost 100 employees in just four short years, currently processes over $2 billion in payments for their members and saving Central Florida businesses alone $20 million. CEO Suneera Madhani was named one of PaymentSource’s 2017 Most Influential Women in Payments and Orlando Business Journal’s 2018 CEOs of the Year among many other personal accomplishments, including raising $10 million in venture capital and leading Fattmerchant to a Net Promoter Score (measuring customer happiness) of 80+, which is well above the industry average of -20.

Fattmerchant was also named one of Entrepreneur’s Top Company Cultures for 2018, which showcases high-performance cultures across the U.S.!

100 S. Orange Ave, Orlando, Florida 32801 | Phone: 1-855-550-3288
facebook | twitter: @fattmerchant  | linkedin

BlockSpaces – Education & Development Center for Blockchain Technology

Blockspaces interior
BlockSpaces Logo
Blockspaces interior


BlockSpaces is a specialized education and development center for blockchain technology. Founded in Tampa, Florida in early 2018, the space was built organically by the community in response to the needs of the rapidly emerging industry. It quickly became known as a trusted hub of information about cryptocurrency/blockchain technology from knowledgeable, experienced professionals in a friendly environment.

BlockSpaces - group bitcoin 9th birthday party


In 2013, a little known, fringe technology called “bitcoin” caught the interest of Gabe Higgins and Rosa Shores. After months of research, with little available information and a desire to meet others who understood this new thing referred to as “cryptocurrency”, the couple decided to organize a meetup and, in early 2014, the Tampa Bay Bitcoin meetup was born. Although attendance would spike and was based on the price of bitcoin throughout the years, a solid core of attendees began to settle as understanding and promise of the potential of blockchain technology and adoption of cryptocurrencies grew. In 2017, blockchain entered a hyper-growth phase as meetups began attracting hundreds of new enthusiasts and developers interested in learning and working together. It became obvious that a dedicated space was needed to answer the needs of the community, and with their support, BlockSpaces opened its doors in March 2018.

BlockSpaces Grand Opening event
BlockSpaces - Synapse Blockchain Hub

In a collaborative learning environment, BlockSpaces is now home to several blockchain startups and offers a variety of cryptocurrency/blockchain related meetups, educational classes, bootcamps, workshops, and hackathons daily, in addition to blockchain development services.

BlockSpaces is truly a community working together for a shared vision, which is realizing that cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology could be one of the most important discoveries in history. BlockSpaces has managed to attract some of the best and brightest minds in the Tampa area to achieve that vision and to encourage others to invest in knowledge to gain an understanding of blockchain technology and it’s wide range of potential applications.

BlockSpaces USF panel
BlockSpaces event / meetup

The founders say; “Our team is our community. We invite all interested individuals to bring their skills, knowledge, and resources to BlockSpaces and work with us to learn, grow and maybe even create a better, more
decentralized future.”

linkedin | twitter | facebook

Citizinvestor – We empower citizens to invest in their community and create real change.

Citizinvestor - Playground
Citizinvestor - Playground
Citizinvestor - GovTech_100_2017_Badge
Citizinvestor - Randels headshot

Joy Randels, CEO, Citizinvestor

Citizinvestor logo


We empower citizens to invest in their community and create real change.

In 2012 when money for civic projects became constrained, many were placed on hold due to a lack of funding and we were personally impacted in our neighborhoods. As we explored the problem, we discovered that if given the opportunity, citizens would propose, and even be willing to pay above what they already pay in taxes, to see projects they care about come to life now, not 10 years later when the city might have the budget.

Citizinvestor - children playing in fountain
Citizinvestor - statue Unconditional surrender by Seward Johnson
Citizinvestor - Sarah Library

The list of projects like renovating neighborhood pools, building new parks and constructing playgrounds, libraries, or educational and cultural programs are nearly endless in every municipality. Because government doesn’t always know what citizens want, we also provide tools for citizens to propose ideas for projects and programs they want to see in their communities.

“Citizinvestors” believe in their community and they want to contribute. Since we began we have seen thousands of citizens around the world come together turning vacant lots and dangerous eyesores into playgrounds, youth centers, or community gardens. Citizens pledge to donate, tax-deductibly, to the projects they care about most and once the project reaches 100% of its funding goal, the project is built

While we would love to take full credit for inventing this form of civic engagement, crowdfunding of public projects in the United States can be traced as far back as 1884 to the Statue of Liberty.

Today we are witnessing the rise of the micro-philanthropist and crowdfunding platforms are empowering average people with five or ten dollars can be modern-day Carnegies and Rockefellers and build things they feel most passionate about. We are witnessing the democratization of philanthropy and we are proud to be the catalyst for that movement.

If we are willing to invest our money, our time and our ideas, we, the crowd, can build a better Tampa Bay together. We can build the next great American and Global cities and truly change the world. We hope you will join us.




Accenture, a $33 billion global professional services company, works at the intersection of business and technology to help clients improve their performance and create sustainable value for their stakeholders. Today, that means adopting new digital technologies to transform customer experience with advanced analytics and artificial intelligence.

The company has been in Tampa Bay for more than 20 years, and has invested significantly in developing the talent that fuels this hotbed of entrepreneurial activity. A Fortune® World’s Most Admired Company for 14 consecutive years, Accenture’s Tampa office has more than 700 employees and features a development operations hub and delivery center. When Global 2000 companies want to pivot to new ways of doing business that disrupt industries, they rely on local technology leaders like Stuart Brown, Ashlee Lane and Jason Warnke.


Stuart Brown In addition to serving as Office Managing Director for the Tampa office, Stuart is the Southeast US lead for Accenture Operations, which drives transformation and delivers business outcomes through infrastructure, cloud and business process services. With 20 years of deep industry experience, Stuart also leads the Accenture Resources Cloud practice globally, focusing on helping clients transform with cloud technologies. With over 50 percent of Accenture’s revenue now focused on the New (digital, cloud and security), Stuart is passionate about helping clients across all industries understand how to take advantage of this new digital revolution.

Stuart has been deeply committed to the local community since his days attending UCF. He is an active member of the Tampa Chamber of Commerce, and currently serves on its board.

“The Tampa Bay area is our hidden gem that is ready to be a player in the larger world technology community. We have a strong entrepreneurial mindset, large leading universities, strong growth in potential employee base, and business-focused policies that are the fuel for future growth. I am thrilled about bringing the best of Accenture to help drive growth in the Tampa Bay region.”


Ashlee Lane With more than 16 years at Accenture and a bachelor’s of science in biomedical engineering, Ashlee thrives on helping healthcare clients find strategies and solutions to complex challenges. She has extensive experience setting up and implementing complex, large-scale programs including member engagement solutions, sales performance management systems, and developing actions based on analytic insights to improve member and patient outcomes. As a managing director based in Tampa, Ashlee brings innovation to local healthcare companies including Avalon Healthcare Solutions. Accenture helped Avalon create a first-of-its-kind 100 percent cloudbased claims editor as-a-service platform to help healthcare payers reduce unnecessary lab spend. The platform can edit tens of thousands of claims per hour, with 99.99 percent uptime and 99.95 percent accuracy. The platform is “future proofed,” meaning it can be easily updated depending on changing insurer policies, research findings and regulatory guidelines. 

“In this time of unprecedented change with technology in the NEW, the healthcare industry is going through an incredible transformation. Now is definitely an exciting time to be in the healthcare industry especially in Tampa with its strong and growing healthcare community.” 

Jason Warnke Jason is the Global Lead of Social Enterprise within the Accenture IT organization, reporting to Andrew Wilson, Accenture’s global CIO. A graduate of USF, he started his career in the Tampa Bay office in 1996, working in the Accenture Utilities industry group where he eventually became the North American Lead for Application Outsourcing. In his current role, he is responsible for global strategy and delivery for collaboration, content platforms and broadcast, as well as the marketing, legal and workplace portfolios.

Jason is active as a member of the executive committee and marketing chair of the Tampa Bay Technology Forum (TBTF), an organization whose strategic initiatives include attracting, retaining and developing top technology talent, telling the technology story of Tampa Bay and building connections within the technology community.

“I wanted to get more deeply engaged with technology leaders in Tampa Bay and be a part of a deeper movement to draw attention to what is going on in our beautiful city.  There are so many talented tech leaders right here, in a city that continues to gain national and global appeal, first because of our beaches and amazing weather and increasingly because of the innovative companies and talented minds working here.  I got involved with TBTF because I liked the approach and the common mission to drive awareness of tech in Tampa Bay.”

Accenture: tested for pivoting to the New Before implementing new technology for clients, Accenture often deploys it internally to its more than 411,000 people in 120 countries. This provides realworld experience and insights that cannot be discovered any other way. Some of these technologies include the largest implementation of Windows 10 and Office 365 in the world. And, 75 percent of Accenture’s applications are in the cloud – far more than a typical global organization.

Another example is an internal social enterprise program that Jason leads. Among other capabilities, the program creates extensive digital video broadcasts for Accenture’s internal ecosystem. Accenture now turns multiple video feeds into fully produced broadcasts that create more of a TV-show experience for its audience. A 24/7 broadcast operation now serves the global organization, producing more than 300 broadcasts each month.

“Our leaders recognized a significant change in the viewing and engagement behaviors of their people and are employing new techniques to connect with them,” Jason said. “We are seeing some great trends toward dynamic, fast-paced, fun-filled and even interactive programming that is resonating with our people.”

Accenture: committed to Tampa Bay’s diverse community In addition to Jason, Ashlee and Stu’s active participation in several community organizations, Accenture supports Metropolitan Ministries, a Tampa-based grassroots, donor and volunteer-fueled nonprofit organization that serves poor and homeless families. Accenture brought its “Skills to Succeed” initiative to life on the ministry’s campus to help it better serve and enable its clients to achieve self-sufficiency, leading numerous employment boot camps to enhance their job search, resume writing, and interview skills. 

Diversity is part of what makes Accenture exceptional, and it has many programs in place to promote diversity and inclusion worldwide. The first major professional services company to release its diversity numbers, Accenture recently committed to achieving a gender-balanced workforce, with 50 percent women and 50 percent men, by 2025. In the US, Accenture knows the dedication and discipline that veterans bring to the workplace, and offers rewarding career opportunities, tailored resources to help veterans transition, and a dynamic work environment to continue developing veterans’ skills. 

One participant in these programs is Tampa Bay resident Melanie Golladay, who said her finance and accounting experience in the Air Force helped her land a job in the Accenture Tampa office. Today, she is determined to help the company meet its mission of recruiting military veterans. “I’ve recommended three veterans since I joined the company last year,” Golladay said, and two have already been hired, because there’s a vast array of career options at Accenture.

Leading Tampa Bay in the New Accenture is solving real business challenges right here in Tampa Bay by helping companies pivot to the New and is passionate about developing the region as a technology hub. With a strong Global 2000 presence and rapidly growing startup community, Tampa Bay is well-positioned for strong growth in the coming years, and Accenture is helping drive this progress.