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Ellis Coffee – “Quality Chief Consideration” Dates to the 19th Century

Ellis coffee Family



Over two stories tall and constructed of reinforced concrete, terra cotta and covered in chromium plates, this pot was visible from miles away. Long before the 21st century consumer fascination with coffee aromatics and sensory evaluation, Philadelphians were drawn to our then-flagship location by the steam and smoke generated from roasting and delivered through an ingenious system of pipes up through the coffee pot’s huge spout.

Founded in 1854 as a small shop on Philadelphia’s waterfront, Ellis Coffee has grown its business by recognizing and addressing customer needs and evolving market opportunities. As a family-owned and -operated full-service roaster now led by fourth generation President Adam Kestenbaum, Ellis’s commitment to quality—our motto “Quality Chief Consideration” dates to the 19th century—and best-in-class customer service has kept our thousands of business customers on-trend with their coffee programs.

Ellis coffee Family

Investing in innovation, staying true to our motto: “Quality chief consideration”
Before “fresh” became the consumer mandate it is today, Ellis was among the first roasters to nitrogen flush its packaged coffees back in the 1970s to conserve the flavor and aromatics by purging oxygen from the bag. Subsequent major investments in an array of packaging initiatives included: our single serve coffee “E-cup” machine with robotic packing; our versatile filter pack machine; flavoring equipment; and our proprietary, scalable system for hand-packing 12 oz. bags. All these initiatives reflect our ongoing commitment to offer the high quality innovation that today’s consumers expect. Looking further ahead, we are constantly evaluating different “E-cup” packaging materials to ensure that this product’s tremendous success is sustainable.

While hand-crafted is the hallmark of any artisan coffee these days, getting raw beans from burlap bags to where our master roasters can ply their craft has also required fresh thinking. Several years ago, we invested in machinery that automatically sorts, conveys and blends to precise recipes, reinforcing our commitment to quality and freeing our master roasters’ hands to indulge in the craft customers crave.

Ellis delivers “an extraordinary coffee experience”
Coffee is no longer just about freshness and production, it is also about an interactive guest experience. At Ellis, we support our clients with coffee-centric equipment designed to engage and inspire their consumers. Our handcrafted, custom-made trike delights customers with our rich, nitro-infused cold brew coffee served from a tap. We might also inspire coffee drinkers with digital coffee art, printing high resolution logos or selfies right on their drink using coffee extract and the microfoam canvas a well-crafted cappuccino provides.

Ellis coffee Factory K Cup14

Philadelphia roots, community commitment
We are thrilled to see coffee roasting returning to its roots as a local business, and for 164 years we have been proud to call Philadelphia our home. Our long-term commitment to the city continues to generate fresh opportunities to partner with local organizations that have meaningful impacts on Philadelphians’ lives. Whether supporting Riverfront North’s 11-mile greenway reclamation project along the Delaware River, sponsoring Bridesburg neighborhood youth organizations, engaging middle school students for their prize-winning “What’s So Cool About Manufacturing” video project, or training future business leaders from St. Joseph’s University’s renowned food marketing program, we are inspired to match fresh ideas with fresh faces in Philadelphia.

At Ellis Coffee, as proud as we are about our rich heritage, we get even more excited about the opportunities to help shape Philadelphia’s future.

cold brew trike ellis coffee
Ellis coffee - Logo and Tagline

Phone: 215-537-9500
2835 Bridge Street
Philadelphia, PA 19137
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Five Below – Let’s Go & Have Fun!



FIVE BELOW store front

As one of the leading high growth value retailers in the country, with an amazing trendy, not spendy product assortment, and an engaging store experience like no other, Five Below’s pretty cool indeed.

It all started back in the early 2000s at a local coffee shop. Co-founders, Tom Vellios and David Schlessinger recognized a massively under-served market as they studied the needs and wants of the 8 to 14-year-old. They landed on the idea to create a place where kids could go after they had outgrown the toy store. By focusing on what kids want to buy for themselves, they created Five Below, the “yes” store for tweens and teens. The brand’s defining mission became simply:

“Five Below means you never have to pay more than
$5 for the coolest, trendiest, highest quality stuff you
just gotta have.”

five below street scene
Five below Wow town team

In the years ahead Five Below’s store count will grow well beyond 2,000 stores, including an online shop at They’re all jam-packed with trend-right “wow” products, all priced at $1-$5 across eight awesome worlds: Tech, Create, Play, Candy, Room, Style, Party, and New&Now. From Spalding® NBA® basketballs to rad remote control toys to the coolest Bluetooth® speakers ever, customers are constantly “wowed” by the product assortment and often ask, “HOW do they do it?”

Five below interior

Being lead by an innovative thinker has a lot to do with it. CEO Joel Anderson took the helm in 2015, and lead Five Below’s charge into the $1 billion sales club at 2016’s end. His team of over 350 in the headquarters called “WowTown” and more than 10,000 store associates making up the Five Below “Wow Crew” play a huge part in Five Below’s continued success. Notice a “wow” pattern? Like Five Below’s purpose, “wow” has become synonymous with the brand since its inception. All of this is for the customer. With amazing products priced at just $1-$5, Five Below’s customers most often say, “wow” when they walk through the door or browse the mobile website.

Five Below strongly believes in “The Five Below Way” which captures the brand’s five core values and behaviors that associates live inside and outside the workplace. “Wow Our Customers” means every Five Below associate makes a positive difference in people’s lives. “Unleash Your Passion” speaks to building people up and doing what you say you will
do. “Hold The Penny Hostage” means all associates treat Five Below like it’s their own business. “Achieve The Impossible” is all about setting the bar high and taking risks to learn and grow. Lastly, “Work Hard, Have Fun, Build a Career” means associates create the fun they want at work while developing new skills. It’s how Five Below has been able to grow so incredibly, and it’s how “WowTown” came to life.

Five Below let go and have fun
Five Below WowTown-Interior

WowTown is the name of the new headquarters at the old Lit Bros. building located at 701 Market Street in downtown Philadelphia, PA. Totaling over 200,000 square feet of incredible collaboration space, WowTown is a part of the rebirth of the Market East neighborhood in Philadelphia, adjacent to the history-rich center of Philadelphia, steps away from the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, and Old City.

Five Below nail spot

“WowTown was created for the Wow Crew,” says Joel Anderson. “WowTown is much more than a headquarters. It’s where we join together, using our five senses to dream up unlimited possibilities for the Wow Crew to create an awesome customer experience each and every day. The Wow Crew in our stores embodies our company values – like unleashing their passion and achieving the impossible, going above and beyond to encourage our customers to let go and have fun.”

WowTown is open, bright and colorful, conducive to the forward-thinking Five Below thrives on. It’s also home of a mock store that’s strictly for merchants to experiment with products and store layouts before they hit the stores. Amazing merchandise is at the heart of what Five Below does, and they do everything to offer trend-right, high-quality products always priced $5 and below. But how? By creating long-lasting working relationships with longstanding partners. Five Below’s downright “trend crazy” and their ability to stay on top of the latest trends is unparalleled. Not to mention there’s an actual two-story Five Below store attached to WowTown.

Five below interior
Five Below - Wow Crew
Five Below sugar rush

What’s on Five Below’s to-do list? Well, the goal of opening tons of stores and remaining the coolest store on the planet, of course. The rest falls into three categories: Talent, Scale, and Culture. They want to attract and retain top-tier leaders throughout the company and build both the WowTown and Wow Crew organizations for sustained growth. They plan to continue to evolve and grow, while also investing in incredible systems and infrastructure to make working together smarter, easier and more productive. And lastly, Five Below believes in fostering the best-in-class environment and values, while bringing the purpose of “let go and have fun” to life. They know life is way better when you’re free to do this, especially when it’s in an amazing experience filled with unlimited possibilities.

To learn more about Five Below, check out or visit a store

Manna -Medically Tailored Nutrition

Manna ribbon cutting
Manna ribbon cutting



MANNA, an innovative nonprofit organization that provides medically tailored meals and nutrition counseling for seriously ill people, was founded in 1990 to provide nourishment and comfort to people dying of HIV/AIDS in Philadelphia. Fast forward to today, andthe MANNA model has evolved into a comprehensive nourishment program fulfilling 100% of the nutritionalneeds of people facing one or more life-threatening illnesses across Pennsylvania and southern New Jersey.Thanks to over 4,500 volunteers and talented staff, MANNA prepares and delivers over 1 million meals per year, all completely free of charge to the clients.

Manna food delivery
MANNA production

MANNA’s real innovation occurs at the intersection of nutrition, a social determinant of health, and the healthcare system. According to recent estimates, 1 in 3 patients admitted to the hospital is malnourished, which translates to longer hospital stays and increased costs from complications. Well-nourished individuals are better able to comply with medical care, meaning that the patient, healthcare provider, and payer all have a stake in ensuring nutritional stability throughout all phases of illness. In 2010, MANNA set out to measure the health impact and cost savings associated with the model, and the results were astounding. When compared to a matched control group of individuals not receiving services, MANNA clients incurred $13,000 less in average monthly healthcare costs, they visited the hospital 50% less, and they were 23% more likely to be released from the hospital to their homes rather than a subacute care facility.

The data was so convincing that local Medicaid managed care organizations took an interest in the model and partnered with MANNA to provide nutrition services to their members. Now MANNA works with Health Partners Plans, Aetna Better Health, United Healthcare, and Keystone First to provide highvalue services to their members to improve health outcomes and reduce costs. MANNA is spreading the belief that food is medicine when managing complex illnesses and is leading a national movement aimed at increasing access to high-quality nutrition services across our healthcare system. MANNA is the only agency in Philadelphia and the rest of the state that meets the nutritional needs of seriously ill people who do not have the medically appropriate food they need to stay healthy.

MANNA Interiors
Manna catering

The local and regional healthcare system, recognizing the value in using food as medicine to manage serious illness, is beginning to recognize the MANNA-model as a glowing example of how patients’ non-clinical needs can be identified and addressed in a healthcare setting. MANNA is at the forefront of a national movement aimed at increasing awareness and utilization of nutrition services throughout all episodes of care. MANNA’s thought leadership, under the direction of CEO Sue Daugherty, is inspiring change on a national level as news of our groundbreaking research and innovative model continue to spread to healthcare organizations across the country. The agency focuses on transforming the healthcare system into one that recognizes the vital role nutrition plays in preventing and managing serious illnesses by prescribing, identifying, and paying for medically necessary food and nutrition services from experts like MANNA. The MANNA-model is truly changing the way we think about healthcare.

manna logo 2012
Manna Eggplant Parm - Plated (C)

420 North 20th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19130
Phone: 215-496-2662

Cave Tools – Inspiring Confident Grill Masters

Cave Tools - Grill Master Team
Cave tools Logo
Cave Tools - Grill Master Team


Cave Tools is a family brand dedicated to the art of barbecuing and the family bonds that naturally strengthen during a fine summertime cookout. Through the creation of excellent cooking tools and accessories, the development of barbecue education courses, and cell phone applications designed to facilitate learning, we seek to inspire confident grill masters. We believe that people who are more confident at cooking cook more often and when you cook more often, you end up spending more quality time and forming more in-depth relationships with the people you love.

Cave tools - beer can chicken
Cave tools - Vegetable Basket


Cave Tools was started in 2013 by Michael “Medium Rare” O’Donnell with the goal of creating superior barbecue and cooking tools backed by the best customer service in the industry. Cave Tools distinguishes itself through customer-first product design, unmatched customer service, lightning fast shipping, and a bulletproof guarantee.

In 2018 Cave Tools expanded by developing Grillmaster University. A first of its kind barbecue education platform where customers can learn directly from worldclass experts at a price that’s affordable for everyone.

Cave tools - Pepper Rack
Cave tools - Grill Gloves

At Cave Tools it’s all about FAMILY, which is why we live and breathe our core values:

FORTITUDE: Cave Tools products are the physical manifestation of this value. They are designed to be strong and durable. As people, we also embody mental fortitude because hard work and perseverance are in our blood. 

ADVENTUROUS: Life is full of adventure if you are willing to step into the unknown. We do things our way, and we are not afraid to go up against convention.

MEAL TIME IS BONDING TIME: Barbecue is all about bringing family and friends together to strengthen our connections. When we all work together as a team, we can achieve truly great things in life.

IMPROVEMENT: Continuous Improvement is woven deep into our moral fabric. We are always looking for new ways to improve our products, the way we do business, and the impact we can make in our communities.

LOYALTY: A strong family unit exhibits loyalty. Sure you may fight or get into arguments, but you can always trust that your family has your back. At Cave Tools, we’re there for each other, and we always support our customers in their time of need.

YOUTHFUL: Think of how happy and fun things were when you were young. You didn’t take life too seriously; instead, you just enjoyed the moment. We celebrate the joyful times in life and vow to always stay young at heart.

Cave tools - Pig Roast Meat Claws


• May 28, 2013, we sold our first grill brush.
• In 2017 Cave Tools was awarded as the 3rd fastest growing company in Philadelphia.
• In 2018 Cave Tools earned the position of 453 on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing privately held companies in America.

Faraday Inc – Vino Novo the Next Wine Tool in any Wine Drinker’s Arsenal

FARADAY - Vino Novo version 2.0
FARADAY - Clyde Snodgrass

Faraday Inc is the brainchild of Clyde Snodgrass, a Tampa native. The company developed and patented a revolutionary piece of tech that immerses a bottle of wine inside an electric field, which causes an electro-chemical reaction, breaking the wine down… which simulates aging.

FARADAY - Vino Novo Sketches

This revolutionary new product is called the Vino Novo and will be available towards the end of 2018.

What does that mean for the average consumer?
It means that you can alter the way a bottle of wine tastes, feels in your mouth and smells – all from a sleek countertop device that not only works good but looks good as well. Add to it a companion app that is in the works, it will bring a social element to your wine drinking experience. Add to that customization and gamification of the app, this will encourage individuals to review and recommend certain wines at specific settings. This will make the Vino Novo the next required wine tool in any wine drinker’s arsenal.

The idea for a product like this came about in 2008 when the founder read an article online about using AC Electric fields for food preservation as well as wine maturation. Being a third generation Italian, with some of his family living on, working on or owning grapes used for wine-making, he thought that he could turn it into something wineries would be able to use to cut down on the time needed to bottle some “vino”. This included a large commercial unit that would fit inside a manufacturing facility.

FARADAY - Vino Novo version 2.0

Version 2.0

There have been continued revisions to the overall look of the design. From the initial paper sketches to the Volt (version 1.0) to the current Vino Novo (version 2.0). You will agree Faraday hit this out of the park aesthetically.

FARADAY - Vino Novo version 1.0

Version 1.0

Thanks to a big push and support from his wife, Nicole, back in 2014, he decided to work on a prototype. After looking into the market for such a product, it was decided that scaling it down and using it in the consumer electronics world would net a much larger market and allow validation of an idea 10 years in the making.

The product itself is easy to use and doesn’t require any cleaning. It plugs into any 110v/220v residential outlet and at some point will be rechargeable, allowing you to take it with you anywhere you want to enhance your wine.

When asked what he thought about his company and what he saw for the future of Faraday Inc., he said, “Product development is one of the hardest sectors to get into, add alcohol to that and you have a double whammy. Would I do it again? Absolutely! Would I change some things, knowing what I know now? We all would. But what I do know is that we are going to start with the Vino Novo and change the way the world drinks wine. After that, we have additional products in other sections that are already in development that we know will change other industries. The goal is that Faraday ends up being a household name across a myriad of industries.”

Clyde Snodgrass
Phone: 844.FARADAY
facebook: faradayinc
linkedin: clydesnodgrass

Sue Daugherty – Manna Thought Leader




But often overlooked is the talent drawn to the region’s well-established and innovative nonprofit sector, which continually adapts to meet the growing needs of a city that sadly tops the charts in rates of chronic disease and poverty. As the CEO of MANNA, a community-based organization delivering medically tailored meals to people battling life-threatening illnesses, I witness the magic that happens when the healthcare sector and the nonprofit sector come together to meet the nutritional needs of our most vulnerable community members.

The population of people we serve face tremendous barriers to accessing the specific diet they need to manage complex diseases, ranging from poor supermarket access to low culinary literacy to inadequate energy levels needed for cooking. Our clients not only need Philadelphia’s highly trained healthcare professionals to diagnose and treat their illnesses like cancer, diabetes, and HIV/AIDS, but they require specialized nutrition services alongside their medications and treatment plans that enable them to heal. At MANNA, our dedicated volunteers and talented staff prepare more than one million medically tailored meals per year to meet this need, all completely free of charge for our 3,300+ clients.

We use food as medicine to improve health, and our regional healthcare system is catching on; we’ve created one of a kind partnerships with local payers like Health Partners Plans, Aetna Better Health, Keystone First, and United Healthcare to improve health outcomes and reduce healthcare
utilization and costs by providing services for their members. These payers understand the value-add of our services, which quantified in healthcare cost savings in a published, peer-reviewed research study. When compared to a matched control group, MANNA clients’ average monthly healthcare costs were $13,000 less, the rate of hospitalization was 50% lower, and clients were 23% more likely to be released from the hospital to their homes, rather than a subacute care facility. Early outcomes from our health insurance partnerships mirror these findings, providing undeniable evidence that nutrition is a critical part of care when treating serious illnesses.

It excites me to see the progress made at the intersection of Philadelphia’s food and healthcare systems – organizations like the Food Trust and the Coalition Against Hunger have done tremendous work educating consumers, healthcare leaders, and policymakers about the connection between food and health. We have a long way to go until the nutritional needs of all individuals are met throughout all phases of health and illness, but there is no better mix of talent across industries than the mix here in Philadelphia, and I am honored to be a part of it.

manna logo 2012

420 North 20th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19130
Phone: 215-496-2662

Saxbys – Providing Opportunities for Growth, Success & Change

Saxbys - coffee company
Saxbys - coffee company



Saxbys - product shot

Look at us from the surface, and you’ll see a coffee company with a penchant for memorable hospitality. We pride ourselves on not just meeting guest expectations but surpassing them. Look beyond that, and you’ll see a company who entwines itself with the communities we serve by providing opportunities – opportunities for growth, opportunities for success and opportunities for change.

That was the impetus behind our pioneering Experiential Learning Program (ELP), which we launched in partnership with Drexel University in 2015. This innovative program empowers students to take full responsibility for leading an on-campus Saxbys cafe. We hire what we call Student Cafe Executive Officers (Student CEOs), who manage 35 – 55 of their peers, their vendor network, marketing plans and the Profit and Loss statement of the business. In exchange, they receive a full semester of academic credit and financial compensation. But more than that, they receive an incredible experience taking what they learn in the classroom and applying it to a real – and demanding – business.

Since opening our first ELP cafe on Drexel University’s campus, more than two dozen Student CEOs have gone through the program. It’s been such a success that we’ve since opened ELP cafes with many more leading institutions such as Temple, Penn State, La Salle, St. Joseph’s and Millersville Universities. We’ve also opened a second at Drexel.

Each cafe is exclusively student-run and opens the door for young entrepreneurs to take the lead on owning their own projects in their communities. We understand the power of opportunity and accessibility. These students are learning real-life leadership and management skills that put to the test the lessons learned in the classroom.

Saxbys flatlay

Photos by Jason Varney and Sabina Shoots


But first, they need to get into the classroom, which isn’t always an option for some young minds.

That’s why we also started building fellowship programs across Philadelphia and beyond. It started here with the Community College of Philadelphia. Our CEO, Nick Bayer, is on the College’s Foundation board and has since started the Saxbys Fellowship, which is a scholarship program designed to help students achieve their academic goals. 

We also started similar programs at Temple University and the University of New Hampshire, where we also operate cafes. It’s another way for us to bridge our function to the community with our dedication to the education space.

These efforts stem from our company’s indelible culture. Our mission – displayed proudly across our Center City HQ walls and throughout our cafes – is to “Make Life Better.” We seek opportunity-creation and innovation, expression and creativity. Our team is made up of darers, doers, and damn good people. You may know us for our coffee and hospitality, but we are pushing for so much more. Because not only do we want to keep our communities moving, we want to keep them growing as well.

Saxbys logo

2300 Chestnut St., Suite 310
Philadelphia, PA 19103
Instagam: @saxbys
Twitter: @saxbys


EATMOBILE - empamamas



EATMOBILE - foodtruck
EATMOBILE - empamamas

In 2008, we saw the beginning of a boom which led to “The Food Truck Craze”. Popularity, acceptance, and numbers all grew explosively. However, organization, structure, direction, and technology did not.

Currently, food truckers are mainly on their own. They take the entrepreneurial plunge, and cross their fingers. There is no true partner or resource to genuinely help them effectively sell, market, and run their businesses through connecting technologies, content creation, and operational software. Until now.

EatMobile is the Food Truck Connection. As an advocate for the industry we collaborate with food trucks directly to determine the best plans of action to help lead to greater success for all. Everything we do, say, and develop goes through them resulting in our efforts being a relayed message from the industry itself, and the birth of a movement. 

Together, what we’ve found is an overall need to reduce risk for food truck owners. One of the main challenges is a lack of information and data for the food truckers to leverage to make business decisions. The trucks are provided little to none, and even inaccurate information making almost every decision they make a gamble (events, parking spots, and menu items for example). We have found a way to solve this problem coining a tagline: “Driven by Data, Fueled by People”. 

We are building a Food Truck Platform. While understanding that each truck is its own unique and independent business, we leverage data and analytics to best match them with qualified catering and event opportunities that make the most sense for their specific needs. All powered through a custom booking platform. 

Additionally, we create and market quality content to share their stories and passions with the public through a custom food truck profile where we also provide connecting technologies like geo-location, real-time menus, and much more.


From left to right: Matt Land; CEO – EatMobile, Megan Carlson; Community Engagement Manager – Feeding Tampa Bay, Thomas Mantz; Executive Director – Feeding Tampa Bay, Lori Townsend; COO – EatMobile, Jacob Lishen; CRO – EatMobile

Eat Local | Think Global
“Connecting communities with local business is how EatMobile strives to change the world.” – Jacob Lishen | CRO

Family, Friends, and Good People
EatMobile believes in the strength of family and friendship, and the values that come from spending time together.

Local Business
By helping small businesses be more profitable, EatMobile helps economic growth and gives more people the opportunity to support their families and achieve the American dream.

Local Spending
As food trucks see more business and the industry grows, the local economy benefits, and more money is circulated into the community. Stronger Communities More profitable local businesses and steady jobs means stronger, more stable communities.

About Us
From humble beginnings to the Fortune 500, we bring a unique set of life and work experiences to the food truck industry. Between global enterprise-level software development paired with creative marketing, and a tenacious work ethic, we stand ready to disrupt and bring new positive change to an incredible industry. A company driven by passion, innovation, and good wholesome people: We are EatMobile.

eatmobile logo

Eat Fresco – challenging yesterday’s model of mass produced packaged foods

Eat Fresco Entree Plated BBQ Chicken
Eat Fresco logo

“Eat Fresco is challenging yesterday’s model of mass produced packaged foods, made with questionable ingredients, shipped frozen around the country.”

Eat Fresco Entree Plated BBQ Chicken
eat fresco founders

Leading the market, Eat Fresco has developed a fresh and local approach that re-imagines packaged foods and elevates the standard for fresh prepared foods.

Fresco Foods, Inc. was founded in Tampa in 2015 by Rob and Tracy Povolny. Personally, they were looking for great tasting food they could feel good about eating, without sacrificing time, flavor or nutrition. Frustrated with the available options, they created Eat Fresco.

Taking the leap of faith into the entrepreneurial world from corporate life was surprisingly, not a difficult decision. Both Rob and Tracy felt passionate about the venture and confident in the opportunity. 

Rob spent many years working in the consumer packaged goods industry. He saw firsthand the disconnect between big food manufacturers and what people were seeking. “There’s such a void in the market for convenient packaged foods that aren’t mass produced and shipped frozen around the country. We’re taking a local or regional approach, rather than building a factory in the middle of the country. We are creating a fresh solution free from preservatives or anything artificial.” Eat Fresco caters to regional and seasonal tastes- something the big manufacturers find operationally challenging. 

Tracy had a long-time interest in nutrition and healthy living. From a young age, her family instilled in her the importance of eating right and staying active. “It’s rewarding to see our vision taking shape and gratifying to be part of our mission.” Their vision is to change the way packaged food products are made and distributed, making lives easier by offering fresh, deliciously local, real food.

Eat Fresco - salmon orzo plated
Eat Fresco - turkey quinoa plated
Eat Fresco - chicken fajita plated

Eat Fresco’s mission is to create fresh, delicious food, made locally. We strive to make life easier with real food you can feel good about eating!

eat fresco - entree salmon orzo
eat fresco - entree jerk chicken
eat fresco - entree - cuban pork
eat fresco - entree_beef fajita
eat fresco entree - chicken fajita
eat fresco - entree sriracha chicken
eat fresco - entree turkey quinoa
eat fresco - entree tuscan pasta

Recipes focus on robust flavors, quality ingredients, all natural proteins, and organic vegetables. The result is a delicious, yet healthy entree, high in protein with significantly less sodium than other packaged foods, on average 400 calories.

Innovative packaging locks in freshness without the need for freezing or preservatives. The clear, see through film offers transparency, showcasing real food. Meals are ready to eat in less than 2 minutes with microwave cooking.

The line currently includes eight entrees, such as Balsamic Glazed Salmon with orzo and Roasted Chicken in Sriracha Barbecue Sauce with green beans and macaroni and cheese. Ultimately, other products will be added to the Eat Fresco brand, such as breakfast bowls and entrees geared towards kids.

Since the launch into their first store in February 2015, Eat Fresco is now sold in over thirty retailers across the Tampa Bay, Jacksonville and Orlando areas. The brand continues gaining momentum throughout Florida in specialty food and mainstream grocery stores among other retail channels.

In February 2017, Fresco Foods opened their own state of the art commercial kitchen in East Tampa, designed with production capacity to service approximately 1,000 retailers throughout Florida. Future plans include expansion into other regions by establishing additional commercial kitchens to scale the business.

Fresco Foods has assembled a strategic team and the essential resources to build a large-scale, industry altering business. They aspire to positively impact our community by providing employment opportunities and contributing to local charities such as Feeding America Tampa Bay and Daystar Life Center.

Eat Fresco logo