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Saxbys - coffee company
Saxbys - coffee company



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Look at us from the surface, and you’ll see a coffee company with a penchant for memorable hospitality. We pride ourselves on not just meeting guest expectations but surpassing them. Look beyond that, and you’ll see a company who entwines itself with the communities we serve by providing opportunities – opportunities for growth, opportunities for success and opportunities for change.

That was the impetus behind our pioneering Experiential Learning Program (ELP), which we launched in partnership with Drexel University in 2015. This innovative program empowers students to take full responsibility for leading an on-campus Saxbys cafe. We hire what we call Student Cafe Executive Officers (Student CEOs), who manage 35 – 55 of their peers, their vendor network, marketing plans and the Profit and Loss statement of the business. In exchange, they receive a full semester of academic credit and financial compensation. But more than that, they receive an incredible experience taking what they learn in the classroom and applying it to a real – and demanding – business.

Since opening our first ELP cafe on Drexel University’s campus, more than two dozen Student CEOs have gone through the program. It’s been such a success that we’ve since opened ELP cafes with many more leading institutions such as Temple, Penn State, La Salle, St. Joseph’s and Millersville Universities. We’ve also opened a second at Drexel.

Each cafe is exclusively student-run and opens the door for young entrepreneurs to take the lead on owning their own projects in their communities. We understand the power of opportunity and accessibility. These students are learning real-life leadership and management skills that put to the test the lessons learned in the classroom.

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Photos by Jason Varney and Sabina Shoots


But first, they need to get into the classroom, which isn’t always an option for some young minds.

That’s why we also started building fellowship programs across Philadelphia and beyond. It started here with the Community College of Philadelphia. Our CEO, Nick Bayer, is on the College’s Foundation board and has since started the Saxbys Fellowship, which is a scholarship program designed to help students achieve their academic goals. 

We also started similar programs at Temple University and the University of New Hampshire, where we also operate cafes. It’s another way for us to bridge our function to the community with our dedication to the education space.

These efforts stem from our company’s indelible culture. Our mission – displayed proudly across our Center City HQ walls and throughout our cafes – is to “Make Life Better.” We seek opportunity-creation and innovation, expression and creativity. Our team is made up of darers, doers, and damn good people. You may know us for our coffee and hospitality, but we are pushing for so much more. Because not only do we want to keep our communities moving, we want to keep them growing as well.

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2300 Chestnut St., Suite 310
Philadelphia, PA 19103
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EATMOBILE - foodtruck
EATMOBILE - empamamas

In 2008, we saw the beginning of a boom which led to “The Food Truck Craze”. Popularity, acceptance, and numbers all grew explosively. However, organization, structure, direction, and technology did not.

Currently, food truckers are mainly on their own. They take the entrepreneurial plunge, and cross their fingers. There is no true partner or resource to genuinely help them effectively sell, market, and run their businesses through connecting technologies, content creation, and operational software. Until now.

EatMobile is the Food Truck Connection. As an advocate for the industry we collaborate with food trucks directly to determine the best plans of action to help lead to greater success for all. Everything we do, say, and develop goes through them resulting in our efforts being a relayed message from the industry itself, and the birth of a movement. 

Together, what we’ve found is an overall need to reduce risk for food truck owners. One of the main challenges is a lack of information and data for the food truckers to leverage to make business decisions. The trucks are provided little to none, and even inaccurate information making almost every decision they make a gamble (events, parking spots, and menu items for example). We have found a way to solve this problem coining a tagline: “Driven by Data, Fueled by People”. 

We are building a Food Truck Platform. While understanding that each truck is its own unique and independent business, we leverage data and analytics to best match them with qualified catering and event opportunities that make the most sense for their specific needs. All powered through a custom booking platform. 

Additionally, we create and market quality content to share their stories and passions with the public through a custom food truck profile where we also provide connecting technologies like geo-location, real-time menus, and much more.


From left to right: Matt Land; CEO – EatMobile, Megan Carlson; Community Engagement Manager – Feeding Tampa Bay, Thomas Mantz; Executive Director – Feeding Tampa Bay, Lori Townsend; COO – EatMobile, Jacob Lishen; CRO – EatMobile

Eat Local | Think Global
“Connecting communities with local business is how EatMobile strives to change the world.” – Jacob Lishen | CRO

Family, Friends, and Good People
EatMobile believes in the strength of family and friendship, and the values that come from spending time together.

Local Business
By helping small businesses be more profitable, EatMobile helps economic growth and gives more people the opportunity to support their families and achieve the American dream.

Local Spending
As food trucks see more business and the industry grows, the local economy benefits, and more money is circulated into the community. Stronger Communities More profitable local businesses and steady jobs means stronger, more stable communities.

About Us
From humble beginnings to the Fortune 500, we bring a unique set of life and work experiences to the food truck industry. Between global enterprise-level software development paired with creative marketing, and a tenacious work ethic, we stand ready to disrupt and bring new positive change to an incredible industry. A company driven by passion, innovation, and good wholesome people: We are EatMobile.

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Eat Fresco – challenging yesterday’s model of mass produced packaged foods

Eat Fresco Entree Plated BBQ Chicken
Eat Fresco logo

“Eat Fresco is challenging yesterday’s model of mass produced packaged foods, made with questionable ingredients, shipped frozen around the country.”

Eat Fresco Entree Plated BBQ Chicken
eat fresco founders

Leading the market, Eat Fresco has developed a fresh and local approach that re-imagines packaged foods and elevates the standard for fresh prepared foods.

Fresco Foods, Inc. was founded in Tampa in 2015 by Rob and Tracy Povolny. Personally, they were looking for great tasting food they could feel good about eating, without sacrificing time, flavor or nutrition. Frustrated with the available options, they created Eat Fresco.

Taking the leap of faith into the entrepreneurial world from corporate life was surprisingly, not a difficult decision. Both Rob and Tracy felt passionate about the venture and confident in the opportunity. 

Rob spent many years working in the consumer packaged goods industry. He saw firsthand the disconnect between big food manufacturers and what people were seeking. “There’s such a void in the market for convenient packaged foods that aren’t mass produced and shipped frozen around the country. We’re taking a local or regional approach, rather than building a factory in the middle of the country. We are creating a fresh solution free from preservatives or anything artificial.” Eat Fresco caters to regional and seasonal tastes- something the big manufacturers find operationally challenging. 

Tracy had a long-time interest in nutrition and healthy living. From a young age, her family instilled in her the importance of eating right and staying active. “It’s rewarding to see our vision taking shape and gratifying to be part of our mission.” Their vision is to change the way packaged food products are made and distributed, making lives easier by offering fresh, deliciously local, real food.

Eat Fresco - salmon orzo plated
Eat Fresco - turkey quinoa plated
Eat Fresco - chicken fajita plated

Eat Fresco’s mission is to create fresh, delicious food, made locally. We strive to make life easier with real food you can feel good about eating!

eat fresco - entree salmon orzo
eat fresco - entree jerk chicken
eat fresco - entree - cuban pork
eat fresco - entree_beef fajita
eat fresco entree - chicken fajita
eat fresco - entree sriracha chicken
eat fresco - entree turkey quinoa
eat fresco - entree tuscan pasta

Recipes focus on robust flavors, quality ingredients, all natural proteins, and organic vegetables. The result is a delicious, yet healthy entree, high in protein with significantly less sodium than other packaged foods, on average 400 calories.

Innovative packaging locks in freshness without the need for freezing or preservatives. The clear, see through film offers transparency, showcasing real food. Meals are ready to eat in less than 2 minutes with microwave cooking.

The line currently includes eight entrees, such as Balsamic Glazed Salmon with orzo and Roasted Chicken in Sriracha Barbecue Sauce with green beans and macaroni and cheese. Ultimately, other products will be added to the Eat Fresco brand, such as breakfast bowls and entrees geared towards kids.

Since the launch into their first store in February 2015, Eat Fresco is now sold in over thirty retailers across the Tampa Bay, Jacksonville and Orlando areas. The brand continues gaining momentum throughout Florida in specialty food and mainstream grocery stores among other retail channels.

In February 2017, Fresco Foods opened their own state of the art commercial kitchen in East Tampa, designed with production capacity to service approximately 1,000 retailers throughout Florida. Future plans include expansion into other regions by establishing additional commercial kitchens to scale the business.

Fresco Foods has assembled a strategic team and the essential resources to build a large-scale, industry altering business. They aspire to positively impact our community by providing employment opportunities and contributing to local charities such as Feeding America Tampa Bay and Daystar Life Center.

Eat Fresco logo