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UE LifeSciences CEO Mihir Shah
U City Science -Campus

We’re helping entrepreneurs and scientists tackle the scientific and technological challenges of tomorrow and bring world changing discoveries to life.

With resources and programming for any stage of a business’s life cycle, the Science Center has a 50+-year track record helping scientists, entrepreneurs and innovators take their concepts from idea to IPO (Initial Public Offering) – and beyond

Our technology commercialization and entrepreneurial support programs facilitate  connections, foster collaboration and provide the capital that help innovators turn flashes of inspiration into thriving businesses.

And the recipe works. Graduate firms and current residents of the Science Center drive $13 billion in economic activity in the region annually.

As part of a vibrant city and region with world-class science and innovation assets, we’re proud to call Philadelphia home. As Center City moves west towards our location in the heart of University City, our uCity Square neighborhood is a dynamic community where entrepreneurs and experts connect, collaborate, challenge one another and thrive.

Here is a small sample of the companies we support and serve:

Avid Radiopharmaceuticals is a pioneer in the development of molecular imaging diagnostics and biomarkers that improve global health by accelerating the development of new medicines and enabling a tailored approach to healthcare. The Science Center has flexibly accommodated the growth of Avid as its portfolio and mission has advanced and expanded. Acquired by Eli Lilly & Company in 2010, Avid operates out of uCity Square as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the global pharmaceutical company.

uCity Science Center
Science Center - Campus Shots
U City Science Center - labs
CITY SCIENCE - Parsortix

Invisible Sentinel Inc. is a global molecular solutions company dedicated to providing first-in-class microbial detection tools that empower its clients to make the safest and highest quality products. Established in 2006 at the Science Center, the company has developed dozens of detection tools for use by food and beverage manufacturers, premium wineries, breweries, and third-party testing labs in the US and internationally. The Science Center helped facilitate Invisible Sentinel’s growth by providing technical resources and the industry access needed to grow the company from concept to commercialization. Invisible Sentinel regards its uCity Square location amidst a pool of talent and mentors as “the epicenter of biotechnology in the Philadelphia region.”

UE LifeSciences is revolutionizing cancer treatment and giving women who typically do not have access to early breast cancer detection a fighting chance. Their hand-held device can be used by community health providers to detect stiffer/harder breast tumors, which may be cancerous. CEO Mihir Shah leveraged two of the Science Center’s technology commercialization programs to bring the device to market. UE LifeSciences licensed the technology behind the company’s product, iBreastExam, from Drexel University where engineering professors Drs. Wan and Wei-Heng Shih developed the sensor technology after receiving a grant from the Science Center’s QED proof-of-concept program. With the help of the Science Center’s Digital Health Accelerator, UE LifeSciences took what was a great university invention and turned it into a commercial-grade medical device.
In partnership with GE Healthcare, iBreastExam is now marketed in several countries across Asia, Southeast Asia and Africa.

Science Center logo

University City Science Center
3675 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104
Phone: 215-966-6000 | | @UCScienceCenter

Guardian Nurses – Healthcare Advocates Lighting Your Way Through The Healthcare Maze

Guardian Nurses Fleet 2017

Guardian Nurses


Guardian Nurses Fleet 2017

Nurse Advocate and Mobile Care Coordinator Programs improve clinical outcomes and result in cost efficiencies. The United States spends more on health than any other economically comparable country yet sees a consistently mediocre return on this investment.

Betty Long, RN, MHA - President and CEO Guardian Nurses

Betty Long, RN, MHA – President and CEO

A fragmented healthcare system, a confusing patient journey and out of control spending all contribute to the passel of problems. And it is usually the patients and their families who get lost in its overwhelming maze of unanswered questions and exorbitant bills.

Pure light at the end of the tunnel is an innovative company that offers more than just words on paper to the patient in need of a helping hand. Guardian Nurses Healthcare Advocates offers the patient and family the services of a professional, caring and highly experienced RN who walks them through the process of consultation and treatment, and will even accompany them on doctors’ visits. Peace of mind replaces the confusion and frustration of facing the system on your own.

Going the extra mile to coordinate patient’ care
Not only does this shining light in healthcare offer a nurse advocacy program for patients, but 2013 saw Guardian Nurses create their Mobile Care Coordinator Program, mobilizing their RNs by putting them in branded SUVs. These nurses visit patients in hospitals, accompany them to physician visits, and visit them in their homes post hospital discharge. Their goals, and the Program’s goals, are to improve the patient’s experience, improve clinical outcomes, and reduce costs.

Small but significant beginnings
Guardian Nurses was founded by a nurse who saw a need to guide patients through the healthcare maze. It was Betty Long, RN, MHA who started the company when she witnessed firsthand the struggles of a family memberwho tried the navigate the healthcare system on her own. Her aunt’s struggle
through a jumble of tests, exacting treatments, conflicting opinions, difficult choices, and huge bills inspired her to compose a business plan. And, in 2003, the game-changing company was born.

The company’s inspirational philosophy and humanitarian-based mission of advocating for patients’ care was inspired by Florence Nightingale, the mother of modern nursing, whose passionate ideas revolutionized healthcare in her era. Guardian Nurses’ tag line Lighting Your Way Through the Healthcare System is an homage to the “Lady with the Lamp.”

It is with this same passion that Long leads Guardian Nurses. Their ‘high touch’ approach to patient advocacy and care coordination changes lives and presents a proven and practical solution to effective patient engagement and care coordination.

Recognition as a leading innovator in healthcare
Guardian Nurses Healthcare Advocates has been officially recognized and honored with one of the 2017 Health Care Innovator Awards for finding
innovative solutions to the challenges of quality, cost and access to health care. These prestigious awards, given by the Philadelphia Business Journal, recognize business leaders who are making a difference. Long is one such leader and this nursing-owned and managed company is clearly making a difference to the patients with whom they work.

Guardian Nurses Karen Betty Heidi
Guardian Nurses Logo

Guardian Nurses Healthcare Advocates, Inc.
P.O. Box 224, Flourtown, PA 19031
Office: 215-836-0260
Twitter: @Guardiannurses
Facebook: Guardian Nurses Healthcare Advocates

SynDaver Labs – Manufactures the World’s Most Sophisticated Synthetic Human Tissues and Body Parts

SynDaver Labs
SynDaver Labs Logo
SynDaver Labs
SynDaver Synthetic Human


Our SynDaver Synthetic Human bleeds, breathes, and employs hundreds of replaceable muscles, bones, organs, and vessels which are made from materials that mimic the mechanical, thermal, and physicochemical properties of live tissue. This validated technology is used to replace live animals, cadavers, and human patients in medical device studies, clinical training, and surgical simulation.

SynDaver Labs was founded in 2004 to commercialize a novel system of synthetic human body parts for the medical device industry. These sophisticated models replicate human anatomy in great detail, including individual muscles, tendons, veins, arteries, nerves and organs, all made form complex composites that mimic the properties of discrete living tissues. Made from water, fibers, and salts, each of these tissues have been validated for mechanical, chemical, thermal, and dielectric properties against the relevant living tissue.

SynDaver Labs
SynDaver Labs Surgical
SynDaver Synthetic Human Muscle
SynDaver Human Anatomy
SynDaver Canine

In fact, SynDraver Labs maintains the world’s largest database of LIVE tissue properties, and our products are used in such diverse fields as surgical training, medical device testing, consumer products evaluation, and ballistics testing

Work on this technology was initiated at the University of Florida in 1993. Initial studies involved the manufacture of synthetic trachea models to replace live animals in testing of airway devices and the development of interpenetrating  polymer-fiber networks to mimic lumenal structures such vessels.

The materials developed as a result of these studies are now used extensively in the industry as simple vein and artery mimics.

SynDaver Labs

8506 Benjamin Road, Tampa, Florida 33634

Phone: (813) 600 5530

Fax: (813) 600 3235


USF College Of Public Health -lowrypark zoo
USF College Of Public Health -lowrypark zoo


Transforming Health in Every Community

The USF Health College of Public Health was the first school of public health in Florida and remains the first for transformative education and research that is protecting us all.

With its focus on health promotion and disease prevention, the field of public health provides a foundation for our health care system that ultimately means lower health care costs.

Our College of Public Health is closely tied to that effort and partners with other USF Health colleges with an inter-professional approach that provides stronger team learning and collaborative research, ultimately improving the quality of health services, health care and our greater public health.

The College is also closely engaged with all forms of public agencies and private corporations that are determined to promote health and offer disease prevention. Our faculty are frequently called on, in both crisis situations and preemptive planning, for a range of important public health issues. Our experts are asked to examine water contaminants, study risk factors for heart disease, evaluate risk of injury to assembly line workers, promote good eating habits and prenatal care, evaluate health programs, and determine the health care needs of communities.

USF Health, Downtown and Health, Tampa

More recently, our faculty have been on the frontlines for evaluating mosquito populations carrying Zika virus, a known threat to citizens across Florida. This work builds on the College’s world-renowned expertise in global infectious diseases with faculty battling some of the world’s major health threats such as malaria and River Blindness.

Advancing with Innovation in Education

  • The USF undergraduate public health program is# 1 in College Factual’s“Top10 Veteran-Friendly Public Health Schools” list.
  • The USF College of Public Health’s Master of Public Health degree program is #2 in the country by Nonprofit Colleges Online, a website that helps students find offerings in affordable online degree programs.

The College of Public Health recently launched the state’s first transformed core curriculum for the Master’s in Public Health program, an entirely new approach to building foundational knowledge and skills based on Framing the Future: The Second Hundred Years of Education for Public Health, a national initiative that is transforming public health programs across the country to better train the public health workforce and improve population health.

College Of Public Health- research lab
college of public health - cidp simulation

Our Doctor of Public Health program, delivered primarily online in response to student demand, continues to grow in numbers and in the diversity of student experience and aspirations.

Our undergraduate program continues to produce outstanding graduates that are fully prepared to join the workforce or to pursue graduate or professional degree programs in an array of fields that impact population health.

The USF College of Public Health was a pioneer for online learning, launching a successful distance-learning initiative long before online classes even existed, and likely the first university to offer them.

Today, with the deluge of online learning offerings, the College of Public Health is still making inroads for how students learn and earn advanced degrees. Master’s degrees in six concentrations and 11 online graduate certificates from USF are now available across the world, creating more public health professionals with comprehensive online programs.

Strong Research for the Public Good

USF College of Public Health isconducting transformational research and engaging in an interdisciplinary work that aims to solve some of our greatest public health challenges. We are building research strength in areas that matter to health: infectious disease control, reproductive health, health equity, chronic illness, environmental and social risk factors and global health systems.

The College is home to 10 research Centers and Institutes focused on key areas of public health importance such as maternal and child health, occupational health, violence prevention, behavioral health, and biological threats.

Preparing for Tomorrow

The USF Health College of Public Health is at the forefront for educating public health professionals. From community and family health practitioners to health policy leaders to biodefense analysts and trainers, the College is helping build tomorrow’s leaders in public health.

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USF Health College Pharmacy
USF Health College Pharmacy


Innovative Education

The USF Health College of Pharmacy launched in 2011 with an approach to pharmacy education that completely flipped the traditional model. Going well beyond the typical retail pharmacist curriculum, the USF pharmacy program is creating a ready workforce based on current employer demands that include more research, direct patient care and drug development.

Pharmacists are an integral part of today’s health care teams and will play increasingly stronger roles in tomorrow’s health care landscape. In order to prepare for that future, the USF Health College of Pharmacy took a pioneering approach to pharmacy education and has become the pacesetter for teaching the pharmacists of tomorrow in an ever-changing healthcare field.

This innovative curriculum has revolutionized pharmacy education, offering a wider range of more patient-centered interprofessional training, including geriatric pharmacotherapy, translational pharmacogenomics and personalized medicine, health informatics, and leadership and management.

We view our pharmacy program as being a clinical apprenticeship as much as it is a degree-producing program. We are training pharmacy health practitioners to graduate with a mindset to transform the healthcare arena, and not simply exist in it.

Turning the pharmacy model around

Aimed at changing the way patients tap into the expertise of their pharmacists to better manage their health, the USF Health College of Pharmacy launched the USF Health Pharmacy Plus, an on-site pharmacy of the future that goes well beyond simply filling prescriptions by offering advanced support to patients, and a futuristic, hands-on setting for pharmacy student rotations.

USF Health College Pharmacy - Education

Pharmacy Plus, a national prototype for providing innovative patient engagement, education and monitoring, offers technology at its core while providing a personalized,patient-centric experience with on-site pharmacists who are part of the entire healthcare team.

On display in Pharmacy Plus, you will find the newest of mobile technologies that coincide with the College’s vision of the future: Prescribe medication, prescribe knowledge, and prescribe an app. This vision utilizes the latest innovations in digital platforms and mobile technologies to allow the patient and pharmacist to better track patient health so that interventions can occur before the next visit to the doctor.

Also housed in Pharmacy Plus is the Pharmacogenomics Clinic, which is led by our specially trained pharmacist who will use an individual’s genetic information to guide selection of medication or dosage to optimize treatments and minimize adverse drug events. Pharmacy Plus is one of the few clinics offering pharmacogenomics, which hints at the future of pharmacy where all patients are treated with personalized medicine to ensure better health.

Transforming drug delivery

Nanopharmacy and nanomedicine are unique interdisciplinary sciences that integrate the knowledge of natural sciences and engineering with pharmacy and medicine to develop nanopharmaceuticals, the next phase for targeted drug delivery, diagnosis, treatment monitoring, tissue regeneration, personalized medicine and more.

The USF Health College of Pharmacy is taking the lead on research that helps have a better understanding of the burgeoning technological advances in science at the nanoscale.

In addition to translational nanomedicine, the College is also pursuing cutting-edge research in basic and clinical pharmacogenomics and industrial pharmacy. These thrusts are in keeping with the recent advances in cell-, genomic-, and nano-technologies, which are expected to revolutionize health care in the 21st Century – enabling us to gain new insights into diagnostics, as well as therapy, and contributing to the development of new generations of pharmaceutical products and services.

The USF Health College of Pharmacy hosted an open house at Pharmacy+ 04-22-2015

Leading the way

The USF Health College of Pharmacy is boldly redefining pharmacy education to create the next generation of trusted health care advisors. Our groundbreaking research and new treatment models and inventions are helping us lead the vision for the future of science in Tampa Bay and nationally.

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USF HEALTH – College of Nursing. Transforming Health Care, Transforming Lives.

USF Health College Of Nursing - simulation Lab Training
USF Health College Of Nursing - simulation Lab Training
Creating the Nursing Leaders of Tomorrow and the Research that Improves Health
USF Health College of nursing - simulation 2


Transforming Health Care, Transforming Lives:
Creating the Nursing Leaders of Tomorrow and the Research that Improves Health

The USF Health College of Nursing is leading the state in educating a ready workforce to help meet the growing demands in health care. Coupled with a robust research program, the school is on target for a continuing rise in national rankings, as well as advancing international recognition for shaping the nursing profession.

Research that Improves Health

  • USF College of Nursing is # 1 among the State University System of Florida in National Institutes of Health (NIH) research funding.

USF nurse scientists are engaged in leading-edge research initiatives that are advancing science in acute and critical care, bio behavioral mechanisms, big data, cancer prevention and management, caregiver support, chronic illness management, complementary and alternative therapies, digital interventions and virtual support, microbiology, immunology and microbiome, psychoneuroimmunology, sexual and reproductive health, and symptom management.

Among many projects, our researchers are studying the links between the gut microbiome and the brain, the anti-infective and immune factors in human milk, the physiological effects of genes when there are changes in DNA activity, and the use of technology for digital interventions, symptom management and virtual support of patients.

Creating the Nursing Leaders of Tomorrow

  • USF College of Nursing is the # 1 RN-BS nursing program in the State University System of Florida
  • USF College of Nursing is the # 1 graduate nursing program (tied) in the State University System of Florida as ranked by S. News & World Report

Confronted with the projected nurse workforce shortage capable of crippling Florida’s health care system, the USF Health College of Nursing has developed multiple, innovative pathways to prepare thousands of nurses with the knowledge, compassion and leadership required to provide high-quality care to Floridians.


College Of Nursing Pain Management Simulation
USF Health College of Nursing

In addition to a strong four-year undergraduate program leading to a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree, five additional pathways allow students from non-traditional routes to earn that same degree – online and second degree options for current RNs, a partnership with Hillsborough Community College for a seamless transition to USF, a program for veterans who earn credit for their military training and experience, and an option for students from other USF campuses who are majoring in biology to take the accelerated nursing program on USF’s Tampa campus.

Our graduate certificate program in Advanced Pain Management is one a few programs in the United States that provides a curriculum devoted to understanding the pathophysiology, transmission, and modulation of pain.

Our PhD in Nursing program prepares our next generation of nurse scientists. Providing a vital link between practice and research, our PhD program trains students to create science that impacts patients, families and communities, potentially impacting millions of lives and improving foundational knowledge for providing the best in patient care.

Advancing with Innovation

The USF Health College of Nursing is forging ahead with innovative education, research and patient care, attracting and educating the best and brightest students, and recruiting top-tier faculty – all aimed at improving health and creating health care leaders.

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USF HEALTH – Committed to Improving the Full Spectrum of Health, from the Environment, to the Community, to the Individual

USF HEALTH - Downtown
USF HEALTH - Downtown
USF Health -Possible new treatments for necrotizing enterocolitis or NEC

We are an enterprise for change in the way we understand health and how it transforms our quality of life. USF Health is committed to improving the full spectrum of health, from the environment, to the community, to the individual.

Together, through talent and innovation, USF Health is integrating research, education and health care to reach our shared value – making life better.

USF Health is the partnership of the Morsani College of Medicine, the College of Nursing, the College of Public Health, the College of Pharmacy, the Biomedical Sciences Graduate and Postdoctoral Programs, the School of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Sciences, and USF Health Care.

USF Health is an integral part of the University of South Florida, a high-impact, global research university dedicated to student success.


A Transformative Vision Shaping the Future of Medicine Now

Health care is evolving at a rapidly accelerating pace, and the USF Health Morsani College of Medicine is making bold moves to implement and envision the future of health in an era of unprecedented change.

Since the opening of our college 46 years ago, we have been committed to providing the most advanced medical education, research and innovative, patient-centered care available in the Tampa Bay region and beyond. We are comprised of the medical school, the School of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Sciences, and the Biomedical Sciences Graduate School and Postdoctoral Programs. We also play an integral part in a health sciences campus that also includes the USF Health Colleges of Nursing, Public Health and Pharmacy and a faculty group practice plan consisting of more than 600 health care professionals. We believe in the spirit of discovery and transformation, and we believe in the future of health.

We are attracting the best and brightest medical students with a 60% increase in applications over the past three years. Our research portfolio has also grown significantly, particularly in the areas of diabetes, cardiovascular sciences, and neuroscience, and our clinical trial volume has doubled in three years.

usf health - wickline lab

Building a Leading Infrastructure in the Heart of Downtown Tampa

The new co-located USF Health Morsani College of Medicine and Heart Institute in Water Street Downtown Tampa both symbolizes and houses our trailblazing and ambitious vision. We are one of a select group of medical schools nationwide making the move to the city’s urban core. More than a new building, we are building a future that will change the way we educate and train the next generation of physicians, pioneer new innovations and therapies for heart health, and improve care delivery for patients and their families living in Tampa Bay and beyond. Our all new infrastructure in downtown Tampa, will serve as a key anchor for one of nation’s largest urban redevelopment projects, and world’s first wellness district being planned by Strategic Property Partners.

Medical knowledge is expected to double every 73 days by the year 2020, which greatly affects the way we need to train tomorrow’s doctors. The flexible, functional, efficient and flipped classroom architectural design by Skanska/HOK will adapt to the ever-evolving technological changes in academic medicine now, and decades into the future.

Proximity Drives Opportunities for Collaborative Learning and Discovery

Among its many advantages, the new location will place our college and Heart Institute in close proximity to Tampa General Hospital, our nationally ranked primary teaching hospital where our medical students do most of their clinical training and our clinical faculty admit most of their patients. In addition, our new location will be only 5 minutes away from the USF Health Center for Advanced Medical Learning and Simulation (CAMLS), at the forefront of surgical and clinical training emphasizing the highest quality of care, innovation and patient safety. This world-class center for medical learning and simulated training will help revitalize the urban core, create new jobs, and attract medical device manufacturers and other high-tech industries, including biotech and pharma startups.

Speeding Translation of Discoveries from Bench to Bedside to Improve Cardiovascular Care

Seeking answers to the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease – the leading cause of hospitalizations and deaths in Florida and nationwide – is the founding principle of our Heart Institute. It’s an endeavor that has taken on greater urgency in recent years as a growing body of evidence has mounted that cardiovascular disease is the greatest public health threat in our nation.

A large portion of the new building will feature our Cardiovascular Sciences Department. The practice has grown five-fold and is one of the largest in the state with expertise in specialties ranging from cardiac imaging and cardio-oncology to heart failure and electrophysiology. We will assemble a critical mass of cardiovascular researchers and clinicians close to both CAMLS and one of the country’s busiest centers for cardiac surgery, heart transplant and medical cardiology services at Tampa General Hospital.

Our NIH-focused Heart Institute will function as a vital hub with four floors devoted to cardiovascular and precision medicine research. Teams of basic, translational and clinical scientists will work together to translate heart health findings from bench to bedside more effectively and efficiently by better understanding the genetic, molecular, and environmental drivers of heart and vascular disease. Our Heart Institute ultimately aims to better personalize heart health care-related interventions to detect and prevent this dreaded disease before life-threatening complications occur.

USF HEALTH - Surgery
USF HEALTH -NIH-focused Heart Institute

Working Across Academic Disciplines to Accelerate Scientific Inquiry and Innovation

While the downtown Heart Institute is expected to yield $28 million a year in additional NIH research expenditures when the new cardiovascular facility attains full capacity, we will continue to grow our other research strengths. These key research areas include brain health at the USF Health Neuroscience Institute, and diabetes at the USF Health Diabetes Center. We also leverage our interprofessional partnerships with the colleges of nursing, public health, pharmacy and the school of physical therapy as well as colleges outside health like engineering, business and arts, in which we particularly invest and excel.

One example is the newly formed Department of Medical Engineering, an interdisciplinary PhD degree program between our college and the USF College of Engineering. The department not only matches our core mission, but it also will allow us to develop a creative learning model for today’s burgeoning field of drug discovery and development, and medical device innovation. Physicians and engineers will work side-by-side in health care environments at Tampa General Hospital and the CAMLS Innovation Center to capitalize on research opportunities turning scientific discoveries into practical health applications. This partnership will greatly improve patient outcomes, and help attract biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies to drive regional economic growth.

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Polar Breeze - Firefighter



The Polar Breeze ® microenvironmental air-chiller is the only device that can lower brain temperature 1°F. every two minutes!  In actual tests, Polar Breeze ® has lowered firefighter temperatures in Thermal Rehabilitation from 104.3°F. to 98.6°F. in 11 minutes.  Independent outside testing confirms this observation.

Polar Breeze - Firefighter

Physiologists now recognize cooling the brain as the most critical component in the treatment of Thermal Stress Illness (heat exhaustion, heat injury, heat stroke) and must be started as soon as possible to prevent the complications that can progress to heat stroke.  A deep review of the physiology literature from the last half-century reveals an effective mechanism to treat Thermal Stress Illness but has never been effectively implemented.  Polar Breeze ® now incorporates that technology with newer technology that creates vastly more efficient cooling of the brain through special structures of the human scalp and face, as well as employing cutting-edge physiology research to cool the bloodstream directly through the lung.

The human lung has ~59x the surface area of the skin and is approximately 60% the size of a single’s tennis court!  Here the bloodstream is separated from inhaled cold air only by the thickness of one cell-layer in the lung’s air sacs surrounded by blood capillaries.  And that one layer of cells in the air sacs has no fat as insulation to hold the heat in the bloodstream, unlike trying to cool the body through the skin. Thus, with Polar Breeze ® comes cooling of the body from inside-out instead of from outside-in, as occurs with cooling by sweat on the skin. Fat in the skin acts as insulation to hold body heat in.

The first organs to be cooled with Polar Breeze ® are the ones usually most damaged by Thermal Stress Illness- the brain (hypothalamus), heart, lungs, and gut.  This should provide greater relief and help protect against the advancement of thermal stress progressing to heat stroke.

Polar Breeze Ralf Blackstone

Ralf W. Blackstone MD, Chairman of the Board

Jamie Polar Breeze

Jamie Blackstone, CEO

Benjamin R. Kugler Polar Breeze

Benjamin R. Kugler, President

Dan Polar Breeze

Daniel McCue Director of Research and Development

This disruptive technology has amazed all who have tried it at firefighter burns and demonstrations; athletic practices; and more.  Its ability to cool the ambient air 30°F. in a single pass has meant comfort and relief of heat-stress for all who have tried it in high Heat Index conditions. Polar Breeze ® is the result of 20+ years of research by Tampa Bay anesthesiologist and former emergency physician, Ralf Blackstone MD.  Polar Breeze ® is designed, engineered, and assembled in Tampa Bay with quality American components.

We know of global warming and, as such, the incidence of heat waves resulting in Thermal Stress Illness and heat stroke are likely to increase over the coming years.  The data is daunting:

Polar Breeze - Fire Fighter Thermal Rehabilitation
  • In the mid-to-late summer of 1995, Chicago experienced its worst heat wave; over 650 individuals died of heatstroke in a two week period. In research conducted by the University of Chicago, an additional 1,000 people who survived their initial bout of heatstroke perished 6 to 12 months later of their heatstroke injuries.
  • The world’s worst heat wave occurred in Europe between July and August 2003, taking the lives of 70,000 people. France alone reported 14,800 heatstroke fatalities with the other European countries reporting the balance.
  • On average, over 7,000 people worldwide die each year from heatstroke. Countless thousands more who survive are handicapped by its debilitating residual effects.
  • The second leading cause of death and injury to athletes worldwide is heatstroke, second only to cardiac arrest. Current studies may yet prove a direct link between heatstroke and cardiac arrest in athletes.
  • Per the CDC; the leading cause of death and injury in high school sports is heatstroke.
Polar Breeze microenvironmental air-chillers and Hoods
Polar Breeze logo

Our Goal, at Statim Technologies LLC with our Polar Breeze® microenvironmental air-chillers and Hoods, is to help limit Thermal Stress Illness and thereby help prevent its progression to debilitating injury.  In this manner, we hope to make the lives of firefighters; athletes training and/or playing on the field; or workers in high heat and humidity work-sites better and safer in this and the coming years.

510 Garden Ave, Clearwater, Fl 33755

Toll Free (877) 474-2841

THERAPY ASSISTANCE ONLINE (TAO) – Where Every Person Who Needs Mental Health Treatment is Able to Access it Easily and Affordably

TAO - Connected health conference
TAO - Connected health conference


Dr. Sherry Benton, founder and inventor of TAO (Therapy Assistance Online),  is a woman with a vision- one in which every person who needs mental health treatment is able to access it easily and affordably, regardless of geographical location or socioeconomic status.

After serving as the director of the counseling center at the University of Florida, which provides services to a population of 50,000 students, she was made starkly aware of the supply and demand problem for mental health therapy. University counseling centers are often under-staffed and under-funded and it is common for students to be subjected to a wait list before receiving treatment. The situation for access to traditional treatment is not much more optimistic for the rest of the country- 56% of US counties have no licensed mental health providers and over 90 million people live in federally designated mental health under served areas. Dr. Benton felt this disparity was “intolerable” and set out in an entrepreneurial pursuit to revolutionize the landscape of behavioral telehealth solutions.

TAO - Bob

Bob Clark, CEO

TAO - Dr. Sherry Benton

Dr. Sherry Benton, Chief Science Officer

The TAO platform-an online suite of tools accessible from any device with an internet connection- is designed to address this pervasive problem of access and affordability and bring effective treatment to those who have had limited access in the past.

The TAO product was first developed out of the University of Florida’s College of Education in 2012, and by August of 2013, the treatment was offered on UF’s campus for students suffering with anxiety. The overwhelming success of the treatment led to the roll-out of the beta product to nine additional universities for testing. Since then TAO developed additional treatments, grown the company with investments from prominent firms, secured two National Science Foundation grants for the development of a machine learning-based counseling system, and moved it’s headquarters from Gainesville to St. Petersburg, Florida.

TAO allows therapists to interact with clients via secure videoconferencing and monitor their progress while also providing their clients with engaging educational videos and interactives, daily “homework” and logs, artificial intelligence-informed tools, and the convenience of having treatment materials accessible to them 24/7. 

Understanding the need for a business-minded leader at the helm, TAO brought on Bob Clark, former healthcare executive and software developer, as Chief Executive Officer in 2015. The TAO team is a harmonious balance of science, creativity and business savvy, with salespeople, developers, designers and administrative support all working to support the vision and mission of social justice through technology. Located on the bustling 600 Block of Downtown St. Petersburg, TAO fits in well with the entrepreneurial spirit of the locally-owned economy for which this city is lauded.

TAO - Bob and Sherry
TAO - Group

TAO is currently utilized internationally at more than 60 university counseling centers, in several private practices and in 1 EAP- and those numbers continue to climb as the platform gains traction as a viable solution for addressing the shortcomings of the current behavioral health system. With depression and anxiety becoming more prevalent in today’s fast-paced world, people are searching for a solution that they can fit into their busy lives. Using TAO, a patient can connect with a therapist from the privacy of their home, their office, a café- anywhere with an internet connection. Combining the videoconferencing capabilities with the breadth of online tools for accountability and progress, TAO’s treatments have been shown to be more effective than traditional face-to-face therapy alone. The TAO Connect mission is no small undertaking, but TAO is making huge strides in delivering a telehealth solution to improve the future of behavioral health.

Map of TAO
TAO Therapy Assistance Online logo

TAO Connect

600 1st Avenue North

Suite 305

St. Petersburg, Florida 33701

(844) 438-8262

Metasense Analytics – a Dynamic Digital Health Startup that Empowers Healthcare Companies to Quickly Make Sense of Their Data

Metasense Analytics




Metasense Analytics

Using the Metasense cloud data platform, customers gain fast actionable insights to improve health outcomes, enhance efficiency, and lower healthcare costs. 

The company’s cutting-edge Analytics Accelerator software is a quick, easy, lightweight alternative to increase the productivity of a healthcare data science team by driving lightning fast actionable insights.

Key Customer Benefits and Differentiators

  • Light, fast implementation. Sign up, log in and start working.  No long, complex and expensive implementation process.
  • Enhances your existing data infrastructure. Get answers without waiting weeks for data sources or element changes.  Govern, collaborate, share and reuse data and insights between Metasense and your existing infrastructure.
  • Rapidly proliferate real-time insights into front-line actions. Integrate insight feeds directly into dashboards and action prompters. 
  • Free up IT and Data Science bottlenecks by decentralizing analytics. Empower your business users to lead their own data projects with our business rules focus that eliminates hand software coding.
  • Robust business rules management. Focus on managing business rules and eliminate software hand coding.
  • Answer your organization’s unique questions. Infinite analytics use cases combined with easy algorithm builder releases your team from vendor use case constraints.

Organizational Users

  • Medical informatics team
  • Data management team
  • Business users
  • Data scientists
  • Business analysts
  • Data “citizens”
Metasense Analytics - Meeting

Key Product Features

  • Cognitive healthcare data intake: accelerated with Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing for intelligent, automated, real-time data ingestion.
  • Self-service data preparation: empowers business users and accelerates time-to-insight.
  • Fast analytics: powered by Project Stencils™ and Artificial Intelligence, integrates insights into workflows to drive smart action.
  • Enhances existing data infrastructure and Business Intelligence tools without disrupting them.
  • Secure, encrypted and HIPAA compliant cloud.

Metasense was founded in 2016 by an experienced team of healthcare and data experts, who are deeply mission-driven and believe that, by empowering faster understanding of data, its software will help people lead healthier lives and lower healthcare costs across the U.S.

The Company has been a finalist in several startup contests, including the Harvard Business School New Venture Competition (southeast), and is a member of the Tampa Bay WaVE startup accelerator. 

Metasense is proud to be headquartered in Tampa, Florida.  The Tampa Bay Area’s developing startup ecosystem, technical and business talent, and excellent healthcare and academic institutions, make it a great place to do business

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