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Dr. Jacqueline Darna – Nomo Nausea

Dr. Jacqueline Darna inventor of NoMo Nausea bands



Dr. Jacqueline Darna inventor of NoMo Nausea bands

As a medical professional, Dr. Jacqueline Darna was aware of copious antiemetics. However, when they didn’t work after her surgery, she knew she needed to find an alternative relief. Inventing NoMo Nausea bands, not only allowed her to hold her sweet baby girl, but to help moms in the same position. Although perhaps initially difficult to encourage people to try something “untraditional”, NoMo bands have flourished. Clinical trials and hospital partnerships have expanded the reach of NoMo Nausea bands and their soothing power. Now with 5 product lines and products in 12 countries, Dr. Darna knows people are getting the help they need. People are not just imagining a day without nausea they are experiencing a full, adventurous and healthier life with NoMo Bands.

Vision Statement
I was in the hospital having my second child. The resulting joys of childbirth took a turn when my emergency C-section left me sick, nauseated and vomiting for three days. With no relief from traditional medication, I tried aromatherapy and acupressure, which worked! But, my search for a similar product combining these two powerfully soothing agents turned up empty. So, I created my own. After all, if it helped me, how many other people can it help?

NoMo Nausea Bands and other all-natural remedies will undoubtedly continue to develop a sense of open-mindedness, adventure and healthy living in the Tampa Bay Community. If people can imagine a healthier life, they can achieve so much more!

Tampa has a culture of trying new things, making it a beautiful breeding ground for entrepreneurs. From unique restaurants to water bikes,  open-mindedness is key. By being open to different possibilities, like all-natural remedies, people can experience their life to the fullest!

Travelers come to Tampa from all over the world, whether by cruise, plane or car. Products that increase the fun during an adventure and take away motion sickness, like NoMo Bands, will certainly succeed here in Tampa.

Healthy Living
Everywhere parents and individuals worry about medicine’s side effects, dosages and timing, pregnant and breastfeeding moms especially! So, the proliferation of organic, all-natural and healthy lifestyles are sure to popularize these products. Tampa’s culture is the perfect prescription for increased access to all-natural, innovative products, whether people are seeking a healthier daily lifestyle, comfortable pregnancy or just a fun vacation.

Dr. Jacqueline Darna NoMo Nausea - logo

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NoMo Nausea – Instant Relief for the Whole Family

NoMo - girl with no mo band
Dr. Jacqueline Darna NoMo Nausea - logo
NoMo - girl with no mo band


NoMo - Advert

NoMo Bands are the first and only essential oil infused acupressure wristbands that instantly relieve nausea and vomiting, as well as headaches and migraines. Soothing essential oil aromatherapy combines with gentle acupressure in a comfortable, stylish, and waterproof wristband for safe, effective, fast-acting, long-lasting, natural relief that works for your whole family


Our story began almost four years ago when I became the patient instead of the medical provider. The anesthesia from my emergency C-section left me sick and vomiting for days. Surprisingly, none of the traditional medications worked for me. Luckily, I tried Eastern medicine practices of acupressure and aromatherapy and I rejoiced in finding the perfect remedy. But, my search for a similar product in stores turned up empty. So, my first product, NoMo Nausea, was born. Then I thought, if it helped me, how many others can it help? Now I have five product lines both internationally and domestically, and we want to keep growing. The more we grow, the more people we can help. We are changing people’s lives for the better, one band at a time.


At NoMo Nausea, we pride ourselves on being a truly small, bootstrapping business that has become a family. Our core management team is only four people. I oversee the business and find new ways to continue our progress. Sara, my VP, is my righthand woman. She effectively actualizes my ideas and oversees our sales team. Stan, my husband, and COO, manages everyday operations and supervises our fulfillment center. Pam, my office manager, and her wealth of knowledge about retail sales keeps us all organized. Dr. Orbegoso, my Chief Medical Officer, is an anesthesiologist with 26 years of  experience and conducts our clinical research. Our family wouldn’t be complete without our team of student interns. We embrace our partnerships with Tampa universities so students can use their skills in “the real world.” For three years, our interns have supplied innovative and contemporary ideas, amplifying the success of the company.

NoMo - Jackie
NoMo - doctor wearing wrist band


NoMo Bands’ uniqueness has garnered significant attention. In 2015, Kiwi Magazine, Surgical Products, and even national sports teams recognized us. I also began my annual campaign, “Buy a Band, Give a Band”, where for every band purchased during October, we donate a band to a patient undergoing chemotherapy.

n 2016, I was given the PharmaHero award and nominated as Business Woman of the Year by the Tampa Chamber of Commerce. I also won Shark Tank’s The Big Pitch when my NoMo Migraine band stopped the judge’s migraine in two minutes.

Our products hit the shelves of nationwide retailers like Bed Bath and Beyond, BuyBuy Baby, and CVS in 2017. I also introduced my hilarious and informative Pregnancy Pukeology podcast and was featured in Forbes magazine. Finally, last month, I won the inaugural 2018 PepsiCo Choice competition at the WBENC National Conference and Business Fair. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2019!

NoMo Nausea - 4 Product Line

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Verapy – Virtual Reality Therapy

Verapy - Virtual reality therapy
Verapy Logo
Verapy - Virtual reality therapy
University of Tampa athlete playing one of Verapy’s games for shoulder flexion and extension exercise


Verapy’s platform utilizes virtual reality (VR) technology to empower patients to participate in their physical therapy treatments. This immersive experience turns mundane exercises into fun and engaging games improving efficiency in the clinic, while increasing patient retention and compliance.


CEO and co-founder Jonathan Truong invisioned Verapy from his personal pain points in physical therapy. He had a total of 5 different surgeries and suffered from meningitis and a stroke at an early age, requiring extensive physical and occupational therapy that he regrets not doing.

Jonathan met his business partner Tad Svendrys during Startup Weekend Tampa Bay and placed 4th out of 12 business ideas back in November 2016. They both shared the pain points of the boring and repetitive nature of physical therapy and felt compelled to tackle this universal challenge.

Verapy works with therapists to ensure that the games align with the therapy protocols. The immersive experience allows participants to enjoy their therapy, where more often than not, participants will complete their therapy without even thinking about it. As part of the compliance, we track key metrics such as range of motion and pain level enabling therapists to view participants’ progress; an increase in range of motion and decrease in pain.

Verapy team - Mega Health Jam
Verapy team spent time in Orlando to participate in Mega Health Jam.


From humble beginnings in 2016, Verapy joined the Tampa Bay Wave and the University of Tampa Accelerator, tremendously impacting their growth. We’ve developed prototype games for upper extremities such as shoulder and wrist, acquired letters of intent from local physical therapy clinics & institutions, partnered with game development studios, and all accomplished by adopting the lean startup methodology.

We have participated in Tampa Bay Wave’s Demo Day in which we pitched to their vast investor network, selected to partake as one of 7 startups out of 90 accelerators in GAN’s first virtual demo day and won the 2nd place in the University of Tampa New Venture Expo. We’re looking to continue pressing forward and making an impact in the community with the events and partners such as Synapse, MegaHealthJam, Florida Health Innovators, Cade Museum and many others.

Ultimately, every idea, workflow and execution is geared toward creating better patient experiences and outcomes. Our long-term strategy is to be in every physical therapy facility helping young and old, athlete or a stroke patient and many others. Restoring lives, creating jobs and fostering  entrepreneurial passion is a win-win for everyone in the greater Tampa Bay.

Verapy App
As patients complete their prescribed exercise games, they can view their progress, unlock achievements and view a goal setting roadmap
Verapy - Jonathan and Tad
From left to right: Jonathan Truong and Tad Svendrys showcasing in the Disrupting Healthcare event hosted at Florida Hospital in Orlando.

500 E. Kennedy Blvd., 3rd Floor, Tampa, FL 33602
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FIVE Labs – Medical Device Technology Development & Education

FIVE Labs office building

FIVE Labs is an organization that is at the intersection of medical device technology development and the education of surgeons and healthcare professionals.

FIVE Labs office building
In 2014, FIVE Labs retrofitted existing office building in the Westshore area to create a state-of-the-art surgical training lab and conference center.
FIVE Labs - Auditorium

Our Story

FIVE Labs was founded as an extension of the educational mission of the Foundation for Orthopaedic Research and Education (FORE). FIVE Labs was designed to provide environments specific to learning and practicing with new surgical technologies. There’s a learning curve associated with any new technology but in the medical device field, the stakes are high. New medical technologies are often quite sophisticated, and some require training even for experienced surgeons. Ultimately, our goal is to reduce complications and improve patient outcomes by conducting these trainings.

In addition to the training environments, FIVE Labs works with medical device companies, design surgeons, and engineers to develop new technologies. Using the latest software and onsite 3D printing and machining capabilities, we can quickly create and test working prototypes. This allows for rapid development and vetting of medical devices.

FIVE Labs - Pupello Headshot
Derek Pupello Founder and CEO of FIVE Labs
FIVE Labs - Classroom
FIVE Labs - Tampa Room
FIVE Labs - Surgical training Lab
The surgical training lab can accommodate up to 30 surgical stations and over 100 people.


Nearly 5,000 healthcare professionals have been to an event at our facility since the opening of FIVE Labs in 2015. World-renowned physicians from across the U.S. and the world have served as faculty and taught the next generation of surgeons at our facility. Additionally, since 2015, we have had 14 patents issued for technologies developed in partnership with surgeon collaborators right here in Tampa Bay.

Joe Leonard
Lab Director
Christopher Griffin
Lab Supervisor

Lexi Betances
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4115 W Spruce St., Tampa, FL 33607
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Medical Guardian – Disrupting the Medical Alert Industry

Medical Gaurdian - team
Geoff Gross Medical Gaurdian Logo



Medical Gaurdian - team

When Medical Guardian launched in 2005, the Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) industry had already been around for 30 years. At just 25-years-old, Geoff Gross founded Medical Guardian to give his grandmother something she wasn’t getting from another medical alert company— an empowering experience. Although Gross was young, he understood the industry needed a more engaging brand so more Americans could connect with the product offerings and age in place with confidence.


Gross knew going into the PERS industry would be a challenge, as hundreds of thousands of Americans associated a medical alert device to a TV commercial from the 1980’s which featured an older adult laying frail and helpless on the bathroom floor. Although the catchphrase for the commercial became associated with the industry, it also created a stigma about older adults and the type of people using PERS. To combat this misconception, Gross made a conscious effort to steer clear of fear-based messaging and instead build a marketing campaign around empowerment and independence.

Medical Gaurdian - Brand Evolution
Medical Gaurdian - office

Revolutionizing the Brand to Empower

With people living longer than ever before and older adults becoming more social, active and tech-savvy, Gross and the Medical Guardian team—who always have the best interest of both the current customer and future generations of customers to come in mind—had the foresight to know that they had to make a change to their branding and messaging to evolve alongside this changing demographic. While other companies were successful selling the same product with the same type of message, Medical Guardian was ready to take on the challenge of keeping up with the ever-growing senior demographic through a company-wide Brand Evolution in 2017.

Medical Gaurdian - Christmas Party
Medical Gaurdian family tree

Through in-depth market research of those 65 and older, the company found most older adults did not see themselves as old, but rather as simply entering their third act in life. Research helped Medical Guardian develop their brand and mantra “keep going” — shifting the perception of the way people looked at their service and developing a brand that differentiated itself from competitors. Through this, Gross has been able to position Medical Guardian as a lifestyle brand that inspires older adults entering their Golden Years.

“Medical Guardian gives our customers not only a better solution but a better experience,” says Gross. “In addition to our Brand Evolution, we threw away the sales scripts, so our team members could garner a real, long-lasting connection with our customers. For generations to come, we will continue to keep up with the senior demographic through in-depth research and empower older adults to live their best life or a life without limits.”

Harnessing Technology to Build the Business

To meet the needs of aging Americans who wish to remain healthy, socially engaged and safe—often in their own homes—Medical Guardian packs various forms of industry-leading technology into each one of their tiny, life-saving devices. It’s through advanced technology that the company has been able to diversify their product line. Offering in-home, mobile, and wearable all-in-one products, Medical Guardian continues to maintain affordable price points without compromising their best-in-class, life-saving protection. Product innovation is a core value of Medical Guardian; one that’s rooted in the desire to continually stay strides ahead of the field—both in product offerings and competitive edge.

Medical Gaurdian - Proud to Be in Philadelphia

Medical Guardian’s technology expands past their medical alert devices with many of their products working in tandem with companion mobile apps. The creation of these mobile apps is designed specifically for the older adult’s customizable Care Circle—consisting of loved ones, friends, neighbors, doctors and caregivers—and it’s through these apps that their Care Circle will be able to monitor, check-in, and connect with their loved ones, without being intrusive to their day-to-day lifestyle. It’s with innovative technology that Medical Guardian can serve more than just the customer, but also the customer’s loved ones and care providers.

Proud to Be in Philadelphia

Medical Guardian is headquartered in Center City, Philadelphia. An integral part of the city’s booming startup ecosystem, the company’s explosive year-over-year growth has been recognized as one of the fastest-growing private companies in America by both the Inc. 5000 and the Philly 100. Most recently, Medical Guardian was awarded the IoT Evolution Business Impact Award, recognizing the company’s forward-thinking technological approach to their products, and further solidifying their position as a leading provider of innovative medical alert systems across the country.

Medical Guardian shows no sign of slowing down in the coming years, especially as Baby Boomers continue to age into retirement on a large scale, with more than 10,000 of them turning 65 every day (Pew Research Center). To better serve the needs of this rapidly-growing and revolutionary demographic, Medical Guardian plans to further innovate and expand both their product line and in-house talent— which now consists of over 300 employees—to ensure that aging adults across the country can truly live a life without limits.

Geoff Gross Medical Gaurdian Logo

1818 Market St.,
Suite 1200
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PracticeForces – Bespoke Medical Billing Management Services

PracticeForces - Kunal and Parul
PracticeForces - Kunal and Parul



They came to the U.S. in 2003, with a few hundred dollars, and a burning desire to make a name for themselves in the land of opportunities. Kunal had a legacy to live up to; his father was a prominent social activist in the state of Rajasthan, India. Parul was the pioneer of her family, and both knew they wanted to make their family in India proud.

In January 2004, a few weeks after his arrival in the U.S., Kunal started PracticeForces with a vision to provide bespoke medical billing management services to medical practices and hospitals in the U.S. Parul shared Kunal’s passion for the business and joined the venture within the first month.

Since then there has been no looking back. Along with an enthusiastic team at PracticeForces, the company has grown from a local business catering to medical practices in Florida to a national provider.

Kunal says, “I am a lucky man. Every day I get the opportunity to make lives better for my clients, to improve their business profitability, whilst creating employment for people within my company. The lessons I have learned in my business, have helped me evolve as a business investor and mentor to other Startups in the region.”


As for partnering with his life partner in business, Kunal feels that what has helped them is a clear demarcation of who is responsible for what. While Parul handles the business and operations of PracticeForces, Kunal handles marketing and strategic development. They have set up three companies in the health and wellness space and has generated employment for over 300 people in the U.S. and India.

Parul holds an MBA and is an AAPC-Certified Coder (The American Academy of Professional Coders). She has also held position at local AAPC chapter as a board member.

Kunal has also been instrumental in curating the Tampa chapter of TiE, which is a strong advocacy organization for Startups in the Tampa Bay area since 2012. Proving that one can always learn more, in 2015 Kunal attended the executive program in Global Healthcare Innovation from Harvard Business School.

In April 2018, the couple received the prestigious USF Fast 56 award, which recognizes the fastest growing businesses owned or operated by alumni of the University of South Florida.

PracticeForces - KUNAL JAIN

The couple is strongly involved in community building efforts both in the U.S. and in India. They support non-profit organizations like Ekal Vidhyala, TiE Tampa Bay and Akshay Patra.

Kunal is also the founder and chairman of the Kaushalam Foundation, a non-profit organization registered in Rajasthan, India. The motto for the foundation is, ‘Building India, through Skilling India’.

The couple’s do-it-all approach seems to have rubbed off on their young son and daughter. Both parents agree that seeing their kids demonstrate qualities of wisdom, intelligence, and empathy, is one of their biggest accomplishments.

So how do they run a business, mentor other entrepreneurs, manage a young family, and still find time to give back to society?

Kunal says he is blessed with an abundance of energy and never tires. Parul believes her number one tip for other mompreneurs is working smart and spending quality time with family.

PracticeForces Logo

Phone: 727-771-1300
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Engineering & Computer Simulations – An Innovative Industry Leader

Engineering & Computer Simulations - Quad
Engineering & Computer Simulations - Quad


Engineering & Computer Simulations - Kampfhubschrauber Apache

An Innovative Industry Leader That Remains Ahead of the Technology Curve.

Engineering & Computer Simulations (ECS) is an award-winning global services and solutions company, specializing in training, technology, and consulting services. Headquartered in Central Florida since 1997, the company opened its second office in late 2017 in Huntsville, Alabama, to focus primarily on aviation and aerospace.

ECS serves a diverse client base that includes aviation, healthcare, and government programs and services. The common thread among these is the need to maximize workforce performance, reduce cost, or minimize staff turnover. The ECS portfolio includes 2D and 3D visualization, as well as augmented, virtual, and mixed reality, that prepares the U.S. military, first responders, and others performing critical job functions to perform effectively in high-stress, unpredictable work environments. The services, support, and staff augmentation team also hires and manages experienced personnel, including instructors, operators, and staff, for the joint military services who work in over 45 locations throughout the U.S. and internationally.

Among other emerging technologies, the company uses game-based simulations to replicate the real-world challenges that employees face in their job. This increased realism accelerates learning by allowing employees to repeat scenarios until they master the necessary skills. For example, ECS’ TC3Sim (Tactical Combat Casualty Care) uses story-driven scenarios to teach and evaluate a combat medic’s knowledge of essential tactics, techniques, and procedures through the use of an immersive virtual environment.

Engineering & Computer Simulations - Shane @Orthotron
Engineering & Computer Simulations - army flight simulations

Since its beginning, the company envisioned innovative, interactive ways of training early in the tech revolution – during a time when live-instructors and text-books were unshakeable norms. The uphill battle to create market acceptance tested the company to the limits at times. In a competitive market of established technology companies and large defense contractors, it took three years for ECS to land its first contract. Operating on the technology edge, ECS has remained vigilant in monitoring technology, understanding how it fits into the ECS mission and using it to improve performance for the military, first responders, other government organizations and commercial entities. Today, ECS is an established leader and trendsetter in its industry and the community.

ECS CEO and president, Waymon Armstrong said: “We attribute our success to agility and flexibility during challenging times. We frequently see fluctuations when government budgets are cut. During these times we’ve expanded our offerings and added technology and services. As we grow, we remain committed to our core values – innovation, inspiration, passion, and commitment to complete customer satisfaction and exceptional service – coupled with trust, authenticity and integrity. We’re extremely proud of the dedication and creativity of our team, and their work to support our Warfighters and first responders for over 21 years.”

Engineering & Computer Simulations CEO and president, Waymon Armstrong
Engineering & Computer Simulations - Cut Suit in OR

Armstrong believes that his commitment to the team and their loyalty in return is a key contributing factor to the company’s success. ECS is committed to integrating innovative technology, subject-matter expertise and research into projects that bring value and benefit to its clients.

Armstrong explains: “We built ECS by exploring and implementing new technologies that enhance training and we continue to lead the technology curve. Our innovative approach to just-in-time training with measurable analytics will advance the way we train our future workforce, including the next generation warfighter and first responders. We’re excited about what this will mean for our clients, as we are challenged to heighten availability and the effectiveness of training.”

Engineering & Computer Simulations - LOGO

11825 High Tech Ave Ste 250
Orlando, Florida
Phone: 407-823-9991

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Clinlogix – Innovate, Integrate, and Execute





In 1999, her pursuit of an answer resulted in the founding of Clinlogix and in focusing her efforts towards decreasing project cycle time and delivering timely, cost-effective, and high-quality clinical trial data. With a compass at the helm, the company operated with three primary guiding points: Innovate, Integrate, and Execute.

Twenty years later, these guiding points are still ingrained in our corporate culture and aid in charting our clients’ innovation pathways. In today’s ever-expanding global market, the requirements for medical device, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical companies are constantly changing. Coupled with the rapid acceleration of medical innovation and changing regulations, the path to market for these companies is not always clear. That is where Clinlogix comes in.

As a company, we thrive on providing comprehensive clinical services for the development and approval of novel and emerging technologies. Our dedicated team consists of nurses, doctors, biologists, engineers, statisticians and academics connected by a passion for medical advancement. Our drive and determination in embracing innovative technology have resulted in our involvement and leadership in groundbreaking developments industry-wide.

clinlogix building
clinlogix slogan

Our Guiding Points:

Innovate: We understand that the clinical development pathway for each client and product is unique. To meet such needs, Clinlogix, as a CRO, needs to be dynamic. That is why we’ve developed a flexible process that allows us to unbundle core and non-core functional areas of clinical research. Our team of highly experienced and therapeutically aligned professionals, deliver our clients a flexible, scalable global pathway to fit their unique project needs.

Integrate: We often use rowers to depict our service structure. At a glance, rowing is smooth, graceful, and swift. On the surface it looks easy; however, it requires focus, timing, coordination, and power to move forward. Facilitating a clinical trial is much of the same. With constant moving pieces, we must be aligned with our team and client in order to move forward. One person “out of sync” and the boat, or trial, may go off course.

As an extension of our Client’s in-house team, we utilize our experience and knowledge to become a valuable, and accountable, team member seamlessly. This approach enables us to be on the same “stroke” throughout the entire process.

Execute: We have earned an exemplary record for delivering projects on time and within budget. Starting with our extensive front-end planning and consulting, we gain a clear understanding of our client’s study requirements, business objectives and goals. Optimized to take advantage of proven technologies and processes, our services deliver effectively managed programs and results. From timelines to budgets, to regulatory compliance, our client goals and milestones are carefully monitored and bench-marked against metrics, ensuring programs are on course and moving forward.

clinlogix logo
Clinlogix - Waves

8 Spring House Innovation Park
Suite 100, Lower Gwynedd, PA 19002
Phone: 215-855-9054
United States – Europe – Latin America – Asia Pacific

Open Systems Healthcare – With Us, You’re Home.

Open Systems Healthcare
Open Systems Healthcare
Open Systems Healthcare - logo


Here at Open Systems Healthcare (OSH), we’re a passionate group of home care professionals who focus on finding the right home care services for your exact needs.

Founded in 2011 and headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, OSH provides in-home personal care, skilled nursing, and behavioral services to adults, seniors, and children. Key to our success is our ability to bridge the gap between small locally, run companies and monolithic corporations by implementing a consumer-centric business model. Organically growing since our inception, OSH currently employs over 1,400 home health aides, nurses, and home care professionals across our 15 offices in 4 states and the District of Columbia.

The business model for OSH is a consumer-centric one in which we apply the home health approach to a non-medical business. In practice, this resulted in a business built on compliance. Before the last 5 years, big players in the industry were not beholden to specific rules and regulations regarding non-medical care, with an institutional lack of corrective action. With the rise of regulations and licensing, established companies were forced to halt sales to implement the compliance side of the business slowing their growth significantly. Conversely, our approach allowed for exponential growth in that compliance was the front-runner and sales followed. Our commitment to this approach resulted in the establishment of a brand and reputation of progressive professionalism to our consumers, caregivers, and payor sources.

Open Systems Healthcare - manna
Open Systems Healthcare group

This notion of progressive professionalism has shaped the organizational infrastructure of OSH. Unlike many sales organizations, HR is a function of sales, and therefore a real partner for our sales team. The common adversarial relationship between HR and sales has been torn down in favor of a model that allows the blending of traditional organizational silos by emphasizing constant collaboration and communication. This has allowed OSH to foster an employee base familiar with all aspects of the business creating a bench of genuinely promotable talent across departments and branches.

Open Systems Healthcare - child care
Open Systems Healthcare Team
Open Systems Healthcare - philadelphia

This internal talent pool demands an organization not only adaptable, but one committed to the same proactive improvement we expect of them. As a result, OSH leadership has dedicated its focus to an infusion of technology to enhance both our customer service and staffing as well as the overall employee experience at OSH. In the last year alone, OSH has introduced new platforms to assist with recruiting, advertising, staffing, personnel management, promotions, and day-to-to day operations of the business. The integration of these systems has resulted in a fundamental switch from a small startup mentality to one of a large data-driven organization of strategic and innovative thinkers and entrepreneurs.

As we continue to innovate and evolve as a company, we remain dedicated to our roots and our mission to enable you to do the things you love, the way you’ve always done them. It’s your story; let us help you tell it. Let us help you live it.

Contact Information:
Phone: 215-399-1400
1818 Market St, Suite 1105
Philadelphia, PA 19103
facebook: Open-Systems-Healthcare-159225867528182/
linkedin: @opensystemshealth

Open Systems Healthcare mascot

RxLive – Improving Health: One Pill & Patient at a Time

RxLive - Kristen Engelen



rxlive - Mark and Kristen

Pharmacist Kristen Engelen was frustrated. Imbued with a deep dedication to improving the health of others, she came to recognize that the current retail pharmacy environment couldn’t provide her with the satisfaction to be a personal, professional resource — one that could spend time with individual patients to evaluate all of their prescriptions and over-the-counter meds and discuss options that could potentially save them money and lead to a healthier, happier life.

The St. Petersburg-based RxLive was born. Partnering with her husband Mark, a Harvard Business School graduate with in-depth knowledge of healthcare and health information technology, they recognized the value of a concierge pharmacist service — one that freed pharmacists from the grind of filling prescriptions so they could really get to know each patient and provide the personal touch that used to be routine, particularly for the small-town pharmacists of old.

Making a healthy difference
“That’s why people like me entered the profession to begin with: to use our knowledge to spend one-on-one quality time with each patient to discuss their unique needs and the opportunities for health improvement,” Kristen noted. “I honestly found being a retail pharmacist unfulfilling. There was almost no time to check for all but the most significant drug interactions, discuss medication adherence or educate patients on potential cost-saving opportunities. I usually was unaware of what medications patients filled elsewhere, or what OTC products they were taking…all of the factors that come together to potentially help or hurt their health.” Kristen adds “Now, my RxLive colleagues and I can gather complete information, develop and privately discuss a patient’s plan, and truly make the difference in people’s lives like we always dreamed of.”

RxLive is a national network of experienced, carefully chosen clinical pharmacists who counsel patients and advise them on medications and care options using a secure, private telehealth platform. The service is being marketed primarily to large medical practices that increasingly are being paid on a “fee for value” basis — proving how they’re keeping their patients healthier — rather than the traditional “fee for service” where each medication, test or office visit carries a cost, regardless of its effect on a patient’s health.

At the nexus of improved health
“So many providers today are part of large groups that are accountable care organizations, or a patient-centered medical home, where they’re paid for the positive outcomes tied to the services they provide,” Mark said. “Despite the best of intentions,current models of population health management can feel disconnected and like a ‘factory’ from the perspective of the patient. We see an opportunity to create a more personalized, consumer-oriented experience with the patient and their families at the center of the equation

“Within a complex and disjointed healthcare system that includes different information systems and the prevalence of specialists, a pharmacist can truly sit at the nexus of this personal experience,” he added.

Pilot programs are already well underway with several provider groups around the nation, including in Oregon and New Jersey, proving the value of the new service. “We can’t wait to share the case studies of our sites’ successes in lowering costs, improving clinical outcomes and increasing patient satisfaction.”

The next generation is here:
Nowhere does genetics play a more significant role in optimizing health than in prescribing and the potential effects of medications. “Physicians are taking the broad-based, best-guess option for prescribing medications — based on which options are safe and effective for large groups on patients. But study results may not be pertinent for each individual. This leads to a “therapeutic odyssey” — until providers hit upon a medication that proves effective for a particular patient, with hopefully no harm done along the way,” noted Robert Kropp, MD, an RxLive advisor. That’s why RxLive is also offering  pharmacologic counselling — to get a much deeper understanding of what’s likely to be effective based on an individual’s genetics. It’s an area that’s well-established but not particularly well understood by many, so we’re anxious to spread the word and expand its usage.”

Dr. Kropp is a highly respected Tampa Bay area adult and pediatric neurologist. After founding his St. Petersburg practice and dramatically expanding it up and down the Gulf Coast, he saw the value of emerging population health initiatives and received advanced certification in that regard from Johns
Hopkins School of Public Health. Dr. Kropp went on to gain invaluable insights in care management and population health roles at industry giants Aetna
and CIGNA, now consulting with and investing in innovators like RxLive because he recognizes its value to improve health outcomes.

“We’re extremely proud to have the support of Dr. Kropp and all of our investors and advisors who are equally as passionate as Kristen and I about what
RxLive brings to the table,” Mark noted. “We’re also all committed to delivering these services from our base in St. Petersburg, and being part of the burgeoning innovation community here.”

RxLive - Kristen Engelen
RxLive - LOGO