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BrainSpark – Radical, Out-of-the-Box Detox Treatment

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brainspark - health-office-plymouth-meeting-addition-treatment-clinical-director-Ciara-Levine


Every day, more than 115 people in the United States die because of an opioid overdose. The misuse of, and addiction to, both alcohol and opioids — including prescription pain relievers, heroin and synthetic opioids such as fentanyl — continues to be one of the most severe national crises that affect American public health, as well as social and economic welfare.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that the total “economic burden” of prescription opioid misuse in the United States alone, is $78.5 billion a year, including the costs of healthcare, lost productivity, addiction treatment, and criminal justice.

Founded in 2016, BrainSpark is an affordable holistic outpatient addiction healing and wellness center, housed in Plymouth Meeting Pennsylvania, a suburb of Philadelphia, utilizing a radical, out-of-the-box treatment – NAD IV therapy – which is a natural way to detox.

NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) therapy uses an essential molecule found naturally in your body’s cells to promote a healthy detox. Naturally, NAD contributes to the function of your brain, organs, and neurological system, but through prolonged addiction, to opioids and other drugs, your natural production of NAD can be diminished.

NAD IV Therapy radically repairs cell damage in the brain and the body. This dearth of NAD in addiction patients can be supplemented by NAD therapy, which uses intravenous therapy infusions. Through this, NAD IV repairs cells in your body and brain to functional levels, thereby helping reduce withdrawal symptoms common with detoxes, such as cravings, low energy, anxiety, depression, and stress.

For those seeking a natural way to achieve full, sustained sobriety, NAD treatments offer the best chance of recovery. It is a therapy method that has been around for over 40 years, primarily on the West Coast.

Brainspark office


The common desire to work together while helping others and to create new opportunities was the spark that initiated BrainSpark; a venture which will provide a different level of reward to all the people involved: doctors, patients, families and the community.

Knowing the current epidemic crisis with addiction, the founders of BrainSpark knew it was time to make a difference. Mr. Rich Masterson – a seasoned entrepreneur, and successful owner of many businesses, combined his business expertise with the clinical mindset of Dr. Franco Picofazzi – an experienced, successful, well respected dental surgeon and anesthesiologist, with over twenty years of private practice and hospital training, who has witnessed the increased opioid dependency and devastating nature of this crisis. They opened the doors to the BrainSpark treatment center.

Brainspark Health NAD Treatment
Brainspark detox therapy

The mission is to treat the source of the dependency and craving – the brain – first, by jump-starting it with a chemical spark, combining holistic, alternative medicine and social reprogramming, instead of the conventional treatment currently available and proven to have an over 85% failure rate. BrainSpark Health is the first center on the East Coast to offer NAD IV therapy, which other clinics have reported to have an impressive success rate and is considered the crown jewel of detox, because of its rapid cleanse and restoration therapies.

“This has the potential to save lives,” says Masterson. “This is why we are here. Stories of addiction touch all of us, so this is a rare opportunity where we can do good and do good well. I am excited by this, and I’m excited to bring NAD IV therapy to the East Coast for the very first time. Traditional detox and rehab programs are missing a critical step,” Masterson continues. “It’s not compassionate to make people go into a 30-day rehab program and all that it entails – the stigma, the expense, the time – only to have it fail, because they didn’t address healing the brain. What we are doing at BrainSpark Health is not just ‘detox and get out’ – it’s healing the brain to get you further down the road to recovery.”

Phone: 866-614-5291
Address: 649 W Germantown Pike
Suite 200 Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462
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HealthAxis Group – Revolutionizing the Future of Healthcare




As value-based care and value-based reimbursement gain momentum within the healthcare industry, healthcare delivery organizations must adapt quickly to the changing landscape. They are expected to provide better information and greater access to quality and superior care and outcomes for its members, all at a lower cost. The obstacles many companies face when trying to meet this demand stem from coordination challenges, outdated legacy technology, and inefficient information management.

HealthAxis Group is an innovative partner for those who want to revolutionize healthcare services and become leaders in the industry. Headquartered in Tampa, HealthAxis Group has charted an appropriately unique and intriguing course to blur the lines between a 50+-year-old company and a cutting-edge startup. The oldest company that now makes up HealthAxis Group was founded in 1965 and in the late 1970s became the industry’s first SAAS-based\hosted enterprise application administration system. Far more recently, the company launched the most advanced application suite for healthcare administration, care management, and data and analytics. HealthAxis Group breaks the mold by being simultaneously the most experienced and the most modern technology company in its space.

Team Photo - HealthAxis Group

The comprehensive platform includes enterprise software, a multitude of portals for all types of healthcare stakeholders, a robust private cloud, and services around analytics, data management, and associated BPO services. These enable healthcare organizations to increase administrative efficiency, lower cost, and improve the quality and delivery of patient care. Plus, it is highly customizable–tailoring logic, workflow, and interfaces to meet each client’s unique strategy. As more models for healthcare delivery are tested at the federal, state, and employer levels, HealthAxis Group’s platform can be a single solution through it all. The core system can efficiently and effectively manage appeals and grievances, credentialing, medical management, care coordination, provider directories and more.

Nicolas HealthAxis Group
Joanne at desk - HealthAxis Group

HealthAxis Group solutions are built upon the proven success of its collective leadership and the experience of over 230 employees who aim to advance modern healthcare software and bring innovative solutions to the industry. The team is well equipped to deliver the next generation of healthcare software and resolve key business challenges for the clients they serve: Managed care organizations, commercial and private health plans, third-party administrators, risk-bearing provider organizations and medical providers.

“To remind ourselves to be open, dynamic and innovative in serving our customers, our mindset is that our clients are not really clients,” says Shilen Patel, CEO. “rather, they are our partners. 

Our success is dependent on their success and sustainability within the rapidly changing healthcare system. This means not just delivering software and writing code; but using our creativity, curiosity, and capabilities to collaboratively provide alternatives to crippling legacy technologies and outdated ideologies.”

Our Vision and Mission:
• Our vision is healthcare rebooted as a completely efficient, information-driven and cooperative institution.
• Our mission is to ceaselessly improve the speed and quality of information and decisions in healthcare.

Shilen Patel, HealthAxis Group

Shilen Patel is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of HealthAxis Group, as well as a serial entrepreneur and investor who has spent his entire career leading companies in the Healthcare IT space.

Prior to founding HealthAxis Group, Mr. Patel was a top executive and part owner of Visionary Healthware for nine years. Under his leadership, Visionary Healthware achieved 30x growth and received recognition as one of America’s 100 largest healthcare IT companies before being acquired by an international public company.

He is also an active early stage and private equity investor in various ventures, as well as founding multiple other enterprises of his own. His investments range from tiny startups to more visible and remote assets such as ownership in Bologna FC, a soccer team competing with the likes of Juventus and AC Milan in Italy’s Serie A.

In 2017, Shilen became a co-founder and Chairman of the TiE Tampa Bay Angel Fund, a $3 million fund established to financially support Florida startups, improve understanding and awareness of angel investing among Tampa Bay investors, and help startups fulfill their potential as value drivers and community assets. Mr. Patel is also highly active in the management and formation of the Drs. Kiran and Pallavi Patel Family’s Office, which holds a nine-figure portfolio of real estate, direct and indirect investments, and marketable securities. He also recently agreed to chair the Creative Entrepreneurship Lab, a non-profit initiative related to the Tampa Innovation Alliance which will support entrepreneurial activity in the USF area and at the Uptown (former University Mall) site. Additionally, Shilen is a founding Director of Central Bank, a community bank which services Tampa, St Augustine, and Winter Park.

In 2013, Mr. Patel graduated from the EMBA-Global programme at the Columbia University Graduate School of Business and the London Business School with an MBA from both institutions. He received his undergraduate degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Entrepreneurship at Babson College in 2002.

Shilen credits much of his success and opportunity to extraordinary role models. His parents, Drs. Kiran and Pallavi Patel, are two of the Tampa Bay Area’s most successful and well-known businesspeople and philanthropists.

Mr. Patel has always appreciated the power of business to transform lives and communities by creating prosperity and carries with him a strong sense of responsibility to make good things happen for others in any pursuit of personal achievement.

HealthAxis Group logo

5509 W Gray St.
Suite 200
Tampa, FL 33609
Tel: 888-974-2947(AXIS)

GSI Health – Population Health Management

GSI Health - BNY-Skyline
GSI Health logo


GSI Health’s population health management platform supports “whole person” care, enabling hospitals and health plans to collaborate across any care setting to treat the entirety of patient issues—including medical as well as lifestyle and socioeconomic factors that negatively impact patient well-being— and put them on a path toward better health.

We are experts in convening organizations from across the continuum to collaborate as care teams with harmonized workflows so that care delivery is comprehensive and optimized—with low friction for both patients and providers. Our care coordination platform bridges technologies and empowers our clients to achieve real results through improved efficiency, lower costs, and improved outcomes.


GSI Health - LeRoy Jones - Founder & CEO

GSI Health was founded in 2003 with a vision of a future in which today’s healthcare problems are solved. Led by founder and Philadelphia native LeRoy Jones, GSI Health is helping transform the uninformed and poorly coordinated care being practiced today to prevent runaway costs and improve patient health.

We believe that just treating a disease and ignoring social determinants and behavioral issues that impact patient health doesn’t work with today’s healthcare economics. Our innovative technology enables teams to treat the whole person rather than just a disease, enabling collaboration with community partners and orchestrating a workflow across the care team so patients receive all the care they need for optimal health. We believe that collaborative whole-person care yields a healthier population, an optimized patient experience, and more manageable health care costs.

The proof is in the numbers. Our technology empowers our clients to work more efficiently, resulting in savings of as much as $1K/patient/month while improving patient outcomes. By better managing patient conditions, our clients have reduced emergency department usage by 32% and increased ambulatory care usage—a more appropriate form of care—by 181%.


We are more than a software company—we are a healthcare company committed to improving the lives of patients, especially those affected by social factors and chronic diseases. We believe in not only aligning with our customers in this mission, but joining them in partnership by providing the tools and services that help them address medical and non-medical factors so that patient health improves, and the economics work for them to continue to provide quality care.

GSI Health - BNY-Skyline


GSI Health, began this journey by providing interoperability solutions for care coordination. We evolved our focus to deliver tools that harnessed that interoperability and empowered care teams. We embraced value-based care very early, building our platform with care management workflows and insight from analytics so that medical, behavioral, and community partners could work together to improve patient health.

Our innovative GSIHealthCoordinator platform supports all populations, especially Medicaid populations, and has the most users of any care management platform in the country.

At GSI Health, we believe that improving the health of patients means working together with a plan, the tools to foster effective collaborative care, and the right technology partner. With true collaboration, we can positively impact lives across the nation.

1735 Market Street, 53 rd Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19103
Phone: 888-206-4237
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UMA – A Comprehensive Healthcare Educational Institution

UMA - graduation
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UMA - graduation


Ultimate Medical Academy was founded 25 years ago as a nonprofit school with a single campus in Clearwater, Florida. Today, UMA is a comprehensive healthcare educational institution with a national presence.

Institutionally accredited by the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES), UMA has more than 45,000 alumni. The school offers contentrich, interactive online courses to 15,000 students across the country as well as campus-based training to hundreds of students at its Clearwater Campus.

UMA - Graduation Ultimate Medical Academy

With a mission to equip and empower students to excel in healthcare careers, the UMA experience includes individualized student services throughout all phases of the student journey, from admissions to the job search. UMA students have access to academic advising, one-on-one or group tutoring, resume and interview coaching, job search assistance, technical support, and more. The school also supports alumni in finding new jobs, progressing in their current positions, and enhancing their skills to remain competitive in the job market.

As an employer of 2,000 faculty and staff in the Tampa Bay area, UMA looks forward to building relationships and telling others about the work we do to equip and empower students to excel in healthcare careers. In fulfilling our mission, we are also helping to drive upward mobility for families and communities while helping to fill the healthcare skills gap in the Tampa Bay area and across the nation.

UMA Students
UMA - facebook


UMA was founded in 1994 as Ultimate Learning Center, Inc., a nonprofit educational institution serving the Tampa Bay community’s need for trained nursing assistants and other healthcare professionals.

Over time, UMA recognized the growing need for trained professionals in other healthcare specialties and employers’ needs for multi-skilled staff, so it began to offer a wide range of programs focused on developing allied healthcare professionals. In 2009, UMA launched online allied healthcare courses to students throughout the U.S.

UMA - Clearwater
UMA - office

In 2015, UMA added a continuing medical education (CME) division that includes Global Education Group, Med Learning Group, and Complete Conference Management. These divisions create innovative and award-winning programming to maximize the learner experience and, ultimately, improve patient outcomes. UMA’s CME division provides CME to physicians and other healthcare professionals. Maintaining active credentials is a mandatory requirement for most practicing physicians, and UMA provides education that meets the diverse needs of this busy professional community.

Each year UMA convenes passionate local and national healthcare and education experts to participate in dynamic conversations on perspectives in innovation. Most recently UMA hosted the inaugural 2018 360 Summit: Perspectives on Healthcare Innovation, which followed on the success of its inaugural 2017 K-20 Education Summit.

Phone: 813-676-6175 | Email: | facebook: UMAonline | twitter: UltimateMedical | instagram: UltimateMedicalAcademy | youtube: UltimateMedical |

Corin Group – At the Forefront of Orthopaedic InnovationNNOVATION

Corin Group - OPS



Corin Group - OPS


The Group offers a unique combination of clinically-proven hip and knee solutions that make use of their unique technologies. The Optimized Positioning System (OPS™) enables a unique understanding of how the patient moves off the operating table. This information assists in planning the position of implants with the aim of optimizing functional implant alignment and improving surgical outcomes.


Developed in conjunction with a team of expert biomedical engineers and orthopedic surgeons, the OPS™ technology uses specialized software to analyze how a patient’s hip joint moves through a range of daily activities. Since 2013, Corin’s Optimized Positioning System (OPS™) has been used in almost 10,000 total hip replacement surgeries in many different countries around the world, enabling preoperative functional analysis for each patient. The Corin Group enables surgeons to be closely and continuously connected with every patient after the operation.

Corin Group - Patient Dynamics

Their dedicated team of engineers and clinical experts are committed to creating a hip replacement that is truly tailored to suit each patient. The product is continuing to be released more widely as interest continues to grow in key markets around the globe. Importantly, the technology continues to be supported by a strong foundation of clinical research, with multiple case series being exhibited at a number of key orthopedic congresses. In 2018, results have been presented at industry meetings, including the AAOS (New Orleans), ISTA (London), ICJR (Houston), AOA (Perth) and AAHKS (Dallas).

The Corin Group is excited to announce that the Optimized Positioning System (OPS™) has now been expanded to include a femoral pre-operative analysis and resection guide, designed to precisely control key variables including the patient’s post-operative leg length. Recently granted 510k clearance by the FDA, this compliments the already available OPS™ acetabular planning and delivery system. This technology provides a major breakthrough for surgeons in the Tampa Bay region, who can now explore its benefits and make use of the full range and scope of this groundbreaking technology.

Corin - Connected Orthopaedic Insight logo

Tristan Jones – Director – Procedural Technologies
12750 Citrus Park Lane | Suite 120 | Tampa | Florida 33625 | USA
Main: 1 (813) 977-4469 | Mobile: 1 (813) 538-0960
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Shamit Patel – Alpha Nodus; Gravity Healthcare System

Shamit Patel - Alpha Nodus



Shamit Patel - Alpha Nodus

“Never give up. If you believe in something go to the ends of the earth to make it happen.”

Shamit Patel is the CEO of Alpha Nodus, developer of the Gravity Healthcare system, a revolutionary tracking system that reduces patient wait times, improves physician practice workflow and productivity and protects revenue.


My vision for healthcare is that the United States will someday have a system befitting a developed nation. We spend more money on healthcare than the entire GDP of India – yet we wait weeks, sometimes months, for a doctor’s appointment. Years ago when I needed to see a doctor for a painful condition I was told I had to wait three weeks for an appointment. I finally went to a clinic, walked in and waited three hours until a doctor would see me. I was incredulous. We wait for an appointment and then we wait once we arrive at the appointed hour. It is a frustrating, unsustainable, system in dire need of a makeover and I am determined to be the one to provide it.

The next important innovation for healthcare will be one that automates the old, sluggish, manual processes that remain the mainstay of too many physician practices. They are the root of these scheduling obstacles. I believe that kinks in the healthcare industry can be solved by technology. We need to use the tools and technologies that already exist to develop a system that introduces a high degree of automation into physician offices and removes the manual processes that serve as obstacles to patient’s access to care.

Healthcare is a fundamental right for all people. Every day I am inspired to use technology to make it more accessible to people. Healthcare must be available when and where people need it, without delay. I want to build the tools and solutions that increase effectiveness and efficiency for those who provide important care.

I am proud to be a first generation American. As a teenager I became enamored with technology when Bluetooth was first developed. I ate Ramen noodles for six months to save $370 to buy the first phone that used Bluetooth; the Sony Ericsson T68i, only to find that it wasn’t connected to anything. After a two-year odyssey of saving money and buying more and more technology just to use the phone, I made it my goal in life to develop interconnected technology. That was my epiphany and the driving force of my career.

Since that time, I have gained 15 years of wireless startup experience. I have exits with acquisitions by Intel, Qualcomm & Alereon and I was the founding chair of the Ecosystem for IoT Standards Body. We scaled products to more than 100 million users.

Interconnectivity created the most exciting moment in my career. Actually, it was my senior design project as an undergrad student at Rochester Institute of Technology. We developed medical devices that connect remotely from patient to the physician and showed it was highly functional. At that time, the interconnectivity didn’t exist so providers couldn’t analyze data. Our project created remote care and telemedicine before its time. We achieved that 15 years ago and yet today we are still only scratching the surface of that functionality. It was a view of what was to come, but that still has to be realized today.

I could list the many successes I have had, but instead I would like to relate the most transformative moment of my career – one of abject failure. I was responsible for shipping a product rated by Business Insider as the worst product of the decade; the IoGear Wireless USB HUB. I am very proud of that experience because it taught me to do what I know is right (I could have stopped it from shipping); that lack of quality has consequences, and that when determined, follow one’s gut.

Life comes down to what my father always taught me; “Never give up. If you believe in something go to the ends of the earth to make it happen.” That is the philosophy he lived by and the one that instructs me today, every day.

Alpha Nodus logo - Shamit Patel

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GuideWell – Customer Obsession

Guidewell - Dr Wender Cafe
Guidewell - Dr Wender Cafe


GuideWell is a not-for-profit, mission-driven family of companies dedicated to helping people and communities achieve better health. As a health solutions enterprise, we work to keep care affordable, accessible and consumer-centered through payer, care delivery, marketing and government-based businesses.


Guidewell - Chronic Disease Care
Guidewell - Stream-lining member service interactions

With roots in Florida going back nearly 75 years, GuideWell has a profound understanding of the health industry and can read change over time. As an employer with 12,123 employees in 29 states, we strive to attract the best talent. As a federally regulated organization, we service stakeholders with agility because laws, policies, and reimbursements are uncertain and dynamic.

In this environment, the need to innovate isn’t optional – it’s essential. To outperform what non-health companies like Amazon and Apple promise, GuideWell delivers by developing tools, processes and relationships that solve stakeholder problems such as:

Guidewell - Innovation Exterior

• Stream-lining member service interactions: Until 2017, our payer’s service associates were forced to access information from 24 different sources, leaving our employees frustrated and our members waiting too long for issues to be resolved. An internal team stood up a human-centered design prototype in five months and launched at month six an entirely new interface that’s made service interactions more efficient and satisfying.

• Bringing care into the home: Our acquisition of PopHealth Care allows us to provide hands-on, high-value care in the home for members with acute care needs. This helps keep consumers healthier – and out of the hospital – which makes health care costs lower for everyone.

• Making information more accessible: “Flora” is our AI-backed, voice-based service platform that gives consumers easy access to answers they might have otherwise needed to find online or call to retrieve.

• Delivering culturally-competent care: Nothing is quite as personal as your health, which is why we partnered with ColSanitas out of South America to open medical clinics in south and central Florida. These clinics offer comprehensive, integrated care for Hispanic communities.

Success today does not guarantee relevance tomorrow. At GuideWell, our “consumer obsession” creates a dynamic tension that pushes us to reinvent products, build partnerships and source solutions that solves stakeholders’ problems and maintains our market-leading position in the health industry.

Guidewell - Co work space 2
Guidewell - Location
Guidewell - Sanitas

Florida Blue – In Persuit of Health

Florida Blue Center
Florida Blue logo
Florida Blue Center


Florida Blue, Florida’s Blue Cross and Blue Shield company, has been providing health insurance to residents of Florida for nearly 75 years. Driven by its mission of helping people and communities achieve better health, the company serves more than five million health care members across the state. In total, Florida Blue and its affiliated companies serve 16 million people in 29 states. Headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, it is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.


Florida Blue has become a leader in the transformation of health care from a fee-for-service model to one focused on value outcomes. Value-based health care is a health care delivery model in which providers, including hospitals and physicians, are reimbursed by insurers based on patient health outcomes. It differs from fee-for-service, in which providers are paid based on the amount of health care services they deliver.

The company has established 22 accountable care organizations (ACOs) and a statewide patient-centered medical home (PCMH) model delivering higher quality care at lower cost. ACOs and PCMHs are groups of doctors, hospitals, and other health care providers, who coordinate on high-quality care for their patients. The goal of coordinated care is to ensure that patients get the right care at the right time, while avoiding unnecessary duplication of services and preventing medical errors.

The continued success of these programs is a testament to the power of the company’s strong provider relationships and its willingness to invest in innovation and growth. Florida Blue realized early on that it needed to leverage its leadership in the local market to address the fragmentation of the health care system and escalating costs. In response to these issues, it developed a strong foundation for value-based care and has since rapidly expanded these efforts.

Florida Blue Center with patient
florida blue reception desk

Providers can earn financial incentives based on the total cost of care for attributed patients after meeting quality goals. These include a variety of nationally recognized metrics related to preventive, chronic and acute care. More than 10,000 providers participate in the company’s value-based arrangements, and these models impact care delivery for more than one million Florida Blue members.

The programs rely on advanced technology and data sharing. For example, the company offers a robust provider portal that gives physicians access to information about gaps in care, utilization, patient treatment and care plans. The portal helps providers track their performance and identify opportunities to improve care delivery. For example, practices receive timely clinical notifications about hospital admissions, discharges and re-admissions, which can drive effective transitions of care.


Florida Blue consultation


• 1.2 percent lower costs
• 7 percent fewer ER visits
• 4 percent lower hospital admissions
• 21 percent higher health-quality scores


• 2.2 percent lower medical costs
• 6 percent fewer ER visits
• 5 percent lower hospital admissions
• 6 percent higher cervical cancer screenings

Florida Blue patient
Florida Blue building
Florida Blue Center

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MyJet – A Luxury Travel Pillow to Beat All Others

MyJet Luxury Travel Pillow in use
MyJet Luxury Travel Pillow logo
MyJet Luxury Travel Pillow



Creator Dr. Micheal Majette tells the story of why he decided to combine his wants and needs as a traveling consumer with his knowledge and experience as a physician to create the perfect allin- one pillow: “Since I was a child I have had a spirit of serving others. I have always been concerned
with the comfort of those around me and have found that helping a person in need brings me great joy. That same spirit has benefited me well as a physician. Like many of my colleagues, I often find myself treating the same conditions of chronic neck and back pain repeatedly. My goal is always to help each patient achieve a better quality of life through a combination of in-office care, suggestions for at-home care and products that aid in expedited recovery.

M Majette - MyJet Luxury Travel Pillow

“A common complaint I am presented with by many patients is pain associated with travel. As an avid traveler myself, I was always on the pursuit to find products, especially travel neck pillows, that enhance the “getting there” part of the travel experience. I have tested hundreds of different travel pillows hoping to find one I could not only use

myself but also recommend to patients. “This goal seemed simple, but after over a decade of searching, I learned nothing like that existed. “What I found through my research is that there are endless amounts of neck pillows on the market, but none were exactly what I wanted. Most are made of cheap materials and don’t offer the structural integrity and design required for long-term use. I greatly value the artisanal skills and passion that go into creating a product by hand. That one of a kind quality you can only achieve with non-mechanized production. This lack of focus in design quality is a common theme among most travel pillows on the market today.

“This is where my story begins. My search for the perfect all-in-one pillow has led me to the creation of MyJet Luxury Travel Pillow. Hand-made of quality materials with a patented inner skeletal system for ultimate support, the MyJet Luxury Travel Pillow stands the test of time and has been thoughtfully designed with the same level of care that I show all my patients.

I love this product because its uses have become unlimited. It has revolutionized the way we think of the common travel pillow. Whether it’s used for flying across the country, watching TV in the comfort of your own home or to relieve neck tension after a long day at work, I truly hope this product enhances your life as much as it has mine.”

MyJet Luxury Travel Pillow in use

Each pillow will be shipped with:

• Extra foam blocks for adding or subtracting additional padding/support to create the perfect fit for you.

• One elastic 3-button strap, allowing for connection to any headrest or existing pillow.

• Lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.

Pillow types:

• Coach class: Will consist of 2 color schemes, all breathable, lightweight, durable cloth material. You can always upgrade your pillow to a higher level cover at any time.

• Business class (the most popular): Will consist of 4 different leather and cloth combinations. Also features a black suede inner-lined pocket on the top half to add temperature control packs for heat or cold and LED light.

First class: Coming soon. This version creates a user experience unlike any other. Includes all the above items, custom leather cover, superiorBluetooth remote phone and speakers and first of its kind surround

What makes the MyJet Travel Pillow Unique:

• Customizable to all body shapes and any seat position using adjustable foam levels.

• Adjustable patented internal frame and elastic strap not only hold the neck and head in perfect position, but also help to decompress nerves in the neck and shoulder to relieve pain. 

• The high-quality materials used in creating the handmade covers improve with time and use.

• The ability to make the pillow warm or cold without the use of batteries or power provides an unmatched level of comfort.

MyJet Luxury Travel Pillow Light
MyJet Luxury Travel Pillow Uses


“I can’t say enough about this pillow! Last year I took it on a mission’s trip to Africa. After 16 hours in my economy seat, I was so thankful to have this pillow with me. My favorite feature is the strap that connects it to the back of your headrest. Anyone who’s been on an airplane knows it’s impossible to get comfortable in an economy airline seat and the typical travel pillow doesn’t prevent you from falling over onto your neighbor’s shoulder. With this pillow, I was able to comfortably fall asleep without worrying about my head shifting to the side. Definitely one of my best travel purchases!!”
– Patsy C.

“I have had issues with my neck for over 20 years. Even after surgery, I still suffer from pain. I don’t travel that often, but my Doctor recommended the MyJet pillow for when I’m at home relaxing and watching TV. It really helps relieve the pressure and tension on my neck.” – Tom B.

Phone: 813-463-3401

Smithwise – Advancing Healthcare Through Breakthrough Technologies

Smithwise 3D
Smithwise Medical Device Development - logo


Smithwise technology
Smithwise product shot
Smithwise Philadelphia
Smithwise temperature
Smithwise product picture
Smithwise 3D
Smithwise design
Smithwise Advancing healthcare
Smithwise Healthcare technology
Smithwise device
Smithwise - Artboard 3

Smithwise, a medical product development firm, started in Massachusetts in 2009 as Boston Device Development, taking its name from the town known as the Medical Device Mecca. But, when growth called for a second office in a new city, founder Eric Sugalski didn’t have any doubts about where it should be located. The Malvern-born engineer packed up his family and moved back home.

“With medical and research institutions like Jefferson, Penn, CHOP, Drexel, Temple, and others, the Philadelphia region has long been known for providing patients with world-class healthcare,” Sugalski said. “But now it’s also becoming a hub for medical technology innovation. We wanted to be part of that Philly MedTech revolution.”

The company rebranded as Smithwise in 2013 to reflect that its strategic focus wasn’t limited to New England.

Smithwise meeting
Smithwise office
Smithwise planning
smithwise presentation

The healthcare industry is full of creative researchers and clinicians who are always thinking up new, better ways to solve old problems. But usually those people and institutions don’t have the time, supporting infrastructure, or expertise to dedicate to the process of bringing a new medical product to market. Smithwise steps in to act as an extension of the innovator’s team, providing engineering and design support, strategic focus, funding and vendor networks, and business acumen to chart a path from concept to commercialization.

The application of new technologies to the medical space is making healthcare more effective, more sustainable, less invasive, and less expensive. “We’re in a golden age for medical devices,” said Chris Scholl, Director of Engineering at the Philly office. “We’re treating conditions in ways we never would have thought possible 20 years ago. Our industry is making great technological leaps forward in so many areas, but it takes a special vision, background, and skill set to commercialize an innovative concept for treating patients. Not only does it have to work, but you have to prove it’s both safe and effective, and be able to demonstrate the value of your new product to various stakeholders throughout the healthcare chain.”

Smithwise helps innovators navigate that tricky path to market, identifying potential pitfalls in advance, whether they’re of the regulatory, clinical, business, or other variety, and develop a product that will solve a medical need and succeed in the marketplace.

“We’re excited to be teaming up with so many of our great Philadelphia healthcare and academic institutions,” said Sugalski. “Together, we’re moving new technologies out of the lab and concepts out of the sketchbook, turning them into products that will save and improve lives.”

3815 West Chester Pike | Newtown Square, PA 19073 | Phone: 610-455-4255 |