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Elsevier – a Global Information Analytics Business

Elsevier is a global information analytics business
Elsevier is a global information analytics business



Elsevier is a global information analytics business that helps institutions and professionals progress science, advance healthcare and improve performance for the benefit of humanity. Elsevier provides digital solutions and tools for strategic research management, R&D performance, clinical decision support, and professional education.

Elsevier is part of RELX Group, a global provider of information and analytics for professionals and business customers across industries.

Elsevier employee
Elsevier office


Since Elsevier was founded as a Dutch publisher in 1880, the world and the way we share medical information has changed. As a modern-day global information analytics business, Elsevier has anticipated and adapted to the challenges ahead, while remaining true to our core values.

Today, Elsevier employs more than 1,000 technologists in areas such as natural language processing (NLP), machine learning, search, data visualization, big data and mobile. We work with cutting-edge technologies to create decision support solutions that help advance science, technology and healthcare.

From its Philadelphia headquarters, Elsevier’s Clinical Solutions business develops next-generation solutions for healthcare professionals globally. Medical and technology experts are leveraging the latest evidence-based content, big data, and analytics to support health systems in improving patient outcomes and reducing unwarranted care variation across the care continuum.

Elsevier’s Clinical Solutions portfolio includes industry leading solutions such as ClinicalKey, STATdx, Clinical Skills, Patient Engagement and Via Oncology. Clinical Solutions is also investing in Precision Medicine, next-generation diagnostic decision support and comprehensive clinical programs. Elsevier’s solutions are used by 20 million clinicians globally and by 96 of the top 100 US health systems.

Elsevier Group @ Stand 2012

“We combine peer-reviewed and evidence-based clinical content with technology, data and analytics to produce solutions that enable clinicians to make better decisions,” said John Danaher, M.D., President, Clinical Solutions, Elsevier. “This unique combination of capabilities allows us to deliver unmatched value to health systems, clinicians and patients.”

As the company moves forward, our founding motto remains apt: Non Solus – Not Alone.

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Elsevier, Inc.
1600 John F. Kennedy Blvd.
Philadelphia, PA 19103-2899
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Bold Business – Global Media | Technology | Marketing | Services

BOLD BUSINESS - Infogs-and-Cartoons
Bold Business Logo
BOLD BUSINESS - Infogs-and-Cartoons
Ed Kopko



Bold Business was started by a group of diverse leaders with cross-functional global industry experience. Our mission is simple.

The Bold Business team accomplishes this by developing and delivering new products and services at global scale. We work with top executives and decision leaders to help them make better decisions, convert those decisions into actions and deliver sustainable success.

At Bold Business, we live and breathe commitment – in everything we do, in everything we are, in our people. We advocate an atmosphere where we take pride in developing individuals and teams to maximize their full potential and take their career paths to the next level, two steps at a time.

We are a globally diverse group who embodies the united spirit of living life BOLDLY. We’re filled with an unquenchable need to discover, to flourish, to conquer, to constantly demonstrate we’re the best. At Bold Business, no idea is too big or too small. We are honest, transparent, and, of course, we know how to have a good time!

Bold Business - Angela Yochem
Bold Business Services page
Bold Business - PBL mock up

We BOLDLY pursue our Goals

The company publishes two modern platforms Bold Business and Project Bold Life. We are committed to producing journalism that meets the highest standards of accuracy, fairness, and transparency. We aim to inform, delight, provide unique insights, that ultimately help our readers and viewers make innovation happen.

We believe that our products, graphics, videos, and opinions must reflect the highest standards of quality and integrity. At Bold Business, we recognize that our reputation depends on upholding these journalistic values.

Bold Business, an online publication that tells the stories about how business is changing the world for the better. Our publication includes articles by a variety of writers, including influential subject matter experts, as well as videos and interviews on topics of interest to leaders in business, politics, and academia.

Project Bold Life, a newly launched online publication that delivers engaging content that educates, motivates and inspires you to take action, create positive change and live a successful, purposeful and Bold Life.

Bold Business Services is our consulting and services arm. Our team brings together leaders with years of industry experience in, media, technology, training, software, and digital marketing. Surrounded by a global team of writers, editors, web developers, video producers, designers, project managers, subject matter experts, and industry partners.

We provide services and products in four primary areas: Digital Marketing, Technology, Training and Operations Transformation

Bold Business - Graphic Designers

Bold Business has also developed a new type of training we call Bold Training Nuggets. Unlike competing systems, our training is designed as micro-learning and is delivered in short, easy to understand videos that are quick to digest. Our modular training can be customized to your company or topic of interest. We have successfully installed the system in companies large and small. They have found it to be easy to install, reliable, and inexpensive to operate.

Handling over $7B in service solutions, we are passionate about achieving better results for our clients! For more than 25 years, we’ve been delivering results that go beyond financials. Our revenue enhancing, and cost-saving services allow you to do more for less.

All we do is in service of the customer. Every bold solution we build comes out of their needs. Every customer we work with becomes a part of the team. Collectively we face the challenges and rejoice in the victories.

Our promise is built on optimism, knowledge and the valued teamwork of our people. It’s how we deliver on that promise that differentiates us.

When you want a creative, edgy and grounded partner, think Bold!

Bold Business!

Bold Business - Nuggets mock up

263 13th Ave S, St. Petersburg
FL 33701, USA
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Winston Consulting Group – 2018 Mentor of the Year Scott Winston

RFM_Apr 12 2018 Tampa Bay Wave - Winston Consulting Group


RFM_Apr 12 2018 Tampa Bay Wave - Winston Consulting Group
RFM_Apr 12 2018 Tampa Bay Wave - Winston Consulting Group

Since arriving in Tampa Scott Winston has been actively engaged with the Tampa Bay Wave helping to mentor and advise businesses. Scott is an entrepreneur, visionary leader, and co-founder of an International Business Ecosystem Incubator.

Making The Move To Tampa Becoming a Part of the Ecosystem
Scott, his wife Jackie and their three son’s Zach, Alex and Jack moved from Seattle Washington in late 2016 after living in the Seattle area for 13 years. Following a family vacation to Florida in July 2016 to visit Jackie’s Dad who lives in The Villages, Scott and his family decided to move to Tampa. In early August 2016, Jackie and the three boys were on a Red Eye to Tampa, so the boys could start school. It took Scott until January 2017 to join the family full time in Tampa.

A Chicago native, Scott spent the earlier part of his career working for Motorola in the early days of the mobile industry, moved to PricewaterhouseCoopers focused on M&A and post-merger integration followed by working for Accenture in their Venture Launch group. Scott relocated to Seattle Washington in 2004 to launch a Six Sigma program and run Customer Research for Washington Mutual’s Retail Distribution Network that grew from 1,650 retail store locations to over 2,150 stores, with 24,000 employees. During his time at Washington Mutual Scott deployed Six Sigma across the Retail Bank, training over 5,000 employees in Six Sigma and launched several innovative programs including introducing Life Cycle Mystery Shopping to the Banking Industry, spearheading programs to eliminate paper from bank branch processes and helped to stream line processes across the bank.

Teaching Cambodia - Winston Consulting Group

After leaving Washington Mutual Scott launched Winston Consulting Group where he provides strategic business advisory to fortune 100 companies and runs transformation programs for companies.

Scott has advised some of the top companies in the world in turning around their operations, growing their business and addressing organization and growth challenges. Companies like Microsoft, Alcoa, Crown Castle, US West, Bell Atlantic, Bell South, McDonald’s, Motorola, and The Reynolds Metal Company have been his clients.

Winston Consulting Group

“The Tampa Bay Wave’s mentor network is one of our greatest assets and benefits to our companies. We are fortunate to have many entrepreneurs who have successfully sold their companies as well as C-Level executives actively mentoring our companies. The Bob Francis Mentor of the Year award goes to someone who has unselfishly given an incredible amount of time and talents mentoring Tampa Bay Wave member companies and embodies servant leadership.

We couldn’t be more proud of the 2018 recipient, Scott Winston, and how much he has served the Wave and our companies this year. Scott is also a member of our Accelerator & Mentor Relations Committee, he Chaired our Accelerator Scalability Study, is a member of our Friends of Wave giving program and has hosted several strategic planning and sales training sessions for companies. He modeled the way for our Mentor Network this year and we look forward to his continued impact on the Wave for years to come”

Rich Heruska, Interim Accelerator Director, Tampa Bay WaVE

winston - Winston Consulting Group
Winston Consulting Group team photo
Pitch_Night - Winston Consulting Group

Since 2011 Scott has served on the Advisory Board of Educational Business Strategies (EBS) an educational 501c3 based out of Seattle that provides practical business teaching to entrepreneurs, business owners and students in 15 countries in developing nations in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and South America.

In 2013 Scott Co-Founded Business Impact Networks (BIN), an International Business Ecosystem Incubator and Consultancy. BIN partners and grows locally focused networks of leaders and companies who collaborate to build healthy sustainable communities across the globe. BIN has worked with the government of Iraq to revive agriculture in the region.

Passion for Entrepreneurs
Scott has a passion for entrepreneurs and helping them drive growth in their businesses. Over the last 12 years, Scott had the opportunity to consult, teach and train Business Owners and Entrepreneurs of small and growing companies in The United States and Canada, Eastern Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.

Scott is an entrepreneur, investor, mentor and business advisor dedicated to growing the business ecosystems in the Tampa Bay region and around the world. Learn more about Scott and the Winston Consulting Group at and connect with Scott on LinkedIn:

Award - Winston Consulting Group
Winston Consulting Group logo

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USF Connect – Innovators Paving the way for Other Innovators

USF connect - Biofuel Conversion-03
USF connect - Biofuel Conversion-03
usf connect-logo-wordmark



There are innovators, and there are innovators who pave the way for other innovators. USF Connect is the latter.


It’s easy to think of universities as microcosms of thought whose impact is limited to academia itself. But through its support of local technology and bio-life startups, USF Connect is sharing the wealth—and to considerable ends.

Begun in 2001, USF Connect forms the lynchpin between three initiatives: the Tampa Bay Technology Incubator (TBTI); the USF Student Innovation Incubator (SII); and the Florida High Tech Corridor Council’s (The Corridor) Matching Grants Research Program. USF Connect provides new businesses access to everything from laboratories and scientific equipment to experienced mentors and networking events, not to mention every amenity available to USF faculty, staff, and students.

In 2017 alone, USF Connect aided 77 startups and accepted 25 others into the Student Innovation Incubator. Its economic impact on the Tampa Bay region for that year—23 counties in all—is estimated at $395 million.

The variety of companies under USF Connect’s umbrella is as impressive as the support it provides them. Take KeriCure, a line of all-natural wound-care products for humans and animals alike. Dr. Kerriann Greenhalgh, a USF alumna, created KeriCure after her husband-to-be nearly lost his hand to small but infected cut; the over-the-counter methods they’d tried failed them completely. Anyone who’s heard of liquid bandages has likely come across KeriCure.

USF connect - Patent Wall

Another company in the USF Connect incubator is Molekule, a revolutionary indoor-air filtration system first developed to mitigate inventor Dr. Yogi Gaswami’s son’s asthma. Existing HEPA filters only trap the largest of spores and impurities, and after becoming saturated, simply release many of these undesirable particles back into the air. Conversely, Molekule’s Photo Electrochemical Oxidation (PECO) technology targets and destroys pollutants 1,000 times smaller than traditional HEPA filters, and all it releases into the air is carbon dioxide, water, and trace elements.

In the same way that Molekule’s and KeriCure’s innovation lies in their pure and noninvasive solutions, so does NeuX use thoughtful technology to solve a common but serious problem—in this case, chronic pain. NeuX, a medical technology and health and wellness company, developed Interactive Neuromuscular Stimulation (INS) as a non-addictive, non-pharmaceutical, and non-invasive means of treating chronic pain of nearly any cause.

USF connect - COP-HIET
USF connect - Marine Sciences-Robotic Glider-02

Says Valerie Landrio McDevitt, USF’s associate vice president for technology transfer and business partnerships: “Their [NeuX] goal to help people of all ages live a more active lifestyle, free of pain and injury through continued clinical studies and biomedical engineering research, is an easy mission to get behind.” But like a port upon the ocean, an incubator is not meant to house its occupants forever. And so, when companies like Agilis Biotherapeutics are scooped up by larger companies eager for the incubated ones’ technologies, it is a sure sign that USF Connect is fulfilling its mission.

Agilis Biotherapeutics developed a platform for gene therapy that targets AADC deficiency, Friedrich’s ataxia, and Angelman syndrome, each of which presents as a debilitating neurological disorder. Now, they have been acquired by PTC Therapeutics, an international powerhouse with a mission to treat patients with rare disorders.

“We…have had a very positive experience in the Incubator program and with USF,” said Mark Pykett, DVM, Ph.D., and President and Chief Executive Officer of Agilis Biotherapeutics. “The TBTI resources and people, along with funding opportunities like the Florida High Tech Corridor’s Matching Grant program, can help companies progress to the next level.”

Nomenclature like “incubator” or “accelerator” can make a layperson believe that an incubator or accelerator’s impact is simply beyond comprehension, that their work takes place on a level that is meaningless outside of the lab. But just a glance at the companies under USF Connect’s umbrella reveals that something they all—including USF Connect—have in common: they provide innovations that change people’s lives, for the better, every day.

4202 E. Fowler Avenue, Tampa, FL 33620, USA
Phone: 813-974-2011
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usouthflorida |

Synapse Florida – Celebrating the Success of our Innovation Communities

Synapse Florida - Innovation Summit
Andy Hafer synapse primary logo (1)
Synapse Florida - Innovation Summit



Synapse Florida, the nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization connecting innovation communities across Florida, was founded on the premise that serendipity doesn’t scale. By building a state-wide movement, Synapse is enabling innovation partners throughout Florida to find each other and develop relationships in a way that hasn’t existed before.

Andy Hafer - 8_personas - synapse Florida

“If you want to accelerate success and build flourishing, sustainable economies, it needs to be done in an intentional, meaningful, and purposeful way,” says Marc Blumenthal, Executive Director of Synapse.

Connections: Framework for Fueling Innovation

Synapse believes that connections are the key to accelerating thriving innovation communities and driving Florida’s economic growth, while attracting and retaining top talent—now and for generations to come.

By creating a framework to connect entrepreneurs, talent, investors, corporations, educational institutions, and other business stakeholders, Synapse helps people find what they need and share what they have in three ways:

•• Synapse Connect – An online, customized platform that allows innovators to easily and quickly connect with the resources they need anywhere across the state. Synapse Connect only shows you the opportunities, partners, news, companies, and events that are relevant to your changing needs and goals.

•• Synapse Challenges – A crowdsourcing solution for organizations to solve real-world problems and create new opportunities for forward-thinking businesses and people—efficiently and cost-effectively. Challenges inspire our state’s most talented creators and makers to innovate and fuel the talent pipeline.

•• Synapse Programming – Throughout the year, Synapse hosts purpose-driven programming online and in-person. The capstone event is the Synapse Summit—a live two-day celebration of innovation where visionaries, doers, and success-makers connect with the latest transformational innovations across all industries to educate and inspire.

Synapse Florida innovation challenges
Synapse Florida - innovation hub

Providing value

Synapse helps to break down the silos of industry, encouraging people to connect and engage easily with purpose and provide guidance to accelerate success. “It’s an example of our core values,” comments Andy Hafer, Synapse Florida Co-founder. “Members of our community are incredibly generous of their time and support to help talented people, entrepreneurs, and startups get to the next level. We celebrate each other’s successes. As the saying goes, the ‘rising tide lifts all boats.’”

In just one year, the impact Synapse has made on our state is palpable. “We are proud that Synapse has already made a positive impact on so many in our community,” says Lauren Prager, Vice President of Communication and Programming. “Every week, we hear from another person who found an investor, a client, a new team member, a career opportunity, and important bit of inspiration, or valuable connection through Synapse. This is what we are built to do.”

“We were built to enable better connections across the state,” added Marc. “An investor or entrepreneur should not be limited by time and space to find the partner they need to succeed. We’re proud that Synapse has a solution that is beginning to fix the problem.”

Synapse is truly a community movement, led by a Board representing Florida’s leading innovators and run day to day by unbelievably dedicated staff and volunteers. “It is truly remarkable to have such great leaders on one board, all with one common goal, to make Florida the best place to innovate, build a business, career, and life,” says Brian Kornfeld, President of Synapse. “We are grateful to the talented, resourceful Synapse staff and volunteers who are fostering the connections for innovation, helping to create the success stories that will let the world know that Innovation Lives Here.”

Synapse Florida - pitch party check
innovation summit - synapse florida

Synapse Board

Synapse extends sincere appreciation and gratitude to its inaugural board, representing Florida’s leading entrepreneurs, investors, corporate executives, and principals of educational institutions, entrepreneur support organizations, and government, who are supporting the state’s thriving innovation communities.

Chairman of the Board, Tim Schar, SunTrust Bank

•• Ark Applications
•• BayCare Health System
•• BNY Mellon Wealth Management
•• Cherry Bekaert
•• ConnectWise
•• Dali Museum
•• Deloitte
•• Dynamic Communities
•• Embarc Collective
•• Feldman Equities
•• Florida Funders
•• Florida Israel Business Accelerator
•• Florida Polytechnic University
•• Florida State Representative Jamie Grant
•• Guidewell Florida Blue
•• Grow Financial Federal Credit Union
•• Hillsborough County Economic Development EDI2
•• Holland & Knight
•• Hunter Business Law
•• !P Innovation Partnership

• PAR, Inc.
•• Publix
•• Metropolitan Ministries
•• Qualified Meetings
•• Reliaquest
•• Schifino Lee Advertising & Branding
•• Skoda Minotti
•• Straz Center for Performing Arts
•• SunTrust Bank
•• Tampa Bay Business Journal
•• Tampa Bay Innovation Center
•• Tampa Bay Tech
•• Tampa Bay Wave
•• Tucker Hall
•• Major General David Scott (Ret.)
•• Ultimate Medical Academy
•• University of South Florida College of Engineering
•• USF Muma College of Business
•• USF Research & Innovation
•• University of Tampa

For more information about Synapse Florida, please visit:
facebook: synapseFL | instagram: synapseflorida | linkedin: synapsefl

REAL Building Consultants – Cutting-Edge Green Building Projects

REAL Building consultants logo



From the project visioning to early design, through construction and operations REAL Building Consultants works with developers and building owners to make sure that their project is designed, built and operated to reduce it’s impact on the environment and maximize return on investment.


Founded by Taylor Ralph, REAL Building Consultants has been in business since 2008. A couple of years before the start of the consulting firm, Ralph started a design/build company with his co-founder/business partner Darren Brinkley—designing and building net zero energy, LEED platinum, custom built homes and working on very innovative projects in the residential space. Soon after, Ralph started to get a lot of attention around the innovative, third-party certified projects being developed and commercial developers and building owners began to call, asking if he could consult on their projects. He was smart enough to say “yes,” when asked for help. Before he knew it, he had started a commercial consulting practice within the residential design-build firm, and in 2008 REAL Building Consultants was officially formalized. In 2012, the consulting business had grown so much that Ralph ended up selling the ownership in the original design-build company to work full-time on the consulting side.

From the early days, REAL Building Consultants worked on some of the most cutting-edge green building projects, and helped their clients exceed their expectations in building performance. In 2008, the green building market was still in its early stage of growth, and REAL was there to help many of their clients build some of the first LEED certified projects in the Tampa Bay region

REAL Building consultants TEAM
USGBC Team Award - REAL Building consultants
USGBC Team Award

Over the years REAL Building Consultants helped to define what green building was to the market, and developed a system of performance goals that helped their clients realize the business case for sustainable buildings. REAL Building Consultants has helped clients reduce their energy and water use in the buildings, while also promoting alternative transit use and the health and productivity of a space for it’s occupants.

REAL Building Consultants has always tried to maintain a diverse set of clients, working with the most well known developers in the market that are doing important projects for the region, while also helping Tampa Bay to grow into a more mature green building market. Traditionally, the firm works with developers, institutional owners like universities, publicly traded companies, as well as non-profits, small businesses, community institutions and governmental agencies. They cover the entire spectrum inside the commercial development sector, including multi-family projects that realize that their buyers and renters are demanding a home that is environmentally conscious, efficient and healthy.

When a company or developer wants to develop a project in a sustainable manner, REAL Building Consultants helps them to define what that means based on their financial goals and mission; making sure that they are actually designing a project in a responsible, efficient and healthy manner, and achieving the goals they have set up for their business. REAL works to ensure that their clients are building buildings that are making a positive impact on the health and productivity of it’s occupants, while also reducing the building’s environmental impact.

REAL Building Consultants team also works to help clients and the market in general better understand sustainability practices, and how to holistically develop a “green building,” sharing lessons learned while speaking at events, offering educational sessions and volunteering with various real estate-based non-profits. With over 60 years of experience combined in building design, functional performance and construction, REAL Building Consultants is making a major contribution to the green building movement.

Taylor Ralph_Founder REAL Building consultants
Taylor Ralph, Founder
REAL Building consultants _ UT_Jenkins Hall_USGBC site-must note _Courtesy of Eric Kreher_

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Key Person of Influence – Innovation of Business is our Focus

Key Person of Influence - pitch
Key Person of Influence Logo


Key Person of Influence - pitch

We are uniquely focused on accelerating the growth of successful, service-driven companies by building the brand identity of the founder or CEO, and then leveraging that brand to grow and scale their company.

When people speak about business innovation, they often are referring to technology; as in the latest app or time-saving automation hack. Technology doesn’t define innovation, although it can often drive it. Innovation, by definition is taking something that is mainstream, or even outdated, and transforming it into something contemporary and fresh. Look at it this way; if a new technology doesn’t make your life better, it probably isn’t innovative.

Key Person of Influence - meeting

At Key Person of Influence, we guide companies to innovate through workflow efficiency, not necessarily through technology.

The growth trajectory of an established company can be accelerated through the innovative thinking of its leader and the strategic redesign of corporate methodologies. Yet these innovations are often nothing new; they are simply the strategic implementation of tried-and-true business principles, restructured to assimilate with today’s business environment.

Our methodology is based upon the notion that those who are most influential, in any industry, get the lion’s share of the business and are awarded the most exciting opportunities. We have all witnessed people lining up to do business with industry experts or thought leaders; and because of that, thought leaders can charge a premium for their services while experiencing a much shorter sales cycle. At Key Person of Influence, we have cracked the code on what it takes to be recognized as an industry influencer.

KPI - Key Person of Influence
Key Person of Influence USA

Our 5-step process to create industry influencers is a perfect example of business innovation. We work with successful executives and entrepreneurs to develop five core soft skills that effectively positions them to be recognized as industry leaders. Once their industry recognizes them as a voice of authority, exciting things happen—the community recognizes them as a thought leader, the media recognizes them as an industry expert, and work days become much more fun and lucrative. Our goal is for our clients to double their revenue in 12 months or less, to create more jobs, and to work less hours.

Key Person of Influence - Innovation

We recognized that industry influencers possess these 5 core soft skills which are:

CLARITY. The market knows, without a doubt, what is it that they do and who they do it for.
CREDIBILITY. They are known as the industry leader, the go-to expert in their field.
SCALABILITY. They are able to take on additional work and continue to deliver an excellent client experience.
VISIBILITY. They are known in the community, are featured in the media, and have a strong on-line presence.
CONNECTIVITY. They partner with other industry leaders, and the best opportunities are awarded to them first.

At Key Person of Influence USA, our business revolves around fostering relationships with people of influence. We work with business leaders who have remarkable solutions to their client’s very real problems, and we make them recognized—not just locally, but nationally; and in some cases,  internationally. With our efforts and with the support of other local growth accelerators and incubators, many of Tampa’s already-successful business leaders are being transformed into industry-recognized thought leaders, on a global scale.

Key Person of Influence

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Nperspective – Putting it all in Perspective

nperspective - logo



nperspective - logo

While many financial professionals provide executive services in their day-to-day jobs, it takes a certain level of passion to work with companies of many different sizes in multiple industries, where levels of internal expertise vary significantly and where learning is an everyday experience. The Nperspective team is built with professionals who have a passion for learning new businesses, applying years of knowledge and expertise, and building companies. Each member of our team brings a portfolio of experience over a wide range of industries and companies, from start-ups to some of the largest companies in the world. This diversity of experience fosters a “best practices” environment that is easily deployed throughout Nperspective’s client base.

Gary Colbert, President - Nperspective

Gary Colbert, President

In 2008, Gary Colbert joined Nperspective to establish an office and bring much-needed financial expertise to the small business community in the Tampa Bay area. Gary brings 35 years of experience that began in the Fortune 100 world, primarily in international business, and transitioned into the middle market in more recent years. Possessing the requisite educational background (MBA in Finance/Marketing), professional certifications (CPA, CMA, CGMA) and having developed sophisticated financial and business management skills in companies that are worldwide market leaders, he is able to assist smaller companies in understanding how they too can operate successfully in many different business environments.

Bill Long, Partner - Nperspective

Bill Long, Partner

In 2010 Bill Long joined Nperspective. Bill is a Florida CPA and senior level financial executive with over 35 years of experience in both public accounting and private industry. Bill leads the firm’s litigation support practice and has been involved in various financial capacities for numerous civil litigation and bankruptcy cases in the Middle District of Florida. He has been engaged to provide expert witness testimony, financial consulting to Trustees and Liquidating Agents and Chief Restructuring Officer services and has also assisted clients that have successfully resolved their financial issues without needing a bankruptcy filing.

Sergei Galeano, Principal - Nperspective

Sergei Galeano, Principal

Sergei Galeano brings over 25 years of experience in the small to mid-size business market in industries ranging from steel service, distribution, manufacturing to bioscience. Sergei has dealt with all aspects of the business cycle including growth, turnaround and liquidation. Having worked in both public accounting and private industry, Sergei understands both the internal and external expectations for financial reporting. Sergei’s key to success has been his ability to serve as a business partner and trusted advisor to ownership and executive management, which means not only understanding the financial and accounting needs of an organization, but also understanding the strategies necessary for success.

Bill McMahon, Principal - Nperspective

Bill McMahon, Principal

Bill McMahon joined Nperspective in March, 2017 to expand the firm’s bankruptcy, turnaround and crisis management services, adding capabilities to assist business owners with operational and business transition issues in distressed environments. Bill’s many years of serving as a consultant in a national turnaround advisory firm as well as serving in-house in senior executive capacities add additional strength to Nperspective’s distressed management services. Bill earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from DePaulUniversity.

Steve Martindale - Nperspective

Steve Martindale, Principal

Steve Martindale joined Nperspective in September, 2018 to respond to increased demand for the firm’s services in larger, complex environments and to add capabilities in the insurance and financial services sectors. Steve has served as Chief Financial Officer in both private and publicly-traded companies as well as having served as Chief Financial Analyst and Chief Regulatory Officer for the Ohio Department of Insurance. Steve holds a CPA license in Ohio and earned his Bachelor of Arts in Accounting and Business Administration from Otterbein University.

2202 North Westshore Blvd
Suite 200
Tampa, FL 33607
Phone: 813-507-3600

MHV – Creating High Quality, Fast-Growing Biotech Companies

MHV - Militia Hill Ventures
MHV Corporate Logo
MHV - Labs-Process-Slide


Militia Hill Ventures (MHV) is a life science venture firm dedicated to developing therapies for patients with no viable alternatives. Through its broad network, relationships, and domain expertise, MHV catalyzes premier science and management to create high quality, fast-growing biotech companies.

Founded in 2014 by Jane Hollingsworth and Dr. Joan Lau, MHV is growing the number of biotech companies in the greater Philadelphia area, increasing the impact of the region, and solving some of the most significant problems in human health.

MHV has built and continues to grow, a portfolio of companies that are developing transformative therapies for patients. For example, Immunome harnesses the human immune system to change the paradigm of cancer treatment and develop novel immunotherapies. Tmunity, formed around Dr. Carl June’s ground-breaking research, taps the power of T-cells to transform the treatment of devastating human diseases. Talee Bio is leading the revolution in treating, and potentially curing, cystic fibrosis with gene therapies.

MHV - Office
MHV - Militia Hill Ventures


MHV Labs is the company conception and formation process of MHV where the best company ideas are discussed, evaluated, and incubated. MHV Labs actively forms and develops new companies beginning with the conception of ideas through the development of groundbreaking new medicines and larger team operations.

The process begins with the identification and selection of an unaddressed medical need. A comprehensive global evaluation is conducted of all applicable technologies and solutions. From there, MHV’s network of industry and academic experts are used to aid this evaluation and test new company hypotheses.

Ultimately, the best technology and talent is acquired, a business plan is developed to bring life-changing therapies to patients, and new biotech is launched.

MHV is located in University City, a dynamic ecosystem of other high-growth life sciences companies, providing both formal and informal access to investors, management expertise, infrastructure support, and R&D resources. This location offers MHV companies the best opportunity to launch, grow, and ultimately deliver innovative new medicines to patients.

MHV - Joan Lau, PhD

Joan Lau, PhD

MHV - Jane Hollingsworth

Jane Hollingsworth

3025 Market St., Suite 140, Philadelphia PA 19104
twitter: mhventures
linkedin: militia-hill-ventures

Elevate – Learn | Connect | Grow

Elevate Tampa - Tampa has swagger
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Tampa stands on the precipice of becoming America’s next great city thanks to the people of this amazing town, who are propelling the city to new heights. Residents and business professionals are inviting, collaborative thinkers who truly embody Elevate, Inc.’s values of Be Bold, Be Brave, Be You. It is an exciting time to live, work and play in the powerhouse that is Tampa. As a business consulting firm in Tampa, Elevate, Inc. is tremendously committed to the continued growth of the city. We envision Tampa as a vibrant town, teeming with innovation and intrigue. Our mission is to help our clients learn about the community, connect with others, and grow their bottom line, using our creative service offerings and existing relationships.

Client Shawn Rhodes, President of Shoshin Consulting, recognizes the integral role Elevate, Inc. plays in the local business community: “As a consultant getting my start in Tampa, I needed connections and clients – and I needed them fast. Aakash and his team plugged me into the community and immediately expanded my social circles with targeted introductions to high-level prospects.” We accomplish our mission by differentiating ourselves in Tampa as the team that believes in the power of a firm handshake, being present, and having a genuine interest in others.

Elevate Tampa - Tampa has swagger

Another client – Copeland More, fourth-generation owner of La Segunda Central Bakery – recognizes the impact Elevate, Inc. has on the community and its clients: “We contracted Elevate, Inc. to help celebrate our 100th anniversary and they exceeded our expectations. Their success came from using an innovative process, different from the standard public relations firm, that gave the bakery a constant presence in the eyes of the community.”

Tampa is a flourishing community, expanding and developing in more ways than one. Elevate, Inc. has the pleasure of witnessing the area’s growth firsthand. Tampa’s urban core is being transformed to an exciting place for residents and visitors alike. Restaurants are relocating to the area, nightlife is becoming more vibrant, and public spaces continue to grow in beauty and use. A once disjointed Downtown Tampa is now seamlessly connected by

the Tampa Riverwalk which has opened public access to the waterfront, numerous outdoor gathering spaces, hotels, museums and restaurants. Entrepreneurs and technological innovators have transformed the region into a hotbed for innovative startups.

Needless to say, Tampa is catching fire! Our vision is that, by strengthening the ties among regional businesses and communities through networking and relationship building, our city will continue on its path of development. Tampa is on track to become a more united community offering endless opportunities for all who seek a fulfilling life, both personally and professionally, under the Florida sunshine.

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