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Capstone Group – We Aim to be a Rock for our Clients

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Capstone Group BPTW Official Photo


Capstone Group is a leading provider of in insurance, risk management, and employee benefits services. Our mission is to provide results-driven solutions that transcend what our clients have come to expect from traditional insurance and benefits broker. In a world defined by uncertainty, we aim to be a rock for our clients by adhering to our foundation of values: we are people-focused and motivated by a genuine compassion for our employees, our customers, their employees, and our community.

Capstone Group - cap cares


When Capstone was founded in 2013, it was not because there was a need for another insurance agency. Our founding partners were well aware of the abundance of competition for insurance agencies and brokerage firms in the Greater Philadelphia Area, however they felt there was a desperate need for client-focused, technically sound, risk management and employee benefits consultants, and we remain passionate about that distinction to this day. Capstone has been able to differentiate ourselves by applying the global resources of our largest competitors, while still having a fierce dedication to our clients and a service model typically reserved for local, boutique firms. Our experience in analyzing and interpreting marketplace information and applying both proven and innovative products and solutions allows us to make our team’s experience meaningful, useful, and valuable in supporting our client’s goals.

Capstone Group dinner

Property & Casualty and Employee Benefits insurance policies should be just one component of a company’s overall risk management program. Now more than ever, insurance brokers & consultants must act in a strategic advisory capacity and partner closely with the clients they serve and act not as simply a vendor. A partner advises on all facets of the business, and aims to improve both top line and bottom line. By focusing on lowering our client’s overall cost of risk as opposed to simply lowering their insurance costs, we aim to help them achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. From an Employee Benefits perspective, it is imperative that we immerse ourselves in each of our client’s unique cultures in order to customize a total benefit offering that focuses on the individual employee and their family’s well-being.

The traditional insurance brokerage model has remained relatively unchanged for decades. Much to the detriment of business owners and executives, the risks they face on a daily basis have shifted considerably over that same time period. The evolution of technology, along with ongoing changes to government regulations, foreign policy, and our domestic tax code have opened up businesses to a host of new risks. Unfortunately, the traditional process dictates that insurance companies will respond to emerging risks by simply excluding them from their policies, leaving large uncovered exposures that could be catastrophic for a business unless properly addressed. Our goal when on-boarding a new client, and at every subsequent client review, is to identify all potential risk exposures and to clearly state our team’s recommendations on how to cost effectively manage those risks.


What we began in 2013 has been molded and reshaped by an array of innovations, regulatory changes, and emerging risks within our industry. Our vision is to set the standard of excellence among risk management and employee benefits consultants by being innovative, financially strong, and continuously exceeding customer expectations. To accomplish this goal, our efforts begin and end with attracting and retaining the very best industry experts and client service representatives as a part of our team. For the first time in 2018, Capstone Group was voted one of Philadelphia’s Best Places to Work by the Philadelphia Business Journal.

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1120 Welsh Road, Suite 220, North Wales, PA 19454
Phone: 215-542-8030
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Drucker & Scaccetti – Tax as a Business Strategy

Drucker & Scaccetti OVERVIEW - Mural
Drucker & Scaccetti OVERVIEW - Mural
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This phrase, written by Philadelphia’s most famous son, Benjamin Franklin, in 1789, still resonates 230 years later. The Tax Warriors® at Drucker & Scaccetti understand taxation and see it as a core element to nearly every business and personal financial decision. By embracing the rules, understanding the goals, and working with experienced thought leaders who are skilled experts in tax law and accounting, we offer our clients the ability to minimize the impact of tax. We, the advisors at Drucker & Scaccetti, help Philadelphia’s businesses and affluent families preserve and grow their wealth for themselves and their posterity.

Mention accounting and the stodgy version of the boring nerd is evoked. In fact, it is not likely “innovation” is a word used to describe the accounting profession. But 29 years ago in Philadelphia, an innovative change in accounting occurred when Drucker & Scaccetti was born.

Prior to our firm’s founding, there was no professional firm that focused exclusively on offering tax consulting and compliance services for complex family-owned and entrepreneurially driven businesses and wealthy families. When we announced the forming of our firm, we were told by some of Philadelphia’s top lawyers and CPAs it could not be done, no one had done it before, no one would engage us for tax services alone. At our very core, we knew this innovation in the accounting industry was needed and would prove valuable—even if the market didn’t yet know it. Twenty-nine years later, we are in the strongest growth phase in our firm’s history.

We created Drucker & Scaccetti to fulfill what we saw then, and continue to see today, as a need for advocacy vs. independence. We see business challenges from a different lens— unfiltered by audit implications and results. We are specialists in financial planning, taxation and tax preparation for individuals and businesses.

Drucker & Scaccetti - Recruiting Team

We never settle for plain vanilla tax return preparation; we plan to take advantage of techniques or combinations of integrated planning ideas that impact clients’ businesses and personal taxes. We learn what is important to our client and become an active member of their advisory team.

The Tax Warriors at Drucker & Scaccetti take a different and more holistic approach to our clients’ tax planning, preparation, and compliance needs. We view Tax As A Business Strategy® and, as a result, clients come to us for a relationship they cannot get from a digital solution. Our success comes from working eye to eye with clients. Not so much an innovation as a revelation.

This may give you a sense of who we are and what we do. But we are driven by our WHY. Over the years we could have become specialists in auditing services for large businesses. But that didn’t feed our passion. We love being a family’s trusted advisor; someone who will work with the investment, legal, insurance, or philanthropy team that uses financial and tax strategies to increase and sustain family wealth.

We build relationships by understanding and caring about our clients’ stories and going the extra mile to ensure their peace of mind.

When you need smart, business-savvy advisors, call on The Tax Warriors at Drucker & Scaccetti. Our goal is to help you sustain and grow your wealth. We are different for the sake of being better.

1600 Market Street, Suite 3300
Philadelphia, PA 19103
Phone: 215-665-3960
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Johnson Pope – Thinking Outside The Box

Johnson Pope -Bulb



Johnson Pope -Bulb


Over the past four and one-half decades, Johnson Pope has been committed to helping our business clients seize opportunities and solve problems in a high quality, timely and cost-effective manner. Many of our attorneys are business owners themselves and that experience sets us apart and allows us to assist our business clients with a greater understanding of the path they are walking.


Johnson Pope’s first office was opened in Clearwater 45 years ago, started by young entrepreneurial attorneys who saw the business opportunity of an underserviced legal market in Pinellas County.

Johnson Pope Tampa opened its office 36 years ago, and over 20 of our 70 lawyers are based in Tampa. Our other offices in Clearwater and St. Petersburg are of similar size and strength. Regardless of the office or legal practice area, our lawyers work together as a team to produce superior results for our clients.

Throughout our 45-year history, the firm has consistently focused on having the best attorneys in the areas of practice most critical to business clients – tax, corporate law, securities and capital formation, intellectual property, as well as, real estate and land use, health care, and business litigation. The firm’s depth of talent and experience allows us to provide new or existing clients the team they need at all critical points in the business-life-cycle.

The growth of Tampa, particularly the downtown renaissance, is an exciting time. Johnson Pope will continue to guide new and existing clients through their growth and prosperity throughout the Tampa Bay area and beyond.


Johnson Pope - Kaercher Family Farms

Patrick Traber, a partner with Johnson, Pope, Bokor, Ruppel & Burns, LLP, helps focus the firm’s efforts and involvement in the innovation and technology community in Tampa. Patrick and the firm are constant champions and connectors for their clients. Each has a unique story to tell, like Kaercher Family Farms, an urban farming company located in Largo, Florida.

The vision for Kaercher Family Farms came unexpectedly. Matthew Kaercher, the owner of the urban hydroponics farm, was with his family at Epcot. As Disney season pass holders, this was a regular family outing until one day, the adventure took them down a boat guided tour through greenhouses and according to Kaercher, something just clicked when he realized he could build something very similar. He recalls, “I would build hydroponic systems and then tear them down after I ran it through the season and then build a new system until I knew I was onto something sustainable.”

Johnson Pope - Patrick-Traber

And a little over one year later, that vision has become a reality. Kaercher Family Farms is up, running and thriving. The farm started growing microgreens and then added many varieties of lettuce according to the needs and wants of local chefs.

With the sudden growth pattern, Kaercher inquired to friends about legal guidance and was put in touch with Patrick Traber, which was a natural fit from the beginning. Patrick’s experience with startups and capital raising enabled him to assist his new client with some basics when starting a new business. Patrick functions as an outside general counsel and strategic advisor.

The future looks bright for Kaercher Family Farms as they are developing the property and bringing in European automation and robotics to alleviate the burden of tiresome labor. By the end of this year, the implementation of this cutting-edge technology will be the first of its kind in Florida – and allow the Kaercher Family Farms to efficiently increase its productivity.

Johnson Pope - Logo

401 East Jackson Street
Suite 3100, Tampa, FL 33602
Phone: 813-225-2500

Nensey & Associates – What You Devote Your Time to Matters




Nensey & Associates CPAs

Taking away valuable time you could’ve spent on the core products and services that make your business successful.

At Nensey & Associates CPAs, our policy is simple – we take care of the legal and financial details so that you don’t have to. Our priority is to give you all the information you need to help you make the best business decisions – which is not something all CPA firms do. Indeed, many CPA firms place a focus on merely reporting the financial statements and filing a tax return every year – and stopping there.

Our policy is that this isn’t enough. As CPAs, we can give you more information. We ask the hard questions. Is a product or service profitable? Is it something that isn’t profitable, but attracts customers to other, more profitable products? Is your business doing the right things to make it grow? Our approach is that rather than just CPAs, we are financial consultants, and it is our responsibility to partner with you on solutions that build your business beyond simple tax reporting considerations.

In addition to our regular financial, tax, and consulting services, we also offer fully digital solutions for consultations and conference calls, including Zoom, Skype, and of course traditional email and phone calls. In our modern digital age, we place a priority on being able to do business any place, any time. Our staff have conducted appointments digitally for clients nationwide, a service which we look forward to offering to you. With the availability of technology, the office is no longer just a physical location – it’s wherever you are.

Along with our regular services, we also offer research and tax planning, which is something, not every CPA offers. In fact, our Managing Partner, Zain Nensey, CPA is a published author of IRS continuing education material and can work with you to find value-added tax solutions whenever necessary.

We look forward to working with you in the future! Thank you for considering us for your financial advisory needs!

Phone: 813-702-6772
facebook: nenseytax

Duane Morris, LLP – A Law Firm founded in Philadelphia in 1904

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duane morris plaza
duane morris new space

The law firm known today as Duane Morris was founded in Philadelphia in 1904. In the early 20th century, the partnership helped clients with any of the legal needs of the day, such as negotiating contracts between local business owners or handling the property issues regarding the sale of farmland.

Our clients’ needs have changed dramatically since then. Our 21st century lawyers are more likely to negotiate multimillion-dollar transactions between global corporations or handle intellectual property issues regarding the licensing of biotechnology innovations.

From a partnership of four Philadelphia attorneys, the firm has grown to be among the 100 largest in the world, representing clients across an array of industries and from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Now with 29 domestic and international offices,no other Philadelphia-based law firm has offices in more cities worldwide. This network enables us to address client issues around the globe. Our legal representation in litigation, labor and employment, intellectual property, bankruptcy, construction, health law, immigration and corporate matters has garnered numerous accolades from industry publications covering leading law firms and lawyers, and has earned distinguished recognition from major clients such as Cisco and TD Bank.

Our success is the result of a consistent, planned heritage of visionary leadership from the firm’s founders through the present day. Through their philosophy, Duane Morris has embraced a culture of inclusiveness, congeniality and consensus building that is rare among law firms. This legacy continues under Matthew A. Taylor, who began his tenure as Chairman and CEO of Duane Morris in January 2018. While the partnership at Duane Morris may have grown beyond the founders’ imaginations, their spirit of unity and dedication to client service continues to guide our firm and shape our future.

In-House Collaboration
Throughout 114 years of growth, Duane Morris has always been guided by the same principles. At the heart of our firm is a partnership—an agreement to work together in the pursuit of client goals—bolstered by a foundation of collaboration and collegiality.

In 2013, Harvard Business School released its second case study of the firm, “Collaborating for Growth: Duane Morris in a Turbulent Legal Sector,” which
is now taught as part of the syllabus at major business and law schools. As set forth in the abstract: “The firm’s uniquely collaborative organizational culture, which featured a transparent, data-driven compensation system, practice-group integration across multiple offices, and rewards for attorneys who shared responsibility, had contributed to the firm’s success as it had expanded into new U.S. and international offices.” Duane Morris lawyers team up fluidly across our global network, facilitated by technology and tools that enable easy collaboration, including dedicated collaboration spaces in offices across our footprint.

Our tenet of community and collectivity is reinforced by significant firm initiatives, including our Diversity and Inclusion Program, Women’s Impact Network for Success (WINS) and Pro Bono Program, as well as support for numerous industry and community organizations.

duane morris - city year

Fast Facts
• Am Law 100 firm since 2001
• More than 800 lawyers in offices in the U.S., UK and Asia
• Firm has tripled in size over past 19 years
• 128 partners have chosen to join Duane Morris in the past five years
• Over 25% of client business conducted through multiple offices and practices
• Recognized by U.S. News-Best Lawyers Best Law Firms, Chambers and Partners, The Legal 500, The Deal, BTI Consulting, IFLR1000 and Lex Machina, among others

Supporting Our Clients
Duane Morris’ core philosophies have spurred innovative solutions and approaches to legal representation and client service. In one instance, our
development of the Dispute Navigation Analytics (DNASM) technology helps clients assess risk, manage litigation costs and reputational exposure and enables earlier, more cost-efficient decisions for in-house counsel and executives.

Our business acumen and comprehensive and distinctive strengths in a wide range of legal matters have earned esteemed endorsements from general
counsel and decision makers at organizations with $1 billion or more in revenue. This keen insight into our clients’ businesses also enables us to regularly partner with them on other corporate and community projects to further their business objectives and reach our mutual stakeholders. As a leader among law firms seeking to advance diversity and inclusion initiatives, Duane Morris is often approached by clients seeking the firm’s assistance in developing their own diversity and inclusion programs.

Through our pioneering Diversity & Inclusion Advancing Leadership (DIAL) Toolkit and years of experience in this field, along with the firsthand knowledge gained from development of our own successful diversity and inclusion program, Duane Morris assists organizations in creating and sustaining a program that allows them to derive the benefits of diversity and inclusion.

duane morris - deloitte

Spotlight on Client Collaborations
Duane Morris participated in Deloitte’s Impact Day by leading a “more than a survivor” career day for Girls Educational & Mentoring Services (GEMS) members and alumni.

Mount Sinai Health System
Duane Morris and Mount Sinai joined together for a medical-legal partnership to provide free legal advice and/or assistance for low-income or under-resourced patients.

TD Bank, N.A.
Duane Morris and TD Bank, in collaboration with the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS) of Pennsylvania, have been helping lawful permanentresidents apply to naturalize as U.S. citizens.

Duane Morris and SAP support City Year in providing near-peer mentors in Philadelphia’s most under-served schools to address reasons that lead to student drop out, help close the gap and ensure graduation.

Duane Morris WINS
The firm’s Women’s Impact Network for Success (WINS) is committed to fostering opportunities for, and enhancing the development of, its women attorneys.
Duane Morris - Diversity
Duane Morris’ Diversity & Inclusion Program regularly hosts events and panel discussions to continue its tradition of leading efforts to improve diversity in the legal community.
duane morris logo

30 South 17th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103 | Phone: 215-979-1000
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Griesling Law, LLC – Personal Attention | Proven Results

Fran Griesing - Managing Member Griesing Law


Fran Griesing - Managing Member Griesing Law

Fran Griesing – Managing Member


As data has shown, disadvantaged groups are notably underrepresented and underpaid across all industries. The educational and professional opportunities for women, people of color, members of the LGBTQ community, and persons with disabilities, are still not where they need to be in order to even the playing field. Further, those who are able to get their foot in the door are still not compensated fairly. It is our responsibility as business owners and civic leaders to highlight inequalities, demand change and advocate for initiatives that improve opportunities for all members of our community.

Fostering a workforce that reflects our cultural melting pot is critical to your employees, clients and customers. Research has proven that organizations with employees of different backgrounds and experiences outperform those that don’t, regardless of the industry. Our businesses should reflect the communities we serve as the City of Philadelphia encompasses a rich tapestry of citizens. Aptly named the City of Brotherly (and Sisterly!) Love, Philadelphia is a place which celebrates our differences, and seeks to improve the welfare for all walks of life. 

Through my involvement with the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia, I’ve seen a commitment to providing education, training and employment resources to Philadelphians of all backgrounds. As a member of the Chamber’s Roadmap for Growth Advisory Committee, we focus on encouraging business opportunities in neighborhoods across the city including formulating strategies for commercial growth and partnership for businesses of all sizes. There has also been a significant push to acknowledge and encourage businesses with a strong commitment to diversity who are paving the way for more equitable workplaces.

Jessica Mazzeo - Griesling Law

Jessica Mazzeo – Chief Operating Officer

Personally, as a woman practicing for over 35 years in the male dominated field of law, I’m honored to be part of an expanding network of women and minority-owned law firms sprouting up in Philadelphia and around the country. There has been an influx of support and resources for boutique firms like mine, including Women Owned Law, a national networking group founded in Philadelphia for women-owned law firms and their supporters to exchange knowledge and refer work. I am also active in national organizations for diverse attorneys, including the Leadership Council on Legal Diversity and the National Association of Minority and Women Owned Law Firms, both which aim to build an inclusive legal profession by fostering relationships between corporate in-house counsel and diverse law firms.

Our Firm is also certified by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council and involved in the local chapter which offers programming and a referral network for women-owned businesses in our region. Due to the support of these organizations, our Firm has been able to thrive and grow over the past eight years in business. I am eager to watch as more diverse businesses like ours continue to push the envelope and fill in the talent gaps that that will continue to make our businesses and our city better. 

Griesling Law word-cloud

Griesing Law, LLC
1880 John F. Kennedy Boulevard | Suite 1800
Philadelphia, PA 19103
P 215.618.3720 | F 215.814.9049
Twitter: @FranGriesing






Griesing Law, LLC is a women-owned and operated full-service business law firm based in Philadelphia with satellite offices in Cincinnati and New York. In January 2010, during one of the roughest economic downturns across all sectors, the Firm launched with a handful of clients out of an 800 square foot sublet space. Today, our original three-person team has grown into a team of 20, including 10 lawyers with a broad spectrum of legal expertise. We have grown from our initial client base to handling more than 900 matters for over 400 clients, including Fortune 500 companies, small and privately held business, nonprofits, government entities and individuals. Given our diverse experience and boutique size, we are able to provide highly specialized, sophisticated representation that is cost sensitive to meet the unique needs of our clients.

We are proudly certified as a woman-owned business by WBENC, giving us access to opportunities specifically intended to promote diversity and inclusion in the legal profession. We are a go-to small diverse business vendor for companies and government entities as well as a strategic partner for other law firms. Founded by seasoned attorney Francine Griesing, Griesing Law is a one of a kind firm that focuses on a collaborative team approach, discouraging internal competition that interferes with client service. Our mission is to create an environment where attorneys can reach their potential professionally while sustaining a fulfilling personal life and have the opportunity to contribute to the community. Thus, staff have the flexibility to work remotely when needed and mentor-ship is at the forefront of the Firm with junior and senior attorneys working together closely on legal work as well as professional development. Firm leadership also devotes significant time to crafting business plans for each attorney to ensure they are on the path to meet their professional goals.


Attorneys are encouraged to create their own personal brand through speaking, writing, networking and professional development training in their practice area, which are financially supported by the Firm. In addition, civic engagement is a major part of the ethos of our Firm, with members of our team dedicating their time and expertise to local and national non-profit organizations within the legal field and beyond. Avid supporters of arts and culture in the Greater Philadelphia area, we launched our Philadelphia Artist Series after our Firm’s inception, where we have hosted over 15 local artists and profiled their work in our office space.

Anyone who has interacted with Griesing Law cannot deny our devotion to the enhancement of women in the workplace. We have opened doors for countless professional women within the Firm and outside of it by identifying opportunities for them to showcase their talents and expand their networks. Fran exemplifies a strong, ambitious and compassionate female leader in not only what she says, but in her actions. She has been a champion for professionals in and outside of the legal field for 35 years, earning the respect and admiration of both her male and female counterparts. Advancing women in leadership is not simply a pillar of Griesing Law, it is the essence of it, and is at the center of why we’ve been able to stand out and be successful in the business community.

Griesing Law, LLC is women-owned

Griesing Law, LLC
1880 John F. Kennedy Boulevard | Suite 1800
Philadelphia, PA 19103
P 215.618.3720 | F 215.814.9049
Twitter: @GriesingLaw

Chris Paradies – Small Business Owners Change Lives

PARADIES IP - Group Shot



PARADIES IP - Group Shot

Small business owners change lives: their own life, their families’ lives, the lives of their employees, and even customers’ lives.

The ability to make quick decisions is the greatest advantage of any small business.A startup’s decision loop from idea to product can be much shorter than their larger corporate competitors. A small business may try, fail, retool, retry and eventually succeed, with persistence and hard work, before competitors can decide how to respond. By focusing on a particular customer, rather than a mass market, this particular customer can receive better service and solutions. Employees benefit, because employees of a small business are not fungible human resources but integral members of a team within a startup culture where job titles mean little, when a job needs to be done. Paradies ® IP and helps entrepreneurs to own and protect innovation and creativity generated for a small business by employees, contractors and others, building equity in the business, an essential step in the life of a startup.

Chris Paradies IP
Chris Paradies
Chris Paradies - certificate 3
Chris Paradies - certificate 2
Chris Paradies - certificate 4
Chris Paradies

I pulled apart a clock that wasn’t working, fixed it and put it back together at an early age. I was hooked. I started stripping every mechanical and electrical machine that I could to find parts. Some even worked after putting them back together again. Others were sacrificed to satisfy my curiosity about how things worked. It’s a good thing doing something you love.It’s not surprising that I would become an intellectual property attorney and registered patent attorney. I get access to new inventions long before the public knows anything, and I get paid for it. Bonus!

Intellectual property, or IP, includes much more than patents. Small business owners often become confused about what is needed to protect an idea. It doesn’t help that the law is constantly changing. IP is a complexsystem. If mastered, it can protect aspects of almost every business. However, like a machine, it is hard to see how it works from the outside. Too often, first-time entrepreneurs don’t do anything to own and protect valuable IP. Trademarks, trade dress, trade secrets, copyrights, domain names and patents are component parts of an IP system, and like clockworks, these parts must be fitted together just right to function properly. Unfortunately, I have found over the years, as a co.Starters facilitator and attorney, that some startups do nothing to own and protect IP, risking disaster, and others listen to unsound advice from a person only slightly more knowledgeable about IP. If you don’t own your IP, somebody else does. is an affordable solution for early stage entrepreneurs to own, protect and grow equity in innovation.

Paradies IP - Master Class
Chris Paradies IP Masterclass

IP masterclass includes an IP agreement library and online, step-by-step video instruction for customizing and using IP agreements that are critical for owning IP rights. If a startup doesn’t own its IP, then somebody else does. fills the gap creation and the day a startup can afford to hire a skilled IP attorney to protect critical IP assets.

Paradies IP-logo

Chris Paradies

Paradies® IP


5300 W. Cypress St., Tampa, FL 33607




de la Peña & Holiday


de la Peña & Holiday - logo
de la Peña & Holiday

Whether you are resolving a dispute, starting a company, inventing intellectual property, or conducting just about any kind of business, we at de la Peña & Holiday welcome you. We will strive to make your experience with us more valuable, efficient, and enriching than the many alternative legal resources available today. We know you care about results, and we will not stop fighting for them.

de la Peña & Holiday - volunteer

de la Peña & Holiday has offices in 3 major metropolitan centers around the United States; San Francisco, Los Angeles and Tampa Bay and are always looking to expand our footprint wherever we are needed.

Appellate; Business; Construction; Emerging Companies; Entertainment; Insurance; Litigation; Real Estate; Intellectual Property and Technology Transactions; Cyberliability

We believe in giving back and benefitting the communities where we live and work. Our firm has a long and proud tradition of providing leadership, financial support and pro bono services to charitable and community organizations throughout California, Florida and beyond our borders. This commitment is demonstrated both individually by our attorneys and staff members, and together as a firm. Whether we are providing support to local food banks, non-profit organizations assisting families, health and wellness causes, education advancement in underprivileged communities, and animal rights causes – de la Peña &

Holiday is committed to the betterment of our community. de la Peña & Holiday is a minority and woman owned firm and as such we are committed to promoting diversity within our firm and throughout the legal profession. We are steadfast in creating opportunities for lawyers of all backgrounds, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, or beliefs. Our purpose is to attract, retain and promote exceptional lawyers who reflect the global interests and communities that we serve. We strive to achieving greater diversity and inclusivity, as we deem it vital to our understanding, growth and success.

Brent C. J. Britton is a technology lawyer in de la Peña & Holiday’s San Francisco and Tampa offices, and is the managing partner of the Tampa office. He focuses on emerging companies, intellectual property, and technology transactions.

For the past 20 years, Brent C.J. Britton has been assisting entrepreneurs and technology companies of all sizes in corporate and intellectual property transactions. A dot-com era Silicon Valley veteran, Britton’s legal career has included tours of duty in several major firms in San Francisco, New York City, and Tampa. In his third year out of law school, Britton founded the noted San Francisco technology law firm, Britton, Silberman & Cervantez, LLP, which was later acquired by Thelen Reid & Priest, LLP. Britton has been a prominent voice for the cultivation of Tampa’s entrepreneurial ecosystem while maintaining strong roots in the San Francisco Bay Area’s emerging companies community.

Britton’s clients range from startups to international conglomerates in the fields of digital media and software development, video games, education, mechanical devices, entertainment, telecommunications, healthcare, and nanotechnology. Britton’s legal work covers a full range of services of value to technology companies, such as corporate formation, venture funding, technology licensing and transactions, intellectual property strategy and prosecution (patents, copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets), due diligence and auditing, innovation lifecycle management, mergers & acquisitions, website policies and terms of service, sweepstakes and gambling rules and procedures, employment agreements, and regulatory advice.

While in law school in the early 90’s, Britton clerked for the Electronic Frontier Foundation. A former computer scientist and software engineer, Britton is the only lawyer who holds a graduate degree from the MIT Media Laboratory. Alongside his Master of Science from MIT, Britton also holds a Bachelor of Arts in computer science from the University of Maine and a Juris Doctor from the Boston University School of law. Britton is admitted to practice law in California, New York, and Florida. Britton is an adjunct professor of Creativity and Innovation at the University of South Florida, he is the co-founder of several startups, and he writes and speaks frequently on entrepreneurship, creativity, ethics, and the philosophy of happiness and success. Britton’s book, “Ownability,” an introduction to intellectual property law for entrepreneurs, is available on

Brent C.J Britton - DLPH

400 North Tampa St.
Suite 2840
Tampa, FL 33602
Phone: (813) 452 2000
Fax: (813) 489 2520

DE LA PEÑA & HOLIDAY – Bridging The Bays

Brent C.J Britton - Tampa_Financial_Planning_1
Brent C.J Britton - Tampa_Financial_Planning_1


Brent C.J Britton – A technology lawyer in de la Peña & Holiday’s San Francisco and Tampa offices, and managing partner of the Tampa office.
He focuses on intellectual property, technology transactions, and emerging companies.

It is not just a nifty coincidence that both Tampa Bay and San Francisco Bay are referred to as the Bay Area because the communities actually have a lot in common. They are both wonderful places in which to vacation, work, and live, and both are populated by a broad diversity of cultures and generations.

Even 20 or 30 years ago, San Francisco’s startup community in the Silicon Valley was already in very healthy shape. One of the reasons the region is such a gold standard for technology startup companies is because they’ve been doing it forever. But even Silicon Valley had its own early movers who created the startup culture for the whole region.

Tampa Bay is now at a very similar stage. We have a thriving technology community populated by large, decades-old technology powerhouses; funded companies well on their way to stardom; and a very fertile crop of seed-stage startups pursuing everything from mobile apps to rainwater conservation. We also have a lot of people in this ecosystem who are devoted and passionately moving the needle in Tampa’s entrepreneurship and startup community. And, as they say, it takes a village to raise an ecosystem.

Interestingly, both Bay Areas have enjoyed success with technology startups because they are progressive places, almost instinctively. Obviously, the city of San Francisco has a progressive political view almost sewn into its DNA, and that’s important because progressive people automatically appreciate the new thing, they automatically value a startup company because it’s new and interesting and maybe even a little wild and crazy, and it’s at least as valuable as the old proven standard. I would say most people in the world don’t enjoy that level of respect for new ideas, which is why most places are nothing like the Silicon Valley in terms of entrepreneurial output. But that’s changing here in Tampa. The region is enjoying a serious boom in the community’s willingness to value a startup company because it’s new, because it’s wild and crazy, and because it could potentially change the world.

If you want to bridge the Bays, I think there’s no question that, while the San Francisco Bay Area is an electric, fun, and wonderful place to live, it is extraordinarily expensive. The cost of living in San Francisco is probably among the highest in the nation, both for families and companies. The idea of moving to San Francisco or its surrounding areas with your family and buying a house, a detached home with a lawn from which you can commute comfortably into the city or the Silicon Valley for work every day is almost impossible unless you’re already independently wealthy. You can sell your condo in San Francisco and you can come to Tampa and you can buy a neighborhood. Ok, maybe it’s not quite that bad, but you can certainly get a beautiful four or five bedroom home with a lawn and a swimming pool for what you made on your San Francisco condo.

Brent C.J Britton - Golden-Gate-Bridge-Side-View-and-San-Francisco-City-Skyline

One of the things that’s really incredible about living in Florida is that there’s no state income tax which, say what you will, there’s no doubt that that makes it easier to live here. And while San Francisco is beautifully located geographically and enjoys gorgeous weather, unfortunately you can’t swim in the ocean. The Pacific Ocean is just too cold to swim in at those latitudes. So you come to Tampa and you’ve got some of the most beautiful beaches in the world sitting there on the Gulf of Mexico just waiting for you to come soak up the rays.

One of the things that Silicon Valley has that Tampa’s on the rise with is a very dense community of two things, technology-capable workers and professional venture capitalists. It’s not easy to hire in San Francisco, but there are a lot more engineers than there are practically anywhere else in the world, with a higher PhD quotient than anywhere else in the world. And Tampa’s getting there. We certainly don’t have all the engineering talent in the world that we would like, but more and more are coming every day. Our technology workforce is strong and growing.

Tampa Bay is a destination city, it’s the kind of place that people want to come live in. And one of the reasons for that is because the Tampa Bay region and various cities around Tampa Bay are becoming a lot more like San Francisco. There are spots in downtown St. Petersburg where you can’t really tell the difference, where you walk past a Bohemian coffee shop and an art gallery
and you could easily be on Filmore Street in San Francisco. We are becoming a cool place to live.

Tampa Bay will never be San Francisco and it shouldn’t try to be. We happen to be the other Bay Area, but we’re always going to have our own vibe, and our own culture. Ybor City, for example, is a fun demonstration of our unique hipness. We are continuing to develop our own personality, one with roots in cultural and commercial vibrancy. We are taking the best of what we see in other cities including San Francisco and the Silicon Valley and we’re trying it out here, and we’re seeing what works. Not everything will, but that’s okay; we’ll find our own unique vision about how to be one of the great Bay Areas in the country.