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REAL Building Consultants – Cutting-Edge Green Building Projects

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From the project visioning to early design, through construction and operations REAL Building Consultants works with developers and building owners to make sure that their project is designed, built and operated to reduce it’s impact on the environment and maximize return on investment.


Founded by Taylor Ralph, REAL Building Consultants has been in business since 2008. A couple of years before the start of the consulting firm, Ralph started a design/build company with his co-founder/business partner Darren Brinkley—designing and building net zero energy, LEED platinum, custom built homes and working on very innovative projects in the residential space. Soon after, Ralph started to get a lot of attention around the innovative, third-party certified projects being developed and commercial developers and building owners began to call, asking if he could consult on their projects. He was smart enough to say “yes,” when asked for help. Before he knew it, he had started a commercial consulting practice within the residential design-build firm, and in 2008 REAL Building Consultants was officially formalized. In 2012, the consulting business had grown so much that Ralph ended up selling the ownership in the original design-build company to work full-time on the consulting side.

From the early days, REAL Building Consultants worked on some of the most cutting-edge green building projects, and helped their clients exceed their expectations in building performance. In 2008, the green building market was still in its early stage of growth, and REAL was there to help many of their clients build some of the first LEED certified projects in the Tampa Bay region

REAL Building consultants TEAM
USGBC Team Award - REAL Building consultants
USGBC Team Award

Over the years REAL Building Consultants helped to define what green building was to the market, and developed a system of performance goals that helped their clients realize the business case for sustainable buildings. REAL Building Consultants has helped clients reduce their energy and water use in the buildings, while also promoting alternative transit use and the health and productivity of a space for it’s occupants.

REAL Building Consultants has always tried to maintain a diverse set of clients, working with the most well known developers in the market that are doing important projects for the region, while also helping Tampa Bay to grow into a more mature green building market. Traditionally, the firm works with developers, institutional owners like universities, publicly traded companies, as well as non-profits, small businesses, community institutions and governmental agencies. They cover the entire spectrum inside the commercial development sector, including multi-family projects that realize that their buyers and renters are demanding a home that is environmentally conscious, efficient and healthy.

When a company or developer wants to develop a project in a sustainable manner, REAL Building Consultants helps them to define what that means based on their financial goals and mission; making sure that they are actually designing a project in a responsible, efficient and healthy manner, and achieving the goals they have set up for their business. REAL works to ensure that their clients are building buildings that are making a positive impact on the health and productivity of it’s occupants, while also reducing the building’s environmental impact.

REAL Building Consultants team also works to help clients and the market in general better understand sustainability practices, and how to holistically develop a “green building,” sharing lessons learned while speaking at events, offering educational sessions and volunteering with various real estate-based non-profits. With over 60 years of experience combined in building design, functional performance and construction, REAL Building Consultants is making a major contribution to the green building movement.

Taylor Ralph_Founder REAL Building consultants
Taylor Ralph, Founder
REAL Building consultants _ UT_Jenkins Hall_USGBC site-must note _Courtesy of Eric Kreher_

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Saint-Gobain North America – Creating a Living Laboratory

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Can you measure your workplace’s impact on employee productivity and well-being? Can you create a building specifically designed for the people inside?

Saint-Gobain, one of the world’s largest building materials companies and manufacturer of innovative material solutions, used these questions to guide the creation of its North American Headquarters. Based in Malvern, Pa., the 277,000-square-foot, LEED Platinum certified Saint-Gobain and CertainTeed North American Headquarters was designed to align with the company’s purpose of creating great living places and improving daily life. A living building, it serves as a physical embodiment of the brand to drive employee comfort, productivity and well-being, and a draw to recruit and retain top talent.

The team renovated a long-unoccupied 65-acre campus, which was home to two 1960s-era buildings. Completed as two simultaneous projects, core and shell and interior fit-out, the project included major renovation of the existing buildings and a 40,000-square-foot addition, expanding the link between the buildings. The existing structural system was maintained and reused in the new design.

By installing more than 60 sustainable building materials from its own family of brands, the headquarters, which opened in October 2015, now serves as a living laboratory, where experts can evaluate how multiple building materials working together in a system influence thermal, visual and acoustic comfort and indoor air quality (IAQ), as well as employee productivity and well-being.

Saint-Gobain interior office
Saint-Gobain employees

To study the impact of the building materials and systems, Saint-Gobain collaborated with the University of Oregon’s High Performance Environments Lab (HiPE). The longitudinal study, a first of its kind based on size and scale, revealed that a systems-based design approach, utilizing multiple solutions and strategies, can have a stronger collective impact on a building’s ability to optimize occupant comfort. Conducted in four phases over 36 months, the study analyzed employees’ experiences pre-, during and post-renovation throughout the company’s move from its former Valley Forge location to its Malvern headquarters.

The findings demonstrated substantial improvements in employee comfort, productivity and satisfaction. Approximately 40 percent of employees felt more productive in the headquarters, and more than half reported an improvement in perceptions of health and well-being.

Employee feedback reflects these statistics. Alison Ditton, Senior Credit and Collection Manager, noted: “Working in an environment that supports the employee motivates the staff to bring their best to work each day.”

Employees also reported improvements in visual, acoustic and thermal comfort and IAQ. Employees can continue to report their feedback in real time using an app called CrowdComfort, which ensures the building meets evolving needs.

Saint-Gobain - comfort

Visual Comfort

Saint-Gobain utilized glazing systems, light-reflective acoustic ceiling systems, interior glass partitions and white interior walls to improve visual comfort. Employees reported a 56.4 percent improvement in visual comfort, contributing to a stronger sense of productivity and satisfaction. The study determined a strong correlation between higher employee satisfaction and the amount of light, daylight penetration, access to views, reduced glare and daylighting controls of the all-glass building.


By selecting low-emitting sustainable building materials and installing building systems to
improve air quality, Saint-Gobain created a healthier work environment. Nearly all employees (91.6%) reported an improvement in how healthy and comfortable they felt in the headquarters due to IAQ changes.

Acoustic Comfort

Saint-Gobain utilized a system of sound-absorbing surfaces, high-performance noise-reducing interior walls and exterior facades and a sound-masking system to improve acoustic comfort. Approximately 45 percent of employees reported an improvement in acoustic comfort and reported perceiving less noise and more control over their acoustic environments.

Thermal Comfort

The team continues to evolve the space based on a loop of continuous feedback. For example, while a system of Saint-Gobain building materials fundamentally changed the building’s functional design and makes the building more efficient than the HVAC system, employees were still providing feedback on the temperature. Employees only reported a mild improvement (4.8%) in perception of thermal comfort, despite significant upgrades to the building’s core and envelope and high-performance heating and cooling system. Saint-Gobain will continue to address further challenges. As an ever-evolving space where data is constantly collected and evaluated, Saint-Gobain’s headquarters will continue to function as a living laboratory, where that input will be assessed to improve not just building performance, but the human experience of the people working in the space. Employee and visitor feedback will inform how the company enhances and creates building technologies that contribute to a more sustainable built environment.

Saint-Gobain - Final Infographic for Living Lab

Interested in learning more?

20 Moores Road | Malvern, PA 19355 | Phone: 610-893-6000
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Cecil Baker + Partners – Architects

Cecil Baker + Partners Architects
Cecil Baker + Partners Architects



Cecil Baker + Partners is an architecture firm committed to pursuing contemporary design that advances and embraces the urban environment for governmental, educational, institutional and private sector clients. Based in Philadelphia, the firm’s services include feasibility studies, programming, design of new structures, adaptive reuse of existing structures, and interior design.


Cecil Baker - 500 Walnut St

The persuasion of place. The power of simple shapes. The choreography of passage. The shared exploration. These four markers are Cecil Baker + Partners guideposts in the pursuit of cohesive, harmonious architecture.

Cecil Baker + Partners’ design projects fall into four primary categories: high-end residential (including multi- and single family), affordable housing,institutional, and commercial. Central to each project is a dedication to creating buildings and sites that bring people in touch with culture, community and nature, while simultaneously understanding the civic responsibility of how their structures affect the surrounding environment. These philosophies shine through in the firm’s recent projects, 500 Walnut and One Riverside – two ultra-luxury, contemporary condominium towers built in the Society Hill and Fitler Square neighborhoods of Philadelphia. While changing the physical neighborhoods in which these towers were built, particular attention was given to ensuring that the buildings would fit seamlessly into the existing environment and positively impact the surrounding community and its inhabitants.

This same dedication to fostering community and civic responsibility is also critical to the firm’s affordable housing design projects. Cecil Baker + Partners’ work in the space includes multifamily housing for adults recovering from addiction, and affordable housing for low-income seniors and families with children in Philadelphia. The firm’s institutional work includes the design of a forthcoming non-profit center for adults with developmental disabilities in the bucolic suburbs of Bryn Mawr.

Cecil Baker + Partners’ designs have received regional and national accolades, including awards from The American Institute of Architects, Progressive Architecture, Architectural Record, and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. The firm’s designs have been published in the United States, Europe, Japan and South America.


Cecil Baker, managing principal and chief designer, founded Cecil Baker + Partners in 1982 in Philadelphia. Baker’s background as an architect and a real estate developer serves as his foundation for innovation and practicality. Baker stresses “spending his money on the sunny side of the drywall;” a fascination with the poetic possibilities of the everyday. The firm’s design process often becomes a choice on what to leave out, rather than what to put in.

In 2017, Cecil Baker + Partners celebrated 35 years in business. During the same year, the firm completed the architectural design of one of the most prestigious projects in its portfolio – 500 Walnut, a 26-story, ultra-luxury condominium tower that overlooks Independence National Historical Park.

Cecil Baker + Partners
Cecil Baker + Partners - interior
One Riverside - Cecil Baker + Partners
Cecil Baker + Partners Logo type- white

1107 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107
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IPS – Integrated Project Services, LLC

IPS - Knowledge, skill & Passion
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IPS - Knowledge, skill & Passion



IPS-Integrated Project Services, LLC is one of the fastest-growing companies in the AEC industry with a global reach that spans over nine countries in four continents. Our cornerstones of Knowledge, Skill & Passion fuel our growth and cultivate a collaborative environment that drives our company. How did IPS once, a company of two, become a unique and innovative provider of technical consulting, architectural, engineering, construction management, and compliance services for technically complex development and manufacturing facilities in heavy regulated industries?

IPS Office

There are many reasons for our company’s remarkable growth. IPS was founded in 1989, as a unique firm focused on aligning our services with the business drivers of our clients and delivering projects on an integrated design-build platform. It was quite innovative and bold at that time. Since then, we have developed, executed, and advanced a number of strategies to reach our global status today. IPS moved from an execution-based company to a knowledge-based company and attracted several Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) that don’t just design and construct facilities, but solve a client’s problem.

Today, our extensive list of industry-recognized SMEs – a large number of whom have owner-side operating experience – possess deep global regulatory, and best-in-class technical expertise. As such, IPS remains at the forefront of new technologies and innovations in the industry. Clients reach out to IPS because of our recognizable brand of knowledge leadership. As IPS continues to grow, we do not lose sight of what has brought us here today: listening to the needs and challenges of our clients and providing integrated project and business solutions that help them create and manufacture life-impacting products.

IPS building


IPS prides itself as a global leader in developing innovative solutions in the design, engineering, construction, and commissioning and qualification of technically complex facilities worldwide, with a keen focus on the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and life sciences industry. We offer technical expertise that spans research and development to pilot-scale production to large-scale manufacturing, specializing in the latest trends, technology, and regulatory environment.

The rapid pace at which technology evolves demands we stay at the forefront of innovation. Using leading edge tools such as Building Information Modeling (BIM), Augmented/Virtual Reality (AR/VR), and exercising Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMPs) and LEAN construction are vital to our work, but it isn’t what sets us apart from the competition. What differentiates IPS from our competitors is applying these tools with our technical expertise to pioneer advanced solutions to our clients’ challenges. We create the ultimate modular delivery platform as a standardized solution to meet speed-to-market requirements for next generation cell and gene therapies. We design facilities of the future that flex and adapt to new technologies, processes or products. Additionally, we develop training modules for pharmaceutical operators and regulatory agencies like the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on barrier technology, handling potent products safely, and monitoring operational improvements.

IPS Work 02 Cook

We support our clients around the globe, and work on projects that utilize a wide spectrum of disciplines, technologies, tools, and subject matter expertise. There is continuous collaboration among our teams, a healthy flow of knowledge sharing, new ideas transpiring, and innovative solutions realized.

To date, IPS has been the recipient of many global and local awards, including six Facility of the Year Awards by the International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE), and has consistently ranked in the Philadelphia Business Journal’s Top 25 Engineering Firms, Architectural Firm, and Contractors lists. At IPS, we stay true to the Knowledge, Skill & Passion that distinguishes us from the competition and enables us to deliver innovative technical, and business solutions that help our clients succeed in creating and manufacturing life-impacting products around the world.

IPS Rendering

721 Arbor Way, Suite 100, Blue Bell, PA 19422
Phone: 888-366-7660
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Beck Group – Think. Design. Build

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Beck group - Tampa Office PingPong
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Beck group - construction


The Beck Group has a unique approach to architecture and construction. They create teams across all departments and areas of expertise work on a common goal – their clients’ projects. They believe that a better process and outcome result from working together. Many companies who work with Beck come to share this opinion.


The Beck Group’s history in Florida dates back to 1961, when they built the first launch facility at Cape Canaveral. With a Florida headquarters established in Tampa over 30 years ago, Beck delivers projects that touch every aspect of life in Tampa Bay, from travelers passing through TPA’s Consolidated Rental Car Facility (ConRAC) and Automated People Mover (APM), to visitors exploring the renowned Dali Museum and The James Museum; from students living and studying at The University of Tampa, to physicians practicing cutting-edge technology at USF Health’s Center for Advanced Medical Learning and Simulation (CAMLS); and from diners enjoying a meal at Ulele, to the thousands of employees working at the Sykes Building.

Beck Group - Saint Pauls Independent School - Community Helpers 1

Beck has taken the concept of design-build to a new level, by merging construction and design under one roof. Because they are builders, they are more knowledgeable architects. Because they are architects, they are contractors who better understand design. In addition, their sustainability and technology practices innovate to solve problems and their program management practice allows busy owners to focus on what they do best. “Great design and great construction go together. Only when we rise to the level of true teaming, taking responsibility for each other’s work, can we address the fundamental inefficiencies and the waste involved with delivering buildings,” says Beck CEO, Fred Perpall. Beck’s sense of community spills over into their working environment, making them a “Best Place to Work” in the Tampa Bay Business Journal, Florida Trend Magazine and Tampa Bay Times. Beck is committed to continuing to serve Florida for decades to come.

Beck Group Tampa
Beck group - finish line
Beck Group - Tampa Bay Times Top Workplaces



Doing the right thing when no one is looking and behaving with uncompromising honesty. Beck believes in maintaining lasting relationships based on honesty, consistency and with the highest ethical standards. This creates credibility in their personal and professional relationships.


Showing concern, empathy and compassion for others, ourselves, and our environment. Beck’s concern shows in their commitment to Safety First in all they do, and never compromising on it.


Working unselfishly toward common goals across disciplines, teams, departments and regions. Beck believes that their collective contributions are greater than individual skills.


Never being too comfortable with the status quo, by developing new ideas and applying those solutions that differentiate Beck in valuable ways. The company strives to maintain an environment where they foster new ideas and encourage changes that can help them improve.

Beck Group team

220 W 7th Avenue
Suite 200
Tampa, Florida 33602
Phone: 813-282-3900

MyJet – A Luxury Travel Pillow to Beat All Others

MyJet Luxury Travel Pillow in use
MyJet Luxury Travel Pillow logo
MyJet Luxury Travel Pillow



Creator Dr. Micheal Majette tells the story of why he decided to combine his wants and needs as a traveling consumer with his knowledge and experience as a physician to create the perfect allin- one pillow: “Since I was a child I have had a spirit of serving others. I have always been concerned
with the comfort of those around me and have found that helping a person in need brings me great joy. That same spirit has benefited me well as a physician. Like many of my colleagues, I often find myself treating the same conditions of chronic neck and back pain repeatedly. My goal is always to help each patient achieve a better quality of life through a combination of in-office care, suggestions for at-home care and products that aid in expedited recovery.

M Majette - MyJet Luxury Travel Pillow

“A common complaint I am presented with by many patients is pain associated with travel. As an avid traveler myself, I was always on the pursuit to find products, especially travel neck pillows, that enhance the “getting there” part of the travel experience. I have tested hundreds of different travel pillows hoping to find one I could not only use

myself but also recommend to patients. “This goal seemed simple, but after over a decade of searching, I learned nothing like that existed. “What I found through my research is that there are endless amounts of neck pillows on the market, but none were exactly what I wanted. Most are made of cheap materials and don’t offer the structural integrity and design required for long-term use. I greatly value the artisanal skills and passion that go into creating a product by hand. That one of a kind quality you can only achieve with non-mechanized production. This lack of focus in design quality is a common theme among most travel pillows on the market today.

“This is where my story begins. My search for the perfect all-in-one pillow has led me to the creation of MyJet Luxury Travel Pillow. Hand-made of quality materials with a patented inner skeletal system for ultimate support, the MyJet Luxury Travel Pillow stands the test of time and has been thoughtfully designed with the same level of care that I show all my patients.

I love this product because its uses have become unlimited. It has revolutionized the way we think of the common travel pillow. Whether it’s used for flying across the country, watching TV in the comfort of your own home or to relieve neck tension after a long day at work, I truly hope this product enhances your life as much as it has mine.”

MyJet Luxury Travel Pillow in use

Each pillow will be shipped with:

• Extra foam blocks for adding or subtracting additional padding/support to create the perfect fit for you.

• One elastic 3-button strap, allowing for connection to any headrest or existing pillow.

• Lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.

Pillow types:

• Coach class: Will consist of 2 color schemes, all breathable, lightweight, durable cloth material. You can always upgrade your pillow to a higher level cover at any time.

• Business class (the most popular): Will consist of 4 different leather and cloth combinations. Also features a black suede inner-lined pocket on the top half to add temperature control packs for heat or cold and LED light.

First class: Coming soon. This version creates a user experience unlike any other. Includes all the above items, custom leather cover, superiorBluetooth remote phone and speakers and first of its kind surround

What makes the MyJet Travel Pillow Unique:

• Customizable to all body shapes and any seat position using adjustable foam levels.

• Adjustable patented internal frame and elastic strap not only hold the neck and head in perfect position, but also help to decompress nerves in the neck and shoulder to relieve pain. 

• The high-quality materials used in creating the handmade covers improve with time and use.

• The ability to make the pillow warm or cold without the use of batteries or power provides an unmatched level of comfort.

MyJet Luxury Travel Pillow Light
MyJet Luxury Travel Pillow Uses


“I can’t say enough about this pillow! Last year I took it on a mission’s trip to Africa. After 16 hours in my economy seat, I was so thankful to have this pillow with me. My favorite feature is the strap that connects it to the back of your headrest. Anyone who’s been on an airplane knows it’s impossible to get comfortable in an economy airline seat and the typical travel pillow doesn’t prevent you from falling over onto your neighbor’s shoulder. With this pillow, I was able to comfortably fall asleep without worrying about my head shifting to the side. Definitely one of my best travel purchases!!”
– Patsy C.

“I have had issues with my neck for over 20 years. Even after surgery, I still suffer from pain. I don’t travel that often, but my Doctor recommended the MyJet pillow for when I’m at home relaxing and watching TV. It really helps relieve the pressure and tension on my neck.” – Tom B.

Phone: 813-463-3401

Smithwise – Advancing Healthcare Through Breakthrough Technologies

Smithwise 3D
Smithwise Medical Device Development - logo


Smithwise technology
Smithwise product shot
Smithwise Philadelphia
Smithwise temperature
Smithwise product picture
Smithwise 3D
Smithwise design
Smithwise Advancing healthcare
Smithwise Healthcare technology
Smithwise device
Smithwise - Artboard 3

Smithwise, a medical product development firm, started in Massachusetts in 2009 as Boston Device Development, taking its name from the town known as the Medical Device Mecca. But, when growth called for a second office in a new city, founder Eric Sugalski didn’t have any doubts about where it should be located. The Malvern-born engineer packed up his family and moved back home.

“With medical and research institutions like Jefferson, Penn, CHOP, Drexel, Temple, and others, the Philadelphia region has long been known for providing patients with world-class healthcare,” Sugalski said. “But now it’s also becoming a hub for medical technology innovation. We wanted to be part of that Philly MedTech revolution.”

The company rebranded as Smithwise in 2013 to reflect that its strategic focus wasn’t limited to New England.

Smithwise meeting
Smithwise office
Smithwise planning
smithwise presentation

The healthcare industry is full of creative researchers and clinicians who are always thinking up new, better ways to solve old problems. But usually those people and institutions don’t have the time, supporting infrastructure, or expertise to dedicate to the process of bringing a new medical product to market. Smithwise steps in to act as an extension of the innovator’s team, providing engineering and design support, strategic focus, funding and vendor networks, and business acumen to chart a path from concept to commercialization.

The application of new technologies to the medical space is making healthcare more effective, more sustainable, less invasive, and less expensive. “We’re in a golden age for medical devices,” said Chris Scholl, Director of Engineering at the Philly office. “We’re treating conditions in ways we never would have thought possible 20 years ago. Our industry is making great technological leaps forward in so many areas, but it takes a special vision, background, and skill set to commercialize an innovative concept for treating patients. Not only does it have to work, but you have to prove it’s both safe and effective, and be able to demonstrate the value of your new product to various stakeholders throughout the healthcare chain.”

Smithwise helps innovators navigate that tricky path to market, identifying potential pitfalls in advance, whether they’re of the regulatory, clinical, business, or other variety, and develop a product that will solve a medical need and succeed in the marketplace.

“We’re excited to be teaming up with so many of our great Philadelphia healthcare and academic institutions,” said Sugalski. “Together, we’re moving new technologies out of the lab and concepts out of the sketchbook, turning them into products that will save and improve lives.”

3815 West Chester Pike | Newtown Square, PA 19073 | Phone: 610-455-4255 |

Millebot – Mobile 3D-Manufacturing Platforms

Millebot owner, Andy
Millebot owner, Andy
Millebot logo


This company is strategically located near other Florida located central companies like Disney, Universal, SpaceX and Blue Origin. With its international, patent-pending technology, the company can focus on the creation of the best modular additive and/or subtractive manufacturing within ISO shipping container enclosures. The main aim of the company is to decentralize manufacturing with a connected modular manufacturing infrastructure, with its bases in Central Florida.

Millebot integrates many areas of industry, including: digital media, material science, mechanical engineering, aerospace, maritime and construction, to mention but a few. The first people to have the chance to learn and play a role in the execution of Millebot’s new 3-D manufacturing ecosystem are students from Central Florida schools.

The company owner, Andy, graduated with a marketing degree from the University of Central Florida. His investment in this company started as he developed a fascination for engineering and design. However, it was his beginnings as an adopter of technology, and his observations of how technology could solve problems in conventional and unconventional ways, that fostered in him the skill to do lots more with much less. The advancement towards the development of his company began in 2011 within 2 weeks of owning his first 3D printer. The printer led to much of his frustration and he sought new ways to solve the problem associated with the mini machine. His epiphany to combine the size and elegance of a “shipping container” and “3D-printer”, came whilst driving one day. It was only in 2015 that he patented this eureka moment and thereafter, in 2016, he formed Millebot, Inc.

Millebot - shipping container

About the machine, the “MILLE”
MILLE is unlike any machine of its kind, it’s the only large-format 3D-machine platform that may be operated indoors or outdoors, and is deliverable by land, rail, sea, and air, giving customers capabilities that they have never seen.

Through the incorporation of shipping container housing, Millebot solves most production and logistics challenges, by using existing freight infrastructure around the world. MILLE is great for various applications and environments. The machine features a heavy-duty Corten steel shell and can be operated remotely, both indoors or outdoors.

Each machine is designed and built according to customer needs. Millebot’s extremely versatile, rugged design is compatible with:

Additive manufacturing tool-heads, including: plastic extrusion, cement/mortar extrusion, adhesives/resins extrusion, and others.

Subtractive manufacturing tool-heads, like: CNC router, laser, plasma, waterjet, and others.

Power can be delivered to the machine via a wall outlet, generator, or renewable energy source, making it perfect for remote areas. All Millebot machines feature a modular enclosure, meaning multiple machines can be stacked to create a scalable manufacturing infrastructure with large working volume. The main perk is that all multiple units can be operated by a single operator.

MILLEbot HDX-EVO - wire 2
MILLEbot HDX-EVO front 2

Business strategy
The main business strategy of this company is that it forms alliances with companies and groups who share the vision for a decentralized manufacturing future, including: education, investors, hardware manufacturers, material manufacturers, equipment distributors, deep-tech, defense contractors, and financial institutions.

The company – now and in the future Millebot’s main goal is to empower people and companies to create new products without having to manufacture abroad. Basically, Millebot is your “personal factory”, since this product gives people the flexibility to create new niches and take control of their production using locally sourced materials.

Furthermore, Millebot is an eco-conscious company, actively developing and seeking novel ways to reduce CO2 emissions. Millebot aims to seek or use 3D-technologies in various fields, including: construction, automotive, aerospace, maritime, medicine, entertainment, energy, and food, by delivering a low-cost turnkey 3D-manufacturing platform that automates the process and reduces labor.

Millebot currently offers flexible financing and lease options.

Next time you see a shipping container, think Millebot!

Mobile Outfitters – Be Part of our Outfit

Mobile Outfitters - Location
Mobile Outfitters Logo
Mobile Outfitters - Location


Entrepreneurs, Eric Griffin, and Dennis O’Donnell founded Clear-Coat in 2007 to create, manufacture and distribute the best screen protector anyone had ever seen with production facilities in the U.S. Fast-forward ten years and due to the company’s innovations in technology, the company changed its name in 2016 to Mobile Outfitters.


Their award-winning RapidCut™ system virtually eliminates inventory and enables stores to produce 55,000+ products on-demand at the time of sale. Most recently, Mobile Outfitters launched the most advanced screen protector in the world using patented TriACTIVE™ Impact Technology. It is scratch resistant, anti-fingerprint and self-healing – and is backed by a global Lifetime Guarantee. Lastly, the Fusion Bumper™ is the world’s thinnest impact protection using the same TriACTIVE technology and has Corner Cushions™.

This entrepreneurial success story is ten years in the making. After throwing out nine years of brand identity, the co-founders choose to “start
over,” and the success in 2017 was a direct result of that decision. Last year, the company retooled everything around their new vision, “To challenge the status quo of the mall kiosk industry by selling high-quality products and backing them with customer-focused support with over 1,000 kiosks spanning 50 countries by 2022.”

Mobile Outfitters - Style Skins
Mobile Outfitters - Fusion Bumper and Screen Protection+Style Skins
Mobile Outfitters - Rapidut 2.0 Hero Image at Kiosk

As a result of the company’s rebranding, the number of locations more than doubled from 175 to 400 in 2017. The largest growth was realized in Belgium, due to a partnership with Proximus, resulting in 100+ locations opening in 2017. Additionally, the company ended the year with locations in 38 countries, an increase of 20 from the prior year. As a result of these new locations, revenue grew 43% from $6.28 million to $8.98 million.

So, what does this growth mean? Every 20 seconds, a Mobile Outfitters product is professionally installed worldwide. Due to the resources created by Eric and Dennis, new locations experience a 95% success rate during the first year. Mobile Outfitters is number three in the world, only behind Apple and Tiffany & Co., for their average sales per square foot. All Mobile Outfitters innovative products come with a Lifetime Guarantee. This means happy customers can obtain a replacement at any time, for any reason, at any of their global locations.

Mobile Outfitters - Dennis O'Donnell
Dennis O’Donnell
Mobile Outfitters - Eric_Griffin
Eric Griffin

3901B Main Street, Suite 106, Philadelphia, PA 19127
Phone number: 215-268-3781
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Alakai Defense Systems – our Mission is to protect the Soldier

Alakai Defense Systems, Inc., headquartered in Tampa Bay Florida
Alakai Defense Systems logo
Alakai Defense Systems, Inc., headquartered in Tampa Bay Florida


Alakai Defense Systems - PRIEDS Version 3

Alakai Defense Systems, Inc., headquartered in Tampa Bay Florida, has invented, developed, manufactured, and deployed world-record setting sensor systems to protect deployed soldiers and first responders from bombs and other threats.

They specifically specialize in laser-based remote sensing systems for the detection of bombs, IEDs, truck bombs, Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD), narcotics, and numerous other hazardous materials at long-range for the defense and security space.


Alakai’s motto since founding in 2004, is “We were Soldiers, our children are Soldiers, our Mission is to protect the Soldier.” The current incarnation of Alakai was established in Florida in 2006 by Ed Dottery, a West Point graduate and Army officer who commanded in the Infantry and Special Forces before returning to the West Point physics faculty, after an applied physics degree from Stanford University.

Mr. Dottery has made it his lifelong mission to serve and protect soldiers through next generation sensor development. These sensors detect bombs and other threats farther, faster, and safer than the current state of the art.

Alakai’s first true product was for fixed sites or vehicle mounted– the Check Point Explosive Detection System (CPEDS), which can detect threats at football field distances and as of this writing has been deployed by the US Army for over two years, and other organizations are following suit. The CPEDS is an extreme standoff range system for Entry Point Security such as a port, military installation, or any other use that requires an extremely long-range detection.

A man-portable variant, PRIED, for Portable Raman Improvised Explosive Detector was then developed by Alakai for the US Special Operations Command. PRIED is contained in a backpack with a hand-held wand design to quickly detect various hazards such as explosives, narcotics, and chemical warfare agents. Alakai’s PRIED was cited by SPIE (International Society for Optics and Photonics) in 2016 as one of the top 3 most innovative optical sensor in the world in a Silicon Valley ceremony.

Alakai Defense Systems backpack
Alakai Defense Systems
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Alakai has been the recipient of various awards and recognitions including: the Florida Governor’s Business Diversification Award – Entrepreneurship (Major Market), Emerging Technology Company of the Year, Florida Companies to Watch, Florida Fast 50, and three years on the Inc. 5000 list. In addition to its Florida base of operation, Alakai maintains offices in Fort Leonard Wood, MO and the Washington DC metro area.

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