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Day & Zimmermann – The Original Betterment Company®

DAY & ZIMMERMANN - Header image
DAY & ZIMMERMANN - Header image



Today, we are still in the business of betterment—maintaining the nation’s power infrastructure, protecting American freedoms and accelerating innovation around the world. We are advancing and enhancing the fundamentals of modern productivity— talent, efficiency, and safety.

Founded in 1901, Day & Zimmermann is a family-owned company with a workforce of 43,000 specializing in construction & engineering, operations & maintenance, staffing, security and defense solutions for
leading corporations and governments around the world. Operating from more than 150 worldwide locations, Day & Zimmermann is
headquartered in Philadelphia, PA.


Day & Zimmermann’s vision is to accelerate the next generation of innovation. Every day we are advancing and enhancing the fundamentals of modern productivity— talent, efficiency, and safety. Like the city of Philadelphia, we are evolving and have been going through a tremendous amount of change. We foster better solutions for keeping our nation’s power plants running safely and reliably, hiring and placing skilled health care professionals that keep our country healthy,and protecting U.S. national security interests with mission-critical solutions.

Day & Zimmermann - graphic
Day & Zimmermann - construction

Innovation is in our DNA. The origins of Day & Zimmermann date back to 1901 and a mere seven years after our founding, the company was working on one of the most significant human engineering achievements of the twentieth century—the construction building of the Gatun Lock system of the Panama Canal. By the 1960s, Day & Zimmermann was assisting with the design of the Mercury and Gemini capsules that would put the first American astronauts in space. These history-altering projects had ties right here in Philadelphia.

While our past achievements built our strong foundation, we’ve not only sustained over time but have thrived and have new and exciting developments on the horizon. Today we are entering a new era of transforming the way our customers and staff, build, streamline and secure their future.

Yoh, our staffing division is helping to place workers in cutting-edge fields like software development, life sciences, healthcare and IT. Our engineering, construction and maintenance division is using new technologies, processes and systems to create efficiencies for power and industrial plants. We even recently acquired a new cybersecurity capability. Like in the earlier days working on the Panama Canal, we’re looking at a series of history-changing projects that in summation will push us and our country forward.

Day & Zimmermann is currently ranked as one of the largest private companies in the U.S. by Forbes.

• #1 Ranked Operations & Maintenance Contractor for 10 consecutive years (ENR)
• Yoh – our recruiting and workforce solutions company—was named to HRO Today’s RPO Baker’s Dozen list
• Ranked in Top 100 Defense Companies

Corporate Headquarters: 1500 Spring Garden Street Philadelphia, PA, 19130. Phone: 215.299.8000 | Twitter:  @DayZim | Facebook: dayzim | Linkedin: day-&-zimmermann | YouTube: DayZimVideo |

OCCAM TECHNOLOGY GROUP – an Engineering Design and Development Firm

OCCAM - Location-USF-CAMLS-Downtown-Tampa
Occam Technology Group_logo


Today, the company is a full-service global contract engineering design and development firm with clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies and commercial enterprises to universities and entrepreneurs.

Through creative and effective problem solving, Occam Technology Group helps companies at any stage of the development lifecycle with expertise ranging from embedded systems engineering to design and development services for products, medical devices and IoT solutions as well as secure system design. Its team of specialized engineers brings unique and multidisciplinary skills to the table, including software, mechanical, electrical and biomedical engineering, and can take products from initial concept through software and hardware design, verification and validation, quality, prototyping, and simulation.

OCCAM - Electronic Engineering

As part of the greater Tampa Bay community and with its offices located within the University of South Florida’s Center for Advanced Medical Learning and Simulation (CAMLS), the company has been involved in many areas of the city’s growing technology landscape. In 2017, Raymond Carr, the company’s founder and Chief Technology Officer, was awarded Technology Executive of the Year at the 14th Annual Tampa Bay TechAwards. Through Ray’s guidance and a fully dedicated team, the company was able to develop a groundbreaking class III medical device, the bionic pancreas. In February 2018, the firm officially entered the Internet of Things (IoT) product market with its offering of LPWANfocused products under the OccamSmart brand, which includes the mPCIe Smart Gateway Card, the 8-Channel RF Concentrator, an Uplink Protocol Analyzer and a fully functional LoRaWAN stack launched on the Google Cloud Platform. Occam Technology Group entering the product market comes as a result of two years of internal research and development, and as a realization of the growing need for IoT infrastructures.

OCCAM Founder CTO Ray Carr

“In 2017, Raymond Carr, the company’s founder and Chief Technology Officer, was awarded Technology Executive of the Year at the 14th Annual Tampa BayTech Awards.”

OCCAM - Location-USF-CAMLS-Downtown-Tampa
OCCAM - Trinity-Dragons-at-VEX-IQ-Robotics
Occam Smart-mPCIe-Smart-Gateway-Card-Launch-Party
Occam Smart-8-Channel-RF-Concentrator

Spreading the love for technology is also a big part of Occam Technology Group’s mission. Through the Occam STEM Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring the next generation of STEM leaders, the company encourages future engineers to develop a passion for STEM careers at a young age and helps maintain their interest in these fields throughout their lives and careers. The Occam STEM Foundation supports the encouragement and mentoring of elementary, middle, high school and college students such as the local VEX Robotics Florida State Champion team, the 6430 Trinity Dragons, as well as other teams throughout the country. The foundation is also working closely with the University of South Florida College of Education in organizing a summer workshop to help train high school STEM teachers on IoT technologies which can then be taken back to the classroom to further broaden student STEM experiences in new, cutting-edge technologies.

Additionally, through the USF IT Department and USF College of  engineering, Occam Technology Group has donated and installed a Low-Power Wide-Area Network (LPWAN) on the USF Tampa Campus. It creates a “wall-less” IoT laboratory intended to benefit the real-world, hands-on research, development and deployment of IoT technologies across all academic disciplines.

With active involvement in the Tampa Bay community and a team that is passionate about the company’s mission, Occam Technology Group is honored to be part of one of the fastest-growing tech hub regions in the US.

Occam Technology Group – Contact Information
124 South Franklin Street, Tampa, FL 33602
Phone: +1 844 622 2663
Linkedin: occam-technology-group/
Twitter: @occamtechgroup

BRIDG – Bridging The Innovation Development Gap

BRIDG - Building Exterior
BRIDG logo

Located at NeoCity – a 500-acre master-planned intuitive community of innovation in Osceola County, less than 20 minutes from the Orlando International Airport and within a mile of the Florida Turnpike – BRIDG is a unique public-private partnership that is at the heart of a technology-based economic transformation currently taking place in Central Florida and positively impacting the entire region and state.

BRIDG - Building Exterior

As an industry-led, not-for-profit organization for advanced sensors, semiconductors, photonics and other advanced nanoscale systems, BRIDG provides research and development capabilities and infrastructure for manufacturing processes and materials geared toward system miniaturization and smart sensor innovation. 

BRIDG operates one of the most versatile 200mm microelectronics fabrication facilities in the world – a 109,000-square-foot building with nearly 60,000 square feet of laboratory/manufacturing space that includes two clean-rooms; one operating at Class 100 standards and the other at Class 10,000.

Focused on the innovative manufacture processes, materials and equipment for next-generation sensors and future high-tech products, BRIDG catalyzes to help bring high-value, quality jobs to Florida. As companies get products through the development cycle, BRIDG provides the necessary infrastructure – talent, equipment, background/foreground IP, etc. – to test ideas and concepts, acting as the bridge to product commercialization. In essence, BRIDG is the state-of-the-art “boutique” lab/fab facility open and flexible enough to keep up with the ever-evolving pace of technology and has space to accommodate a variety of partner-funded activities.

BRIDG - Tools Installation

BRIDG is enabled by investment from founding visionary partners – Osceola County, the University of Central Florida, and the Florida High Tech Corridor Council – as well as other partners including the University of Florida, the University of South Florida, Florida International University, Harris Corporation, Siemens, Massey Services, imec, and many others.

With the combination of BRIDG, its partners, and the growth of many sectors of the high technology economy here in Central Florida, the region is steadily becoming recognized as THE place to be if you want to build or grow a high technology-based organization. BRIDG provides the physical infrastructure and collaborative processes to connect challenges and opportunities with solutions, thus “Bridging the Innovation Development Gap” that makes transformation possible.

BRIDG Exterior Aerial

Learn more at

200 NeoCity Way
NeoCity, FL 34744
Office: 407-742-4253

Exterior photos credit: Seamus Payne courtesy of Skanska

SynDaver Labs – Manufactures the World’s Most Sophisticated Synthetic Human Tissues and Body Parts

SynDaver Labs
SynDaver Labs Logo
SynDaver Labs
SynDaver Synthetic Human


Our SynDaver Synthetic Human bleeds, breathes, and employs hundreds of replaceable muscles, bones, organs, and vessels which are made from materials that mimic the mechanical, thermal, and physicochemical properties of live tissue. This validated technology is used to replace live animals, cadavers, and human patients in medical device studies, clinical training, and surgical simulation.

SynDaver Labs was founded in 2004 to commercialize a novel system of synthetic human body parts for the medical device industry. These sophisticated models replicate human anatomy in great detail, including individual muscles, tendons, veins, arteries, nerves and organs, all made form complex composites that mimic the properties of discrete living tissues. Made from water, fibers, and salts, each of these tissues have been validated for mechanical, chemical, thermal, and dielectric properties against the relevant living tissue.

SynDaver Labs
SynDaver Labs Surgical
SynDaver Synthetic Human Muscle
SynDaver Human Anatomy
SynDaver Canine

In fact, SynDraver Labs maintains the world’s largest database of LIVE tissue properties, and our products are used in such diverse fields as surgical training, medical device testing, consumer products evaluation, and ballistics testing

Work on this technology was initiated at the University of Florida in 1993. Initial studies involved the manufacture of synthetic trachea models to replace live animals in testing of airway devices and the development of interpenetrating  polymer-fiber networks to mimic lumenal structures such vessels.

The materials developed as a result of these studies are now used extensively in the industry as simple vein and artery mimics.

SynDaver Labs

8506 Benjamin Road, Tampa, Florida 33634

Phone: (813) 600 5530

Fax: (813) 600 3235

TRINITY GRAPHIC – Custom, Creative, and Branded Digital Print Solutions for Clients Nationwide.

Trinity Graphic - Shop
Trinity Graphic - Shop

Located in Sarasota, Florida U.S.A., and with over 45 years of printing, prepress, and packaging experience, Trinity Graphic manages custom, creative, and branded digital print solutions for clients nationwide.

Trinity Graphic offers full turn-key packages from initial creative concepts to full production, shipping and installation. Our design and project solutions teams work with your architecture, design and marketing groups to develop, create, and implement custom branded solutions.

Our investment in the best industry equipment means that your printed projects are produced and delivered complete, correct and on time – every time.

We take pride in understanding our customer’s needs, and by partnering with your buyers, marketing and creative teams, we are able to collaborate and provide solutions to meet those needs.

Let’s take a look at what we offer:

Custom Print Solutions – Clients partner with Trinity Graphic not because we are a premium digital print applications provider, they come to us because they have challenging project opportunities that require some “out-of-the-box” print, design or installation consideration. Whether it is wall covering, commercial advertising, retail signage or product displays, we make it our goal to create solutions that enhance your brand message

Trinity Graphic - Install

Branded Print Solutions – Your brand identity represents your inherent values, your purpose, your positioning, and your voice. You trust us to protect everything about who you are, and we take that very seriously. Your brand is our compass that sets the target for our creative, production and quality assurance teams. Providing solutions to meet your needs is what we do best.

There really is no way to describe the true essence of what we do, except to experience it yourself. We’re actually not looking for customers, we’re looking for partners, to collaborate with for the long term. If your current resources are satisfying all your digital print needs, we are happy for you. Call us anyway and we’ll show you what you might be missing.

Trinity Graphic - loop

Creative Print Solutions – We offer a complete, ‘soup-to-nuts’ digital print experience that starts with our experienced team of national and strategic account managers who will work with you to understand the goals, parameters and budgeting needs of your project. Our partnership continues with our creative design team and production managers who develop the graphic and structural elements and then coordinate the timelines and resources necessary for your project. Our production and quality assurance teams guarantee that every part of your project meets or surpasses our high standards, industry standards and your expectations.

Trinity Graphic - Install 2

Trinity Graphic

Managing custom, creative, and branded print solutions.

885 Tallevast Road Sarasota, FL 34243

Phone: 941-355-2636

ROBRADY DESIGN – “Any Sufficiently Advanced Technology is Indistinguishable from Magic”

ROBRADY - Vectrix Superbike
ROBRADY - Vectrix Superbike


“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

Sir Arthur C. Clarke, Scientist, Author, Futurist


Rob Brady, CEO / founder, ROBRADY desing

In Florida’s Suncoast region, ROBRADY design has been producing things out of thin air for over two decades. Via their continually refined process of research, design, engineering, prototyping, testing, and manufacturing – what they coax into reality is at once exciting, innovative, and disruptive. Yet, it is always something more.

“We humanize technology.”

Rob Brady, CEO /founder, ROBRADY design

After graduating from the Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles and beginning his professional career with the Cigarette Racing Team in Miami, Rob Brady foundedROBRADY design, a multidisciplinary design and development studio, in 1990. From his work in marine design, he quickly expanded his focus and team into diverse market sectors: transportation, consumer/electronics, industrial, medical, and graphic/interactive, collaborating with clients to identify the greatest areas of opportunity for producing innovative designs that drive profitable results.Yet, no matter what project the studio undertakes, all the work shares one common trait: it exists at the nexus of organic and OMG.

Walking through the ROBRADYcomplex in the sultry Sarasota heat, it’s easy to be captivated by the studio’s industrial chic interior and displays of sleek, futuristic projects that look like something from Syd Mead’s garage. It’s easier still to be impressed by the on-siteCNC machines, 3D printers, welders, and more. Thesetools allow the studio to transform sketches into CAD drawings and physical prototypes faster than ever before—in some cases, a matter of hours. Yet, the studio’s physical assets only tell part of the story. The studio’s personnel roster is a deep bench of expertise and experience,not just in design, engineering, and manufacturing, butalso in material science, management, marketing, and regulatory guidelines. ROBRADY’sacumen allows it to navigate the regulatory environment of agencies such as the Department of Transportation, the American Medical Association, the Federal Trade Commission, the Federal Communication Commission, and the FDA.

Yet, afinished product does not mean a job completed.ROBRADY’s standing in the design field is in large part to its perspective that invention and innovation are not enough. There must also beintention. In other words, how will the design be implemented for maximum impact and benefit?Beyond understanding the needs and concerns of all stakeholders, ROBRADYknows how a product will be introduced to market. The studio mantra of research to reality very often includes a third step, retail. To better support and realize their clients’ visions, the studio formed ROBRADY capital to provide support and management for particularly promising ventures.

ROBRADY - New-Holland rustler

ROBRADY’s capacity to rapid prototype elements of the FORTIS exoskeleton dramatically reduced the development timetable. In some instances, testing could be performed on physical prototypes within hours of their design, saving significant time and expense and contributing in large part to the success of the project. The studio garnered multiple awards for the work on FORTIS, including “Best of the Best” from internationally recognized Red Dot Design.

Customer loyalty and admiration aside, the studio has become a familiar and critically acclaimed presence on the global stage. It has amassed an impressive and constantly growing list of accolades from organizations including: Red Dot Design, the International Design ExcellenceAward (IDEA), Good Design, Universal Design, The Medical Design Excellence Award, SPARK, and Designpreis Deutschland. Each attest to ROBRADY design’s commitment not only to being a leader in the field of design, but to delivering on its vision to humanize technology and having a positive effect on our world.

ROBRADY’s collaboration with Ziivaa, LLC is a clear example of the studio’s commitment to their client. From design work on the revolutionary belt to development of the brand name, packaging, international regulatory certifications, a suite of intellectual property and launch of the company, ROBRADY design was there for Ziivaa, LLC at every stage.

1040 Commerce Boulevard North

Sarasota, FL 34243



tec garage St.Petersburg logo


As we approach our 15th year of operation, we can take pride in reaching an important milestone by serving as a valuable resource for innovators and entrepreneurs.  Our ever-growing list of graduates is a testament to our ability to nurture successful high-tech entrepreneurial ventures in West Central Florida. 

Tanya Elmore, President & CEO of TEC Garage

Tanya Elmore, President & CEO

When we launched the Innovation Center in 2003, the concept of an incubator as a vital part of regional economic development was not yet top-of-mind for most people.  It surely wasn’t as trendy as it is today to coach, mentor and support startups.  We were pioneers in understanding how important it is to assist and nurture entrepreneurs. 


In 2014, we took the foundation of the Innovation Center and established TEC Garage in downtown St. Petersburg.  TEC Garage is an innovation and entrepreneurship center that assists emerging and entrepreneurial companies in the technology and manufacturing sectors by accelerating their success.  TEC Garage provides a unique mind-to-market model for working with entrepreneurs from concept through exit strategy, providing dedicated coaching, mentoring services, shared equipment, conference and office space, educational workshops and access to funders.  Clients are able to access services either onsite or virtually.

Much of our success can be attributed to an outstanding staff with experience in launching and growing tech companies, as well as a group of professionals who volunteer their time to serve as mentors to our clients.  Today we continue to improve our program by incorporating the best features and practices of the most successful programs throughout the country. By continuing to focus on the individual entrepreneur, we can address specific needs with specific skill sets, helping to move the young startup more quickly to revenue and success.

We are fortunate to count numerous well-respected individuals from funding and venture capital organizations, defense program offices, law offices, accounting firms and many more for community support.   Together they make a significant contribution in helping us foster innovation and growth in the high-tech economy in the Tampa Bay marketplace.

TEC Garage
TEC Garage - a unique mind-to-market model for working with entrepreneurs
TEC Garage - space
Tec Garage - office space


We are very pleased to report that we’ve been laying the groundwork for a purpose-built Innovation Center – a technology hub in St. Petersburg’s Innovation District and Pinellas County.  With emphasis on healthcare and marine sciences, the new facility will provide tomorrow’s technology business leaders access to the resources, services, networking and mentors they need while also fulfilling our vision of creating high-tech high-wage jobs.  The Innovation Center will serve as a focal point where startups, entrepreneurs, innovators, and investors can work in a collaborative environment bringing forth new innovations with a shared vision

TEC Garage

244 2nd Avenue North, Suite 9

St. Petersburg, FL  33701



Superior Uniform Group
Superior Uniform Group logo
Superior Uniform Group



Superior Uniform Group is curious, very curious. We constantly ask ourselves: “How can we provide more value to our customers?”, and “What challenges do our customers have now, and what challenges will they have in the future?” Our passion for answering these questions drives our quest for innovation. This passion, combined with our 97 years of experience, global presence, investment in technology, and creative thinking, has allowed us to develop long-term partnerships with some of America’s most prestigious companies.

Superior Uniform Group - nurses

With offices around the world we extend our presence from Tampa Bay to Asia, Europe, Africa, The Caribbean, South America and Central America. We leave no stone unturned in finding our customers the best products and value. Here in the U.S., our Distribution Center, located in Arkansas, is an innovative marvel, bringing the huge advantages of semi-robotic embroidery, alterations and distribution technologies to our customers.

Through our signature brands,we manage award-winning uniform apparel and promotional product programs for major corporations and brands like Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, NAPA Auto Parts, Taco Bell, Denny’s Restaurants, Publix Supermarkets, BayCare Health Systems, Twitter, Tesla, and Holiday Inn to name just a few.

Our HPI-Direct® Brand utilizes award-winning in-house Fashion Design and Graphics teams to create innovative uniforms programs for restaurants, hotels, retail stores, airlines and service companies.

Through our Fashion Seal Healthcare® brand, we provide the healthcare industry with an innovative and fresh look for apparel, one that will visibly contribute to a healthcare organization’s brand and support their mission of patient-centered care

BAMKO®, our promotional products and branded merchandise brand, designs, manufactures, and deliversaward-winning merchandise that creates lasting connections between brands and their customers.

Finally, The Office Gurus® provides custom contact center and back office support services as an extension of the customers’ organization.  They are recognized as a leading contact center and BPO provider by delivering an exceptional experience and level of service.

Superior Uniform Group - Chef
Superior Uniform Group -design
Superior Uniform Group - Healthcare
Superior Uniform Group - uniform

Uniforms, promotional products, branded merchandise and call centers you ask? Absolutely! We built our company based on our curiosity surrounding those two questions:“How can we provide more value to our customers?”, and “What challenges do our customers have now, and what challenges will they have in the future?” Our unique brands, technology, distribution, manufacturing, and exceptional customer service have all been designed to provide tremendous value to our customers right now, and position us well to help them well into the future.

As Superior Uniform Group approaches its 39th year in the Tampa Bay area, it seems appropriate to reflect on all of the milestones we’ve reached. Much of it has been made possible due to the great community in which we live and the hard-working people it has provided us with. We’re happy to be here, flourishing in a supportive, creative and enjoyable area of the country that has so much to offer. As we move forward, we do so with curiosity still in our hearts, knowing that it will continue to steer us toward new innovations each and every day.

Superior Uniform Group - frontier
Superior Uniform Group - reebok ear buds copy
Superior Uniform Group - product image - in n out cup

10055 Seminole Blvd.

Seminole, Fl 33778 | Phone: 800-727-8643


Valpak® – Manufacturing Center Innovation

valpak robots


Valpak produces the famous Blue Envelope, delivering coupons and savings across the U.S. and Canada. It provides print and digital advertising to mostly small, local businesses through a network of 150 local franchises with almost 500 sales representatives.

valpak robots
valpak printing

Terry Loebel, an unemployed autoworker, founded Valpak® in 1968, using a $500 loan to start mailing coupons from his home to households in Clearwater, Florida. In 1972, Valpak established its first franchise in Orlando, Florida and by 1982, expanded business into Canada. A group of investors purchased Valpak from Terry Loebel in 1985. In September 1991, Cox Target Media, Inc. purchased Valpak and by 1997, Valpak® was mailing out 11 billion coupons a year. 

In January 2017, Platinum Equity acquired Valpak from Cox Target Media, Inc. Today, Valpak has more than 730 employees and mails to nearly 40 million households each month. Annually, Valpak distributes almost 20 billion coupons in approximately 500 million envelopes and millions more through its mobile app and websites. 

valpak coupons
valpak printing

The Valpak® Manufacturing Center (VMC) is the largest, most-efficient short-run printing facility in the world. This $220-million, state-of-the-art, largely robotic printing facility is just over the Howard Frankland Bridge in Pinellas County. The facility was built in conjunction with the United States Postal Service, and in partnership with supplying companies from all over the world. It boasts more than one mile of conveyor belts and more than 25 robots (17 of which are automated guided vehicles that navigate utilizing wiring buried in the floor of the VMC). Part of the facility even runs in the dark since robots don’t need light to operate. Companies from around the world tour the facility as an example of a highly efficient print operation and an international engineering marvel.

valpak VMC

Some key stats regarding the VMC:

  • 96% increase in productivity over Valpak’s previous facility
    • What used to take 4 days to print now only takes 4 hours
  • 144,000 blue Valpak envelopes assembled per hour
  • 10,000 coupon inserts printed at a single time
  • 2,200 feet of paper run through each press per minute
  • 7,000 pound paper rolls and 2,500 pound (each) ink totes use to print the Valpak Blue Envelope
  • 470,000 square feet of manufacturing floor space (that’s 13 large 747 jets parked side by side)
  • 98% of the waste produced by the manufacturing process is recycled
  • 25 trailers of Valpak mail leave for delivery each day

GO PUCK – The Ultimate Personal Power Solution

Go Puck - LIFESTYLE-travel


With a record of revolutionizing battery technology for the world’s fastest cars, the GO PUCK team set out to create the ultimate personal power solution to charge all USB-powered devices. Mountable, compact and durable, GO PUCK allows you to stay connected, capture priceless moments and enjoy mobile freedom.

Headquartered in Sarasota, FL, GO PUCK is a design and manufacturing company offering a complete mobile power solution designed for the Active Lifestyle. The company founders are responsible for inventing the Automotive Lithium Starting-Battery, the spec IndyCar battery used at every race and they are also patent holders on the Tesla Supercharging system.

GO PUCK offers the market’s most intelligent and efficient portfolio of hands-free personal power products that can serve more than 9 billion devices in a market growing to $30B+ by 2021. GO PUCK holds 20 claims on mounting system utility patents with 25 claims pending. GO PUCK continues to innovate and reinvent wearable power and is the world’s first company to offer rental power at Universal Studios Theme Parks. GO PUCK’s power as a service innovation is also becoming available at top sporting events and venues.

Clip, strap or mount the power wherever you need while giving you the ability to easily rapid-charge your devices multiple times hands-free (GO PUCK has technology that allows users to spend less than 20 minutes charging from a wall outlet and store enough energy to charge a phone). With the unique mounting system to allow the product to mount to almost anything from bicycles to belts, the GO PUCK is revolutionizing mobile power.

Go Puck - LIFESTYLE-travel
Go Puck - LIFESTYLE-travel

“GO PUCK offers the market’s most intelligent and efficient portfolio of hands-free personal power products that can serve more than 9 billion devices in a market growing to $30B+ by 2021.”

Blake-Fuller- GO PUCK -Profile-Car

The Start of it All…

In 1999, Blake Fuller was trying to set a new record at the annual “Race to the Clouds”—The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. At 18 years old, not only did Blake walk away with the “Rookie of the Year” award, but his interest was piqued to make his car lighter–specifically the heavy 45 lbs. battery in his car.

After many iterations, Blake produced a battery nearly four times lighter than the 45 lbs predecessor and shortly thereafter, founded Braille Battery to focus on motor sports batteries based in Sarasota, FL. 

With a rich history dominating motor sports from NASCAR to Formula 1, Braille Battery would go on to be recognized as inventing the Automotive Lithium starting battery and developing the IndyCar Spec Battery as well as other specialty batteries for the defense, medical and aerospace markets. With international patents pending on over 20 core technologies, Blake has not only brought superior performing products to market, but also has simplified the manufacturing process through exclusive designs. In 2014, Braille Battery was acquired by a group specializing in the material science Graphene.

Around the 2011 timeframe with rise in apps and action cameras, Blake could see the writing on the wall that technological society was headed to the “muscle car era of mobile devices” in which devices would continue to improve performance while exhausting their slowly evolving batteries even faster. To help deal with the forthcoming “battery-fuel crisis”, Blake and team developed the GO PUCK solution to provide handsfree rapid-charging of devices multiple times.

Fast forward to 2015, GO PUCK and ROBRADY Design established a partnership to bring GO PUCK’s technology road map to market with next generation industrial designs and production techniques. Combining innovative strengths, they have secured technology and customer relationships with GoPro, Otter Box, Qualcomm, Arrow Electronics and many others.