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CLUTCH – Transforming How Companies Interact With Their Customers

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The advent and adoption of digital devices, online shopping, and the widespread availability of information have empowered consumers to become more savvy – and fickle – than ever before. Keeping up with this changing behavior has baffled many B2C (Business-to-Consumer) brands trying to compete for loyalty and share of wallet. To succeed, they must first be able to interpret data from a myriad of sources if they are to understand what customers want. Then, they have to reach them with relevant content in time to impact a purchasing decision.

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Clutch was built to enable success in this fluid and fast-moving environment. Since its inception, the reality that technology, data and mobility would continue to transform the way that companies interact with their customers has driven the company vision, innovation and development. Clutch started out by using mobile technologies to streamline the way that consumers track their loyalty and gift cards, but it quickly became clear there was a massive gap in the way that consumer brands were using customer data. Beyond just loyalty and gift, this gap was preventing them from delivering the experience that the brands wanted, and more importantly what the customers were expecting.

Consumers are constantly sending us signals with their behaviors and their expectations through the data that is available to us, yet many companies struggle to listen to these signals appropriately and incorporate them into how they interact with their customers. Clutch is solving this problem and transforming the way that companies interact with their customers.

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The need for effective data utilization in marketing is at the core of everything Clutch does today – and will continue to do in the future. The business has evolved into an end-to-end platform that integrates data from any system to inform real-time and personalize customer communications. Clutch is continuously innovating its platform to improve its ability to interpret data using machine learning and data science to create rich customer insights that
can be used to engage customers wherever they interact (i.e. on email, mobile, direct mail, and more).

Clutch is the first and only complete customer management platform purpose-built from the ground up to manage all the data, intelligence and communications necessary in our new world to meet these demands. With our team and our strategic partners, Clutch is poised to continue to build on the significant growth the company has created so far.

As customer behavior continues to change, new technologies and data sources will emerge. Clutch is always looking ahead, building and planning for the future so brands can continue to manage successful, rewarding customer relationships that drive the best outcome.

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201 S. Maple Ave # 250
Ambler, PA 19002
Phone: 267-419-6400

To learn more, get in touch or see a platform demo visit

Lance Bachmann Thought Leader of 1SEO

Lance Bachmann of 1 SEO


– Lance Bachmann Thought Leader of 1SEO

For a city with a wealth of history behind it, it continues to propel itself forward and arrive at the forefront of innovation. The transformation of both Philadelphia and digital marketing within the 21st century alone is exhilarating, and it shows no signs of slowing down.

Lance Bachmann of 1 SEO

Lance Bachmann, “Digital Marketer”, President of Digital Agency

The ecosystem made up of consumers has significantly changed over time, which means our methods of communication are following suit.  Consumers aren’t sitting around and waiting for advertisements to come to them anymore; Instead, they’re taking a head-on approach and searching for the exact products and services they want. As an industry, it’s our job to give the consumers what they want by placing businesses in the palm of their hands, literally and figuratively.

Take a step outside and look around — how many people’s smartphones have become a permanent fixture and extension of their hands? That’s where digital marketing is today

Let’s take the influence of technological innovation to the next level. The rise of voice search and personal digital assistants is reshaping the way we deliver information. Gone are the days of “one-size-fits-all” as we continue to dive deeper into an atmosphere of customization. But it’s not the customization we’re used to — it’s much more than that. Since we can’t create customized messages for each individual on the planet (yet), it’s time we focus on making meaningful connections with highly targeted groups of people.

With Philadelphia’s ecosystem booming, it can be easy to get lost in the bustle. Digital marketing provides small and large businesses alike with the opportunity to be in the right place, at the right time. With Philadelphia’s continuous growth, agencies like 1SEO make it easier for businesses to differentiate themselves from the competition. 

If we’ve learned anything from the Philadelphia Eagles, it’s that the city is fearless and unwavering. Following their lead, we’re constantly coming up with innovative strategies to reach audiences all over the country more effectively.

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1414 Radcliffe St, Suite 301
Bristol, PA 19007
Phone: 215-946-1046

1SEO social platforms – Helping Clients of All Sizes Expand Their Brand Both Locally and Nationally

1SEO group photo
1SEO group photo

In 2009, Lance Bachmann recognized the need for digital marketing services in the Philadelphia area that could help clients of all sizes expand their brand both locally and nationally. Over the years, 1SEO’s services have developed far beyond just SEO.

1SEO started as just a digital marketing agency, but soon we realized we could best serve our clients with a full-service IT department too. To facilitate this, Lance Bachmann and Scott Fcasni joined forces to create what is now known as 1SEO Digital Marketing & IT Support. Before the collaboration, Scott owned his own company for over 30 years, specializing in IT support, managed services, and custom programming for Fortune 500 companies. Lance knew he had to bring in a strong leader to join him on this journey, and according to Lance, Scott was by far the best choice.

1SEO Office-Photo

It is here, at 1SEO Digital Marketing & IT Support that experienced IT specialists and dedicated digital marketers now work cohesively to ensure clients receive the protection they need as they continue to grow their businesses.

To have a successful digital marketing strategy, different departments must be incorporated to create a holistic approach. As of today, 1SEO is a full-service IT and digital marketing agency that helps grow businesses, protect customers and data and creates unique strategies, customized to elevate each client’s online presence and ultimate success.

1SEO IT & Digital Marketing

Scott Fcasni – President of 1SEO Tech | Lance Bachmann – “Digital Marketer”, President of Digital Agency

We make it our job to not only keep up but stay ahead of the trends. The goal has always been to help clients achieve the online recognition they deserve that will grow their business, produce more leads, facilitate more transactions, and ultimately set them up for success well into the future.

 At 1SEO, we’re always looking to improve the way we do business. Whether that is adding new departments or adapting to new technologies, we realize the digital marketing and IT realms are continuously evolving, which is why our team is dedicated to creating innovative strategies that will keep our clients at the top of their industry. Our work is about building brand awareness while facilitating meaningful connections between clients and consumers, and making sure companies and customer data are protected. 

Just like we believe in our strategies, we also believe in and invest in the future of our employees. Over the last nine years, we have grown rapidly; we now have over 100 full-time employees with no plans of slowing down. We know the product works, which is why we hire exceptional individuals to lend their expertise to our clients and implement those strategies.

We work hard to maintain a unique and positive company culture; one that is designed to implement proven strategies while inspiring the creation and development of cutting-edge ones. To facilitate an encouraging environment, we provide our employees with pool and ping-pong tables, free lunch twice a week, and many additional incentives. Our team members are invited to bring new ideas to the table that will shake up the way we position our clients for success. Since building 1SEO, we have been able to continuously expand our knowledge and services over the years, positioning our company and the clients we serve for success. The future is bright, and we’re excited for what lies ahead.

1SEO Updated Logo

1414 Radcliffe St, Suite 301 Bristol, PA 19007

Phone: 215-946-1046

1SEO social platforms

iTouchOrlando – an innovative system for delivering eye-catching, highly-targeted digital advertisements directly to customers

iTouchOrlando Scott Matthews
iTouchOrlando NEW KIOSK


iTouchOrlando has created an innovative system for delivering eye-catching, highly-targeted digital advertisements directly to customers. Building on over  ten years’ experience working in the Orlando, Florida market, the company has developed strategies for the out-of-home advertising industry.

AdOnTheBox Markets

iTouchOrlando Logo

iTouchOrlando’s first venture, AdOnTheBox, placed high-definition, interactive touch-screen LED “concierge kiosks” in hotels, resorts, and other high traffic tourist locations. With over 100 iTouchOrlando-AdOnTheBox kiosks in place throughout the Orlando, Florida area. These six-foot tall kiosks display digital advertisements from numerous local and national brands. AdOnTheBox kiosks are fully interactive, allowing customers to buy tickets, search local directories, and view multimedia content with only a few touches. In addition to attracting customers with these visually stunning displays, they also store a wealth of data on each advertisement, allowing each business to hone their marketing approach through sophisticated analytics.

Scott Matthews

Scott Matthews

iTouchOrlando Scott Matthews

To prepare for the introduction of additional kiosks in Orlando, Michigan, Hawaii and Las Vegas, the Company has partnered with two leaders in online booking—Expedia Local Experts and GolfNow.

The company intends to marry its innovative concierge kiosks with customers’ smartphones via the iTouchLocal mobile application. The iTouchLocal application will not only allow customers to browse local business listings, view promotions, and access discounts on their phones, it will also support an innovative incentive program in which users earn points towards free products. Customers wishing to redeem exclusive discounts from AdOnTheBox kiosks will first have to download the iTouchLocal app, spurring adoption of the technology and allowing brands to continue their interactions with consumers long after they’ve moved on from the kiosk.

iTouchOrlando has also built a pre-concierge call center to market ticket sales to individuals coming to the Orlando area. The call center acts as a  personal concierge agent for customers during the planning process by calling and receiving calls from consumers to book and pay for any ticket-based event; such as guided tours, museums, zoos, theaters, golf courses, theme parks, and family fun centers. After a ticket is purchased through the call center, the ticket is then sent to the customer electronically to be utilized upon entry of the event. Additionally, the company is engaging customers in email and text campaigns as well as social media endorsement for their local and national clients. Reaching out to individuals that have interacted with the kiosk, application, or website for further advertising endeavors, allowing continuous communication between customers and brands. In conjunction with the campaigns, they are also endorsing the various brands through their vast social media following. Thanks to its innovative display systems,
established distribution network, and strong partnerships with Expedia Local Experts and GolfNow, iTouchOrlando is poised to make an immediate and significant impact in regional and national advertising landscape. With the fresh approach to tourism marketing, iTouchOrlando and the AdOnTheBox Network is sure to become a leader in the field.

Phone: (407) 926-4055
Address: 7648 Southland Blvd. Suite #107
Orlando, FL 32809

Instagram: iTouchOrlando
Facebook: iTouchOrlando, AdOnTheBox

AdOnTheBox Markets iTouchOrlando

Think Company

Think Company

Think Company

Think Company is an award-winning digital experience design and development consultancy with a reputation for building solutions that are engaging, intuitive, and beautiful wherever people click, tap, learn, and live.

Think Company

Think Company’s mission is to create optimal experiences for the customers and employees of its clients, considering all touch-points (analog and digital), workflows, goals, and motivator—and how anyone project will best fit into and enhance that picture. Its teams make design decisions founded on research, which helps drive out bias and ensure both user needs and business goals are satisfied. Teams work iteratively—brainstorming, prototyping, testing, analyzing, and refining—to make the product stronger.

Founded in 2007, Think Company is a group of more than 85 practitioners: its design professionals have a breadth of knowledge in fields such as visual and user interface design, cognitive psychology, instructional design, library and life sciences, and engineering. Its technologists are world-class software developers, fluent in industry best practices and experienced in helping organizations improve their skills and processes—taking great pride in being the last mile between design and the end user.

Think Company’s remarkable culture has led to “Best Place to Work” honors many times over by various publications, with additional recognition for ethics, innovation, disruption, and community involvement. This culture attracts and retains a skilled, capable, and committed team— which directly benefits clients.

Think Company’s roster of 95+ clients spans all industries and ranges from Fortune’s top 15 to Startups that want to invest in a game-changing UX that’ll leave the competition scratching their heads for years to come. Many clients have partnered with Think Company for several years (and counting) to lead digital transformation efforts throughout their organizations.

Perhaps nothing is more telling about Think Company than its published “Core Values” upon which it tracks and measures the company’s success:

We always aim for excellence—great people, great work, great client service, and great business practices.
We treat our coworkers and clients the way we’d like to be treated—with genuine care, kindness, and respect.
We communicate openly and honestly with our coworkers and clients—believing that this leads to healthy relationships and work we can be proud of.
We collaborate with our coworkers and clients—valuing each other’s ideas and believing that teamwork will produce the best results.
We aim to get better and better at what we do—improving our job skills and leadership abilities; growing revenue and profit.
We give more than is expected of us—to our coworkers and clients, to people that need help, and toward the advancement of our profession.

Conshohocken 201 Fayette Street | Second and Third Floors | Conshohocken, PA 19428

Philadelphia Think Space 111 South 15th Street | Mezzanine | Philadelphia, PA 19102

Philadelphia East 1315 Walnut Street | Suite 201 | Philadelphia, PA 19107

Phone: 800-296-9190 |

URBAN BUFFALO MARKETING – “Recreating the world online”

Urban Buffalo - Wes Lehman



Urban Buffalo - Wes Lehman
Urban Buffalo - Transforming Marketing

Growing up as a 5th generation farmer working in the family grove, Wes Lehman never imagined his office chair would be anything more than a tractor seat. But during a fateful stint as a musician in a budding folk band, Wes took on the roles of social media marketing. He immediately fell in love with the world of digital communications.

During this time Wes would routinely visit businesses throughout the Tampa Bay Area that were struggling due to lackluster online presences, but had no budget to hire an agency. He immediately drew parallels to tougher seasons on the farm when shortages of resources led to difficult decisions to be made. But, after observing his father and grandfather for years, Wes was no stranger to creative solutions to unique problems.

In the Summer of 2015 Wes launched Urban Buffalo Marketing with the goal of allowing businesses to fully project their voice across every online platform. With the mission of “Recreating the World Online” Urban Buffalo Marketing strives to fully capture the essence of any business and recreate it through web design, social media, and content marketing. By pulling together a flexible, but consistent team, Urban Buffalo has been able to work with businesses spanning from local startups to international corporations.

Cindy Kurth
Urban Buffalo - Wes

The true passion of their work stems from the desire to bring alive the voice and personality of the brand to an online medium. “Whether it’s recreating a website to feel like you’re walking into that store or cracking a joke on a Tweet through the distinct voice of a brand… we just want to provide the platform for authentic, effective exposure to our client’s customers”, Wes said.

For Cindy Kurth, an abstract artist and client, the team at Urban Buffalo used photographs of her in her creative environment and recreated abstract art within her website. Cindy spoke on the project saying, “Urban Buffalo Marketing created an incredible professional, one-of-a-kind website for me that captures the true essence of who I am as a person and an artist… It has transformed my journey as an artist by allowing me to simply paint, and be me.”

And to Urban Buffalo Marketing, that’s the sweetest sound they could ever hear.

Urban Buffalo Marketing Logo

Phone: 813-727-5941


Syniverse - Airport


Mobile has revolutionized today’s customer journey. We have now become a “mobile-first” society where we turn to our mobile device as our first point of interaction for most of our needs, and having a strategy to reach us through this device has become crucial for nearly all companies to do business.

Syniverse - Airport
Syniverse - Retail

But trying to do this business isn’t easy. New technologies, shifting laws and changing consumer tastes are constantly reshaping the mobile landscape, and navigating all these challenges has truly come to require an expert guide.

Syniverse, headquartered in Tampa, has been serving as this guide since the dawn of mobile, starting in 1987. Today we connect more than 1,000 operators and over 500 other companies in almost 200 countries. Our specialization is bridging technology islands and commercial worlds, so our customers can reach, protect, and engage their mobile users anytime, anywhere. And we do this all with an entirely cloud-based approach.

Our history as a leader in delivering on the promise of mobility has been earned from enabling interoperability for hundreds of customers.We know that today’s users take it for granted how routinely they connect with one another, but in the early days of mobile, users were “stranded” on islands of technology, able to talk or text one another only if they used the same operator. Syniverse became a bridge to connectivity by working with operators to solve the problem of how to connect all users regardless of device, network or region.

Syniverse - One-Fullerton-Bay
Boardwalk - Syniverse

We now sit at the center of the mobile universe, processing trillions of transactions a year – a volume similar to credit card issuers, except our currency is the voice, data and text-message communications we pass across the world’s mobile networks. That means that mobile service providers and businesses can gain unmatched customer touch points through Syniverse, and they can rely on us to forge the agreements necessary to connect with almost all the world’s 7 billion-plus mobile devices.

We serve two broad categories of customers. We enable mobile service providers like operators and internet companies to tackle challenges of connectivity and interoperability for today’s telecommunication and internet technologies. These include testing and deploying LTE and other next-generation networks, managing roaming services and partnerships, providing mobile fraud protection fraud and revenue assurance, and developing new solutions for the rapidly rising internet of things.

We also empower enterprises like retail, travel and financial services companies to reach their connected customers and employees in the “mobile moment” through more personalized marketing and engagement. Our cross-channel solutions offer our customers a number of ways to break through the noise and engage consumers through channels such as  mobile wallet, text messaging and push notification.

Simply put, today’s rapidly evolving mobile ecosystem requires an experienced guide. Syniverse excels as this guide, serving as a force at the center of connections that pulls the mobile world together in real time. We have been figuring out complex mobility issues since the dawn of the industry, and we have become a vital mobile link among billions of people around the world.


EATMOBILE - empamamas



EATMOBILE - foodtruck
EATMOBILE - empamamas

In 2008, we saw the beginning of a boom which led to “The Food Truck Craze”. Popularity, acceptance, and numbers all grew explosively. However, organization, structure, direction, and technology did not.

Currently, food truckers are mainly on their own. They take the entrepreneurial plunge, and cross their fingers. There is no true partner or resource to genuinely help them effectively sell, market, and run their businesses through connecting technologies, content creation, and operational software. Until now.

EatMobile is the Food Truck Connection. As an advocate for the industry we collaborate with food trucks directly to determine the best plans of action to help lead to greater success for all. Everything we do, say, and develop goes through them resulting in our efforts being a relayed message from the industry itself, and the birth of a movement. 

Together, what we’ve found is an overall need to reduce risk for food truck owners. One of the main challenges is a lack of information and data for the food truckers to leverage to make business decisions. The trucks are provided little to none, and even inaccurate information making almost every decision they make a gamble (events, parking spots, and menu items for example). We have found a way to solve this problem coining a tagline: “Driven by Data, Fueled by People”. 

We are building a Food Truck Platform. While understanding that each truck is its own unique and independent business, we leverage data and analytics to best match them with qualified catering and event opportunities that make the most sense for their specific needs. All powered through a custom booking platform. 

Additionally, we create and market quality content to share their stories and passions with the public through a custom food truck profile where we also provide connecting technologies like geo-location, real-time menus, and much more.


From left to right: Matt Land; CEO – EatMobile, Megan Carlson; Community Engagement Manager – Feeding Tampa Bay, Thomas Mantz; Executive Director – Feeding Tampa Bay, Lori Townsend; COO – EatMobile, Jacob Lishen; CRO – EatMobile

Eat Local | Think Global
“Connecting communities with local business is how EatMobile strives to change the world.” – Jacob Lishen | CRO

Family, Friends, and Good People
EatMobile believes in the strength of family and friendship, and the values that come from spending time together.

Local Business
By helping small businesses be more profitable, EatMobile helps economic growth and gives more people the opportunity to support their families and achieve the American dream.

Local Spending
As food trucks see more business and the industry grows, the local economy benefits, and more money is circulated into the community. Stronger Communities More profitable local businesses and steady jobs means stronger, more stable communities.

About Us
From humble beginnings to the Fortune 500, we bring a unique set of life and work experiences to the food truck industry. Between global enterprise-level software development paired with creative marketing, and a tenacious work ethic, we stand ready to disrupt and bring new positive change to an incredible industry. A company driven by passion, innovation, and good wholesome people: We are EatMobile.

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Dissatisfied with the status quo of audio visual services received for events they were managing in hotels and convention centers, DCE’s founders decided they could do the job better on their own. With no prior A/V production company experience, they applied professional strategic planning and execution skills and started investing in equipment and people. And one event at a time, DCE Productions began delighting meeting and event planners with technically sophisticated shows.

Today, DCE has produced some of the most spectacular events in the Tampa Bay region and has a hand in producing more than 450 events a year for hundreds of customers. According to CEO Paul Harris, their work begins months, or even years, before the event. “One of the key differentiators of DCE vs. the alternatives is our involvement in the planning process. The sooner we can start brainstorming and collaborating with our client’s event team, the more dynamic the end-product. We tend to cause our clients to raise their goals and elevate their game when it comes to events.”

DCE Productions is dedicated to developing, designing, planning and producing successful events for organizations across the country. 

DCE PRODUCTIONS - production
DCE PRODUCTIONS - president speech

They pride themselves on helping companies and organizations communicate their message using technology in both live event environments, in creative video production projects, and with hybrid in-person / remote attendee events using the latest in live streaming and web conferencing. Their resources include the sharpest, technically savvy producers, videographers, video editors, graphic artists, event experience designers, technical directors, project managers, audio engineers, video engineers, lighting directors, IT specialists, audience response technicians, webcasting technicians and digital signage technicians. “We roll up our sleeves early and develop concepts that ensure memorable experiences for each events’ attendees,” said Harris.

A key to DCE’s formula is rooted in one of its founding tenents: Become a vital part of the customers’ event management team. Most AV companies serving live events begin by compiling a detailed list of equipment and seeing how fast they can inflate a number on the bottom line of a price quote. DCE approaches each project asking “What is the objective of this event?” By assuming an interest in the overall success of each event, they become accountable to their customers on a different level than in-house AV providers or mom-and-pop AV companies.

“It’s all about providing an event experience that motivates and inspires the audience while maintaining the integrity of the event,” added Harris.
Regardless of the scope of the event or the size of the audience, DCE applies its formula for success. From a meeting for 25 people to a keynote for 10,000. And based on overwhelmingly positive customer satisfaction, Tampa-based DCE Productions has clearly succeeded in re-inventing the live production business.


5415 West Sligh Ave., Suite 102
Tampa, Florida 33634
Phone: 813 606-4107
Twitter: @DCElive

ConnectGo – an event management platform aimed at making event attendee and presenter interaction for business purposes much more efficient.


Sam Altman, an Operation Iraqi Freedom Army Infantry Veteran and current MBA in Entrepreneurship candidate at the University of Tampa, along with civilian partner Tom Gaffney have been hard at work creating ConnectGO, an event management platform aimed at making event attendee and presenter interaction for business purposes much more efficient.

More importantly, Sam and Tom believe ConnectGo is a startup that highlights everything that is right, and exciting, about the Tampa Bay area startup ecosystem that has been building momentum over the last few years. 

First, Sam and Tom were able to meet at 1 Million Cups based in the Ybor City Entrepreneur Collaborative Center on August 31st, 2016 when Sam presented his original concept, and was in search of a technology partner that could help make it possible. Tom, with an extensive technology background, had been devising a way to make business networking more efficient, and thanks to 1 Million Cups, they were able to meet, combine concepts, and rapidly develop the platform to where it is today.

Secondly, Sam and Tom were lucky enough to be accepted into the second cohort of the Veterans Florida Entrepreneur Program (VFEP) presented through Hillsborough County Community College and Operation Startup. This class, along with the MBA Entrepreneurship program at University of Tampa, helped take ConnectGO to the next level. Perhaps most importantly, these programs have been instrumental in helping ConnectGO get to know the resources and warm business climate of the Tampa Bay area. Sam will be presenting ConnectGO’s story once again to 1 Million Cups in July 2017, and hopes to inspire the community to embrace ConnectGO as a startup they helped build in less than 1 year.

Tom Gaffney. Co Founder
Chief Technology Officer

ConnectGo - Sam Altman and Tom Gaffney

Sam Altman, Co Founder
University of Tampa, MBA

To learn more about ConnectGO, and to join the ConnectGO story, visit us:
University of Tampa Lowth Entrepreneurship Center
401 East Kennedy, Tampa, FL 33602
Operation Startup, 2101 East Palm Ave, Tampa, FL 33605
Phone: (703) 624 1599 | | |