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MP Studios – Professional Headshot Photography

Michael McCoy of MP Studios
MP Studios Logo
Michael McCoy of MP Studios
Michael P. McCoy, owner


MP Studios specializes in working with business professionals who need to make the best first impression possible through professional headshot photography. By coaching and educating their subjects, MP Studios can capture an image that accurately represents the individual’s personal brand and highlights confidence, authenticity, and trust.

MP Studios focuses on the psychology behind what it takes to make a lasting impression. The foundation of a quality headshot all comes down to authentic expression.

When business professionals step in front of a camera, it can be a daunting task to produce an image that looks good and grabs the attention of potential clients; that’s where MP Studios simplifies the entire process by applying our three-step method for the picture perfect headshot.

Step 1: Persona
The process begins with a consultation to learn about the client, their business, and target market. Each headshot is individually crafted to make the strongest impact by appealing to the emotions of their target market.

Step 2: Pose
Every person is unique, and at MP Studios we know which angles will look good in front of the camera for that particular person and how to coach them into different positions and expressions.

Step 3: Perfection
Once the client has chosen their favorite images, the editing process begins. We remove any blemishes or distractions while keeping it real. Over retouching causes a trust barrier. Simply put, if someone is “lying” about the way they look in pictures, people might wonder what else they could be lying about.

MP Studios Tampa-11
MP Studios Tampa-2
MP Studios Tampa-5


One of my favorite client success stories comes from Sheryl Hunter. Sheryl is a beautiful young attorney and no stranger to the camera, but every professional headshot she’d had before was missing something, and it was one simple highlight.

In Sheryl’s old headshots she had a gorgeous, full smile that conveyed a high level of approachability, but no confidence. Her level of confidence in the courtroom and in every meeting she participated in is unparalleled, but you would never have guessed it from her previous headshots.

By toning down Sheryl’s smile and teaching her how to engage her eyes and look through the camera, we were able to get a headshot that highlighted the quality of work she is known for.

Sheryl was asked to speak at a conference after the publication of her new headshot, and the event organizers had her headshot published as one of the event’s speakers. Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to speak at the event, but when she noticed that her headshot was still being used to advertise the conference, she inquired as to why.

She was told that a picture of that quality would help event attendance as well as Google analytics, ensuring more ticket sales. After the conference, she was asked back the following year, which goes to show that a picture perfect headshot can have a lasting impact.

In Sheryl’s words, “I feel my headshots enhance my overall ability to get more speaking opportunities. Having a portfolio of headshots that I feel great about enables me to confidently pursue speaking engagements and TV appearances.”

MP Studios Tampa-3
MP Studios Tampa-6
MP Studios Tampa-25


“Michael’s headshots capture both my personality and my passion for what I do. I’ve never worked with a photographer who made me feel so confident in front of the camera.” – Sarah McDugal

“I’m so impressed with the quality and service of MP Studios, I send all my employees and colleagues to Michael without hesitation. Even if they have an
existing headshot, unless Michael took the picture, it’s never up to the standard I expect.” – Topher Morrison

“I regularly appear on national television and my headshot is the anchor of my career. I trust only the critical and precise eye of MP Studios.” – Cory Bergeron

412 E. Madison St., Suite 800, Tampa, FL 33602
Phone: 813-334-8152
facebook: mpstudiostampa
linkedin: @mpstudiostampa

Grue & Bleen – What Was May Not Be the Same as What Will Be

Grue & Bleen Digital & creative agency
Grue & Bleen Digital & creative agency


This theory stated that what we expect to be true today is based solely on our experiences of the past, but that tomorrow may bring change from unforeseen realities of the future.

In his writing, Nelson Goodman used the color blue as an example to explain this philosophy: he stated that the blue we recognize is only guaranteed to look the way it does at this exact moment, as we expect it, based on what we think it should look like from how we’ve always known it. At any time after “right now,” we may see this color as though it were green, and therefore, that object wasn’t ever really blue, but grue, the representative shift of our perception from blue to green.

The belief that what was may not be the same as what will be is the motivation behind Grue & Bleen, a digital and creative agency owned and operated by five best friends who grew up and experienced life together in the suburbs of Philadelphia and the outskirts of New Jersey.

Grue & Bleen - Team Objects

The Grue & Bleen Agency owners and partners believe wholeheartedly that the way marketing, social media, analytics, branding, and even creativity have been done in the past may not work in the future. Traditions and conventions may appear to be the best options at this moment in time, but change is inevitable and necessary; and there is always room to evolve for the moments to come. This is how the partners of Grue & Bleen run and operate their business.

Since 2015, Grue & Bleen has worked for companies ranging in size from startups to regional chains to large museums and universities, providing key services to help them evolve. Whether through creating branding, increasing effective exposure, or understanding key business data points, the team helps bring about effective change to allow their clients to embrace the future.

Grue & Bleen team

“My personal philosophy is to say ‘Yes!’ to anything and everything that you think you will learn from in a positive way” believes Josh Silverbauer, Chief Executive Officer. “Just keep on saying yes to yourself, understanding that things will work out. That energy will allow you and your company to succeed.”

Grue & Bleen’s strength lays in the ability to fuse the left and right side of the brain, combining creative and practical skillsets through technology to harness its full power. Taking an approach that mirrors their history of doing this for fun, these five best friends bring energy and passion to each client  experience to empower them to think differently regarding their website creation, digital marketing, and data analysis.

The team unapologetically gets involved with Philadelphia companies bringing their ideas into the real world from start to finish, and loves working with startups in particular. In the truest Grue & Bleen fashion, they too want to change how people experience the world!

Grue & Bleen Logo

32 Strawberry St, 3rd Floor,
Philadelphia PA 19106
Phone: 267-534-4881
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Motion State Media – a Full-Service Video Production Agency

Motion State Media filming
motion state logo
Motion State Media filming


Motion State Media is a full-service video production agency here in Tampa Bay. We specialize in commercial and corporate visuals that take a business’s branding to levels that set them far apart from the rest. It’s our goal to create videos that positively impact our viewers’ lives while delivering the product our clients need.


motion state video production

Motion State Media was founded in 2014 by Cam Simon with the purpose of creating a way to do what he loved for the rest of his life. Filmmaking and entrepreneurship had been his passion for many years and had always been something he wanted to make a career out of. At first, it was just Cam and his partner, Chris Sassouni, in a small bedroom office with a large whiteboard full of goals. After many long days and late nights, they established a solid client base and finally opened the Motion State Media Studio in Downtown Clearwater in 2015. Fast forward to 2018 and we’ve become one of the premier video production agencies in the Tampa Bay area, creating over 1,000 videos for our clients who range from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

We’ve grown our team to a large family of likeminded, talented and passionate individuals as well as having claimed the title of “Best Local Filmmaker 2016”.

We believe there are a few things that set us apart from the rest. The first being that filmmaking and photography isn’t our only skill or focus. We’re artists who are knowledgeable, passionate and experienced with producing, marketing, advertising, social media, and entrepreneurship. We take all of these aspects into consideration while creating a video, making it more effective and unique as opposed to somethingcookie cutter.

Motion State Media Shoot
Motion State Media - Studio

Secondly, we provide a large spectrum of services for our clients to make the experience as easy and stress-free as possible. From writing scripts and treatments, storyboarding, location scouting, casting, scheduling, directing, shooting and editing, all is precisely calculated to deliver an effective product.

Lastly, the passion. This isn’t “just a job” for anyone here at Motion State Media – it’s our passion. When you look forward to coming into work every day, you’re working with a purpose and creating something meaningful. We believe the key to creating excellent content is having your passion show through your work.


The answer is simple. The quality of our work and our anti-cookie-cutter beliefs, create branding that stands out from the rest and helps our clients reach their greatest potential. If you had two businesses side by side with the same exact product, one could be a multi-million-dollar company and the other could be a six-figure company. The difference is one company’s branding is better. Their overall image, ads, campaigns, commercials, and connection to the world is better. In conclusion, Motion State Media is where your visions are brought to life.

Motion State Media crew
Motion State Media - camera man

614 Grand Central Street, Clearwater, Florida 33756
Phone: 727-417-6593
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MyArea Network –

MyArea Network - Orlando 407Area
MyArea Network - 407Area-Logo Network


MyArea Network - Orlando 407Area

With the inspired vision of CEO Scott Conlon, MyArea Network has become a fast-growing digital media and tech company with a mission to connect people to their local community. Beginning with and based in Tampa, the local connection concept using local influencers to connect businesses and people in their community has continued to grow with 150 live local sites all over the country and the opening of the Orlando market office in 2016. Network is a full-service media and marketing company that helps local businesses of any size attain visibility in their community. Through multi-channel media platforms, technology solutions, and online and offline marketing services.

“There are so many great local businesses that don’t get the attention they deserve. We wanted to develop a platform and solutions that would help more people find those businesses,” explains founder and CEO, Scott Conlon.

MyArea Network - rsz_screenshot
MyArea Network - Chris McShane
Chris McShane - Digital Content Associate
MyArea Network - LeeAnn Huntoon
LeeAnn Huntoon - 407area Content Manager & Digital Marketing Director for MyArea Network

Over the last few years, MyArea Network’s first official market expansion has flourished providing a source for locals and businesses with the onboarding of their first official Area Manager, LeeAnn Huntoon.

After graduating LeeAnn Huntoon accepted an entry level position with a major corporation and after ten years of climbing the corporate ladder she hit the ceiling and decided it was time to move on and pursue her passion. After a few months of freelance writing, she began working for a digital marketing company in Downtown Orlando and quickly became the content manager for the company’s two local entertainment websites. Her success and determination caught the eye of MyArea Network and when it was time to open the Orlando office she was asked to come on board to build and grow
the 407area market.

“We are so much more than a marketing agency or a website. and the 150 other live sites including 813, 727, 386, 321, and 305 in Florida alone is a community and your local connection to anything and everything that’s happening in your area. Not only are we the local source for things do to, nightlife, dining, and local sports, we also bridge the gap between the businesses in the area and their targeted audience,” states 407area Content Manager/ Digital Marketing Director, LeeAnn Huntoon.

With the assistance of the main office in Tampa and the Orlando Digital Content Associate, Chris McShane, has become the leading source for local residents and visitors to find the best things to see, eat, and do in Orlando.

The site offers more than just a directory for businesses and upcoming events. and the additional sites within the MyArea Network family produce relevant and organic article content that is highly ranked on Google. Each article is written by locals who live in the area providing readers with first-hand experiences and suggestions similar to reaching out to a trusted friend who lives in the area. has become a trusted source in Orlando combining local and social and providing everyone with the opportunity to live like a local no matter where they are.

To learn more about MyArea Network and the Orlando area Chris McShane – Digital Content Associate subscribe to and connect to your community.

MyArea Network -Smartphone

407area Office (Downtown Orlando)
25 Wall St. Suite #11
Orlando, FL. 32801

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Digital Marketing Services:

Red Tettemer O’Connell + Partners – “The Idea is the Boss.”

Red Tettemer O’Connell + Partners - Partners


The Partners from left to right: Steve Red, Founder and CCO, Carla Mote, Managing Partner and Steve O’Connell, Partner and ECD.


Red Tettemer O’Connell + Partners is an independent full service creative agency, whose approach is built around creating unforgettable, culture- enting ideas. When you hire RTO+P you get an agency where every person is united around one vision and one goal— to make every one of our clients’ brands unforgettable.


We have 10 tenets of doing business that we wrote down over 20 years ago when we opened the doors. At the top of the list: “the idea is the boss.” Once we find it, we all follow it, client to agency, account management to creative.

We practice a strategic approach we like to call Cowboy Science. It’s the perfect intersection of instinct and analytics. Trusting unique human insights to point us in the direction of the promised land. And using the best research, measurement and optimization, we keep our trajectory ever upward. We always start with the audience – who are we talking to? We carefully investigate and then we paint a nuanced picture of who they are and what moves them. And with those insights we set off to explore what is often ignored – uncharted or even hostile territory – for the brand, the consumer and the category – because many times those friction points or hotspots reveal the most compelling category white space. It’s this path that’s led us to define brands and grow business for companies like Comcast, Levi Strauss & Co.’s Dockers, Under Armour, Dial, Kellogg’s, Stanley Black + Decker, Halo Top ice cream, Dick’s Sporting Goods and Swarovski.

Red Tettemer O’Connell + Partners - “the idea is the boss.”
Red Tettemer O’Connell + Partners - creative agency

We have a Maker culture that prototypes and iterates at the speed of life, a social game that emphasizes community building over posting and digital firepower that excels at relentlessly measuring, optimizing and refining results-driven campaigns until they purr with positive results. And most importantly we know how to tell compelling, emotionally charged brand stories across platforms. And to do that we’ve developed an expertise in rapid-fire production and post-production. We’re as competitive as they come. What we mean by our mission, “Be Unforgettable” is that we set our bar at an unconscionably high level. We’re crazy about what we do and we’re crazy about making our clients successful. We’ll stop at nothing to make our clients’ brand unforgettable.


We pride ourselves on being one of the most progressive agencies around. Forbes called us one the independent agencies that “punches above its weight,” and Ad Age named us Small Agency of The Year for 3 consecutive years.

Red Tettemer O’Connell + Partners - West Office by
Red Tettemer O’Connell + Partners - team


1 South Broad Street, 24th floor,
Philadelphia, PA 19107
p: 267.402.1410

Pletra – a Dynamic Advertising Platform

Pletra - demo
Pletra logo
Pletra space
Pletra - demo


Pletra is a dynamic advertising platform for Virtual Reality. Our software aims to create a harmonious relationship between developers, advertisers, and consumers. We design and integrate high-quality 3D objects seamlessly into any 3D environment in a non-intrusive manner. External developers are then able to accept advertisement in their systems from 3rd party businesses in a holistic approach.


Pletra gives advertisers the capability to run product-placement marketing campaigns on virtual platforms. Businesses can now reach a new audience in a new medium and run brand awareness and, or call-to-action campaigns.

Pletra Office

For example, a potential homebuyer will take a VR tour of homes that are staged with various products; i.e. furniture, paintings, electronics, etc. Due to its dynamic nature, our system rotates 3D objects (ads) based on a variety of information; the user, the relevancy, the location, and any identification matched with the placement. This creates a unique experience that harmoniously works with the system for every user.

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality (VR) is the creation of a computer-generated environment with which a user can interact. If correctly executed the virtual environment is difficult to distinguish from the real world environment. Generally, VR is achieved through the use of an opaque headset that blocks the user from seeing the real world in front of them and instead replaces their field of vision with an engineered world. As technology improves, developers will be able to completely manipulate a user’s motor-perceptions and give the user the ability to “travel” freely within a sandbox environment.

Pletra Point

What is Pletra?

Pletra is a dynamic advertising platform that creates a harmonious relationship between developers, advertisers, and the consumers experiencing the 3D environments. We design and integrate high-quality 3D objects seamlessly into any environment in a non-intrusive manner. With the advertising dashboard we’ve created, both publishers and advertisers can manage their campaigns to increase monetization and conversion rates respectively.

Our software allows developers to integrate the script in specific regions or spaces in their platform by customizing the “holonodes” (hologram advertising space) we provide them. This script then calls data (objects) that match the appropriate criteria identified during the customization process,
which then requests for 3rd party advertisers to display product-placement or interactive models.

The software can be integrated with a variety of VR/AR/360 products and will evolve with the technology as the industry develops further. The result is a seamlessly interactive advertisement that mimics a product placement model to subconsciously or directly (depending on the level of interaction) influences consumer behavior and creates an additional Call-To-Action (CTA) campaign within a 3D environment.

pletra - Advertising Dashboard
Pletra - Slick view Logo
Pletra - sprwt logo

Michael Rapoport
Phone: 347-450-7071
Tampa, FL

Invasion Digital Media – A Creative Agency

Invasion Digital Media is a creative agency


Invasion Digital Media - Front-page


Invasion Digital Media is a creative agency specializing in digital product creation, automation, and sales funnels. We work as an end-to-end solution specifically for influencers and high traffic businesses on their digital presence and strategy.


There are always new opportunities that arise when there are gaps left in emerging markets. Invasion Digital Media (IDM) was born after partners, Jake Hoffman and Chris Sassouni, noticed a trend within the already booming digital marketplace. Social media usage, digital purchasing, and overall internet reliance have continued to climb to astronomical levels. With the rise in popularity, it has brought a new brand of celebrity or “influencer” not just to the internet, but to the business community as well.

Most big brands and businesses have utilized influencers the same way they have in traditional advertising; by paying them to endorse products and be photographed using the product. On the flip side, creators and artists have historically been under-compensated, if not taken advantage of for their talents.

Invasion Digital Media partners with influencers to provide them with the tools and services to create a fully functioning business model for utilizing their platforms. In short, we enable creators to become business owners. On the more traditional business end, we also enable companies to improve their digital strategy by implementing the same tactics used by the most prominent online businesses and digital marketers in the world.

IDM creates, builds, and markets full digital campaigns for businesses in a way that few others can; by utilizing those that are inventing the newest trends. We focus on selling 100% digital products such as courses, books, and membership websites so that no inventory needs to be purchased.

Invasion Digital Media is a creative agency
Invasion Digital Media - OTA
Invasion Digital Media - Steinberg


In the first year, our team has grown to 10 full and part-time employees comprised of photographers, videographers, digital strategists, copywriters, advertising specialists, web developers, and digital marketers. Unlike many traditional agencies, we don’t take work to build out projects and move on to the next, but instead we offer a full solution toindividuals and businesses looking to invade the online space for the long term.


The first campaign we launched was a little over a year ago in 2017. Since then our total follower reach is a combined 19 Million people with over 500,000,000 video views. Two of our influencer partners have received YouTube’s Golden Play Button Award for acquiring over 100,000 subscribers. Our videos, clips, and interviews have been featured nationally on ESPN, UFC, NBC, ABC, CBS, Oxygen, MTV, Fox, and many more.

Our current partners include a list of professional athletes and sports agents, fitness & health personalities, digital marketing influencers, professional fishermen, blockchain companies, and more.

Invasion Digital Media - platforms
Invasion Digital Media logo

To see our work and more information, please visit
Phone: 561-282-8753.

Marketing Matters – Be Seen | Be Heard | Get Results

Marketing Matters chart
Marketing Matters founder Coleen
Marketing Matters logo


Marketing Matters is a PR/marketing agency that partners exclusively with technology firms to propel our clients’ products by increasing visibility and
profitability. For the past 20 years, we’ve been the choice for companies like Bose and Sharp to launch new technology. We’ve helped take a startup company to $200 million in sales in seven years. We’ve also won 66 design and publishing awards for the work we’ve done.

Marketing Matters 20th BD


Founded in 1997 by Coleen Sterns Leith, a CEDIA, AVIXA (formerly InfoComm) and Consumer Technology Association (CTA) industry expert, Marketing Matters employs a multidisciplinary team of public relations specialists, marketing services experts, programmers, writers and graphic designers to offer concept-through-creation communications and marketing services to clients both big and small.

We specialize in a wide range of technology industries and businesses, from consumer electronics, custom installation, startups and high-end home goods to professional services, consumer marketing, security, and B2B.

Marketing Matters chart


One of the biggest challenges high technology firms face is that they spend millions of dollars to create jaw-dropping, life-changing, technology marvels then face a huge disadvantage in marketing these tech features for the benefit of the consumer. The effect of this is that they have spent their launch investment and still have a huge warehouse of unsold product inventory.

Marketing Matters solves our clients’ problems by employing our proprietary 5-step TWD (Total World Domination) system where we maximize media
exposure by eliminating the gap between what the engineers created and what the customer wants.

If you speak with our customers, they will tell you that our passion, drive, creativity and relentless follow-up creates the buzz and publicity that moves products off the shelf. We’re known for taking inventory reports and turning them into reorders.

Marketing Matters - Helping Tech Companies
Marketing Matters - gets tech


“Coleen is one of the easiest and most understanding people I’ve ever worked with. We worked together on an interesting and challenging software product, for a totally new market concept. Coleen was constantly engaged and helped remove project blockers at every stage all while being extremely professional. I couldn’t recommend Coleen and Marketing Matters strongly enough to anyone who was looking for innovative thinking and great execution.” – Gregory Ross-Munro, Founder, CEO at SourceToad

“I have worked with Marketing Matters on and off for over 10 years. The Marketing Matters team is professional, exceptionally well-rounded, and an extremely cost-effective agency partner. If you decide to partner with them, I believe you will find them to be a valuable and viable partner, regardless of your brand.” – Joyce Townsend, New Products Marketing Director, National Tobacco Company

“The folks at Marketing Matters are great professionals – experts at all that that would define (but not confine) a marketing firm. Their experience in planning, developing & executing PR campaigns around product launches, for us, has proven to be successful time and time again. The staff are extremely ‘hands-on’ and always go above and beyond what your typical agency would even dream of doing. Highly recommended – Bravo, Marketing Matters!” –
Stephanie Scola, Director of Marketing, KEF America

204 37th Avenue N., Suite 329
St. Petersburg, FL 33704
Phone: 954-925-1511
facebook: mmatterspr
twitter: mmatterspr
linkedin: marketing-matters

ADventure – Innovative Digital Marketing

ADventure - Armature-IndieFlea
new ADventure Logo Black


ADventure - Armature-IndieFlea



Zach Gresham and Alicia Waldner, graduates of the University of Tampa’s Sykes College of Business and the Co-Founders of the firm, noticed a gap in the Bay area for digital marketing services. Although the market is fully saturated with advertising and marketing firms, the results just aren’t being delivered. ADventure bases our efforts on the data: analysis, coordination and implementation is the three-step approach we take with the transparency of results and a promise of success with each and every client. With no set price list, each contract is fully customized to the specific necessities of each firm we work with.

Serving as the ‘one-stop’ digital marketing shop, ADventure offers a wide variety of services to cover many aspects of the market. With digital marketing
at the forefront of the current trends, ADventure can provide a range of in-house services including:

• Website Design and Implementation
• Search Engine Optimization/PPC Advertising
• Social Media Optimization, Management and Advertising
• Branding and Graphic Design
• Professional Photography
• Professional Videography
• Content Creation and Management

adventure tampa bay
adventure - Pillow
adventure - branding and graphic design
ADventure - Steelbach_Tampa
ADventure - Ciros
ADventure - Empamamas

Each of these services provides incredible value to our clients and are tailored directly to each of their clientele. At ADventure, we believe these individualized service packages and offerings create an all-in-one experience that drives real results. With our team comprised of millennial talent, we can work one-on-one with each specific client. Our videos are creative and dynamic, photos sharp and effective, and websites fresh and results-driven.

In a growing digital world, ADventure believes in staying ahead of the curve. With professional technologies, drones, photo/video gear and analytics-tracking software, we work to provide the best experience for our clients who have experienced nothing but headaches from traditional marketing firms.So, don’t hesitate! Connect with us today to see what value we can provide for your marketing endeavors by heading over to our website to view our portfolio and a breakdown of our services at

adventure Team

Phone: 860-305-4090
facebook: ADventure Marketing
linkedin: ADventure Marketing Inc
instagram: @ADventure.Marketing

Pop! Promos – Redefining Standards for Promotional Products

Pop! Promos - 1000000
Pop! Promos - logo
Pop! Promos - 1000000

About Pop! Promos

Pop! Promos is redefining the standards for promotional products in North America by allowing organizations of all sizes to get custom-made products that exactly match their branding in 30 days or less. Before Pop! Promos, companies buying products from the $28B Promotional Products Industry were confined to the stock colors available in a suppliers’ warehouse. Even a power-brand like Coca-Cola had to select “red” instead of its famous “Coca-Cola Red.” By manufacturing every order from scratch using the Pantone Matching System and streamlining our supply chain from raw materials to the customer’s door, Pop! Promos allows companies to get products made in their exact colors with unlimited customization in under 30 days, guaranteed.

Pop! Promos - Sterling and Erin

How did it all start?

In the fall of 2011, at the USC season-opening football game, Sterling Wilson made an observation. The crowd of 100,000 adoring USC Trojan fans was decked out in team hoodies, hats, and coozies, but no sunglasses. Where were the sunglasses?

With this observation, an upcoming rent bill, and a heavy dose of entrepreneurial spirit, Sterling found a factory in China to manufacture 2,000 pairs of sunglasses inhis college’s Pantone colors and sold out in three days at USC football tailgates. Partnering with high school friend Erin Reilly, the duo expanded to dozens of schools that fall and an observation became a business.

After graduating from College in 2012, Sterling and Erin decided to set up shop in Philadelphia, transforming the living room of their South Philly rowhome into an office. As the business grew in 2013, the two moved into their first office space and hired their first employees. Five years after that fateful USC Football game, Pop! Promos moved into its 3rd office space; a converted warehouse with an open floor plan, housing 30 team members and a product line of PMS Matched wearable accessories.

Pop! Promos - Promotional items
Pop! Promos - custom socks

A culture of innovation

Pop! Promos uses its unique supply chain as its key differentiator from its competition. Whereas most suppliers in the Promotional Products Industry carry large inventories of product in a few stock colors, Pop! Promos rapidly manufactures all of its products from scratch in a brand’s exact Pantone colors, providing a truly unique product for every customer in 30 days or less, guaranteed.

Pop! Promos is currently adding one new product to its line every 30 days and intends to continue its organic growth by acquiring new customers (over 40% come from referrals!), offering a broader product line to existing customers, and deepening its understanding of the cultural and competitive landscape facing our customers.

Rory Young
Phone: 267-858-4495
810 N Hancock St #12, Philadelphia, PA 19123
facebook: poppromos
linkedin: @poppromos