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Haneke Design is a custom software development company focused on delivering user-centered solutions for connected devices. Our core services center on iOS and Android mobile application design and development and website/web application design and development.

Haneke Design has been designing and developing mobile applications when the iOS and Android platforms were first made available and has been designing interactive digital user experiences for the web for over fifteen years. The Haneke Design team is comprised of a cohesive creative and dedicated group of designers, developers, and project managers all collaborating in our downtown Tampa office.

Our mission is to create digital experiences that amaze and delight

Haneke Design Space
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Haneke Design, started in 2002 by Jody Haneke as an interactive design agency, was designing for desktops and mobile phones, pre-iPhone. THink back to the early days of browsing the Internet on your Motorola Razor; the challenge of deigning for these different screen sizes was the Wild West of mobile design. But with this challenge, came the realization that mobile was the next frontier in all things tech. We thought, “If it’s this hard, it’s definitely worth something.” When Haneke Design began, we were designing for the screen, but not physically building the back-end development.

Since the shift from being an interactive design-focused firm to a full-stack development house, we aim to use the latest technologies and expand our services based on the needs of our clients and community.

We have expanded to creating mobile apps, websites, and custom digital solutions. In all industries, but especially in the tech space, being ahead of the curve is critical to a company’s success. The goal is to stay in Tampa and be technology company that thrives in this unique market.

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When you are a tech company outside of the major industry hubs like California or New York, you automatically face an uphill climb, but we have fought to put Tampa on the map for this type of work. The first challenge is finding good talent. There were years where finding developers was nearly impossible in Tampa. But now with Tampa being a hub for young people, facilitated by our wonderful universities and local coding academies, the tide is turning for our city.

When we create these digital experiences, they should be as delightful as possible, easy to use, and become a part of the user’s day-to-day life.

Our office culture is very unique in that our employees are highly motivated by their work. At Haneke Design, we keep our employees on their toes by the type of work we bring through the pipeline.

We like to keep a variety of clients. Our client base ranges from start-up companies, to small to medium sized organizations, all the way to Fortune 500 companies. This allows our designers and developers the opportunity to work with the latest technologies and motivates them to always continue learning and pushing their comfort zone.

Our goal is for everyone in the organization to become a mentor in a specific subject or technical skill. We will support the training and materials they require to become an expert in the discipline they’ve chosen. In return, each mentor will become the agency’s go-to resource that topic, responsible for educating and assisting colleagues as needed.

As we grow to become a nationally recognized company, it is so important that we stay in Tampa to achieve this mission. We are just one piece of the up-and-coming tech companies in the Tampa Bay area. We are all working together towards a day when someone asks about getting quality technology, and the answer they get is: ” You need a mobile? Oh, Tampa is the place for that”.

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The One World Explorer iPad application is an interactive tablet experience created for visitors to the new One World Trade Center in New York. The One World Observatory, on the 101st floor of the tallest building in the western hemisphere, includes various interactive and innovative technologies, immersing visitors in an informative and engaging environment where they can experience New York City like never before.

Haneke - world trade center

Haneke Design was asked to create a unique, interactive iPad experience for guests and a profitable offering for the client. Guests can rent the customized iPads, preloaded with Haneke Design’s application, to orient themselves with the city and take virtual helicopter tours of over 40 New York landmarks.


The One World Observatory Explorer iPad application was one of Haneke Design’s most challenging app development projects to date. It had to be embraced by an extremely diverse group of visitors of all ages, interests, education, and language backgrounds, during the day and at night, and provide a 360-degree view of the New York City skyline in clear weather, as well as fog, rain, and other poor visibility conditions.

Haneke design - One World Explorer Ipad display

“This is by far the most exciting and emotionally meaningful mobile app project we’ve ever created,” said Jody Haneke, president of Haneke Design and a New Jersey native. “It’s an honor for my team and me to have the opportunity to design and develop the One World Explorer app and bring New York City’s skyline and rich history to life for today’s visitors.”


The team devised a solution that would give visitors the ability to explore over 40 points of interest as they strolled around the observation deck. 

As opposed to pure augmented reality, using a 360-degree panorama shot during peak visibility allows visitors to see a pristine view, regardless of the weather conditions outside. Adding to the immersive experience is a digital video shot from a helicopter flown from the tower to each of the points of interest.

To create a heightened sensory experience, the Explorer app includes a 3D sound engine capable of providing binaural audio. The sound engine can adjust sounds based on the viewer’s orientation in order to manage and maintain a rich audio landscape within limited device memory.

As the visitor scans the city below with the iPad Explorer app, the app automatically implements an algorithm for accurately calibrating the view in the display with the direction the tablet is pointing, thus maintaining a high level of accuracy.  As points of interest pop up in the frame’s panoramic view, they’re highlighted, and with the tap of a finger, visitors ‘fly’ into the locations for a closer look, via virtual helicopter tours narrated by famed American novelist Jay McInerney.

Haneke Design - One World Explorer Ipad
Haneke Design - One World Trade Center
Haneke Design - One World Explorer


Client Joel Baumwoll, CEO of One World Explorer Productions, was extremely satisfied with the final product. “Haneke Design worked with us from the inception of this project,” he said. “Their user interface is excellent, and the application program functions beautifully. They brought creativity and technical expertise to the table at the highest level.  I could not have asked for a better partner on this important and highly visible project than the Haneke team.”

The One World Explorer app can be experienced exclusively at the One World Trade Center Observatory. In the first summer, over 100,000 visitors rented iPads preloaded with the Explorer app for $15, and it continues to be a hit with visitors on top of New York City’s most iconic new building.

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Phone: 813-605-3586

Haneke Design, 306 East Tyler St. 3rd Fl

Tampa, Fl 33602


SCRIPT – Field Trips Have Never Been So Easy…

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Field trips have never been this easy...

At long last, the outdated process of hand signing permission slips (and relying on children to deliver them) is coming to an end. The signature and payment processes for all communications between parents and teachers can now be digitized. And if you’re thinking, “Surely there was a way to do that already,” you’re not alone.

Aaron White and Patrick Cahill knew they had hit on a business opportunity when they realized how much time and money was wasted or unaccounted for at schools in the Tampa Bay area. It didn’t take more than a couple looks at stacks of coffee stained papers and receipts for them to start thinking, “There’s got to be a way to digitize this that works for educational institutions.”

But there wasn’t. So they started building it.

With no former experience in entrepreneurial startups, they began working on a web-based application to help solve the problem. Soon after, they turned to John Legg, a charter school administrator,to provide strategic expertise and business development knowledge. John quickly became an integral member of the team, which at this point had a name: Script.

As work on the first version of Script began, the team began to fire on all cylinders. Aaron’s background in IT systems management and UI/UX design complimented Patrick’s experience as an enterprise software engineer in the finance and healthcare industries. John, a former Florida State Senator and Chairman of Education for the state of Florida, provided key insights from his two decades of experience in educational administration and 12 year stint in the Florida legislature.

Aaron White signature

By spring of 2016, the first version of the Script mobile app was ready to launch.

In the app, users could create, manage, approve, sign, and pay for school trips. What used to take 3 weeks now took no more than a few minutes.It was beta tested in local charter schools and soon institutions nationwide were signing on for the 2017 school year.

But that’s only the beginning of the story. Script’s latest release includes a storefront for teachers and administrators, so parents can pay for things like tuition and yearbooks, in addition to field trips. They can even round up their student’s costs to help pay for students whose families can’t afford to participate. Onward and upward!

Script was recently accepted into the Tampa Bay WaVe, a nonprofit accelerator program that gives resources to the most cutting edge startups in the Bay Area. And with a growing client base and an unmatched product, the team plans to continue scaling, growing, and encouraging innovation in education for years to come.

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Fast forward four years and TitleTap has grown into a robust online marketing platform specifically tuned for Real Estate Attorneys and Title Agents with five solution pillars including secure websites, email marketing, video marketing, social media management and mobile apps.  Currently with 12 on staff, hundreds of customers nationwide, TitleTap has helped facilitate thousands of real estate transactions across the country.

“All too often a gap exists with what a customer experiences when they walk into a real estate attorney or title agent’s office compared to what the customer sees online about the business.  Typically the office setting will be professional, engaging and overall a warm experience which is contrary to the experience viewers usually have when researching the business online.

Since first impressions are significant, and the majority of those first impressions happen online, our mission is to close the gap.  A dynamic online presence opens the door to new relationships, builds trust and ultimately helps generate business opportunities and that is exactly what TitleTap helps our customers do,” Collura said.

Passionate about the customer experience, the two have created a business culture with their team that encourages personal growth, account ownership, communication and autonomy. 

“Our team is incredible. For most requests, the team member across the line is able to deliver a resolution without bouncing the customer across the organization.  We also communicate with them often and our customers love that,” added Dill. 

In addition to holding their team and customers in high regard, Dean and Eliot are both family men and work hard to balance the demands of their business with being present at home. 

“The ability to be plugged in at home and create experiences that fill the cup is a huge driver for why we set out to be entrepreneurs, it is very important to us and one that we carefully continue to balance as our business grows. Knowing that years down the road our kids and spouses can look back with a smile having watched us grow something from the ground up that wasn’t at their expense, makes all the difference in the world,” they both stated.

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INTRINIO – The Financial Data Marketplace That Empowers Your Ideas

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If you want to buy a latte from your I-phone and pay with bitcoins, then get a home loan while it brews, you can do it, but if you want to do serious financial analysis you are out of luck. Most people never even consider doing their own investing because, unless you have advanced training and deep pockets, it’s too complicated and too expensive. Intrinio is a financial technology company on a mission to make investment data so affordable and so accessible that everyday people can invest as easily as they buy coffee.

    Intrinio started out trying to create an automated investing tool but the founding team quickly realized getting data to power the analyses would be too costly. Traditional data providers quoted the firm $50,000. A month. That’s because a few big firms have an oligopoly on the stock prices and financial statements that are required to analyze a stock to see if it would be a good investment. For the startups that want to build revolutionary investing tools, it’s a non-starter.

 Instead of building the app, Intrinio’s founders decided to build a new kind of financial data company- one that was so affordable, startups could use it to build investment apps for non-professionals. The team learned to code and set to work using artificial intelligence, statistical algorithms, and application programming interfaces (APIs) to build an efficient, modern data platform. As Intrinio’s team began adding data, developers started to show up looking to use the data.

Those developers have built tools that make financial data accessible in Excel, Google Sheets, and dozens of other user-friendly services. Those apps make it possible for individuals, people who could never afford to analyze stocks themselves, to think for themselves about investments even if they aren’t professional investors. Intrinio learned that if you make financial data affordable and accessible, developers will come. Once the developers get to work, investors will come.

Intrinio data screenshot

            In 2016, Intrinio had more than 50 companies build applications for investors as part of the Developer Program, an initiative that gives free data to startups. In 2017, Intrinio is on pace to become the largest fintech incubator in the state of Florida. Hundreds of thousands of investors have used the tools these companies build to analyze stocks, track the broader market, and learn to invest. It’s all made possible by innovative data collection and distribution technology invented by Intrinio’s developers.

The growth of Intrinio’s platform has been so explosive, with new data types and apps being added on a weekly basis, that Intrinio launched the Fintech Marketplace so investors could shop for data and tools to power their analyses. Shopping for investment apps wasn’t a thing until Intrinio came along, but now individuals can search for the analytics tools and data they need right from their phone, subscribing in seconds for less than the cost of a cup of coffee.

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100 7th St. S, St. Petersburg,

FL 33701 (this may change by end of year though…)

@ intrinio

24/7 Chat Support on Website – reach out!



Fred Mastropasqua, Co-Founder of Clearly Agile, Inc.

We develop enterprise apps and software for big businesses as well as assist start-up companies by building apps to bring to potential investors. Unlike “factory model shops,” we pride ourselves on developing strong partnerships and relationships with our clients to ensure their success from the beginning of the project until well after the task is complete.

We also provide Agile Training & Coaching services for other teams in the Tampa Bay area and throughout the country to assist them in Agile transformations.

ClearlyAgile sponsors numerous events and helps out the local community as well as provides office space use and technical support at no cost to a local church. One such event, GetSmart, mentoring 4th-12th graders in technology, kids received drones, and Edmund Gorski taught the kids how to program the drones and introduced them to aspects of programming and
roles on a software team. Fred Mastropasqua hosts a monthly event called LeanBeer ( where members from the community come to learn new techniques around Agile Software Development. Techniques he has picked up from his travel around the globe working with various clients and training teams.

Edmund Gorski, Co-founder and CHIEF Architect

“Our goal is to help clients solve their business challenges through software. Understanding the problem and recommending various solutions from legacy systems, integration points to new product development. We are here to help and guide our clients.” – Fred Mastropasqua

Office: (800) 228-9144