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Simply Reliable – Automates Workflow from first Contact through to Final Invoice.

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Business owners in this segment frequently find themselves trying to operate with disparate software applications. As a result, their businesses are operationally inefficient, financially limited, and difficult to grow. Our initial market is the five million smart home integrators, representing a $6 billion annual market opportunity. We already have hundreds of paying companies succeeding through using our business process solutions.


As small businesses attempt to grow, their lack of repeatable processes and business automation software creates operational chaos, drives up costs, kills profits, and cripples their ability to grow.


Simply Reliable was founded on the principal that a successful business needs repeatable processes best delivered through software. The software must embody best practices to ensure optimal operational and financial results, providing business owners with sustainable profitability, controllable growth and satisfied, referenceable customers.

Founded by experienced technology business owners, Simply Reliable is the only company to create a single, integrated, affordable platform for small businesses that automates workflow from first contact through to final invoice.

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Simply Reliable Smart Office

Simply Reliable’s smartOFFICE offers a complete and simple end-to-end business process workflow solution for small businesses. It assists the business in managing people, products and money, thereby reducing expenses, increasing revenue, speeding up the sales cycle and improving cash flow. It is both easy to learn and to use. smartOFFICE is designed as a guide, moving integrators from sales to installation, meanwhile helping users to accurately make the next move through every process. smartOFFICE ultimately delivers the truth to the business owner, allowing them to make informed decisions based on fact versus gut feel.

Simply Reliable Design Machine

The patented (US 8,719,758 B1) designMACHINE automates the creation of drawings and documentation. designMACHINE provides a process that allows the integrator to prove that their proposal design is functionally sound. It allows for the creation of floor plan layouts to convey where devices should be installed and automatically creates a schematic drawing and cable schedule to provide visual instruction for connecting devices, in addition to being able to pull a myriad of reports. This functionality can save the average tech company an average of two days of labor per project.


Simply Reliable - Process Infographic

Simply Reliable has developed deeper integration of the business workflow process for a large subset of small businesses that sell and install Control4 home automation products. Starting from the point of design, creating a proposal in smartOFFICE for a potential Control4 prospect takes only minutes with the customized quickSPEC and proposal process. Once the proposal is exported to designMACHINE, the user can assign drivers and create a Control4 file ready for implementation. designMACHINE can then automatically produce the necessary documentation, for example, wiring diagrams and cable schedules. Ci4C4 (Control Integration for Control4) eliminates days of work and opens opportunities to double or triple the efficiency of the integrator, and this can translate into dramatic sales increases and reduced labor needs.


“I really do love the way the Ci4C4 process works with my integration process. The time saved creating a final delivery platform, with scope, proposal, detailed engineered drawings and business documents, has reduced hours spent in front of a PC and has allowed me to be in front of my client selling and implementing more solutions. It’s good stuff and really has helped me save time, money and energy!”
Lewis Franke, LED Systems, LLC in Frisco, Texas

10460 Roosevelt Blvd. North, Suite 238,
St. Petersburg, FL 33716
Phone: (800) 209-9332
Twitter: simplyreliable
facebook: SimplyReliable
linkedin: simply-reliable-software

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PROVEIT – the World’s First Mobile Arcade

Proveit Founders and Cash Truck


PROVEIT is the world’s first mobile arcade where players compete for cash in their favorite casual games.

Proveit Founders and Cash Truck

Welcome to the New Vegas!

The company launched in November 2016 as a trivia-focused iOS app and was called “one of the most exciting mobile games ever played” by TechCrunch. PROVEIT has now evolved into a competitive arcade for the mobile generation, with dozens of game styles and competition formats. Whether you like trivia, puzzles or arcade games, PROVEIT has a game for you!

How It All Started

The company was founded when Prem Thomas asked Nathan Lehoux “Why can’t we play Jeopardy for money on our phones like Fantasy Sports?” Nathan liked the idea of monetizing a game of skill like trivia, and the team quickly got to work developing the first version of PROVEIT, with a seed investment from the founder of a successful poker website. The duo quickly realized that offering a pay-to-play game involved a very complex regulatory environment, but after 18 months, they had secured legal, regulatory, app store and advertising approvals.

proveit $25k Winner Group Shot
Proveit Prem Thomas and Nathan Lehoux

PROVEIT is now approved for gameplay in 34 states and counting.

Prior to launching, Prem and Nathan raised $2.0 million from Florida attorney, John Morgan, who made the perfect strategic investor, given his legal background, network and appetite for high-risk verticals. Since then, the team has grown to over 10 members, most of which are mobile developers.


The team ran its first major tournament at South by Southwest in 2018, complete with $30,000 in prizes, a PROVEIT-branded armored truck and a street time that took over Austin.

No Ads Ever

Unlike traditional ad-supported mobile games, PROVEIT generates revenue on every gameplay, resulting in a much stickier and more valuable user base.

proveit - TechCrunch Quote
proveit Homescreen
Proveit Winner

PROVEIT’s thousands of users deposit cash to enter head-to-head or multiplayer challenges against friends and random opponents. Entry into each game ranges from $0.50 to $10.00 and winners take a cash prize, less a fee to PROVEIT. The company donates a portion of its revenue to charities that focus on education, literacy and underprivileged students.

Let’s Collaborate

Think you can help out or you have a passion for mobile games? Hit us up at or visit our website at

Proveit Logo

(919) 452 7317
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MyArea Network – It Started with a Crab Cake

MyArea Network Group Photo Sept 2018
MyArea Network logo - David Annis
MyArea Network Group Photo Sept 2018

It started with a crab cake. MyArea Network founder, Scott Conlon was in Baltimore, Maryland, and he wanted to know where the locals go to get the city’s best crab cake. But, he couldn’t find a good, reliable resource online to tell him.

“As a local, I set out in search for the best. I didn’t want a chain. I wanted to go to the top local spot,” recalls Conlon. “I later realized I wasn’t alone. So many people want authentic, local flavor, and they don’t know where to get it.”

Since an easy, accessible digital platform of stories about local businesses written by local residents didn’t exist — Scott built his own. After moving to Tampa, he created the ultimate online source of all things local he wanted in Maryland. He built, the first of what would become 150 sites across the country under the MyArea Network brand.

MyArea Network Mobile

Each MyArea Network site, named for their unique area code, does what Conlon envisioned. They create, curate, and publish authentic local content written by locals that’s fresh, relevant, and engaging for today’s digital consumers. But, MyArea Network has quickly grown into so much more than that. It utilizes real-time analytics, virtual reality, and personalization to create impressive experiences via stories and videography, and next year, they’re launching a new mobile app.

MyArea Network has also expanded their vision beyond just helping locals and visitors find great things to do, places to go, and what makes the area special. They’re focused on helping communities as a whole.

“Local businesses are the backbone and core of any great community,” says Conlon. “So we’re making MyArea Network an engagement platform that’s useful to both local residents and local businesses so we can help communities thrive and remain unique.”

MyArea Network now offers marketing services that help local businesses adopt digital technology and grow and succeed in their community faster. The model, which is on pace to do $1 million in sales this year, includes “digital marketing in a box” solutions that allow local businesses to simplify their online marketing and find easier, more cost effective, and more authentic ways to reach local customers.

MyArea Network founder, Scott Conlon
MyArea Network founder, Scott Conlon

By combining relevant local content and cutting-edge technology to connect residents, visitors, and businesses, MyArea Network is focused on building stronger, more influential and unique communities nationwide and also, guiding people to find the area’s best crab cake.

MyArea Network Dashboard
MyArea for Business Dashboard
MyArea Network 813 logo

Phone: 800-830-7994

Homee – On-Demand Property Maintenance App

Homee - Jimmy Skeens
HOMEE logo
Homee - Jimmy Skeens
Homee Handyman


Homee Plumbing




Homee Electrical



Based in Tampa, FL, Homee is an on-demand property maintenance app that provides users with immediate access to electricians, plumbers, heating and cooling technicians and handymen from their smartphone.


Homee On Demand leads the way in giving users immediate access to background-checked service professionals who are ready to get started on your project in about 30 minutes. Handle the whole process in the app – including timing, pricing and payment. We guarantee great providers and great results. To ensure we have the most qualified, knowledgeable experts in the field, Homee screens service professionals for a criminal record, SSN verification, and trade license status. For total piece of mind, every job is covered by our $1,000 service quality guarantee.


Homee app
“We are excited to partner with Homee and believe the Company is addressing fundamental pain points in the industry.” - Michael DeRosa, Managing Director at Activate

Request a Homee
Just tell Homee what you need done and add your notes and photos.

The Right Pro, Right Away
Get matched with a background-checked pro you can get started right away. Watch your Homee travel to the location with real-time GPS.

Get the Project Started
Complete jobs on a timer, billed right down to the minute and only pay for the time pros are on-site and working.

Review & Pay
The entire transaction is completed in the app! Your job is Done. Right. Now.

Doug - Home
Doug, CEO and Co-Founder
Dave - Homee
Dave, CTO and Co-Founder


Homee was founded back in 2016, by Doug Schaedler and Dave Theus. Prior to founding Homee, Doug and Dave both worked at inno360, Inc., Dave as Chief Product Officer and Doug as President and CEO. Dave has a Master’s degree in Aerospace Structures Engineering from the University of  Cincinnati with a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Dayton. Doug holds an M.B.A. in Finance and Economics from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and a B.A. in Economics from Tufts University.

“Homee is a category-leading, on-demand property maintenance
platform that is changing the way homeowners and property
managers find, contract, and pay for qualified heating and air
conditioning, plumbing, electrical, and general handyman services.”
– Doug Schaedler, CEO


In June 2018, Homee On Demand announced that it closed an $11 million financing, bringing the total invested in the Company to $15 million. Activate Capital Partners, LP led the financing round with the participation of The Home Depot (NYSE: HD), as well as the Company’s existing investors, including Florida Funders, FAN Fund, and Bialla Venture Partners. Engage, a venture fund backed by The Home Depot and 10 other leading corporations, also participated in the round.

Homee-On-Demand has been featured in NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX and Washington Street Journal.

Homee On Demand

Property Maintenance

For more information or to install the Homee app, search for Homee on demand in the app stores or visit
If you have any questions, email us at
Follow us on twitter/facebook: @homeeondemand | linkedin: @Homee | instagram: @homee_on_demand

GlobalFit – Health & Wellness Technology

GlobalFit mobile workout
GlobalFit mobile workout



With over 25 years in the corporate wellness space, GlobalFit is built on innovation and thrives on progress. Over 70 million people have access to GlobalFit solutions as part of their worksite wellness program or health plan. GlobalFit currently offers four primary solutions under the brand’s umbrella: Gym Network 360, GlobalFit Rewards, WalkMyMind, and GlobalFit Anywhere, the newest addition to the company’s suite of solutions.

GlobalFit group workout
GlobalFit WalkMyMind

GlobalFit connects wellness with rewards through its GlobalFit Rewards and Gym Network 360 platforms. GlobalFit Rewards is an innovative reimbursement platform that combines gym reimbursement, real-time gym check-in, wearable integration, and activity tracking to deliver maximum engagement in a simple, flexible, cloudbased solution. Today, GlobalFit Rewards clients include some of the nation’s largest health plans and large international corporations. GlobalFit Rewards currently has 2.5 million eligible participants and paid out nearly $5 million in reimbursement dollars last year. GlobalFit’s Gym Network 360 platform offers a comprehensive suite of programs and products with a focus on the essential components of wellness: exercise, eating, and education. Gym Network 360 participants gain access to exclusive pricing with some of the biggest brands in nutrition, fitness, and wellness. Currently, GlobalFit’s Gym Network 360 solution offers access to 9,000+ fitness facilities including national chains such as 24-Hour Fitness, Curves, and Anytime Fitness. Gym Network 360 averages 3.9 million annual website visits from consumers pursuing a fit and healthy lifestyle.

GlobalFit yoga
GlobalFit - NEW_PickOfTheWeek

In the Spring of 2018, GlobalFit acquired majority stake of WalkMyMind, a mobile application founded by CEO Diana Liberto, that delivers a holistic approach to wellness by connecting the physical, mental, and emotional health of its users. The platform fosters walking, learning, listening, and community through “walkcasts,” audio podcasts that the user hears while in motion. WalkMyMind combines the physical health benefits of walking or running with the mental stimulation of audio podcasts curated from great thinkers, inspiring educators, and best-selling authors.

GlobalFit advert

New to the GlobalFit suite of solutions as of Fall 2018 is GlobalFit Anywhere, the first app connecting users to studios, gyms, and trainers using dynamic pricing. This app was developed in response to employer and insurer requests for a more contemporary and flexible fitness benefit that allows users to make á la carte purchases across multiple brands on one platform. GlobalFit Anywhere’s dynamic pricing algorithm analyzes supply and demand and rebalances prices to give the consumer the best possible price. Users can pay as they go, with no cancellation fees or monthly membership. This platform gives the flexibility to book a workout according to goals, location, activity preferences, and budget.

Current GlobalFit clients include Aetna, Independence Blue Cross, Johnson & Johnson, Kohl’s, Jessica Alba’s Honest Company,,, and many more. Tony Frick joined GlobalFit as President and CEO of the company in 2017 and has led his team towards exponential growth. Under his leadership, GlobalFit has rapidly increased its partnerships with fitness industry leaders, and the GlobalFit Rewards program has grown its customer base by over 70% and has experienced 30%+ revenue growth year-over-year.

GlobalFit Logo Navy

1880 John F.Kennedy Blvd. Suite 1910
Philadelphia, PA 19103
Phone: 1 – (800) 294 1500
facebook: @GlobalFit
twitter: @globalfit
linkedin: in/globalfit/

CoachTheWorld – Your Global Marketplace for Experts and Influencers

CoachTheWorld video chat


Your global marketplace for experts and influencers

CoachTheWorld (CTW) is a virtual coaching platform. CTW brings together people who need support with the experts and influencers who can provide it, connecting them instantly.

Our software matches users with experts based on specific user needs, not geographic proximity, allowing users to find the very best fit for their needs.

Coaching sessions can be booked and take place 24/7 through our platform, utilizing video chat through our app or desktop web browsers. Coaches can exponentially increase their client base by earning potential clients and streamlining their services with our booking, payment, and chat integration.

In the past, you looked through the internet jungle to find help in solving a problem or finding answers. Do you remember the time when you were trying to find a solution to your serious problems and challenges by looking on the internet – then finally trying to get in touch with a human being and waiting for a response? This was your reality, and that is why we created a solution to this, with CoachTheWorld or in short CTW.

Our Vision

We provide the ultimate place for people from all over the world to connect and help each other by selling and buying the most essential service in the world, KNOW-HOW.


What is CoachTheWorld?

CTW is a platform or marketplace that:
• enables clients to find the best coach for their problem without geographic limitation
• provides a stable online workplace for coaches, including automation of invoicing and payments
• enables coaches to coach worldwide whenever they want
• offers superior technology for every topic
• allows buying and selling knowledge with your category of choice
• promotes life coaching, business coaching and influencers

Your daily marketplace for knowledge and experience:
• Visual display of real-time availability
• Minimal administration effort for coaches due to enhancing your account system
• State-of-the-art whiteboard and share-screen/video chat service, single or in group
• Virtual Workplace (Cockpit/Dashboard) for Coaches
• Rating system to secure quality and to encourage users to become coaches
• Your new online office
• The dream of working from back home to every area in the world
• Selling your ideas, your hobbies, your knowledge

CoachTheWorld video chat

Our Team is promoting out of Tampa

We are an innovative, international mixed, future-oriented team who cares about people. Helping, finding solutions, education, and know-how – this is the focus of CoachTheWorld.

Benefits for experts and those seeking expertise:

• Secure; privacy, discretion, and security with no personal contact information in your own virtual space
• Streamlined; integrated video/communication channels offer a “virtual office”
• Accessible; online, international reach with multilingual experts
• Trustworthy; peer rating system for experts, influencers, and customers
• Free for Experts; CTW charges no monthly fees and no subscriptions for services offered
• Experts; can set their own rates
• Seekers; can choose every type of expert, for whatever knowledge they seek and what they’re willing to pay on a pay-as-you-go basis
• Rewarding; delivers new clients to Experts without Experts having to source them
• Cost-effective; no need for physical office space by using CTW’s online office portal for consultations
• Convenient; open 24/7, both Experts and Seekers can choose their own time and virtual space
• Flexible Availability; timeslots from 15 minutes upwards

CoachTheWorld Logo

facebook: @coachthestars
instagram: @coachtheworld
youtube: @coachtheworld
twitter: @coachtheworld_

Keriton – Breast Milk is Liquid Gold, Especially for NICU Babies

Keriton Booth
Keriton Logo
Keriton Booth


Breast milk is liquid gold, especially for NICU babies. The current state of breast milk management at a hospital is extremely manual, time-intensive, error-prone, lacks real-time analytics and does not solve the baseline problem of helping mothers pump more breast milk while being away from their babies. With an innovative Software-as-a-Service approach, the Keriton Kare platform solves every single one of those problems. Keriton Kare is a state-of-the-art breast milk management, lactation analytics and patient engagement platform for the NICUs. Co-innovated with Penn Medicine nurses, for nurses, the platform significantly improves process efficiency, saving critical nurse time and reducing errors. With built-in real-time analytics, lactation consultants can proactively counsel struggling mothers, instead of reacting when it is too late. With automated notifications and text/audio/visual patient engagement solutions, the platform also notably enhances the pumping experience for mothers, resulting in improved pumping adherence and outcomes.


Keriton was born at the University of Pennsylvania in Spring 2016, where nurses from Penn Medicine shared the multi-faceted problem of breast milk management & tracking at the world’s largest hackathon – PennApps. Keriton’s founder had personally witnessed the scenario 5 years back when his sister had a preterm delivery, and his nephew was admitted to the NICU for 3 weeks. He decided to fix the problem, and his proposed solution at the hackathon won 2nd prize. Post that victory, Keriton was incorporated in 40 days and made its mission to improve the state of breast milk management across NICUs in the US.

Keriton was incubated under DreamIt ventures, a top 10 digital health accelerator in the world, right from its inception. With financial support from DreamIt, Penn Medicine, AmeriHealth, Wharton, and Dorm Room Fund, Keriton incorporated in March 2016. Keriton has since been continuously working with the clinicians at Penn Medicine and have conducted several design thinking and user feedback sessions with them. The Keriton suite was launched in April 2017 and announced as Generally Available (GA) in August 2017.

The Keriton team spent countless hours in the NICU, listening to nurses, observing them go through the workflows, speaking with mothers and eventually running design thinking sessions with the several stakeholders to ensure that an ideal solution is devised for this extremely complicated problem. The feedback thus far has been extremely positive – “This is the best NICU invention ever!” – NICU Nurse; or “Thank you so much for building this, this is perfect!” – NICU Mom. The Keriton Kare platform is showing phenomenal results in improving quality of care, reducing costs and improving patient and clinician satisfaction.

Keriton - Screenshot_Kare_Mom
Keriton - Screenshot_Kare_Nurse
Keriton - Screenshot_Konnect
Keriton - Screenshot_Klick
Keriton - Screenshot_Klassify


CEO – Rich Mager 
An entrepreneurial leader with executive experience in industry sectors including pharmaceutical business services and business consulting services. Operational oversight of diverse delivery teams in multiple global geographies. Successful acquisition and integration experience. Extensive experience in strategic planning, operational effectiveness, change management, and technology implementation.

• Experience with IT consulting services (Accenture) in pharmaceutical sales force automation and financial services.
• Progressive leadership experience in pharmaceutical specialty services (Bracket) in project delivery/client services and gross profit management.
• Cloud based life sciences SaaS configuration and support (Veeva).

Clinical Director – Kelley Karp, MSN, BS RN 
An administrative leader of nursing for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Successful development and implementation of 24/7 operations improvements and oversight of neonatal critical care unit. Extensive experience in strategic planning, clinical, safety and administrative program development, and implementation, as well as budgetary management and staff development.

• 15 years of nursing experience at the University of Pennsylvania Health System (Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania).
• Experience as Nurse Manager of the NICU with the direction of 100+ staff members.

Founder – Vidur S. Bhatnagar 
Experienced technologist with expertise in building process-oriented B2B workflow solutions, visualization/dashboard products, advanced analytics platforms. etc. Passionate advocate of design thinking.

• BS (CS), MBA (HR), MS (Robotics) University of Pennsylvania (Leave of Absence).
• Former SAP Fellow (Global). 

The team further consists of Sales, Clinical Subject Matter Experts, Software & Quality Engineers, and Data Scientist.


Keriton Customer_HUP

• Series A Preferred Stock Financing – September 2018
• Healthcare Innovator Award – Philadelphia Business Journal – September 2018
• Gold Stevie Award 2018 – TechStartup of the Year (Software) – May 2018
• Vizient top performers to Penn Medicine for the use of Keriton – May 2018
• Medcity Invest Pitch competition – May 2018
• Winning America’s most unique small business award by Paychex – Jan 2018
• Recognized as Top 10 Philly Startups to Watch in 2018 by realList Technical. ly – Jan 2018
• Winning Startup of the Year award, PHL Geek Awards – August 2017

• Getting selected as the Finalists at Stellar Startup Awards, Philadelphia – July 2017
• Securing a 3-year contract with Penn Medicine – August 2017
• Launching Keriton Kare platform for NICU feeding management, lactation analytics and patient engagement at Penn Medicine – April 2017
• Achieving HIPAA compliance for the Keriton Kare platform – April 2017
• Winning Impact Pediatrics Pitch Competition at South by South by West (SXSW), judged and sponsored by 8 leading US children’s hospital – March 2017
• Raising $1.1 Million in venture capital funding – February 2017
• Securing a spot at DreamIt Health Incubator (rated Top 10 Incubator in the world) – March 2016
• Winning the 2nd prize at PennApps (World’s Largest Hackathon) – January 2016

Keriton Inc.
1608 Walnut St., Suite 1200,
Philadelphia, PA 19103

MyArea Network –

MyArea Network - Orlando 407Area
MyArea Network - 407Area-Logo Network


MyArea Network - Orlando 407Area

With the inspired vision of CEO Scott Conlon, MyArea Network has become a fast-growing digital media and tech company with a mission to connect people to their local community. Beginning with and based in Tampa, the local connection concept using local influencers to connect businesses and people in their community has continued to grow with 150 live local sites all over the country and the opening of the Orlando market office in 2016. Network is a full-service media and marketing company that helps local businesses of any size attain visibility in their community. Through multi-channel media platforms, technology solutions, and online and offline marketing services.

“There are so many great local businesses that don’t get the attention they deserve. We wanted to develop a platform and solutions that would help more people find those businesses,” explains founder and CEO, Scott Conlon.

MyArea Network - rsz_screenshot
MyArea Network - Chris McShane
Chris McShane - Digital Content Associate
MyArea Network - LeeAnn Huntoon
LeeAnn Huntoon - 407area Content Manager & Digital Marketing Director for MyArea Network

Over the last few years, MyArea Network’s first official market expansion has flourished providing a source for locals and businesses with the onboarding of their first official Area Manager, LeeAnn Huntoon.

After graduating LeeAnn Huntoon accepted an entry level position with a major corporation and after ten years of climbing the corporate ladder she hit the ceiling and decided it was time to move on and pursue her passion. After a few months of freelance writing, she began working for a digital marketing company in Downtown Orlando and quickly became the content manager for the company’s two local entertainment websites. Her success and determination caught the eye of MyArea Network and when it was time to open the Orlando office she was asked to come on board to build and grow
the 407area market.

“We are so much more than a marketing agency or a website. and the 150 other live sites including 813, 727, 386, 321, and 305 in Florida alone is a community and your local connection to anything and everything that’s happening in your area. Not only are we the local source for things do to, nightlife, dining, and local sports, we also bridge the gap between the businesses in the area and their targeted audience,” states 407area Content Manager/ Digital Marketing Director, LeeAnn Huntoon.

With the assistance of the main office in Tampa and the Orlando Digital Content Associate, Chris McShane, has become the leading source for local residents and visitors to find the best things to see, eat, and do in Orlando.

The site offers more than just a directory for businesses and upcoming events. and the additional sites within the MyArea Network family produce relevant and organic article content that is highly ranked on Google. Each article is written by locals who live in the area providing readers with first-hand experiences and suggestions similar to reaching out to a trusted friend who lives in the area. has become a trusted source in Orlando combining local and social and providing everyone with the opportunity to live like a local no matter where they are.

To learn more about MyArea Network and the Orlando area Chris McShane – Digital Content Associate subscribe to and connect to your community.

MyArea Network -Smartphone

407area Office (Downtown Orlando)
25 Wall St. Suite #11
Orlando, FL. 32801

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Digital Marketing Services:

Mercury Cash – a Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

Mercury Cash - MacBook-Pro-mockup
mercury cash logo
Mercury Cash - MacBook-Pro-mockup


Headquartered in Orlando, Florida. Mercury Cash is a company born two years
ago, with the vision of becoming the leader in the electronic money institution
field, starting as a Cryptocurrency Trading Platform.


Mercury Cash Wallet is a live hosted wallet solution with a current customer base of 8,000+ users and allows for the real-time liquidation and transfer between cryptocurrency and fiat assets seamlessly and intuitively. The Mercury Cash Wallet is available to download on iOS and Android devices and provides the ability to link a bank account, credit or debit card to be able to convert digital currency to and from US Dollars.

Mercury Cash raises the compliance bar by ensuring that we are fully licensed and certified, being one of the first to register as a Money Transmitter through Florida’s Office of Finance Regulation and Money Services Business through the US Department of the Treasury. Mercury Cash looking to 30+ states in the United States in the near future. In addition, Mercury Cash’s advanced roadmap includes becoming an Electronic Money Institution (EMI/eMoney) under the U.K.’s Financial Conduct Authority, allowing for legal operations in the 23 states that comprise the European Economic Area. Mercury cash is already correctly incorporated in UK looking very soon to start operation with EUR pair.

Mercury Cash - ethereum
Mercury Cash - dash

Mercury cash started the registration process to become an SEC-registered FINRA Member Broker-Dealer and a registered-and-licensed Alternative Trading System (ATS) with the idea to cover the market need of Florida and LATAM for securities.

Mercury Cash founders and team members have been working together since 2008 and come from a wide range of backgrounds and a variety of industries. The team’s vision of the future utilizing innovations and new technologies produced the evolution of their ideas to improve the world economy. Our staff is our biggest asset, but our customers, clients, and vendors are at thecore of all our ideas and decisions.

The tokenization of the market is revolutionizing the financial industry. The company has launched its own token, MCEX. These tokens represent units of ownership or equity securities. This is the same concept as units of an LLC or shares of a corporation.

106 E. Dakin Ave., Kissimmee, FL 34741
Phone: 407-483-4057
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Graphite GTC – No-Code Application Development



Today, the Philadelphia region boasts some of the leading companies in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Internet of Things (IoT), Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR) and Low-Code/No-Code Development. One such company is Graphite GTC.

Graphite GTC - Headshots Chris Gali and Chris Doggett

Graphite GTC was founded in Philadelphia, in 2012 by two lifelong friends who started their careers sharing a cubicle in 1993 and developed a shared vision. Chris Gali and Chris Doggett’s vision was to reduce software development time and not sacrifice quality. They started their partnership, out of their homes, in 1998 with the creation of their first company, AdminServer. Later moving into office space near the Philadelphia Airport, they grew the company steadily for 10 years, eventually garnering the attention of Oracle  corporation, which acquired AdminServer for $125M in 2008.

During “the Chris’” non-compete period, they turned their attention to Philadelphia eateries starting the nationally acclaimed “Franklin Mortgage and Investment, a speakeasy” and the “Upstairs at the Franklin, a tiki bar” in Rittenhouse Square. Having successfully created a software development platform that produced high-quality code, they then focused on removing friction between software developers and business users to create a seamless development experience.

During their AdminServer days, they identified recurring pain points in software development methods adopted as an industry “standard”. These methods are a frustrating iterative process where corporate IT creates requirements in a silo, developers create an application in a silo, and then the application is critiqued and edited in a silo. This process repeats until requirements are finally met, or funding is exhausted. Gali and Doggett believed a collaborative, integrated process could efficiently replace the iterative process, and produce better results, faster.

Graphite GTC was founded in 2012, again in Philadelphia, to address these pain points. Gali and Doggett set out to create a platform that would actively foster collaboration between business users and IT, developing an enterprise application with uncompromising quality. Not surprisingly, one of the outcomes was a vast reduction in time to market. The Graphite GTC team of engineers and business professionals spent several years designing and crafting Graphite Studio. By 2015 the platform was ready for the market. This innovative platform is a thoughtful and complete graphical development environment designed to give customers a better approach to delivering and developing the best web applications.

Graphite GTC - Hero Image

By using shapes, Graphite Studio enables users to create complex back-end processes through the use of easy to understand flowcharts. Eliminating the need for multiple complex languages in the development process, Graphite Studio opens the doors for collaboration between IT and business users. Graphite Studio benefits have been proven to provide lower cost development, delivered in a shorter time frame with industry-leading reliability and security.

Now located in Bryn Mawr, PA, just outside of Philadelphia, Graphite GTC continues to foster innovation and continuously improve their product. Graphite GTC currently works with Systems Integrators, Commercial Organizations, and Regulated Industries to provide them with the innovation and benefits of Graphite Studio.

1022 East Lancaster Ave.,
Bryn Mawr, PA 19010
Phone: 215.395.6311