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Script – Spend More time Teaching & Less Time doing Paperwork

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Script is a workflow automation solution that processes and digitizes paperwork for schools so that the focus can be on what’s really important, teaching. Process automation was previously only available to large corporations with multi-million dollar IT budgets, however now it can be perfectly tailored for schools at an affordable price. Whether approving purchase orders from principals or sending Human Resources paperwork to new teachers, it is the solution to achieving a more effective and efficient way of dealing with administration. Schools around the nation are using Script to eliminate rooms of filing cabinets, increase efficiency, save money and achieve new levels of financial accountability. Script is the best way for schools to spend more time teaching and less time doing paperwork.


Script co-founders

Script was founded by Aaron White and Patrick Cahill two years ago, while Aaron was the IT Director in the Florida school system. Aaron saw the growing need for all the administrative functions of running a school to be streamlined and automated. This paved the way for the Script App to be developed with the help of his co-founder, Patrick Cahill. The app caters for both the school and the parent. The parent app allows parents to manage their children’s emergency contacts, sign permission slips, pay for field trips and make payments for things like yearly fees and tuition. Teachers can easily plan and manage school activities by using a student roster to automatically route notifications, payments and release forms to the correct parent. Every payment, permission slip and parent response can be viewed in the Script dashboard so that everyone, from teachers to bookkeepers, has the data they need to do their jobs more efficiently.

One of the tools of the app is the Individual Digital E-File Automation (IDEA) Model which delivers actionable insight to determine how process efficiency impacts both the school’s and district’s administrative procedures. Until recently there has not been a standard to evaluate procedure efficiency in the central office of education.

What has been missing is a Standards-Based approach to assessing an entire district’s current state of affairs, and a comprehensive solution to bringing the district into the 21st century. School district workflow automation streamlines digital asset management, which facilitates the adoption and coordination of impressive software, such as personalized learning programs, dynamic assessment tools, digital curricula, and more. Solutions such as Script work with a district to analyze their current workflows and look for areas of improvement. Additionally, the IDEA model can be used and adapted for colleges as well as independent education associations. Districts who have adopted workflow automation have seen increases in efficiency across the board, and teachers who utilize a student performance dashboard report higher student growth, along with feelings of confidence and high morale. With less time spent grading and tracking performance, the teacher has more time to facilitate collaborative discussions and hands-on projects that engage students.

Aaron and Patrick envisage growing Script organically and making this app available to schools both nationally and internationally, so that the administration function can be focused on student safety, building relationships with stakeholders, and at the same time be freed from the time-intensive burden of paperwork. Script will strive to continue creating and improving on standards for school process efficiency.

Aaron White, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Patrick Cahill, Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer
Phone: 1 (888) 607-2747
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Ticketlabel – Maximizes & Personalizes Event Ticketing & Productions

Ticketlabel - Collision 2018 - Day Three



Before Ticketlabel, there was Mind Blowing Productions, a Live Entertainment Agency created in 2006 which focused on providing bookings, tour management and production for musicians, with the added offering of marketing and promotions. After many years of experiencing different types of ticketing companies for their projects, the founders saw that the ticketing companies were not providing all the necessary tools for event organizers in order for them to be successful and maximize their sales, organization and productions of events. So Nestor Jimenez (Co-Founder) and his European partners decided to create their own platform to sell event tickets, which included all of these extra tools necessary to make an event successful.


The Ticketlabel platform provides an innovative way to personalized experiences through whitelabel online shops while providing musicians and event organizers with effective tools to maximize databases, boosting each event’s target marketing campaigns. Similarly, Ticketlabel’s platform educates clients on ways to promote their events through social media, official websites, affiliates and partners. The platform has so many added benefits that event organizers can explore all event ticketing needs within one centralized platform. This helps event organizers minimize time on ticketing so that they can focus on other event logistics that really matter when creating a successful event.

Ticketlabel started in the Netherlands two years ago, when the founders tested it with European-region specific partners, adding modifications like promo codes, waiting queues to prevent overload crashes and global payment providers accepting over 50+ currencies. Ticketlabel is now available in Europe, North and South America.

Ticketlabel - Softbank Robot at the BETA Starup booth

“I believe that there are people who are born with those entrepreneurial genes; they don’t conform to the normal rules that society has put down on them. Some people gravitate towards this way of living naturally and can feel that spark and passion inspiring them to do what they really want to do,” believes Nestor Jimenez. “I started Mind Blowing Productions using Myspace. Every night I’d come home after working in a pizza restaurant, studying people’s profiles and their markets helping me build a strong network which today covers all continents of the world. I met a bunch of musicians most of them from South America and Europe. It was a this point in life that I realized I wanted to make a living out of my passion for Music”

Through having these years of experience in the music industry, the founders saw an untapped need from working in Europe, North and South America – large ticketing companies were not servicing their clients. They knew early on, that successful companies were the ones that were fully integrated into technology through their operations. The founders used their personal savings and experience from working in the music industry and decided to put a certain amount of time and financing into building the Ticketlabel platform, working with the best in creating the precise technology with patented applications.


Ticketlabel has most recently registered the company in South America. Colombia will be the physical headquarters for the Latin American operations. The platform offers multi-currency and multilingual capabilities based on its global reach. They now accept multiple currencies from around the world. The brand’s inception is prime for developing countries welcoming new technologies and innovative ways of ticketing. Headquartered in Tampa, FL Ticketlabel is now up and running and ready to bring its own approach to the mundane event ticketing industry.

scantickets - Ticketlabel
Ticketlabel - screenshot thankyoumassage
Ticketlabel web
Ticketlabel facebook

Phone: 813-389-3985

Inzata – The First Full-Service, Data Analytics Platform Powered by AI

Inzata dashboard



Inzata dashboard

Go from raw
data to insightful
analytics in under
30 minutes!


Its patented aggregation engine helps users quickly load, blend, and model raw and unstructured data, and turn it into insightful enterprise data models, actionable real-time analytics, and engaging visualizations. They help people discover the immense value of their data with tremendous speed, accuracy and customer support.

Founded in 2016, Inzata was designed with the vision of changing the way companies view the large volumes of cluttered data that they have, and how much monetary value it actually represents. They quickly noticed how many ‘data analysis’ platforms are already available, but how so many of them lack something. With this in mind, the idea was born to create a full-service platform with every tool needed for every data analysis task, including the following:


• Collection
• Preparation
• Enriching (over 20+ enrichments included on our platform)
• Modeling
• Visualizations
• Monetization

They didn’t stop there, though. By inventing and installing their patented aggregation engine, Inzata was able to harness the power of speed up to 10x that of any existing platform, allowing for real-time analytics without processing lag and system failures.

In the past couple of years, they have attracted clients in a variety of industries, including consulting, politics, insurance, etc.

Companies in every industry are capable of unleashing immense value in their data, yet each of these companies requires a customized approach and the system to do so. Inzata prides itself on its white-glove relationship with each of their clients, making sure that they are readily available to guide them through in-depth data analysis projects, while also providing a user-friendly platform, and AI-powered experience for their day-to-day tasks.

Tampa has an incredibly tight-knit community that truly wants to see its companies succeed. The natural friendliness and support of both large and small companies in Tampa in helping startups succeed is highly encouraging.

Inzata’s advice to those wanting to build a business is to always start with a vision and a plan. Have a solid plan for everything, whether it’s for development, marketing or sales, and use it to guide your thinking toward achieving your goals.

Inzata graph


“In today’s business world where a level of engagement and relationship-building needs to take place before a sale, the Inzata platform allowed our organization to increase sales by 100%. By educating the industry with raw data, it allows us to establish a position of ‘educator’ among our customer base, which has led to increased sales. The entire Inzata team has surpassed our expectations and we consider them our TOP partner as an organization ready to disrupt multiple industries. In the foxhole together, we are reshaping a landscape that is starving for data, analytics, and trends.” – Jason H. Becker, PGA, Chief Executive Officer: Golf Life Navigators, LLC

inzata logo

5650 Breckenridge Park Dr. #201, Tampa, FL 33610
Phone: (813) 485-4579 |

ID Plans – Innovation in Commercial Real Estate

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Jeff Landry, CEO of ID Plans
Jeff Landry, CEO of ID Plans

When you buy a new car, you get an owner’s manual.

When you buy a shopping center, you get the shopping center – and maybe a set of outdated blueprints if you’re lucky.

With that disconnect in mind, Jeff Landry and Mike Rustenberghe created ID Plans in 1999. Their goal was simple – to make property management more efficient by creating detailed, accurate site plans
that identified and mapped all vital data points on a property. Everything on the site was included, from HVAC units to irrigation systems to parking spaces, providing a clear snapshot of the property’s assets along with their locations.

For property managers, owners and investors, having this data in one central document was invaluable. It meant they wouldn’t have to waste time or money tracking down irrigation information or finding meter numbers because they already had all the details of their property at their fingertips. Instead, they could focus on taking a more proactive approach to site management and head off challenges before they became problems.

ID Plans has come a long way since its early years, when site plans were printed on paper and distributed to property managers. In 2005, the company launched an interactive online platform to view the plans, and in 2012, an iOS application was created that allowed property managers to access their data on their iPhones and iPads.

ID Plans - Application Ipad
ID Plans - online

As industry needs grew and evolved, the ID Plans software changed along with them, moving to a cloud-based online platform that could be accessed at any time, from any place, on any device. This data could also be updated in real time with unlimited photos and documents and easily shared with vendors, potential tenants, and team members across the globe.

Now, after creating thousands of site plans for the industry’s top brands across North America, ID Plans has firmly established itself as a pioneer in the commercial real estate space, but the story doesn’t end there. With an eye on the future, the technology team at ID Plans continues to develop cutting-edge software solutions to meet the needs of their customers and the industry at large. Connecting the software to the Internet of Things is a goal, along with an increased focus on analytics. It’s all part of a larger vision of creating a more efficient, streamlined process to gives property managers and owners the power to protect their investments and manage their assets more effectively.

ID Plans
Phone: 866-657-2545
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Knack – Gives Online-to-Offline Peer Support new Meaning

Knack founders
Knack founders
Knack New Logo Orange




Knack is a Florida-based EdTech startup that has caused the university peer support marketplace to drastically evolve. The reason Knack gives online-to-offline peer support new meaning is because it allows academically sound university students to sign up and offer one-on-one tutoring/mentoring sessions on their campuses. In turn, the company builds competency or ‘knack’ profiles on their students, thus providing potential employers with vetted potential entry-level hires. Aside from providing just archaic resume-related details, Knack is able to offer employers human insight into each tutor via the feedback provided after every tutoring session.

The aim of Knack is to ultimately build a physical community of students through technology.

Company CEO, Samyr Qureshi, started the business based on his lifelong goal to ensure that every motivated student, regardless of their social and economic background, was given the chance to acquire the skills required for university and beyond. Through tutoring with Knack, students’ communication, collaboration and critical thinking skills improve, thus making them valuable assets for companies like PWC and Connectwise.

According to Jennifer Locklear, Chief Talent Officer at Connectwise, “Partnering with Knack was an easy decision. It not only gives us the chance to engage with top-tier talent, but also to invest in our future workforce leaders who will, in turn, help us create a better tomorrow.”

Most universities have on-campus tutoring centers, but what sets Knack apart from all the others is that it fills the gaps that other tutoring courses have, by increasing course coverage for tougher upper-level courses that onsite centers may not be able to cover due to budgetary and resource constraints. “We realized that peer tutoring is about much more than one student helping another with an academic subject; it is two students coming from different places, learning to complete a task together. And we view it as a training ground for students to further develop the soft skills necessary to be valued members of today’s workplace,” asserts Qureshi


The company’s proposed mission is to equip students to be able to discover their knack whilst simultaneously getting people to empower each other to become lifelong learners from those around them. At Knack, academic integrity, relevant and professional tutors, and immediate action are vital to the experience.


Certain companies do make an innovative impact, and Knack is surely one of them. First and foremost, since the official launch of the company in the Fall of 2016, it has achieved a 145% semester-over-semester growth rate. The company has also gone live in over 50 campuses. To date, it has processed thousands of tutoring sessions with a staggering 98% satisfaction rate. Aside from other partnerships, Knack is affiliated with Arizona State University as a portfolio company.

It should come as no surprise that Knack is gaining a good number of public and private partnerships. University of Arizona State University Enterprise Partners Chief Executive Officer, R. F “Rick” Shangraw Jnr., has also expressed his excitement in collaborating with and investing in Knack.

With a dedicated team of six full-time Tampa Bay-based employees, the company is sure to exceed the $1.5M in seed funding that they have already raised.

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Stuby – Help Increase the Academic Interactions Between Students

chad and willy - Stuby



Stuby Chad Townsend
Stuby home screen
stuby match_screen


Once a student creates a profile they can then swipe through other students within their area who are also looking for potential study buddies. If two students swipe right on each other they can then instantly start a conversation, as well as post on interactive student support feeds. By allowing students to efficiently connect with their entire classroom, Stuby aims to help increase the academic interactions between students across America.


Many college students face a similar problem when it comes to education in a college setting- they cannot grasp the difficult concepts taught in the classroom. Therefore, they must spend long hours in the library attempting to refine their skills and achieve a level of understanding that allows them to pass their classes.

For Stuby founder, William Rondon, these hours of studying where spent with friends, but most of his friends where business majors. Seeing as though William Rondon is an Industrial Engineering major, he consistently found himself having to study in solidarity during extensive hours of the day. On one of these nights William created an idea for an app that connects students with other students around them to study using a swiping selection process.

chad and willy - Stuby

By matching students based off their academic strengths and weaknesses as well as certain personality traits, students will never have to endure those long rigorous study nights alone. Over the summer of 2017 William further developed this idea and produced a rough prototype that he later showed to his long time friend and fellow student, Chad Townsend who specialized in coding on different platforms. Combining their skills, Chad and William where later accepted into the USF Student Innovation Incubator through which they have been mentored by various USF alumni and local business owners.

Since the initial development of the app, Stuby has grown from a simple platform to one that integrates group messaging as well as a well refined strength and weakness matching algorithm.

These strides have been rewarded within the USF community through an article feature in the USF Oracle as well as a radio segment on 89.7 radio. The team has also been awarded the Daveler Fellowship Entrepreneurship award, which will aid in the official app release in the Fall of the 2018 semester.

Using the tools provided by the USF incubator Chad and William intend to impact the college population and increase nationwide student success through a simple app that allows study buddies to become connected faster and more efficiently than ever.

Stuby - feed_screenshot
Stuby - course_select_screenshot


• 2018 Daveler Fellow Entrepreneurship Award
• 2018 Governors Cup Participant
• WUSF 89.7 radio segment feature
• Tampa Bay Oracle Article Feature

3802 Spectrum Bouevard
Tampa, FL 33612

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CareValet – an On-Demand Uber-ized Healthcare Solution

CareValet - Joe+CEO
CareValet - Joe+CEO


CareValet is an on-demand uber-ized healthcare solution. Wherever you are, the CareValet app can geolocate you, triage your healthcare needs, and point you to the right care facility or professional. This kind of care can usually be done by communicating directly with a physician on your smartphone, so that you can get clinical advice and even have your prescription called in to your pharmacy, if necessary. If you do need to see a doctor in person, you can use the app to schedule an appointment when it is convenient for you. After your consultation, you can share your experience with other CareValet members, so that they can seek doctors, based on your feedback, who take good care of their patients.

Founded in 2016 by Joe Hodges, a Florida Native who recently sold another healthcare company with over 700,000 members, CareValet makes it easier for people to find doctors and providers in their network wherever they are. You could be driving around and your child suddenly becomes ill and needs a doctor – you could simply pull up the CareValet app and find the closest treatment center or telemedicine doctor.

CareValet users can schedule a doctor’s appointment and speak to healthcare professionals in real time – it’s a real-time convenience app and web portal that also speaks to those who are moving away from making telephone calls and are more likely to use a mobile application

CareValet - Provider+Ranking
Carevalet app


In an emergency or when there is a need for urgent care, CareValet uses geolocation to help you find an in-network provider or facility closest to you, in just two clicks. If you are too ill to drive, the app can also interface with UBER to arrange a ride for you. Members can, of course, also speak to a physician in a face-to-face phone chat to check whether they need urgent treatment, but often their condition can be treated virtually.

We also use choice architecture to help remind and guide our members to use telemedicine as their first option. Our app is designed to provide a gentle reminder of this no-out-of-pocket-cost option whenever they are seeking care. For example, if you click on the Find an Urgent Treatment Center link, CareValet provides a quick link to telemedicine. 60% of the time, the virtual doctor can diagnose and prescribe something without your having to visit an urgent treatment center, which is often a significant time commitment.


We believe that you should be in control of your healthcare and that you are best able to make informed decisions about care with your doctors. With CareValet, you are empowered to disrupt the old model of trying to obtain care. You will be able to make the best decisions for your health based on accessibility, cost, quality, and other considerations. Additionally, we feel it is important that you are in control of your care, needs and appointments, and should have the ability to rate and comment on your provider experience. At CareValet, we’ve placed all of these options at your fingertips in an easy-to-use app for your mobile phone and the web.

CAREVALET team at work
CareValet - employee and manager

“Jackson’s Bistro, one of Tampa Bay’s most established and well-liked restaurants in the city, was one of our first clients,” says Aaron Kessinger, Lead Client Consultant. “We used our API connections to load their health plan network of doctors and facilities into the app.” CareValet is digitally connected to over 450 provider networks across the country, so it connected Jackson’s employees with their providers of care and created instantaneous decision-making tools that simplify accessibility: appointment setting, transportation, communication, information, as well as provider rankings and cost comparisons.

“CareValet allows us to provide a valuable healthcare benefit to our employees to make it easier for them to find the care they need,” says Jamie Prockop, General Counsel at Jackson’s. “Telemedicine is especially useful because it saves time and money.”

Futura Mobility – Maximizing the Power of Mobile Technology to Save Lives

Eric Nolan Futura Mobility
Eric Nolan Futura Mobility
Eric Nolan – President, Futura Mobility



Futura Mobility is a leading provider of Healthcare Mobility Products and Services, servicing 1 in 3 hospitals nationwide. With headquarters in Philadelphia and offices and field representatives around the country, Futura provides procurement, deployment and support services in support of healthcare mobility initiatives big and small.

We take our responsibility to deliver healthcare technology at the point of care very seriously.

Even before the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) incentivized hospitals to go electronic with their medical records, Futura was helping hospitals achieve their goals of getting more facetime with patients and improving the quality of care. This includes equipping hospitals and clinicians with the latest technology to document encounters, administer medication, and gauge the overall patient experience. On a recent visit to my local hospital (the same hospital where my two daughters were born), I saw first-hand how the technology we provide was being used to help doctors and nurses care for my mother-in-law. Now that most every hospital in the country has implemented an Electronic Health Record system (or EHR), we are focused on helping these same organizations leverage new technology to innovate in and outside of the hospital. Our consulting services division provides business and clinical application services to help hospitals ensure continued adoption and ROI attainment on their original investments.

Futura Mobility smart phone app
Futura Mobility - hospital

The next frontier in innovation in Healthcare is mobile and virtual.

Inside the four walls of hospitals, smartphones are replacing mobile carts and providing ways for clinicians to spend even more time at the bedside. Tablets are allowing patients to feel more in control and be more educated during their stays. Futura is helping on both of these fronts by providing full solutions that include strategies for deployment, charging, and disinfection. We even have developed wound care software running on Smartphones that streamlines the often manual process of documenting with cameras and paper forms.

Outside the four walls, we are providing health systems with telemedicine technology that leverages videoconferencing combined with clinical tools to provide care. Now, patients can be seen by specialists virtually, providing expert care previously only available to the larger, urban institutions. If your loved one experiences a stroke, this technology in the Emergency Room connects them with neurologists (no matter how far away they may be) and literally can save their life.

Futura also provides secure communication software running on Smartphones to allow care teams to collaborate with patients and each other while maintaining privacy protocols. This software allows systems to converge many different separate functions onto one device. For people suffering from one or more chronic diseases like congestive heart failure (CHF) or diabetes or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), Futura provides software and technology to allow patients to be connected to their care teams, enhancing their quality of life by monitoring their health daily and intervening before conditions worsen.

Long-term, we will continue to innovate with new technology to improve outcomes and save lives.

Futura Mobility - mobile technology
Futura Mobility _ logo

Phone: 215-642-3363
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AUGMENTOR™ by Design Interactive

AUGMENTOR™ Design Interactive guyUsingForMatt
AUGMENTOR™ Design Interactive guyUsingForMatt

Design Interactive CEO, Dr Kay Stanney observed how multiple industries are being impacted by the significant number of baby boomer retirements, termed the “grey tsunami” by some. The retirements of this large generation represent a massive loss of expertise in the workforce. When mass numbers of highly experienced employees leave an industry, a knowledge and skill gap is left in its wake. No industry has been spared this phenomenon and many are also experience significant recruitment hallenges. There are simply not enough qualified candidates to fill the positions left by the retiring workforce.

Kay Stanney AUGMENTOR™

In response to the widening knowledge and skill gap Dr Stanney observed in the trucking, aviation, manufacturing and even defense industry, she led her team to create AUGMENTOR™ an augmented reality application that empowers experts to transfer their knowledge to the next generation and share that knowledge across the enterprise at the click of a button.

AUGMENTOR™ benefits from Design Interactive’s decades of human performance, training, virtual and augmented reality research with the Department of Defense, NASA, the Department of Homeland Security and other agencies.

Dr Stanney’s vision was to empower the expert workforce to share what they do best. Namely, solve complex problems. Using AUGMENTOR™, they now have a tool that lets them share how they troubleshoot. Imagine a master technician in the trucking industry, in an attempt to return a truck to service, creating first person video instruction, snapping pictures and creating virtual sticky notes that describe the problem, the symptoms they observed and what they meant right in the maintenance facility. And when they are done, the expert publishes their solution so if any new hire or less experienced personnel encounters the same problem, they can reach back into this digital archive, a replica of that expert’s knowledge.

AUGMENTOR™ virtual reality

Today, this function of sharing knowledge is centralized. The responsibility to accelerate the competency of new hires and rapidly disseminate new procedures is often held by those remote from where the problems occur. The process is often slow and it is difficult to ensure compliance to a desired standard. By comparison, AUGMENTOR™ is a force multiplier. AUGMENTOR™ empowers those in the field to contribute what they know, right where and when problems occur. Its digitized form is made available to the entire enterprise rapidly and ensures standard execution.

AUGMENTOR™ replicates the knowledge of experts and empowers sharing among trucking industry technicians, aviation mechanics, and production line operators. As the expert workforce retires, Dr. Stanney’s vision leaves behind a legacy of knowledge for the next generation of employees.

tech_hololens AUGMENTOR™

Design Interactive Inc. Optimizing the Human Dimension.

About Design Interactive: DI, is a woman owned, family operated, small business, founded in 1998 by Dr Kay Stanney, a human factors expert. DI specializes in creating innovative software and adaptive training solutions that optimize human performance, specializing in augmented and virtual reality. DI is always asking what’s next as they strive to help enterprises

AUGMENTOR™ - Design Interactive logo

3504 Lake Lynda Dr. Suite 400 Orlando, Fl. 32817
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Simply Reliable – Automates Workflow from first Contact through to Final Invoice.

Simply Reliable - Process Infographic
Simply Reliable LOGO


Simply Reliable Coffin Headshot

Business owners in this segment frequently find themselves trying to operate with disparate software applications. As a result, their businesses are operationally inefficient, financially limited, and difficult to grow. Our initial market is the five million smart home integrators, representing a $6 billion annual market opportunity. We already have hundreds of paying companies succeeding through using our business process solutions.


As small businesses attempt to grow, their lack of repeatable processes and business automation software creates operational chaos, drives up costs, kills profits, and cripples their ability to grow.


Simply Reliable was founded on the principal that a successful business needs repeatable processes best delivered through software. The software must embody best practices to ensure optimal operational and financial results, providing business owners with sustainable profitability, controllable growth and satisfied, referenceable customers.

Founded by experienced technology business owners, Simply Reliable is the only company to create a single, integrated, affordable platform for small businesses that automates workflow from first contact through to final invoice.

Simply Reliable - smart PROCESS-CHART


Simply Reliable Smart Office

Simply Reliable’s smartOFFICE offers a complete and simple end-to-end business process workflow solution for small businesses. It assists the business in managing people, products and money, thereby reducing expenses, increasing revenue, speeding up the sales cycle and improving cash flow. It is both easy to learn and to use. smartOFFICE is designed as a guide, moving integrators from sales to installation, meanwhile helping users to accurately make the next move through every process. smartOFFICE ultimately delivers the truth to the business owner, allowing them to make informed decisions based on fact versus gut feel.

Simply Reliable Design Machine

The patented (US 8,719,758 B1) designMACHINE automates the creation of drawings and documentation. designMACHINE provides a process that allows the integrator to prove that their proposal design is functionally sound. It allows for the creation of floor plan layouts to convey where devices should be installed and automatically creates a schematic drawing and cable schedule to provide visual instruction for connecting devices, in addition to being able to pull a myriad of reports. This functionality can save the average tech company an average of two days of labor per project.


Simply Reliable - Process Infographic

Simply Reliable has developed deeper integration of the business workflow process for a large subset of small businesses that sell and install Control4 home automation products. Starting from the point of design, creating a proposal in smartOFFICE for a potential Control4 prospect takes only minutes with the customized quickSPEC and proposal process. Once the proposal is exported to designMACHINE, the user can assign drivers and create a Control4 file ready for implementation. designMACHINE can then automatically produce the necessary documentation, for example, wiring diagrams and cable schedules. Ci4C4 (Control Integration for Control4) eliminates days of work and opens opportunities to double or triple the efficiency of the integrator, and this can translate into dramatic sales increases and reduced labor needs.


“I really do love the way the Ci4C4 process works with my integration process. The time saved creating a final delivery platform, with scope, proposal, detailed engineered drawings and business documents, has reduced hours spent in front of a PC and has allowed me to be in front of my client selling and implementing more solutions. It’s good stuff and really has helped me save time, money and energy!”
Lewis Franke, LED Systems, LLC in Frisco, Texas

10460 Roosevelt Blvd. North, Suite 238,
St. Petersburg, FL 33716
Phone: (800) 209-9332
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