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CLUTCH – Transforming How Companies Interact With Their Customers

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The advent and adoption of digital devices, online shopping, and the widespread availability of information have empowered consumers to become more savvy – and fickle – than ever before. Keeping up with this changing behavior has baffled many B2C (Business-to-Consumer) brands trying to compete for loyalty and share of wallet. To succeed, they must first be able to interpret data from a myriad of sources if they are to understand what customers want. Then, they have to reach them with relevant content in time to impact a purchasing decision.

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Clutch was built to enable success in this fluid and fast-moving environment. Since its inception, the reality that technology, data and mobility would continue to transform the way that companies interact with their customers has driven the company vision, innovation and development. Clutch started out by using mobile technologies to streamline the way that consumers track their loyalty and gift cards, but it quickly became clear there was a massive gap in the way that consumer brands were using customer data. Beyond just loyalty and gift, this gap was preventing them from delivering the experience that the brands wanted, and more importantly what the customers were expecting.

Consumers are constantly sending us signals with their behaviors and their expectations through the data that is available to us, yet many companies struggle to listen to these signals appropriately and incorporate them into how they interact with their customers. Clutch is solving this problem and transforming the way that companies interact with their customers.

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The need for effective data utilization in marketing is at the core of everything Clutch does today – and will continue to do in the future. The business has evolved into an end-to-end platform that integrates data from any system to inform real-time and personalize customer communications. Clutch is continuously innovating its platform to improve its ability to interpret data using machine learning and data science to create rich customer insights that
can be used to engage customers wherever they interact (i.e. on email, mobile, direct mail, and more).

Clutch is the first and only complete customer management platform purpose-built from the ground up to manage all the data, intelligence and communications necessary in our new world to meet these demands. With our team and our strategic partners, Clutch is poised to continue to build on the significant growth the company has created so far.

As customer behavior continues to change, new technologies and data sources will emerge. Clutch is always looking ahead, building and planning for the future so brands can continue to manage successful, rewarding customer relationships that drive the best outcome.

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201 S. Maple Ave # 250
Ambler, PA 19002
Phone: 267-419-6400

To learn more, get in touch or see a platform demo visit

Griesling Law, LLC – Personal Attention | Proven Results

Fran Griesing - Managing Member Griesing Law


Fran Griesing - Managing Member Griesing Law

Fran Griesing – Managing Member


As data has shown, disadvantaged groups are notably underrepresented and underpaid across all industries. The educational and professional opportunities for women, people of color, members of the LGBTQ community, and persons with disabilities, are still not where they need to be in order to even the playing field. Further, those who are able to get their foot in the door are still not compensated fairly. It is our responsibility as business owners and civic leaders to highlight inequalities, demand change and advocate for initiatives that improve opportunities for all members of our community.

Fostering a workforce that reflects our cultural melting pot is critical to your employees, clients and customers. Research has proven that organizations with employees of different backgrounds and experiences outperform those that don’t, regardless of the industry. Our businesses should reflect the communities we serve as the City of Philadelphia encompasses a rich tapestry of citizens. Aptly named the City of Brotherly (and Sisterly!) Love, Philadelphia is a place which celebrates our differences, and seeks to improve the welfare for all walks of life. 

Through my involvement with the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia, I’ve seen a commitment to providing education, training and employment resources to Philadelphians of all backgrounds. As a member of the Chamber’s Roadmap for Growth Advisory Committee, we focus on encouraging business opportunities in neighborhoods across the city including formulating strategies for commercial growth and partnership for businesses of all sizes. There has also been a significant push to acknowledge and encourage businesses with a strong commitment to diversity who are paving the way for more equitable workplaces.

Jessica Mazzeo - Griesling Law

Jessica Mazzeo – Chief Operating Officer

Personally, as a woman practicing for over 35 years in the male dominated field of law, I’m honored to be part of an expanding network of women and minority-owned law firms sprouting up in Philadelphia and around the country. There has been an influx of support and resources for boutique firms like mine, including Women Owned Law, a national networking group founded in Philadelphia for women-owned law firms and their supporters to exchange knowledge and refer work. I am also active in national organizations for diverse attorneys, including the Leadership Council on Legal Diversity and the National Association of Minority and Women Owned Law Firms, both which aim to build an inclusive legal profession by fostering relationships between corporate in-house counsel and diverse law firms.

Our Firm is also certified by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council and involved in the local chapter which offers programming and a referral network for women-owned businesses in our region. Due to the support of these organizations, our Firm has been able to thrive and grow over the past eight years in business. I am eager to watch as more diverse businesses like ours continue to push the envelope and fill in the talent gaps that that will continue to make our businesses and our city better. 

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Griesing Law, LLC
1880 John F. Kennedy Boulevard | Suite 1800
Philadelphia, PA 19103
P 215.618.3720 | F 215.814.9049
Twitter: @FranGriesing






Griesing Law, LLC is a women-owned and operated full-service business law firm based in Philadelphia with satellite offices in Cincinnati and New York. In January 2010, during one of the roughest economic downturns across all sectors, the Firm launched with a handful of clients out of an 800 square foot sublet space. Today, our original three-person team has grown into a team of 20, including 10 lawyers with a broad spectrum of legal expertise. We have grown from our initial client base to handling more than 900 matters for over 400 clients, including Fortune 500 companies, small and privately held business, nonprofits, government entities and individuals. Given our diverse experience and boutique size, we are able to provide highly specialized, sophisticated representation that is cost sensitive to meet the unique needs of our clients.

We are proudly certified as a woman-owned business by WBENC, giving us access to opportunities specifically intended to promote diversity and inclusion in the legal profession. We are a go-to small diverse business vendor for companies and government entities as well as a strategic partner for other law firms. Founded by seasoned attorney Francine Griesing, Griesing Law is a one of a kind firm that focuses on a collaborative team approach, discouraging internal competition that interferes with client service. Our mission is to create an environment where attorneys can reach their potential professionally while sustaining a fulfilling personal life and have the opportunity to contribute to the community. Thus, staff have the flexibility to work remotely when needed and mentor-ship is at the forefront of the Firm with junior and senior attorneys working together closely on legal work as well as professional development. Firm leadership also devotes significant time to crafting business plans for each attorney to ensure they are on the path to meet their professional goals.


Attorneys are encouraged to create their own personal brand through speaking, writing, networking and professional development training in their practice area, which are financially supported by the Firm. In addition, civic engagement is a major part of the ethos of our Firm, with members of our team dedicating their time and expertise to local and national non-profit organizations within the legal field and beyond. Avid supporters of arts and culture in the Greater Philadelphia area, we launched our Philadelphia Artist Series after our Firm’s inception, where we have hosted over 15 local artists and profiled their work in our office space.

Anyone who has interacted with Griesing Law cannot deny our devotion to the enhancement of women in the workplace. We have opened doors for countless professional women within the Firm and outside of it by identifying opportunities for them to showcase their talents and expand their networks. Fran exemplifies a strong, ambitious and compassionate female leader in not only what she says, but in her actions. She has been a champion for professionals in and outside of the legal field for 35 years, earning the respect and admiration of both her male and female counterparts. Advancing women in leadership is not simply a pillar of Griesing Law, it is the essence of it, and is at the center of why we’ve been able to stand out and be successful in the business community.

Griesing Law, LLC is women-owned

Griesing Law, LLC
1880 John F. Kennedy Boulevard | Suite 1800
Philadelphia, PA 19103
P 215.618.3720 | F 215.814.9049
Twitter: @GriesingLaw

Guardian Nurses – Healthcare Advocates Lighting Your Way Through The Healthcare Maze

Guardian Nurses Fleet 2017

Guardian Nurses


Guardian Nurses Fleet 2017

Nurse Advocate and Mobile Care Coordinator Programs improve clinical outcomes and result in cost efficiencies. The United States spends more on health than any other economically comparable country yet sees a consistently mediocre return on this investment.

Betty Long, RN, MHA - President and CEO Guardian Nurses

Betty Long, RN, MHA – President and CEO

A fragmented healthcare system, a confusing patient journey and out of control spending all contribute to the passel of problems. And it is usually the patients and their families who get lost in its overwhelming maze of unanswered questions and exorbitant bills.

Pure light at the end of the tunnel is an innovative company that offers more than just words on paper to the patient in need of a helping hand. Guardian Nurses Healthcare Advocates offers the patient and family the services of a professional, caring and highly experienced RN who walks them through the process of consultation and treatment, and will even accompany them on doctors’ visits. Peace of mind replaces the confusion and frustration of facing the system on your own.

Going the extra mile to coordinate patient’ care
Not only does this shining light in healthcare offer a nurse advocacy program for patients, but 2013 saw Guardian Nurses create their Mobile Care Coordinator Program, mobilizing their RNs by putting them in branded SUVs. These nurses visit patients in hospitals, accompany them to physician visits, and visit them in their homes post hospital discharge. Their goals, and the Program’s goals, are to improve the patient’s experience, improve clinical outcomes, and reduce costs.

Small but significant beginnings
Guardian Nurses was founded by a nurse who saw a need to guide patients through the healthcare maze. It was Betty Long, RN, MHA who started the company when she witnessed firsthand the struggles of a family memberwho tried the navigate the healthcare system on her own. Her aunt’s struggle
through a jumble of tests, exacting treatments, conflicting opinions, difficult choices, and huge bills inspired her to compose a business plan. And, in 2003, the game-changing company was born.

The company’s inspirational philosophy and humanitarian-based mission of advocating for patients’ care was inspired by Florence Nightingale, the mother of modern nursing, whose passionate ideas revolutionized healthcare in her era. Guardian Nurses’ tag line Lighting Your Way Through the Healthcare System is an homage to the “Lady with the Lamp.”

It is with this same passion that Long leads Guardian Nurses. Their ‘high touch’ approach to patient advocacy and care coordination changes lives and presents a proven and practical solution to effective patient engagement and care coordination.

Recognition as a leading innovator in healthcare
Guardian Nurses Healthcare Advocates has been officially recognized and honored with one of the 2017 Health Care Innovator Awards for finding
innovative solutions to the challenges of quality, cost and access to health care. These prestigious awards, given by the Philadelphia Business Journal, recognize business leaders who are making a difference. Long is one such leader and this nursing-owned and managed company is clearly making a difference to the patients with whom they work.

Guardian Nurses Karen Betty Heidi
Guardian Nurses Logo

Guardian Nurses Healthcare Advocates, Inc.
P.O. Box 224, Flourtown, PA 19031
Office: 215-836-0260
Twitter: @Guardiannurses
Facebook: Guardian Nurses Healthcare Advocates

OpDecision – Leading Provider of Corporate Wireless Expense Management Services.

OpDecision - Wireless
OpDecision - Wireless


“Founded in 2007, OpDecision’s solutions strategy brings a positive impact to all of its clients’ bottom lines and enhances their overall end-user productivity and processes.”

About OpDecision
OpDecision positions itself as a leading provider of corporate wireless expense management services. Reducing wireless expenses is the core competency and primary focus of the company’s Wireless Cost Analysis. OpDecision has created a set of services, which focus entirely on reducing and managing corporate and institutional wireless costs. Through its extensive industry experience and innovative wireless cost analysis process, the company’s consulting services can deliver ongoing savings of up to 45%.

OpDecision - Wireless Phones
Drew Polin - OpDecision.

Drew Polin, President
Drew brings critical content and operational expertise to OpDecision. Starting in business development with T-Mobile USA, he quickly developed a comprehensive understanding of the wireless communications services industry. In 2003, seeing opportunity in the under-serviced cellular market, he co-founded Global West Communications to help companies understand their options in the wireless landscape. Drew grew Global West Communications into a well-known Southern California brand and a leading provider of cellular technology.

In 2007, Drew sold Global West Communications. Envisioning more innovative offerings and a highly client-focused approach, Drew and his partners launched OpDecision. The focus was on reducing costs, optimizing service plans, and negotiating with carriers to procure lower pricing for equipment and services. In early 2012, he acquired 100% ownership in OpDecision. Drew is most proud about keeping the full staff and continuing to grow consulting and cost reduction strategies in the wireless and telecom arena.

Why OpDecision
The company’s biggest differentiation compared to its competition, as well as, what a client can do internally starts with benchmarks. OpDecision identifies specialty rates and very unique rate options that are in the market place but are not seen leveraged in today’s corporate cellular environment. These types of strategies coupled with other areas of optimization, account for over 50% of the typical cost reductions for clients. Its competition utilizes off the shelf pricing and a client’s current contracted rates to run their savings opportunities. Over 80% of the rates that OpDecision leverages are not openly shared in the market place.

The other major differentiation lies within the implementation process. Competitors typically provide a road map to their clients on how they can cut costs. This road map is often left untouched or only partially implemented by the client. OpDecision manages the implementation process from start to finish ensuring that all client-approved changes are put into place correctly, quickly and directly with the vendor(s).

Turn-Key Process
OpDecision leverages a best in class 3-stage process to identify cost savings opportunities for its clients. The first stage includes an Audit and two types of Benchmarks. The second stage is an Optimization where the company utilizes over 30 different areas of cost reduction, which includes unpublished, custom, specialty pricing as well as leveraging group purchasing organizations (GPO’s) and other IP. The third stage is Implementation, where OpDecision is continuously managing all approved client changes directly with the vendor(s), reviewing their billing and providing savings confirmations for eight (8) months after implementation to show consistent savings.

OpDecision’s wireless cost analysis benefits organizations by reducing their overall costs on their current cellular providers, without changing their current vendor(s), their current contracts or their equipment.

Galen Baggs, CFO & COO
Galen is the CFO and COO of OpDecision, responsible for overseeing financial management and operations for all customer projects.  With his on-boarding in 2014, OpDecision has increased their scalability and efficiency to help facilitate a very fast-paced growth.

Galen has 10+ years of experience in the wireless telecommunications space including business to business sales, WEM software, and cost reduction.  Galen spent the 7 years prior to joining OpDecision handling finance and business operations for a variety of technology companies.

Galen has in BA from Wake Forest University and his MBA from the University of San Diego.

Galen CFO and COO of OpDecision
OpDecision Logo

13 John Singer Sargent Way, Marlton, NJ 08053
Phone: 888-323-3867

YellowDig – a Discussion Platform That Connects Students

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YellowDig community


In today’s world, high school graduates have multiple alternatives to traditional higher education, and the definition of colleges and universities continues to evolve. Technology has created a massive opportunity for instant access to education, which comes with major changes to the delivery method for said education. Online coding academies are taking the place of college for some, while others opt for online competency-based programs – both cutting straight to the chase and preparing learners for a specific occupation upon completion.

To compete with these alternatives, colleges and universities are offering online degrees and blended in-person and online degrees, while also extending their traditional undergraduate and masters programs to include adult learning opportunities.

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) continue to gain traction across the globe. These courses are open to the public, accessible online, and are often self paced with a downloadable certificate upon completion. Learners from all over the world are able to sign-up for MOOCs, regardless of their age, location, or lack  of affiliation with colleges or universities. This is creating a huge marketplace for learning online.

In this new, constantly evolving world of online education, learners are no longer connected in one place. There are no longer campuses to collaborate with peers, no hallways to catch-up with classmates after a lecture, no cafeterias to meet over dinner for group projects. Online education is focused on the relationship between educational content and the learner, but not on the relationship between learners: the very reason Yellowdig was created.


Yellowdig is a discussion platform that connects students enrolled in the same online courses and programs. The platform extends each learner’s experience beyond their interaction with course content. With Yellowdig, learners are able to connect with their peers, or in the case of alumni, those who came before them. Yellowdig’s software platform integrates with existing educational technologies (all of those delivery platforms learners are engaging with via coding academies, competency-based programs, MOOCs, college and university courses, and more) to enable enrolled learners to communicate, collaborate, and get to know one another.

At Yellowdig, we believe in the power of peer learning. We believe the online learning experience should be about more than just the content. We want to connect students to one another, so their learning experience is personalized, social, engaging, and impactful. We believe learners have their own related knowledge and stories to share, and Yellowdig’s software platform is the way to do so.

If you know a college, university, or online education program that could benefit from Yellowdig’s software – please drop us a note at

twitter: @Yellowdig | facebook: yellowdigINC | instagram: yellowdig


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MakeOffices members

MakeOffices was founded with a mission to create a platform of useful solutions to the everyday entrepreneur. The first step is to make finding and leasing office space flexible, affordable, and pain-free. We understand what it is like to be a startup with a tight budget or a small business that does not want to commit to a multi-year lease in a stuffy corporate environment.

MakeOffices delivers turnkey, move-in ready work spaces with flexible, month-to-month lease options that satisfy company needs without the burden and capital commitment of a long-term lease. Members are part of a vibrant community that regularly interacts through hosted events and organic networking opportunities. By providing the office infrastructure and all-inclusive amenities, including fast WiFi, 24/7 access, locally-roasted coffee, and craft beer, for one, low monthly rate, members can spend more of their time and money growing their businesses.


Here is what some of our members are saying about their experiences while at MakeOffices:

“MakeOffices checked all the boxes we were looking for. The bang for your buck at MakeOffices in terms of amenities provided, the
actual square footage you get, and connections to local businesses/startups is unmatched.”- Elan Bar, Director of Operations,

“I love the community here. It’s definitely very productive. When you come here, you see that everyone is working so hard, and you want to work just as hard.” – Jesse Calzado- Esponda, Founder Cuba Inspires

“We’ve tapped designers that are also working at MakeOffices, photographers, developers, social media gurus. We’ve been able to work with a number of the other MakeOffices members.” – Shy Pahlevani, Founder & CEO, Hungry.

MakeOffices operates 14 locations across Chicago, Philadelphia, and the Washington, DC metro area. 

For additional information please visit:

Azavea – An Award-Winning Geospatial Software Development and Data Analysis Company

Azavea SummerOfMaps
Azavea SummerOfMaps


Azavea is an award-winning geospatial software development and data analysis company founded on the principles of public service, innovation, and impact.

We became a B Corporation in 2010 to recognize these principles. Our mission is to advance the state-of-the-art in geospatial technology and apply it for civic, social, and environmental impact. This is reflected in the projects we work on, how we treat one another, and the values we apply in our everyday operations.

Azavea’s software and data analysis work include a broad array of topics – water resources, public transit, elections, climate change, economic development, and transportation – and we serve a growing international client base. Our team includes software engineers, user experience (UX) designers, GIS analysts, data scientists, project managers, writers, product specialists, and administrative support.

Azavea Office Entrance
Azavea Standup Meeting

 As members of the global software ecosystem, we actively seek opportunities to share our work through open source software projects. In addition to contributions to other geospatial software projects, we release much of our own work as open source, including GeoTrellis for big geospatial data processing, Raster Foundry for analyzing Earth observation data, OpenTreeMap for urban ecosystems management, and DistrictBuilder for collaborative redistricting.

Azavea gives back in several other ways as well. In addition to donating a percentage of its profits each year, the firm helps the next generation of data analysts and software engineers through two mentorship programs: Summer of Maps and our Open Source Fellowship Program. Students receive a stipend and dedicated mentoring from Azavea staff over a twelve-week period each summer. Mentors describe the program as a rewarding experience that enables them to work with a diversity of students and give back to the community in a meaningful way, while students gain both a high quality first professional experience and an opportunity to work on projects with positive civic and social impact.

The principles of public service, innovation, and impact also extend to Azavea’s employee benefits program, which includes paid time off to vote, to volunteer for charitable organizations, and to contribute their skills to humanitarian relief efforts. A new monthly program, #HOTLunch, enables Azavea staff and other collaborators to volunteer their lunch breaks to create maps for the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) and Missing Maps projects. Volunteers map buildings, roads, and other features on satellite imagery that organizations will use to plan future disaster response and humanitarian relief efforts in communities around the world.

Azavea Team Working
Azavea logo

990 Spring Garden Street, 5th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19123
Tel: 215-925-2600
Twitter: @azavea

Lance Bachmann Thought Leader of 1SEO

Lance Bachmann of 1 SEO


– Lance Bachmann Thought Leader of 1SEO

For a city with a wealth of history behind it, it continues to propel itself forward and arrive at the forefront of innovation. The transformation of both Philadelphia and digital marketing within the 21st century alone is exhilarating, and it shows no signs of slowing down.

Lance Bachmann of 1 SEO

Lance Bachmann, “Digital Marketer”, President of Digital Agency

The ecosystem made up of consumers has significantly changed over time, which means our methods of communication are following suit.  Consumers aren’t sitting around and waiting for advertisements to come to them anymore; Instead, they’re taking a head-on approach and searching for the exact products and services they want. As an industry, it’s our job to give the consumers what they want by placing businesses in the palm of their hands, literally and figuratively.

Take a step outside and look around — how many people’s smartphones have become a permanent fixture and extension of their hands? That’s where digital marketing is today

Let’s take the influence of technological innovation to the next level. The rise of voice search and personal digital assistants is reshaping the way we deliver information. Gone are the days of “one-size-fits-all” as we continue to dive deeper into an atmosphere of customization. But it’s not the customization we’re used to — it’s much more than that. Since we can’t create customized messages for each individual on the planet (yet), it’s time we focus on making meaningful connections with highly targeted groups of people.

With Philadelphia’s ecosystem booming, it can be easy to get lost in the bustle. Digital marketing provides small and large businesses alike with the opportunity to be in the right place, at the right time. With Philadelphia’s continuous growth, agencies like 1SEO make it easier for businesses to differentiate themselves from the competition. 

If we’ve learned anything from the Philadelphia Eagles, it’s that the city is fearless and unwavering. Following their lead, we’re constantly coming up with innovative strategies to reach audiences all over the country more effectively.

1SEO Updated Logo

1414 Radcliffe St, Suite 301
Bristol, PA 19007
Phone: 215-946-1046

1SEO social platforms – Helping Clients of All Sizes Expand Their Brand Both Locally and Nationally

1SEO group photo
1SEO group photo

In 2009, Lance Bachmann recognized the need for digital marketing services in the Philadelphia area that could help clients of all sizes expand their brand both locally and nationally. Over the years, 1SEO’s services have developed far beyond just SEO.

1SEO started as just a digital marketing agency, but soon we realized we could best serve our clients with a full-service IT department too. To facilitate this, Lance Bachmann and Scott Fcasni joined forces to create what is now known as 1SEO Digital Marketing & IT Support. Before the collaboration, Scott owned his own company for over 30 years, specializing in IT support, managed services, and custom programming for Fortune 500 companies. Lance knew he had to bring in a strong leader to join him on this journey, and according to Lance, Scott was by far the best choice.

1SEO Office-Photo

It is here, at 1SEO Digital Marketing & IT Support that experienced IT specialists and dedicated digital marketers now work cohesively to ensure clients receive the protection they need as they continue to grow their businesses.

To have a successful digital marketing strategy, different departments must be incorporated to create a holistic approach. As of today, 1SEO is a full-service IT and digital marketing agency that helps grow businesses, protect customers and data and creates unique strategies, customized to elevate each client’s online presence and ultimate success.

1SEO IT & Digital Marketing

Scott Fcasni – President of 1SEO Tech | Lance Bachmann – “Digital Marketer”, President of Digital Agency

We make it our job to not only keep up but stay ahead of the trends. The goal has always been to help clients achieve the online recognition they deserve that will grow their business, produce more leads, facilitate more transactions, and ultimately set them up for success well into the future.

 At 1SEO, we’re always looking to improve the way we do business. Whether that is adding new departments or adapting to new technologies, we realize the digital marketing and IT realms are continuously evolving, which is why our team is dedicated to creating innovative strategies that will keep our clients at the top of their industry. Our work is about building brand awareness while facilitating meaningful connections between clients and consumers, and making sure companies and customer data are protected. 

Just like we believe in our strategies, we also believe in and invest in the future of our employees. Over the last nine years, we have grown rapidly; we now have over 100 full-time employees with no plans of slowing down. We know the product works, which is why we hire exceptional individuals to lend their expertise to our clients and implement those strategies.

We work hard to maintain a unique and positive company culture; one that is designed to implement proven strategies while inspiring the creation and development of cutting-edge ones. To facilitate an encouraging environment, we provide our employees with pool and ping-pong tables, free lunch twice a week, and many additional incentives. Our team members are invited to bring new ideas to the table that will shake up the way we position our clients for success. Since building 1SEO, we have been able to continuously expand our knowledge and services over the years, positioning our company and the clients we serve for success. The future is bright, and we’re excited for what lies ahead.

1SEO Updated Logo

1414 Radcliffe St, Suite 301 Bristol, PA 19007

Phone: 215-946-1046

1SEO social platforms