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Grue & Bleen – What Was May Not Be the Same as What Will Be

Grue & Bleen Digital & creative agency
Grue & Bleen Digital & creative agency


This theory stated that what we expect to be true today is based solely on our experiences of the past, but that tomorrow may bring change from unforeseen realities of the future.

In his writing, Nelson Goodman used the color blue as an example to explain this philosophy: he stated that the blue we recognize is only guaranteed to look the way it does at this exact moment, as we expect it, based on what we think it should look like from how we’ve always known it. At any time after “right now,” we may see this color as though it were green, and therefore, that object wasn’t ever really blue, but grue, the representative shift of our perception from blue to green.

The belief that what was may not be the same as what will be is the motivation behind Grue & Bleen, a digital and creative agency owned and operated by five best friends who grew up and experienced life together in the suburbs of Philadelphia and the outskirts of New Jersey.

Grue & Bleen - Team Objects

The Grue & Bleen Agency owners and partners believe wholeheartedly that the way marketing, social media, analytics, branding, and even creativity have been done in the past may not work in the future. Traditions and conventions may appear to be the best options at this moment in time, but change is inevitable and necessary; and there is always room to evolve for the moments to come. This is how the partners of Grue & Bleen run and operate their business.

Since 2015, Grue & Bleen has worked for companies ranging in size from startups to regional chains to large museums and universities, providing key services to help them evolve. Whether through creating branding, increasing effective exposure, or understanding key business data points, the team helps bring about effective change to allow their clients to embrace the future.

Grue & Bleen team

“My personal philosophy is to say ‘Yes!’ to anything and everything that you think you will learn from in a positive way” believes Josh Silverbauer, Chief Executive Officer. “Just keep on saying yes to yourself, understanding that things will work out. That energy will allow you and your company to succeed.”

Grue & Bleen’s strength lays in the ability to fuse the left and right side of the brain, combining creative and practical skillsets through technology to harness its full power. Taking an approach that mirrors their history of doing this for fun, these five best friends bring energy and passion to each client  experience to empower them to think differently regarding their website creation, digital marketing, and data analysis.

The team unapologetically gets involved with Philadelphia companies bringing their ideas into the real world from start to finish, and loves working with startups in particular. In the truest Grue & Bleen fashion, they too want to change how people experience the world!

Grue & Bleen Logo

32 Strawberry St, 3rd Floor,
Philadelphia PA 19106
Phone: 267-534-4881
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Drexel University – A Long History of Innovation

Drexel university - street scene
Drexel university - street scene



He was equally adamant that the Drexel Institute of Art, Science and Industry, as it was initially named, would be open to women and men of all races and creeds – a radical idea at the time considering women would not be allowed to vote for another 29 years and civil rights legislation was 75 years away.

From there, the university has remained on the cutting edge. Two Drexel engineering students patented the barcode in 1952. This invention revolutionized inventory management and shipping for nearly every industry, paving the way for the rise of Amazon, FedEx, Walmart and many other innovative companies

Drexel university - photos by Halkin Mason Photography

In the 1960s, alumnus Paul Baran developed technology for computer networking that became essential to the creation of the internet. Walter Golaski, an engineering graduate, was a developer of the first artificial blood vessel replacement. Also, David H. Geiger, an architect and engineering graduate, invented the air-support fabric roof system used in many dome stadiums today.

Drexel embraced the computer age in 1983, becoming the first university to require all entering students to have a microcomputer. By 2000, Drexel was the first major university to operate a fully wireless campus indoors and out. Two years later, the university became the first to offer a mobile web portal for students.

In September 2017, all incoming freshmen were the first in the country to receive a backpack with a fabric-based coding system that links to an app that can relay customized information to anyone who scans it. Drexel is the new home for the Pennsylvania Fabric Discovery Center, a collaboration with the Defense Department dedicated to commercializing functional fabrics that can see, hear, communicate and generate and store energy.

Drexel university - Bossone Engineering Lab
Drexel university campus

Such innovation is why U.S. News and World Report ranked Drexel 25th on the list of “Most Innovative Schools.” Drexel is also ranked 49th in the country for the most utility patents. Drexel’s Charles D. Close School of Entrepreneurship is the nation’s first freestanding school dedicated to teaching entrepreneurship.

As a world-class comprehensive research university, Drexel’s research activities result in more than $110 million in annual expenditures for sponsored projects. In 2013, the university created Drexel Ventures, which provides seed funding, incubation support and technology transfer with the goal of spurring technological advancements with real-world applications.

In 2016, Drexel announced a partnership with Brandywine Realty Trust to create Schuylkill Yards, a $3.5 billion development of an “innovation neighborhood” on 14 acres in University City that will include classrooms, research laboratories, entrepreneurial space, corporate offices, hospitality venues, residential and retail space and open public space. The ground was broken in November on a 1.3-acre public park at the corner of 30th and Market streets. The planned development over 20 years is expected to create a hub for innovation in the city and was recently featured in The New York Times.

Drexel university - Future_Schuylkill Yards

As the university continues to evolve, it remains true to its core. The cornerstone of the university is its cooperative education program that offers students work experience – often paid – at leading companies like Amazon, Boeing, Comcast and Vanguard. The co-op program will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2019 and is more valued than ever before as it prepares students for successful careers in today’s fast-paced economy.

Co-op is one reason why banners fly on the Drexel campus emblazoned with the bold message, “Ambition Can’t Wait.”

* All photos by Halkin Mason Photography.

Drexel university logo

Contact: Keith Orris
Phone number: 215-571-4463
Address: 3141 Chestnut St. Philadelphia, Pa. 19104
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Cave Tools – Inspiring Confident Grill Masters

Cave Tools - Grill Master Team
Cave tools Logo
Cave Tools - Grill Master Team


Cave Tools is a family brand dedicated to the art of barbecuing and the family bonds that naturally strengthen during a fine summertime cookout. Through the creation of excellent cooking tools and accessories, the development of barbecue education courses, and cell phone applications designed to facilitate learning, we seek to inspire confident grill masters. We believe that people who are more confident at cooking cook more often and when you cook more often, you end up spending more quality time and forming more in-depth relationships with the people you love.

Cave tools - beer can chicken
Cave tools - Vegetable Basket


Cave Tools was started in 2013 by Michael “Medium Rare” O’Donnell with the goal of creating superior barbecue and cooking tools backed by the best customer service in the industry. Cave Tools distinguishes itself through customer-first product design, unmatched customer service, lightning fast shipping, and a bulletproof guarantee.

In 2018 Cave Tools expanded by developing Grillmaster University. A first of its kind barbecue education platform where customers can learn directly from worldclass experts at a price that’s affordable for everyone.

Cave tools - Pepper Rack
Cave tools - Grill Gloves

At Cave Tools it’s all about FAMILY, which is why we live and breathe our core values:

FORTITUDE: Cave Tools products are the physical manifestation of this value. They are designed to be strong and durable. As people, we also embody mental fortitude because hard work and perseverance are in our blood. 

ADVENTUROUS: Life is full of adventure if you are willing to step into the unknown. We do things our way, and we are not afraid to go up against convention.

MEAL TIME IS BONDING TIME: Barbecue is all about bringing family and friends together to strengthen our connections. When we all work together as a team, we can achieve truly great things in life.

IMPROVEMENT: Continuous Improvement is woven deep into our moral fabric. We are always looking for new ways to improve our products, the way we do business, and the impact we can make in our communities.

LOYALTY: A strong family unit exhibits loyalty. Sure you may fight or get into arguments, but you can always trust that your family has your back. At Cave Tools, we’re there for each other, and we always support our customers in their time of need.

YOUTHFUL: Think of how happy and fun things were when you were young. You didn’t take life too seriously; instead, you just enjoyed the moment. We celebrate the joyful times in life and vow to always stay young at heart.

Cave tools - Pig Roast Meat Claws


• May 28, 2013, we sold our first grill brush.
• In 2017 Cave Tools was awarded as the 3rd fastest growing company in Philadelphia.
• In 2018 Cave Tools earned the position of 453 on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing privately held companies in America.

Arora Engineers – Improve the Quality of life by Rethinking Infrastructure®

Arora Group Photo 2018-05 in the Atrium


Arora Group Photo 2018-05 in the Atrium


Arora’s mission is to improve the quality of life by Rethinking Infrastructure®, with a focus on aviation, transportation, education, government, and commercial sectors.

Arora Chadds Ford Building Exterior

Arora specializes in providing mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection/fire life safety, special systems/video displays/technology, airfield electrical engineering, and geospatial services for its clients. Over their 32-year history, the firm has evolved their traditional MEP engineering practice to emphasize the technology and processes that connect systems infrastructure, improve operations and longevity, and make life safer and easier for those who use it. Therefore, their goal is to maximize the role of infrastructure, its impact, and its value through highly intelligent solutions.

Innovation in Planning and Design
Arora not only designs engineering systems based on the unique and specific challenges that their clients face, they also help integrate buildings with their systems and technology. This integration helps to provide consistent communication between operators and customers, as well as a constant, reliable flow of information from the building itself to its stakeholders. Through the design and integration of communications systems, common use systems (e.g. baggage, ticketing), public address and visual messaging systems, and emergency mass notification systems, Arora supports the directors and project managers who want technology in place to better manage complex day-to-day functions.

Smart infrastructure and technology can also greatly benefit those who are traveling through a facility. Arora is an industry leader in the fusion of mobile technology, digital information, and wayfinding to produce a better passenger experience. Through the implementation of customer information display systems, video walls, wayfinding systems, and dynamic digital signage, Arora can significantly ease the challenges of navigating through comprehensive facilities and create a more comfortable, agreeable experience for the customer.

Arora- Manik
Through Manik Arora’s leadership, Arora Technology Group has developed Arora ATLAS® to provide airports with a platform to improve the passenger experience from home to gate. ATLAS® also helps other organizations reduce operational expenses, streamline processes, and manage systems and teams more effectively.

Rethinking Facilities Management
Arora Technology Group, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Arora Engineers, Inc., is now expanding the scope of their services through a groundbreaking platform, Arora ATLAS®. ATLAS® provides airports with access to actionable information that helps reduce operational expenses, streamline processes, manage systems and teams more effectively, and improve the passenger experience from home to gate. The system uses Esri GIS mapping as the backbone, allowing an airport to integrate airfield operations with landside operations to create a unified information platform. Data points from across the enterprise are leveraged to create a comprehensive view and provide high-quality information to the decision makers who need it.

ATLAS® uses a unique combination of sensors and processes to help identify passenger queue wait times, understand visitor flow for the coordination of maintenance schedules, and provide valuable, real-time statistics. The system allows the airport to track assets, analyze staff coverage, and ensure timely responses to incidents by combining information from disparate and previously disconnected systems. ATLAS® can also enhance non-aeronautical revenue by providing data on space utilization, traffic patterns, and barriers of entry.

Arora app
Arora - website

The information provided by ATLAS® is presented in a way that supports smarter decisions for smarter infrastructure and ultimately creates a smoother passenger experience. The platform is also customizable to fit the needs of any facility and can tie into existing enterprise systems, allowing for a true end-to-end value across the organization.

Building a Smarter City
Arora’s innovative efforts within their industry also effectively align with Philadelphia’s initiative to become a Smart City. The true concept of a Smart City is an environment that is better connected, more sustainable, and allows for more convenient living. This type of city utilizes technology, extensive data collection, and data analyses to identify and provide solutions for everyday environmental and social challenges. Subsequently, this plethora of data from different sectors, such as traffic and transit, environmental conditions, schools, health, and infrastructure, must then be integrated and connected to provide smarter solutions and to better support the city’s progress.

As seen through the development of ATLAS®, Arora understands the importance of this connection between previously disparate systems and is striving to apply this concept to the built environment as it stands today. As Arora implements these strategies and platforms, they are creating smarter infrastructure that will ultimately lend great support and work seamlessly with the Smart Cities of the future.

Arora Special Systems work at Tampa International Airport
Arora recently provided special systems engineering services for Tampa International Airport’s ConRAC and Automated People Mover project. This included the Public Address Paging System (PAS) and digital signage systems, including the Electronic Video Information Display System (EVIDS), direct view LED dynamic signage, and touchscreen directory system.
Manik Arora - Arora Logo

61 Wilmington West Chester Pike
Chadds Ford, PA 19317
1600 Market Street, Suite 1630
Philadelphia, PA 19103
Contact person: Adam Oliver
Phone: 610-459-7900
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Manik Arora – VIP Thought Leader | Arora Engineers, inc

Arora, Manik Portrait



Arora, Manik Portrait
Manik has over 25 years of specialized experience, including the design and construction management of aviation, transportation, education, and government projects. He is a registered Professional Engineer in over 30 states.

Historical to Modern Infrastructure
Philadelphia is the birthplace of our country and home to an eclectic mix of historical and modern infrastructure. However, with its rapid development over the years, the number of users is quickly exceeding the original capacity of its built environment. In response to this roadblock, two of our major transportation hubs, Philadelphia International Airport and 30th Street Station, are striving to renovate and revitalize their infrastructure to accommodate growth.

This need creates an incredible opportunity for our industry to improve the quality of life in our city by rethinking infrastructure. As we work to modernize and expand our built environment, we can change how we approach the design to make it smarter, safer, more efficient, and better equipped to serve both operators and end-users.

How can we make a building like a beating heart?
While we have that opportunity, this is the time to really design a facility to react and condition itself according to its needs. Different elements of movement, situational awareness, and facilities management can now be monitored and maintained through technology. Therefore, Arora is incorporating components like geo-positioning and movement analytics into the infrastructure, which can alert us to what the building needs to address and solve at a specific point in time. As a result, building operators will be able to manage a facility more efficiently and incorporate more sustainable solutions, which can significantly improve how facilities function, while also decreasing operational costs. 

Manik Arora Designed Digital Signage at Philadelphia International Airport

This type of innovation will also enhance the user experience for all, particularly within transportation. Whether you are a passenger who is disabled, an unaccompanied minor, or traveling with a family, advancements in a facility’s interactive digital signage, wayfinding, and mobile applications can put the control back in the hands of the user and significantly improve one’s travel experience. No matter who you are or what your situation is, more intelligent infrastructure can now meet your needs and help you make your own decisions throughout your journey.

I truly believe the spirit and passion of this great sports city drives innovation and inspires us to provide more intelligent solutions for the world around us. As Philadelphia follows a growing trend and continues to invest in major infrastructure improvement, Arora Engineers is excited and prepared to apply these innovative solutions and improve the lives of everyday people in the process.

Manik Arora - Arora Logo

61 Wilmington West Chester Pike, Chadds Ford, PA 19317
1600 Market Street, Suite 1630
Philadelphia, PA 19103
Contact person: Adam Oliver
Phone: 610-459-7900
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Gbuild – Construction Managers

GBuild- Turn building exterior



GBuild- Turn building exterior

At our core, we help clients successfully complete their most challenging projects using a sustainable approach without adding costs to the budget. 

In 2009, after 25 successful years in the construction business, Doug Gianforte was inspired to take his own direction. His goal, to start a company that specialized in sustainable building for every project. Notoriously slow to change, the construction industry hadn’t quite caught on to sustainable or green practices and the benefits that they bring a project. With that, Doug saw the opportunity and founded Gbuild.

After nearly a decade, our commitment to the practice of sustainability is unwavering. This is evidenced by our mission of incorporating sustainable concepts in all of our building projects. We do this through several key initiatives. Two to highlight are our Construction Waste Management and our Indoor Air Quality programs.

GBuild Construction Managers Office building

Construction Waste Management – On average, our program diverts 85% of our construction waste from the landfill. As an industry that produces a significant amount of waste, it is imperative that we pay attention to recycling efforts. Not only has Gbuild used this program on every project we have done, but many of our clients have implemented this as the standard across all their projects.

Indoor Air Quality – This program is developed job-specific and outlines measures that are implemented during the construction phase resulting in improved air quality. This also reduces unnecessary health risks for construction personnel.

By setting ourselves apart, growing steadily, and being leaders in our industry, Gbuild has been recognized by various awards groups. We have been recognized for our growth eight times including the Philadelphia 100 fastest growing companies. For Construction Excellence, we have been awarded six times. For safety, we currently hold six awards. We are proud of these achievements and remain committed to the values that contributed to these awards.


Our client relationships are essential to our business. From us, not only are clients expecting sustainable solutions to their construction needs but they also look to us to be a source of accountability on the project. We are the go-to people.

“Your attention to detail and quality was very evident as the project was completed ahead of schedule and on budget. I look forward to working with Gbuild again in the near future.”
– Director, Higher Education Client

Having been at the forefront of sustainable construction practices, Gbuild has set the standard for all projects. This is a mentality and practice we take to every project whether asked explicitly by the client or not. We can do this all by adding zero additional cost to our client. With tight budgets and tight deadlines, keeping sustainable construction achievablefor everyone is a true innovation.

gbuild construction managers logo
GBuild Interior

Phone: 610-400-1900
instagram: gbuildcm

EPAM Systems – A Global End-to-End Digital Services Company

EPAM office interior
EPAM office interior
EPAM view



In 1993, long before the term ‘startup’ was pervasive, Arkadiy Dobkin founded EPAM Systems as a specialist software engineering company with roots in the deep maths and sciences traditions of the former Soviet Union. Throughout the late 1990’s and into the early 2000’s, EPAM’s strength in delivery and Engineering DNA became the main engine driving growth, extending the customer reach beyond commercial software makers to encompass early digital adopters in global enterprises.

EPAM’s growth story is unique among competitors. While traditional outsourcing firms focused on legacy systems and BPO, and management consultancies worked on business process definition, EPAM doubled down on Agile Engineering as its primary differentiator, learning from pioneers like Google and SAP and investing heavily in building a globally distributed people, projects and productivity infrastructure that delivers significant advantages to the company. With over 200 global clients, 160 partners and over 26,000 professionals in 28 countries, EPAM continues to exhibit industry-leading growth, while continually evolving its offerings to meet the complex challenges of clients across a number of strategic verticals.

By integrating acquisitions in a number of key geographies, as well as companies specializing in Design, Digital Experience, Data and Product Innovation, EPAM’s truly hybrid teams bring value to clients through a full spectrum of services from Consulting, to Design, To Engineering, Operation and Optimization.

EPAM Corporate Portrait

“We began EPAM by working with professional software houses, not only learning cutting-edge technology platforms but also understanding how to build next-gen solution teams,” said Arkadiy Dobkin, CEO & President of EPAM. “From how we design our working environments to how we roll out distributed agile, we took their best thinking and applied it to our own increasingly diverse and large team of professionals. We understood early on that to truly deliver solutions to complex business challenges, we needed to have the right skills in Design, Analytics, Cloud, Intelligent Automation and Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. But our biggest insight, and what drives our growth today, is our focus on building the right teams, stressing the need for seamless collaboration and relying on a multidisciplinary approach to problem solving – we call them Hybrid Teams.”

EPAM, headquartered in Newtown, PA, has made a home in one of the most vibrant and dynamic innovation economies in the country. Early acquisitions brought not only a digital flavor, but also a solid base in several Innovation Hubs in the region, extending EPAM’s core services by adding deep data, digital experience, design and Innovation-as-a-Service competencies.

“When our teams explicitly focus on innovation, we see serious results born out of fresh approaches to business problems combined with advanced architecture and agile engineering practices,” said Dobkin. “And when our clients experience the type of breakthroughs that EPAM engagements can deliver, we become their long-term partner for innovation.”

EPAM Systems - birds eye view
epam logo

41 University Drive, Suite 202
Newtown, PA 18940
Phone: 267-759-9000
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facebook: EPAM.Global
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Red Tettemer O’Connell + Partners – “The Idea is the Boss.”

Red Tettemer O’Connell + Partners - Partners


The Partners from left to right: Steve Red, Founder and CCO, Carla Mote, Managing Partner and Steve O’Connell, Partner and ECD.


Red Tettemer O’Connell + Partners is an independent full service creative agency, whose approach is built around creating unforgettable, culture- enting ideas. When you hire RTO+P you get an agency where every person is united around one vision and one goal— to make every one of our clients’ brands unforgettable.


We have 10 tenets of doing business that we wrote down over 20 years ago when we opened the doors. At the top of the list: “the idea is the boss.” Once we find it, we all follow it, client to agency, account management to creative.

We practice a strategic approach we like to call Cowboy Science. It’s the perfect intersection of instinct and analytics. Trusting unique human insights to point us in the direction of the promised land. And using the best research, measurement and optimization, we keep our trajectory ever upward. We always start with the audience – who are we talking to? We carefully investigate and then we paint a nuanced picture of who they are and what moves them. And with those insights we set off to explore what is often ignored – uncharted or even hostile territory – for the brand, the consumer and the category – because many times those friction points or hotspots reveal the most compelling category white space. It’s this path that’s led us to define brands and grow business for companies like Comcast, Levi Strauss & Co.’s Dockers, Under Armour, Dial, Kellogg’s, Stanley Black + Decker, Halo Top ice cream, Dick’s Sporting Goods and Swarovski.

Red Tettemer O’Connell + Partners - “the idea is the boss.”
Red Tettemer O’Connell + Partners - creative agency

We have a Maker culture that prototypes and iterates at the speed of life, a social game that emphasizes community building over posting and digital firepower that excels at relentlessly measuring, optimizing and refining results-driven campaigns until they purr with positive results. And most importantly we know how to tell compelling, emotionally charged brand stories across platforms. And to do that we’ve developed an expertise in rapid-fire production and post-production. We’re as competitive as they come. What we mean by our mission, “Be Unforgettable” is that we set our bar at an unconscionably high level. We’re crazy about what we do and we’re crazy about making our clients successful. We’ll stop at nothing to make our clients’ brand unforgettable.


We pride ourselves on being one of the most progressive agencies around. Forbes called us one the independent agencies that “punches above its weight,” and Ad Age named us Small Agency of The Year for 3 consecutive years.

Red Tettemer O’Connell + Partners - West Office by
Red Tettemer O’Connell + Partners - team


1 South Broad Street, 24th floor,
Philadelphia, PA 19107
p: 267.402.1410

Medical Guardian – Disrupting the Medical Alert Industry

Medical Gaurdian - team
Geoff Gross Medical Gaurdian Logo



Medical Gaurdian - team

When Medical Guardian launched in 2005, the Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) industry had already been around for 30 years. At just 25-years-old, Geoff Gross founded Medical Guardian to give his grandmother something she wasn’t getting from another medical alert company— an empowering experience. Although Gross was young, he understood the industry needed a more engaging brand so more Americans could connect with the product offerings and age in place with confidence.


Gross knew going into the PERS industry would be a challenge, as hundreds of thousands of Americans associated a medical alert device to a TV commercial from the 1980’s which featured an older adult laying frail and helpless on the bathroom floor. Although the catchphrase for the commercial became associated with the industry, it also created a stigma about older adults and the type of people using PERS. To combat this misconception, Gross made a conscious effort to steer clear of fear-based messaging and instead build a marketing campaign around empowerment and independence.

Medical Gaurdian - Brand Evolution
Medical Gaurdian - office

Revolutionizing the Brand to Empower

With people living longer than ever before and older adults becoming more social, active and tech-savvy, Gross and the Medical Guardian team—who always have the best interest of both the current customer and future generations of customers to come in mind—had the foresight to know that they had to make a change to their branding and messaging to evolve alongside this changing demographic. While other companies were successful selling the same product with the same type of message, Medical Guardian was ready to take on the challenge of keeping up with the ever-growing senior demographic through a company-wide Brand Evolution in 2017.

Medical Gaurdian - Christmas Party
Medical Gaurdian family tree

Through in-depth market research of those 65 and older, the company found most older adults did not see themselves as old, but rather as simply entering their third act in life. Research helped Medical Guardian develop their brand and mantra “keep going” — shifting the perception of the way people looked at their service and developing a brand that differentiated itself from competitors. Through this, Gross has been able to position Medical Guardian as a lifestyle brand that inspires older adults entering their Golden Years.

“Medical Guardian gives our customers not only a better solution but a better experience,” says Gross. “In addition to our Brand Evolution, we threw away the sales scripts, so our team members could garner a real, long-lasting connection with our customers. For generations to come, we will continue to keep up with the senior demographic through in-depth research and empower older adults to live their best life or a life without limits.”

Harnessing Technology to Build the Business

To meet the needs of aging Americans who wish to remain healthy, socially engaged and safe—often in their own homes—Medical Guardian packs various forms of industry-leading technology into each one of their tiny, life-saving devices. It’s through advanced technology that the company has been able to diversify their product line. Offering in-home, mobile, and wearable all-in-one products, Medical Guardian continues to maintain affordable price points without compromising their best-in-class, life-saving protection. Product innovation is a core value of Medical Guardian; one that’s rooted in the desire to continually stay strides ahead of the field—both in product offerings and competitive edge.

Medical Gaurdian - Proud to Be in Philadelphia

Medical Guardian’s technology expands past their medical alert devices with many of their products working in tandem with companion mobile apps. The creation of these mobile apps is designed specifically for the older adult’s customizable Care Circle—consisting of loved ones, friends, neighbors, doctors and caregivers—and it’s through these apps that their Care Circle will be able to monitor, check-in, and connect with their loved ones, without being intrusive to their day-to-day lifestyle. It’s with innovative technology that Medical Guardian can serve more than just the customer, but also the customer’s loved ones and care providers.

Proud to Be in Philadelphia

Medical Guardian is headquartered in Center City, Philadelphia. An integral part of the city’s booming startup ecosystem, the company’s explosive year-over-year growth has been recognized as one of the fastest-growing private companies in America by both the Inc. 5000 and the Philly 100. Most recently, Medical Guardian was awarded the IoT Evolution Business Impact Award, recognizing the company’s forward-thinking technological approach to their products, and further solidifying their position as a leading provider of innovative medical alert systems across the country.

Medical Guardian shows no sign of slowing down in the coming years, especially as Baby Boomers continue to age into retirement on a large scale, with more than 10,000 of them turning 65 every day (Pew Research Center). To better serve the needs of this rapidly-growing and revolutionary demographic, Medical Guardian plans to further innovate and expand both their product line and in-house talent— which now consists of over 300 employees—to ensure that aging adults across the country can truly live a life without limits.

Geoff Gross Medical Gaurdian Logo

1818 Market St.,
Suite 1200
Philadelphia 19103
Phone: 215-977-8000
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Geoff Gross, Founder & CEO – Medical Guardian

Geoff Gross CEO of Medical Guardian



Geoff Gross CEO of Medical Guardian

For many, the American Dream involves an opportunity to create your own success, no matter your financial, educational, or ethnic background. After all, America’s story began with a scrappy bunch of dreamers who wanted the opportunity to build a better country. In that regard, it seems safe to say that Philadelphia is the birthplace of one of the world’s greatest startups—the American democracy. With that legacy coursing through the veins of the city, Philadelphia has been able to quietly grow its startup ecosystem over the years, which has attracted a variety of dreamers, entrepreneurs, and innovators.

Philadelphia is known for “Eds and Meds,” as it is home to world-class educational institutions and some of the most progressive medical hospitals and training facilities nationwide. University City is the neighborhood in West Philadelphia that houses University of Pennsylvania, which has been ranked among the Top 10 Best Colleges by U.S. News, and Drexel University, which has been ranked among the Top 25 on the “Most Innovative Schools” list for National Universities. The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia has also made U.S. News’ Honor Roll for the nation’s best children’s hospitals. The sense of innovation in Philadelphia isn’t just contained to University City—it’s started to seep into other neighborhoods throughout the city, providing opportunity for those with big ideas.

Geoff Gross is the Founder and CEO of Medical Guardian, one of the nation’s leading providers of personal emergency response systems (PERS) which protects and provides peace of mind to over 100,000 older adults nationwide. Geoff has been named a 2018 Top CEO by Glassdoor, featured in Philadelphia Business Journal’s “Most Admired CEO’s” list, a finalist for Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year, Smart CEO Magazine’s “Future 50,” and a “40 under 40” by Philadelphia Business Journal and Direct Marketing News.

Just a mile east of University City is downtown Center City, a booming neighborhood known for some of the fastest-growing companies in the country, including the only medical alert solutions provider in the city, Medical Guardian. As a one-stop personal emergency response systems (PERS) provider, we’re dedicated to helping people take on the next chapter of their life head-on through our innovative, first-of-its-kind technology; empowering older adults nationwide to truly live a life without limits.

And you can’t talk about first-of-its-kind technology without talking about the new Comcast Innovation and Technology Center, which is located just a block away from Medical Guardian. As the Comcast Center’s sister space and Comcast Corporation’s global headquarters, Comcast Innovation and Technology Center is the tallest skyscraper in the city, and ninth tallest in the U.S. Designed specifically for tech startups, engineers and software architects, the Center is an incubator for technology-based business, comprised of a ‘state-of-the-art’ accelerator space.

I was born and raised in Philadelphia and never considered moving anywhere else to launch my business. I launched Medical Guardian from my Center City apartment and within two years had moved into a Center City office space with a team of 10 people. Five years after that, Medical Guardian had grown so much that I had to move into a bigger office space. Today, we occupy two floors at 1818 Market and employ a team of over 300. I don’t think we could have accomplished this type of growth anywhere other than the city of Philadelphia.

Looking ahead, I believe the biggest opportunity awaiting leaders is investing in people. More than generations past, people are now choosing to forgo moving to the suburbs to have families and are staying in the city—and businesses need to accommodate that. Philadelphia is growing its entrepreneurial and innovative ecosystem largely because of its collaborative community-oriented spirit, diversity, and unrelenting desire to succeed. After all, it’s part of our history.

Geoff Gross Medical Gaurdian Logo

1818 Market St.,
Suite 1200
Philadelphia 19103
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