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Graphite GTC – No-Code Application Development



Today, the Philadelphia region boasts some of the leading companies in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Internet of Things (IoT), Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR) and Low-Code/No-Code Development. One such company is Graphite GTC.

Graphite GTC - Headshots Chris Gali and Chris Doggett

Graphite GTC was founded in Philadelphia, in 2012 by two lifelong friends who started their careers sharing a cubicle in 1993 and developed a shared vision. Chris Gali and Chris Doggett’s vision was to reduce software development time and not sacrifice quality. They started their partnership, out of their homes, in 1998 with the creation of their first company, AdminServer. Later moving into office space near the Philadelphia Airport, they grew the company steadily for 10 years, eventually garnering the attention of Oracle  corporation, which acquired AdminServer for $125M in 2008.

During “the Chris’” non-compete period, they turned their attention to Philadelphia eateries starting the nationally acclaimed “Franklin Mortgage and Investment, a speakeasy” and the “Upstairs at the Franklin, a tiki bar” in Rittenhouse Square. Having successfully created a software development platform that produced high-quality code, they then focused on removing friction between software developers and business users to create a seamless development experience.

During their AdminServer days, they identified recurring pain points in software development methods adopted as an industry “standard”. These methods are a frustrating iterative process where corporate IT creates requirements in a silo, developers create an application in a silo, and then the application is critiqued and edited in a silo. This process repeats until requirements are finally met, or funding is exhausted. Gali and Doggett believed a collaborative, integrated process could efficiently replace the iterative process, and produce better results, faster.

Graphite GTC was founded in 2012, again in Philadelphia, to address these pain points. Gali and Doggett set out to create a platform that would actively foster collaboration between business users and IT, developing an enterprise application with uncompromising quality. Not surprisingly, one of the outcomes was a vast reduction in time to market. The Graphite GTC team of engineers and business professionals spent several years designing and crafting Graphite Studio. By 2015 the platform was ready for the market. This innovative platform is a thoughtful and complete graphical development environment designed to give customers a better approach to delivering and developing the best web applications.

Graphite GTC - Hero Image

By using shapes, Graphite Studio enables users to create complex back-end processes through the use of easy to understand flowcharts. Eliminating the need for multiple complex languages in the development process, Graphite Studio opens the doors for collaboration between IT and business users. Graphite Studio benefits have been proven to provide lower cost development, delivered in a shorter time frame with industry-leading reliability and security.

Now located in Bryn Mawr, PA, just outside of Philadelphia, Graphite GTC continues to foster innovation and continuously improve their product. Graphite GTC currently works with Systems Integrators, Commercial Organizations, and Regulated Industries to provide them with the innovation and benefits of Graphite Studio.

1022 East Lancaster Ave.,
Bryn Mawr, PA 19010
Phone: 215.395.6311

Saxbys – Providing Opportunities for Growth, Success & Change

Saxbys - coffee company
Saxbys - coffee company



Saxbys - product shot

Look at us from the surface, and you’ll see a coffee company with a penchant for memorable hospitality. We pride ourselves on not just meeting guest expectations but surpassing them. Look beyond that, and you’ll see a company who entwines itself with the communities we serve by providing opportunities – opportunities for growth, opportunities for success and opportunities for change.

That was the impetus behind our pioneering Experiential Learning Program (ELP), which we launched in partnership with Drexel University in 2015. This innovative program empowers students to take full responsibility for leading an on-campus Saxbys cafe. We hire what we call Student Cafe Executive Officers (Student CEOs), who manage 35 – 55 of their peers, their vendor network, marketing plans and the Profit and Loss statement of the business. In exchange, they receive a full semester of academic credit and financial compensation. But more than that, they receive an incredible experience taking what they learn in the classroom and applying it to a real – and demanding – business.

Since opening our first ELP cafe on Drexel University’s campus, more than two dozen Student CEOs have gone through the program. It’s been such a success that we’ve since opened ELP cafes with many more leading institutions such as Temple, Penn State, La Salle, St. Joseph’s and Millersville Universities. We’ve also opened a second at Drexel.

Each cafe is exclusively student-run and opens the door for young entrepreneurs to take the lead on owning their own projects in their communities. We understand the power of opportunity and accessibility. These students are learning real-life leadership and management skills that put to the test the lessons learned in the classroom.

Saxbys flatlay

Photos by Jason Varney and Sabina Shoots


But first, they need to get into the classroom, which isn’t always an option for some young minds.

That’s why we also started building fellowship programs across Philadelphia and beyond. It started here with the Community College of Philadelphia. Our CEO, Nick Bayer, is on the College’s Foundation board and has since started the Saxbys Fellowship, which is a scholarship program designed to help students achieve their academic goals. 

We also started similar programs at Temple University and the University of New Hampshire, where we also operate cafes. It’s another way for us to bridge our function to the community with our dedication to the education space.

These efforts stem from our company’s indelible culture. Our mission – displayed proudly across our Center City HQ walls and throughout our cafes – is to “Make Life Better.” We seek opportunity-creation and innovation, expression and creativity. Our team is made up of darers, doers, and damn good people. You may know us for our coffee and hospitality, but we are pushing for so much more. Because not only do we want to keep our communities moving, we want to keep them growing as well.

Saxbys logo

2300 Chestnut St., Suite 310
Philadelphia, PA 19103
Instagam: @saxbys
Twitter: @saxbys

Wildbit – More Than Just a Software Company

Wildbit - More than a company
Wildbit - More than a company
wildbit - logo


Wildbit - office-4th-floor-lounge
Wildbit - office-2nd-floor-staircase

Since its inception in 2000, Wildbit has fostered a work culture with values that divert from those of a traditional company. It is self-funded, remote-friendly, and intentionally small with a healthy, people-first approach to its products and its team. And while most companies its size have one product, Wildbit has three: Beanstalk, a workflow for version control and deploying code; Postmark, a transactional email delivery service; and Conveyor, a new workflow for developing and shipping web applications.

During the past 17 years, Wildbit has transformed itself from a tiny web design consultancy into a small, but profitable software company with fiercely loyal customers around the world. That Wildbit has managed to grow into a thriving and debt-free business while maintaining a tightly-knit team with little turnover is no accident. Because Wildbit is self-funded, it doesn’t deal with pressure from investors to grow at a pace that could be detrimental to the health of its team and its products. It has only itself to guide it. This independence allows Wildbit to listen to its customers and satisfy their needs first. It also means it can consider the needs of its team and take its time hiring. Without the obligation to hire quickly, Wildbit can be more selective about who it hires and from where.

Wildbit - team
Wildbit - office-lobby
Wildbit office kitchen
Wildbit team interaction
Wildbit - Office lunch

A little less than half of the team works out of the Wildbit office located in Old City, Philadelphia, while the rest of the team works remotely from locations spanning from Novi Sad, Serbia to Portland, Oregon. Being able to hire from anywhere means that Wildbit can select from a more diverse pool of applicants than most other companies, without the limitation of time zones or even countries. Although Wildbit has a physical office space, all of its employees have the option to work remotely.

For those who do work in the Philadelphia office, Wildbit offers some non-traditional perks, including chef-prepared team lunches, a playroom for kids, and plenty of casual seating areas for visitors and informal hangouts. One of the most unusual perks is the design of the office itself. While many companies have adopted an open-office floor plan, Wildbit has private offices with doors that shut. So whether working from the office or home, Wildbit employees have access to quiet spaces from where they can do their best work. Wildbit’s remote culture influenced this choice as it encourages asynchronous communication among its team regardless of location.

Having a mostly remote team isn’t without challenges though. For folks who work in an office, having people around to interact with is taken for granted. But for those who work remotely, that same kind of interaction requires a deliberate effort. To ensure everyone gets face-time with each other, Wildbit uses video calls for their meetings. To encourage the team to get to know each other better, Wildbit uses weekly check-ins to ask how everyone’s weekend went or to solicit reading or music recommendations. Also, the entire company gets together for a week-long retreat every year. These interactions, whether virtual or in-person, are imperative for strengthening relationships and reinforcing the company’s values, the most important of which is that Wildbit exists for its team.

Wildbit - catch up
Wildbit - office-3rd-floor-lounge

225 Chestnut St.
Philadelphia, PA 19106

Fox School of Business – Where Today’s Ideas Become Tomorrow’s Businesses

Fox School of Business - rendering of Liacouras Walk
Fox School of Business Temple University logo
Fox School of Business - rendering of Liacouras Walk

Temple University Main Campus, 1810 Liacouras Walk

Temple University’s Innovation & Entrepreneurship Institute


What is IEI?
The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Institute (IEI) at the Fox School of Business promotes a bold entrepreneurial and innovative spirit across all of Temple University’s schools and colleges. Through a combination of inventive classroom education, workshops, conferences, customized mentorships, and events, IEI provides students with the skills, resources, and courage to disrupt business as usual.

IEI offers great resources and a market-driven curriculum featuring courses for makers, doers, trailblazers, and budding entrepreneurs, including:

1. Creativity Unleashed
2. Business Model Innovation
3. Lean Startup
4. Entrepreneurial Thinking & New Venture Creation
5. Innovation-Based Strategy

100 Years of Innovation
The Fox School, founded in 1918, has prepared generations of daring entrepreneurs, executives, creative professionals, leaders, and researchers to make impacts on the real world. With comprehensive degree programs in Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship, plus a minor and certificate options, students learn valuable skills that give them a competitive edge in the global economy. The Fox School continues the tradition of Temple University founder Russell H. Conwell, who was entrepreneurial in his focus on democratizing and widening the reach of higher education.

The Power of Collaboration
IEI’s co-curricular programs foster collaboration between diverse disciplines and provide budding entrepreneurs with the education and resources required to advance their projects. The Temple University Entrepreneurship Academy (TUEA), run by IEI, collaborates with faculty across campus to enhance entrepreneurial knowledge, engagement, and practice in all of Temple’s schools and colleges.

Fox School of Business - Ellen Weber, Executive Director, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Institute (IEI), and Assistant Professor of Practice, Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship

Ellen Weber, Executive Director, Innovation & Entrepreneurship Institute (IEI), and Assistant Professor of Practice, Strategic Management & Entrepreneurship

Fox School of Business - Robert McNamee

Robert McNamee, Managing Director, Innovation & Entrepreneurship Institute (IEI), and Assistant
Professor of Instruction, Strategic Management & Entrepreneurship

Tomorrow’s Businesses Startup Here
Soon, IEI will relocate to a new space as part of the Fox School’s latest expansion into 1810 Liacouras Walk. IEI’s new home will be located on the first floor of 1810 Liacouras Walk and serve as an innovation hub for students, alumni, faculty, and staff across Temple University. It will be a hotbed for novel ideas, where forward-thinking people with diverse skills, visions, backgrounds, and goals meet, network, collaborate, and succeed. In the new space, IEI will offer labs, co-working spaces, and an event space to host workshops, competitions, and mentoring programs. The building will feature “maker space” where emerging entrepreneurs can bring their ideas to life using a 3D printer or brainstorm products on the wall-to-wall whiteboards.

About the Fox School of Business
For a century, the Fox School of Business has been committed to its mission of preparing business leaders for prominent roles within the global marketplace. With more than 9,000 current students and 65,000 alumni, the Fox School is the largest, most comprehensive business school in the Philadelphia region—and offers a dynamic community of students, faculty, and professionals whose influence can be felt around the world.

Fox School of Business “maker space”

Chris Kendig, 2018

Fox Entrepreneurs: In Their Own Words

Companies: Girl Develop It & ROAR for Good The Kuwaiti-born Mustafa earned her bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurship from the Fox School. She is a self-described “serial
entrepreneur,” with numerous smaller ventures before her work with ROAR. “I see a much bigger reach with ROAR,” she says. “I’m a person who thrives on making a difference, so I’m excited about what the future holds.”

Company: honeygrow
Justin Rosenberg, Fox School alumnus, has achieved great success with honeygrow, which offers healthy fare made with seasonal, local ingredients. Rosenberg says, “I’m a Temple guy. I wrote a chunk of my
business plan for honeygrow at Alter Hall, and the business is very much a #TempleMade concept.”

Learn more at
Email us at
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Science Center – Experiment Today. Change Tomorrow




UE LifeSciences CEO Mihir Shah
U City Science -Campus

We’re helping entrepreneurs and scientists tackle the scientific and technological challenges of tomorrow and bring world changing discoveries to life.

With resources and programming for any stage of a business’s life cycle, the Science Center has a 50+-year track record helping scientists, entrepreneurs and innovators take their concepts from idea to IPO (Initial Public Offering) – and beyond

Our technology commercialization and entrepreneurial support programs facilitate  connections, foster collaboration and provide the capital that help innovators turn flashes of inspiration into thriving businesses.

And the recipe works. Graduate firms and current residents of the Science Center drive $13 billion in economic activity in the region annually.

As part of a vibrant city and region with world-class science and innovation assets, we’re proud to call Philadelphia home. As Center City moves west towards our location in the heart of University City, our uCity Square neighborhood is a dynamic community where entrepreneurs and experts connect, collaborate, challenge one another and thrive.

Here is a small sample of the companies we support and serve:

Avid Radiopharmaceuticals is a pioneer in the development of molecular imaging diagnostics and biomarkers that improve global health by accelerating the development of new medicines and enabling a tailored approach to healthcare. The Science Center has flexibly accommodated the growth of Avid as its portfolio and mission has advanced and expanded. Acquired by Eli Lilly & Company in 2010, Avid operates out of uCity Square as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the global pharmaceutical company.

uCity Science Center
Science Center - Campus Shots
U City Science Center - labs
CITY SCIENCE - Parsortix

Invisible Sentinel Inc. is a global molecular solutions company dedicated to providing first-in-class microbial detection tools that empower its clients to make the safest and highest quality products. Established in 2006 at the Science Center, the company has developed dozens of detection tools for use by food and beverage manufacturers, premium wineries, breweries, and third-party testing labs in the US and internationally. The Science Center helped facilitate Invisible Sentinel’s growth by providing technical resources and the industry access needed to grow the company from concept to commercialization. Invisible Sentinel regards its uCity Square location amidst a pool of talent and mentors as “the epicenter of biotechnology in the Philadelphia region.”

UE LifeSciences is revolutionizing cancer treatment and giving women who typically do not have access to early breast cancer detection a fighting chance. Their hand-held device can be used by community health providers to detect stiffer/harder breast tumors, which may be cancerous. CEO Mihir Shah leveraged two of the Science Center’s technology commercialization programs to bring the device to market. UE LifeSciences licensed the technology behind the company’s product, iBreastExam, from Drexel University where engineering professors Drs. Wan and Wei-Heng Shih developed the sensor technology after receiving a grant from the Science Center’s QED proof-of-concept program. With the help of the Science Center’s Digital Health Accelerator, UE LifeSciences took what was a great university invention and turned it into a commercial-grade medical device.
In partnership with GE Healthcare, iBreastExam is now marketed in several countries across Asia, Southeast Asia and Africa.

Science Center logo

University City Science Center
3675 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104
Phone: 215-966-6000 | | @UCScienceCenter

CLUTCH – Transforming How Companies Interact With Their Customers

Clutch - wave



The advent and adoption of digital devices, online shopping, and the widespread availability of information have empowered consumers to become more savvy – and fickle – than ever before. Keeping up with this changing behavior has baffled many B2C (Business-to-Consumer) brands trying to compete for loyalty and share of wallet. To succeed, they must first be able to interpret data from a myriad of sources if they are to understand what customers want. Then, they have to reach them with relevant content in time to impact a purchasing decision.

Clutch - wave

Clutch was built to enable success in this fluid and fast-moving environment. Since its inception, the reality that technology, data and mobility would continue to transform the way that companies interact with their customers has driven the company vision, innovation and development. Clutch started out by using mobile technologies to streamline the way that consumers track their loyalty and gift cards, but it quickly became clear there was a massive gap in the way that consumer brands were using customer data. Beyond just loyalty and gift, this gap was preventing them from delivering the experience that the brands wanted, and more importantly what the customers were expecting.

Consumers are constantly sending us signals with their behaviors and their expectations through the data that is available to us, yet many companies struggle to listen to these signals appropriately and incorporate them into how they interact with their customers. Clutch is solving this problem and transforming the way that companies interact with their customers.

clutch - wall

The need for effective data utilization in marketing is at the core of everything Clutch does today – and will continue to do in the future. The business has evolved into an end-to-end platform that integrates data from any system to inform real-time and personalize customer communications. Clutch is continuously innovating its platform to improve its ability to interpret data using machine learning and data science to create rich customer insights that
can be used to engage customers wherever they interact (i.e. on email, mobile, direct mail, and more).

Clutch is the first and only complete customer management platform purpose-built from the ground up to manage all the data, intelligence and communications necessary in our new world to meet these demands. With our team and our strategic partners, Clutch is poised to continue to build on the significant growth the company has created so far.

As customer behavior continues to change, new technologies and data sources will emerge. Clutch is always looking ahead, building and planning for the future so brands can continue to manage successful, rewarding customer relationships that drive the best outcome.

Clutch Logo

201 S. Maple Ave # 250
Ambler, PA 19002
Phone: 267-419-6400

To learn more, get in touch or see a platform demo visit

Griesling Law, LLC – Personal Attention | Proven Results

Fran Griesing - Managing Member Griesing Law


Fran Griesing - Managing Member Griesing Law

Fran Griesing – Managing Member


As data has shown, disadvantaged groups are notably underrepresented and underpaid across all industries. The educational and professional opportunities for women, people of color, members of the LGBTQ community, and persons with disabilities, are still not where they need to be in order to even the playing field. Further, those who are able to get their foot in the door are still not compensated fairly. It is our responsibility as business owners and civic leaders to highlight inequalities, demand change and advocate for initiatives that improve opportunities for all members of our community.

Fostering a workforce that reflects our cultural melting pot is critical to your employees, clients and customers. Research has proven that organizations with employees of different backgrounds and experiences outperform those that don’t, regardless of the industry. Our businesses should reflect the communities we serve as the City of Philadelphia encompasses a rich tapestry of citizens. Aptly named the City of Brotherly (and Sisterly!) Love, Philadelphia is a place which celebrates our differences, and seeks to improve the welfare for all walks of life. 

Through my involvement with the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia, I’ve seen a commitment to providing education, training and employment resources to Philadelphians of all backgrounds. As a member of the Chamber’s Roadmap for Growth Advisory Committee, we focus on encouraging business opportunities in neighborhoods across the city including formulating strategies for commercial growth and partnership for businesses of all sizes. There has also been a significant push to acknowledge and encourage businesses with a strong commitment to diversity who are paving the way for more equitable workplaces.

Jessica Mazzeo - Griesling Law

Jessica Mazzeo – Chief Operating Officer

Personally, as a woman practicing for over 35 years in the male dominated field of law, I’m honored to be part of an expanding network of women and minority-owned law firms sprouting up in Philadelphia and around the country. There has been an influx of support and resources for boutique firms like mine, including Women Owned Law, a national networking group founded in Philadelphia for women-owned law firms and their supporters to exchange knowledge and refer work. I am also active in national organizations for diverse attorneys, including the Leadership Council on Legal Diversity and the National Association of Minority and Women Owned Law Firms, both which aim to build an inclusive legal profession by fostering relationships between corporate in-house counsel and diverse law firms.

Our Firm is also certified by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council and involved in the local chapter which offers programming and a referral network for women-owned businesses in our region. Due to the support of these organizations, our Firm has been able to thrive and grow over the past eight years in business. I am eager to watch as more diverse businesses like ours continue to push the envelope and fill in the talent gaps that that will continue to make our businesses and our city better. 

Griesling Law word-cloud

Griesing Law, LLC
1880 John F. Kennedy Boulevard | Suite 1800
Philadelphia, PA 19103
P 215.618.3720 | F 215.814.9049
Twitter: @FranGriesing






Griesing Law, LLC is a women-owned and operated full-service business law firm based in Philadelphia with satellite offices in Cincinnati and New York. In January 2010, during one of the roughest economic downturns across all sectors, the Firm launched with a handful of clients out of an 800 square foot sublet space. Today, our original three-person team has grown into a team of 20, including 10 lawyers with a broad spectrum of legal expertise. We have grown from our initial client base to handling more than 900 matters for over 400 clients, including Fortune 500 companies, small and privately held business, nonprofits, government entities and individuals. Given our diverse experience and boutique size, we are able to provide highly specialized, sophisticated representation that is cost sensitive to meet the unique needs of our clients.

We are proudly certified as a woman-owned business by WBENC, giving us access to opportunities specifically intended to promote diversity and inclusion in the legal profession. We are a go-to small diverse business vendor for companies and government entities as well as a strategic partner for other law firms. Founded by seasoned attorney Francine Griesing, Griesing Law is a one of a kind firm that focuses on a collaborative team approach, discouraging internal competition that interferes with client service. Our mission is to create an environment where attorneys can reach their potential professionally while sustaining a fulfilling personal life and have the opportunity to contribute to the community. Thus, staff have the flexibility to work remotely when needed and mentor-ship is at the forefront of the Firm with junior and senior attorneys working together closely on legal work as well as professional development. Firm leadership also devotes significant time to crafting business plans for each attorney to ensure they are on the path to meet their professional goals.


Attorneys are encouraged to create their own personal brand through speaking, writing, networking and professional development training in their practice area, which are financially supported by the Firm. In addition, civic engagement is a major part of the ethos of our Firm, with members of our team dedicating their time and expertise to local and national non-profit organizations within the legal field and beyond. Avid supporters of arts and culture in the Greater Philadelphia area, we launched our Philadelphia Artist Series after our Firm’s inception, where we have hosted over 15 local artists and profiled their work in our office space.

Anyone who has interacted with Griesing Law cannot deny our devotion to the enhancement of women in the workplace. We have opened doors for countless professional women within the Firm and outside of it by identifying opportunities for them to showcase their talents and expand their networks. Fran exemplifies a strong, ambitious and compassionate female leader in not only what she says, but in her actions. She has been a champion for professionals in and outside of the legal field for 35 years, earning the respect and admiration of both her male and female counterparts. Advancing women in leadership is not simply a pillar of Griesing Law, it is the essence of it, and is at the center of why we’ve been able to stand out and be successful in the business community.

Griesing Law, LLC is women-owned

Griesing Law, LLC
1880 John F. Kennedy Boulevard | Suite 1800
Philadelphia, PA 19103
P 215.618.3720 | F 215.814.9049
Twitter: @GriesingLaw

Guardian Nurses – Healthcare Advocates Lighting Your Way Through The Healthcare Maze

Guardian Nurses Fleet 2017

Guardian Nurses


Guardian Nurses Fleet 2017

Nurse Advocate and Mobile Care Coordinator Programs improve clinical outcomes and result in cost efficiencies. The United States spends more on health than any other economically comparable country yet sees a consistently mediocre return on this investment.

Betty Long, RN, MHA - President and CEO Guardian Nurses

Betty Long, RN, MHA – President and CEO

A fragmented healthcare system, a confusing patient journey and out of control spending all contribute to the passel of problems. And it is usually the patients and their families who get lost in its overwhelming maze of unanswered questions and exorbitant bills.

Pure light at the end of the tunnel is an innovative company that offers more than just words on paper to the patient in need of a helping hand. Guardian Nurses Healthcare Advocates offers the patient and family the services of a professional, caring and highly experienced RN who walks them through the process of consultation and treatment, and will even accompany them on doctors’ visits. Peace of mind replaces the confusion and frustration of facing the system on your own.

Going the extra mile to coordinate patient’ care
Not only does this shining light in healthcare offer a nurse advocacy program for patients, but 2013 saw Guardian Nurses create their Mobile Care Coordinator Program, mobilizing their RNs by putting them in branded SUVs. These nurses visit patients in hospitals, accompany them to physician visits, and visit them in their homes post hospital discharge. Their goals, and the Program’s goals, are to improve the patient’s experience, improve clinical outcomes, and reduce costs.

Small but significant beginnings
Guardian Nurses was founded by a nurse who saw a need to guide patients through the healthcare maze. It was Betty Long, RN, MHA who started the company when she witnessed firsthand the struggles of a family memberwho tried the navigate the healthcare system on her own. Her aunt’s struggle
through a jumble of tests, exacting treatments, conflicting opinions, difficult choices, and huge bills inspired her to compose a business plan. And, in 2003, the game-changing company was born.

The company’s inspirational philosophy and humanitarian-based mission of advocating for patients’ care was inspired by Florence Nightingale, the mother of modern nursing, whose passionate ideas revolutionized healthcare in her era. Guardian Nurses’ tag line Lighting Your Way Through the Healthcare System is an homage to the “Lady with the Lamp.”

It is with this same passion that Long leads Guardian Nurses. Their ‘high touch’ approach to patient advocacy and care coordination changes lives and presents a proven and practical solution to effective patient engagement and care coordination.

Recognition as a leading innovator in healthcare
Guardian Nurses Healthcare Advocates has been officially recognized and honored with one of the 2017 Health Care Innovator Awards for finding
innovative solutions to the challenges of quality, cost and access to health care. These prestigious awards, given by the Philadelphia Business Journal, recognize business leaders who are making a difference. Long is one such leader and this nursing-owned and managed company is clearly making a difference to the patients with whom they work.

Guardian Nurses Karen Betty Heidi
Guardian Nurses Logo

Guardian Nurses Healthcare Advocates, Inc.
P.O. Box 224, Flourtown, PA 19031
Office: 215-836-0260
Twitter: @Guardiannurses
Facebook: Guardian Nurses Healthcare Advocates

OpDecision – Leading Provider of Corporate Wireless Expense Management Services.

OpDecision - Wireless
OpDecision - Wireless


“Founded in 2007, OpDecision’s solutions strategy brings a positive impact to all of its clients’ bottom lines and enhances their overall end-user productivity and processes.”

About OpDecision
OpDecision positions itself as a leading provider of corporate wireless expense management services. Reducing wireless expenses is the core competency and primary focus of the company’s Wireless Cost Analysis. OpDecision has created a set of services, which focus entirely on reducing and managing corporate and institutional wireless costs. Through its extensive industry experience and innovative wireless cost analysis process, the company’s consulting services can deliver ongoing savings of up to 45%.

OpDecision - Wireless Phones
Drew Polin - OpDecision.

Drew Polin, President
Drew brings critical content and operational expertise to OpDecision. Starting in business development with T-Mobile USA, he quickly developed a comprehensive understanding of the wireless communications services industry. In 2003, seeing opportunity in the under-serviced cellular market, he co-founded Global West Communications to help companies understand their options in the wireless landscape. Drew grew Global West Communications into a well-known Southern California brand and a leading provider of cellular technology.

In 2007, Drew sold Global West Communications. Envisioning more innovative offerings and a highly client-focused approach, Drew and his partners launched OpDecision. The focus was on reducing costs, optimizing service plans, and negotiating with carriers to procure lower pricing for equipment and services. In early 2012, he acquired 100% ownership in OpDecision. Drew is most proud about keeping the full staff and continuing to grow consulting and cost reduction strategies in the wireless and telecom arena.

Why OpDecision
The company’s biggest differentiation compared to its competition, as well as, what a client can do internally starts with benchmarks. OpDecision identifies specialty rates and very unique rate options that are in the market place but are not seen leveraged in today’s corporate cellular environment. These types of strategies coupled with other areas of optimization, account for over 50% of the typical cost reductions for clients. Its competition utilizes off the shelf pricing and a client’s current contracted rates to run their savings opportunities. Over 80% of the rates that OpDecision leverages are not openly shared in the market place.

The other major differentiation lies within the implementation process. Competitors typically provide a road map to their clients on how they can cut costs. This road map is often left untouched or only partially implemented by the client. OpDecision manages the implementation process from start to finish ensuring that all client-approved changes are put into place correctly, quickly and directly with the vendor(s).

Turn-Key Process
OpDecision leverages a best in class 3-stage process to identify cost savings opportunities for its clients. The first stage includes an Audit and two types of Benchmarks. The second stage is an Optimization where the company utilizes over 30 different areas of cost reduction, which includes unpublished, custom, specialty pricing as well as leveraging group purchasing organizations (GPO’s) and other IP. The third stage is Implementation, where OpDecision is continuously managing all approved client changes directly with the vendor(s), reviewing their billing and providing savings confirmations for eight (8) months after implementation to show consistent savings.

OpDecision’s wireless cost analysis benefits organizations by reducing their overall costs on their current cellular providers, without changing their current vendor(s), their current contracts or their equipment.

Galen Baggs, CFO & COO
Galen is the CFO and COO of OpDecision, responsible for overseeing financial management and operations for all customer projects.  With his on-boarding in 2014, OpDecision has increased their scalability and efficiency to help facilitate a very fast-paced growth.

Galen has 10+ years of experience in the wireless telecommunications space including business to business sales, WEM software, and cost reduction.  Galen spent the 7 years prior to joining OpDecision handling finance and business operations for a variety of technology companies.

Galen has in BA from Wake Forest University and his MBA from the University of San Diego.

Galen CFO and COO of OpDecision
OpDecision Logo

13 John Singer Sargent Way, Marlton, NJ 08053
Phone: 888-323-3867