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Cienaga Systems – Genetically Engineered Cybersecurity

Cienaga Systems - security
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Cienaga Systems - security


Cienaga Systems’ DejaVu helps organizations mitigate risk from tomorrow’s cyber-attacks, today. Leveraging recent advances in machine learning, DejaVu continuously generates and evaluates new, innovative cyber-attacks and preemptively searches networks for indications of the same. Its threat-hunting-as-a-service model with turn-key deployment makes DejaVu the ideal solution for organizations to roll out world-class cyber threat management capabilities.


Cyber attacks today cost an estimated $400B worldwide and affect everyone, from payment processing systems in large enterprises to appliances in our kitchens and even devices in our children’s bedrooms.

At Cienaga Systems, our team of software engineers, cybersecurity and artificial intelligence experts is changing this dynamic, enabled by recent advances in machine learning.

Over the past few years, we have built our proprietary Genetically Engineered Cyber Security™ engine. This is an innovative technology that continuously runs scenarios on new and unknown cyber threat vectors. These simulated attack patterns are learned and then used on organizations’ networks. In other words, it looks for tomorrow’s attacks, today.

Cienaga Systems laptop mockup
“The result is an ever-evolving threat hunting machine which leverages intelligence from billions of real and potential attack scenarios and helps organizations stay abreast of future malicious attacks.”

Our cloud-based threat-hunting-as-a-service solution is called DejaVu because its purpose is to alert when it recognizes a behavioral pattern that matches what has previously been imagined by the Genetically Engineered Cyber Security engine.

DejaVu is able to sift through enormous data volumes and analyze quantities of potential hypothetical outcomes at speeds and accuracy levels that are impossible for humans to match. The result is an ever-evolving threat hunting machine which leverages intelligence from billions of real and potential attack scenarios and helps organizations stay abreast of future malicious attacks.

Today, our solution is commercialized to organizations under 2,000 employees in the Americas and Europe, through Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs), Managed Service Providers (MSPs), Value-Add Resellers (VARs) and security


In 2015, Cienaga Systems was recognized as one of only a dozen of threat-management firms in Cybersecurity-500, a merit-based listing of the world’s hottest cyber-security companies. As we deepened our collaboration with strategic partners with a global footprint, we were awarded The Bronze Softshell Vendor Award further recognizing our expansion in European markets (2018).

Cienaga Systems - DejaVu

5024 Brickell Park Cv, Lakewood Ranch, FL 34211
Phone: +1-941-676-3417
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Alura Business Solutions – Personalized IT Solutions Businesses



Jason Derstine of Alura Business Solutions
Alura Business Solutions building

What makes Alura stand out is our innovative organizational and business processes that allow us to create lasting partnerships with our clients. We have been providing IT Solutions for small to mid-sized businesses for almost 15 years with minimal turnover. Our clients stay with us because we become part of their business, maintain excellent working relationships, and meet or exceed their needs. We spend the time to research existing and future clients’ current concerns, capacities, and competencies then carefully evaluate and create customized, scalable solutions. By being both consultant and service provider, Alura’s success as a business is directly measured by how efficiently and effectively our clients achieve their specific and often complicated objectives.

Alura Business Solutions team

Alura Business Solutions operates on our “3S” philosophy to efficiently serve each of our clients. It is also what sets us apart from our competition. The 3S model consists of Support, Services and Solutions. Each of these 3 elements is intertwined with each other – without one of them fully functioning – the entire model would not work. We provide service bundles that work together and support each other. From flexible backup services to disaster recovery, Alura provides creative and cost-effective strategies that improve performance and leverage the capacity inherent in existing systems. It allows our clients to focus on their real business while Alura tends to their IT requirements.

Alura’s Helpdesk and techs work directly with clients and are available 24/7, 365 days a year and can be on-site within hours when needed. Your business  systems can be checked at any time by logging into your client portal to check system status or access files. What keeps this 3S process highly functioning is our on-going training, documentation, and work culture which has a direct impact on client satisfaction. We encourage our partners, prospects and clients to visit the office to witness our great team in action.

Alura Business Solutions transport

It’s this partnership culture and 3S philosophy that has resulted in Alura’s incredible growth. Outstanding service and product offerings and the strategies mentioned above have allowed Alura to retain over 95 percent of customer base over the years. The many pleased long-term client engagements and influx of new clients continue to drive our success. Jason Derstine, employee #1 and President, has been recognized as one of the youngest winners of Philadelphia’s 40 under 40 in 2015. Derstine’s business approach is summed up in his quote, “We are not just here when our customers have problems, we proactively reach our clients and take precautionary measures, thereby giving less space for issues.”

The company has also won the following prestigious awards:
• Philadelphia‘s Top 100 for five continuous years
• Philadelphia Soaring 76 for two continuous years
• Philadelphia Top LGBT Businesses for four continuousyears
• INC Magazine’s Top 5000 for three continuous years

Alura Business Solutions logo

For more information on how Alura can help your business grow contact or 215-721-1122.

Lockheed Martin – a Global Security and Aerospace Company

Lockheed Martin day of Caring Orlando 2017
Lockheed Martin logo
Lockheed Martin day of Caring Orlando 2017
More than 1,000 Lockheed Martin employees, family, and friends volunteered at the YMCA of Central Florida’s Camp Wewa for the company’s annual Day of Caring event. In 2017, Lockheed Martin employees logged more than 1,000,000 volunteer hours in the Central Florida community and contributed more than $1.2 million to local charities.


Lockheed Martin is a global security and aerospace company employing approximately 100,000 people worldwide and is principally engaged in the research, design, development, manufacture, integration, and sustainment of advanced technology systems, products, and services.


With 60 years in Central Florida, Lockheed Martin’s Florida operations are primarily located in the Orlando area with additional sites in Lakeland, Ocala, the Space Coast, Ft. Walton Beach, Riviera Beach, Oldsmar and other locations throughout the state. When Lockheed Martin (then the Glenn L. Martin Co.) opened its first Orlando office in 1956, it began a long legacy of growth and community support to the region.

Today, Lockheed Martin is one of the largest industrial employers in Florida with more than 14,000 employees. Approximately 9,000 of the state’s Lockheed Martin employees live and work in Central Florida and continue that legacy of community support through various volunteer programs and
philanthropic initiatives. More than 7,000 of those employees are based at our two Orlando facilities.

Lockheed Martin DEPLOY3D_Transition
Lockheed Martin’s Deploy3D Simulator is a cutting-edge, mixed reality simulation solution, which reduces cost and space requirements while enabling immersive training. This is accomplished by streaming elements of the real world into an immersive virtual scene, maximizing training while eliminating bulky domes and projectors.

Lockheed Martin Training and Logistics Solutions (TLS)
Lockheed Martin’s TLS business is part of the Rotary and Mission Systems (RMS) business and is Lockheed Martin’s center of excellence for training and logistics products and services, serving the U.S. military and more than 65 international customers worldwide. Based in East Orlando, TLS develops programs teaching servicemen and women skills to accomplish their most challenging missions — from flying the world’s most advanced fighter aircraft, the F35, to navigating a convoy through an urban environment. TLS is the corporation’s hub for simulation, augmented and virtual reality, live-virtual-constructive capabilities, advanced training devices, and full-service training programs. TLS also provides sustainment services such as supply chain and logistics IT solutions, spares and repairs, as well as automated test and support equipment.

Lockheed Martin ONYX
ONYX is a powered, lower-body exoskeleton that enhances human strength and endurance. It is designed for military and first responders to counteract stress on the lower back and legs, as it helps wearers traverse steep inclines and climb flights of stairs.
Lockheed Martin F35 FMS
Full Mission Simulators (FMS) are being used for continuation, upgrade and mission rehearsal training, wherever F-35 planes are in use. These valuable assets prepare new F-35 aviators for their first flight and allow qualified pilots to sharpen their skills at a fraction of the cost of flying real airplanes.

Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control (MFC)
MFC is a recognized designer, developer, and manufacturer of precision engagement aerospace and defense systems for military customers that include the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and dozens of foreign allies. The company is an industry leader and the Corporation’s lead business for research, development, and production of electro-optic and smart munitions systems, and is a pioneer in the field of versatile, high-performance missile and rocket technology. MFC is also a leader in technologies related to millimeter wave radar, image and signal processing, advanced materials, electronic packaging, and systems integration. Additionally, MFC provides logistics support services for U.S. Special Operations Forces and offers a wide range of products and services for the global civil nuclear power industry and the military’s green power initiatives

Lockheed Martin in the Orlando Community
Lockheed Martin has a strong heritage of social responsibility and public service, which is a tradition linking our employees to the communities in which they live and work. In 2017, Lockheed Martin employees logged more than 96,000 volunteer hours in the Central Florida community and contributed more than $1.8 million to local charities through employee giving campaigns, benefiting organizations such as Camaraderie Foundation, Fisher House, American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, American Diabetes Association, Heart of Florida United Way and the United States Overseas (USO). Our leadership is committed to supporting Florida education excellence through our support of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) educational initiatives. Lockheed Martin works in partnership with educators, lawmakers and businesses to develop and execute a state-wide STEM strategy of closing the emerging talent gap by providing funding enhancing teaching skills and STEM curricula.

Lockheed Martin AF-22 First Flight Aerials
Lockheed Martin EOTS
The F-35 Lightning II Electro-Optical Targeting System (EOTS), is the world’s first sensor to combine forwardlooking infrared and infrared search and track to maximize targeting capability.

International Screening Solutions – Solutions for Managing Global Risk

International Screening Solutions - office



International Screening Solutions world map

For decades in business, the measure of networking prowess was defined by the content of a spinning wheel of index cards. Could you imagine relying on a Rolodex of business cards and pencil scratches to manage your relationships today? Hardly. Now imagine a global risk business tool relying on manual updates to track millions of known terrorists, human traffickers, and money launderers.

Fortunately, the team at International Screening Solutions imagined a different solution. While the market was focused on watchlists created regionally, maintained manually, and updated sporadically, ISS co-founders Chuck Papageorgiou and Eric Beach envisioned an automated global risk information exchange (GRIX) that could locate, aggregate, curate, and deliver risk data directly from the source.

“As more countries and agencies identified money laundering, human trafficking, and terror financing, the manually-updated tools couldn’t keep pace with all the new information being shared,” said Papageorgiou. “The old tools were okay when the blacklist alerts streamed from a handful of sources, but today it is more like a river of risk data. When a money launder is sanctioned in one location, they will often resurface somewhere else.”

Businesses everywhere need “know your customer” (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) programs to protect against the growing global risk. According to the Financial Action Task Force, human trafficking alone generates $150 billion annually in black market revenue. From a recent FATF report:

“Money laundering is inextricably linked to the underlying criminal activity that generated it. Laundering enables criminal activity to continue.”

International Screening Solutions World Watch Plus FinCEN

Supported by customers including the world’s largest payroll and background screening companies, ISS developed GRIX to locate, aggregate, curate, and deliver information drawn from the “river of risk data” each day. ISS created a selective search engine to access validated information about individuals and businesses restricted from commercial activity because of their criminal activity. Algorithms dissected adverse information from structured and unstructured data, then indexed everything to accommodate customer-specific searches.

Delivery came in the form of WorldWatch Plus® – a customer-designed platform with case management, reporting, and custom filtering, available in a SaaS portal or integration with existing customer systems. Launched in 2015, utilization doubled each of the last three years, and ISS was named a Top 10 KYC Solution Provider by Banking CIO Outlook for 2017, and an Inc. 5000 entry for both 2016 and 2017.

ISS continues to build on four pillars of differentiation: casting a wider net, timely and relevant results, unmatched partnering and customer service, and a customer-friendly economic model. With customers on-boarding from around the world, the Rolodex at ISS is doing just fine.

International Screening Solutions - office

twitter: @intlscreening
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Cyber Florida – at the University of South Florida

Cyber Florida - Cybersecurity Conference 2017
Cyber Florida - Cybersecurity Conference 2017
Cyber Florida - Logo-Horizontal_2018


The Florida Center for Cybersecurity, also known as Cyber Florida, is a statefunded organization dedicated to positioning Florida as a national leader in cybersecurity through education and workforce development; innovative, interdisciplinary research; and community outreach. Hosted at the University of South Florida, Cyber Florida works with all 12 State University System of Florida (SUS) institutions as well as industry, government and defense to build partnerships and develop programs that grow and strengthen Florida’s cybersecurity industry.


Cyber Florida was formally established as the Florida Center for Cybersecurity through Florida Statute 1004.444 in July 2014, hosted by the University of South Florida for the benefit of the entire SUS and the state. Led by Director Sri Sridharan, a seasoned expert and entrepreneur, the goals of the center are to assist in the creation of jobs, enhance the existing workforce, act as a cooperative facilitator between industry and higher education, seek out partnerships with major military installations, and attract cybersecurity companies to the state.

Guided by a nationally recognized Board of Advisors with former Director of National Intelligence Vice Adm. (Ret.) Mike McConnell as chair, Cyber Florida first focused on enhancing Florida’s cybersecurity talent pipeline to meet the overwhelming demand for cyber professionals. The center created a platform for collaboration among the 12 SUS institutions by establishing the SUS Cybersecurity Advisory Council and acts as a liaison with private industry to ensure academic programs align with industry needs. Additionally, Cyber Florida has invested more than $1.4 million to help fund 24 of these new programs through its Capacity Building Award Program. With Cyber Florida’s support, the SUS has expanded academic programs specific to cybersecurity from a handful in 2014 to more than 40 as of 2018, with several hundred graduates and thousands more enrolled.

Cyber Florida - the Florida Center for Cybersecurity

And because the hands-on-keyboard experience is such a vital component of a successful cybersecurity educational program, Cyber Florida launched the Florida CyberHub in January 2018. This virtuallearning lab provides a cyber range, secure sandbox, capture-the-flag, course catalog, and desktop-as-aservice to facilitate and enhance cyber education and research initiatives throughout the state.

The center also has laid the foundation for a robust research ecosystem in Florida through the Collaborative Seed Award Program, which funds research projects led by investigators from at least two SUS institutions. Cyber Florida has invested more than $2.3 million in 44 cybersecurity research projects led by 65 researchers so far, and these projects are highlighted at an annual Research Symposium where both scholars and practitioners can explore the cutting-edge research being done at Florida’s universities.

In tandem with these initiatives and others, Cyber Florida has continued to grow its signature event year after year, the annual conference. Each year, the Florida Cyber Conference connects hundreds of cybersecurity stakeholders from students, educators and policymakers to CISOs, hands-on practitioners, and members of the defense and law enforcement communities. Held in Tampa each October and coming up on its fifth year, Florida Cyber Conference has rapidly grown to become one of the most popular and valuable industry events for Florida’s cybersecurity community.

4202 E. Fowler Ave., ISA7020
Tampa, FL, 33620
facebook: floridacyber
linkedin/twitter: @CyberSecurityFL

FLEXENTIAL – The Power of People in a Technical World

Flexential - wall signage

FLEXENTIAL: The Power of People in a Technical World

Flexential - ribbon cutting


Flexential provides colocation, connectivity, cloud, managed solutions and professional services to thousands of organizations in the Tampa Bay, State of Florida and across North America, enabling these businesses to optimize IT transformation while balancing cost, scalability, compliance and security.


Flexential delivers increasingly critical IT services at a time when corporate digital transformation initiatives continuously challenge internal IT resources. The company helps organizations solve their most complex connectivity challenges with 100% network, power, and bandwidth uptime commitment. Its FlexAnywhere network fabric enables companies to reach end users through high capacity, low latency and secure connectivity from the data center and the cloud to the edge of their businesses.

Flexential got its start in Tampa in 2002 as Peak 10, a colocation and managed services provider that began as a single data center housing and managing mission-critical IT infrastructure. As its customers’ IT environments expanded over the years, so too did Flexential’s service footprint. In 2015, Flexential built a second, enterprise-class data center in Tampa; a 65,000-square-foot North Tampa facility built to withstand a Category 5 hurricane. By 2017, Peak 10 acquired Denver-based colocation provider ViaWest and formed Flexential a year later.

Flexential - office

Today, Flexential is a coast-to-coast, hybrid IT provider helping customers meet their evolving IT requirements with 41 highly redundant and connectivity-rich data centers and 13 cloud pods in 21 geographic markets. But beyond an expanding roster of data facilities, core to Flexential’s mission of delivering advanced IT solutions to its 4,200 customers, are its people.

Flexential demonstrates the power of people in a technical world, accelerating customer success through tailored solutions, trusted relationships and reliable, value-added services. The company’s local engineers and service staff, proven experts in managing and optimizing infrastructure, work 24/7 to enhance, scale and safeguard the systems and applications powering global business. Additionally, Flexential’s security professionals help customers in highly regulated industries navigate increasingly complex compliance mandates. Flexential has 1,000 employees, of which 75% are engineers and 625+ are ITIL certified.

This combination of dedicated people and innovative technology enables Flexential to stay ahead of customer growth, meet ever-evolving market needs and deliver modern cloud and colocation solutions.

Flexential - wall signage
Flexential - Compark Lobby


Flexential was named as the Best Place to Work by Florida Trend magazine for seven consecutive years. Its North Tampa data center was named Project of the Year for the Florida region of the Design-Build Institute of America in 2015. In 2016, it received the Best Sustainability Project award by the Tampa Chapter of NAIOP.


“Flexential has proven to be more than just a vendor for us. The Flexential team has been a partner in delivering crucial colocation services and support to further our mission of preventing, treating and curing cancer. When we made the decision to move our primary data center off-site, the opportunity to take advantage of the Flexential Tampa facility and its many advanced features sealed the deal.”
John McFarland, Director of Architecture and Engineering – Moffitt Cancer Center

flexential - Tampa Bay
flexential - building
flexential - tagline-logo

8350 Parkedge Drive
Tampa, FL 33637
Phone: 800-371-2059
facebook/linkedin: flexential

Vology – Proven Managed IT, Security & Cloud Services

Vology Clearwater HQ 1
Vology Clearwater HQ 1
Vology - Logo


Technology has become an integral part of business success—yet it’s increasingly challenging for organizations to keep up with rapidly evolving network infrastructure and modern IT. Rather than harnessing new technology for innovation and growth, these businesses are bogged down with mundane IT tasks and straining to maintain basic operations with their in-house team.

When you partner with Vology, a leading Managed IT, Security and Cloud Services Provider, you’re choosing to take control of your company. Vology offers best in class, end-to-end solutions to design, build, monitor and protect your IT network in and under the Cloud, on any device.

With Vology’s focus on ensuring your IT keeps pace with next-generation technologies, you can concentrate on:

• Managing and growing your business more efficiently and cost-effectively
• Reducing IT costs by 20-30%
• Increasing productivity, customer satisfaction and profitability

Vology - Cisco's Rick Hill presents Vology CEO Barry Shevlin

“As we double our size, Vology is going to be the one to help us get to the next platform. We’re not experts in IT and we don’t want to be, that’s why we have Vology as a partner to help us,” says Ray Rowland, Chief Financial Officer of Kimmins Contracting Corp.

Founded in 2001, Vology is headquartered in Clearwater, Fla. and employs more than 300 people, over half of whom are certified technical professionals and engineers. Vology currently monitors, manages and maintains 260,000 devices at 32,000 customer sites, providing 24/7/365 support through its U.S.-based Network and Security Operations Centers and nationwide network of 2,200 fully vetted field technicians.

“When issues arise that require even higher levels of expertise, we know Vology has dedicated team members readily available to help us,” states Lynn Craver, Vice President of Care Navigation & IT at Empath Health.

In 2018, Vology launched a full breath of Managed Security Services and a 24/7/365 Security Operations Center designed to protect against every aspect of security and compliance threats. Vology also broadened its Cloud Services offering, providing expert assessments, consulting and migration services for organizations choosing to take advantage of the security and scalability of the Cloud.

Vology - LOGE
Vology - Open_House_2018

Additionally, Vology became a Cisco Gold Partner in 2018. Of the more than 12,000 Cisco resellers in the U.S., Vology is now part of the one percent to be designated a Gold Partner. In addition to Cisco, the company partners with countless hardware and software vendors to deliver enterprise-class IT solutions. Vology is a Citrix Platinum Solution Advisor, HP Gold Partner, Hewlett Packard Enterprise Platinum Partner, Juniper Networks Elite Partner, Microsoft Gold Partner and VMware Premier Solution Advisor.

Vology is ranked No. 21 on the 2018 MSP 501 list of the best Managed IT Services Providers worldwide, and was also recognized on The Channel Company’s 2018 editions of CRN’s MSP 500, Tech Elite 250 and Solution Provider 500.

IT can and should be viewed as a source for innovative business process automation and improvement, a value-add and a competitive advantage. Vology can help you make that happen in your organization quickly and affordably with unprecedented quality and unmatched service.

To discover more benefits of partnering withVology, call 888-808-2199 to speak with one of our IT experts today.

“With what Vology has helped us build, our eyes are open and
we’re finding the next steps to make things better, so we’ll be
here for generations to come.”
Matthew Sokolowski, Vice President of Great Bay Distributors

15950 Bay Vista Dr.
Clearwater, FL 33760
Phone: 888-808-2199
linkedin: company/vology
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Haystack featured image
Haystack featured image


“Shown with fake data. View of Haystack Monitoring, showing an anomalous access (red link) and the context around it.”

Co-founded by tech entrepreneur Adrian Talapan and Dr. Bimal Desai, CMIO at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), Haystack Informatics started life by building a next-generation software platform that helps hospitals detect, investigate, and report patient privacy violations: Haystack Monitoring. By using multiple detection engines and multiple visualization lenses, our behavioral analytics software significantly reduces the time it takes to identify and manage insider threat risk, saving hospitals money and safeguarding their reputation.

From unintentional employee errors to the rogue employee, internal breaches have become a critical area of concern for hospital professionals as institutions extend their reach throughout their networks to include physician offices,outpatient clinics, and health information exchanges. Without the ability to apply constant surveillance to identify a potential insider threat before it happens, it’s nearly impossible to mitigate risks associated with protecting patient data – until it’s too late.

In addition, based on our understanding of employee behavior, we recently launched Haystack Intelligence, a new product that offers healthcare leaders the ability to monitor the operational performance of their domain continuously. This new solution delivers an objective diagnosis and determination of root causes of operational efficiencies and inefficiencies as they arise in the areasof EHR Workflow Optimization, Operational Improvements, Service CostManagement, and Patient Experience.

We are proud to be located in Philadelphia, as its rich history of healthcare innovation made experimenting and iterating on our solution set with actual customers not only possible but also highly efficient.

In addition to CHOP, the company is supported on its journey by anchors of the local entrepreneurial ecosystem: DreamIt Ventures, Rittenhouse Ventures, and Ben Franklin Technology Partners.

Haystack Intelligence graph

“Shown with fake data. View of Haystack Intelligence, showing how an encounter type is performed across various sites, with associated cost differences”

haystack logo

Adrian Talapan, CEO
Haystack Informatics, Inc.
Phone: 267-347-1431

OPS Security Group – an Innovator in the Security Industry

OPS Security staff

OPS Security Group


OPS security - protest
OPS security _ COO Mitch Gyger-L + Pres_CEO Dan Costa-R

Security staff should be instilled with a sense of professionalism, an appreciation for customer service and an ability to offer that peace of mind our clients deserve. Headquartered in Philadelphia,  Pennsylvania, OPS has since expanded to serve Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland and Washington D.C. With over 80 years of combined experience in security, safety, training, consulting and investigations, OPS offers a wide range of flexible security and safety services designed to keep you, your loved ones, employees, customers, property and community safe. We have received awards such as the Philly 100 and Soaring 76, which recognized our growth and achievement in the region.

Our leadership team brings diverse backgrounds from law enforcement, hospitality, FEMA, Armed Services, labor unions, event services and corporate security to their positions and instills in our staff the belief that we are the first and last impression of our clients’ customers. 

OPS security - Concierge
OPS security - Executive Protection Vehicle

With these diverse backgrounds and an emphasis on being an employee first, OPS can offer a wide range of premium service options that meet our clients’ needs and expectations. Providing both armed and unarmed security officers to residential, commercial, office, and industrial as well as single-tenant facilities in the healthcare, pharmaceutical, government, educational and distribution industries. Our other services include, event security, executive protection, investigative, consulting, training and Virtual Concierge.

OPS Security Group is considered a disruptor and an innovator in the security industry. We invest in our staff not only by paying above the industry standard and offering comprehensive training but also through offering all employees paid time off, 401k plans, medical, vision and dental benefits. OPS offers paid training to our staff and free certification classes that would cost them thousands of dollars to obtain otherwise. OPS also recruits interns from security and business programs from several area universities who get real, hands-on experience in a fast-growing, regional business. We tailor each internship to fit the goals of the intern, allowing more or less time with different departments in the company to help them reach those goals.

Our President and CEO Dan Costa received a Patriotic Employer award in 2018 from the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve which recognizes those who make it a priority to hire and retain those serving our country. OPS also values community engagement and promotes volunteerism by hosting events to give back to the communities in which the staff live and work. We look forward to seeing positive growth of the security industry and Philadelphia as a community through our efforts.

OPS Security staff
OPS security - logo

Phone: 888-406-6661
Philadelphia Headquarters
1500 S. Columbus Blvd. Suite 6
Philadelphia, PA 19147
Twitter: OPSProtect
Facebook: ProtectingTheBest/

Day & Zimmermann – The Original Betterment Company®

DAY & ZIMMERMANN - Header image
DAY & ZIMMERMANN - Header image



Today, we are still in the business of betterment—maintaining the nation’s power infrastructure, protecting American freedoms and accelerating innovation around the world. We are advancing and enhancing the fundamentals of modern productivity— talent, efficiency, and safety.

Founded in 1901, Day & Zimmermann is a family-owned company with a workforce of 43,000 specializing in construction & engineering, operations & maintenance, staffing, security and defense solutions for
leading corporations and governments around the world. Operating from more than 150 worldwide locations, Day & Zimmermann is
headquartered in Philadelphia, PA.


Day & Zimmermann’s vision is to accelerate the next generation of innovation. Every day we are advancing and enhancing the fundamentals of modern productivity— talent, efficiency, and safety. Like the city of Philadelphia, we are evolving and have been going through a tremendous amount of change. We foster better solutions for keeping our nation’s power plants running safely and reliably, hiring and placing skilled health care professionals that keep our country healthy,and protecting U.S. national security interests with mission-critical solutions.

Day & Zimmermann - graphic
Day & Zimmermann - construction

Innovation is in our DNA. The origins of Day & Zimmermann date back to 1901 and a mere seven years after our founding, the company was working on one of the most significant human engineering achievements of the twentieth century—the construction building of the Gatun Lock system of the Panama Canal. By the 1960s, Day & Zimmermann was assisting with the design of the Mercury and Gemini capsules that would put the first American astronauts in space. These history-altering projects had ties right here in Philadelphia.

While our past achievements built our strong foundation, we’ve not only sustained over time but have thrived and have new and exciting developments on the horizon. Today we are entering a new era of transforming the way our customers and staff, build, streamline and secure their future.

Yoh, our staffing division is helping to place workers in cutting-edge fields like software development, life sciences, healthcare and IT. Our engineering, construction and maintenance division is using new technologies, processes and systems to create efficiencies for power and industrial plants. We even recently acquired a new cybersecurity capability. Like in the earlier days working on the Panama Canal, we’re looking at a series of history-changing projects that in summation will push us and our country forward.

Day & Zimmermann is currently ranked as one of the largest private companies in the U.S. by Forbes.

• #1 Ranked Operations & Maintenance Contractor for 10 consecutive years (ENR)
• Yoh – our recruiting and workforce solutions company—was named to HRO Today’s RPO Baker’s Dozen list
• Ranked in Top 100 Defense Companies

Corporate Headquarters: 1500 Spring Garden Street Philadelphia, PA, 19130. Phone: 215.299.8000 | Twitter:  @DayZim | Facebook: dayzim | Linkedin: day-&-zimmermann | YouTube: DayZimVideo |