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Visit Philadelphia – The Place That Loves You Back

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Back then, people didn’t know much about Philadelphia. But we had confidence in the destination, and that in itself felt innovative at the time. Long before content was a hot marketing buzzword or the subject of countless blog posts and TED Talks, we began creating content to build the region’s image.

We made commercials. In 1997, we advertised Philly on national TV for the first time in the city’s history. We positioned Philadelphia as The Place That Loves You Back – a tagline people still use today. We were the first destination in the world to launch an LGBTQ TV commercial, part of our Philadelphia – Get Your History Straight and Your Nightlife Gay® campaign.

We took photos. We wrote about Philadelphia. And we put those words and pictures online.

Visit Philadelphia's Seattle Ad Campaign
Visit Philadelphia - Philadelphia Skyline from Spring Garden Bridge
Visit Philadelphia - Blue Cross RiverRink Summerfest

We were one of the first destinations on the web when we launched the region’s first and only official visitor website in 1998. Once again, in 2007, we saw the beginning of a trend and became an early adopter by launching uwishunu®, an in-the-know Philly blog – one of the first by a destination.

We showed journalists Philly’s awesomeness, and they became believers. In 2005, National Geographic Traveler declared Philadelphia the “Next Great City”. A decade and countless media stories later, Philadelphia took number three on the coveted New York Times’ “52 Places to Visit in 2015” list. And, just one year after that, in 2016, we worked with the writers of two destination-defining media stories. That year, Philly took the top spot on Lonely Planet’s “Best in the U.S.” list, and The New York Times’ “36 Hours in Philadelphia” highlighted the city’s vegan restaurants, bring-your-own-bottle culture and bike-share program, Indego.

We also focused on social-media marketing when it was still emerging. We launched accounts and a call-to-action hashtag, #visitphilly, to connect with visitors and locals alike. We practically invented the Instagram takeover among destinations, and we gathered (and continue to gather) our online community in real life with meetups at Philly attractions, parks, neighborhoods and restaurants.

Boathouse Row - Visit Philadelphia

For years, we’ve teamed up with partners to reach different people in different places. In the world of destination marketing, more collaboration means more visitation. So, we continue to design effective partnerships that benefit us, our partners and our visitors.

We keep at it, staying ahead-of-the-curve online and on social media, with unique partnerships and, of course, innovative research. The idea to invest in this destination turned out to be a winning one for Philly, as VISIT PHILADELPHIA continues to develop innovative ways to build the region’s image, drive visitation, boost the economy—and relish in all that comes with it.

BrainSpark – Radical, Out-of-the-Box Detox Treatment

brainspark - health-office-plymouth-meeting-addition-treatment-clinical-director-Ciara-Levine
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brainspark - health-office-plymouth-meeting-addition-treatment-clinical-director-Ciara-Levine


Every day, more than 115 people in the United States die because of an opioid overdose. The misuse of, and addiction to, both alcohol and opioids — including prescription pain relievers, heroin and synthetic opioids such as fentanyl — continues to be one of the most severe national crises that affect American public health, as well as social and economic welfare.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that the total “economic burden” of prescription opioid misuse in the United States alone, is $78.5 billion a year, including the costs of healthcare, lost productivity, addiction treatment, and criminal justice.

Founded in 2016, BrainSpark is an affordable holistic outpatient addiction healing and wellness center, housed in Plymouth Meeting Pennsylvania, a suburb of Philadelphia, utilizing a radical, out-of-the-box treatment – NAD IV therapy – which is a natural way to detox.

NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) therapy uses an essential molecule found naturally in your body’s cells to promote a healthy detox. Naturally, NAD contributes to the function of your brain, organs, and neurological system, but through prolonged addiction, to opioids and other drugs, your natural production of NAD can be diminished.

NAD IV Therapy radically repairs cell damage in the brain and the body. This dearth of NAD in addiction patients can be supplemented by NAD therapy, which uses intravenous therapy infusions. Through this, NAD IV repairs cells in your body and brain to functional levels, thereby helping reduce withdrawal symptoms common with detoxes, such as cravings, low energy, anxiety, depression, and stress.

For those seeking a natural way to achieve full, sustained sobriety, NAD treatments offer the best chance of recovery. It is a therapy method that has been around for over 40 years, primarily on the West Coast.

Brainspark office


The common desire to work together while helping others and to create new opportunities was the spark that initiated BrainSpark; a venture which will provide a different level of reward to all the people involved: doctors, patients, families and the community.

Knowing the current epidemic crisis with addiction, the founders of BrainSpark knew it was time to make a difference. Mr. Rich Masterson – a seasoned entrepreneur, and successful owner of many businesses, combined his business expertise with the clinical mindset of Dr. Franco Picofazzi – an experienced, successful, well respected dental surgeon and anesthesiologist, with over twenty years of private practice and hospital training, who has witnessed the increased opioid dependency and devastating nature of this crisis. They opened the doors to the BrainSpark treatment center.

Brainspark Health NAD Treatment
Brainspark detox therapy

The mission is to treat the source of the dependency and craving – the brain – first, by jump-starting it with a chemical spark, combining holistic, alternative medicine and social reprogramming, instead of the conventional treatment currently available and proven to have an over 85% failure rate. BrainSpark Health is the first center on the East Coast to offer NAD IV therapy, which other clinics have reported to have an impressive success rate and is considered the crown jewel of detox, because of its rapid cleanse and restoration therapies.

“This has the potential to save lives,” says Masterson. “This is why we are here. Stories of addiction touch all of us, so this is a rare opportunity where we can do good and do good well. I am excited by this, and I’m excited to bring NAD IV therapy to the East Coast for the very first time. Traditional detox and rehab programs are missing a critical step,” Masterson continues. “It’s not compassionate to make people go into a 30-day rehab program and all that it entails – the stigma, the expense, the time – only to have it fail, because they didn’t address healing the brain. What we are doing at BrainSpark Health is not just ‘detox and get out’ – it’s healing the brain to get you further down the road to recovery.”

Phone: 866-614-5291
Address: 649 W Germantown Pike
Suite 200 Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462
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Tampa International Airport – a Legacy of Innovation



When Tampa International Airport as we know it today opened in 1971, it was heralded as the most modern airport in the world. Featuring a hub-andspoke design, TPA put people first by limiting walking distances and using a never-before-seen automated people mover system to transport travelers from the Main Terminal (the hub) to airsides (the spokes) to catch their flights.

This architectural wonder was featured in such publications as Life magazine, Popular Science, and U.S. News and World Report and lauded as the most passenger-oriented terminal complex in operation.

Today’s travelers still benefit from the ground-breaking design, and Tampa International Airport consistently is listed among the top airports in the country for satisfaction.

TAMPA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT Remote Bag check at rental car center

The Airport is continuing to build on its legacy of innovation with a three-phase expansion program that will allow Tampa International to accommodate 34 million passengers each year, doubling the capacity from when the first dirt was turned for the project in 2014.

In 2018, the Airport served more than 21 million passengers – an Airport record – and completed the $981-million first phase of the expansion. The expansion included a new Rental Car Center connected by a 1.4-mile people mover to an expanded Main Terminal with an entirely new concessions program. In the Rental Car Center, a remote bag check and boarding pass kiosks that serve multiple airlines offer a one-of-a-kind passenger amenity that means rental car customers don’t have to manage their luggage after they return their rental cars. The popularity of the service also means fewer passengers use the ticket counters in the Main Terminal, improving the Airport’s efficiency.


“The Airport is continuing to build on its legacy of innovation with a three-phase expansion program that will allow Tampa International to accommodate 34 million passengers each year.”


SkyConnect, the name given via a community vote to the new people mover system, includes a stop at the Economy garage, providing a major customer service improvement to users of the most affordable Airport parking product. In the past, Economy parkers had to wait for up to 15 minutes for a van to take to them to the terminal, which also required maneuvering luggage up the steps into the van. With the SkyConnect, which arrives about every three minutes, it’s simply roll-on, roll-off. Reaching speeds of nearly 50 miles per hour, the 12 SkyConnect vehicles are each wrapped with images of native birds – six in total. The birds include the Great Egret, Black Skimmer, Bald Eagle, Roseate Spoonbill, White Ibis and the American White Pelican. The bird theme is particularly fitting to the Airport. More than 500 bird species either live year-round in Florida, stay here for the winter or use the state as rest stops as they migrate. Many are found here in Tampa Bay. The featured birds were chosen with help from the Tampa Audubon Society

TAMPA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT New terminal concessions

The Main Terminal expansion includes outdoor seating areas, one by the food court and two others outside the Hard Rock Cafe and P.F. Chang’s. These beautiful spaces feature high-end furniture, plenty of shade and cooling fans so guests can enjoy the Florida outdoors year-round. The new concessions program has already won industry awards for its outstanding design and unique offerings that include such familiar national brands as Hard Rock Cafe, Chick-fil-A, Wendy’s, Starbuck, Illy, Tommy Bahama, Ron Jon and Quiksilver, and a huge variety of local restaurants and products that give travelers a taste of Tampa Bay.

The Columbia Restaurant, whose Ybor City storefront is the oldest continuously operating restaurant in Florida, has a full-service restaurant in Airside E, as well as a significant presence in a food court in Airside C. Other Tampa Bay flavors included the Irish pub Four Green Fields, pizza from Bavarro’s, Greek fare from Louis Pappas and fine dining from Mise En Place.


Work has already begun on the second phase of the Airport expansion, which includes commercial development around the Rental Car Center, to create a sort of “airport city,” and additional curb space at the Main Terminal to accommodate continued passenger growth as well as adapt to the changing transportation landscape shaped by ridesharing and the inevitability of automated vehicle use by the general population.

One of the region’s most beloved institutions, Tampa International Airport is also a lynch pin in its economic vibrancy, with an impact of more than $8 billion every year and more than 10,000 workers on the Airport campus. Growing air service supports the region’s tourism industry, and assists with recruitment of businesses looking to relocate or expand in the Tampa Bay region. With development all around Tampa Bay, TPA looks to continue to grow to better serve the area and create a memorable first and last impression for millions of travelers each year.


“One of the region’s most beloved institutions, Tampa International Airport is also a lynch pin in its economic vibrancy, with an impact of more than $8 billion every year and more than 10,000 workers on the Airport campus.”

Tampa International Airport SkyConnect Terminal

4100 George J Bean Pkwy, Tampa
FL 33607, USA

STAR – SOF Transition Assistance Resource

Star - Network-logo
Star - Network-logo



American Patriots assisting American Heroes successfully transition into the civilian world.


The term “Special Operations Forces” or “SOF” refers to our nation’s most elite group of warriors from our US Department of Defense that includes Army Green Berets, Night Stalkers and Rangers; Navy SEALs and Combatantcraft Crewman; Marine Raiders; and Air Force Pararescueman and Combat Controllers. These Operators possess invaluable leadership skills and have exceptionally high degrees of integrity, self-motivation, creativity, focus, discipline and drive. Their “no fail” mindset gets projects done right on time with high quality. Their senior executive leadership skills sharpened under incredible circumstances in ambiguous complex and in many cases, dangerous environments enables them to compete for C-Suite executive positions in the private sector.

Military transition into the civilian world can be extremely stressful and challenging for a variety of reasons. Experienced mentors can provide them with the much-needed assistance. Starting with listening to their needs, assisting them with how and where to begin the transition process,
translating their military experience into skills and value, developing a personalized transition plan to track progress, guiding them on challenging careers that best leverage their capabilities and passion and helping them network with the right business leaders to seize career opportunities.

STAR Network - Team

Realizing that local Tampa Bay patriots were eager, willing and ready to assist our SOF Operators, Co-Founders Mark Rosenthal and Anthony Weiss launched the STAR Network in 2015. Since then our STAR patriots have unselfishly devoted their time and efforts to ‘give back’ to our STAR Operators, whose selfless service keeps us safe. This special relationship reflects mutual admiration, respect, and gratitude which helps create deep military-civilian connections and strengthens our Tampa Bay community. The STAR Network is grateful to and appreciative of the senior leadership at the United States Special Operations Command at MacDill Air Force Base for their encouragement and support.

The STAR Network assists our transitioning special operators in 5 primary ways.

1. STAR Dinners – The lasting connections within the STAR Network initially developed through monthly dinners, which provide an environment conducive for mentoring and networking, Through these events, operators gain a more meaningful and deeper appreciation of the civilian culture, build a business network (key for landing their next career), rehearse their 60 second elevator pitch and translate military experience into industry skills and value. These interactions serve as a military to corporate language immersion course, while helping operators understand different industry sectors and career paths, find a trusting sounding board for life issues and interact with highly successful local business leaders.

2. Speaker Series – This initiative provides an opportunity for our military heroes to benefit from subject matter experts on how to best address key transition challenges. Topics include gaining insights from lessons learned, transition success stories (for example, how I went from wearing a uniform to landing a 6-figure civilian job), resume writing, LinkedIn, 2-minute elevator pitch, building and leveraging networks, how to be an entrepreneur, conducting effective negotiations, financial gut-check and how to tell your warrior story.

3. Job Shadows – Experiencing a day in the life of a STAR civilian leader provides an opportunity for our STAR operators to better understand potential career paths, which leads to more informed choices of industries that align with their capabilities and passion. STAR Operators have expressed that full-day engagements in different industries and professions are one of their most meaningful and powerful experiences.

4. The STAR Network is partnered with Tampa Bay Job Links (TBJL), which is a non-profit organization that provides professionals with career guidance and job-search coaching. TBJL offers veterans a comprehensive career transition program at a nominal cost.

5. Partnership with LinkedIn – Nancy Laine runs Project_Transition_ USA ( and teaches a free monthly LinkedIn course at MacDill Air Force Base.

SOF Operators - Leadership Competencies

• Self Motivated with a Can Do Attitude
• Breakthrough Thinking
• Straight Talk & Genuine Leaders
• Decisiveness
• Developing Talent
• Team Leadership
• Personal Accountability
• Drive to Achieve

Help strengthen Tampa Bay! Our STAR civilians are eager to participate in local business and professional events, initiate operator panels and roundtables with Tampa Bay C-Suite executives to make them aware of the leadership skills and business value our STAR operators can immediately provide.

STAR - COL Dan Hodne, USA (Ret)

“Through STAR, I learned of an opportunity at Moffitt Cancer Center that matched my expertise, skills, and core values. I now proudly serve as Moffitt’s Senior Planning Consultant and support the design, development, and execution of its strategic plan, and further its mission of contributing to the prevention and cure of cancer. Special Operators bring unique leadership, team-building, and critical thinking skills that not only add immediate value, but also create entirely new opportunities for your organization.” (Health Care Sector) Dan Hodne, Retired US Army Colonel (Special Forces)


“The STAR Program exposed me to a network of successful business professionals who made my military transition a priority. These industry leaders helped me understand my value in the marketplace, which equates to success outside of the military. I now serve as the Chief Business Development Officer at KAATSU Global, Inc., where our focus is Injury Rehabilitation, Human Performance & Sports Recovery.” (Retail Sector) John Doolittle, Retired US Navy Captain (SEAL)

STAR - Kent Paro, Retired US Navy Captain

“Success depends on networking and
translation of the experience that SOF Operators have and that businesses need. STAR helps Operators build/enhance a network and translate skills to demonstrate value to business leaders. I gratefully serve as VP of Operations for Grow Financial Federal Credit Union, and my boss tells me every day: he hired me for my leadership; that he can teach me the details of the financial services sector. Hundreds of leaders transition from MacDill every year.” (Financial Services Sector) Kent Paro, Retired US Navy Captain (SEAL)

Chief Executive – Vijay Lund (
Co-Founders- Mark Rosenthal, Anthony Weiss
American Heroes – 100+ highly accomplished SOF Operators from SOCOM at MacDill AFB have signed on to STAR since its inception.
American Patriots – 100+ successful local business leaders, who represent diverse industry sectors, volunteer their time and effort to assist our American Heroes.

If you are interested in learning more about the Star Network, contact the Chief Executive, Mr Vijay Lund at

Strengthen our STAR Civilian Team by recruiting additional business and professional leaders from all Tampa
Bay growth markets while doubling our capacity in 3 years.

USF | The University of South Florida | – Future Cities

USF - Move In Day
usf logo
USF - Move In Day


USF is both attracting the best and the brightest to its state-of-the-art facilities while also bolstering its surrounding communities.


The University of South Florida System appraises its campuses’ cities with an eye toward more than just what university-specific buildings might go where. Three recent and major projects in Tampa and St. Petersburg demonstrate the depth and consideration of USF’s planning and care for the communities of which USF is part. The university system has forged powerful and never-before-seen partnerships, to the benefit of students, faculty, and residents.

The USF Health Morsani College of Medicine and Heart Institute will find a new home in Water Street Tampa, a revitalized area of downtown along Hillsborough Bay. The waterfront area is the world’s first WELL-certified city district, meaning it provides— among meeting other criteria—a number of healthy eating options, access to community gathering spaces (as for group exercise classes), and an emphasis on residents’ health. The Health Morsani College of Medicine and Heart Institute will be an anchor of the district, and the move will bring 1,800 students, faculty, researchers, and staff nearer to its primary affiliate Tampa General Hospital and also the USF Health Center for Advanced Medical Learning and Simulation, among other facilities.

USF building

Such a robust presence of medical researchers and providers promises to bolster each institution, in the way that iron sharpens iron. Every dollar of funding from the National Institute of Health, for example, is predicted to spark $2.35 in local economic activity, and the attractiveness of the area and facilities ensures both an increase in medical school applications— and thus in applicant quality—which in turn helps retain more physicians eager to make a home in the area. Thanks to USF’s involvement, Water Street Tampa is fast becoming a thriving ecosystem of symbiotic relationships.

USF - Welcome banner

Meanwhile, on USF’s main campus, the opening of five new residence halls have increased the population of students residing on campus to 6,300, pushing the percentage of degree-seeking undergraduates living in university-owned, controlled or affiliated housing to over 25%. These numbers may seem insignificant, but consider, national research shows that students who live on campus for at least one year are more likely to graduate—and sooner—than their counterparts who never live on campus. The residence halls—Beacon, Summit, Endeavor, Horizon, and Pinnacle— represent a real investment in students’ wellbeing.

The residence halls are also a landmark collaborative event in Florida’s history: the $134 million public-private partnership with Capstone- Harrison Street (a partnership in turn of Capstone Development Partners, LLC, and Harrison Street Real Estate Capital) is the largest in the existence of the State University System. It is also the single largest student-housing project the Florida Board of Governors has ever approved.

The halls’ amenities show a real attentiveness to students’ holistic wellbeing in their inclusion of The Hub and The Fit. The Hub, a Green-certified building, features nearly 500 indoor and outdoor seats, a coffee shop, and an onsite, registered dietician onsite to provide free nutritional counseling for meal-plan holders. Smart Tables, private collaborative spaces, and a 30- top dining room available by reservation are just a few of the amenities available for students.

The Fit, a state-of-the-art, 19,000 square foot facility, offers cardio- and weight-training equipment, an outdoor swimming pool, and a Center for Student Wellbeing, which makes available electronic massage chairs, nap pods, sleep packs, bean bags, soothing music, InBody composition analysis, and wellness tips and information from trained staff.

USF - store front

On the campus of University of South Florida St. Petersburg, the student-housing initiative continues. Once complete, the newest residence hall at USFSP will enable 20% of enrolled students to live on campus—a 70% increase in the overall capacity to do so. The development’s funding was part of the Florida Board of Governor’s decision on the USF housing project, showing just how cohesive the USF system really is. Plans for development also include an affordable dining hall with a variety of menus, meal-plan options, and longer opening hours.

The USF System has paved the way for Tampa and surrounding areas to become sought-after places to live and study, and the support it has leveraged from the state government and local private companies should prove its viability to even the most skeptical of residents and observers alike. In considering cities of the future, Tampa is a forerunner and a beacon the country and world over.

USF - Horizon

4202 E. Fowler Avenue, Tampa, FL 33620, USA
Phone: 813-974-2011
facebook/twitter: USouthFlorida | youtube: USFchannel
linkedin/instagram: usouthflorida |

Dynamic Communities – Uniting People of all Levels Through Community

Dynamic Communities - event
Dynamic Communities - Exhibitor Logo
Dynamic Communities - event


“The User Group community has been a huge enhancement to
my career. It has given me an excellent avenue to continually
learn about Microsoft Dynamics and the Power platform and
what’s new in upcoming releases. And I’m excited to start sharing
more about what I have learned about Dynamics 365 with the
community!” – User Group Member

The value members find in these communities is based on the foundation of excellence that began in 2004, when a small group of CIOs discovered great value in sharing knowledge and experience with each other about their ongoing system and business strategies. Over the last 14 years, Dynamic Communities has established many user communities and brought their community best-practices to other associations seeking to optimize value to their members.

“Our goal at Dynamic Communities is to create vibrant communities where users can grow their knowledge, competency, and confidence with their technology systems and business applications,” said Janet Lampert, President and CEO Dynamic Communities.

Today, the Dynamic Communities Groups represent over 180,000 members worldwide, representing 20,433 companies across many industries, disciplines, and software applications. By facilitating value exchange among members and providing business and event management, Dynamic Communities enables volunteer leaders to focus entirely on cultivating rich community engagement and delivering authentic member value.

Volunteers are the driving force of the Communities: delivering content, sharing their knowledge, and helping to shape the future direction of the community. There are over 1,500 volunteers dedicating their time and sharing their knowledge to grow the communities. Microsoft recognizes Dynamic Communities as their go-to partner for organizing and supporting global user groups for many of their enterprise products. Dynamic Communities founder, Andy Hafer cultivates a rich company culture of innovation and servanthood. Employees are encouraged to ‘fail forward,’ meaning taking, smart risks to drive innovation and garnering learning from failures. By being constructively dissatisfied, Dynamic Communities continues to drive new ideas and experiences for the user communities.

To learn more about Dynamic Communities and to find out how to get involved, visit:

Dynamic communities group

“I love giving back to the community, and I challenge myself by trying to answer Open Forum questions. I do a little research, and if I can provide guidance to someone, I’ve learned something and feel good about it! In a word, it’s the true meaning behind “Community!”
– User Group Member

Phone: (877) 324 8880

Community Foundation of Tampa Bay

Community Foundation of Tampa Bay - Builder
Community Foundation of Tampa Bay logo


Community Foundation of Tampa Bay - Builder

Since the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay was founded in 1990, we’ve awarded more than $210 million in grants in our community – covering Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco, Hernando, and Citrus counties. The Community Foundation of Tampa Bay works to build a better community through creative and innovative philanthropy, vision and leadership. Some of the ways that we help provide opportunities for everyone in our region to prosper and thrive include:

• Bring together leaders and resources for positive change.

• Help donors meet their charitable goals and make inspired gifts.

• Create efficient and effective strategies for gifts to have a lasting impact.

• Support the work of nonprofits by awarding grants and providing endowment management and activities.

• Leverage and grow charitable gifts.

We’re continuously innovating in order to have a lasting impact on our region, and we work closely with local leaders to stay on top of emerging issues and potential solutions. For example, we’ve created a Big Idea Grant to fund creative projects with impact in our community and joined Social Venture Partners in presenting its Fast Pitch Competition to help local nonprofits create social enterprises.

Second Chance Tiny House Manufacturing Company - Community Foundation of Tampa Bay

Second Chance Tiny House Manufacturing Company

THE NEED: Ex-offenders need training for jobs that pay more than minimum wage to support their families. Meanwhile, construction companies need skilled labor.

THE OPPORTUNITY: Tiny houses are the next big thing in housing. They provide options for affordable housing for the homeless, elderly and others who may be living in substandard homes. The Community Foundation awarded $50,000 to Pinellas Exoffender Re-entry Coalition (PERC) for its Second Chance Tiny House Manufacturing Company. The 2017 Big Idea Grant focused on social enterprises, which help nonprofits build a sustainable revenue stream.

THE RESULT: A year later, PERC has agreements with the city of St. Petersburg, Pinellas County and others for tiny houses. The first tiny houses will go to homeless veterans.

Second Chance Tiny House Manufacturing Company - Community Foundation of Tampa Bay
The Community Foundation of Tampa Bay worked with six other local nonprofits to set up the Tampa Bay Disaster Relief Fund before Hurricane Irma in 2017
The Community Foundation of Tampa Bay worked with six other local nonprofits to set up the Tampa Bay Disaster Relief Fund before Hurricane Irma in 2017 to allow it to provide immediate support to local nonprofits that would aid in local relief and recovery efforts. After the hurricane, ABC Action News hosted a telethon that raised $45,000 for the fund and local relief efforts.
ABC Action News - Community Foundation of Tampa Bay
Community Foundation of Tampa Bay telethon

Fast Pitch Tampa Bay

THE NEED: Many nonprofits struggle with sustainable funding.

THE OPPORTUNITY: In 2017, the Community Foundation joined forces with Social Venture Partners to help nonprofits develop social enterprise ideas and strategies with Fast Pitch Tampa Bay. The Fast Pitch program includes a free two-month training and mentoring program led by local experts and culminates in a Shark Tank-style pitch night. The winner receives thousands for their social enterprise. ECHO of Brandon, a nonprofit working to end hunger in southeastern Hillsborough County, won the 2017 Fast Pitch Competition. Its idea was ECHO Handmade where ECHO’s clients turn used clothing donations into accessories like purses, key chains, and jewelry. The accessories are sold online and through local retailers.

THE RESULT: ECHO Handmade’s sales increased approximately 400 percent between 2017 and 2018, thanks in large part to the grant seed money and the strategic financial plan developed throughout the Fast Pitch program.

Community Foundation of Tampa Bay - Fast Pitch 2
Community Foundation of Tampa Bay Fast Pitch 5 - ECHO
Community Foundation of Tampa Bay Fast Pitch 3
Community Foundation of Tampa Bay Fast Pitch 4

4300 W Cypress St. Suite 700 | Tampa, Florida 33607
Phone: 813 – 282 – 1975 | Email:
facebook/twitter: CFTampaBay | linkedin:  community-foundation-of-tampa-bay

Andy Hafer – CEO and Founder of Dynamic Communities

Andy Hafer Bio Shot Primary



“Last year at the Synapse Summit 2018, I had a moment on stage to share my thoughts of the status and the trajectory of the Early Stage Ecosystem in Florida. What I said then, is what I say now – Florida has all the elements in place to be one of the world’s most thriving Early Stage Economies. Are we there yet? Not quite…

I use this analogy: Think of the Florida Early Stage Ecosystem as a hay wagon. One of those old-fashioned, horse-drawn hay wagons. Imagine it is piled high with hay. That pile of hay represents the abundance of resources that we have for innovation in Florida, including Entrepreneurs, Investors, Talent, Capital, Higher Education, Enablers, Support, and a willing Government.

Andy Hafer Bio Shot Primary
Andy Hafer - hay wagon analogy

Now imagine that that hay wagon, loaded with abundant resources, has hundreds of ropes tied to the hitch. A rope that each of us can grab hold of and pull toward our goal. As we each eagerly grab our rope, put our heads down, and start pulling, we notice that we aren’t making great progress. We look up and see that we are pulling in a direction different to the person next to us. And the person next to them is pulling in yet another direction. Then we yell in unison: ‘Hey guys! Let’s all pull in the same direction!’ And that’s where Florida is now on our journey toward being one of the world’s most thriving Early Stage Economies.

I am grateful to all the voices who have been part of the dialog of figuring out how best to pull in unison. I’ve founded and grown several companies and nonprofits in Florida and have relied on many for mentoring, capital, know-how, and everything else. I know that much of that has been luck and serendipity. Watching the Synapse phenomenon help to organize the wagon-pullers has been exciting. I feel the wagon moving more smoothly now and I plan to keep pulling!”

Andy Hafer - 8_personas - synapse Florida
Andy Hafer on DCI stage

Andy Hafer has had a long career in technology and has founded several startups and non-profits, including Dynamic Communities, DCE Productions, Cornerstone Community, and Village of Hope – Haiti. Andy was instrumental in the start-up of Synapse and holds a position on the board. He has seen, first-hand, the opportunities for ecosystem players to collaborate together in a world-class way.

Andy Hafer - Logo-Dynamic Communities
Andy Hafer - Logo-VOH
Andy Hafer synapse primary logo (1)
Andy Hafer - Logo-DCEProductions
Andy Hafer - Logo-Cornerstone

5415 West Sligh Avenue, Suite 102
Tampa, FL 33634
Phone: +1-813-833-5708
twitter: @ahafer | linkedin: andyhafer

Quiet Professionals – Focuses in the Government Defense Space

Quiet Professionals Exec Team
Quiet Professionals Exec Team
Quiet Professionals Logo



There are 10 unified combatant commands – six have regional responsibilities and four have functional responsibilities. Out of the 50 states in the US, Florida is home to three of these unified combatant commands and Tampa alone is home to two of the three. Tampa is the only city in the US that is home to two of only 10 unified combatant commands.

Tampa continues to experience a rich growth in defense contracting that is tied to the needs of the decision-makers in charge of these two commands. Ever-evolving technology and the military requirement to stay on the cutting edge is driving young talent to the Greater Tampa Bay region.

Quiet Professionals group
Quiet professionals Tampa Bay
Quiet Professionals event

  “My vision is to capitalize on our operational experience and bridge the gap between defense contracting, innovation, and the commercial marketplace.We will help to ensure that our government receives the very best, brightest and most experienced workforce available. We will drive ideas through the research and development process with complete and innovative solutions. We will assist in bridging the gap between local government leaders, business leaders and academia with the military industry and growing demands for innovative solutions to never-ending requirements,” says Andrew Wilson, President and Chief Executive Officer of Quiet Professionals.

Wilson says the next innovation that’s going to change the industry is Artificial Intelligent (AI). He says autonomous unmanned systems are tied at the hip with AI. “There are already tremendous milestones being reached within this vast relatively new field of work. The world is beginning to see the seemingly limitless possibilities for innovative uses of all things unmanned both good and bad. Driver-less vehicles will soon consume our roadways. Drones will replace manned delivery vehicles and begin a new surge in air transportation. AI will tie in with unmanned systems to create an automated and synchronized global network of transportation. Nefarious groups around the globe will exploit these advances in technology for personal monetary or ideological goals.” All of these things must be continuously studied to ensure all of the good that can come to society is maintained and all the bad influencers are mitigated through well planned countermeasures.

Quiet Professionals military

2701 North Rocky Point Drive, Suite 175, Tampa, FL 33607
Phone: (813) 902-3557
linkedin | facebook

Magnum Group – Connect & Engage with your Audience in any Language

Magnum Group Dandelion
Magnum Group Dandelion

We help you connect and engage with your audience in any language — in print, video and on the web.

Twenty six years ago when Magnum Group was founded, the business landscape was limited by geography. Translation needs were typically managed at corporations by in-house translation departments and by local free-lance translators who worked independently or in small teams. The internet changed our industry. It gave us access to linguists around the globe and took the business and the translation industry to a whole new level. Today, from its Philadelphia headquarters, Magnum taps into a global network of over 2,500 translators, language specialists and subject matter experts to produce translations and multimedia content in more than 30 countries.

It’s exciting to be part of the country’s first World Heritage City, at the intersection of tradition and innovation. With this in mind, our mission is to help you maximize cross-cultural business results and expand internationally by dissolving language barriers.

Among its many honors, Magnum has earned the recognition of the City of Philadelphia for our company’s contribution to non-English speaking audiences and the SBA Women-owned Business of the Year award.

Vivian Isaak
President & Founder

Magnum Group - Vivian Isaak

Technology is an important enabler of business transformation and growth. At Magnum, we are constantly investing in state-of-the-art tools to propel our business in anticipation of the fast-changing and challenging business environment.

We offer unparalleled expertise and complete solutions to global organizations through accurate, timely, and comprehensive language, web, multimedia, and cultural consulting services. What sets us apart is the time invested upfront to really get to know you and the collaboration throughout to ensure your success. Our business approach and project methodology result in increased ROI, tighter budget control – and an exceptional client experience.

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