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Magnum Group – Connect & Engage with your Audience in any Language

Magnum Group Dandelion
Magnum Group Dandelion

We help you connect and engage with your audience in any language — in print, video and on the web.

Twenty six years ago when Magnum Group was founded, the business landscape was limited by geography. Translation needs were typically managed at corporations by in-house translation departments and by local free-lance translators who worked independently or in small teams. The internet changed our industry. It gave us access to linguists around the globe and took the business and the translation industry to a whole new level. Today, from its Philadelphia headquarters, Magnum taps into a global network of over 2,500 translators, language specialists and subject matter experts to produce translations and multimedia content in more than 30 countries.

It’s exciting to be part of the country’s first World Heritage City, at the intersection of tradition and innovation. With this in mind, our mission is to help you maximize cross-cultural business results and expand internationally by dissolving language barriers.

Among its many honors, Magnum has earned the recognition of the City of Philadelphia for our company’s contribution to non-English speaking audiences and the SBA Women-owned Business of the Year award.

Vivian Isaak
President & Founder

Magnum Group - Vivian Isaak

Technology is an important enabler of business transformation and growth. At Magnum, we are constantly investing in state-of-the-art tools to propel our business in anticipation of the fast-changing and challenging business environment.

We offer unparalleled expertise and complete solutions to global organizations through accurate, timely, and comprehensive language, web, multimedia, and cultural consulting services. What sets us apart is the time invested upfront to really get to know you and the collaboration throughout to ensure your success. Our business approach and project methodology result in increased ROI, tighter budget control – and an exceptional client experience.

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Think Big for Kids – Helping Underprivileged Teens Discover Their Potential

Think big for kids team
Think Big for Kids Logo


Think big for kids team
Think Big for Kids was formally announced as the premier teen program of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Tampa Bay during a press conference on June 6, 2018. Pictured left to right: representatives from the Dover Boys & Girls Club; Jeff Priede, owner of JDP Electric, Tony DiBenedetto, founder; Ann Shaler, senior vice president, Enterprise Business & Community Engagement, Bank of America; and Chris Letsos, president and CEO, Boys & Girls Club of Tampa Bay.

In a nutshell, Think Big for Kids is a program that aims to help 2,000 Tampa Bay youths become workforce-ready by 2022. Tech entrepreneur, Tony DiBenedetto, brings his proven mantra of “thinking big” to a venture with a mission to help underprivileged youths unlock their full potential and become the next generation of local talent in high demand.


Think Big for Kids introduces teens from low-income households to a wide variety of career opportunities and assists them in achieving post-graduation goals for employment. The program engages Boys & Girls Clubs of Tampa Bay students from sixth to 12th grade through the completion of on-the-job training, trade school certification, or a two-year or four-year degree, depending on their chosen career track.

The idea behind Think Big for Kids came to DiBenedetto after visiting teens at several Boys & Girls Clubs and observing a general lack of career awareness and preparation for life after high school. At one club, he met with 80 high school students and only three raised a hand when he asked if they had plans for post-graduation education. DiBenedetto, whose own childhood was marked by poverty and upheaval, felt compelled to put his time and resources behind formalizing a program to help at-risk kids.

“Boys & Girls Clubs of Tampa Bay have a 98% high school graduation rate, but they can’t do it all. I realized our community wasn’t doing enough to help disadvantaged teens prepare for the future,” said DiBenedetto. “At the same time, I consistently heard from CEOs that finding great talent continues to be one of their biggest challenges. Think Big for Kids is a convergence of two major needs in our community, with the potential to make a tremendous humanitarian and economic impact.”

Think big for kids students
Jeff Preide, owner of JDP Electric, introduces Boys & Girls Clubs students to the concept of electrical contracting by helping them build their own lamps.

THE BIG GOAL: 2,000 BY 2022

Think Big for Kids partners with area businesses representing high-growth industries to offer field trips, career showcases, mentorship, internships, scholarships and ultimately job offers. From electrical contracting and nursing, to cyber security and technical design, partner companies provide a long-term commitment that will see the teens through the program, with an eye toward building their respective job pipelines with known talent they have already invested in.

Volunteers and partner companies begin working with Think Big kids in middle school, when statistics show they are at greatest risk for peer pressure and lagging behind academically. By keeping them engaged in their early teens at the Boys & Girls Clubs, Think Big for Kids has a platform to introduce different careers, industries and companies across the area, identify general interests and begin to shape individualized career tracks. The focus is on educational preparedness, whether that means going to trade school or navigating college admissions.

“We work with kids who are often overlooked, under-challenged and would otherwise wind up in low-wage jobs with very little chance of career advancement,” said DiBenedetto. “This program doesn’t just focus on the ‘A’ students. We help all kids find a path to success that fits their passion, regardless of their grades or background. Our goal is to prepare 2,000 teens served through Boys & Girls Clubs of Tampa Bay for the workforce by 2022.”

Tony DiBenedetto

B2 Communications – Customized Public Relations Program

B2 Communications Kyle and Missy
B2 communications logo


B2 Communications Kyle and Missy
Missy Hurley and Kyle Parks co-founded the firm in 2010 after recognizing a need in the market for strategic communications.

B2’s success is based on clients staying with the firm for the long term. And that success is reflected in the firm’s growth: Since B2’s founding in 2010, the firm has become one of Tampa Bay’s top PR agencies.

Some of the strategies that we use to amplify organizations’ stories include:

• Messaging strategy: Strong messaging sets the foundation for all communications from the organization.

• Media coaching: Training clients to shine at interviews, speaking engagements or networking events.

• Media relations: News media coverage positions an organization and its executives as thought leaders and provides third-party credibility.

• Content development: Concise and powerful content delivered through websites, blogs, newsletters, and other channels that reach targeted audiences.

• Social media: Strategies for using Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and others to connect with target audiences.

Crisis communications: Reputation management counsel when it matters the most – when the organization is preparing for or managing a crisis situation.

B2 communications - Kyle at ULI Florida 2016 Summit
Kyle Parks is an expert in crisis communications. He presented on the topic at Urban Land Institute (ULI) Florida’s Summit in 2016.
B2 communications Synapse Innovation Summit 2018
Missy Hurley and Alana Siceloff worked with Synapse on marketing for the 2018 Innovation Summit, which had more than 3,500 in attendance.

Our clients are working on a local, regional and national scale. Our communications strategies on behalf of Sunstar Paramedics, Colliers International, SPCA Tampa Bay and Ybor City Development Corp. have won awards from national industry groups and statewide PR associations.

B2’s often tapped for its PR expertise and local knowledge by its counterparts in PRConsultants Group, a network of leading public relations firms in the nation’s top 50 markets. Our work is bold enough to have a national impact, but our team is small and nimble enough to retain our local touch.

One way our team stays current on the local landscape is through The Tampa Bay 100. B2’s talented team produces the bi-weekly digital publication, which includes 100-word stories about local businesses and nonprofits, events, breweries, restaurants and history. The Tampa Bay 100 has more than 18,000 subscribers.

B2 communications - CFTB with High Risk Hope
B2 works with clients like the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay to raise visibility and awareness through media relations. Wilma Norton (right), vice president of marketing and communications for the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay, and Bailey Nicholas (center), executive director of High Risk Hope, were interviewed about their organizations’ impact on the community by “Positively Tampa Bay” host Lissette Campos (left).
B2 communications Bowtie Ball 2017
B2 supports organizations that are making an impact, like the Poynter Institute. The B2 team attended Poynter’s Bowtie Ball, which honored PBS NewsHour anchor and managing editor Judy Woodruff, in 2017.

Find out what strategic public relations can do for your business.

Phone: (727) 895-5030

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Be Robin Hood – Anyone can be a Hero

Be Robin Hood is an online clothing brand and collection of merchandise
Be Robin Hood Logo


At Be Robin Hood we believe that anyone can be a hero to the people who are less fortunate


Be Robin Hood is an online clothing brand and collection of merchandise where you aren’t shopping for just yourself. Everything you see on the site is either a Be Robin Hood branded product or an altruistically mindedcompany that we have formed a partnership with. Why are we different? Together, we share one vision – to help those in need. By supporting and promoting our partners, we have an opportunity to provide the essentials of life to the less fortunate.

Be Robin Hood Merch


The definition of a hero is a vague term since anyone can find their personal hero and role model in anyone who has had an impact on their specific life. Why strive to create a company that is named after a childhood story book character? At Be Robin Hood we believe that anyone can be a hero to the people who are less fortunate. We provide and promote products from reputable clothing brands who donate part of their profit to those in need or similarly a good cause.

Robin Hood was known to live by the motto of “taking from the rich and giving to the poor”. Our interpretation of the story is a little different, but our philosophy is similar. Anyone who has the luxury to eat warm food, drink clean water and buy new clothes is fortunate and in the eyes of the poor considered rich. We urge YOU to be Robin Hood.

Be Robin Hood is an online clothing brand and collection of merchandise
Be Robin Hood ladies Hoodies
Be Robin Hood group shot

Whether we know it or not, everyone has an internal sense of purpose to better not only ourselves but those around us. This intrinsic motivation to offer a helping hand can produce a refined version of our personas, and give us a sense of purpose in life amongst many other things. We have created an online merchandise and accessory source that gives such a feeling when shopping for apparel.

Be Robin Hood is more than a clothing brand. It is more than a store or a company. More than a marketplace or charitable collection. Be Robin Hood is a lifestyle. It is a challenge and a dare. We have a vision to create something amazing and each person who joins in makes that much more of a difference. Together as one, we can Be Robin Hood.


Be Robin Hood’s founder was recognized as a Bay News 9 Everyday Hero.

Be Robin Hood branded caps

Phone: 630-624-9478
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ProjectMQ – As Told by Marcus Howard

ProjectMQ Marcus and Malcom




ProjectMQ is a multimedia search engine, for the world’s BEST independent video games. Similar to IMDB, or Rotten Tomatoes, gamers worldwide trust ProjectMQ, to help them quickly find amazing indie games. My twin brother and I got Super Mario Bros 3 when we were 6, and we’ve been playing video games ever since.

Like independent music and film, indie games are much more creative and niche-focused, than their big-budget peers. Independent game makers, knowns as “indie devs” for short, create nearly 70% of the industry’s games, including eSports, mobile, and VR titles. You may have heard of a video game called Minecraft; it too was created by indie devs. The gaming industry is larger than the movie and music industries combined and is expected to reach $180B by 2021. Unfortunately,the average indie dev makes less than $500 of revenue per year. With over 100,000 games on the market today, finding the perfect game is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

ProjectMQ helps indie devs make more money, and helps gamers find video games they’ll love.

ProjectMQ Marcus and Malcom
ProjectMQ founders, Malcolm and Marcus Howard (Photo cred Paul Schnaittacher)


ProjectMQ - marcus headshot
Marcus Howard (Photo cred Sadiee Bean Photography)

Malcolm and I have been playing video games ever since we were six. Video games inspired us to learn about technology at an early age, and we even started building our 1st video game in the 9th grade. Fast-forward about 10 years, past thousands of hours playing more video games, to March 2013. I have a degree in Information Technology, Malcolm has a degree in Computer Science. We were regularly discussing – well, complaining, depending on who you ask – how inconvenient it was to quickly find video game images and videos online. After years of waiting for someone else to come up with a solution, we finally decided to build our own: ProjectMQ.

Many Triple-A game studios and publishers are also publicly-traded companies, and can afford TV ads and other expensive marketing channels, so it’s easier for them to get the word out about their games. Unfortunately, the majority of independent game studios don’t have that luxury. Independent game developers: they typically have day jobs, and build their games on nights/weekends.

Indie studios generally don’t have a marketing budget, and certainly can’t pay for those TV advertisements that you see for games like Madden and Fortnite. The gaming industry is a pay-to-win ecosystem, where those who can’t afford to reach their audience lose.

PROJECTMQ - Marcus At Tech Diversity Accelerator


Game discovery has been broken for decades; it’s a complex problem with many layers. In order to fix game discovery, our solution needed layers too: tech and social. The tech part of the solution is the website we’ve built. There, you can easily find amazing indie games from around the world, for any platform or game genre. Let’s say you want to find the perfect horror game for your mobile device, or an excellent racing game for your Nintendo Switch; we’ve got an (upcoming) app for that. While building the website is by no means an easy task, the social part of the solution is much more complicated.

Our social solution is two-fold: we have to simultaneously educate gamers AND non-gamers, about the value of indie games. On one side, most gamers don’t know that blockbuster hits like Minecraft, Rocket League, Clash of Clans, and League of Legends were all created by independent game developers. On the other hand, because games like Fortnite and Grand Theft Auto are the only ones that can afford TV commercials, non-gamers think that all video games are about violence and destruction. First, we teach gamers that indie games can be just as entertaining as popular games like Madden. Then, using indie games, we teach non-gamers that video games can have several educational, psychological, and cultural benefits. For example, we recently organized an indie game arcade in Savannah, Georgia that was free to the public. There, kids and their parents got a chance to enjoy unique, interactive experiences from excellent indie games that we’ve curated from around the world.

ProjectMQ Silicon Valley
ProjectMQ - Malcom Pitch

Paypal selected ProjectMQ, out of 20,000+ applicants nationwide, as the top digital business of their 2018 contest. ProjectMQ is now iHeartMedia’s official Esports partner. They’re the #1 media company in the United States, with over 150 markets across the country, and we’re building all of their gaming events nationwide. This exciting partnership allows us to provide great exposure to indie games from around the world, and improve representation for minorities in the gaming industry. Malcolm and I see video games as an excellent resource to help educate, excite, and inspire youth about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) career opportunities.

ProjectMQ logo

Phone: 740-625-1963
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Health Union – Integrates the Power of Human Connection with Technology

Health Union - integrates the power of human connection with technology
Health Union - integrates the power of human connection with technology


integrates the power of human connection with technology to bring people together.

When people living with chronic health conditions think of the resources that will help them throughout their journey, health care professionals, treatments and care teams often top the list. However, nobody understands the pain, fatigue and frustration of living with a chronic condition better than those who are affected, every day.

After many years working as marketers at a large pharmaceutical company, co-founders Tim Armand and Olivier Chateau learned that the people living with these conditions wanted more than just information and that healthcare and pharmaceutical companies needed more meaningful ways to engage. With this idea, they co-founded Health Union, LLC starting with in 2010. Since the first day, Health Union’s mission has never changed — do what is right for people.

Health Union Event

People are the most important ingredient into the success of building, growing and sustaining Health Union’s communities. Health Union’s obsession starts with “meeting people where they are,” when they need it most, in its communities, in its company and with its partners. The company has seen that only good things come from doing the right thing, and leverages its culture and core values of community, inclusion, transparency and excellence to bring that to life and keep everyone enthusiastic, engaged and accountable for their contributions.

A fundamental aspect of Health Union’s success is how the company integrates human connection with technology. The company does this by building online communities where people impacted by challenging, chronic health concerns can learn, share and connect. Through these online communities, the team at Health Union encourages social interactions that evolve into meaningful health conversations that build sustainable relationships, at scale. Building these relationships requires careful cultivation within our teams.

Health Union wall art by Bill Strobel
Note: Local artist, Bill Strobel of Chalk Art Philadelphia, creates original wall art and murals adorning our offices on Chestnut St. and Sansom St. - including a huge replica drawing of Philadelphia City Hall
Health Union cube

When opening its first office in Center City in 2015, there was no question that Philadelphia was the right place to be. This is a vibrant, growing city that attracts high quality talent and is conveniently located near many clients in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. As of 2018, Health Union offices have expanded to more than 13,000 square feet, and its employee family has grown to over 100 people strong, and still growing. From community managers with varied backgrounds to technology experts with very specific skill sets, Health Union has maintained an innovative and forward-thinking culture with passionate people committed to its mission, right here in Center City

Health Union logo

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MyArea Network – It Started with a Crab Cake

MyArea Network Group Photo Sept 2018
MyArea Network logo - David Annis
MyArea Network Group Photo Sept 2018

It started with a crab cake. MyArea Network founder, Scott Conlon was in Baltimore, Maryland, and he wanted to know where the locals go to get the city’s best crab cake. But, he couldn’t find a good, reliable resource online to tell him.

“As a local, I set out in search for the best. I didn’t want a chain. I wanted to go to the top local spot,” recalls Conlon. “I later realized I wasn’t alone. So many people want authentic, local flavor, and they don’t know where to get it.”

Since an easy, accessible digital platform of stories about local businesses written by local residents didn’t exist — Scott built his own. After moving to Tampa, he created the ultimate online source of all things local he wanted in Maryland. He built, the first of what would become 150 sites across the country under the MyArea Network brand.

MyArea Network Mobile

Each MyArea Network site, named for their unique area code, does what Conlon envisioned. They create, curate, and publish authentic local content written by locals that’s fresh, relevant, and engaging for today’s digital consumers. But, MyArea Network has quickly grown into so much more than that. It utilizes real-time analytics, virtual reality, and personalization to create impressive experiences via stories and videography, and next year, they’re launching a new mobile app.

MyArea Network has also expanded their vision beyond just helping locals and visitors find great things to do, places to go, and what makes the area special. They’re focused on helping communities as a whole.

“Local businesses are the backbone and core of any great community,” says Conlon. “So we’re making MyArea Network an engagement platform that’s useful to both local residents and local businesses so we can help communities thrive and remain unique.”

MyArea Network now offers marketing services that help local businesses adopt digital technology and grow and succeed in their community faster. The model, which is on pace to do $1 million in sales this year, includes “digital marketing in a box” solutions that allow local businesses to simplify their online marketing and find easier, more cost effective, and more authentic ways to reach local customers.

MyArea Network founder, Scott Conlon
MyArea Network founder, Scott Conlon

By combining relevant local content and cutting-edge technology to connect residents, visitors, and businesses, MyArea Network is focused on building stronger, more influential and unique communities nationwide and also, guiding people to find the area’s best crab cake.

MyArea Network Dashboard
MyArea for Business Dashboard
MyArea Network 813 logo

Phone: 800-830-7994

YellowDig – a Discussion Platform That Connects Students

Yellowdig Logo


YellowDig community


In today’s world, high school graduates have multiple alternatives to traditional higher education, and the definition of colleges and universities continues to evolve. Technology has created a massive opportunity for instant access to education, which comes with major changes to the delivery method for said education. Online coding academies are taking the place of college for some, while others opt for online competency-based programs – both cutting straight to the chase and preparing learners for a specific occupation upon completion.

To compete with these alternatives, colleges and universities are offering online degrees and blended in-person and online degrees, while also extending their traditional undergraduate and masters programs to include adult learning opportunities.

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) continue to gain traction across the globe. These courses are open to the public, accessible online, and are often self paced with a downloadable certificate upon completion. Learners from all over the world are able to sign-up for MOOCs, regardless of their age, location, or lack  of affiliation with colleges or universities. This is creating a huge marketplace for learning online.

In this new, constantly evolving world of online education, learners are no longer connected in one place. There are no longer campuses to collaborate with peers, no hallways to catch-up with classmates after a lecture, no cafeterias to meet over dinner for group projects. Online education is focused on the relationship between educational content and the learner, but not on the relationship between learners: the very reason Yellowdig was created.


Yellowdig is a discussion platform that connects students enrolled in the same online courses and programs. The platform extends each learner’s experience beyond their interaction with course content. With Yellowdig, learners are able to connect with their peers, or in the case of alumni, those who came before them. Yellowdig’s software platform integrates with existing educational technologies (all of those delivery platforms learners are engaging with via coding academies, competency-based programs, MOOCs, college and university courses, and more) to enable enrolled learners to communicate, collaborate, and get to know one another.

At Yellowdig, we believe in the power of peer learning. We believe the online learning experience should be about more than just the content. We want to connect students to one another, so their learning experience is personalized, social, engaging, and impactful. We believe learners have their own related knowledge and stories to share, and Yellowdig’s software platform is the way to do so.

If you know a college, university, or online education program that could benefit from Yellowdig’s software – please drop us a note at

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STATION HOUSE ST.PETE – A Lifestyle Brand Founded by Gianco Companies

The Station House St Pete
The Station House St Pete



Lifestyle brand founded by Gianco Companies.

Welcome to Station House St.Pete. Let the journey begin, as we introduce to you a concept established in the year 1911 through its historic DNA as a Fire Station and Train Station, with a modern sense of styling and technology, adjoined in harmony to meet the human instinctive desires for community and social interaction.

Station House is dedicated to providing a comfortable, yet dynamic environment in which our guests can interact social or professionally, work or co-work quietly, enjoy food, drinks and entertainment, and rest peacefully. We are a co-working space by day and an event space by night. We’ve created this communal environment and set a standard of service that exceeds the expectations of our members and guests.

Set in the heart of downtown St.Petersburg, we guarantee a unique experience within our five-story building; whether you are saying “I do” on your wedding day, sipping drinks in our speakeasy, or closing your next big deal in one of our board rooms. This is where live/work/play comes into balance, where the 9-5 is dead and where ideas are sparked and made a reality.

Steve Gianflippo, Founder of Station House St Pete

Steve Gianflippo, Founder

Station House St. Pete
The Station House St Pete
Station House Logo

All things unique and extraordinary are derived form a simple thought or idea, a “Vision”.

With over 200 members that call Station House their home-office, and thousands of visitors tht cross through our doors each month, everyone has the unique opportunity to cross-pollinate ideas and share multiple perspectives, all while building an organic sense of community.

Station House St Pete
The Station House St Pete
Gianco - owner of Station House

260 1st Ave S

St Petersburg, FL 33701 USA

Phone: 727 895 8260 |

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