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PEOPLESHARE We have been featured for the last 11 consecutive years! This was this year’s award ceremony. Our founders, Dave and Ryan FOUNDED IN 2005 BY COLLEAGUES DAVE DONALD AND RYAN CLARK
Our founders, Dave and Ryan

The company has a three-pronged business focus: temporary staffing, on-site staffing, and managed service provider programs, a revolutionary idea that has brought the company to over 20 states in the nation.

PeopleShare’s success is based on the simple principle of investing in people: candidates, clients, and employees. While this may seem like an easy task, the manner in which PeopleShare executes this philosophy is rare and inventive- and unlike any other competitor.

Peopleshare - Best Places to Work -2018
We have been featured for the last 11 consecutive years! This was this year’s award ceremony

Investing in Candidates & Clients

To rise above the rest, PeopleShare uses an exclusive blend of valued processes and technology. The company’s use of PeopleView technology offers clients real-life insight into a candidate before selecting them for an interview. Candidates record a sample video to showcase their personality and poise before a face-to-face interview, saving time and money for clients, allowing them to bring in only those that align with their specific needs.

PeopleShare has opened eighteen branches since 2005, with an emphasis in the Philadelphia region. Valuing the accessibility of the close proximity of their clients and candidates, the company has enacted a unique hour per mile rule. For example, for a candidate to work for $12 per hour, they should only travel twelve miles or less to their workplace. Both of these strategic moves have led to the largest database of active candidates and clients in the area.

During the job placement process, a recruiter meets with each candidate three times before beginning a work assignment: performing initial interviews, interview preparation, and orientation, ensuring the candidate is fully prepared and ready to start to work the moment they step through the company’s doors.

Peopleshare - Group Photo
Many of our employees together in one photo!

Thinking Outside the Staffing Box

Expanding their reach even further than the local market, in 2010, PeopleShare embarked on an unprecedented staffing idea that is gaining traction across the nation. The company approached the largest healthcare insurance provider in America with an idea: a partnership to locate and train hundreds of candidates to become licensed health care agents. PeopleShare’s vision became a reality: sourcing candidates, hiring instructors, training and preparing them to pass state licensure tests and accept their new position. By investing in these candidates and providing them with the skills to begin their careers, PeopleShare presents trained candidates in a fraction of the time that it would take the company to produce the same results.

Investing in Employees

PeopleShare acknowledges that employing exceptional employees and a top management team are the backbone of a successful company. From the very first day, the organization invests in the employees- beginning with an intensive and comprehensive training plan. New and seasoned employees attend in-depth on-boarding, monthly workgroups and training exercises, building confidence with a strong emphasis on self-accountability.

The future of PeopleShare is clear to co-founder Dave Donald: keep investing in employees and clients, and the business will continue to thrive. “Our success directly correlates to the dedication that our employees bring to work each day,” says Dave. “We want our clients, candidates, and employees to know that they are the reason we keep growing.”

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Dale Carnegie – We Invigorate your Employees

Dale Carnegie - Logo


Dale Carnegie


For more than 100 years, Dale Carnegie has helped companies of all sizes create a vibrant, sustainable workforce by fostering environments where people thrive on positive, productive relationships. In the months and years to come, we’ll continue to be your partner in creating inspiring, effective development opportunities for everyone from new hires to high performers, all the way to the top.


E_Valudes - Dale Carnegie

Founded in 1912, Dale Carnegie has evolved into an international organization that crosses borders and generations, showing people how to tap into the best parts of themselves to create positive change. Our original body of knowledge has been regularly updated, expanded and refined through a century’s worth of real-life business experiences. Our courses and programs are available in 80 countries, all 50 states and in more than 30 languages.

At Dale Carnegie, we invigorate your employees by drawing out their natural strengths, building the courage and confidence they need to take command of their work and achieve the unexpected. As we help them excel, your employees will gain the trust and respect of the people around them, creating a culture that works harder for you at all levels of your organization. With more support, your team can take the lead in putting their ideas into action more efficiently, increasing their performance, along with your company’s, by working smarter at every step. We help companies of all sizes generate revenue, increase productivity and reduce costs by revealing their bright and resourceful workforce. Together, we’ll set your team in motion and help your entire organization reach new heights, powered by the unique talents of your employees.

Our training is built on extensive business experience and ongoing market research to keep our training solutions relevant and effective regardless of client size, need, or industry. Dale Carnegie offerings are delivered by certified instructors and available in flexible formats including: in-person, trainer-facilitated online, and large seminar. Through hands-on exercises, role-playing, situational coaching, real-time feedback, and practical real-world assignments; your people will apply what they have learned immediately on the job and in all areas of life.

Dale Carnegie Training
Dale Carnegie employees


We are at a unique time in business where there are as many as four generations of employees working within any one organization – this presents business challenges. A banking client recognized that there was often a disconnect between generations within their workforce.

Our collaboration resulted in a highly personalized program demonstrating how diversity supports individual and team success. By using customized case studies as a mechanism to begin the conversation, employees learned how to overcome perceived barriers, move past misconceptions and strengthen their ability to be more open and collaborative. The environment now is more inclusive, engaging and one that encourages unique perspectives and experiences. Diversity is embraced, employees feel valued and have a voice that is welcomed.

20120 Valley Forge Circle, King of Prussia PA 19406
Phone: 888-783-6537
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IPS – Integrated Project Services, LLC

IPS - Knowledge, skill & Passion
IPS Logo
IPS - Knowledge, skill & Passion



IPS-Integrated Project Services, LLC is one of the fastest-growing companies in the AEC industry with a global reach that spans over nine countries in four continents. Our cornerstones of Knowledge, Skill & Passion fuel our growth and cultivate a collaborative environment that drives our company. How did IPS once, a company of two, become a unique and innovative provider of technical consulting, architectural, engineering, construction management, and compliance services for technically complex development and manufacturing facilities in heavy regulated industries?

IPS Office

There are many reasons for our company’s remarkable growth. IPS was founded in 1989, as a unique firm focused on aligning our services with the business drivers of our clients and delivering projects on an integrated design-build platform. It was quite innovative and bold at that time. Since then, we have developed, executed, and advanced a number of strategies to reach our global status today. IPS moved from an execution-based company to a knowledge-based company and attracted several Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) that don’t just design and construct facilities, but solve a client’s problem.

Today, our extensive list of industry-recognized SMEs – a large number of whom have owner-side operating experience – possess deep global regulatory, and best-in-class technical expertise. As such, IPS remains at the forefront of new technologies and innovations in the industry. Clients reach out to IPS because of our recognizable brand of knowledge leadership. As IPS continues to grow, we do not lose sight of what has brought us here today: listening to the needs and challenges of our clients and providing integrated project and business solutions that help them create and manufacture life-impacting products.

IPS building


IPS prides itself as a global leader in developing innovative solutions in the design, engineering, construction, and commissioning and qualification of technically complex facilities worldwide, with a keen focus on the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and life sciences industry. We offer technical expertise that spans research and development to pilot-scale production to large-scale manufacturing, specializing in the latest trends, technology, and regulatory environment.

The rapid pace at which technology evolves demands we stay at the forefront of innovation. Using leading edge tools such as Building Information Modeling (BIM), Augmented/Virtual Reality (AR/VR), and exercising Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMPs) and LEAN construction are vital to our work, but it isn’t what sets us apart from the competition. What differentiates IPS from our competitors is applying these tools with our technical expertise to pioneer advanced solutions to our clients’ challenges. We create the ultimate modular delivery platform as a standardized solution to meet speed-to-market requirements for next generation cell and gene therapies. We design facilities of the future that flex and adapt to new technologies, processes or products. Additionally, we develop training modules for pharmaceutical operators and regulatory agencies like the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on barrier technology, handling potent products safely, and monitoring operational improvements.

IPS Work 02 Cook

We support our clients around the globe, and work on projects that utilize a wide spectrum of disciplines, technologies, tools, and subject matter expertise. There is continuous collaboration among our teams, a healthy flow of knowledge sharing, new ideas transpiring, and innovative solutions realized.

To date, IPS has been the recipient of many global and local awards, including six Facility of the Year Awards by the International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE), and has consistently ranked in the Philadelphia Business Journal’s Top 25 Engineering Firms, Architectural Firm, and Contractors lists. At IPS, we stay true to the Knowledge, Skill & Passion that distinguishes us from the competition and enables us to deliver innovative technical, and business solutions that help our clients succeed in creating and manufacturing life-impacting products around the world.

IPS Rendering

721 Arbor Way, Suite 100, Blue Bell, PA 19422
Phone: 888-366-7660
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GPHCC – The Greater Philadelphia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

GPHCC Hispanic Chamber of Commerce - State of Hispanic Business 2017
GPHCC Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Logo
GPHCC Hispanic Chamber of Commerce - State of Hispanic Business 2017
State of Hispanic Business: annual symposium which presents the climate, condition, and trends that affect the region’s Latino-owned businesses


The Greater Philadelphia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (GPHCC) is a non-profit, membership organization devoted to promoting the advancement and economic growth of Hispanic businesses and professionals in the greater Philadelphia region.


The GPHCC, established in 1990 by a committed group of Hispanic business professionals in response to the pressing need for an entity that would respond to the various needs of the growing Hispanic business community. Since then, GPHCC has grown to be an important voice among municipal, state and federal government entities, as it fulfills its advocacy mission on behalf of its diverse membership.

GPHCC focuses on two strategic areas: small business development and investing in the talent and development of young Latino professionals.

GPHCC Hispanic Chamber of Commerce - YPN Youth Summit 2017
Young Professional Network Youth Summit: career and college fair for Latino high school students in Philadelphia
PHCC Hispanic Chamber of Commerce - Closing the GAP 2017
Closing the Gap Conference: provides corporations with insight into the Latino marketplace.
GPHCC Hispanic Chamber of Commerce YPN Youth Summit 2017
Young Professional Network Youth Summit: career and college fair for Latino high school students in Philadelphia

The Small Business Development and Education Program is the heart of the GPHCC. This program seeks to close the gaps in outcomes for Hispanic businesses by providing access to the networks, tools, and resources needed to scale. To this end, the Chamber provides individualized business coaching as well as conferences, symposiums and training opportunities that attract over 2,500 attendees per year.

GPHCC believes in the power of the new generations to lead and promote positive changes in the Latino business community. This is the spirit of the Young Professional Network (YPN), an initiative that creates a pipeline of executive, professional talent with a strong focus on increasing diversity and inclusion in the corporate sector. The YPN offers professionals a three-pronged approach to their careers providing them with: a valuable network of diverse professionals; professional development opportunities; and the ability to support Latino youth through mentoring.


Latinos are starting businesses at three times the national average, far surpassing other groups. There are over 18,000 Latino-owned businesses in the greater Philadelphia region, including 11,000 in the City of Philadelphia. With a thriving and growing business community, GPHCC has increased its programming and outreach.

Each year, the GPHCC convenes, connects and celebrates the Latino business community in various events. Among them is Alegría Ball, the Chamber’s signature fundraising event which benefits the organization’s core programs.

In the same manner, The State of Hispanic Business, an annual symposium, informs Chamber members, partners, policymakers and the business community about the climate, condition, and trends that affect the region’s Latino-owned businesses. GPHCC’s Closing the Gap Conference, held for the first time in 2017, aims to bring resources and know-how to Latino entrepreneurs that are looking to address the disparity in outcomes that persist in contracting and firm size.

GPHCC Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Small Business Development and Education
Small Business Development and Education Program
GPHCC Hispanic Chamber of Commerce - USHCC Preview Reception 2018
Preview Reception USHCC National Convention 2018

The Young Professional Network hosts the only career and college fair for Latino high school students in Philadelphia. The Youth Summit, which started as a one-day conference at a single high school, has expanded to become a two-day, STEM-focused event attended by Hispanic high school students from across the city. The summit attracts diverse professionals who inspire and coach students in panel discussions and workshops throughout the day.

Recognized as the premier voice and resource organization servicing Hispanic business in the greater Philadelphia region, the GPHCC’s will
continue advocate for business and community partners, fostering innovative ideas and programs to help our region thrive.

Phone: 215-845-5456 | Email: | Learn more:
facebook: Greater Philadelphia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce | twitter/instagram:  @gphcc |

Insperity – The HR Game Changer is Setting up Shop in Tampa

Paul Sarvadi Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Insperity
Paul Sarvadi Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Insperity
Paul J. Sarvadi Chairman and CEO, Insperity
Insperity logo



Insperity will redefine everything you thought you knew about HR outsourcing. Conquer HR challenges and achieve the dreams you have for your business. Whether you choose our complete co-employment solution or our comprehensive human capital management software, Insperity is a true HR partner. We run the journey with you, providing support and follow-through that are unmatched in the industry.


Insperity began with the vision of one entrepreneur who had an office, a telephone and a passion to make business owners’ lives easier by taking HR and administrative burdens off their plates. Since then, we’ve helped more than 100,000 clients achieve their goals.

There are other companies in the HR space, but Insperity is a category of one. No one else delivers on the breadth and depth of services, or the level of care, that we provide. It’s what helped us grow from our entrepreneurial beginnings to a $3 billion public company. And the solutions that drive our success are the same ones we give your company to go further, higher, faster.

We understand how difficult it is to start, grow and maintain a successful business. It takes grit and determination to keep moving forward. We also know that it’s not just about where you are today, but where you’re going and where you want to be.

Our HR services go beyond transactional solutions. Insperity helps you focus on strategic initiatives that make a difference in your organization. We stand shoulder to shoulder with you to align your business strategy with your people strategy and propel your business to the next level.

Be confident in the face of human resource challenges. Hurdle past HR-related compliance issues. Insperity meets you where you are right now and maximizes your growth potential with HR that makes a difference in your business today, tomorrow and 20 years down the road.


• Gold Stevie Award for Employer of the Year in Business Services: 2016, 2017

• Stevie Award for HR Technology Solution Provider of the Year: gold in 2016, bronze in 2017

• ESAC bonded and accredited

Insperity Trust badge

CBRE – The World’s Largest Commercial Real Estate Services Firm

CBRE The world’s largest commercial real estate services firm,
CBRE The world’s largest commercial real estate services firm,


The world’s largest commercial real estate services firm, with eight offices in the greater Philadelphia region.

CBRE reception desk

The Story

CBRE, a Fortune 500 and S&P 500 company headquartered in Los Angeles, is the world’s largest commercial real estate services and investment firm. CBRE traces its roots to San Francisco in 1906 when it was founded by Colbert Coldwell along with Benjamin Arthur Banker beginning the growth and development of what is now CBRE.

In 2017, both Forbes and Fortune named CBRE one of America’s best employers for diversity and inclusion, and Euromoney voted CBRE the global real estate advisor of the year for the sixth consecutive year. In 2018, Fortune named CBRE one of the most admired companies in the real estate sector for the sixth consecutive year and The Lipsey Company ranked CBRE the top real estate brand for the 17th year in a row. In 2018, CBRE changed its symbol on the New York Stock Exchange to “CBRE” and ascended to #207 on the Fortune 500.

With more than 80,000 employees throughout 450 offices worldwide, CBRE now offers a broad range of integrated services, including facilities, transaction and project management; property management; investment management; appraisal and valuation; property leasing; strategic consulting; property sales; mortgage services and development services.

CBRE Philadelphia
CBRE conference room
CBRE office


In September of 2018, CBRE opened its brand new state-of-the-art office in Center City, Philadelphia for more than 85 downtown employees. Located in Two Liberty Place, the 15,000 square-foot office is part of CBRE’s global “Workplace360” initiative, the company’s leading-edge approach to workplace strategy designed to promote flexibility, mobility and productivity through technology-enabled, 100 percent free-address and paperless offices.

In addition to Center City, CBRE has seven other offices located throughout the greater Philadelphia region, including a second 25,735 square-foot “Workplace360” location in Radnor, Pennsylvania, which houses approximately 130 full-time employees.

CBRE Workplace360

CBRE continues to attract and retain the best talent that’s out there, particularly in the greater Philadelphia area which has been the basis for the company’s success in the region. Our employees are committed to diversity and inclusion, and we are proud to have successful local chapters of the CBRE Women’s Network and the LGBTQ & Allies Employee Resource Group. Many of our younger employees are part of the Rising Professionals Organization, where members embody CBRE’s RISE Values and strive to reach their highest potential as leaders within our industry. The CBRE RISE Values are Respect, Integrity, Service and Excellence.

CBRE Cares is an organization within the company that allows employees to volunteer their time to help those in need. In recent years, CBRE has raised thousands of dollars for organizations such as Alex’s Lemonade Stand, National Multiple Sclerosis Society, and has hosted veteran hiring fairs across the greater Philadelphia region.

Full Stack Talent – A Recruiting Agency Focused on Tech

Full Stack Talent logo




Full Stack Talent team

We’ve set ourselves apart from other recruiting agencies by nurturing our relationships with our candidates and clients and keeping as much as we can within the greater Tampa Bay ecosystem. Our staff all comes from a tech background – whether it be in development, infrastructure, or tech sales – we speak intelligently to your tech stack. At the end of the day, we’re a bunch of nerds who are passionate about technology and filling the employment gaps in Tampa. We love our time in the office, and it reflects in our work.

When we say we love Tampa, we mean it. We have an actual crush on Tampa Bay (<3). We’re at all the events, whether in an organizer, volunteer, or participant capacity. In the past year, we’ve been involved with Startup Week, Startup Weekend, Synapse, BarCamp, Ignite!, Code for Tampa Bay, poweredUP, numerous hackathons, Girl Develop It’s ‘100k Members’ event where we sponsored an awesome taco bar, and even more (we’ve lost count!). 

You’ll see us around at a bunch of local tech-centered and taco-centered meetups. And beer. We like beer.

Full Stack Talent meetup panel
Full Stack Talent Tampa

Our work with clients is diverse: we help businesses, from one-person development shops to Fortune 500 companies, find their dream team – whether it be fulltime, part-time, contract, etc. If you need it, we’ll find it. Michael Sunderland, our leader, champions an open office where everyone collaborates on projects and initiatives. As a small team, we’re able to work in a more dynamic and innovative way than the bigger firms we each came

Contact us via email: or visit our website at – we’re excited to become your IT department’s new best friend.



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25 Years of Innovation

Founded in 1992 by Palm Harbor resident Paul Toomey, Geographic Solutions is a software development firm that specializes in the design and development of custom online solutions for workforce development, labor market information, and unemployment insurance agencies. Since inception, the company has implemented state-of-the-art employment websites that collectively serve millions of job seekers and employers in over 35 states and outlying territories, far surpassing the experience of any other vendor in the industry.

Geographic Solutions’ groundbreaking achievements include the launch of the nation’s first website to provide labor market statistics for public and government use. The company is also credited with launching the nation’s first website designed specifically for career centers, which included tools to assist staff managing individuals benefiting from U.S. Department of Labor public assistance programs. To keep up with changing times, Geographic Solutions has also developed custom mobile applications for its clients, and efficiency tools to streamline the day-to-day business processes of career centers. Another notable company achievement was the development of a modernized online unemployment insurance solution.

GEOGRAPHIC SOLUTIONS - Computer classroom

“As a Florida-based company, we are proud to partner with the state to make available hundreds of thousands of quality jobs to Florida’s talent pool. Employ Florida helps job seekers find suitable, high-paying jobs that closely match their skills and background.” – Paul Toomey, President of Geographic Solutions


For years, there has been a distinct division between unemployment benefits and workforce development. Geographic Solutions saw the intrinsic value of an ‘integrated’ system, and launched the country’s first combined workforce and unemployment benefits website in Louisiana. The website provides individuals claiming unemployment benefits with labor market information, job search, and training opportunities to help them get back to work at a faster rate. This approach has ensured reliable job search validation, fostered rapid reemployment, lessened the depletion of state unemployment trust funds, and lowered employer taxes.

GEOGRAPHIC SOLUTIONS - Mobile App_Map with Pins
GEOGRAPHIC SOLUTIONS - Mobile App_Keyword Search

Florida’s Go-To Resource for Employment
Locally, Geographic Solutions has contributed significantly to Florida’s workforce development endeavors by partnering with the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity to provide a statewide online job system known as Employ Florida ( Since its launch in 2005, the website has successfully linked regional workforce boards and CareerSource centers across the state, making it the most utilized resource for employment in Florida.

Over the past 12 years, Employ Florida has provided job seekers and employers easy access to a complete set of employment tools designed for all levels of computer experience. A virtual ‘one-stop shop,’ the website assists users with résumé creation, training and career exploration, skills assessments, job applications, financial assistance, and more. Employ Florida is also linked to specialty portals designed to target returning veterans, those with disabilities, and other hard-to-serve demographics in their quest to find meaningful employment. To date, Employ Florida is credited with over 1.5 million job placements throughout the state.

Making a Nationwide Impact with Local Talent
Geographic Solutions employs close to 300 professionals throughout the Greater Tampa Bay Area in the fields of software architecture, development, analysis, and project management. A smaller firm by industry standards, the company has been able to develop revolutionary software by attracting and retaining incredible talent. A proud member of Tampa’s technology hub, Geographic Solutions will continue to develop software solutions that have a positive impact on America’s workforce.

Geographic Solutions LOGO

Phone: 727-786-7955