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BRIDG – Bridging The Innovation Development Gap

BRIDG - Building Exterior
BRIDG logo

Located at NeoCity – a 500-acre master-planned intuitive community of innovation in Osceola County, less than 20 minutes from the Orlando International Airport and within a mile of the Florida Turnpike – BRIDG is a unique public-private partnership that is at the heart of a technology-based economic transformation currently taking place in Central Florida and positively impacting the entire region and state.

BRIDG - Building Exterior

As an industry-led, not-for-profit organization for advanced sensors, semiconductors, photonics and other advanced nanoscale systems, BRIDG provides research and development capabilities and infrastructure for manufacturing processes and materials geared toward system miniaturization and smart sensor innovation. 

BRIDG operates one of the most versatile 200mm microelectronics fabrication facilities in the world – a 109,000-square-foot building with nearly 60,000 square feet of laboratory/manufacturing space that includes two clean-rooms; one operating at Class 100 standards and the other at Class 10,000.

Focused on the innovative manufacture processes, materials and equipment for next-generation sensors and future high-tech products, BRIDG catalyzes to help bring high-value, quality jobs to Florida. As companies get products through the development cycle, BRIDG provides the necessary infrastructure – talent, equipment, background/foreground IP, etc. – to test ideas and concepts, acting as the bridge to product commercialization. In essence, BRIDG is the state-of-the-art “boutique” lab/fab facility open and flexible enough to keep up with the ever-evolving pace of technology and has space to accommodate a variety of partner-funded activities.

BRIDG - Tools Installation

BRIDG is enabled by investment from founding visionary partners – Osceola County, the University of Central Florida, and the Florida High Tech Corridor Council – as well as other partners including the University of Florida, the University of South Florida, Florida International University, Harris Corporation, Siemens, Massey Services, imec, and many others.

With the combination of BRIDG, its partners, and the growth of many sectors of the high technology economy here in Central Florida, the region is steadily becoming recognized as THE place to be if you want to build or grow a high technology-based organization. BRIDG provides the physical infrastructure and collaborative processes to connect challenges and opportunities with solutions, thus “Bridging the Innovation Development Gap” that makes transformation possible.

BRIDG Exterior Aerial

Learn more at

200 NeoCity Way
NeoCity, FL 34744
Office: 407-742-4253

Exterior photos credit: Seamus Payne courtesy of Skanska

Azavea – An Award-Winning Geospatial Software Development and Data Analysis Company

Azavea SummerOfMaps
Azavea SummerOfMaps


Azavea is an award-winning geospatial software development and data analysis company founded on the principles of public service, innovation, and impact.

We became a B Corporation in 2010 to recognize these principles. Our mission is to advance the state-of-the-art in geospatial technology and apply it for civic, social, and environmental impact. This is reflected in the projects we work on, how we treat one another, and the values we apply in our everyday operations.

Azavea’s software and data analysis work include a broad array of topics – water resources, public transit, elections, climate change, economic development, and transportation – and we serve a growing international client base. Our team includes software engineers, user experience (UX) designers, GIS analysts, data scientists, project managers, writers, product specialists, and administrative support.

Azavea Office Entrance
Azavea Standup Meeting

 As members of the global software ecosystem, we actively seek opportunities to share our work through open source software projects. In addition to contributions to other geospatial software projects, we release much of our own work as open source, including GeoTrellis for big geospatial data processing, Raster Foundry for analyzing Earth observation data, OpenTreeMap for urban ecosystems management, and DistrictBuilder for collaborative redistricting.

Azavea gives back in several other ways as well. In addition to donating a percentage of its profits each year, the firm helps the next generation of data analysts and software engineers through two mentorship programs: Summer of Maps and our Open Source Fellowship Program. Students receive a stipend and dedicated mentoring from Azavea staff over a twelve-week period each summer. Mentors describe the program as a rewarding experience that enables them to work with a diversity of students and give back to the community in a meaningful way, while students gain both a high quality first professional experience and an opportunity to work on projects with positive civic and social impact.

The principles of public service, innovation, and impact also extend to Azavea’s employee benefits program, which includes paid time off to vote, to volunteer for charitable organizations, and to contribute their skills to humanitarian relief efforts. A new monthly program, #HOTLunch, enables Azavea staff and other collaborators to volunteer their lunch breaks to create maps for the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) and Missing Maps projects. Volunteers map buildings, roads, and other features on satellite imagery that organizations will use to plan future disaster response and humanitarian relief efforts in communities around the world.

Azavea Team Working
Azavea logo

990 Spring Garden Street, 5th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19123
Tel: 215-925-2600
Twitter: @azavea






As a “by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs” non-profit, Tampa Bay WaVE’s mission is to help entrepreneurs build, launch and grow successful technology companies right here in Tampa Bay.

Through the diligent cultivation of entrepreneurs, technology talent and support from community and business leaders, Tampa Bay WaVE has created a unique ecosystem focused on collaborative pathways to success. The 10,000 square-foot inhabitants with all they need to focus on becoming Tampa Bay’s next breakout success. Oh, and not to mention the coffee bar, hammocks, foosball and open work environment that supports their distinctive culture.

Tampa Bay Wave - Phonism


Tampa Bay WaVE began in 2008 as a meet-up of the CEOs and founders of local technology startups. Founder and current President, Linda Olson formed a community of leaders that came together regularly to solve problems and share ideas. The group continued to grow a they became more effective at providing solutions and resources to its members.

In 2011, after instituting some programming and organizing around a few key initiative, Tampa Bay WaVE formally established itself as a 501(c)(3) non-profit with a focus on enabling Tampa Bay to support great technology startups.

Tampa Bay Wave
Tampa Bay Wave Group Shot

In 2012, Tampa Bay WaVE moved into downtown’s iconic Sykes Building while simultaneously raising $1M from the business community to support its efforts. The Economic Development Administration (EDA) matched these funds with a federal grant that same year.

In 2015, the EDA followed up on their commitment with a second grant that allowed the WaVE to continue their mission of helping entrepreneurs build successful technology ventures. Later that year, Tampa Bay WaVE relocated to their current space in the Sunshine Bank Building.

This new home effectively supports Tampa Bay WaVE’s mission by providing resources for co-working, workshops, a mentor network, as well as , a home for the FirstWaVEVenture Center and Accelerator Program.

The FirstWaVE Venture Center

Today’s startup founders require a growing number of resources to support their success. Close Proximity and collaboration with other founders and CEOs is an invaluable part of this mix. The FirstWaVE Venture Center provides co-working opportunities with flexible, open office along with the access to resources and the community support that entrepreneurs need.

With the added value of workshops and networking events, the Venture Center is an affordable and valuable asset for businesses at any stage of growth.

The FirtsWaVE Accelerator

Tampa Bay WaVE’s FirstWaVE Accelerator delivers a hands-on program that moves startups from an idea to an investment-ready business in just ninety days. This program offers founders the counsel, connections, and the confidence of commitment that will allow them to thrive. This accelerator program is different by design and allows the bootstrap entrepreneur the chance to focus on their idea while maintaining 100% of their equity. With a nominal fee for participation, these founders invest in their idea with divesting their ownership.

The FirstWaVE Accelerator provides many additional support resources after the program like meaningful peer relationships build during the program along with beneficial connections to customers and capital.

Tampa Bay Wave - community


WaVE is one the closest entrepreneurial communities in the Tampa Bay area – and growing more expansive every year.

Because helping entrepreneurs is at the heart of Tampa Bay WaVE’s mission, they will continue to expand their services to assure they are contributing value to the Tampa Bay entrepreneurial community. Whether it is more education, leadership and/or capital investment opportunities in Tampa Bay WaVe is committed to building companies and growing the Tampa Bay area’s ability to support a thriving technology business community.

TECHNOVA – An All-Volunteer Organization Devoted to Fostering Collaboration and Peer-to-Peer Education

burning match - Technova
Technova Florida Logo
burning match - Technova

TechNova is an all-volunteer organization devoted to fostering collaboration and peer-to-peer education among startup founders, freelancers, and other grass-roots technology professionals in the Central Florida tech ecosystem.

Primarily known for two long-running events in the Tampa Bay area BarCamp and Ignite!, TechNova is a Florida-based 501(c)3 organized by individuals with decades of tech industry experience and a deeply held belief that our region’s economic health is tied to improving the talent pool of individuals driven by innovation.

Outside of the hosting of our signature events, TechNova’s leaders have initiatedmany other activities to support the growth of the tech ecosystem. From tech and business skills focused workshops, founder mentoring, co-working, hosting local entrepreneurial support events like the Kauffman Foundation’s Global Entrepreneur Week andStartup Grind founder interviews to speaking at events all over the state in support of the Tampa Bay tech community.

Technova Ignite Tampa Bay

Ignite speakers challenge the status quo

Technova presentation

The Best Tech Minds and Startup Founders in Tampa Bay

Technova - youth

No Geek too young or old

Technova Tampa Bay

Participation is Its Own Reward

Technova - Ignite

Ignite Entertains and Informs

TechNova’s leadership is a driving force in the local Tampa Bay tech ecosystem frequently lobbying government officials, local journalist, and business community leaders on topics such as STEM education, workforce diversity, improvements to transit, and a move evolved view of economic development to make our region a top producer of innovation and tech talent.

Our signature event BarCamp is part of an international network of user-generated conferences primarily focused around emerging technology and the Internet. They are open, participatory workshop-type events, the content of which is provided by participants in what is called the “unconference” where topics are crowd sourced at the event to create a just-in-time agenda. Attendees then move from session to session picking the topics that most interest them. Past topics have included everything from software development, robotics, autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence, social media, game development, and much more. Ever year bring new topics and new attendees who are many times inspired to give their own talk at future BarCamp events.

Technova - Hackerspace

Team at Tampa Hackerspace

Technova - BarCamp Crowds

BarCamp Crowds

Technova - Wrap-up Session at BarCamp 2015

Wrap-up Session at BarCamp 2015

The first BarCamp in Tamp Bay was held in 2008 and attracted just over 100 participants. Now celebrating its 10th anniversary, BarCamp Tampa Bay typically draws 800 people covering a wide range of interests, professions, and ages. Unlike tech networking events, BarCamp attracts mostly practitioners and enthusiasts interested in hands-on skills and who motivated to develop new products and services based on emerging technologies and opportunities for solving problems thorough innovation.

Ignite! Tampa Bay, also organized and hosted by TechNova is a platform for expanding beyond just tech related topics of interest to include more community engagement, social entrepreneurship, and issues that impact everyone in the Tampa Bay region. The motto of this event is “Enlighten us, but make it quick.” Ignite is a series of speedy talks where presenters get just 20 slides, automatically advancing every 15 seconds to share their passion for some topic they feel deserves broader community support.The goal of the Ignite model of accelerated story telling is to help anyone anywhere learn to present their ideas & stories and to drive others in your community to get involved.

The result is a night of ~20 fast and fun presentations that lasts just 5 minutes but often leave the audience engaged to learn more and maybe even become an active advocate for a newfound cause.

Ignite talks occur in 350+ cities around the globe driven entirely by volunteers and passionate individuals that encourage active participation and change to make their communities more engaged and aware of the innovative programs, purposes, and people around them.

Technova Ignite Tampa Bay logo



BarCamp Tampa Bay:

Ignite! Tampa Bay:





Access to data is critical for modern enterprise organizations. Good data can unlock new revenue streams, boost your current profits, and give you important insight into where to make future investments. However, the primary challenge in harnessing this data when designing software is pulling it together from disparate systems scattered across the organization.

Data is all over the place, stored in different formats and with unique structures. Older systems make leveraging this data even more challenging. Data might be trapped inside of legacy databases, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, or pre-web desktop applications. Trying to maintain these old systems can result in lost productivity, frustrated employees, and an inability to meet the rising expectations of customers.

What makes developing software for enterprise even more complicated is the number of devices out there that need this data. iPhones, Android devices, Smart TVs, digital kiosks, and a thousand different Internet of things (IoT) devices all rely on being able to communicate with each other.

This is where Sourcetoad comes in. The Tampa-based software consulting and engineering firm specializes in unifying these data sources into a single, powerful collection.


“Our new CORE system allows enterprises to create a single source of truth for all these systems,” says Greg Ross-Munro, founder and CEO of Sourcetoad. “CORE wires everything up together, monitors the health of all the connected systems, and gives you real time analytics on what’s going on.”

Once all that data is streamlined through their CORE system, Sourcetoad then helps their clients use it in powering other applications.

“The most exciting aspect of CORE is that we can add custom modules to it,” says Justin Weber, CTO and partner at Sourcetoad. “We’ve built modules to allow our clients to run their digital signage systems, interactive TV interfaces, and mobile apps. With everything streamlined, we can build apps that would have normally taken a year to make and launched them in three months. That’s unheard of in the enterprise space.”

Sourcetoad’s main areas of focus are the healthcare, education, and cruise industries, but they have also worked with organizations as diverse as Sony DADC, Hillsborough County, SOCOM, and Luxottica


“The cruise ship work we do is the most interesting to me,” says Nick DeMelas, a Sourcetoad partner and the Director of Projects. “Cruise ships are extremely complex floating cities, without the usual crutch of a constant Internet connection. If you want to build a basic app for passengers, you need to talk to restaurant booking databases, weather systems, GPS trackers, WiFi portals, and guest services. On one ship alone, we pull and push data to over 20 subsystems and make the whole experience seamless, even when there isn’t a stable web connection. We’re really proud of what we’ve built here.”

This domain expertise has helped the company land three of the major cruise lines, and has grown the firm into a two-continent, 30-employee organization.

“The work is immensely rewarding,” says Ross-Munro. “We get to work on problems of a massive scale and systems with a huge amount of visibility. But we still get to be a super-geeky company that has a startup feel. I work with some of the smartest people in the world on some of the most challenging business problems, and I get to wear a t-shirt every day. What more could you want?”

With a client list the includes some of the who’s who of the Fortune 500, Sourcetoad is a Tampa company that is making waves in the cruise industry and beyond.

ROBRADY DESIGN – “Any Sufficiently Advanced Technology is Indistinguishable from Magic”

ROBRADY - Vectrix Superbike
ROBRADY - Vectrix Superbike


“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

Sir Arthur C. Clarke, Scientist, Author, Futurist


Rob Brady, CEO / founder, ROBRADY desing

In Florida’s Suncoast region, ROBRADY design has been producing things out of thin air for over two decades. Via their continually refined process of research, design, engineering, prototyping, testing, and manufacturing – what they coax into reality is at once exciting, innovative, and disruptive. Yet, it is always something more.

“We humanize technology.”

Rob Brady, CEO /founder, ROBRADY design

After graduating from the Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles and beginning his professional career with the Cigarette Racing Team in Miami, Rob Brady foundedROBRADY design, a multidisciplinary design and development studio, in 1990. From his work in marine design, he quickly expanded his focus and team into diverse market sectors: transportation, consumer/electronics, industrial, medical, and graphic/interactive, collaborating with clients to identify the greatest areas of opportunity for producing innovative designs that drive profitable results.Yet, no matter what project the studio undertakes, all the work shares one common trait: it exists at the nexus of organic and OMG.

Walking through the ROBRADYcomplex in the sultry Sarasota heat, it’s easy to be captivated by the studio’s industrial chic interior and displays of sleek, futuristic projects that look like something from Syd Mead’s garage. It’s easier still to be impressed by the on-siteCNC machines, 3D printers, welders, and more. Thesetools allow the studio to transform sketches into CAD drawings and physical prototypes faster than ever before—in some cases, a matter of hours. Yet, the studio’s physical assets only tell part of the story. The studio’s personnel roster is a deep bench of expertise and experience,not just in design, engineering, and manufacturing, butalso in material science, management, marketing, and regulatory guidelines. ROBRADY’sacumen allows it to navigate the regulatory environment of agencies such as the Department of Transportation, the American Medical Association, the Federal Trade Commission, the Federal Communication Commission, and the FDA.

Yet, afinished product does not mean a job completed.ROBRADY’s standing in the design field is in large part to its perspective that invention and innovation are not enough. There must also beintention. In other words, how will the design be implemented for maximum impact and benefit?Beyond understanding the needs and concerns of all stakeholders, ROBRADYknows how a product will be introduced to market. The studio mantra of research to reality very often includes a third step, retail. To better support and realize their clients’ visions, the studio formed ROBRADY capital to provide support and management for particularly promising ventures.

ROBRADY - New-Holland rustler

ROBRADY’s capacity to rapid prototype elements of the FORTIS exoskeleton dramatically reduced the development timetable. In some instances, testing could be performed on physical prototypes within hours of their design, saving significant time and expense and contributing in large part to the success of the project. The studio garnered multiple awards for the work on FORTIS, including “Best of the Best” from internationally recognized Red Dot Design.

Customer loyalty and admiration aside, the studio has become a familiar and critically acclaimed presence on the global stage. It has amassed an impressive and constantly growing list of accolades from organizations including: Red Dot Design, the International Design ExcellenceAward (IDEA), Good Design, Universal Design, The Medical Design Excellence Award, SPARK, and Designpreis Deutschland. Each attest to ROBRADY design’s commitment not only to being a leader in the field of design, but to delivering on its vision to humanize technology and having a positive effect on our world.

ROBRADY’s collaboration with Ziivaa, LLC is a clear example of the studio’s commitment to their client. From design work on the revolutionary belt to development of the brand name, packaging, international regulatory certifications, a suite of intellectual property and launch of the company, ROBRADY design was there for Ziivaa, LLC at every stage.

1040 Commerce Boulevard North

Sarasota, FL 34243



Spark growth - Girls committed to the future
Spark growth - Girls committed to the future

Girls committed to the future



Park growth - 2017 Smart Citites Innovation Havard NYC

Customizing our approach to the specific needs of a problem, place and culture – at Spark Growth we draw on the right resources from our talented network of thought leaders and experts to bring high value through strategic innovation and creative problem solving. Working in agile and iterative cycles, we help organizations determine the best courses of action with the highest impact and ROI. Then we guide project implementation with a focus on rapid and effective results.

We are in a time of unprecedented change worldwide, with major new challenges facing our organizations every day. As leaders, thinkers and problem solvers, the traditional ways of operating no longer work and even the unspoken rules of business and innovation no longer apply. In this big-data and information-rich world, context is critical and insight is invaluable to help you innovate rapidly and effectively adapt to change. For the future of your organization, how you manage change is as important as knowing what changes to make

Our passion is in connecting the dots – growing people, businesses, and communities. We’re always looking for cool new ideas that make a difference, great people, and awesome partners for projects.

These projects take shape across cultures, multiple time zones, industry clusters and profit and non-profit sectors. From the wild west of “Smart Cities”, the culture shifting aspects of thought-leadership workshop retreats and conferences, to the capital creation results of business and economic development.

Leaders Conference 2016 - Spark Growth

Leaders Conference 2016 Strategic Doing Workshop

Spark Growth - Station2-Vern Buchanan

Station 2 – Vern Buchanan

Some of these projects include:

DaVinci’s Faire – multi-generational sensory-rich community engagement centered around science, technology, makers, inventors and lifelong learners in an unique open-spaces format.

3.0 Leaders – convening extraordinary leaders and innovators, “heroes” in establishing innovation cultures to address the tough issues that are facing us all today. What are the latest trends? What questions should you be asking? Where are they investing their time and money, and why?

Soft-landing services – support business expansion into new markets, and are designed specifically to ensure those businesses are provided with an accelerated introduction into the market’s business practices, regulations and culture.

Agile strategy – lean, agile and fast, we teach people how to form collaborations quickly within in their networks, and rapidly generate innovative solutions in quick, iterative cycles.

Station 2 Innovation – building community and growing businesses in Bradenton and beyond with weekly education, co-working, mentoring and more.

Cool collaborations – from visiting the UN and State Department, to Innovation Accelerators sponsored by Harvard University, international business networking and impact investment conferences.

Spark Growth was founded in Bradenton, FL in 2013 by entrepreneurs Sara Hand and Stan Schultes. With recognized business development, technology, and organizational skills, we are certified Business Incubation Managers through the InBIA, and certified practitioners of Strategic Doing, an agile strategies development process supported by the Purdue University Agile Strategies Lab.

Spark growth - Leaders 2017 Panel

Leaders 2017 Panel

DaVinci Faire BarCampDeconstrruct Zone 2017

DaVinci Faire BarCamp Deconsruct Zone 2017

Spark Growth - Station 2 Grand Opening

Station 2 Grand Opening

Spark Growth - logo

Address: 912 7th Ave E. Bradenton, FL 34208 | Phone: 941-877-1599 | Email:,

Facebook –SparkGrowth , Twitter – @Spark_Growth


tec garage St.Petersburg logo


As we approach our 15th year of operation, we can take pride in reaching an important milestone by serving as a valuable resource for innovators and entrepreneurs.  Our ever-growing list of graduates is a testament to our ability to nurture successful high-tech entrepreneurial ventures in West Central Florida. 

Tanya Elmore, President & CEO of TEC Garage

Tanya Elmore, President & CEO

When we launched the Innovation Center in 2003, the concept of an incubator as a vital part of regional economic development was not yet top-of-mind for most people.  It surely wasn’t as trendy as it is today to coach, mentor and support startups.  We were pioneers in understanding how important it is to assist and nurture entrepreneurs. 


In 2014, we took the foundation of the Innovation Center and established TEC Garage in downtown St. Petersburg.  TEC Garage is an innovation and entrepreneurship center that assists emerging and entrepreneurial companies in the technology and manufacturing sectors by accelerating their success.  TEC Garage provides a unique mind-to-market model for working with entrepreneurs from concept through exit strategy, providing dedicated coaching, mentoring services, shared equipment, conference and office space, educational workshops and access to funders.  Clients are able to access services either onsite or virtually.

Much of our success can be attributed to an outstanding staff with experience in launching and growing tech companies, as well as a group of professionals who volunteer their time to serve as mentors to our clients.  Today we continue to improve our program by incorporating the best features and practices of the most successful programs throughout the country. By continuing to focus on the individual entrepreneur, we can address specific needs with specific skill sets, helping to move the young startup more quickly to revenue and success.

We are fortunate to count numerous well-respected individuals from funding and venture capital organizations, defense program offices, law offices, accounting firms and many more for community support.   Together they make a significant contribution in helping us foster innovation and growth in the high-tech economy in the Tampa Bay marketplace.

TEC Garage
TEC Garage - a unique mind-to-market model for working with entrepreneurs
TEC Garage - space
Tec Garage - office space


We are very pleased to report that we’ve been laying the groundwork for a purpose-built Innovation Center – a technology hub in St. Petersburg’s Innovation District and Pinellas County.  With emphasis on healthcare and marine sciences, the new facility will provide tomorrow’s technology business leaders access to the resources, services, networking and mentors they need while also fulfilling our vision of creating high-tech high-wage jobs.  The Innovation Center will serve as a focal point where startups, entrepreneurs, innovators, and investors can work in a collaborative environment bringing forth new innovations with a shared vision

TEC Garage

244 2nd Avenue North, Suite 9

St. Petersburg, FL  33701



Tampa Bay Technology - CEO2CEO



Tampa Bay Technology - CEO2CEO
Daniel Scott - Tampa Bay Technology Forum

That’s more than Pittsburgh, Raleigh, Philadelphia, Detroit, Nashville, Omaha, Las Vegas, Des Moines, Boulder, every other metro in Florida, and half the states in the nation. And a third of our tech workforce arrived over the last seven years, making us one of the country’s fastest-growing tech hubs.

Which begs the question: Why is so much US tech talent choosing Tampa Bay?

Is it the average annual temperature of 73.35°F? Is it the seemingly endless coastline? Is it the active lifestyle? Of course that is part of the story; however, we would agree that living anywhere in Florida is a pleasure.

So, why is so much US tech talent choosing Tampa Bay over other places in Florida?

Might it be that Tampa Bay is more densely populated with tech talent than other Florida markets? Might it be that Tampa Bay is growing its tech workforce faster than other markets in Florida? Might it be that Tampa Bay is the state’s leading employer in two of tech’s hottest jobs: cyber security and network architecture? All of these are true, yet maybe not the entire story. There is one factor that may rise above all others in attracting tech talent…

Tampa Bay’s tech is as diverse as its people.

Tampa Bay is one of the top two markets most demographically similar to the US. And our tech workforce is just as diverse, with an abundance of career opportunities across disciplines and industries.

tbtf - Tampa Bay Technology Forum
Tampa Bay Technology Forum

What industries, exactly, with examples?

Consulting & Professional Services: Accenture, A-LIGN, Baldwin Krystyn Sherman Partners, Convergence Consulting Group, Chasm Communications, Deloitte, Holland & Knight, Identity Fusion, KForce, LivingHR, RIDG, RSM, Simply Axiom, SourceTek, Staffometry, Stonehenge Capital, TeleVoIPs, The PraxsysGroup, Tribridge, Valet Living and Wolters Kluwer.

Cybersecurity: Abacode, CheckPoint, Ivanti, KnowBe4, LogRhythm, Malwarebytes, Optiv, ReliaQuest, Splunk and the SSL Store.

Education: BICSI, Bisk Education, ISC(2), Florida Polytechnic University, Keiser University, Lighthouse Academies, New Horizons, South University, St. Leo University, St. Petersburg College, Tampa Prep, The Iron Yard, Ultimate Medical Academy, University of Tampa, University of South Florida and Vector Solutions.

Finance: American Express, AON, Arbitration Forum, Bond-Pro, Fintech, Jackson Hewitt, JPMorgan Chase & Co., New York Life, PSCU, Raymond James, UPC Insurance and Wellcare.

Government & NGO: British Consulate, City of Largo, City of St. Petersburg, Florida High Tech Corridor Council, Geographic Solutions, Panther International, Tampa Bay Water, Tampa Bay WaVE and Tampa Hillsborough Economic Development Corporation.

Hardware/Logistics/Managed Services: CDW, CenturyLink Business, CIO Technology Solutions, Dobler Consulting, Forsythe, Hivelocity, IT Authorities, Jagged Peak, Nutanix, Peak10, Red Hat, Tech Data, Technology Integration Group, Urban E Recycling and Vology.

Healthcare & Bio-Life Sciences: Cardinal Solutions, CareSync, Empath Health, Healthesystems, Health Plan Systems, Johnson & Johnson, Pilgrim Quality Solutions and Skynet Healthcare Technologies.

Marketing: Catalina, GSP, Nielsen, Triad Retail Media and Valpak.

Retail and Manufacturing: Ashley Homestore, Bealls, Bloomin’ Brands, Gerdau, Goodwill Industries of the Suncoast, HSN, Melitta, PODS, Publix, Rooms To Go, Superior Uniform and Tampa Bay Lightning.

Software Development & Integration: 4th Source, Accusoft, AgileThought, Appian, Haneke Design, Mad Mobile, Mercury New Media, Nitro Solutions and Sourcetoad.

So, why is so much US tech talent choosing Tampa Bay?

Silicon Valley is the leader in innovation and entrepreneurship.

Washington, D.C. is the leader in defense technologies.

Boston is the leader in biotech and life sciences.

Tampa Bay is the leader in tech diversity.

Tampa Bay Technology - presentation
Tampa Bay Technology Logo

The Tampa Bay Technology Forum Team: Jill Pearson & Daniel James Scott

Phone: 813-400-1164


Just Grow Strengthens Society’s Connection to Nature Through Gardening Technology and Design

Just grow team
just grow logo


Just grow team

Cesar Mendoza – Director of Engineering, Bekah Vigin – COO, Dan Holahan – Director of Operations, Djimo Serodio – CEO/CTO, Ed Williams – Director of Business Development, Monica Petrella – Director of Programming.

Just Grow is disrupting the indoor gardening industry with a sustainable solution that reduces the time, energy and cost needed to bring nature indoors.

Djimo Serodio (founder & CTO), began working on a product to help reconnect urban society with nature. After years of research, he found that global food production is the leading cause of disruption to the natural environment and that our disconnect from nature has led to the over consumption of nonrenewable resources. Just Grow was founded in 2015 to provide a solution. The result was a sophisticated and sustainable gardening experience for the indoors. Just Grow’s garden, Malawi, is a compact yet complete living ecosystem that combines nature and technology to provide innovative adaptation to gardening for indoor environments.

Just grow - Malawi


Just grow gardening

Student at St. Mary’s Episcopal Day School

Just Grow is also launching a 501c3 educational branch, Just Learn. They believe STEM education is essential way to cultivate the future generation’s interest with the environment and critical thinking skills. Just Learn has gardens in 25 classrooms in Hillsborough and Pinellas counties as part of an Academic Pilot. They are testing Malawi as a compact environment-based learning tool, developing inquiry-based curriculum and supporting teachers through professional development workshops that encourage their confidence in engaging students in STEM.