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Brian Moyer – Nashville: Your Creative Tech Destination

Brian Moyer



Brian Moyer
Brian Moyer President & CEO Greater Nashville Technology Council

A creative culture fosters an ideal environment for growth and innovation. The Nashville area is a welcoming, cooperative ecosystem that actively nurtures both new and existing tech companies. The community is a magnet for new tech talent from other markets and is aggressively expanding its own tech talent pipeline.

At the start of 2018, the Greater Nashville area was home to 2,617 tech companies, up 11% from the previous year. Our tech workforce totaled 41,300, earning more than the average non-tech worker in Nashville, for a total economic impact of $6.1 Billion. The tech sector spans all our major industries serving as the enabling force driving innovation and growth in healthcare, music and entertainment, manufacturing, finance and others.

In the last 12 months, Money Magazine ranked Nashville as the 8th hottest city for tech jobs, and Forbes ranked us as the 7th in the U.S. for growth of tech ranked Nashville 6th in the nation for Entrepreneurs and Start-Ups, and Kaufman ranked us 4th in the country for Entrepreneurship Growth.

The Nashville region is defined by a diverse economy, low cost of living and low barriers to conducting business, a creative culture and a well-educated population. Cultural diversity, unique neighborhoods, a variety of industries and a thriving creative community make Middle Tennessee among the nation’s best location for relocating, expanding and starting companies.

With Nashville’s growth, there is a tremendous amount of opportunity for finding work, especially for tech workers who enjoy a 66% higher wage than the average wage earner in Middle Tennessee. Our unparalleled creative community – with a mashup of musicians, artists, writers, developers and designers – translates into a tech scene unlike any other in America.

So, the next time you visit Nashville, whether it’s for work or play, we invite you to join us at Tech Hill Commons to experience Nashville’s Creative Tech

nashville technology council BRIAN MOYER, logo

Tech Hill Commons, 500 Interstate Blvd S.,
Suite 200, Nashville TN 37210
Phone: 615-873-1284
twitter: @nashtechcouncil, @bdmoyer

Verapy – Virtual Reality Therapy

Verapy - Virtual reality therapy
Verapy Logo
Verapy - Virtual reality therapy
University of Tampa athlete playing one of Verapy’s games for shoulder flexion and extension exercise


Verapy’s platform utilizes virtual reality (VR) technology to empower patients to participate in their physical therapy treatments. This immersive experience turns mundane exercises into fun and engaging games improving efficiency in the clinic, while increasing patient retention and compliance.


CEO and co-founder Jonathan Truong invisioned Verapy from his personal pain points in physical therapy. He had a total of 5 different surgeries and suffered from meningitis and a stroke at an early age, requiring extensive physical and occupational therapy that he regrets not doing.

Jonathan met his business partner Tad Svendrys during Startup Weekend Tampa Bay and placed 4th out of 12 business ideas back in November 2016. They both shared the pain points of the boring and repetitive nature of physical therapy and felt compelled to tackle this universal challenge.

Verapy works with therapists to ensure that the games align with the therapy protocols. The immersive experience allows participants to enjoy their therapy, where more often than not, participants will complete their therapy without even thinking about it. As part of the compliance, we track key metrics such as range of motion and pain level enabling therapists to view participants’ progress; an increase in range of motion and decrease in pain.

Verapy team - Mega Health Jam
Verapy team spent time in Orlando to participate in Mega Health Jam.


From humble beginnings in 2016, Verapy joined the Tampa Bay Wave and the University of Tampa Accelerator, tremendously impacting their growth. We’ve developed prototype games for upper extremities such as shoulder and wrist, acquired letters of intent from local physical therapy clinics & institutions, partnered with game development studios, and all accomplished by adopting the lean startup methodology.

We have participated in Tampa Bay Wave’s Demo Day in which we pitched to their vast investor network, selected to partake as one of 7 startups out of 90 accelerators in GAN’s first virtual demo day and won the 2nd place in the University of Tampa New Venture Expo. We’re looking to continue pressing forward and making an impact in the community with the events and partners such as Synapse, MegaHealthJam, Florida Health Innovators, Cade Museum and many others.

Ultimately, every idea, workflow and execution is geared toward creating better patient experiences and outcomes. Our long-term strategy is to be in every physical therapy facility helping young and old, athlete or a stroke patient and many others. Restoring lives, creating jobs and fostering  entrepreneurial passion is a win-win for everyone in the greater Tampa Bay.

Verapy App
As patients complete their prescribed exercise games, they can view their progress, unlock achievements and view a goal setting roadmap
Verapy - Jonathan and Tad
From left to right: Jonathan Truong and Tad Svendrys showcasing in the Disrupting Healthcare event hosted at Florida Hospital in Orlando.

500 E. Kennedy Blvd., 3rd Floor, Tampa, FL 33602
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Arora Engineers – Improve the Quality of life by Rethinking Infrastructure®

Arora Group Photo 2018-05 in the Atrium


Arora Group Photo 2018-05 in the Atrium


Arora’s mission is to improve the quality of life by Rethinking Infrastructure®, with a focus on aviation, transportation, education, government, and commercial sectors.

Arora Chadds Ford Building Exterior

Arora specializes in providing mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection/fire life safety, special systems/video displays/technology, airfield electrical engineering, and geospatial services for its clients. Over their 32-year history, the firm has evolved their traditional MEP engineering practice to emphasize the technology and processes that connect systems infrastructure, improve operations and longevity, and make life safer and easier for those who use it. Therefore, their goal is to maximize the role of infrastructure, its impact, and its value through highly intelligent solutions.

Innovation in Planning and Design
Arora not only designs engineering systems based on the unique and specific challenges that their clients face, they also help integrate buildings with their systems and technology. This integration helps to provide consistent communication between operators and customers, as well as a constant, reliable flow of information from the building itself to its stakeholders. Through the design and integration of communications systems, common use systems (e.g. baggage, ticketing), public address and visual messaging systems, and emergency mass notification systems, Arora supports the directors and project managers who want technology in place to better manage complex day-to-day functions.

Smart infrastructure and technology can also greatly benefit those who are traveling through a facility. Arora is an industry leader in the fusion of mobile technology, digital information, and wayfinding to produce a better passenger experience. Through the implementation of customer information display systems, video walls, wayfinding systems, and dynamic digital signage, Arora can significantly ease the challenges of navigating through comprehensive facilities and create a more comfortable, agreeable experience for the customer.

Arora- Manik
Through Manik Arora’s leadership, Arora Technology Group has developed Arora ATLAS® to provide airports with a platform to improve the passenger experience from home to gate. ATLAS® also helps other organizations reduce operational expenses, streamline processes, and manage systems and teams more effectively.

Rethinking Facilities Management
Arora Technology Group, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Arora Engineers, Inc., is now expanding the scope of their services through a groundbreaking platform, Arora ATLAS®. ATLAS® provides airports with access to actionable information that helps reduce operational expenses, streamline processes, manage systems and teams more effectively, and improve the passenger experience from home to gate. The system uses Esri GIS mapping as the backbone, allowing an airport to integrate airfield operations with landside operations to create a unified information platform. Data points from across the enterprise are leveraged to create a comprehensive view and provide high-quality information to the decision makers who need it.

ATLAS® uses a unique combination of sensors and processes to help identify passenger queue wait times, understand visitor flow for the coordination of maintenance schedules, and provide valuable, real-time statistics. The system allows the airport to track assets, analyze staff coverage, and ensure timely responses to incidents by combining information from disparate and previously disconnected systems. ATLAS® can also enhance non-aeronautical revenue by providing data on space utilization, traffic patterns, and barriers of entry.

Arora app
Arora - website

The information provided by ATLAS® is presented in a way that supports smarter decisions for smarter infrastructure and ultimately creates a smoother passenger experience. The platform is also customizable to fit the needs of any facility and can tie into existing enterprise systems, allowing for a true end-to-end value across the organization.

Building a Smarter City
Arora’s innovative efforts within their industry also effectively align with Philadelphia’s initiative to become a Smart City. The true concept of a Smart City is an environment that is better connected, more sustainable, and allows for more convenient living. This type of city utilizes technology, extensive data collection, and data analyses to identify and provide solutions for everyday environmental and social challenges. Subsequently, this plethora of data from different sectors, such as traffic and transit, environmental conditions, schools, health, and infrastructure, must then be integrated and connected to provide smarter solutions and to better support the city’s progress.

As seen through the development of ATLAS®, Arora understands the importance of this connection between previously disparate systems and is striving to apply this concept to the built environment as it stands today. As Arora implements these strategies and platforms, they are creating smarter infrastructure that will ultimately lend great support and work seamlessly with the Smart Cities of the future.

Arora Special Systems work at Tampa International Airport
Arora recently provided special systems engineering services for Tampa International Airport’s ConRAC and Automated People Mover project. This included the Public Address Paging System (PAS) and digital signage systems, including the Electronic Video Information Display System (EVIDS), direct view LED dynamic signage, and touchscreen directory system.
Manik Arora - Arora Logo

61 Wilmington West Chester Pike
Chadds Ford, PA 19317
1600 Market Street, Suite 1630
Philadelphia, PA 19103
Contact person: Adam Oliver
Phone: 610-459-7900
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GreenBar – a Full-Stack Web Design and Development Agency

GreenBar - Tampa
greenbar logo
GreenBar - Tampa
greenbar - website laptop

GreenBar is a full-stack web design and development agency that’s been delivering websites that work for startups and small businesses since 2014.

Standing apart from traditional agencies, GreenBar builds long-term relationships with clients to continuously improve how you use technology to address the day-to-day opportunities in your business. Your website can be your hardest working salesperson, customer service rep, and more.

For startups, GreenBar builds totally custom web apps that enable you to rapidly iterate new ideas, test assumptions, and validate your product. With multiple startups as clients, they are experienced with supporting marketers, salespeople, board members, other developers, and all the other stakeholders involved in your startup. Using Agile methodologies like the Scrum framework, GreenBar ships working code every week to our clients live systems.

“We love startups! Our greatest joy is when we can embed one of our developers into your team. That person serves as a part-time technical co-founder while representing a larger team of incredibly talented developers who can get the work done,” says Gregg Hilferding, founder and CEO of GreenBar, “Your startup will speed up like you’ve never seen before!”

For existing small businesses, GreenBar uses off-the-shelf tools to rapidly deliver great looking websites and then iterates with the business on a monthly cycle to track performance and update functionality.

greenbar team

“It’s a personal mission of mine to help small businesses run more efficiently with better use of technology,” says Hilferding. “This matters to me because my mother ran our family screenprinting business when I grew up. As a computer nerd, I was always looking for ways that technology could save her some time and frustration each day. As we improved our processes and the business grew to 40+ employees, I realized I could start an agency that leverages my 20 years of technology experience building my own family business to help more small businesses.”

A major focus of GreenBar’s work is leveraging best-of-class products and services. A list of past integrations they’ve created is on their website and includes accounting, customer relationship management, analytics, search engine marketing, mapping, social media, email marketing, event, chat, A/B testing, and SMS messaging platforms.

GreenBar was founded in Tampa Bay and their 100% locally based team is passionate about contributing to the most important part of our local economy, the small businesses, and startups that provide the majority of new jobs and the most exciting opportunities for our region.

For more information, visit

greenbar member1
greenbar member 3
greenbar member 2
greenbar website

Phone: 813-702-3069

Faraday Inc – Vino Novo the Next Wine Tool in any Wine Drinker’s Arsenal

FARADAY - Vino Novo version 2.0
FARADAY - Clyde Snodgrass

Faraday Inc is the brainchild of Clyde Snodgrass, a Tampa native. The company developed and patented a revolutionary piece of tech that immerses a bottle of wine inside an electric field, which causes an electro-chemical reaction, breaking the wine down… which simulates aging.

FARADAY - Vino Novo Sketches

This revolutionary new product is called the Vino Novo and will be available towards the end of 2018.

What does that mean for the average consumer?
It means that you can alter the way a bottle of wine tastes, feels in your mouth and smells – all from a sleek countertop device that not only works good but looks good as well. Add to it a companion app that is in the works, it will bring a social element to your wine drinking experience. Add to that customization and gamification of the app, this will encourage individuals to review and recommend certain wines at specific settings. This will make the Vino Novo the next required wine tool in any wine drinker’s arsenal.

The idea for a product like this came about in 2008 when the founder read an article online about using AC Electric fields for food preservation as well as wine maturation. Being a third generation Italian, with some of his family living on, working on or owning grapes used for wine-making, he thought that he could turn it into something wineries would be able to use to cut down on the time needed to bottle some “vino”. This included a large commercial unit that would fit inside a manufacturing facility.

FARADAY - Vino Novo version 2.0

Version 2.0

There have been continued revisions to the overall look of the design. From the initial paper sketches to the Volt (version 1.0) to the current Vino Novo (version 2.0). You will agree Faraday hit this out of the park aesthetically.

FARADAY - Vino Novo version 1.0

Version 1.0

Thanks to a big push and support from his wife, Nicole, back in 2014, he decided to work on a prototype. After looking into the market for such a product, it was decided that scaling it down and using it in the consumer electronics world would net a much larger market and allow validation of an idea 10 years in the making.

The product itself is easy to use and doesn’t require any cleaning. It plugs into any 110v/220v residential outlet and at some point will be rechargeable, allowing you to take it with you anywhere you want to enhance your wine.

When asked what he thought about his company and what he saw for the future of Faraday Inc., he said, “Product development is one of the hardest sectors to get into, add alcohol to that and you have a double whammy. Would I do it again? Absolutely! Would I change some things, knowing what I know now? We all would. But what I do know is that we are going to start with the Vino Novo and change the way the world drinks wine. After that, we have additional products in other sections that are already in development that we know will change other industries. The goal is that Faraday ends up being a household name across a myriad of industries.”

Clyde Snodgrass
Phone: 844.FARADAY
facebook: faradayinc
linkedin: clydesnodgrass

FLEXENTIAL – The Power of People in a Technical World

Flexential - wall signage

FLEXENTIAL: The Power of People in a Technical World

Flexential - ribbon cutting


Flexential provides colocation, connectivity, cloud, managed solutions and professional services to thousands of organizations in the Tampa Bay, State of Florida and across North America, enabling these businesses to optimize IT transformation while balancing cost, scalability, compliance and security.


Flexential delivers increasingly critical IT services at a time when corporate digital transformation initiatives continuously challenge internal IT resources. The company helps organizations solve their most complex connectivity challenges with 100% network, power, and bandwidth uptime commitment. Its FlexAnywhere network fabric enables companies to reach end users through high capacity, low latency and secure connectivity from the data center and the cloud to the edge of their businesses.

Flexential got its start in Tampa in 2002 as Peak 10, a colocation and managed services provider that began as a single data center housing and managing mission-critical IT infrastructure. As its customers’ IT environments expanded over the years, so too did Flexential’s service footprint. In 2015, Flexential built a second, enterprise-class data center in Tampa; a 65,000-square-foot North Tampa facility built to withstand a Category 5 hurricane. By 2017, Peak 10 acquired Denver-based colocation provider ViaWest and formed Flexential a year later.

Flexential - office

Today, Flexential is a coast-to-coast, hybrid IT provider helping customers meet their evolving IT requirements with 41 highly redundant and connectivity-rich data centers and 13 cloud pods in 21 geographic markets. But beyond an expanding roster of data facilities, core to Flexential’s mission of delivering advanced IT solutions to its 4,200 customers, are its people.

Flexential demonstrates the power of people in a technical world, accelerating customer success through tailored solutions, trusted relationships and reliable, value-added services. The company’s local engineers and service staff, proven experts in managing and optimizing infrastructure, work 24/7 to enhance, scale and safeguard the systems and applications powering global business. Additionally, Flexential’s security professionals help customers in highly regulated industries navigate increasingly complex compliance mandates. Flexential has 1,000 employees, of which 75% are engineers and 625+ are ITIL certified.

This combination of dedicated people and innovative technology enables Flexential to stay ahead of customer growth, meet ever-evolving market needs and deliver modern cloud and colocation solutions.

Flexential - wall signage
Flexential - Compark Lobby


Flexential was named as the Best Place to Work by Florida Trend magazine for seven consecutive years. Its North Tampa data center was named Project of the Year for the Florida region of the Design-Build Institute of America in 2015. In 2016, it received the Best Sustainability Project award by the Tampa Chapter of NAIOP.


“Flexential has proven to be more than just a vendor for us. The Flexential team has been a partner in delivering crucial colocation services and support to further our mission of preventing, treating and curing cancer. When we made the decision to move our primary data center off-site, the opportunity to take advantage of the Flexential Tampa facility and its many advanced features sealed the deal.”
John McFarland, Director of Architecture and Engineering – Moffitt Cancer Center

flexential - Tampa Bay
flexential - building
flexential - tagline-logo

8350 Parkedge Drive
Tampa, FL 33637
Phone: 800-371-2059
facebook/linkedin: flexential

FIVE Labs – Medical Device Technology Development & Education

FIVE Labs office building

FIVE Labs is an organization that is at the intersection of medical device technology development and the education of surgeons and healthcare professionals.

FIVE Labs office building
In 2014, FIVE Labs retrofitted existing office building in the Westshore area to create a state-of-the-art surgical training lab and conference center.
FIVE Labs - Auditorium

Our Story

FIVE Labs was founded as an extension of the educational mission of the Foundation for Orthopaedic Research and Education (FORE). FIVE Labs was designed to provide environments specific to learning and practicing with new surgical technologies. There’s a learning curve associated with any new technology but in the medical device field, the stakes are high. New medical technologies are often quite sophisticated, and some require training even for experienced surgeons. Ultimately, our goal is to reduce complications and improve patient outcomes by conducting these trainings.

In addition to the training environments, FIVE Labs works with medical device companies, design surgeons, and engineers to develop new technologies. Using the latest software and onsite 3D printing and machining capabilities, we can quickly create and test working prototypes. This allows for rapid development and vetting of medical devices.

FIVE Labs - Pupello Headshot
Derek Pupello Founder and CEO of FIVE Labs
FIVE Labs - Classroom
FIVE Labs - Tampa Room
FIVE Labs - Surgical training Lab
The surgical training lab can accommodate up to 30 surgical stations and over 100 people.


Nearly 5,000 healthcare professionals have been to an event at our facility since the opening of FIVE Labs in 2015. World-renowned physicians from across the U.S. and the world have served as faculty and taught the next generation of surgeons at our facility. Additionally, since 2015, we have had 14 patents issued for technologies developed in partnership with surgeon collaborators right here in Tampa Bay.

Joe Leonard
Lab Director
Christopher Griffin
Lab Supervisor

Lexi Betances
Phone: 813-545-9734
4115 W Spruce St., Tampa, FL 33607
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Vology – Proven Managed IT, Security & Cloud Services

Vology Clearwater HQ 1
Vology Clearwater HQ 1
Vology - Logo


Technology has become an integral part of business success—yet it’s increasingly challenging for organizations to keep up with rapidly evolving network infrastructure and modern IT. Rather than harnessing new technology for innovation and growth, these businesses are bogged down with mundane IT tasks and straining to maintain basic operations with their in-house team.

When you partner with Vology, a leading Managed IT, Security and Cloud Services Provider, you’re choosing to take control of your company. Vology offers best in class, end-to-end solutions to design, build, monitor and protect your IT network in and under the Cloud, on any device.

With Vology’s focus on ensuring your IT keeps pace with next-generation technologies, you can concentrate on:

• Managing and growing your business more efficiently and cost-effectively
• Reducing IT costs by 20-30%
• Increasing productivity, customer satisfaction and profitability

Vology - Cisco's Rick Hill presents Vology CEO Barry Shevlin

“As we double our size, Vology is going to be the one to help us get to the next platform. We’re not experts in IT and we don’t want to be, that’s why we have Vology as a partner to help us,” says Ray Rowland, Chief Financial Officer of Kimmins Contracting Corp.

Founded in 2001, Vology is headquartered in Clearwater, Fla. and employs more than 300 people, over half of whom are certified technical professionals and engineers. Vology currently monitors, manages and maintains 260,000 devices at 32,000 customer sites, providing 24/7/365 support through its U.S.-based Network and Security Operations Centers and nationwide network of 2,200 fully vetted field technicians.

“When issues arise that require even higher levels of expertise, we know Vology has dedicated team members readily available to help us,” states Lynn Craver, Vice President of Care Navigation & IT at Empath Health.

In 2018, Vology launched a full breath of Managed Security Services and a 24/7/365 Security Operations Center designed to protect against every aspect of security and compliance threats. Vology also broadened its Cloud Services offering, providing expert assessments, consulting and migration services for organizations choosing to take advantage of the security and scalability of the Cloud.

Vology - LOGE
Vology - Open_House_2018

Additionally, Vology became a Cisco Gold Partner in 2018. Of the more than 12,000 Cisco resellers in the U.S., Vology is now part of the one percent to be designated a Gold Partner. In addition to Cisco, the company partners with countless hardware and software vendors to deliver enterprise-class IT solutions. Vology is a Citrix Platinum Solution Advisor, HP Gold Partner, Hewlett Packard Enterprise Platinum Partner, Juniper Networks Elite Partner, Microsoft Gold Partner and VMware Premier Solution Advisor.

Vology is ranked No. 21 on the 2018 MSP 501 list of the best Managed IT Services Providers worldwide, and was also recognized on The Channel Company’s 2018 editions of CRN’s MSP 500, Tech Elite 250 and Solution Provider 500.

IT can and should be viewed as a source for innovative business process automation and improvement, a value-add and a competitive advantage. Vology can help you make that happen in your organization quickly and affordably with unprecedented quality and unmatched service.

To discover more benefits of partnering withVology, call 888-808-2199 to speak with one of our IT experts today.

“With what Vology has helped us build, our eyes are open and
we’re finding the next steps to make things better, so we’ll be
here for generations to come.”
Matthew Sokolowski, Vice President of Great Bay Distributors

15950 Bay Vista Dr.
Clearwater, FL 33760
Phone: 888-808-2199
linkedin: company/vology
facebook: /vology
twitter: /vology

Medical Guardian – Disrupting the Medical Alert Industry

Medical Gaurdian - team
Geoff Gross Medical Gaurdian Logo



Medical Gaurdian - team

When Medical Guardian launched in 2005, the Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) industry had already been around for 30 years. At just 25-years-old, Geoff Gross founded Medical Guardian to give his grandmother something she wasn’t getting from another medical alert company— an empowering experience. Although Gross was young, he understood the industry needed a more engaging brand so more Americans could connect with the product offerings and age in place with confidence.


Gross knew going into the PERS industry would be a challenge, as hundreds of thousands of Americans associated a medical alert device to a TV commercial from the 1980’s which featured an older adult laying frail and helpless on the bathroom floor. Although the catchphrase for the commercial became associated with the industry, it also created a stigma about older adults and the type of people using PERS. To combat this misconception, Gross made a conscious effort to steer clear of fear-based messaging and instead build a marketing campaign around empowerment and independence.

Medical Gaurdian - Brand Evolution
Medical Gaurdian - office

Revolutionizing the Brand to Empower

With people living longer than ever before and older adults becoming more social, active and tech-savvy, Gross and the Medical Guardian team—who always have the best interest of both the current customer and future generations of customers to come in mind—had the foresight to know that they had to make a change to their branding and messaging to evolve alongside this changing demographic. While other companies were successful selling the same product with the same type of message, Medical Guardian was ready to take on the challenge of keeping up with the ever-growing senior demographic through a company-wide Brand Evolution in 2017.

Medical Gaurdian - Christmas Party
Medical Gaurdian family tree

Through in-depth market research of those 65 and older, the company found most older adults did not see themselves as old, but rather as simply entering their third act in life. Research helped Medical Guardian develop their brand and mantra “keep going” — shifting the perception of the way people looked at their service and developing a brand that differentiated itself from competitors. Through this, Gross has been able to position Medical Guardian as a lifestyle brand that inspires older adults entering their Golden Years.

“Medical Guardian gives our customers not only a better solution but a better experience,” says Gross. “In addition to our Brand Evolution, we threw away the sales scripts, so our team members could garner a real, long-lasting connection with our customers. For generations to come, we will continue to keep up with the senior demographic through in-depth research and empower older adults to live their best life or a life without limits.”

Harnessing Technology to Build the Business

To meet the needs of aging Americans who wish to remain healthy, socially engaged and safe—often in their own homes—Medical Guardian packs various forms of industry-leading technology into each one of their tiny, life-saving devices. It’s through advanced technology that the company has been able to diversify their product line. Offering in-home, mobile, and wearable all-in-one products, Medical Guardian continues to maintain affordable price points without compromising their best-in-class, life-saving protection. Product innovation is a core value of Medical Guardian; one that’s rooted in the desire to continually stay strides ahead of the field—both in product offerings and competitive edge.

Medical Gaurdian - Proud to Be in Philadelphia

Medical Guardian’s technology expands past their medical alert devices with many of their products working in tandem with companion mobile apps. The creation of these mobile apps is designed specifically for the older adult’s customizable Care Circle—consisting of loved ones, friends, neighbors, doctors and caregivers—and it’s through these apps that their Care Circle will be able to monitor, check-in, and connect with their loved ones, without being intrusive to their day-to-day lifestyle. It’s with innovative technology that Medical Guardian can serve more than just the customer, but also the customer’s loved ones and care providers.

Proud to Be in Philadelphia

Medical Guardian is headquartered in Center City, Philadelphia. An integral part of the city’s booming startup ecosystem, the company’s explosive year-over-year growth has been recognized as one of the fastest-growing private companies in America by both the Inc. 5000 and the Philly 100. Most recently, Medical Guardian was awarded the IoT Evolution Business Impact Award, recognizing the company’s forward-thinking technological approach to their products, and further solidifying their position as a leading provider of innovative medical alert systems across the country.

Medical Guardian shows no sign of slowing down in the coming years, especially as Baby Boomers continue to age into retirement on a large scale, with more than 10,000 of them turning 65 every day (Pew Research Center). To better serve the needs of this rapidly-growing and revolutionary demographic, Medical Guardian plans to further innovate and expand both their product line and in-house talent— which now consists of over 300 employees—to ensure that aging adults across the country can truly live a life without limits.

Geoff Gross Medical Gaurdian Logo

1818 Market St.,
Suite 1200
Philadelphia 19103
Phone: 215-977-8000
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linkedin: medical-guardian

Pletra – a Dynamic Advertising Platform

Pletra - demo
Pletra logo
Pletra space
Pletra - demo


Pletra is a dynamic advertising platform for Virtual Reality. Our software aims to create a harmonious relationship between developers, advertisers, and consumers. We design and integrate high-quality 3D objects seamlessly into any 3D environment in a non-intrusive manner. External developers are then able to accept advertisement in their systems from 3rd party businesses in a holistic approach.


Pletra gives advertisers the capability to run product-placement marketing campaigns on virtual platforms. Businesses can now reach a new audience in a new medium and run brand awareness and, or call-to-action campaigns.

Pletra Office

For example, a potential homebuyer will take a VR tour of homes that are staged with various products; i.e. furniture, paintings, electronics, etc. Due to its dynamic nature, our system rotates 3D objects (ads) based on a variety of information; the user, the relevancy, the location, and any identification matched with the placement. This creates a unique experience that harmoniously works with the system for every user.

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality (VR) is the creation of a computer-generated environment with which a user can interact. If correctly executed the virtual environment is difficult to distinguish from the real world environment. Generally, VR is achieved through the use of an opaque headset that blocks the user from seeing the real world in front of them and instead replaces their field of vision with an engineered world. As technology improves, developers will be able to completely manipulate a user’s motor-perceptions and give the user the ability to “travel” freely within a sandbox environment.

Pletra Point

What is Pletra?

Pletra is a dynamic advertising platform that creates a harmonious relationship between developers, advertisers, and the consumers experiencing the 3D environments. We design and integrate high-quality 3D objects seamlessly into any environment in a non-intrusive manner. With the advertising dashboard we’ve created, both publishers and advertisers can manage their campaigns to increase monetization and conversion rates respectively.

Our software allows developers to integrate the script in specific regions or spaces in their platform by customizing the “holonodes” (hologram advertising space) we provide them. This script then calls data (objects) that match the appropriate criteria identified during the customization process,
which then requests for 3rd party advertisers to display product-placement or interactive models.

The software can be integrated with a variety of VR/AR/360 products and will evolve with the technology as the industry develops further. The result is a seamlessly interactive advertisement that mimics a product placement model to subconsciously or directly (depending on the level of interaction) influences consumer behavior and creates an additional Call-To-Action (CTA) campaign within a 3D environment.

pletra - Advertising Dashboard
Pletra - Slick view Logo
Pletra - sprwt logo

Michael Rapoport
Phone: 347-450-7071
Tampa, FL