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PLuGHiTz – Keeping You Plugged In

PLuGHiTz Live
PLuGHiTz Live
PLuGHiTz Live at CES 2018
plughitz live - Planet Hollywood 2017
plughitz live - Noel Lee Monster at CES 2018
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PLuGHiTz Live is an online publication that covers the worlds of gadgets, gaming, internet and media through news, reviews and previews. Founded in 2007, PLuGHiTz Live has spent the past decade helping people to understand technology and make the news of the day more relatable. The flagship show, F5 Live: Refreshing Technology, features Scott Ertz, Editor-in-Chief of PLuGHiTz Live, and Avram Piltch, Editor-in-Chief of Tom’s Hardware, discussing some of the news of the week. Unlike other platforms, F5 Live has the goal of explaining how the topics apply to the average technology consumer.

Several times per year, the PLuGHiTz Live team attends industry events, such as CES, Collision Conference and Synapse Innovation Summit, bringing the products and services featured to those who cannot attend. Through interviews with vendors, exhibitors and sponsors, those companies can bring their products and services to a new audience. In the past, products such as GoSun Stove (which was later featured on Top Chef), BenjiLock (which was later featured on SharkTank) and Tennibot (which was later featured by Time) have been featured before they became widely known.

PLuGHiTz Live - Roboticon Tampa Bay
PLuGHiTz Live - Orlando Regional
plughitz live interview
PLuGHiTz Live at Ramsay Burgr 2018

In addition to industry events, PLuGHiTz Live also travels to FIRST Robotics competitions, such as ROBOTICON Tampa Bay, and produces a series called FIRST Looks. FIRST produces competitions globally for students ranging from kindergarten to 12th grade, with a new game and new objectives annually. The show’s goal is to bring awareness both to the FIRST programming as well as to the teams involved in the competitions. With a greater awareness comes a greater ability for teams to find funding to help them compete, as well as help recruit new members.

Over the past 11 years, PLuGHiTz Live has changed a lot. Starting with 2 team members and a single weekly show, the publication currently has 10 regular contributors and produces 7 shows with about 400 episodes, 600 written articles and dozens of product reviews and previews per year. Editor-in-Chief Scott Ertz has had the opportunity to speak at several events and is becoming an industry voice on how to avoid common podcasting mistakes.

Phone: 727-386-8863
facebook: @plughitzliveradio
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Magnum Group – Connect & Engage with your Audience in any Language

Magnum Group Dandelion
Magnum Group Dandelion

We help you connect and engage with your audience in any language — in print, video and on the web.

Twenty six years ago when Magnum Group was founded, the business landscape was limited by geography. Translation needs were typically managed at corporations by in-house translation departments and by local free-lance translators who worked independently or in small teams. The internet changed our industry. It gave us access to linguists around the globe and took the business and the translation industry to a whole new level. Today, from its Philadelphia headquarters, Magnum taps into a global network of over 2,500 translators, language specialists and subject matter experts to produce translations and multimedia content in more than 30 countries.

It’s exciting to be part of the country’s first World Heritage City, at the intersection of tradition and innovation. With this in mind, our mission is to help you maximize cross-cultural business results and expand internationally by dissolving language barriers.

Among its many honors, Magnum has earned the recognition of the City of Philadelphia for our company’s contribution to non-English speaking audiences and the SBA Women-owned Business of the Year award.

Vivian Isaak
President & Founder

Magnum Group - Vivian Isaak

Technology is an important enabler of business transformation and growth. At Magnum, we are constantly investing in state-of-the-art tools to propel our business in anticipation of the fast-changing and challenging business environment.

We offer unparalleled expertise and complete solutions to global organizations through accurate, timely, and comprehensive language, web, multimedia, and cultural consulting services. What sets us apart is the time invested upfront to really get to know you and the collaboration throughout to ensure your success. Our business approach and project methodology result in increased ROI, tighter budget control – and an exceptional client experience.

AROUND the World Graphic Magnum Group
Magnum Group Multicultural Strategy
Magnum Group Transcreation
Magnum Group Multilingual Communications
Magnum Group Multimedia & post-production
Magnum Group Cultural Consulting
Magnum Group Translation and localization

Capacitech – Simple Concept | Big Potential

Capacitech Energy - Pegasus Nano Wires spread
Capacitech Energy - Pegasus Nano Wires spread


Capacitech Energy (Capacitech) is an early stage company with a simple concept and big potential. Their offer? An energy storage component, known as a capacitor, built on the surface of a wire. Capacitech’s Cable-Based-Capacitor (CBC) can reduce both the size and cost of electronic devices while also enabling new innovations.


Joe Sleppy and Dr. Jayan Thomas founded Capacitech in January of 2016. Dr. Thomas had invented the CBC technology while at the University of Central Florida’s (UCF) Nanotechnology Science Center in 2014. The world has never seen a capacitor on the surface of a wire before which lead to its selection to the R&D100. Meanwhile, Sleppy had yet to finish high school. He learned of the CBC technology, and Dr. Thomas’ desire to bring it to market when he joined the lab as an undergraduate researcher in 2015. By this time, Sleppy already had experience launching a company. He started SleppSolutions in 2013 after receiving a $10k grant as the winner of the Pinellas County Next Generation Entrepreneurs competition. Dr. Thomas invited Sleppy to participate in the UCF I-Corps program, leading to the launch of what would become Capacitech.

Capacitech founders
Founders: Joe Sleppy and Dr. Jayan Thomas

Sleppy joined forces with Dr. Thomas, ultimately graduating from the I-Corps program and leading Capacitech to other accomplishments by winning the UCF Joust in 2016 and being granted a Phase I National Science Foundation STTR grant in 2018. Sleppy graduated from UCF with an electrical engineering degree in May of 2018 and now works full time as the CEO of Capacitech.

“Orlando is a fantastic place to do business. There are many opportunities, a large and diverse pool of talent, and a variety of different industries to
work with. Even the city demonstrates innovation such as Chris Castro’s sustainability department. I feel blessed to have access to and have been able to leverage so many local resources designed to help startups like Capacitech. For example, winning the UCF Joust is not just about the cash prize, but the many pro-bono services, such as Burr Forman’s legal services, that helped established us as a company.” said Joe Sleppy.

Capacitech capacitors
Figure 1: Artistic view of (a) a circuit board with eight capacitors connected and (b) circuit which replaces the eight capacitors with 8 CBC devices.

Capacitech’s unique technology is the only wire-based or cable-based
capacitor on the market. The CBC is flexible, reduces the cost of electronics, and uses less space on circuit boards than traditional capacitors — allowing for smaller electronics. The CBC has the potential to significantly impact new technologies too. A project currently gaining momentum is to embed the CBC inside DC voltage power cords connected to Wi-Fi routers, IT servers, game consoles, and cable boxes among other everyday electronic products. In doing this, the CBC will prevent those devices from shutting down when the power flickers during a summer storm.

The CBC is valuable and disruptive for various other reasons. It can be easily customized by cutting the CBC at different lengths to control its performance. This feature allows electronic component distributors to buy a single spool of the CBC and sell a wide variety of different capacitor
performances cut from that single spool. This significantly reduces their inventory cost, logistics costs, and lead times.

Capacitech is strong, thanks in part to its utility patent, filed by UCF and licensed exclusively to Capacitech. Capacitech’s founders also credit the “Orlando ecosystem of innovation”. The founders have received training from Orlando programs such as VentureScaleUp, Blackstone Launchpad, UCF Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership, UCF Office of Research and Commercialization, Starter Studio (FireSpring Fund), and mentors such as Dr. Cameron Ford, Oscar Rodriguez, Richard Fox, Mike Pape, and Mike O’Donnell.

Currently, Capacitech is working with a variety of local companies to launch and scale the CBC in the power electronics industry. Capacitech seeks to establish the CBC as a trusted technology before looking into potential larger scale applications, of which there are many. One day, the CBC might provide energy storage for renewable energy sources or even electric vehicles. For now, Capacitech’s huge potential for growth has many excited for its bright and positive future.

Capacitech Energy another-sleppy

The Next Smallest Thing in Energy Storage

Capacitech Energy Storage


• Capacitech wins UCF Joust
• Capacitech graduates UCF I-Corp Program
• Capacitech graduates National I-Corp Program
• Capacitech is accepted to VentureWell E-Team Program
• Capacitech is awarded Phase 1 NSF STTR Grant for $225k
• Capacitech takes 2nd place at DOE MegaWatt Competition
• Capacitech officially moves into UCF Research Park Incubator
• Capacitech wins collegiate Florida Venture Forum Competition
• Capacitech receives an exclusive license to UCF IP for cable capacitors
• CEO Joe Sleppy wins Young Entrepreneur Award from Gov. Rick Scott
• Capacitech forms a partnership with Mouser & Ditek for launch in 2019

Capacitech logo

3259 Progress Drive, Orlando, FL 32826
Phone: 727-434-1229 | Email:

VasoTechnology – Cutting-Edge IT Services

VasoTechnology Cyber Command Center
VasoTechnology logo


In 2018, VasoTechnology, a.k.a. NetWolves Network Services (NetWolves) celebrated 20 years in the technology sector with a host of new products and services in line with its origins as a cyber security company. Our flagship offering is a unique look at Enterprise IT supporting our extensive managed services business. This “new view” is going to change the way companies approach their IT ecosystem and will make outsourcing a much more transparent and viable option.

VasoTechnology Cyber Command Center

NetWolves launched into the network security appliance market in late the 1990s when it went public via a reverse merger. While the Company achieved early successes with banking and logistics customers, it needed to diversify quickly in the wake of the “Dot-com-bubble” and sought expansion with a service offering. The Company achieved this transformation in 2002 with the acquisition of Norstan Network Services, an FCC-licensed common carrier. This Minnesota-based telecommunications provider came with a mix of several thousand business and residential customers and a single facility partner, namely, Sprint. Today, our network aggregation business boasts more than 15,000 business locations globally – delivering both primary and disaster-recovery networks from over 150 different facility partners, including wire-line, wireless, fiber and satellite products.

Throughout the 2000s, the company continued to diversify itself and made its mark as a managed service provider (MSP) by committing to customer-focused solutions – not only by incorporating its patented proprietary technology, but also by bundling in other “best-in-class” solutions that organizations required but didn’t have the capacity to deploy and manage. Once again, the Company would have its resolve tested in the market collapse of 2007 and determined that a private vehicle would be the best structure to weather the storm. From 2008 through 2015, the Company was able to grow by 65% and deliver year-on-year profitability. Commenting on this, Peter Castle, Company President, stated, “Throughout our history, our success and longevity has been attributable to several factors:, first and foremost our customers who stood by us through thick and thin, as we have stood by them. Additionally, I want to recognize our employees, many of whom work tirelessly, as if it were their own business. Finally, our flexibility and nimbleness, which has so often put us ahead of market trends and always diversified our risk.”

VasoTechnology Network Command _ Control

Once again, we found ourselves in the midst of a transformation, this time during an “up market”. We were acquired by Vaso Corporation (Vaso), in June 2015, with the intention of creating VasoTechnology, our current entity, and the flagship growth engine for Vaso. At the core of the new business unit are the operations of NetWolves Network Services and VasoHealthcareIT (VHCIT). VHCIT is a healthcare application value-added reseller (VAS) launched in late 2014 after signing the first National Specialty VAR agreement with GEHC. This marriage not only provided the NetWolves MSP model access to applications management, but more importantly access to the Healthcare vertical market, both of which were key elements of the company’s strategic roadmap.

While there have been many challenges associated with launching a Healthcare Applications VAR, for example, slow revenue pull-through and significant cash investments, it has delivered in three short years in excess of $18 million in gross contract value. Further commenting, Mr. Castle stated, “None of this would have been possible without the support from and partnership with our sister organization, VasoHealthcare (VHC), GEHC’s largest partner selling imaging systems on an exclusive basis predominantly to the healthcare middle market, and our parent, Vaso, who maintains a strong cash position and the vision to fund this strategy.”

2018 is not only a bookmark signifying 20 dynamic years in the technology industry, but will also usher in a new era and see the beginning transformation from a Technology Services Bureau to a Data Services Bureau. More will be shared on our future strategy and plans over the course
of the year. At the center of our vision, “The New View into Enterprise IT”, is the ability to give all levels of management transparency and accountability across the entire IT ecosystem, or as we refer to it, “All-things-connected” (ATC). Our vision is focused on the increasing rate at which the enterprise is connecting machines, adding complexity and creating data. IT departments are falling behind the curve in Network, Applications, Compute & Security, and the sensible solution is to get out of the IT management business and turn it over to a purpose-built organization designed around maximizing a company’s ability to see the benefits and effectiveness of outsourcing non-core IT functions.”

Phone: (813) 579-3200
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Health Union – Integrates the Power of Human Connection with Technology

Health Union - integrates the power of human connection with technology
Health Union - integrates the power of human connection with technology


integrates the power of human connection with technology to bring people together.

When people living with chronic health conditions think of the resources that will help them throughout their journey, health care professionals, treatments and care teams often top the list. However, nobody understands the pain, fatigue and frustration of living with a chronic condition better than those who are affected, every day.

After many years working as marketers at a large pharmaceutical company, co-founders Tim Armand and Olivier Chateau learned that the people living with these conditions wanted more than just information and that healthcare and pharmaceutical companies needed more meaningful ways to engage. With this idea, they co-founded Health Union, LLC starting with in 2010. Since the first day, Health Union’s mission has never changed — do what is right for people.

Health Union Event

People are the most important ingredient into the success of building, growing and sustaining Health Union’s communities. Health Union’s obsession starts with “meeting people where they are,” when they need it most, in its communities, in its company and with its partners. The company has seen that only good things come from doing the right thing, and leverages its culture and core values of community, inclusion, transparency and excellence to bring that to life and keep everyone enthusiastic, engaged and accountable for their contributions.

A fundamental aspect of Health Union’s success is how the company integrates human connection with technology. The company does this by building online communities where people impacted by challenging, chronic health concerns can learn, share and connect. Through these online communities, the team at Health Union encourages social interactions that evolve into meaningful health conversations that build sustainable relationships, at scale. Building these relationships requires careful cultivation within our teams.

Health Union wall art by Bill Strobel
Note: Local artist, Bill Strobel of Chalk Art Philadelphia, creates original wall art and murals adorning our offices on Chestnut St. and Sansom St. - including a huge replica drawing of Philadelphia City Hall
Health Union cube

When opening its first office in Center City in 2015, there was no question that Philadelphia was the right place to be. This is a vibrant, growing city that attracts high quality talent and is conveniently located near many clients in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. As of 2018, Health Union offices have expanded to more than 13,000 square feet, and its employee family has grown to over 100 people strong, and still growing. From community managers with varied backgrounds to technology experts with very specific skill sets, Health Union has maintained an innovative and forward-thinking culture with passionate people committed to its mission, right here in Center City

Health Union logo

twitter: @HealthUnion
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Fattmerchant – Taking the Hassle out of Payments

Fattmerchant team
Fattmerchant team
fattmerchant logo
Fattmerchant cover


Fattmerchant is a subscription-based integrated payment technology platform which exists to empower small business owners to simplify their overall payments experience, taking the hassle out of payments by offering simple subscription-style pricing, and award-winning customer support.


Fattmerchant was founded to bring simplicity to a complicated industry – payment processing. The sector traditionally offered complex billing structures and technology but Fattmerchant founders Suneera Madhani and Sal Rehmetullah knew there had to be a better way. With their revolutionary subscription-style structure, business owners no longer have to worry about percentage markups and hidden fees – just a simple subscription and the direct cost of interchange.

Outside of this exciting new pricing model for business owners, what makes Fattmerchant unique is their focus on simple yet powerful technology that improves the entire payments experience. Payments are a vital part of any business, so Fattmerchant makes it easy for business owners by providing whatever technology they need to process them – all connected in a convenient omnichannel online platform. This way, business owners can simply log in and see the health of their business across all of the ways they process, manage their payment solutions, and integrate with other business tools. This payment platform is built with the business owner in mind and changes the way they think about accepting payments.

Fattmerchant Suneera Madhani
Fattmerchant All Hands Group Photo


Launched in 2014 by Suneera Madhani and Sal Rehmetullah, Fattmerchant has been awarded with the 2016 Startup of the Year at the Bright House Regional Business Awards, 2016 Entrepreneur 360 Award, Orlando Business Journal’s 2016 and 2017 Best Places to Work, Orlando Sentinel’s 2017 Top 100 Companies, Grow Florida’s Companies to Watch Award, and many more. They’ve also won the 2017 and 2018 Downtown Orlando Partnership’s Golden Brick Awards for exceptional office space.

Fattmerchant office

In addition to these honors, Fattmerchant has grown from a team of 4 to almost 100 employees in just four short years, currently processes over $2 billion in payments for their members and saving Central Florida businesses alone $20 million. CEO Suneera Madhani was named one of PaymentSource’s 2017 Most Influential Women in Payments and Orlando Business Journal’s 2018 CEOs of the Year among many other personal accomplishments, including raising $10 million in venture capital and leading Fattmerchant to a Net Promoter Score (measuring customer happiness) of 80+, which is well above the industry average of -20.

Fattmerchant was also named one of Entrepreneur’s Top Company Cultures for 2018, which showcases high-performance cultures across the U.S.!

100 S. Orange Ave, Orlando, Florida 32801 | Phone: 1-855-550-3288
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Streamline – One of the Fastest Growing Companies in Philadelphia

streamline kitchen
streamline logo
streamline kitchen
streamline showroom


One of the fastest growing companies in Philadelphia, Streamline’s objective is to provide a direct impact to urban communities helping to establish a path for economic growth. Streamline is a leading and preferred developer throughout Philadelphia delivering personalized experiences to home buyers by incorporating innovative technology as a sales and marketing strategy. Our goal is to provide an exceptional customer experience for Home Buyers, Investors, Business Owners, Brokers & more!

Streamline works closely with the communities we build in to improve the economic and educational circumstances for residents within our neighborhoods. Sponsoring a non-profit, Helping Hands Philadelphia, we aim to improve the overall standard of living, initiate local job opportunities, and sponsor a variety of events and programs aiming to bring positive opportunities for the residents of Philadelphia.


Founded in 2008, by co-founders Sean Schellenger and Michael Stillwell, Streamline was built to enhance the process of new construction development and provide consumers with a one-stop shop solution for their new home needs in Philadelphia’s urban markets.

With 6 in-house departments; Acquisitions, Realty, Title, Development & Construction, Warranty Services, and Commercial, we provide clients with the knowledge, expertise & customer service needed throughout their entire experience. Whether you are looking for exclusive investment opportunities, inquiring about a Streamline new construction home, need a fit-out for a commercial retail space, or require title insurance – Streamline embraces complexity, builds value, and identifies an opportunity with the enhancement of novel technologies.

streamline - 106 Jefferson St._2
Streamline home

Streamline provides buyers with a personalized home buying experience by leveraging Virtual Reality (VR) and digital interfaces to help clients visualize their home’s floor plan and selections during the pre-construction phase of our new construction homes. When home buyers purchase their Streamline new construction home early in the construction phase, they are provided with the opportunity to select their luxurious kitchen, bath, and home finishes in our designer showroom. We provide a virtual experience where buyers select their finishes, with our Sales & Design Consultant, to design and build their dream home. Clients will gain valuable knowledge of the product they’re purchasing by being exposed to innovative technology that will allow them to envision their new construction home.

Not only is Streamline focused on implementing innovative technology in sales and marketing strategies, but also to identify and target smart real estate opportunities. Streamline’s Acquisitions team has developed proprietary technology to identify and maximize these profitable opportunities, which will allow us to expand to urban markets nationwide.


streamline - mike_stillwell_headshot
Michael Stillwell, Co-Founder

Streamline has received national claim for the last four years in a row with regular appearances on the Inc. 5000 list of the “Fastest Growing Privately Owned Companies in America”.

Our long-standing, non-profit organization, Helping Hands Philadelphia aims to improve the overall standard of living, promote and initiate the opportunity for job creation, stimulate economic and financial growth, and provide increased educational opportunities in the neighborhoods of Philadelphia. Together, we want to create an atmosphere where people of all cultures can learn and grow together. “I think it is our obligation to be socially responsible and try to make sure that we are giving back to the community that’s helping us grow our company.”
Sean Schellenger, Co-Founder – Streamline

facebook: Streamline | twitter: Streamline_PHL | linkedin: Streamline

Fellow – End-To-End Medication Management Services

Fellow, formerly known as TowerView Health - image credited to Rory Creative
Fellow, formerly known as TowerView Health - image credited to Rory Creative
fellow logo font


Fellow, formerly known as TowerView Health, was founded after our co-founder and college roommate got diagnosed with cancer. Our aim is to help patients and families better manage complex medication regimens. We are on a mission to revolutionize the way that medications are taken in the home.

10,000 Americans are turning 65 every day, and 66% have two or more chronic illnesses. It’s critical that seniors can manage their health as they age. Over 30 million seniors are on five or more medications, and only 33% take their medication as prescribed by their physician, resulting in 10% of all hospitalizations and 125,000 deaths per year.

Fellow - Towerview
fellow product image
fellow pill organizer

For families, the emotional toll extends beyond the $5,000 per year estimated medical spend as medication nonadherence is one of the top three drivers of seniors involuntarily moving out of their homes into senior living. It is a source of stress as 31 million adult children want medication assistance for their parents, yet less than 8% receive help due to inadequate solutions, high cost, or lack of awareness. It’s Fellow’s goal to provide an accessible solution for seniors to take the right meds, at the right time—always.

What Fellow does is simple. Fellow helps you or your loved one organize and remember to take their meds. The service includes a smart pillbox and real-time reminder system. If you miss a dose, the box will remind you with on-box sound and light reminders, and text reminders to a patient and or caregiver’s phone. The pillbox user also gets a dashboard login to view everything about their medications in one place and can authorize caregivers or loved ones to view the dashboard, so that they can also have some peace of mind that their loved ones are staying on track. Not to mention, the service includes free access to a personal Health Assistant to answer any questions you might have about your medications.

fellow medication management

Fellow works with various health plans and providers around the country to offer the solution to high risk patients, but also provides the service online. Families can review our transparent and straightforward pricing options online at, and sign up easily on the website.

Fellow is committed to serving our nation’s seniors and caregivers by offering a better way to manage medications and improve health. If you are interested in learning more, please check us out at, or contact us at

Phone: 1-844-633-8729
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3SI Security Systems – A Standout in the Loss Prevention Industry



3SI Hacker in handcuffs


While the Philadelphia area has become a recent hotbed of start-up activity, there are some mavericks that have been here for decades, developing world-class products and amassing top-notch clientele.

A staple on the Philadelphia mainline since 1971, 3SI is on a mission to create a safer world with innovative technologies that redefine asset recovery and criminal apprehension.

The company began as one of the first providers of Smoke and Dye Technology for cash protection. Through consistent innovation, over more than four decades, the firm has developed advanced solutions in a wide range of designs that include GPS tracking, cash tracing, and safety system technologies.

Servicing primarily the Financial, Retail and Law Enforcement Markets, 3SI’s commitment to research and development is disrupting the industry. Today, the company provides a broad range of high-tech security solutions. The recent acquisition of 3SI by LLR Partners, a Philadelphia-based private equity firm, will enable the company to further increase its North American market share.

“When most people hear the word “security”, one of the first things they think of is alarm systems. However, traditional alarm systems have a failure rate above 70%, meaning that most of the time, the system is generating a false alarm and is wrong. Our trackers are just the opposite with an above 70% success rate. The challenge is that LP professionals don’t typically think of GPS Tracking as a security solution, so they have no idea they can get such great results at a surprisingly reasonable cost. With such strong performance statistics, depth of experience, strategic clarity, and proven ability to drive innovation, we have remarkable opportunities to grow.” – Todd Leggett, CEO of 3SI

3S1 Security Systems Todd Leggett
Todd Leggett, CEO of 3SI
3SI - Infographic design template with gear

A key differentiator for 3SI is its partnership with more than 7,500 law enforcement agencies throughout North America, a relationship that has transformed how police respond to crime.

The company’s ability to quickly reconfigure its product offering based on the changing targets of crime in its core markets has delivered increasingly discreet, tech-based products that secure cash and high-value assets and help police apprehend criminals.

Philadelphia’s entrepreneurial growth spurt means big things for the organization, as local industries like Healthcare, Retail and Financial Services begin to embrace innovative tech solutions that change how they approach operations and security.

3SI Security_Systems_Logo

Phone: 800-523-1430
101 Lindenwood Drive, Malvern, PA 19355
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Suncoast Developers Guild – a Not-for-Profit Coding School

Academy at Suncoast Developers Guild Team
Academy at Suncoast Developers Guild Team
Suncoast Developers Guild logo



Suncoast Developers Guild is the only not-for-profit coding school in the state of Florida, aiming to provide students with the digital tools they need for success.

The Suncoast Developers Guild runs multiple cohorts each year, and the three-month program at the Academy offers a comprehensive curriculum designed to prepare students for the workplace. Encompassing both front- and back-end development, students, graduate with the knowledge needed to build and maintain websites and applications.

We collectively further our goals of creating a workforce prepared with the digital tools they need to thrive. New students enter our doors with each cohort, eager to learn and improve their lives through coding.

Suncoast Developer Code School Tampa Bay Team
Photo by Kelly Nash Photography,


The Suncoast Developers Guild story originated from the Tampa Bay campus of the largest national code school providing hundreds of students with the tools needed to meet their personal and career goals.

When the opportunity arose to form its own entity in Tampa Bay, The Suncoast Developers Guild stepped up to the challenge and chose to move forward while refining its vision and shifting its focus. By expanding the curriculum and sharing our collective coding knowledge we created a model that focuses on what’s essential: educating the community.

While the process will continuously evolve with the community’s help by having an open source curriculum, there is still more work to be done in discovering how we can best expand to help more potential students in the local area.

We will:
• Expand our reach in the community
• Build Suncoast Developers Guild to meet the Tampa Bay area’s growing tech needs
• Continue to improve our program to prepare our students for an evolving tech scene

By giving our students the tools they need to achieve their goals, their current and future projects will foster an environment teaming with opportunities for the community.

Suncoast Developers Guild serves as a hub for the local tech scene, providing a network of alumni, employers, and organizations. We present students with the opportunity to meet others in the field and build connections.

With the community’s support, we can further propel our growing student base in the Tampa Bay tech scene.

Suncoast Developers Guild - portrait
Photo by Taylor Cox,