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DSM – The Smartest Cloud Stack on the Planet

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DSM is a cloud-computing company, guiding businesses as they migrate their data to the cloud. As Florida’s predictable cloud provider, DSM prides itself on relieving clients of  their IT burden so that they can focus on their business, and not the technology that runs it. With cloud nodes across Florida, and nation-wide, DSM can meet client cloud needs nearly anywhere.

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David Robinson, CEO of DSM, will tell you that the future looks like the science-fiction movies of ten to fifteen years ago with the increasing use of artificial intelligence (AI) and bots in everyday business. He will even concede that such a clear comparison can be scary, but for David and the DSM team, this evolving IT landscape is not scary, it’s exciting. The company leverages, among other things, something that David calls “ubiquitous computing” to help clients achieve immediate access to their data, whenever they need it. To the layman, that can sound Big Brother-y, but DSM proves that the power of data can be used for good.

David _ DSM
Action Plan - DSM

“The paradigm of the last forty years was to build computers and data centers, all local,” he elaborates. “But companies are rapidly migrating from those in-house computing systems, to cloud based systems that are secure, ubiquitous, and highly available. We’re helping make that journey possible for our clients.” DSM’s clients represent a healthy split between government organizations and private companies, with a wide range of sophistication in their IT departments—which is where DSM comes in. Their years of experience serve as the perfect guide to those IT teams (big or small) on their “journey into the cloud,” as David describes it.

It’s DSM’s goal to help clients not only leverage automation technology so that they can focus on their business, instead of its technological infrastructure, but also to help them achieve miruma, or peace of mind. In fact, their cloud solutions are aptly named Miruma to reinforce that idea.

“We’re constantly reinventing ourselves and pushing ourselves to be better than we were last year and the year before,” David says. “Companies that don’t innovate in this way will fade out. Our customers are also innovative, and constantly pushing the technology curve, driving us to stay ahead of the game through automation and technology.”

David Robinson – CEO, DSM Technology Consultants DSM, and its emphasis on reinvention and ubiquitous computing is surely what draws in clients. What keeps those clients at DSM, however, is DSM’s understanding of the power of personal connection. “You have to be in a relationship with your clients,” David says. “The client has to know they can trust you, that you’re available, and that you’re staying in step with technology.”

David also says that prioritizing personal relationships in business isn’t really innovative, but in an age where even social media can lead to depression, DSM’s desire to truly understand its  clients is an approach that appears to be quickly fading out. It is a reminder of the first-known use of data collection: getting to know someone, and using that knowledge to help them.

DSM - Different cloud services

DSM – Predictable Cloud
5650 Breckenridge Park Dr Suite 201,
Tampa, FL 33610
Phone: 877-376-6381

Bold Business – Global Media | Technology | Marketing | Services

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BOLD BUSINESS - Infogs-and-Cartoons
Ed Kopko



Bold Business was started by a group of diverse leaders with cross-functional global industry experience. Our mission is simple.

The Bold Business team accomplishes this by developing and delivering new products and services at global scale. We work with top executives and decision leaders to help them make better decisions, convert those decisions into actions and deliver sustainable success.

At Bold Business, we live and breathe commitment – in everything we do, in everything we are, in our people. We advocate an atmosphere where we take pride in developing individuals and teams to maximize their full potential and take their career paths to the next level, two steps at a time.

We are a globally diverse group who embodies the united spirit of living life BOLDLY. We’re filled with an unquenchable need to discover, to flourish, to conquer, to constantly demonstrate we’re the best. At Bold Business, no idea is too big or too small. We are honest, transparent, and, of course, we know how to have a good time!

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Bold Business Services page
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We BOLDLY pursue our Goals

The company publishes two modern platforms Bold Business and Project Bold Life. We are committed to producing journalism that meets the highest standards of accuracy, fairness, and transparency. We aim to inform, delight, provide unique insights, that ultimately help our readers and viewers make innovation happen.

We believe that our products, graphics, videos, and opinions must reflect the highest standards of quality and integrity. At Bold Business, we recognize that our reputation depends on upholding these journalistic values.

Bold Business, an online publication that tells the stories about how business is changing the world for the better. Our publication includes articles by a variety of writers, including influential subject matter experts, as well as videos and interviews on topics of interest to leaders in business, politics, and academia.

Project Bold Life, a newly launched online publication that delivers engaging content that educates, motivates and inspires you to take action, create positive change and live a successful, purposeful and Bold Life.

Bold Business Services is our consulting and services arm. Our team brings together leaders with years of industry experience in, media, technology, training, software, and digital marketing. Surrounded by a global team of writers, editors, web developers, video producers, designers, project managers, subject matter experts, and industry partners.

We provide services and products in four primary areas: Digital Marketing, Technology, Training and Operations Transformation

Bold Business - Graphic Designers

Bold Business has also developed a new type of training we call Bold Training Nuggets. Unlike competing systems, our training is designed as micro-learning and is delivered in short, easy to understand videos that are quick to digest. Our modular training can be customized to your company or topic of interest. We have successfully installed the system in companies large and small. They have found it to be easy to install, reliable, and inexpensive to operate.

Handling over $7B in service solutions, we are passionate about achieving better results for our clients! For more than 25 years, we’ve been delivering results that go beyond financials. Our revenue enhancing, and cost-saving services allow you to do more for less.

All we do is in service of the customer. Every bold solution we build comes out of their needs. Every customer we work with becomes a part of the team. Collectively we face the challenges and rejoice in the victories.

Our promise is built on optimism, knowledge and the valued teamwork of our people. It’s how we deliver on that promise that differentiates us.

When you want a creative, edgy and grounded partner, think Bold!

Bold Business!

Bold Business - Nuggets mock up

263 13th Ave S, St. Petersburg
FL 33701, USA
linkedin: bold-business
instagram: theboldbusiness
twitter: TheBoldBusiness
facebook: TheBoldBusinessNews

Greg Ross-Munro – Communicating with Techies

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Greg Ross-Munro with book

What to Look for in a Digital Agency

Whether you want to augment an in-house team or bring an entirely new product to life, odds are, you’re going to entertain the idea of hiring an agency. By an “agency”, I mean everything from advertising companies offering digital design services to pure propeller-head software engineering firms. As long as they do “work for hire” jobs, where the client ends up owning the intellectual property and there is more than one person working there, we’ll call them an agency.

Agencies come in all shapes and sizes. It’s not unusual for an agency to have most of the staff and expertise you’ll need to take your application from concept to launch and beyond. They will have programmers, graphic designers, project managers, and even someone to bring you tea while you wait in their lobby. This is the type of organization I run day to day, minus the person to bring you tea. Sorry.

Other than the stability a larger organization brings you over individual freelancers, there are three main factors to look for in an agency: location, specialization, and reputation.


Having your developers close enough that you can be in their offices within half a day might sound like an old-fashioned idea. In this age of telecommuting and virtual offices, why should you care about where someone works?

Sharing a common geography also means you share a common culture, language, and frame of reference. Odds are, your end users are also in either the same or a similar locale. If a developer were building new ATM software for a bank, it would help tremendously if the design team could spend a few days watching existing customers use the old systems. Nothing drives home a point about user experience more than watching a pensioner struggle with a badly designed interface, just so they can withdraw some cash to go shopping.

Empathy breeds good design. It humanizes the code an engineer writes, because now it becomes personal. Teams can instantly see how their creations touch the lives of the very real people who use them. This is especially important in engineering, where most problems are so abstract that concerns become almost entirely practical and programmers forget that actual human beings will interact with their systems. That’s hard to do when your development agency is in Canada and your bank is in Mexico. It also helps if you can drive to your developer’s offices and yell at them when things don’t go right. Okay, okay, it might not help, but it offers some catharsis.


cats-coders-ebook - Greg Ross-Munro

Specialization requirements are often the driving factor in a software engineering hiring decision. Specializations can be industry specific or technology focused, or both. For example, my team focuses on application development in the hospitality field, with a technology focus on crossplatform development.

If you’re a startup in the food service industry looking to build your stack in Java, there is probably a company out there for you. They might not be close by, but their expertise would outweigh location considerations. Keep in mind that specialists always cost more. If you get to pick the type of work you do and call yourself an expert in your field, that means you can – and certainly will – charge a premium.


Portfolios or client testimonials are important, regardless of whether you hire a two-person freelance shop or a 500-person strong New York design firm. One of the problems you might run into with an agency is that the majority of their work may be under NDAs or white-labeled as another firm’s property. Do some behind-the-scenes vetting by asking about the company’s reputation and see if you can talk to some of their previous customers.

Sadly, some of the coolest things my team has ever built will remain a secret forever. If you hire a software firm to build your medical health records security system, you don’t want to have them advertise it on their website! Even worse, we’ve built award-winning systems only to watch our clients go and claim their Webby Awards. We did get a thank-you email, though.

Be careful of: “Our developers have worked with these major brands,” a favorite of the shady agency. Basically, this is the weasel’s way of saying, “Some of the people who work here used to work for companies that worked for those companies, or they worked for those companies themselves at some point.” Their sentiment is technically accurate, but also misleading. Just because your current graphic designer served coffee at Starbucks in college, that doesn’t mean your agency built software for them.

So, if you are planning on building out your next great idea using an agency, make sure you assess them on location, specialization, and reputation. Choosing wisely will ultimately mean success for your project. Keep in mind that it is much more expensive to have to build something twice because the first team you hired couldn’t deliver!

linkedin: gregrossmunro
twitter: gregdrm

Sourcetoad – Designing Software for Cruise Lines

Sourcetoad - Designing software for cruise lines



Sourcetoad - Designing software for cruise lines

Designing software for cruise lines can be tricky. Cruise ships are strange beasts; they have all the amenities and systems you would expect to find in high-end hotels, as well as those you would find in restaurants, amusement parks, performing arts centers, casinos, and shopping malls. On top of that, they are built to withstand the trials of intercontinental ocean travel and even arctic exploration.

Most software developers have never written code for such a broad, and yet specific, use case. Designing a calendar system for reservations is not a difficult task for most programmers. But designing a calendar system for reservations where the time zone can change up to three times a day is a different matter. Add in the fact that ship time isn’t actually related directly to a time zone, and most developers would stare blankly at the drawing board.

sourcetoad - Cruise-Director

This is where Sourcetoad comes in. “That’s the kind of engineering challenge that’s really fun for us, is rewarding, and keeps us engaged,” says Greg Ross- Munro, founder and CEO of Sourcetoad. There are always lots of new projects, especially working in the cruise and ferry niche. We work best as small teams in a startup-like environment to deliver on projects that really have a massive reach. We’re working on solutions that are out on display for the world to see and to enjoy on their next cruise.” 

Time zones are not the only challenge in developing solutions for seafaring vessels. “Cruise ships are extremely complex floating cities, without the usual crutch of a constant Internet connection,” adds Ross-Munro. “If you want to build a basic app for passengers, you need to talk to restaurant booking databases, weather systems, GPS trackers, Wi-Fi portals, and guest services. On one ship alone, we pull and push data to over 20 subsystems and make the whole experience seamless, even when there isn’t a stable web connection.”

Sourcetoad - lounge

Once all the data from disparate systems is streamlined through Sourcetoad’s Cruise Director system, the company then helps their clients use it in powering other applications.

“The most exciting aspect of Cruise Director for me is that we can add custom modules to it,” says Justin Weber, CTO and partner at Sourcetoad. “We’ve built modules to allow our clients to run their digital signage systems, interactive TV interfaces, and mobile apps. With everything streamlined, we can build apps that would have normally taken a year to make and launched them in three months.”

Sourcetoad celebrated their ten-year anniversary in 2018. During the last few years, the company has gone from being a relatively small consultancy to being ranked number 1,523 on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies. They are now a 30-employee organization, with an additional office in Perth, Australia. But Sourcetoad have no intention of moving their Tampa headquarters.

Sourcetoad lunch meeting
Sourcetoad - at-event

“Tampa is an exciting hub for startups and small businesses like Sourcetoad to thrive,” says Nick DeMelas, a Sourcetoad partner and the Director of Projects. “Tampa offers a convenient airport, a supportive community, great weather, and traffic that you don’t want to commit suicide in – those are all contributing factors as to why Sourcetoad can attract such good talent.”

Ross-Munro adds: “Also, there are a ton of people who have a computer science degree and impressive technical backgrounds, who don’t want to work in a cubicle for a huge company, cranking out disembodied code every day for the rest of their lives. They want to work for a company of maybe smaller repute, but one that encourages them to think critically, to solve real-world problems, and to contribute meaningful work toward true innovation – and that’s what Sourcetoad is about.”

sourcetoad logo - Greg Ross-Munro

2901 W Busch Blvd, #1018
Tampa, FL 33618
Phone: 1-888-801-TOAD (8623)
facebook/twitter/instagram/linkedin: sourcetoad

Script – Spend More time Teaching & Less Time doing Paperwork

script team
Script Logo
script team


Script is a workflow automation solution that processes and digitizes paperwork for schools so that the focus can be on what’s really important, teaching. Process automation was previously only available to large corporations with multi-million dollar IT budgets, however now it can be perfectly tailored for schools at an affordable price. Whether approving purchase orders from principals or sending Human Resources paperwork to new teachers, it is the solution to achieving a more effective and efficient way of dealing with administration. Schools around the nation are using Script to eliminate rooms of filing cabinets, increase efficiency, save money and achieve new levels of financial accountability. Script is the best way for schools to spend more time teaching and less time doing paperwork.


Script co-founders

Script was founded by Aaron White and Patrick Cahill two years ago, while Aaron was the IT Director in the Florida school system. Aaron saw the growing need for all the administrative functions of running a school to be streamlined and automated. This paved the way for the Script App to be developed with the help of his co-founder, Patrick Cahill. The app caters for both the school and the parent. The parent app allows parents to manage their children’s emergency contacts, sign permission slips, pay for field trips and make payments for things like yearly fees and tuition. Teachers can easily plan and manage school activities by using a student roster to automatically route notifications, payments and release forms to the correct parent. Every payment, permission slip and parent response can be viewed in the Script dashboard so that everyone, from teachers to bookkeepers, has the data they need to do their jobs more efficiently.

One of the tools of the app is the Individual Digital E-File Automation (IDEA) Model which delivers actionable insight to determine how process efficiency impacts both the school’s and district’s administrative procedures. Until recently there has not been a standard to evaluate procedure efficiency in the central office of education.

What has been missing is a Standards-Based approach to assessing an entire district’s current state of affairs, and a comprehensive solution to bringing the district into the 21st century. School district workflow automation streamlines digital asset management, which facilitates the adoption and coordination of impressive software, such as personalized learning programs, dynamic assessment tools, digital curricula, and more. Solutions such as Script work with a district to analyze their current workflows and look for areas of improvement. Additionally, the IDEA model can be used and adapted for colleges as well as independent education associations. Districts who have adopted workflow automation have seen increases in efficiency across the board, and teachers who utilize a student performance dashboard report higher student growth, along with feelings of confidence and high morale. With less time spent grading and tracking performance, the teacher has more time to facilitate collaborative discussions and hands-on projects that engage students.

Aaron and Patrick envisage growing Script organically and making this app available to schools both nationally and internationally, so that the administration function can be focused on student safety, building relationships with stakeholders, and at the same time be freed from the time-intensive burden of paperwork. Script will strive to continue creating and improving on standards for school process efficiency.

Aaron White, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Patrick Cahill, Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer
Phone: 1 (888) 607-2747
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Pocket Network – an Open Source Blockchain that Anyone can use

Pocket Network team
pocket network logo
Pocket Network team


We are building tools and infrastructure that make it easier for developers to build blockchain applications. Similar to how Amazon Web Services made it easy for application developers to access core components such as storage and compute, Pocket Network is the core infrastructure layer that gives the ability for developers to access any blockchain they choose to work with. We do this by building an open source blockchain that anyone can use, along with a set of open source tools that any developer can put in their application to communicate to the blockchain

A “blockchain” in the most basic terms is a way to preserve and send value in a in a purely digital format without the need of a trusted third party like a bank or company. This value is created when the system is used, and instead of paying fees like a traditional business, a cryptocurrency is created and sent to whoever did work in the blockchain.

We believe there will hundreds or thousands of blockchains governing our lives in the future. It makes no sense for each one of them to reinvent the wheel when it comes to hosting critical infrastructure for their developers. With Pocket Network, a blockchain would just need to write a simple plugin, and they will have access to a market of thousands of nodes to run their infrastructure.

pocket network booth


Building in blockchain space exposes you to computer science, cryptography, economics, psychology, governance and game theory. When you’re creating your own blockchain, all of these factors need to be taken into consideration and thought about deeply. Blockchains are contained, economic experiments, and as a protocol builders we have to understand the social and economic decisions being made.

Pocket originally began as an idea called “TelCoin”, where we wanted to tokenize all cell phone data. This meant that I could be a T-Mobile customer in the US, and if I flew to Paris I wouldn’t have to get a new sim card or buy a new phone to communicate. We dove deeply into the problem and quickly realized that the infrastructure to create TelCoin didn’t exist – it was too early. We saw the need for this critical layer of giving developers access to the blockchains, and that’s how we came up with the idea for Pocket Network and started to build a company around it.

The Pocket Network was started with four partners: Michael O’Rourke, Luis C. De Leon, Pabel Nunez and Valeria Benitez Florez. As of writing, the founding team has grown to 16 people, including people dedicated to economic research, software engineering and communications.

pocket network
pocket network lunch
pocket network at work
pocket network group

Malektronic – High Quality Portable Audio Products

Malektronic Rocketman Speaker 002
Malektronic Rocketman Speaker 002



Malektronic Rocket

Ben Malek, the founder was on a business trip in Asia when him and his wife accidentally discovered the powerful sound coming out of a portable wireless speaker. Within days, they started a company to produce high quality portable audio products and sell them all over the world.

While the initial intent was to sell the products online only, the demand led to retail stores asking to sell their products across the country and eventually around the world. So Malektronic had to learn not only how to manufacture, but also to import, distribute and most importantly market their products successfully.

Malektronic - Montreal Canadiens v Tampa Bay Lightning - Game Six
Malektronic Gravity Headphones
Malektronic Rocketman USPN 003

One of the surest marketing partnerships was to work with a local sports team with a vast reach. As it happens, Malektronic signed an agreement and began working with the Tampa Bay Lightning and they struck gold. It just happened that on their first year on their deal, the Lightning made it all the way to the NHL Stanley Cup finals and they were receiving a lot of attention.

Malektronic also found a way to capitalize on that, by having their astronaut mascot called the Malektronic Rocketman become more famous as the Lightning mascot. Within days, videos and pictures of Rocketman were appearing all over the news, TV and social media which led him and Malek to be invited to sit in on ESPN SportsCenter. From there, many sports marketing organizations started to use this as a prime example on how to perform organic marketing growth.

While Rocketman still continues to do his thing, Malektronic continues to produce more advanced products to compete with some better known worldwide companies, like Bose, Sony, JBL or Beats. Because Malektronic is smaller, they’re able to bring new technologies to the market faster than those companies. “We had wireless speakers and headphones 2 years before Bose or Beats- we were selling waterproof speakers long before JBL decided to get into portable speaker market” said Malek.

While those competitors are backed by multi-billion dollar organizations, Malektronic is backed by a community of customers that love their products. They have a trademark for the term “Sounds Perfect” and strive every day to make sure every one of their products matches that slogan.

Follow Malektronic on social media @malektronic and Rocketman @truerocketman

Malektronic Interstellar
Malektronic Hat Trick 2.0
LOGO malektronic

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SIG – Susquehanna International Group – Privately Owned Trading Firm

SIG - Flatlay table
SIG logo
SIG - Flatlay table

What we do

Susquehanna International Group, LLP (SIG) is a privately owned trading firm with operations that extend across markets in North America, Europe, and Asia, where we trade essentially all listed financial products and asset classes. SIG’s expertise in trading, combined with quantitative research, innovative technology, and fundamental research, positions us as leaders in the global marketplace. We build virtually all of our own trading technology from scratch and are innovators in high-performance, low-latency trading. Our traders, quants, developers, and systems engineers work side-by-side to develop and implement our trading strategies. Each individual brings their unique expertise every day to help us make optimal decisions in the global financial markets. While options trading is where our roots lie, we strive to apply our expertise to new and diverse areas, including cryptocurrencies, sports analytics, machine learning, and Artificial Intelligence.

SIG - At work

Who we are

Our people make us who we are. Our success is driven by their creative and bold ideas. We approach trading and business opportunities with a data-driven mindset, and we seek diverse perspectives to challenge our own ideas and make them better.

How we work together

We are curious by nature. Our interests are deep and far reaching. We have a culture of learning and growth that supports our innovation. We bring in external experts for speaker events and deliver on-site teach-ins where we review interesting trades, new technologies, and impactful global events. Through everyday collaboration and communication, we share ideas and get valuable input from our colleagues. We also use strategic games like poker to deepen our understanding of game theory and to hone our risk management, decision making, and analytical skills.

SIG - employees
SIG office
SIG - planning

Life at SIG

We strive to make it easy for our employees to balance work and life, so we offer benefits beyond the ordinary, like free daily catered breakfast and lunch and a 10,000 square foot onsite gym. One of our most popular perks is a complimentary onsite wellness center staffed by a certified nurse practitioner.

What our employees have to say

“I love my job because I work with some of the smartest, hardest working people I’ve ever worked with on projects that make a difference to the organization, using some of the most cutting edge technology.”

“How does SIG empower me to use my full potential? We are given the flexibility to work how we like and are presented with seemingly limitless resources to address any and all issues. Nothing feels impossible here, which is why I value SIG.”

“I love my job because I work in a positive environment that is both challenging and open to innovation. SIG is 100% supportive of your career goals, which is great and inspires you to expand your goals to be able to contribute more to the team.”

Learn more about SIG | linkedin: Susquehanna International Group, LLP | facebook: @LifeAtSIG

IPS – Integrated Project Services, LLC

IPS - Knowledge, skill & Passion
IPS Logo
IPS - Knowledge, skill & Passion



IPS-Integrated Project Services, LLC is one of the fastest-growing companies in the AEC industry with a global reach that spans over nine countries in four continents. Our cornerstones of Knowledge, Skill & Passion fuel our growth and cultivate a collaborative environment that drives our company. How did IPS once, a company of two, become a unique and innovative provider of technical consulting, architectural, engineering, construction management, and compliance services for technically complex development and manufacturing facilities in heavy regulated industries?

IPS Office

There are many reasons for our company’s remarkable growth. IPS was founded in 1989, as a unique firm focused on aligning our services with the business drivers of our clients and delivering projects on an integrated design-build platform. It was quite innovative and bold at that time. Since then, we have developed, executed, and advanced a number of strategies to reach our global status today. IPS moved from an execution-based company to a knowledge-based company and attracted several Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) that don’t just design and construct facilities, but solve a client’s problem.

Today, our extensive list of industry-recognized SMEs – a large number of whom have owner-side operating experience – possess deep global regulatory, and best-in-class technical expertise. As such, IPS remains at the forefront of new technologies and innovations in the industry. Clients reach out to IPS because of our recognizable brand of knowledge leadership. As IPS continues to grow, we do not lose sight of what has brought us here today: listening to the needs and challenges of our clients and providing integrated project and business solutions that help them create and manufacture life-impacting products.

IPS building


IPS prides itself as a global leader in developing innovative solutions in the design, engineering, construction, and commissioning and qualification of technically complex facilities worldwide, with a keen focus on the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and life sciences industry. We offer technical expertise that spans research and development to pilot-scale production to large-scale manufacturing, specializing in the latest trends, technology, and regulatory environment.

The rapid pace at which technology evolves demands we stay at the forefront of innovation. Using leading edge tools such as Building Information Modeling (BIM), Augmented/Virtual Reality (AR/VR), and exercising Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMPs) and LEAN construction are vital to our work, but it isn’t what sets us apart from the competition. What differentiates IPS from our competitors is applying these tools with our technical expertise to pioneer advanced solutions to our clients’ challenges. We create the ultimate modular delivery platform as a standardized solution to meet speed-to-market requirements for next generation cell and gene therapies. We design facilities of the future that flex and adapt to new technologies, processes or products. Additionally, we develop training modules for pharmaceutical operators and regulatory agencies like the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on barrier technology, handling potent products safely, and monitoring operational improvements.

IPS Work 02 Cook

We support our clients around the globe, and work on projects that utilize a wide spectrum of disciplines, technologies, tools, and subject matter expertise. There is continuous collaboration among our teams, a healthy flow of knowledge sharing, new ideas transpiring, and innovative solutions realized.

To date, IPS has been the recipient of many global and local awards, including six Facility of the Year Awards by the International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE), and has consistently ranked in the Philadelphia Business Journal’s Top 25 Engineering Firms, Architectural Firm, and Contractors lists. At IPS, we stay true to the Knowledge, Skill & Passion that distinguishes us from the competition and enables us to deliver innovative technical, and business solutions that help our clients succeed in creating and manufacturing life-impacting products around the world.

IPS Rendering

721 Arbor Way, Suite 100, Blue Bell, PA 19422
Phone: 888-366-7660
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Corin Group – At the Forefront of Orthopaedic InnovationNNOVATION

Corin Group - OPS



Corin Group - OPS


The Group offers a unique combination of clinically-proven hip and knee solutions that make use of their unique technologies. The Optimized Positioning System (OPS™) enables a unique understanding of how the patient moves off the operating table. This information assists in planning the position of implants with the aim of optimizing functional implant alignment and improving surgical outcomes.


Developed in conjunction with a team of expert biomedical engineers and orthopedic surgeons, the OPS™ technology uses specialized software to analyze how a patient’s hip joint moves through a range of daily activities. Since 2013, Corin’s Optimized Positioning System (OPS™) has been used in almost 10,000 total hip replacement surgeries in many different countries around the world, enabling preoperative functional analysis for each patient. The Corin Group enables surgeons to be closely and continuously connected with every patient after the operation.

Corin Group - Patient Dynamics

Their dedicated team of engineers and clinical experts are committed to creating a hip replacement that is truly tailored to suit each patient. The product is continuing to be released more widely as interest continues to grow in key markets around the globe. Importantly, the technology continues to be supported by a strong foundation of clinical research, with multiple case series being exhibited at a number of key orthopedic congresses. In 2018, results have been presented at industry meetings, including the AAOS (New Orleans), ISTA (London), ICJR (Houston), AOA (Perth) and AAHKS (Dallas).

The Corin Group is excited to announce that the Optimized Positioning System (OPS™) has now been expanded to include a femoral pre-operative analysis and resection guide, designed to precisely control key variables including the patient’s post-operative leg length. Recently granted 510k clearance by the FDA, this compliments the already available OPS™ acetabular planning and delivery system. This technology provides a major breakthrough for surgeons in the Tampa Bay region, who can now explore its benefits and make use of the full range and scope of this groundbreaking technology.

Corin - Connected Orthopaedic Insight logo

Tristan Jones – Director – Procedural Technologies
12750 Citrus Park Lane | Suite 120 | Tampa | Florida 33625 | USA
Main: 1 (813) 977-4469 | Mobile: 1 (813) 538-0960
twitter: corintechnology | youtube: coringroup |