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Ronald Meier

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Jessica Meier

This is also a story about a Father/Daughter Company
Until July 2016 both Ronald and Jessica lived in Switzerland where they had been working with their company Siegel-HR in the trainer business.

The new psychometric tool e-stimate® was the initial reason to come to Tampa Bay. Until a few years ago this tool was more or less only known in Denmark where it had been developed by Jorgen C. Friis in collaboration with the University of Arhus. Having a 25-year experience with psychometric tools such as e.g. Insights or MBTI the Siegel-HR Group immediately recognized the great value of e-stimate and decided to translate the tool and bring it into the global market under the brand of e-International, Switzerland.


With regard to the size of the US-American market the Meier family took the chance to start a new company by founding e-northamerica in the summer of 2015. The preparation for setting everything up took about one year and was followed by promoting the training services of Siegel-HR as well as e-stimate at trade-shows such as Association for Talent Development (ATD), Society for Human Resource Management

(SHRM) and Select USA in Las Vegas, Denver and Washington.

Having settled in the US market e-northamerica Inc. is now providing Swiss Labelled Trainings of highest Quality in the area of leadership, sales, negotiation and communication. The trainings are always conducted in a hands-on way and are tailored to the needs of the participants according to their respective business setting. In addition the impact of the “personal factor” (the individual personality of each participant) on business behavior always plays an important role in each training.

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Psychometric Personality Tool
Apart from the trainings mentioned above e-northamerica focuses on introducing the psychometric tool “e-stimate®” to the US-American market, thereby acting as the main agent for North-America giving out licenses and conducting accreditations for companies, trainers and consultants who want to work with a tool that has been rated no. 1 in Talent Development, Coaching and Leadership by the branch report Supana.

Innovative Project:

To promote these ideas Jessica has developed the
project “”, a platform where
trainers, coaches and entrepreneurs can place their
services on a virtual world map in order to become
part of a global coaching network.

“This International Coaching platform”…..”Coming soon“

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