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Overview of the Production Process

We know that putting together a great story with awesome pictures for an important publication like Innovate can be very daunting.  That is why our production process has been designed to make it as easy and painless as possible for you to get all the collateral to us so we can do all the heavy lifting.

You obviously already received the first email from our production department otherwise you wouldn’t be on this page. All you have to do after receiving this mail is to say hi to your own personal production manager that will act as go-between for you, the designers and the editors. Oh, and you have to also let the production manager know who he/she will be dealing with to get all the necessary elements together for your story. We know some of you are very busy (or maybe you don’t have a creative bone in your body) so you might want to pass the baton to someone more suitable.

There are basically 4 main elements we would need from you to craft your story and it is the same for most features and thought leader pieces:

Even though this book is filled with Innovation stories rather than advertising, we still want you to get your brand out there. To let the world know that you are one of them – the forward thinkers, the visionaries, the people that are building a better tomorrow. To do that we need your logo or logos in one of the following formats:

  • .EPS File
  • .AI File
  • .CDR File
  • .PNG File (this one must be transparent and at least 1 megabyte)
If You have it handy you can upload it quickly by clicking on the Button below.

This is by far the most important thing we need and we need to make sure we get it right. This is your window to shine to the world. This is what is going to make people think – Wow! These guys are Awesome!

There are slightly different requirements for the feature pieces and the thought leader pieces:

  1. Feature: For every two pages we would need about 400-600 words. To keep things structured and make the book easier to read we have broken down the story into different sections. Some of these sections are mandatory and some are optional:
    • Elevator Pitch (Mandatory) – The elevator pitch is a succinct and persuasive sales pitch that got its name from the idea of having to impress an executive during a brief ride in an elevator.
    • Innovation Story (Mandatory for Innovators) – Tell us about the innovations at your company. What makes you different and what you are doing to be better. What problems are you solving?
    • Innovation Enabler Story (Mandatory for Enablers)  – How does your services help Innovators and Innovative companies. Special deals or services for startups, special knowledge etc.
    • Team (Optional) – It is always nice to meet the people behind the companies and your team would love you for recognizing them.
    •  Future Plans (Optional) – If there are any exciting news or plans for the future, feel free to share it.
    • Fast Facts (Optional) – We have just implemented a “Fast Facts” box where you can choose to share some facts about your company. You can pick any of the following options:
      • Date Incorporated
      • Stage (Development/Seed , Startup, Growth/Establishment, Expansion or Maturity /Possible Exit.)
      • Funding Received
      • Funding Required
      • Employees
  2. Thought Leader Piece: 300-400 words per page. Thought leader pieces are prime space for individuals to share their personal view on a wide variety of topics. The best way to maximize this valuable real estate is to show your knowledge and understanding of your industry or topic and thereby elevate your image in the eyes of the reader. Some idea for thought leader pieces are:
    • Advice – Everybody loves and appreciates great advice coming from a esteemed person.
    • Vision of your Industry – Great insights into the state or future of your industry is guarranteed to position you as a thought leader.
    • Challenges – Highlighting some of the challenges you rIndustry or any Industry faces  shows insight and understanding.
    • Motivation – Many of our readers are people facing challenges in their own businesses. a Bit of motivation will endear you to them for ever.

If you have your story ready you can upload it clicking on the button below. If you are not a great writer and having problems to craft your story you can use the “interview” Button to book a 30 minute phone call with one of our expert writers and they can put your story on paper for you.

Now that you have a great story, the thing to make it come alive are great images that compliments your story. Pictures that tell a story themselves, that will pique the interest of the reader.  The last thing you want is to use low quality images on a great story and that is why we need your images to be at least 300Dpi with a minimum file size of 1 megabyte. Images can be JPG, PNG or TIFF files and they will still work fine.

You can upload your images by clicking the Upload Images Button below.

4) Augmented Reality Video

Arguably the coolest thing about the Innovate series is the embedded Augmented Reality Video.  Not only does it give you the ability to give readers additional information and change the information at any stage, It is also very innovative and the future of publishing. Especially when the new AR wearables like Magic Leap, Hololens, Meta, ODG,  and Intel’s Vaunt come into their own in the next couple of years.

There are a few requirements for a great AR video though:

  • Length: We all know that modern folk have short attention spans. It is best to keep your video under 3 minutes with the optimum being 2 Minutes – Unless it is super interesting of course.
  • Text: Its best to use as little text or underscripts as possible. Augmented reality Videos are by nature most likely to be viewed on mobile devices and very rarely in full screen. What this means is that the chances that Viewers will be able to read text or under scripts on the video is fairly small 
  • Format: You can give it to us in any video format (probably not film though…) as we are going to reformat it in any case for the app. If you can give it to us in HD that is great – not because the app uses HD Video but we will be loading your video to our website and social media channels and HD looks better there – HD is not essential though.

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