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GreenBar is a full-stack web design and development agency that’s been delivering websites that work for startups and small businesses since 2014.

Standing apart from traditional agencies, GreenBar builds long-term relationships with clients to continuously improve how you use technology to address the day-to-day opportunities in your business. Your website can be your hardest working salesperson, customer service rep, and more.

For startups, GreenBar builds totally custom web apps that enable you to rapidly iterate new ideas, test assumptions, and validate your product. With multiple startups as clients, they are experienced with supporting marketers, salespeople, board members, other developers, and all the other stakeholders involved in your startup. Using Agile methodologies like the Scrum framework, GreenBar ships working code every week to our clients live systems.

“We love startups! Our greatest joy is when we can embed one of our developers into your team. That person serves as a part-time technical co-founder while representing a larger team of incredibly talented developers who can get the work done,” says Gregg Hilferding, founder and CEO of GreenBar, “Your startup will speed up like you’ve never seen before!”

For existing small businesses, GreenBar uses off-the-shelf tools to rapidly deliver great looking websites and then iterates with the business on a monthly cycle to track performance and update functionality.

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“It’s a personal mission of mine to help small businesses run more efficiently with better use of technology,” says Hilferding. “This matters to me because my mother ran our family screenprinting business when I grew up. As a computer nerd, I was always looking for ways that technology could save her some time and frustration each day. As we improved our processes and the business grew to 40+ employees, I realized I could start an agency that leverages my 20 years of technology experience building my own family business to help more small businesses.”

A major focus of GreenBar’s work is leveraging best-of-class products and services. A list of past integrations they’ve created is on their website and includes accounting, customer relationship management, analytics, search engine marketing, mapping, social media, email marketing, event, chat, A/B testing, and SMS messaging platforms.

GreenBar was founded in Tampa Bay and their 100% locally based team is passionate about contributing to the most important part of our local economy, the small businesses, and startups that provide the majority of new jobs and the most exciting opportunities for our region.

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Phone: 813-702-3069