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GuideWell is a not-for-profit, mission-driven family of companies dedicated to helping people and communities achieve better health. As a health solutions enterprise, we work to keep care affordable, accessible and consumer-centered through payer, care delivery, marketing and government-based businesses.


Guidewell - Chronic Disease Care
Guidewell - Stream-lining member service interactions

With roots in Florida going back nearly 75 years, GuideWell has a profound understanding of the health industry and can read change over time. As an employer with 12,123 employees in 29 states, we strive to attract the best talent. As a federally regulated organization, we service stakeholders with agility because laws, policies, and reimbursements are uncertain and dynamic.

In this environment, the need to innovate isn’t optional – it’s essential. To outperform what non-health companies like Amazon and Apple promise, GuideWell delivers by developing tools, processes and relationships that solve stakeholder problems such as:

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• Stream-lining member service interactions: Until 2017, our payer’s service associates were forced to access information from 24 different sources, leaving our employees frustrated and our members waiting too long for issues to be resolved. An internal team stood up a human-centered design prototype in five months and launched at month six an entirely new interface that’s made service interactions more efficient and satisfying.

• Bringing care into the home: Our acquisition of PopHealth Care allows us to provide hands-on, high-value care in the home for members with acute care needs. This helps keep consumers healthier – and out of the hospital – which makes health care costs lower for everyone.

• Making information more accessible: “Flora” is our AI-backed, voice-based service platform that gives consumers easy access to answers they might have otherwise needed to find online or call to retrieve.

• Delivering culturally-competent care: Nothing is quite as personal as your health, which is why we partnered with ColSanitas out of South America to open medical clinics in south and central Florida. These clinics offer comprehensive, integrated care for Hispanic communities.

Success today does not guarantee relevance tomorrow. At GuideWell, our “consumer obsession” creates a dynamic tension that pushes us to reinvent products, build partnerships and source solutions that solves stakeholders’ problems and maintains our market-leading position in the health industry.

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