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It’s a known fact that social media has changed the way entrepreneurs and business managers conduct business, interact with customers, and maintain sales strategies. Tampa Bay-based LotVantage takes this bit of information very seriously. After successfully running a marketing business in Florida for over 15 years, the LotVantage team made a lasting change to the way they service their customers to reflect a new and innovate way to utilize the power of websites and social media.

Half educators and half marketing experts, LotVantage use all forms of social media including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to expand a brands’ footprint yielding incredible success and continuous growth in their industries. Giving their clients the ability to maintain, manage, and control their digital presence has allowed LotVantage to stand out as commerce connoisseurs. Creating and providing valuable tools needed for their clients to succeed in digital places that were unavailable previously.

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LotVantage has carved out space as a leading provider of digital marketing solutions delivered via its award-winning SaaS technology platform. Focusing on “High-Traffic” consumer-driven web & social destinations, which are typically complicated and expensive for businesses to leverage and navigate, LotVantage has been able to serve its loyal clients in the Automotive space including Power sports, Recreational Vehicles, Trailer, Commercial Trucks, Outdoor Power Equipment and Golf Cart dealerships.

LotVantage focuses on High ROI for businesses wishing to engage, monitor and increase sales opportunities through the full cycle of the customer journey from online research to purchase providing dealerships and OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers) with a consistent local, national and social presence utilizing a diverse team of “Motorsports” enthusiasts and dealership experience.


LotVantage has been serving brands and customers across North America. What sets LotVantage apart, starts with the obsession of the connection; Connecting your brands’ digital assets with your distributors’ social media pages and your distributors’ inventory with their target customers. While there are many software providers, LotVantage is designed to take into consideration that every brand and distributor is unique. LotVantage’s patent-pending software and processes identify geography, demand and product uniqueness that ensures an appropriate engagement. It also ensures the onboarding details and connectivity to your distributor’s social media and advertising channels.

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LotVantage boasts its work-hard, play hard environment with a focus on fast-paced strategy and execution. The team at LotVantage is obsessed with helping bridge the divide between brands and their distributors and has a micro focus on generating traffic and sales at historic low costs, Solutions to complex problems through the use of our proprietary software and automation for manufacturers and retailers.


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