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Militia Hill Ventures (MHV) is a life science venture firm dedicated to developing therapies for patients with no viable alternatives. Through its broad network, relationships, and domain expertise, MHV catalyzes premier science and management to create high quality, fast-growing biotech companies.

Founded in 2014 by Jane Hollingsworth and Dr. Joan Lau, MHV is growing the number of biotech companies in the greater Philadelphia area, increasing the impact of the region, and solving some of the most significant problems in human health.

MHV has built and continues to grow, a portfolio of companies that are developing transformative therapies for patients. For example, Immunome harnesses the human immune system to change the paradigm of cancer treatment and develop novel immunotherapies. Tmunity, formed around Dr. Carl June’s ground-breaking research, taps the power of T-cells to transform the treatment of devastating human diseases. Talee Bio is leading the revolution in treating, and potentially curing, cystic fibrosis with gene therapies.

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MHV Labs is the company conception and formation process of MHV where the best company ideas are discussed, evaluated, and incubated. MHV Labs actively forms and develops new companies beginning with the conception of ideas through the development of groundbreaking new medicines and larger team operations.

The process begins with the identification and selection of an unaddressed medical need. A comprehensive global evaluation is conducted of all applicable technologies and solutions. From there, MHV’s network of industry and academic experts are used to aid this evaluation and test new company hypotheses.

Ultimately, the best technology and talent is acquired, a business plan is developed to bring life-changing therapies to patients, and new biotech is launched.

MHV is located in University City, a dynamic ecosystem of other high-growth life sciences companies, providing both formal and informal access to investors, management expertise, infrastructure support, and R&D resources. This location offers MHV companies the best opportunity to launch, grow, and ultimately deliver innovative new medicines to patients.

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Joan Lau, PhD

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Jane Hollingsworth

3025 Market St., Suite 140, Philadelphia PA 19104
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