Innovation Hub USA

The Innovate Series

The Innovate series is a 350-page in-depth study and AR video series that showcases the people, companies, products, and services that are leading the race within a cities innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem. A book with augmented reality video, an online platform and a global network with a common goal of ensuring the best innovations and innovation enablers connect and succeed.
The publications are divided into three types of contributors :
• The experts, thought leaders and academics with the ideas
• The innovations, the entrepreneurs, and the startups
• The supporters, funders, and enablers of Innovation for the ecosystem
The target audience for our omni media platform is not just aimed at experts, it is also aimed at business people outside of the Tech world who need to be in the know.
We welcome business leaders and decision-makers who can affect change in their industries as well as open-minded folk who want to know what and who there is to know in the ecosystems and play an active role in its growth and development.

Do It Live It Love It!

Do It Live It Love It is a 250 page showcase book of the unrivaled lifestyle and diverse community initiatives a city has to offer.
The publication is divided into 3 sections:
1. Welcome to the diverse regions that make up the city
2. Meet the people and discover the stories that unite our warm hearted community
3. Fun, food, fashion, entertainment , festivals, fitness and luxury lifestyles

Best Of Series

Best of the World – a truly global brand 
A selected book for selected places
The Best of Series profiles leading companies and business icons, each within their own categories. We celebrate the success of cities, individuals and companies with high-quality editorials and imagery in our luxury hardcover personalized print format.
The result is the ultimate interactive corporate gift and P.R. marketing tool for governments, corporate companies, hotels, and business people who are providing the leading products and services for their region.