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Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia

Innovate Philadelphia

The sixth most populous city in America is known for its arts, culture and colonial History. But that is not what we are after – we are looking for those people and companies that are leading the way in their industries, those that are forging ahead in making the future brighter for all.

Supported by Thomas Jefferson University and the Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce Innovate Philadelphia promises to be one of the biggest in the country.

Nominations For Innovate Philadelphia now Open!

Philadelphia has some of the most Innovative and Forward Thinking Companies in the country and it is Up to you to ensure that they get the recognition they deserve.

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Glen Edwards - Innovate Philadelphia Publishing Partner

Glen Edwards was born and raised in Philadelphia. He graduated from Pennsylvania State University and served in the United States Marine Corps Services. For the next 10 years Glen worked as a Juvenile Probation Officer in Philadelphia, counseling under privileged children in North and West Philadelphia.

In 1983, Glen left the court and went to work for Windsor Publications, a national publisher of membership directories, image publications and coffee table books that were meant to showcase the quality of life in regions across the US. Working in the sales and marketing arena for the next 25 years, Glen was responsible for the successful completion of beautiful coffee table books in communities as diverse as Grand Rapids,Louisville, Jacksonville, Williamsport and numerous others.

In 2010 Glen formed his own company, Contemporary Publishing Group. He has continued to publish books to showcase places and important subjects of his own choosing.

Glen and his wife, Nancy, live in Holland, Pennsylvania. They have four adult children.

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