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Portland's South Waterfront Innovation Quadrant
Portland's South Waterfront Innovation Quadrant

Innovate Portland

Known as "The city that works ", Portland, Oregon has a worldwide reputation as an innovation hub.
It continues to attract young creatives by the thousands every year as the place to be in the Northwest if you are an entrepreneur or innovator. From shoe design to tech start-ups to distilleries and breweries to food innovations to alternative energy and green building, Portland pushes the envelope and easily defines "cutting edge". 
People are also attracted to Portland because of its excellent public transportation system and bicycle infrastructure, making it relatively easy to travel around the city without a car. 
Portland is a leader in sustainability, promoting alternative energy with goals of eliminating fossil fuel dependence by 2050. 

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Leslie Vicas - Innovate Portland Publishing Partner

Leslie has spent her life going back and forth between the US and Europe, relocating to Portland a few years ago. She has had extensive experience in sales and marketing both in the US and France.

Over the years, she has developed a strong interest in innovative projects; recently she introduced an Augmented Reality portable planetarium to the French, US, Australian and New Zealand markets. 

Additionaly, she has a real interest in sustainability, the environment and animal welfare. Bi-lingual in French and English, her international lifestyle has allowed her to develop strong communication skills. Acting is one of her other talents.