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Girls committed to the future



Park growth - 2017 Smart Citites Innovation Havard NYC

Customizing our approach to the specific needs of a problem, place and culture – at Spark Growth we draw on the right resources from our talented network of thought leaders and experts to bring high value through strategic innovation and creative problem solving. Working in agile and iterative cycles, we help organizations determine the best courses of action with the highest impact and ROI. Then we guide project implementation with a focus on rapid and effective results.

We are in a time of unprecedented change worldwide, with major new challenges facing our organizations every day. As leaders, thinkers and problem solvers, the traditional ways of operating no longer work and even the unspoken rules of business and innovation no longer apply. In this big-data and information-rich world, context is critical and insight is invaluable to help you innovate rapidly and effectively adapt to change. For the future of your organization, how you manage change is as important as knowing what changes to make

Our passion is in connecting the dots – growing people, businesses, and communities. We’re always looking for cool new ideas that make a difference, great people, and awesome partners for projects.

These projects take shape across cultures, multiple time zones, industry clusters and profit and non-profit sectors. From the wild west of “Smart Cities”, the culture shifting aspects of thought-leadership workshop retreats and conferences, to the capital creation results of business and economic development.

Leaders Conference 2016 - Spark Growth

Leaders Conference 2016 Strategic Doing Workshop

Spark Growth - Station2-Vern Buchanan

Station 2 – Vern Buchanan

Some of these projects include:

DaVinci’s Faire – multi-generational sensory-rich community engagement centered around science, technology, makers, inventors and lifelong learners in an unique open-spaces format.

3.0 Leaders – convening extraordinary leaders and innovators, “heroes” in establishing innovation cultures to address the tough issues that are facing us all today. What are the latest trends? What questions should you be asking? Where are they investing their time and money, and why?

Soft-landing services – support business expansion into new markets, and are designed specifically to ensure those businesses are provided with an accelerated introduction into the market’s business practices, regulations and culture.

Agile strategy – lean, agile and fast, we teach people how to form collaborations quickly within in their networks, and rapidly generate innovative solutions in quick, iterative cycles.

Station 2 Innovation – building community and growing businesses in Bradenton and beyond with weekly education, co-working, mentoring and more.

Cool collaborations – from visiting the UN and State Department, to Innovation Accelerators sponsored by Harvard University, international business networking and impact investment conferences.

Spark Growth was founded in Bradenton, FL in 2013 by entrepreneurs Sara Hand and Stan Schultes. With recognized business development, technology, and organizational skills, we are certified Business Incubation Managers through the InBIA, and certified practitioners of Strategic Doing, an agile strategies development process supported by the Purdue University Agile Strategies Lab.

Spark growth - Leaders 2017 Panel

Leaders 2017 Panel

DaVinci Faire BarCampDeconstrruct Zone 2017

DaVinci Faire BarCamp Deconsruct Zone 2017

Spark Growth - Station 2 Grand Opening

Station 2 Grand Opening

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