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Innovate Philadelphia Thought Leader Brief


As a Thought Leader in the Philadelphia area, people will be curious about your background and want to get your perspective, insights, and advice on innovation, entrepreneurship, business, and even life in the Philadelphia area.

There are two parts to your INNOVATE PHILADELPHIA Thought Leadership Piece.

Part One: We are asking you to provide some basic information about your company and/or your personal story. We would like all thought leader profiles in the INNOVATE PHILADELPHIA publication this include this information:

❏ Name
❏ Company/Organization
❏ Your Industry Category or Categories
❏ Website(s)
❏ Blog URL (if applicable)
❏ LinkedIn URL
❏ Optional Social Media Accounts (Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc

Part Two: This is where you share your perspective and insights. The following suggestions and guidelines, highlighted by section, should give you some ideas of what you might say.

Your Backstory: Your backstory should focus on those circumstances, moments, and events that helped shape you and bring you to where you stand today.

Perspective: This is your perspective on the theme of Innovation in the greater Philadelphia area. You will want to focus on the area or industry sector that you know best. In other words, what are you seeing from your particular vantage point? Some things you might want to focus on:

  • ❏  What is happening in this particular industry or sector that makes it an exciting time to be operating in that environment?

  • ❏  Who are some of the key players in the Philadelphia area who are especially innovative, disruptive, or remarkable in this industry sector.

  • ❏  How has this sector grown or changed over the last few years, especially in Philadelphia?

  • ❏  How is innovation in Philadelphia influencing your industry or sector?

    ❏ Why Philadelphia? Why is Philadelphia an especially good place for businesses in general and those in your sector to work, live, and play. What are its competitive advantages over other cities and regions where companies and innovators could choose to work and live? How does the innovation ecosystem support or enable innovation. What do you personally like most about the Philadelphia area and how do you take advantage of the area?

    ❏ The Future of Innovation: What does the ideal future look like and what is required to grow the culture of innovation in our area? What are the potential obstacles and challenges the innovation ecosystem will need to address to help achieve the ideal future?

    ❏ Advice & Best Practices: What two or three pieces of practical advice can you offer someone who wants to be successful as an entrepreneur or company in the Philadelphia area? In addition to (or along with) this advice, are there best practices you can recommend to people who want to be innovative in this environment? This section will be very popular and valuable to readers, giving them useful advice from a recognized thought leader in the space.

Thought Leaders can either complete the answers to the questions above on a simple form or book a 30 Minute Phone Interview with the editor using the buttons below.