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Before Ticketlabel, there was Mind Blowing Productions, a Live Entertainment Agency created in 2006 which focused on providing bookings, tour management and production for musicians, with the added offering of marketing and promotions. After many years of experiencing different types of ticketing companies for their projects, the founders saw that the ticketing companies were not providing all the necessary tools for event organizers in order for them to be successful and maximize their sales, organization and productions of events. So Nestor Jimenez (Co-Founder) and his European partners decided to create their own platform to sell event tickets, which included all of these extra tools necessary to make an event successful.


The Ticketlabel platform provides an innovative way to personalized experiences through whitelabel online shops while providing musicians and event organizers with effective tools to maximize databases, boosting each event’s target marketing campaigns. Similarly, Ticketlabel’s platform educates clients on ways to promote their events through social media, official websites, affiliates and partners. The platform has so many added benefits that event organizers can explore all event ticketing needs within one centralized platform. This helps event organizers minimize time on ticketing so that they can focus on other event logistics that really matter when creating a successful event.

Ticketlabel started in the Netherlands two years ago, when the founders tested it with European-region specific partners, adding modifications like promo codes, waiting queues to prevent overload crashes and global payment providers accepting over 50+ currencies. Ticketlabel is now available in Europe, North and South America.

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“I believe that there are people who are born with those entrepreneurial genes; they don’t conform to the normal rules that society has put down on them. Some people gravitate towards this way of living naturally and can feel that spark and passion inspiring them to do what they really want to do,” believes Nestor Jimenez. “I started Mind Blowing Productions using Myspace. Every night I’d come home after working in a pizza restaurant, studying people’s profiles and their markets helping me build a strong network which today covers all continents of the world. I met a bunch of musicians most of them from South America and Europe. It was a this point in life that I realized I wanted to make a living out of my passion for Music”

Through having these years of experience in the music industry, the founders saw an untapped need from working in Europe, North and South America – large ticketing companies were not servicing their clients. They knew early on, that successful companies were the ones that were fully integrated into technology through their operations. The founders used their personal savings and experience from working in the music industry and decided to put a certain amount of time and financing into building the Ticketlabel platform, working with the best in creating the precise technology with patented applications.


Ticketlabel has most recently registered the company in South America. Colombia will be the physical headquarters for the Latin American operations. The platform offers multi-currency and multilingual capabilities based on its global reach. They now accept multiple currencies from around the world. The brand’s inception is prime for developing countries welcoming new technologies and innovative ways of ticketing. Headquartered in Tampa, FL Ticketlabel is now up and running and ready to bring its own approach to the mundane event ticketing industry.

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