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There are so many ways technology is helping marketers and businesses reach future customers. From analytics to AI, tech is changing the way that we execute on every front. This new immersion has led many companies to forget the core of what makes marketing truly successful.

Urban Buffalo Marketing stands at the forefront of bridging technology and human psychology. “It’s simple; marketing is analytics put to human interaction. But the core is understanding the human interaction first”, says co-founder Wes Lehman.

For Urban Buffalo, the first step in any project is diving deep to learn about who the subject is that they working with. It goes far beyond just understanding an industry for this team. “We want the full story”, Wes continued, “We’ll ask questions like what kind of music do you like? That’s the music we’ll listen to during the design process. What actors would you imagine would play you in a movie? That’s likely the voice you want your brand to sound like… Context is everything. When you truly understand where someone is coming from it’s easier to take them where they want to go.”

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Armed with the double-entendre of “Recreating the world online” Urban Buffalo reflects on the identity and story of their clients every step of their marketing journey. While UBM does do one-off projects in multiple specialized marketing arenas, many of their clients fall comfortably under their “full-spectrum digital marketing” umbrella and allow Urban Buffalo to manage their entire marketing efforts. “We kind of consider ourselves your ‘out-of-house, in-house marketing team’”, Wes joked. “We’re in it with you for the long haul.”

Starting as a social media agency Urban Buffalo rapidly scaled their model to include branding, web design, graphic design, copywriting, SEO, photography, and videography. While working with clients that vary from local startups to the Fortune 500 list, one of the “brand babies” Urban Buffalo is most proud of is Synapse. Synapse is a facilitator of Florida’s innovation movement helping to connect people around the state. Naming and developing the exploding Synapse brand and the Synapse Summit over the last year and half has been a whirlwind for the Urban Buffalo team.

“Naming Synapse was simple. Synapse [the organization] bridges the gap between people with innovative ideas. A synapse [physiologically] is the bridge between two neurons that allows an idea to pass in order for it to be put into action”. This was just one of many examples of how Urban Buffalo pinpoints and understands the identity of who they’re marketing.

The team said they are so excited to continue to power and manage the Synapse marketing efforts for years to come.

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